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no one

...and then he looked up...and up...and up. His eyes saw it,but his mind refused

to believe what his eyes were seeing. Simultaneous with his recognition of

HER,he began to process where he was. An enormous bed in an equally enormous

room. The scale of everything was totally out of prportion to his size. He began

to experience an overpowering sense of panic. His mind was filled with rational

fears but underlying those fears was a sense of awe at the sheer SIZE of

everything. He realized in a flash that he had become smaller - much smaller!

Then she spoke. 'You're so little!' He looked up at her jejune face - a face the

size of a living room wall - and realized that he'd seen her before in one of

his classes. As a young teacher in a high school,he was often the subject of

discussion among the girls. He had been classified as a 'cute guy' by many of

his young female students. She spoke again. 'Poor little boy! What's happened to

you?' The panic he had been feeling rapidly escalated when he saw her reaching

out to take hold of him! It seemed to occur in slow motion and he wondered if it

was deliberate. From her vantage point,the girl saw the terrified expression on

his so-small face. She felt sorry for him and excited by his helpless fear,all

at the same time! Then she took him in her hand and brought him up to her face

for a better look. He was squirming around in her hand and whimpering in a

squeaky voice. 'Please don't hurt me.' To her it sounded like 'peep peep'. His

legs were dangling from her hand as he struggled in her grasp. 'You're so

CUTE!'she said.'Now you're MY little man.' He couldn't really make out what she

was saying to him,but he could tell that her voice had risen an octave or two.

She was speaking to him as though he were a little pet or doll. 'I've GOT you

little baby. Don't be scared,I just want to look at you.' She brought her other

hand up and took him by the middle between her thumb and two fingers. Opening

her other hand she laid him in her palm face down. His heart was racing with

alarm at his total powerlessness in the grip of this giantess! She began to

fondle and caress him and his struggles subsided a little. When he felt his

right shoe come off he realized that she was undressing him. She turned him

around and around in her hands as she removed his

shirt,pants,socks,undershirt,and finally,his briefs. She smiled at his

tiny,naked,form with undisguised amusement. It was very titillating for her to

be holding her handsome young teacher - naked and helpless - in the palm of her

hand. He looked back up at her with a mixture of fear and wonder. She really was

a beautiful young woman,but out of bounds for him at only 16 years of age.

However,SHE was unconcerned about their age difference. This little toy man was

just right for her. She laid him face down in the palm of her left hand,while

with her right,she tenderly caressed his dainty behind. All the while he was

making those 'peep peep' sounds as she spoke to him in a very sweet voice. 'Poor

little boy,you're so cute and helpless in my hands. I'm going to make you be my

little baby.' Then she picked him up from her palm and held him around his

middle with her thumb and index finger. He made a gesture of supplication to her

as though he were praying. He felt so humiliated by her - the way she so

nonchalantly handled him. He had absolutely no say in what she was doing to him.

'He's begging for more!' she thought,so she reached out her index finger and

touched his tiny penis. This was exactly what he was dreading the most - this

total loss of control in the hands of this pretty,but gigantic,girl! As much as

he wanted to hang on to some shred of self-respect,he could not resist the

amorous play of this giantess. His penis began to stiffen and he pleaded with

her to stop. 'Please don't do this to me!' he cried,but again,all she heard was

'Squeak Squeak!'. She laid him face up in the palm of her left hand,while her

right index finger and thumb gently took hold of his penis. He was quite hard

now and struggled furiously in her hand. 'No,no. Please stop.' he pleaded. But

the young giantess had him right where she wanted him now. She knew that he

really WANTED her to do the things she was doing to him,and SHE was enjoying it

in any case. She moved his penis around between her thumb and forefinger,gently

squeezing and pulling it. It gave her such a guilty,pleasurable,feeling of power

to possess this helpless little man and to know that he really WANTED her to

possess him. She brought her index finger to her mouth and wet it,then did the

same with her thumb,and began on him again. She brought her thumb under his

balls and very gently crushed his penis and balls between her finger and thumb.

This elicited a very high-pitched squeak from him and he momentarily ceased his

struggles. He looked pleadingly up to her with tears in his eyes. She beamed

back at him with a loving but mischevious expression. She knew she wasn't

hurting him and that his tears were for his helpless predicament. 'You are so

adorable like this. I love your tiny little penis!' With that,she again took

took his diminutive organ between her moistened thumb and forefinger and began

tugging and fondling it. He struggled,trying to remove her finger and thumb with

his tiny hands - but to no avail. 'Don't cry little baby,come for Mommy now.

Come on little boy,I know you want to!'He could feel himself building to a

climax and knew he would have to let go soon. He pleaded with her in his

pathetic mouse-like voice. 'Mommy no,please...' She could tell he was about to

give it up for her. 'Come for me little boy.Come on...' And with an impassioned

squeak he let go between her thumb and finger. She was beaming down at him with

manifest delight. This was just what she had wanted. And in that moment,he knew

that he was hers completely. She looked down at the spent figure of this tiny

man in her hand and she knew that he REALLY belonged to her now. She tenderly

caressed his naked form with her fingers as he lay there whimpering and

defeated. 'That was SO adorable! I can't wait to do it again.' she thought to

herself. And she knew that this was only the beginning...

Helpless 2 (Mr McTell)

My name is James McTell and I'm a high-school teacher(at least I was). A few

short days ago I was living a normal life. Teaching my classes,enjoying leisure

activities,hanging out with my girlfriend. I just turned thirty a week

ago(although people tell me I look much younger).I sure didn't expect to become

a tiny doll for a teenage girl – helpless to defend myself against her whims!

I was walking to my car after class when I felt like I was hit by something

soft. It was like walking into an enormous pillow. I wasn't hurt but it stopped

me cold. Immediately after,I felt like I was falling down a deep well and I

passed out.

Sometime later I woke up on an enormous raised plain. I was groggy and

disoriented,but I knew right away what was happening – I just couldn't accept

it. I heard a deep rumbling sound like thunder coming from above…and I looked up

…and up…and up…and then I saw her outsized,beautiful face. I recognized her from

one of my classes and remembered that her name is Dana. It was impossible! This

couldn't be happening! How had I become so small? Why was I here with this

gigantic girl?

I heard a tortured moan and realised that it had escaped from my own lips. I was

panicking,shaking. I had the most horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. I

wanted desperately to run,to hide, but there was nowhere to go! Dana was

towering over me like a building and she seemed to enjoy my fearful reaction to

my desperate situation. Her sweet face broke into a broad grin as her

slender,graceful HAND came slowly toward me. I couldn't help thinking that she

was emphasizing her total advantage of me as her HAND closed on me. I peeped “no

please,don't!” as she took possession of me.

The feeling of being held and dominated by Dana's sweet hands is something

almost beyond description. I can feel every line in her palm and on her

fingertips when she holds me. Her hands are incredibly powerful – she

manipulates me so effortlessly – I am just a tiny toy doll to her! She is as

gentle as she can be but sometimes she bruises me when she plays with me.

Anyway,the first time she undressed me and played with me,she made me come

against my will. I didn't want to be her sexual plaything,but I couldn't stop

her from using me. After she removed my clothes,she took my penis between her

thumb and finger. She caressed and fondled me so tenderly…I couldn't help it! I

was compelled to be her little baby doll – helpless to resist her erotic touch!

Now she keeps me in her dollhouse where I languish,awaiting her pleasure. Dana

lives with her Mother and a younger sister. I haven't seen them but I have heard

them talking to Dana – me hidden away and afraid of being discovered. Maybe the

Mother might help me but I'm so fearful of what she might do if she were to

elect not to help me… Dana has her own room and has kept me to herself so far

but I don't know how long that will last. I'm afraid her little sister will

discover me and want to play with me as well…

Dana must have come in! I hear the door open and I can feel my dollhouse shaking

with each mighty footfall. Oh no! She's talking to another giant girl! It's

difficult to understand what they are saying but I have learned to decipher

words in the rumbling. Dana has learned to interpret my high-pitched chirps as

well,so at least there is verbal communication now.

“So what's this surprise you've been telling me about?”I hear the other giant

girl ask. “Oh,wait ‘till you see…you won't believeit!”I hear Dana reply. Take

alook in the dollhouse Laurie,you'll see!” “You mean to tell me you're still

playing with dolls? That's so immature!” “Just look in there and then tell me

that!” Dana retorts.

I'm feeling panicked as I look for somewhere to hide – knowing full well the

futility of it. Overhead I hear booming laughter as the roof of “my house”

ascends skywards. “Oh no!”I hear myself scream as two enormous,youthful,female

faces peer down at me.

“Oh my God!”the giantess Laurie exclaims. “Is he real? He's alive!” She lowers

her head and eyes me intently,an amazed,amused look on her innocent face. Then

recognition dawns and…”It's Mr McTell! So this is where he disappeared to! Where

did he come from Dana?” “I found him in the school parking lot”Dana replied.” He

was tiny and unconcious so I brought him here. Isn't he sweet?” “Oh yes – he's

adorable! Can I hold him?” “Sure but be very gentle – you can see how scared he


I am paralyzed with fear actually. Laurie's pretty hand is reaching for me as I

idiotically try to evade it. I feel the soft,firm fingers and thumb enclose me

into her palm,then tighten,immobilizing me. Then I am rocketed up to her girlish

face. Her expression is somewhere between a pout and a smirk. Her other hand

comes to me as she takes one of my tiny hands between her finger and thumb.

“Oh look at his teeny little fingers,how precious!”she exclaims to Dana. “He's

my cute little baby boy now”Dana dreamily replies. “Now I see why you're still

playing with dolls!” Laurie quips. Laurie is feeling all over my body with her

slender fingers,turning me over and over and caressing me everywhere.I can

hardly breathe I'm so freaked out! “Please don't hurt me – put me down, please!

I implore. “Listen to him squeak!”Laurie exclaims. He sounds like a baby bird –

it's so cute!” I know,I love it when he squeaks like that – My

poor,helpless,little toy man” replies Dana with a faint touch of mockery.

“Have you…you know…undressed him?” “Well,I know it's wrong but I just had to see

all of him – you know?” “Oh please let's take off his little clothes. I'm just

dying to see him naked!” These giant girls are talking about me as if I were a

Ken doll! Obviously I am not going to have any choice in this! “OK,but we have

to be careful,he's so delicate.” “Oh,of course! I wouldn't hurt him for

anything! I've never seen anything so adorable!”

Now the girls have put me on Dana's bed and are surrounding me with their

arms,hands,and overhead,their enormous breasts and faces. “Why don't you do the

honors Laurie? I've undressed him before and I want to watch while you do it.”

“Oh,this will be so much fun!”Laurie answers. Now Laurie lowers her huge face

very close to me and says “Here I come little boy!” And her thumb and fingers

tug at my shirt,pulling it over my head. Then she lifts me in one hand as her

other takes my shoes and socks. I am trying to fight her,but it's hopeless – I'm

totally outmatched. “I love it when he struggles – it's so darling!” Both girls

are looking at me in a way that makes me feel even smaller than I already am.

It's as though they're stripping a doll – I'm not a man to them at all! Now Dana

reaches out with her long,slender fingers and tugs at my pants leg. Laurie takes

the other pants leg in her slim fingers,giggling at my feeble struggles to kick Intel Is Upgrading Its Usb Neural Stick With The Myriad X Vpu For Artificial Intelligence

her fingertips away. Both giantesses pull together and off come my trousers.

I'm now clothed only in my briefs as Laurie and Dana both run their fingers all

over my body. I'm being caressed everywhere as they take my legs,feet and arms

and stroke them tenderly. I can't help it dammit! I'm getting an erection and

it's making my briefs poke out! “No please!”I cry. “Please let me go. Don't make

me be your baby again!”

“Did you hear that?”Dana asks. “Yes!” replies Laurie. “I don't think Mr McTell

likes being our tiny doll.” “Oh yes he does! Dana chimes in a singsong voice as

she reaches out and tenderly strokes my miniature penis through my underwear.

Now I am extremely hard and panting heavily. I can't help moaning with reluctant

pleasure at Dana's erotic touch. “What's the matter little toy man? Don't you

like being our adorable baby boy?” Laurie asks teasingly. Now her finger

replaces Dana's,gently pushing and prodding my inflamed penis through my briefs.

“Off with your underwear little doll”says Laurie,and lifting me between her

thumb and finger,she slides them down my legs and over my feet. Now I am

completely naked,helpless,and utterly at the mercy of these two

beautiful,charming,playful but also gigantic,young women.

Now as I am held aloft in Lauries plush fingers,both girls teasingly take my

legs between their fingers and gently,sensuously stroke them,not ignoring my

dainty behind which they caress fondly. They deliberately avoid touching my –

now painfully erect and throbbing – member while stroking and fondling all

around it. I'm so hard I can't stand it! I'm in desperate need to let go but I

can't do it without their help.

“Please!” I beg. “Please make me come. Help me oh God!” At this both girls burst

out laughing. “Our little hand puppet wants to come Laurie – what do you

think,should we let him?” “Oh let me give him a hand!” Laurie coos. Then Laurie

lays me face up in her palm and begins to stroke,caress and fondle me everywhere

except where I need it most! “Oh,you're such a tease you naughty girl!”says Dana

as she gently traps my feet between her fingers and thumbs.

I am writhing,bucking - and now – crying in Laurie's tender hand. I want her to

take me and use me so badly! The teenage giantess sirens are gazing at me with a

strange mixture of pity and delight. “Oh poor, sweet, little baby boy – don't

cry! Laurie's gonna make you come again. You want to so bad!”Dana sweetly coos.

Laurie takes my tiny penis gently between her thumb and finger,at first barely

touching it. Then she begins to tug and pull – sensuously rolling it between her

tender fingers. “Come on little boy!” “You're so cute!” Both of the giantesses

are urging me on. “Oh,you like that,don't you little doll?” “Your pretty teeny

weeny penis is so hard!” Mommy's poor little man!”

“Ahhh…God!” I'm exploding between Laurie's finger and thumb as she laughs

delightedly. Dana still caressing my dollsize feet,is giggling and cooing at me.

“Isn't he just adorable?” she asks Laurie. “Oh he feels so sweet between my

fingers coming like that. It makes me feel so powerful and sexy to make this

pretty little dolly come for me!”

I'm regaining my breath after the most intense orgasm of my life. I feel

exhausted,ashamed,embarrassed…totally exposed. I have been toyed with and used

by these two giant teenage girls. The worst part is that I wanted them to so

badly…how can I ever feel like a man again? I really am a toy for these girls to

play with now. They know it – I know it…. I begin to sob quietly.

The girls put me gently back in “my house”again with my dollsize clothes. “Let's

leave him alone for awhile”says Dana. “We can play with him some more later.”

“OK”replies Laurie.”Thanks for sharing your little Mr McTell doll with me!”

“This is our little secret. Right?”asks Dana. “You bet,as long as you let me

play with him again”Laurie replies half joking.

I'm falling again….falling…falling …



Helpless 3 ( Dana )

I'm Dana Mallory and I'm sixteen years old. I'm in possession of a

living,breathing man who's only about 8 inches tall! I know because I happened

to measure him a couple of days ago. Of course it's unbelievable except that

he's really here – sleeping in his little doll house. Me and my best friend

Laurie played with him a couple of times earlier today, and now he's all tired

and everything…

It's strange how he came to be my little pet. I was always checking him out at

school – so were a lot of the other girls. He used to be a lot taller than I am

– probably around 6 feet tall. And he was slender but not skinny – I liked that

a whole lot! Most of all I liked him because he was a real man –not like the

boys that are always eyeing me at school. They always act so immature! They're

either real dorky or else all arrogant, like I should fall over in a faint

because they say “hi” or something!

Anyway,I used to imagine what it would be like to…you know…be with him. And I

tried talking to him and stuff… And one time – I couldn't help it – I told him

that I thought he was cute! He looked at me surprised - and I could tell he was

pleased – but then he tried to act all adult. He said I was much too young and

that “an association between us would be improper” or something like that. I was

hurt at first,'cause I hoped he would treat me more like an adult and I really

liked him a lot. After that though,I noticed he looked at me differently in

class. He watched me when he thought I wasn't looking and then he'd look away

when I caught him at it. He always looked kind of embarrassed when that happened

and I started to like seeing that expression on his face! So,occasionally,I

flirted with him when I got the chance and that embarrassed him even more!

Especially if any of my girlfriends were with me. One time I noticed he had a

bulge in his pants and he looked all flushed! That's when I knew that he really

wanted me too.

So anyway,a few days ago,I followed him out to his car. I just wanted to see

what kind of car he drove ‘cause I knew he wasn't married and I figured it would

be some hot kind of car. Boy was I dissappointed! It was some kind of little

station wagon! But as he was walking towards it,something stopped him in his

tracks. He looked a little funny like he was stunned or something,and then I

couldn't see him any more. It was like he just disappeared! I ran over to where

I had last seen him and I was looking around… And then I saw something on the

ground in front of me. At first I thought it was a doll,but as I peered at it,I

noticed that it's clothes looked just like Mr McTells'. I squatted down in front

of it and examined it more closely…it seemed incredibly lifelike for a doll…and

then I heard it make a little peeping sound! So I reached out my hand and I very

gently picked it up and turned it over so I could see it's miniature face. It

was Mr McTell reduced to the size of one of my dolls!

When I realized that I was actually holding Mr McTell in my hand I got the

strangest feeling! I felt kind of hot and a little dizzy – like I was coming

down with something. He was sooo tiny! And he felt so soft and warm in my hand…I

started to feel his little legs with my other hand…and he let out another little

squeak! My heart nearly jumped out of my chest! Then I brought him real close to

me and I could see he was passed out. I thought “ Who should I tell? Maybe

someone will know what to do.” But I couldn't think of anyone – besides I liked

the way he felt in my hand – so I decided to bring him home and see if he would

wake up on his own.

Then I had to figure out a way to carry him home. I was afraid he'd get hurt in

my purse, plus I had to hide him,so I held him underneath my jacket, kind of

between my breasts. I was so excited! I couldn't wait to get him home so I could

have him all to myself! I was scared that I would see someone I knew and that

they would ask what I was hiding! What would I say? “Oh, I'm just abducting this

tiny man!” I didn't even know what I was gonna do with him yet – I just knew I

wanted to keep him for myself – even knowing that it was wrong.

When I got home with him,I was really relieved to find no one else home. My Mom

was probably out with another one of her boyfriends – she'd been dating a lot

since she and my Dad finally broke up… I guessed Julie (that's my little sister

– she's only thirteen) was having a sleepover with Heather(that's her best

friend). I was really glad Julie wasn't home especially ‘cause she barges into

my room without knocking(sometimes I just lock the door)and she gets into my

stuff,which really makes me angry!

So I put Mr McTell on my bed and sat down next to him gazing down at his poor

little figure. He looked so helpless laying there – smaller than a newborn baby

– my heart went out to him and I felt so sad for him that he had become so tiny.

What would he do when he woke up? I didn't have to wait long to find out.

As I watched he began to wake,rubbing his eyes,looking around…At that moment,all

I could think was that he was the cutest,most precious thing I'd ever seen – and

now he belonged to me! He kept looking all around – he hadn't looked up yet –

and he looked so puzzled,like he couldn't make sense of anything. Then he craned

his little head way back and looked way up…and he saw me. His tiny mouth fell

open and he looked so confused…and I heard myself saying “You're so little! Poor

little boy! What's happened to you?”

He looked absolutely terrified! I wanted to reassure him,but at the same time I

felt a little thrill run through me at his look of terror. This was gonna be

fun! I slowly brought my hand down to pick him up – I wanted to see what he

would try to do. He looked wildly around for somewhere to run but he was right

next to me on my bed so he surrendered himself to me with a desperate squeak!

Now he was helpless in my hand and whatever reservations I had felt before about

taking him were completely gone! As he struggled ineffectually in my hand –

squeaking pitifully all the while – I began turning him over and over in my

hands and touching him everywhere. Then I decided to take off all his little


Stripping that little helpless doll was the most fun I'd ever had up to that

point! He struggled as hard as he could to keep me from undressing him – all the

while making the most adorable peeping sounds! After he was stripped – naked and

defenseless in my hands – I smiled down at him…God he was so cute that first

time! I turned him over on his tummy and caressed his dainty little behind. He

actually sort of calmed down a little then…and I took him in my hand so that his

little legs were dangling from my hand and held him directly in front of me. He

looked absolutely devastated as he sort of prayed to me – holding his tiny

little hands together… I thought it looked just like he was begging me to touch

him. So I extended my index finger and stroked his adorable teeny weeny penis!

The sweet little thing got hard right away – I couldn't help but think of the

big bulge in his pants that one time – and I really began to have fun then! I

laid him face up in my hand and took his dolly dick between my thumb and finger

and started to tug and pull very tenderly… He was writhing and struggling

between my fingers as I fondled and teased his little thing mercilessly! I could

tell he was begging and pleading with me to stop and that made me want to punish

him – just a little! So I licked my fingers and thumb and took his penis and

balls between them,and then I squeezed soooo gently. He emitted the most heart

-rending peep and he started to cry.

Now,I don't think I'm a cruel person or anything. I knew I couldn't have hurt

him much as gently as I squeezed him. He did stop fighting me at that point so I

guess he understood now that he was my tiny toy and I could play with him

however I wanted to. He was still sobbing as I took his adorable toy between my

moist fingertips and began to stroke and fondle him again. He was gonna come for

me –I was sure of that! As he bucked and writhed in my hand I told him how much

I loved him. I said “Don't cry little baby,come for Mommy now. Come on little

boy ,I know you want to!”

And with the cutest little chirp,he came between my finger and thumb! I was

surprised at how long it took for him to squirt that tiny amount of juice. I

couldn't help wondering what it would have been like if he had been big like

before… But it was so much fun to make poor little Mr McTell be my baby doll – I

knew right then that I would think of so many ways to play with him…After all he

really isn't a man anymore… I just wonder how much longer I can keep him from

Julie. And what if my Mom finds out? What will happen then?


Giantess Stories: Helpless by no one

...and then he looked up...and up...and up. His eyes saw it,but his mind refused no one no one by by Helpless Helpless



Giantess Stories: Helpless by no one

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Giantess Stories: Helpless by no one


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