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Her Bicycle Seat

By B. Tweenercheeks

Chapter 1

Natalie Kramer had just finished school and had landed her first

real job in Indianapolis as a physical therapist. She was the

first Kramer in three generations to move out of Kirkville, the

small town in which she grew up. The Kramers had secretly

practiced witchcraft for generations. It was second nature to


Natalie met Barry her second week in Indianapolis. She'd rarely

socialized with non-witches before, had never dated, and was

terribly naive about men. Her coworkers at the hospital had

talked her in to dinner and drinks at the local pub. That's where

her eyes met Barry. Barry was laughing with his stockbroker

friends when saw the spiral curled blonde, with the trim,

athletic, but not curvaceous body, staring at him hauntingly

through cobalt blue eyes. Drawn by those eyes, he left his

barstool to meet Natalie. He checked out her thin 5'6" body from

behind. Her worn jeans framed her tight ass perfectly. Barry

liked what he saw. He was good at this. He already knew exactly

how to play Natalie. He would charm her for a while. She'd be

crazy about him. After some good sex he'd find a new, hotter

girlfriend and move on. She'd make a nice "tweener" until the

next "knockout" came along.

They wound up dating for six months. In a short time Barry had

become Natalie's world. Barry took full advantage of her

feelings. Though she had been a virgin before meeting Barry,

Natalie wanted to please Barry any way she could. Natalie

submitted to him every way he wanted, since Barry had a voracious

appetite for sex. He fucked her hard, deep and fast but always

finished by ejaculating with deep thrusts into her ass. While he

pretended to care about how it felt for Natalie, all Barry just

wanted to use Natalie to come over and over again. For her part

Natalie thought that this was how sex was supposed to be. She

paid scrupulous attention during sex so that she could learn from

Barry. After time she learned to orgasm from this dominant,

savage sex.

One Saturday night, they had "The Talk". Natalie asked about

marriage. Barry said "no" in the same charming way he did

everything else. "You're the only one I want, the only one I've

ever wanted, Nat. I have no idea where I'm going with my life and

I won't risk your future with my indecision."

The words bit at Natalie's heart. She had become infatuated with

Barry. Her lack of experience in relationships made her

experience self doubts. 'Maybe it's my lovemaking. Aren't I his

fantasy? Barry fulfills mine; maybe I don't fulfill his. I need

to know exactly what his deepest fantasies really are. Then I'll

do them with him. Then Barry won't be able to resist me.' Natalie

began to work on her plan.

She called Barry early Sunday morning. "Look, forget about last

night." She said. "It's a beautiful morning. I'll meet you in the

park. I'll even bring coffee." Barry reluctantly agreed to meet


Natalie picked up a black coffee on the way. She took off the lid

and poured from a vial she had worked on all night. She had to

know what Barry really wanted. She had to know his deepest

fantasy. The potion would tell her. His desire to experience his

strongest fantasy would be multiplied 100 times. He wouldn't have

to say anything. He would not be able to control himself. She

would find out what really turned Barry on.

She would satisfy his fantasy. Then he wouldn't be able to

control himself. He would marry her.

Barry sat on a park bench along a bike path reading a folded

sports section. Natalie sat down next to Barry, handed him the

coffee, and kissed him in the warm Sunday morning sunshine. They

made small talk while Barry hid behind sunglasses trying to

inconspicuously scope other women in the park. Finally, Barry

popped open the lid and took a few large sips of the coffee.

Natalie watched for a reaction.

'What kinky thing can I do to win you forever?' Natalie thought.

She waited a while longer then started. "Barry, I need to know

what you long to do. What things you would like to do. What is

your fantasy?"

Barry stopped moving. He took off his sunglasses. His eyes opened

wide. His mouth opened slightly and his lower lip hung loosely.

His gaze fixed upon something in the distance.

"Barry, honey, tell me what do you want to do? What is your


Barry wasn't looking at Natalie as she talked. His eyes stuck on

something in the distance. He couldn't talk. Natalie followed

Barry's line of sight, turned and looked. Pedaling a hot pink,

girls ten-speed was a tanned, college aged girl in a white T-

shirt, silky green nylon shorts, white gym socks and tennis

shoes. Her long brown hair, pulled back in a ponytail, waved in

the passing breeze as she pedaled. As she passed the couple now

staring at her, the exotic brown-eyed knockout broke into a full-

lipped smile and giggled a "Hi!" As she sped passed, Barry's head

turned with the bike.

His eyes dropped lower as the exotic brown haired beauty passed.

Barry stared directly at the exotic girls' ass as she pedaled.

His mouth now drooped open even further. His face began to flush.

His heart began to race. An uncontrollable erection began to

grow. That was it. That's what he wanted. To be under those

cheeks. Right there.

Shattered Natalie shrieked "Her? You want to have sex with her?"

"Her bicycle seat..." struggled Barry.

"What?" demanded Natalie.

"Her bicycle seat..." the entranced Barry repeated.

Natalie was both crushed and furious. Barry had fooled her for

months. Her family had been right; she never should have dated a

mortal. She could have dealt with a butt fetish, even one as

strong and bizarre as Barry's. But Barry wasn't interested in

her. It was some exotic stranger's ass that he longed for. He

never once looked at Natalie once he swallowed the potion. His

eyes never moved off the exotic stranger.

Natalie tried, "Honey, I..."

"Bicycle seat!" Barry said again, now drooling.

Tears welled in Natalie's' eyes. She had been so wrong about

Barry. He was a one-dimensional pig like most mortal men. Still,

while she was furious, she also still loved Barry. Even if it had

been phony, she loved how he treated her. She was still

infatuated with him as flawed as he was. But the potion had

rendered him hypnotized by his fantasy about this exotic

brunettes' ass. Perhaps the potion was too strong. Perhaps his

fetish was stronger than she imagined. Perhaps his mind was

weaker than she thought possible. The fact remained that while

she still loved Barry, Natalie was not his fantasy.

The exotic girl continued to pedal away. A forlorn, confused look

came over Barry's face. He continued to stare at that all

encompassing rear end.

"Barry, I have magical powers. I could have given you anything:

riches, sex, a family, anything you wanted, and I still can.

Please just look at me." Natalie begged.

Barry started to break down. The potion had left him with one

thought. He knew what he wanted and it was pedaling away. His

face looked like that of a child who left a candy store empty

handed. His eyes strained to see the girls' ass atop the seat of

her hot pink ten-speed.

"Bicycle seat!!" he cried.

"But Barry..."

"Bicycle seat." he whispered.

Tears streamed down Natalie's' face. Her fantasy had been

unrealized. Barry had realized what his strongest and bizarre

fantasy was. He wanted it more than anything in the world.

Natalie looked at this pitiful, lost man. Her heart was already

broken. She could sill fix Barry's.

"Very well." Natalie caved in. "If this is truly your fantasy at

least I will know that I gave it to you. You will have the

existence of the object you have chosen and all that comes with

it. So that you experience that existence you will still have all

your human senses. You will live so long as that object exists.

Your soul, your mind everything will be there, for better or

worse. However, you will be an object. You will have no power of

self-determination. Do you understand that?"

Like a junkie needing his fix he murmured "Bicycle seat..."

"One more thing, Barry. I will not sit and watch while you

humiliate yourself. I cannot do that. Do you understand?"

Barry stared blankly in the distance and mouthed, "Bicycle seat."

Natalie stood and said "Then goodbye Barry." and kissed him on

the cheek. Natalie thought a moment about what to do. 'I'll just

need his head.' Natalie thought.

Barry felt a slashing pain in his neck as if he'd been beheaded.

Suddenly Natalie looked like a giant. He could no longer feel his

body. He felt his cheeks and jaw squeezed and become narrow. His

skin pulled taught and felt thick. Barry's entire existence was

reduced to a twelve-inch bike seat. Natalie looked down at Barry.

She smiled at him and said, "I hope you enjoy your fantasy." When

Barry looked up again Natalie was gone.

His full consciousness began to return as if he woke from a

dream. Suddenly Barry felt a rush of wind and saw a blur of trees

on either side of him. The blur on either side slowed to a

leisurely pace. He felt the sensation of lying face up, traveling

chin first, up a hill. Barry realized his head had been

transformed into a shiny black leather bicycle seat. He was

mounted face up, on the hot pink ten-speed.

He began to realize what Natalie had done to him. The reality of

his situation terrified Barry. As he looked up he saw the exotic

girl's brown ponytail whipping in the wind as she stood to pedal

up a steep hill. The perfect rounded ass, covered in green silky

running shorts together with tanned muscular thighs pounded the

pedals until the hill crested. Barry tried to move. He looked for

Natalie but she was gone. He tried to scream for Natalie. He

desperately looked for an escape. Barry had never thought of the

full consequences of his fantasy.

"My god, I'm a goddamn seat on a ten speed."

Then he gazed up at the enormous stunning girl that towered above

him. She looked huge. He loved the view. He thought of the

countless occasions when he stole a glimpse of some girls'

perfect young ass and wished he could shrink and be right there.

Secretly where he now was about to be, face into her ass.

Suddenly the furious pedaling stopped. The exotic brunette

coasted while standing on the pedals for a few seconds. Then

Barry saw her shorts covered ass lowering down towards him. Barry

felt as if his eyes rolled back and he relaxed. This was, after

all, his fantasy.

Chapter 2

It took forever. Barry couldn't wait. He reopened his eyes again

just in time to see the giant perfect ass jutting out as she and

bent down and sat down onto the smooth, shiny leather bicycle

seat that once was his face. She squished him snuggly into her,

separating her rounded butt cheeks with Barry. Her voluptuous

cheeks hung over the bicycle seat. Her warm rear end enveloped

him. The pressure of her weight felt incredible.

He had expected it to hurt, but it instead felt exhilarating.

This enormous perfect giantess perched comfortably on his now

tiny face. Her positioning was perfect. He could see up her back

from where his eyes were in the rear of the seat. His chin was

now the very front tip of the seat which peninsulated between her

thighs. His mouth laid directly under her warm, soft pussy.

Barry's nose was a pair of nylon shorts and cotton panties from

the protruding soft lump that was her @!#$. He could not hold

back. Barry inhaled deeply. She smelled of sweat, stale perfume,

and slightly of pussy. Barry was surprised and a little

disappointed how mild she smelled. She must have just begun her

ride. Still, Barry was incredibly aroused.

After some time she met up with another female bicyclist. The two

talked and laughed the entire ride. Barry learned all about his

rider. Her name was Anna. Barry had guessed from her exotic,

Mediterranean looks that she was Italian. It turned out that she

was Mexican. She cycled as cross training for volleyball. She was

to start her sophomore year at Indiana State. She talked of a

boyfriend, some musician, but spent most of the time talking

about other guys she liked. She laughed and smiled a lot.

Anna and Cathy, the other cyclist, rode at least 15 miles every

day. Today was Sunday, "so they could do a long ride." Barry

loved that idea.

As the two headed on, the sun continued to beat down. Barry had

been under Anna for only 10 minutes when he started notice

moisture. As they rode he looked up her back and noticed a line

of sweat forming down the middle of her nylon shorts. The

constant gentle sway of her ass was driving him insane with lust.

As time passed, Barry began to feel slippery in her sweat. Her

smell became ripe. She tasted salty. Anna's smooth, tan inner

thighs gently brushed Barry with her every turn of a pedal. He

could feel her panties through the nylon shorts.

Barry felt Anna's sweat saturating him. He tasted and sniffed her

pussy and ass. As Anna sat on him her ass and pussy rhythmically

ground into Barry's face with every turn of the pedals. Finally,

he could take it no more. Barry exploded in orgasm. As he didn't

have a human body that needed to rest, he could come over and

over again. Barry thought he had died and gone to heaven. He was

so thankful Natalie had made his fantasy come true.

The two girls continued to pedal on. Barry listened to their

conversation. They talked about dating, school, parties, concerts

and other pretty typical college stuff. Barry began to find that

he hung on Anna's every word. She was not just incredibly sexy.

She was smart, and pretty funny too.

As they neared the end of the ride the two began to cool down at

an easy pace. Anna took her hands off the handlebars, clasped her

hands behind her head and arched her back in a long, luxurious

stretch. As she did the Barry's view from below of her firm, pert

tits in her sweat drenched white T-shirt was unbelievable. Barry

came again.

The two girls finished up the ride and stopped in front of the

dormitories and discussed their plans for the evening, "Nobody

goes to the bars on a Sunday night in the summer, and besides I

don't have a decent fake I.D." objected Cathy.

"We will." joked Anna. "Besides I know a cute bouncer at

McKinney's. He'll let us in."

Exchanging goodbyes, Anna grabbed the handlebars with one hand

and Barry with the other. He enjoyed looking up at her as she

guided the bike into the dorm. It was an incredible view as he

stared up at her from her waist. He felt very subservient to be

Anna's possession. He enjoyed that. He wasn't prepared for what

she did next, however. Anna suddenly hoisted her ten-speed by the

frame onto her shoulder as she carried her bike to her third

floor dorm room. Barry was positioned right next to Anna's face

as she marched up the stairs.

It was the first time he had seen this giantess beauty up close.

It felt remarkably intimate to be so close to her face. She was

gorgeous. She looked like a Greek goddess. Anna's determined big

brown eyes looked up as she climbed the stairs. A few stray hairs

glued to her soft, olive skin in sweat. She flashed her large,

white-toothed, flirty smile at two guys on the landing as she

ably and confidently took her bike off her shoulder and rolled it

down to her room. Anna unceremoniously placed her bike in her

closet. She grabbed her shower gear, some clothes and a towel and

headed to the shower.

Suddenly, Barry felt disconcerted. It was so warm and personal to

have been right next to her face. Previously he would have kissed

a woman who was that pretty and that close. They rarely objected.

Yet Anna didn't know "Barry" existed. He was just part of her

bike. Barry watched as Anna returned from her shower. She entered

the closet and grabbed a pair of faded jeans off the shelf.

Wearing only her a bra and white panties, Anna bent over to grab

a pair of white sneakers. While Barry enjoyed the view, Anna

turned out the light, exited and closed the closet door.

Chapter 3

Time is different when you are an object. You no longer measure

the passage of time by human needs. You are not hungry three

times a day. You don't have to go to the bathroom. You don't need

to sleep at night because you're tired and you don't need to get

up in the morning because you want coffee. The sun helps. If you

can see the sun you know it is at least daytime. If you can't see

the sun, or judge time some other way time virtually stops. Barry

found this out. He had no idea if he had been in the closet for

an hour or a week. Finally he heard a key enter a door.

Barry heard a stumble and then laughter. It was Anna. Instantly

the smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol filled the dorm room.

Anna and her friends had been out drinking and dancing. She

fumbled around for the light.

The closet door flung open, and a perky red head in a mini skirt

reached for the mini-fridge next to Anna's ten-speed and said,

"Got any beer?"

She pulled out three bottles and handed them out. Anna sprawled

on her side on the bed. The red head sat on the desk chair. Cathy

opened a white fast food bag and passed out burritos. Barry sat

and watched the three girls eat burritos, drink beer and talk

about their night. He watched Anna closely. She was so confident

as she lay across the bed. She knew how hot she was. Her

confidence just made her sexier to Barry. He watched her mouth as

she ate. He watched her sexy lips. He wished he could kiss them.

The night ended and Anna's two guests left. "See you at six."

said Cathy.

Anna twisted back and forth as she pulled down her tight, faded

jeans. She threw them on the floor under Barry. Unhooking her bra

she threw that on the closet floor as well. In only her white

panties and socks, Barry was astonished at her beauty. As Anna

searched for a nightshirt he admired her 5'10' tanned, slender

but curvy body. Her breasts were even better than he had

imagined. Pencil erasers popped out from silver dollar nipples

that sat high on firm large breasts. Anna found an oversized T-

shirt out of a drawer. She pulled it over her head, turned out

the light, and stumbled into bed.

Barry watched Anna sleep. The silhouette of her figure even

looked sexy under covers. Anna snored. Barry thought it was cute.

With Anna in the room with him morning arrived quickly. There was

a knock at the door. Anna groggily climbed out of bed and opened

the door. Cathy waited to ride.

"Give me two minutes." Anna said. She stepped into the bathroom.

Soon Barry heard the unmistakable sound of pee. Anna flushed and

immediately started to get dressed.

She grabbed her green shorts out of the dirty laundry bag and

pulled them over her white panties. She stepped into her

sneakers, and snapped on her bra. Anna grabbed a tank top and

pulled it over her head and then pulled her dark mane into a

bungee. She grabbed the seat and handlebars of her bike and

started out the door. Anna's hands were almost the size of Barry.

It was almost frightening when this giantess goddess reached for


Anna's warm soft hands and bright red nails touched his smooth

black leather surface. Her touch electrified Barry.

Once outside, Anna climbed on, stood and pedaled. Barry stared up

at her again transfixed her beauty. He waited in anticipation for

Anna to sit on him again. Finally, Anna lowered her butt onto

Barry. He was shocked by the pungency of her aroma. Not only had

she not changed her panties, but also she wore the green nylon

shorts from yesterday's sweaty ride. She had been out dancing and

drinking and had not showered.

Beautiful Anna reeked. She smelled of stale perspiration, faded

perfume, skanky pussy, cigarette smoke, and @!#$. Cathy led Anna

at a torrid pace. Anna was soon breathing hard and feeling the

effects of a night of drinking. Soon sweat stung Anna's eyes. Her

T-shirt hung heavy soaked in her sweat. The scent of her crotch

became even stronger. All the time Barry looked up in admiration.

He savored the experience with his every sense. He was where he

wanted to be.

After a half-hour at a tortured pace, Cathy relented and the two

rode together. As the two talked Anna complained about last

night's burrito.

"I think it's making me a little sick," Anna warned.

With that, Barry was subjected to something he had not

anticipated when he asked for his fantasy. Something he would

have never believed that such a pretty young girl would ever do,

let alone for fun. Anna farted. Then she laughed. Cathy laughed


"I wonder if Sean would want to go down on me if I did this" and

Anna farted long, wet and loud.

Both girls giggled. Barry was grossed out. His face was pressed

into Anna's ass with his nose trapped just below. He felt her

@!#$ protrude and pucker each time she farted. He felt the

warm bubbles of gas vibrate her ass cheeks. They smelled


"I can on command, can you?" said Anna.

"Go!" replied Cathy.

Over and over Anna and Cathy exchanged beer and burrito farts and

laughter. For a split second Barry wondered if somehow Natalie

put them up to this. Nobody could accidentally be this

humiliating. Strangely enough, this cruel, humiliating domination

turned Barry on. He came hard as Anna sat on him and farted. His

view of Anna had changed. The image of Anna as a pristine, young,

innocent flower was fading. She was beautiful, funny, conceited

and deliciously twisted.

Chapter 4

Barry loved being under Anna's perfect ass. To feel, taste,

smell, see, and listen to this sexy, funny, young lady was like a

dream. Going out to bars, meeting some woman, and nailing her got

old after a while. Sure he could imagine being under her ass when

he went down on some woman, but it wasn't like this. And none of

those women were anything like Anna.

Weeks of daily riding went by. The ecstasy of a giant Anna

pedaling while sitting on his face never faded. Barry couldn't

wait to see her in the morning and longed for her at night. At

first Barry liked the fact that Anna was completely unaware of

his existence. She just acted natural, and Barry could admire her

nonchalant beauty and savor his fetish for her ass.

But Barry began to fall in love with Anna. He had never fallen in

love before. He had never understood why the women he had dated

had loved him, faults and all. Now he began to. Barry saw how

flirty and teasing Anna was. He saw how conceited she was. Still,

he was drawn to her uncontrollably. Barry wanted to act upon his

feelings. Sometimes he would try to talk or move. It was then

that Barry realized the prison of his fetish; Anna could sit on

his face but would never know that he exists. He was only an

object. An object cursed with human senses, feelings and

emotions. He could feel her tanned, sweaty thighs brush by him,

but he couldn't reach out and touch them.

He watched this beauty laugh, smile and flirt, but he couldn't

respond. Barry longed for a chance to kiss, hold and make love to

Anna. He thought back to Natalie. She had loved him. Perhaps she

would help him. Barry scanned for Natalie whenever they rode near

her apartment. He looked for her in the park. Barry even tried to

contact Natalie telepathically. But Natalie never responded.

One late summer morning Anna mounted Barry for her daily ride.

She traveled the familiar path from the dorm through the park.

Barry saw a couple on a bench locked in a deep passionate kiss.

The two groped each other and darted tongues deep into each

other's mouths. He thought about how he missed the chance kiss.

He thought about Natalie and wished she could hear him. The

couple broke apart from the embrace. Slowly, the girl turned and

looked over her shoulder directly at Barry. Slowly an evil smile

grew over her face. It was Natalie.

Natalie jumped up from the bench and attempted to flag down Anna.

"Hey, hold on a second." Said Natalie.

"What?" Asked Anna.

"It's your bike. I used to have one like it years ago. I loved

it. My father bought it for me just before he died. I've looked

for one like it for a long time. You wouldn't want to sell it,

would you?"

"I've had this bike for six years." Anna said. "It's okay, but

it's nothing special. How much would you offer?" Natalie asked.

"How about $500?"

Anna's eyes widened. "How much?"

"$500" replied Natalie.

"You're kidding." Said Anna.

"Will you sell it or not?"

"Sold!" Said Anna, climbing off the bike.

Anna walked her bike with Natalie and her boyfriend Steve to a

cash station. Natalie withdrew the cash and gave it to a shocked

Anna. Anna stared at the money and smiled.

"Enjoy the bike." Anna said as she quickly shoved the money in

her pocket and jogged away.

Chapter 5

Barry helplessly watched Anna's ass as she walked away. As

bittersweet as his fetish had turned out to be it was his fetish.

"Are you nuts?" Steve said. "That bike isn't worth $50."

"Oh wait and see," Natalie said. "I think you'll like almost as

much as I will."

Natalie and Steve walked her knew bike towards a secluded wooden


"How could Natalie do this to me?" Barry thought. "She took what

I loved the most away from me. I thought Natalie loved me."

"I guess I just wanted you back." Barry looked up at the blond

slender giantess walking next to him. Her mouth wasn't moving.

Apparently they could hear each other's thoughts. "I want us to

make love just like before. Well, sort of." Natalie thought as

she stared at her new bicycle seat menacingly. "I also want to

experience your fetish with you. Now maybe you'll get to feel

like I did."

With that, Natalie wheeled her new bike into the woman's

bathroom. She ran out, grabbed Steve by the arm and playfully

said, "Come on in, nobody's around."

Realizing what she wanted Steve immediately became hard. The two

kissed deeply and began to tug each other's clothes off. She had

parked the bike in the doorway of a bathroom stall. Natalie

pushed Steve down onto a toilet, sat on his cock, and engulfed

the entire length of his shaft into her pussy in one motion.

"Geez, girl, slow down." Steve said.

"This is how I like it. Fast, hard and deep." Natalie said,

smiling coldly at her new bicycle.

Barry felt a twinge of jealousy. It seemed like just yesterday he

fucked that pussy. Natalie never enjoyed it with him like she did

with Steve. Natalie had changed too. She was in control. She had

become more like Barry. Steve merely sat while Natalie pleasured

herself with him. Barry noticed that Natalie now knew all about

sex. Strangely, something about watching Steve @!#$ his former

girlfriend turned Barry on.

Barry watched as Natalie bounced up and down on Steve's prick.

Looking in from the outside of the stall Barry saw Natalie's

mouth open partially and heard her breathing become frenzied. He

watched as Natalie bounced harder on Steve.

"I can't believe you're teasing me like this." Barry thought.

"Don't worry." Natalie assured, "You'll get another chance with


"Thank god, you're going to change me back." Barry thought.

Distracted for a second, Natalie gave Barry a confused look. She

then laughed and returned to pumping Steve's cock in earnest.

Barry began to feel uneasy about the situation. Natalie threw her

head back. Her half closed eyes rolled back and she moaned

loudly. She reached into her crotch and teased her clit. Bucking

her hips hard Natalie came. She relaxed for a minute. Steve

moaned and started to move his dick inside of her.

"No honey, I want you to come in my ass."

Natalie stared directly at the hot pink ten-speed parked outside

the stall. She stood slightly and felt Steve's cock slip out of

her pussy. She repositioned herself, grabbed the front of the

toilet with one hand and Steve's cock with the other. She slowly

sat back onto Steve's pussy slicked cock. His prick pried open

her sweaty bunghole. After several gradually deepening thrusts

Steve's cock was soon deep into Natalie's ass.

Grunting hard, Natalie bounced on his dick like a pogo stick.

While her @!#$ gripped her lover's dick tightly, her teeth

clinched in a scowl. Natalie's cobalt eyes stared intently at

Barry. She panted in rhythm of the pounding her @!#$

receiving. Soon Steve could take no more. He grabbed Natalie's

hips, pushed them all the way down and frantically returned

Natalie's thrusts. Stream after stream of his warm semen shot

deep into her @!#$. Natalie smiled.

Steve withdrew from Natalie's @!#$. "Here, let me help you

clean up." Steve said as he offered Natalie some toilet paper.

"You're sweet but no thanks. I like the feel of a cummy crotch."

Natalie smiled as she looked at her new bike. She clenched her

sphincter muscles tightly. Natalie pulled her cotton panties up

followed by skintight cotton shorts.

"So tell me, why am I gonna like this bike almost as much as

you?" Steve asked.

"Because nothing makes me want to @!#$ again more than a vigorous

bike ride right after sex."

Natalie smiled. Her cobalt eyes pierced Barry. The two walked out

of the washroom.

Natalie kissed Steve and ordered, "Stay here. I'll be back for

round two in a few minutes."

Natalie walked next to Barry as she guided her new bike down the

path. Watching her @!#$ Steve had both driven Barry crazy and

made him incredibly horny. Barry stared up at her beautiful,

athletic ass as she walked. Natalie looked gorgeous. He longed to

feel, touch, taste and smell that perfect little butt.

"So you still have the ass fetish, huh Barry?"

He had forgotten that she could hear him think. Embarrassed,

reality hit Barry. "Please change me back, Nat. You've tortured

me enough."

"I tortured you? I loved you. I gave you your dream fantasy. What

did you give me? A broken heart. You didn't even know what your

own fantasy was. You fucked me every way a man can just to give

yourself some self esteem. You know why Barry? Because deep down

inside your fantasy is to be humiliated by a beautiful woman. So

you @!#$ 'em and leave 'em to make up for your own inadequacies.

Now you want me to change you back? So you can do it again? The

bad part is that I still love you Barry. You humiliated me. You

only wanted to dump your come into me. Well now it's my turn."

Natalie swung her leg over Barry. "No, don't." Barry screamed.

It was too late. Instantly Barry realized Natalie was right.

Repulsed by the situation Barry tried to squirm.

"You're a bicycle seat Barry, remember? You can't move." Natalie


The humiliation was too much for Barry. He couldn't help himself.

Slowly Barry surrendered and experienced his favorite part of

Natalie. She felt different than Anna. Her pussy felt the same,

warm and soft, but he couldn't feel her @!#$. Instead of a

soft bump there was a concave divot.

Natalie gently pedaled her new bike. A vengeful smile came over

her face. Then she laughed. She relaxed her sphincter muscles and

pushed out her @!#$. Steve's come began to run out of

Natalie's crack. Natalie forced Barry to experience his

replacement's sperm. The unmistakable smell of come, @!#$ and

pussy filled Barry's senses. Soon the crotch of Natalie's shorts

became come-soaked. Barry became slippery in the mix of sex

juices. She purposely smeared her warm, soggy bottom side to side

into Barry.

"How does it feel honey? You dumped your come into me for six

months. Now it's my turn to dump my come on you."

Barry relaxed. His humiliation was complete. Barry had gone from

her stud lover to an object for her to sit on after fucking her

new, better lover. Strangely, this aroused Barry. He sniffed

Natalie's freshly fucked pussy and ripe @!#$. He felt the

warmth of her crotch and ass as she pedaled. Her thighs gently

brushed against him. He looked up at this blond giantess beauty

who towered above him. Barry began to come hard. Natalie reached

into her panties and scooped up some of the sticky mess. Her

enormous hand suddenly touched him and smeared some of the sticky

mess into him.

Natalie smiled. "I knew you'd like it."




Giantess Stories: Her Bicycle Seat  By B

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