Giantess Stories: Her Clutch

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Her Clutch, By Unknown


There I was wandering aimlessly

through the park, trying to get back to my home unharmed. I was 4 inches high. I

tried to look for one giantess that looked

trustworthy enough to help me out in my time of need. And

there she was, an innocent looking young girl with brown wavy hair of medium

length. She was about 22 yrs old and wearing a thin red pullover casual knit

shirt and tight blue jeans with low cut boots. However, to me she stood 70 feet



           I approached her very quietly and carefully

hoping that I can depend on her to get me home safely. I got closer and closer.

My heart was pounding and then I yelled "please help me" as loud as I could. She

was sitting on the grass with her back up against a tree reading a book when she

heard my tiny voice.


           She looked at me in awe and then began to grin

slowly like a Cheshire cat. She stood up in front of me, putting her book down

and looked down on me as if she were looking down a steep hill. All I could see

was a giant women gazing upon me in delight. At that moment, with that look on

her face, the young beautiful girl that I once thought looked like she could

help me now appeared to be getting ready to capture me instead.


           My heart started pounding even faster. And from

the looks of it, the giantess was looking pretty excited herself. Her eyes got

bigger and her giant heart was pounding harder too. I could tell because the

ground started to shake from the beat of her heart. Both our temperatures were

rising and the heat of the moment started to make us sweat. It was a warm day of

about 65 degrees, but now it felt like 90.


           She slowly rolled up her sleeves slightly passed

her elbows to try and get that touch of coolness upon her. Then she reached out

towards me with her right hand. I didn't know what she was going to do, so I

started to run.


           "You can't run from me little man" she said.


It only took her 3 steps to my 50

to catch up to me. At that time I had no hope of getting away. As she took that

3rd step she reached down again and wrapped her hand around my tiny body. The

giantess picked me up and was holding me in her hand 60 feet in the air and

staring at me with those GIANT brown eyes. All I could do is just squirm and

wiggle, but it was no use. Her clutch was too strong. My body was practically

hidden by the closing of her hand. All she could see was my head sticking out

with my right arm resting on the top of her index finger and my left arm on the

base of her thumb.


           I pleaded for her to help me get home or just

let me go.


She said, "Don't worry little

man; I'll take good care of you. I WILL take you home.”


Then I felt a little hope in the

situation. She turned around and started to leave the park. She walked a long

ways, still holding me in her hand. It seemed a bit far because my house wasn't

that far from the park.


“Shouldn't we have been at my

house by now", I said.


"We are almost there", she said.


A few minutes later, we began to

approach a house in a neighborhood I did not recognize. She entered in, and then

locked the door. She placed her keys on the table and lifted me up closely to

her face and said,


"You belong to me and you are

home now."


I then realized it was her home

she was taking me to, not mine.


           She placed me on the kitchen table for a moment

and left the room. A few seconds later she came back with an empty basket with a

latch on top.


"What are you doing" I asked.


"This is your new home", she



She picked me up once again with

her left hand and lay me on the front inside of her elbow, just at the edge of

her sleeve of her right arm lying on the kitchen table next to the basket. I

felt her pulse still racing. Then she slowly lifted her arm up in the air

angling it towards the open basket, where I began to slide ride down her arm,

like a slide at a kid's playground, feeling her smooth skin and hitting the bump

of her hand, crossing her palm, and across her fingers, landing right in the

basket. She looked down at me with a big smile and said,


"Welcome to your new home, you

will never leave here" and closed the basket with the latch.


I remained in the basket for

several minutes not knowing where the giantess had gone. The basket was made of

that cheap wood in the criss-cross design, so there were cracks of air holes all

around me. I seriously don't think she was trying to suffocate me or anything,

just keeping me from trying to escape. I tried to hit my body really hard

against the sides hoping to break free, but it was to no avail. I nearly

dislocated my shoulder. I was too small and didn't have the strength. The only

thing I could do at this time was sit and wait for her to come back.


      A few moments later, I heard footsteps approaching my

way. The thumping got louder and louder and then the latch was being unlocked

and the lid of the basket had opened.


The giantess looked in at me and

asked "Are you OK? I didn't mean to leave you there that long."


"Just wonderful", I replied.

"This is exactly the way I wanted to spend my afternoon."


She chuckled and smiled at me," A

cute joke from a cute little man."


           She then began to reach into the basket and

wrapped her right hand around my tiny body again. She lifted me up, holding me

to her chest high, turning her hand slightly upwards and cradling me in her palm

with her fingers gently resting on the front of my body.


With my head just sticking out

enough to speak, I asked her, "where are you taking me now?"


She said, “You must be starving.

I made some food for us. That's where I was all this time."


She began to walk to the end of

the kitchen table and placed me down next to the salt and pepper shakers. I

noticed a bottle cap was placed upside down on top of a spool of thread. The

bottle cap was filled with what looked like to be a tiny portion of mashed

potatoes and a tiny piece of steak. I realized that this was my dinner plate and

the spool of thread was my dinner table.


She said, “Go ahead! You need

your energy; you must be exhausted and hungry."


Well, she was right. I wasn't

going to starve myself to death, so I began to eat. She sat at the seat directly

across from me so she can watch me. Maybe so I wouldn't fall of the tabletop or

something. She still could not stop gazing and grinning at me the whole time

while we were eating.


      Once we had finished dinner, and it was very tasty,

she began to clear the table.


She said, "Wait here while I wash

my dishes. It will only take me a few minutes."


I thought to myself, "where was I

to go?" But just as I said that to myself, I noticed that resting on the side of

one of her giant kitchen chairs, was a sweater, a GIANT sweater. While she was

at the sink, with her back towards me, I took the stroll to the end of the table

to the direction of that chair that was holding the sweater. I looked down to

the floor and noticed the sleeve of the sweater was hanging down all the way to

the floor. I thought to myself, "Hey, this will make a great escape route. But

will she see me and what will she do if she catches me trying to escape?"

Anyway, I figured that life is full of risks and after repeating to myself,

"should I or shouldn't I" over and over, I decided, yes! I should. I seized the

opportunity and jumped on the sweater and started to climb down as fast as I

could. I made it down to the floor and looked around for the nearest possible

escape hatch. But where could I go. I walked under the table and looked some

more and walked over to the entranceway of the next room and there I noticed

clear across the living room, in the corner was a small mouse hole. I started to

run towards it. It seemed like a mile away, but I was running hard anyway.


           A few seconds later, I heard a thundering voice

say "come out wherever you are little man."


It was the giantess. She noticed

I was gone. I ran harder. Now it seemed a half a mile more. She saw me running

across the living room floor and she began to take GIANT steps towards me and

was getting closer and closer. My heart was pounding again. She came directly up

from behind me and started to reach out to grab me. And just as she was ready to

grab, I made a leap forward into the mouse hole and was able to get in. My only

hope was that the resident of this varmint hole was not at home.


           She crouched down on her knees and looked into

the hole and saw me huffing and puffing from that exhausting sprint.


“You shouldn't have tried to run

away from me little man. I told you that I would take care of you. There's no

need to run away. You don't want to get me angry.”


And now that sweet young girl's

pretty grin and smile had turned into a furious looking giantess monster.


“You know there is no escape at

the end of that hole. It ends right where you are standing. It's not really a

mouse hole, just a regular hole that needs fixing.”


           Underneath one of the kitchen counters was a

giant toolbox. The giantess walked over to the cabinet and took out a hammer, a

couple of nails and a small piece of wood.


She walked back over to my hiding

place, crouched down on her knees and looked in at me once again and said. “If

that's where you want to stay, then that's where you will stay.”


She began to block my hole with

the piece of wood and hammered it into the wall, leaving me now with no escape

route at all.


“That will teach you” she said.

“Now you just think about what you had done and I will be back for YOU later.”


I began to look around the area

in which I was nailed into and realized the giantess was right. This was not a

mouse hole and there was no way I could escape from in here.


“OK I made a mistake”, I yelled.

“Let me out of here.”


I received no answer.


           About an hour went by and I was starting to

sweat from this entrapment. It was getting very warm in here and very much

disliked my situation. I certainly learned my lesson. This giantess that I have

been living with since earlier today, hasn't been really treating me very badly.

It's my own fault for making her angry.


           A few moments later I heard a cranking sound

against the wall near the hole entranceway. The piece of wood that was closing

me in was being taken off. The sound was the nails being pulled out of the wall.

The last nail was ripped off and daylight had entered into my so-called hideout.


I heard a voice say, “You can

come out now.”


I was afraid to move.


“Come on out now. You don't want

me to get out the vacuum cleaner”, she said.


I guess I had no choice so I

proceeded to exit out of the hole.


           I walked out slowly with my head down in shame

just thinking what was lying ahead of me. I walked as far as I could until I

approached a giant low cut boot, which happened to be, “that's right”, her GIANT

foot. Still holding my head down and being afraid to look up at the face of the

giantess, I noticed the foot started to move. The front part of her foot began

to lift-up, then lift-down, lift-up, then lift-down in a semi-rapid motion. She

was tapping her left foot in disappointment.


           Then the big moment had to come. I needed to

face her sooner or later, so I began to lift my head up slowly to see just what

kind of look she had in those gorgeous GIANT brown eyes. As my head was lifting,

my fearful eyes were moving up those low-cut boots, her tight blue jeans, then

her red casual knit pullover shirt with her sleeves still rolled-up, and then

all the way up to her head. She was standing there, towering over me, staring

directly right down at me with her arms folded across her chest, shaking her

head from left to right, foot still tapping.


“Have you learned your lesson

little man”, she asked. “All I was trying to do is to make you feel at home. I

gave you a nice dinner and am providing you with a place to live, and this is

the thanks I get, you trying to escape from me?”


Well, she didn't have an angry

face anymore. It was simply a look of disappointment.


“Yes, I did. I didn't mean to

make you mad. I'm sorry.”


           Unfolding her arms and squatting down, her GIANT

hand began to reach out towards me. I was the victim of her clutch again. Those

GIANT fingers were wrapping around my tiny body pulling me into the palm of her

right hand, only this time she grabbed me a little higher up my body than

before. Her hand was now covering my torso and my head. I could not move my

arms. The only parts of me she could see were my legs (knees on down), dangling

in the air just below her pinky finger. My feet were kicking back and forth and

I was shouting “Let me go, put me down!” but my voice was muffled because my

head was not visible and was unable to speak thru the clutch of her hand.


“You're coming with me”, she said

in a thundering voice. “It's time to go upstairs (looking at her watch on her

left hand).”


           I felt her body turn around and drop her hand,

in which I was being carried, down to her side where she began to walk out of

the living room. With her right arm swinging back and forth in relation to her

stride, I felt like a pendulum in a wall clock ticking away by the second. Her

grip was firm so I knew I wouldn't slip out being carried this way. My feet were

still kicking, but it was no use. I then felt her body taking another turn and

then gradually moving up and up and up. Apparently, she was taking me upstairs

just like she said she would. I couldn't even fathom the idea of what lied ahead

of me next.


She approached the top of the

stairs and entered into a room in which I could not see, until she began to lift

her right hand in which I was held and placed me onto a countertop. I rolled off

her fingertips and rolled over and over on the surface. I realized I was lying

on the countertop of her upstairs bathroom. I stood up and began to look into

her GIANT eyes. She gazed at me ever so gallantly.


“What are you going to do with me

next,” I said.


She looked over at the bathroom



“Do you see that sink full of

soapy water?”


“Yes”, I said.


“Well then, it's time for your

bath. You need to clean up. You stink from all of the sweating you've done. You

need to wash up.”


“But the sink is filled almost

all the way to the top. I might drown. It's too deep”, I said.


She laughed and smiled at me,

“Don't worry little man, I'll help you. It will be easy for me. I will do all of

the washing. Now take off your clothes.”


“No, I don't want too. I'd rather

stink, I said.”


“All right then, I'll take them

off for you.” She reached her hands out to start undressing me, she put each of

her thumbs and index fingers on my shirt above my shoulders and began pulling

upwards and then over my head. And then came my pants.


“Ok, I'll do this part myself,” I



“No, you had your chance little

man. I will do this part also.”


           She wrapped her right hand gently around the top

half of my body, just enough to cover my torso, but not my legs. She picked me

up in the air and held me chest high. She proceeded to finish undressing. She

placed her left index finger and placed it on the back of my heel on my left

foot. She popped off my sneaker with the flick of her finger and then did the

same on the other. With my arms completely covered by the clutch of hand, I was

unable to move them. She did that on purpose, I'm sure, so I wouldn't fight with

her about being undressed.


           She then proceeded with my pants. This was a

little tricky since I was so small and all, but she managed. She picked at my

belt buckle with her fingernail of her left index finger so much that she

knocked it lose, then stuck her fingernail at the buttonhole and picked that

opened very easily. She had a tough time with the zipper though. Her fingertips

were far too large to unzip my pants. She opened up one of the bathroom drawers

and pulled out a pair of tweezers. She pulled the zipper down with the pair of

tweezers and loosened the pants. She then pinched the legs of the pants and

pulled them off my body. The socks were taken off by the tweezers also. And that

left my underwear. How in the world was she going to do this? The very next

moment I felt something soft and moist at my waist then tugging down towards my

legs then my feet. A cool draft was upon my body. I realized she had just

pressed her lips against my body and used her teeth to pull off my underwear. It

actually felt pretty damn good.


            She then let go of my naked body and placed me

in her left hand in a cradled position. Feeling the water with her right making

sure it was warm, she began to lower me into the bath water in the sink. Tilting

her hand downward and releasing the clutch of her fingers, I slid right off her

hand and straight into the water feet first. I swam up to the surface and looked

up at the giantess. Her GIANT brown eyes were like pools of spring water

themselves. She was gazing down at me in delight with that “Cheshire cat” grin

of hers.


           There I was floating in the water. My feet could

not touch the bottom of the sink. The water was filled with just a little

soapsuds. I looked up at the giantess

 and she was rubbing her hands together with a bar of soap.

Keeping her sleeves rolled up just past her elbows, not wanting to get them wet,

she started to reach down towards me and placed her hands around me and lifted

me up just above the water. She was rubbing my body in her soapy hands just as

if she was washing her hands. Back and forth she kept on rubbing me in her hands

and then swapping me from one hand to the other rubbing me with her fingers and

pressing me against each of her palms, taking turns with the left hand, then

right hand.


“How does that feel little man? I

told you I would give you a nice

warm bath. I'll bet that turns you on.”


This gave me an INSTANT hard-on.


           “Oooh”, she said. “I guess you are enjoying



I was speechless and I was

enjoying the moment. I've never felt anything like this before in my life. I was

beginning to realize she was truly a gentle giantess and not an evil one.


Once the washing was over and I

felt very clean, the giantess placed a face cloth on the countertop and placed

me on top of it. She took two of the corners of the cloth and lifted them over

my body. I was completely covered. She began to lift the facecloth and started

to rub the cloth with me in it very gently, but I could not see her. I felt her

massaging by entire body. I realized she was simply drying my wet tiny body off.


            She took the facecloth off my body and threw it

in the hamper.


              She was holding

me in her hand looking down at me and said “Now that you are nice and clean, you

will taste very delicious.”


              “Huh! What!” I



              “Come with me and

you will enjoy what I have in store for you”, she said.


           She then carried me into her bedroom, kicked off

her boots and began lying down on the bed on her front side of her body. She was

lying there with her elbows on the bed and arms straight up in the air, cupping

her hands with me in them. Her legs were lying straight across the bed but only

down to her knees. From her knees down to her feet were sticking up in the air,

swaying her feet back and forth in excitement. I didn't know what she was going

to do next.


           “OK little man, brace yourself.”


She wrapped her fingers around me

waist high with her right hand and began pulling me closer and closer to her

face. The next thing I knew it got dark. She had placed me in her mouth head

first, upper lip pressing down on my back and lower lip pressing up on my

stomach. Holding me like a lollipop, she began to slide me in and out of her

mouth. In and out, in and out…etc. She was sucking on me like candy. She slid me

in and out for several minutes, turning her head to her left side, then turning

to the right several times with her eyes closed in contentment. Her feet kicking

faster with excitement.


She was groaning “Ohhhhhh!

mmmmmmmmmm, you taste soooooooo good.”


           She started off slow, but as she went on, her

movements got a little faster and faster. She pulled me out for some air for a

moment at which time she stuck her tongue out and licked the front of my body

upwards again and again and again. Now I felt like an ice-cream cone. Then she

turned me around and began licking my back over and over. Then she loosened her

fingers around me and held me around my ribs with her index finger and thumb. At

this time, my whole body was exposed. With a GIANT smile (the biggest one she

gave me all day) and eyes gleaming with delight, her mouth drew nearer to the

mid-section of my tiny body. I was getting completely wet and sticky. You know

what. This was turning me on again and she noticed that. Her tongue stuck out

again and began licking my entire front side (including my you know what)

upwards over and over. Turning my body sideways like a toothbrush, she was

pressing her lips against my dick sliding me from left to right, “Mmmmmm”, she

groaned again, licking and sucking gave me a feeling that I couldn't even

describe. It felt GREAT. I was in Giantess-Heaven. Never in my life have I had

an experience like this. I just had a GIANT-SIZE blowjob and my entire body was

making-out with her lips. Oh! The feeling.


           Turning her hand upwards, now I'm facing the

ceiling, she pulled me closer again to her mouth feet first and slid me in and

out over and over doing the same. She wanted to make sure she covered all areas

of my body. And Boy! Did she ever.


This went on for about 3 hours.

It was the greatest 3 hours of my life. “Oh! My lips can't take it anymore, I

have to stop”, she said.


“You were delicious little man.”

“The pleasure was all mine,” I said.


She rolled over on her back

looking up at the ceiling with her arms stretched out on the bed. Still holding

me in her right hand with her fingers loosened, I was lying in her palm huffing

and puffing from the exhaustion of that pleasurable experience.


I stood up in her hand and began

to walk up to her wrist. I stopped and

looked at the long journey ahead of me. I began to walk up

the inside of her

forearm across her smooth skin.


She giggled, “That tickles little



Keeping her arm still, I

continued to walk up her arm until I hit her elbow area. At that point, from the

elbow to the shoulder was a little incline. It looked a little too hard to walk

up and keep my balance. The first two steps were a little slippery because

that's where her sleeve began.


“Go ahead little man, you can

make it”, she said in gentle giantess voice.


I took advantage of the ripples

in her rolled-up sleeve and began to climb up

and up. I Climbed hand over hand, gripping at the material

of her shirt as tightly as I could until I reached her shoulder. I stood at the

top of her shoulder and looked into her GIANT brown eyes. Her head was tilted

towards me, looking at me with a gentle grin.


“You made it up here little man.

Now what do you want”, she said.


“Can you do that to me again?” I



“You want more?” she replied.


“Yes! Yes! Please. That felt so



“OK” (chuckling) she said, “But

just for a few minutes, my lips are



           She then reached over with her left hand and

wrapped her fingers around

      my tiny body, waist high again. Lifting me up in the

air turning me slightly

      upside down, because she was now lying on her back,

she began to pull me

      closer to her mouth again. The licking and sucking

began to take place again

      for several minutes just as before, sliding my tiny

naked body in and out of

      her mouth all over again. Oh!…My!…God!


           She decided to give me one last treat and pushed

my whole body into her

      mouth, lying on her tongue, and then closing her

lips. She rolled me around over

      and over with her tongue from inside the mouth,

moving me from left to right

      several times. It was pitch black, but I felt the

moistness of her tongue all

      over my body. I was enjoying this very much, but got

a little scared. I could

      only hope that she wasn't enjoying this so much that

she would accidentally

      swallow me.


           The next thing I knew daylight shined upon me.

She opened her mouth and

      pulled me out with her fingers.


“So, did you enjoy that little



I was speechless. My body felt so

limb, I couldn't even move. This was an

      experience that no one could ever dream of.


           “I'm all wet and sticky now”, I said.


“No problem little man, I will

dry you off.”


She began to sit up on the edge

of the bed, while cradling me in her right hand. She then maneuvered her fingers

so to push my tiny body, waist high, above her index finger and thumb. Raising

her hand up to her mouth level once again, holding me about 6 inches from her

face, she began the drying procedure. But this time it was with no face cloth.


Pressing her lips together with a

small opening, she took a deep breath and began to blow air directly at my

little body. She blew and blew, taking deep breaths after each blow, softly and

gently several times. This was her new way of drying me off. You know what, I

enjoyed this way better than the facecloth. My hair was swaying in the wind of

her blow. My eyes closed in contentment with my head slightly tilted back. This

was my NEW blow dryer. Too bad they don't sell this kind in the House wares

dept. at your local dept. store.


After several minutes of this

magnificent event, I began to feel completely



“I will get your clothes now

little man and you can change into them, but

then it's time for bed. You've had a busy day today and you

need your rest.”


I was getting tired. This

treatment I was receiving from this GIANT girl was fantastic but also very

exhausting. She placed me down on her dresser next to my clothes and I began to

dress myself and then I was ready for bed. But where was I going to sleep I said

to myself.


“I will be right back little man,

while I slip into my night gown. But first you must wait for me in this basket.”


Oh No! Not that basket again. She

picked me up again and placed me in the basket and started to close the lid.

Just before she closed it I shouted “why are you putting me in this basket



“Well, I wouldn't want you try

and escape from me again while I'm changing my clothes. I still don't know

whether you trust me enough yet. Also, I wouldn't want you to fall off my

dresser when I wasn't looking. You'd get hurt badly.”


She closed the lid on the basket

and swore it would be temporary.


I waited several minutes before

she came back. The lid opened and I looked up at her approaching hand coming

towards me once again. She was all dressed up in her nightclothes ready for bed.

Her clutch was firm and she smiled at me holding me close to her face.


“Okay, little man I've made your

bed for you. I think you'll like it.”


At that time, she walked across the bedroom over to her

nightstand and opened the top drawer. She placed me inside the drawer and then

looked around me. “There's a small sponge you can lay on for your bed and a

cotton ball for a pillow. I think you'll be comfortable. Go ahead, hop on now

and go to sleep.” I jumped up on the sponge and lay down with my head on the

cotton ball. She then took a handkerchief and placed it over me folded in half

for my blanket.


      “Goodnight little man, I'll see you in the morning.”


She then slid the nightstand top

drawer in as if to close, but not all the way. She left it cracked open enough

for me to have air, but not wide enough for me to climb out. I

heard her shut off the lights and crawl into her bed. I

wonder what lie ahead for me in the morning.


Although I was starting to enjoy

my visit with this lovely GIANT girl, I was beginning to worry if I would ever

make it back to my own home. My friends and family must be worried sick by now.

I contemplated the idea of either trying to escape again, ask her if she'd let

me go, or simply accept the fact that I would be held in her possession forever.

I was sitting on the edge of the sponge looking at the crack of the drawer

wondering if I could make it through, but from the looks of it there was no way

I could fit. I knew I was tiny but not that skinny. Then I thought of pushing

the drawer more open with all of my power and climb out, but I said to myself

“screw it, I'm too damn tired. I'll wake up real early before she wakes up and

try then. The most important thing right now is my rest.” So I lie back down on

the sponge, put my head on the cotton ball and covered myself with the

handkerchief and went to sleep.


Morning came fast. I was awakened

by the early morning sunlight shining into the drawer. I hopped off my bed and

walked over to the inside front of the drawer. I began to push as hard as I

could. Harder and harder, I kept on pushing with all of my might. The drawer was

not budging. It was no use. I was too weak and too small. I could not attempt to

climb out. All I could do is just sit back and wait. So I went back to lie down

on my sponge waiting for her to come and get me.


About a half hour went by and the

next thing I knew more and more light was entering into my so-called bedroom. My

drawer was being opened up and there she was gazing down at me with those GIANT

brown eyes, smiling. With her gentle voice she said,


“Good morning. Did you have a

nice sleep little man?”


“Yes, I did,” I replied. “I feel

like a million bucks now.”


Apparently, she must have been

awake for quite a while. She was dressed in a dark blue sleeveless muscle shirt

and wearing a pair of athletic shorts and her brown wavy hair was done.


“I made breakfast for us,” she

said. Come with me now.”


She reached her GIANT right hand

towards me into the drawer and began wrapping her fingers around my tiny body

and pulling me into her palm once again. Lifting me up with just my head and

arms sticking out just above her index finger and thumb, she pulled me close to

her mouth and gave me a gentle kiss on my face. She then proceeded to go

downstairs, carrying me waist high very carefully in her hand. She took me into

the kitchen placing me on the table. And there was my usual place setting for

breakfast, spool of thread for my table, bottle cap for my plate and a thimble

for my drink. The bottle cap was filled with tiny portions of scramble eggs and

bits of bacon. The only difference this time was that there was no sweater

hanging off one of the kitchen chairs. She sat directly across from me again and

we began to eat.


Now that we knew each other a

little better, I figured it would be a good time to make small talk with this

GIANT girl while we were eating breakfast. So I started the conversation,


“You know I just realized



 â€œWhat's that?” she replied.


“I don't even know your name.

Don't you think if you are going to hold me captive forever, I should know your



She said, “My name is Jennifer.

What's yours?”


 â€œIt's Jimmy,” I said. “Little

Jimmy”, she said giggling.


“Very funny”, I said. “I'm being

held captive by Jenny the Gentle Giantess.”


The small talk went on an on for

several minutes and then we finished. Just as she started to get up to start

clearing the table off, the doorbell rang.


“I wonder who that could be,” she

said. “I don't want anybody to see you. I must hide you for a few minutes.”


She picked me up quickly and went

over to a closet. She opened up the closet door and placed me inside one of her

jacket pockets for safekeeping.


“I'll be right. Don't make a

sound,” she said quietly, then closed the door.


She opened the front door and saw

her neighbor standing there. Her name was Kelly. She was also beautiful and in

great shape. She had long blonde curly hair and light blue eyes.


“Hi Kelly! Come on in. What can I

do for you?”


Kelly said. “I'm having some girl

friends of mine come over today for a little cookout and pool party and I just

wanted to ask you if I could borrow your patio chairs. I need extra furniture.”


Jennifer replied, “Sure no

problem. They are out back. You can just grab them whenever you'd like. (Phone

ringing) Just one second Kelly, let me answer that.”


As Jennifer went into the other

room to answer the phone, Kelly was waiting just outside the kitchen. She looked

around and couldn't help but notice the table setting. She was looking at the

table with curiosity when she saw the mini place setting that I was at.


“Hmmm that's odd” she said to

herself. She then heard Jennifer hang up the phone and quickly ended her

snooping by looking the other way.


“So I can just take the chairs



“Sure go ahead have a good time,”

Jennifer said.


“Thank you very much,” Kelly

said. And then she left.


Jennifer came back to the closet

and took me out of the jacket pocket.


“OK now little Jimmy, it's time

for our exercise.”


“What?” I said.


She then went into the living

room, put on an exercise video on her TV and placed me between her breasts. My

hands were hanging on the inside of her shirt. The music began to start on the

TV and then Jennifer started to move around stretching, touching her toes,

jumping jacks and that sort of thing. Everywhere Jennifer moved, I moved along

with her. That was my workout, just hanging on for dear life on the inside of

her shirt bouncing back and forth between her breasts. Oh! The adrenalin was

flowing now.


Kelly was out back picking up the

chairs. When she heard the music playing from the exercise video, she peaked in

through the window and watched Jennifer doing her exercises. At that time, she

saw Jennifer take me out from between her breasts and placed me on top of the TV

for a quick break. Kelly's eyes were bugging out of her head in amazement.


“That explains the funny table

setting on the kitchen table,” she said to herself.


She looked at me with a real

sinister smile (thinking of a plan to capture me) and said to herself, “I'm

going to get that little man. I want him ALL to my own.”


`          Kelly continued to stare in through the window

just waiting for an opportunity to sneak in and catch me.


After several moments, she

overheard Jennifer say to the tiny man, “wait here on top of the TV little man,

I'll be right back. I have to go to the bathroom and cannot take you in there

with me.”


I said, “why not.”


She looked down at me smiling and



“Even we giant girls need our

privacy. Now don't go anywhere.”


She looked all around the TV in

which I was placed on to see if there was any way I could try and climb down or

escape, and there was none. I would've had to leap off the TV to the floor in

order to escape, and if I did I would break every bone in my tiny body. So she

felt comfortable that I would remain there on the TV top and walked out of the



At that moment, I felt a sudden

draft in the room like a breeze gushing in from nowhere. I looked around the

room and there I saw someone crawling into the living room from the window like

a slithering snake. It was Kelly the neighbor. She had lifted the window open

from the outside, standing on one of the patio chairs, realizing that Jennifer

was gone, and sneaked into the house. Frightened of her, I ran behind the cable

box to hide. But it was no use; she knew I was there already. There was no way I

could hide from this GIANT girl. I didn't know if she was kind or mean.


Kelly had a sinister grin on her

face, staring at me in awe. She knew she didn't have much time before Jennifer

would come back. I started to see her right hand approaching me with her fingers

opened wide. I screamed as loud as I could, but I was too small to be heard.


“NO. NO. NO…” as she quickly

snatched me off the TV.


My upper body was covered by her

clutch, with my legs dangling below her pinky finger. I felt her turn around

hurriedly and dashed out the window closing it behind her. I felt her running

fast while holding me in her grasp firmly.


She ran for a few moments until

she reached her home in the backyard. She looked behind her to see if anyone saw

her and there was no one. At that moment she lifted her hand up to her face and

opened her fingers slightly to look in at me.


“Oh! You are sooooo tiny,” she

said laughingly. “Well! You used to belong to Jennifer and now you belong to



She grabbed my left leg with her

index finger and thumb of her left hand and slid me off the palm of her right.

The next thing I knew I was hanging upside down, swinging back and forth, in

front of Kelly's GIANT face.


“Boy am I going to have fun with

you,” she said with a sinister smile.


At that moment I knew she was not

a gentle giantess.


Meanwhile, Jennifer had entered

back into her living room to complete her exercising with me. She looked at the

top of the TV.


She called out to me, “Oh! Little

Jimmy, where are you?” Of course, there was no answer.


“Come on now, this is not a good

time to play Hide and Seek.”


Still no answer. After several

minutes of calling for me, she started to worry. Now screaming “LITTLE JIMMY,



She searched high and low, behind

the couch, the TV, and all the furniture in the room. Then she started to shed a



“I hope nothing has happened to

my little man,” she said whimpering and wiping the tears from underneath her

eyes. “Oh what am I going to do?”


Meanwhile, back at Kelly's house,

I was placed on her picnic table. Kelly reached out with her GIANT index finger

and began poking me in the gut, the chest and even my legs until I was knocked

down. She kept doing this over and over and each time I fell down, she laughed

at me.


“You are funny looking when you

fall down,” she said.


My body was starting to get sore

from all the poking; I didn't bother to get back up. When she realized I wanted

to remain lying on the table, she would pinch me between her index finger and

thumb and stand me back up on the table, just so she could watch me fall down

again from her poking. It was no use. I was getting beaten up by the finger of a

mean GIANT girl.


“What are you going to do with

me?” I asked in a worried voice.


She said with an evil grin,

“Anything I want to. And there's nothing you can do about it little man.”


She wrapped her fingers around my

body, with just my tiny head sticking out above her grasp, pulled me close to

her face just below eye level and said to me, still with an evil grin, “I am

having some girl friends over for a picnic today and they are just going to



Kelly realized she had to go back

to Jennifer's house to borrow a couple more of the chairs. She knew it would be

an awkward position for her seeing as she just stole her precious little man.

She looked at me gleaming with those GIANT blue eyes, which looked like pools of

water to me and said, “I can't take you with me because I sure as hell don't

want Jennifer to know I have you.” She carried me into her house and walked into

the den. She opened her hand and rolled me off and I tumbled onto a desktop.


Kelly opened the drawer of the

desk. I assumed that she was going to place me in the drawer for safekeeping,

while she left for a few minutes, but I was wrong. Instead she reached into the

drawer only to pull out a roll of masking tape.


“You are not going anywhere

little man,” she said.


She started to unroll the tape

and ripped a strip off with her teeth. She reached down with her left hand to

hold me down on the desktop, lying on my back so I couldn't move. I then saw her

right hand approaching me holding the piece of tape. The next thing I knew she

was taping me down across my chest and over my arms. My upper body could not

move. She then ripped off another piece and then taped my lower body down across

my tiny legs. Now my whole body could not move. I said to myself, I would've

rather have been placed in the drawer.


Kelly looked down at me smiling,

“You wait for me right there little man. I'll be back in a little while.”


Kelly left the room and the house

with me taped down on the desktop so I could not escape.


Meanwhile, back at Jennifer's

house, Jennifer was still upset that she lost her little man. Kelly approached

the backdoor, (knocking). Jennifer went to answer the door and saw that it was



“I'm here to borrow the chairs I

asked for,” Kelly said.


Jennifer nodded in

acknowledgment, but looked like a wreck from crying so much.


Kelly said, “What's the matter,

is anything wrong Jennifer?” As if she didn't know.


“Nothing you would understand

Kelly. I lost something very dear to me and I cannot find him, I mean…it.”


Kelly said, “Oh, that's too bad.

Well, if there's anything I can do, just let me know.”


After showing some (faking)

sympathy for Jennifer, Kelly turned around with a sinister smirk on her face,

stacked the patio chairs and took them with her back to her own house.


Kelly set up the chairs in her

back yard getting ready for her friends to come over. She walked back into the

house to come back to get me.


Un-taping me from the table, she

said to me, “my friends will be here soon, you must get ready.”


“Get ready for what”, I said.


She just laughed at me. The tape

was taken off me, and then she picked me up and carried me outside. A few

moments later, I heard a car door slam and voices coming closer and closer to

the house. It was Kelly's friends. Right then and there, I knew I was done for.

My life was going to be at the exposure of several GIANT girls, probably all

like Kelly. I'm doomed.


Kelly called them over to the

picnic table in which I was placed to show off her little man. They all giggled

and smiled as they all stood there and stared at me. There were 5 of them, six

including Kelly. They were all beautiful and in their early 20s. There was a

brunette with long hair, a blonde with medium length, a redhead with curly hair,

another blonde with short length, and another brunette with short length. I

stood there looking up at these GIANT girls as they circled all around me,

waiting what was going to happen to me next.


Kelly said, “Let's have some fun

with him.”


Kelly picked me up and told all

the girls to gather in a circle in the backyard. It looked like I was in for

some sporting event with these GIANT girls. She reached back with her right hand

in which I was being held and with an underhand motion, she tossed me in the air

to one of the other girls. Each girl was standing in the circle with their hands

in a cupped position. Falling out of the air from the toss from Kelly, I landed

in the hands of the GIANT redheaded girl. She then tossed me in the air to the

GIANT girl with the short blonde hair. Apparently, the girls were playing hot

potato with me. I could only hope that one of them would not drop me. The

tossing continued. I went from one girl to the other, landing in cupped hands,

over and over. They were all giggling and laughing, having a grand ole time with

me, at my expense.


Kelly gave them all permission to

kiss her tiny man for good luck before the last toss from each girl. Before

their final toss in the air, each girl held me between their index finger,

middle finger and thumb and pulled me close to their lips, giving me a

lip-smacking kiss, a gentle suck of my face and tongue licking of my head. After

each girl took their turn, finally ending up back in Kelly's hands, I was

completely exhausted. The tossing nearly knocked me out.


Then Kelly said, “how about a

volleyball game.” The GIANT girls cheered.


I said to myself, “Oh no. What



Kelly went into the house

carrying me in her hand to get the volleyball. Also, she picked up the masking

tape again and taped me to the ball face down. She ran back outside and the

girls lined up to play, with 3 girls on each side of the net and began to hit

the ball back and forth with me taped to the ball, being volleyed back and

forth, with each girl giving me a bump of the ball. They continued to laugh and

giggle. They were simply having a great time with me no matter how much I was

getting beaten up.


Meanwhile back at Jennifer's

house, Jennifer was pacing back and forth wondering what to do. She was near the

TV when she realized something odd. She looked down on the floor and noticed a

barrette that was NOT hers. She picked it up and began to think who this could

possibly belong to. She looked closely at the barrette and saw a few strands of

blonde hair in it. She picked the strands out and looked at them and started to

realize that someone else was in the house to steal her little man when she

stepped out of the room. She realized it could only possibly be one person with

blonde hair that's been near the house all day. The light bulb in Jennifer's

head went off.


“It was Kelly. I'M GOING TO KILL

THAT BITCH,” she said in a loud angry voice.


IF you have the rest of this

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