Giantess Stories: Her First Victim By FK

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Her First Victim


"These books are for return."

"All right...just set 'em at the end of the counter," replied the librarian.

After he set the two novels upon the smooth surface, Jeff rotated himself and

headed toward the stairs. A second later, he heard from behind, "Sir..., are you

gonna check out something before you leave?"

"Yes...I'm going upstairs to find a book...I'll be down in a couple of minutes."

"Ok, but please make it fast, the library's closing in ten minutes."

"No problem," replied the man as he headed upstairs.

Looking around the upper level, he found the place deserted, seeing no one, even

some of the lights in the back were already turned off. As a result, Jeff

quickly went down one of the isles and peered at a book self's section,

inspecting the different volumes.

"Yea, this seems like it'll be good reading," said Jeff to himself as he took up

the book, opened its cover, and gazed down at the pages.

With his attention absorbed in the writing, Jeff thought he heard someone coming

up the stairs, walking with a slow but steady pace. Finally, the footsteps came

closer, being the sound of heels.

"Probably the librarian coming up to remind me to get myself moving," mumbled

the man to his own ears while still looking down at the pages.

Suddenly, the lonely steps came to a halt. Almost instinctively, the guy raised

his head and looked down the isle toward the opening. Fifteen feet before his

frame stood the figure of an attractive young lady, being no older than twenty

or twenty one. Measuring her off for a moment, Jeff realized she was most

probably of Latin origin, having the most beautiful long, straight, and full

dark hair running down below her shoulders. For five more seconds, he stared

away, seeing her attire, jeans, a T-shirt, and stiletto boots covered by the


However, the strangest thing of all was her gaze, staring away at him while her

dark eyes dug into his soul.

She didn't move or say a word, only continued to look straight forward, causing

Jeff to eventually ask in a polite tone of voice, "Can I help you with

something, ma'am?"

Smiling now, the lady only nodded her pretty head and said, "You'll do...may as

well get this over with."

"What are taking about?" inquired the guy as he kept his eyes on her intelligent

looking face.

"You'll see," answered the young lady, reaching into her purse hanging from her

shoulder, producing something.

"What's that?"

"If it works, you'll know exactly what it is," responded the female, holding a

device in her hand, looking similar to a TV remote control.

After inspecting the thing for a moment, the lady pointed it at Jeff and pressed

a button. Suddenly, our man was engulfed by a red glow which had its source at a

lens like extension upon the device.

"What's going on...I don't understand?" screamed Jeff while the bookshelf seemed

to go higher and higher. "Help, please...what are you doing to me?"

"Ha, ha, it works...years of research have finally paid off!" exclaimed the sexy

Hispanic creature with a huge diabolical grin on her face. Finally, Jeff was

reduced to only three inches in height, having dropped the book as he got

smaller and smaller.

Returning the electronic instrument to her black leather purse, the now towering

female approached her victim and eventually stood right before him.

"So male, how does it feel to be small...really small?"

Looking straight at her black leather boot's toe, Jeff was terrified and amazed

at the sight before him, feeling over powered and insignificant all at once.

Squatting, the young lady pinched Jeff's shirt and raised him from his back,

finally dangling the guy before her eyes.

"Like I'll know exactly what that thing is if it

can see that it works."

"You mean you've actually got a real shrink ray?" ask Jeff with a feeble

sounding voice, trying not to offend her in the least.

"You bet...and this is only the beginning," replied the woman as she let Jeff

fall into the darkness of her purse, stood up, and went for the stairs.

Right before she was about to go downstairs, the librarian stepped onto the

second floor and ask, "I'm sorry ma'am, but I thought I heard a scream or


With an innocent look, the Latin girl only shrugged her shoulders and answered,

"I don't know...I didn't hear anything."

"Did you see a gentleman up here?"

"Yea, but he left, he went back downstairs."

Looking slightly confused, the middle aged lady gave he upstairs area a brief

inspection, turned around, and was about to go back down to the first floor when

the young chick said, "Oh...I forgot something."

Quickly, the dark haired female returned to the isle and grabbed the book Jeff

was looking at. Taking it up, she immediately went to the stairs and strolled

down, meeting the librarian halfway to the first floor.

"I wanna check this out...seems like a good book."


At the counter, the brunette presented her card and borrowed the book for two

weeks. Afterward, she left the building and went out to the parkinglot and into

her car.

The engine started, the female drove off, going straight to her apartment two

blocks from the library and three blocks away from a university.

Inside her suite, she set the book to the side, reached into her purse, produced

Jeff, and finally tossed the black object upon the sofa.

"You're my first subject...I'll need a sperm sample from you," said the young

lady, holding the man before her face.

"What's this all about?" ask Jeff with a shaky voice.

"Well... first of all, my name's Isabel, I'm a student at the university...I'm

working on my Ph.D. in organic chemistry."

Despite his fear and apprehension, Jeff managed to pull himself together enough

to inquire, "But this isn't just ordinary student'd you discover


"I'm a genius... I found out how to reduce the size of living things after a few

years of researching at the school's lab...and as I just said, you're my first

test subject."

"What do you intend to do with this discovery?"

"Oh...., I've got a very concise and definite plan."

"What's that?"

"To empower women like they've never been empowered before."

"I don't get it."

"Ofcourse you don''re a stupid male." Going on, she said, "I'm gonna

shrink all the males on this fucken planet and see that they become the slaves

of women...women should rule, women are better, smarter, and just plane


"But you can't just go around by yourself and aim that thing at every guy in the

world, it'll take ages."

"No shit, asshole, that's the last method I've got in mind...I'm gonna figure

out a way to feed the shrink ray into all the communication devices of the

world, then it'll work all at a matter of seconds; all men'll be

looking up to women with respect and fear written all over their degenerate


"You mean you've got the knowledge to do that?"

"Like I said...I'm a genius...I don't know all the details now, but in a few

years I'm sure I'll have it figured out."

Amazed by Isabel's determination and intelligence, Jeff just hung their by the

back of his shirt as she continued to speak, "As I mentioned a minute ago, I

need a sperm sample from you."

Working up some courage, the little guy inquired, "Why?"

Her dark eyes peering at him, she gave the tiny creature a wicked look and said,

"Because I've gotta make sure the second part of my plan works..., I've designed

the shrink ray so that it alters the y chromosome somewhat, making it so

whenever a normal sized female reproduces with a reduced male the offspring

comes out in a way that preserves the new size differential."

A little confused, Jeff ask, "What does that mean?"

"I figured you wouldn't understand..., in plane English that means when little

three inch high guys fuck normal sized women, the baby girls produced are normal

but the baby boys are tiny."

"That'll change everything...that'll change the whole course of civilization."

"Right...that's the idea...women rule!"

After ripping off all his clothes, Isabel placed him upon the livingroom table

and ventured into another room, returning thirty seconds later with a microscope

slide. Placing the thing before the naked make, Isabel said, "Ok..., now jack

off and spray your stuff on the glass plate."

Still terrified by his altered condition, Jeff looked up at the towering lady

and pleaded, "I can't, please, I'm too nervous to get an erection!"

Angered, Isabel slammed her fist down on the table and yelled, "Jack off now...I

mean it, or I'll crush you!"

"Please, please, I can't...!", whimpered Jeff as he reached for his tiny cock

and tried to play with the piece of non responsive flesh.

"Let's go, do it!"

Again, the man begged, "I can't, I can't, please...!"

Nodding her head in frustration, Isabel finally smiled and remarked, "Well...,

in that case, if the whip doesn't work, then it's time to use the carrot."

With a wide grin, she pulled at the base of her T-shirt and raised the thing to

her neck, eventually taking it off as her beautiful hair went in all directions.

Using her left hand, the lady straightened her mane and reached to her back,

unclipping her bra and letting it fall to the floor.

Her chest exposed, Isabel gazed down at her own tits and ask, "So...what do you


"They're nice," replied the guy, gazing up at her two shapely and perfectly

rounded mounds, hovering above him with a unique power only a women could


"I'm not don't yet," said Isabel, unbuckling her belt and lowering her jeans.

With some effort, the young lady eventually slid the pants over her high heeled

boots and threw the apparel on the couch. In the end, she peeled off her white

panties, tossing them atop her jeans.

"There..., think you can get off now?" remarked Isabel, placing her left hand on

her hip, shifting her weight.

"You're awesome!" answered the helpless little guy as he stared up at her dark

harry cunt, overwhelmed by its sexy and dominating appearance.

"Let's see you play with yourself now."

Looking down at his insignificant cock, little Jeff watched it swell up, finally

taking on a rigid horizontal stance.

"Good..., I'm glad to see we're making some progress."

More relaxed now, the little guy said, "You're nice."

"I know."

Stimulated by her pretty physique, the guy reached for his organ and played with


"Here...., let me really get you going," said the brunette as she rotated her

frame and bent her knees a little, allowing her ass to hang directly before his


"Your ass is've got the most beautiful butt I've ever seen!"

"I know it's the best...I'm the best in everything!, answered Isabel, placing

her hands on her lap, keeping her head turned back, looking straight down at the

little creature below her posterior.

"Let's go, beat the meat...jack it faster, faster...!", exclaimed the

lady, watching his progress.

Finally, while he pumped away at his penis, four tiny squirts emerged, landing

directly on the slide.

"That's it, that's what I wanna see," remarked Isabel, turning herself back

around, and reaching for the plate.

The thing in hand, she ventured out to the kitchen and took up a small

rectangular plastic case, opened it, and laid the sample inside. When she

snapped the lid back on, Isabel opened the refrigerator and stuck the thing in

the freezer, saying, "I'll get to this later."

Back in the livingroom, she said down to her pet, "Let's see, what further good

are you?"

"What do you mean...what are you talking about?"

"You ain't of any use to me anymore, I've got what I need."

"Can you return me to normal?"

"Ha..., keep dreaming...that's the last thing that'll happen...hell'll freeze

over before I would ever even think of doing something like that!"

"So what are you gonna do with me?" ask the frightened wide eyed creature.

"Well, there's one last thing you can do for'll be for my own

psychological satisfaction."

Facing the sofa now, Isabel went down upon the cushion with her knee first and

finally stretched herself out, lying upon her stomach. Her knees now bent and

her boots swinging back and forth in mid air, the sexy Hispanic girl reached

over for Jeff and took him up by his right arm.

When he hung before her pretty gothic face, she said, "I really hate men, in my

book they're the lowest things to walk the face of the Earth....I've got no

sympathy for 'em whatsoever."

Looking perplexed, Jeff only hung there as she turned her head back and moved

her hand downward, finally letting the guy pendulate right above her curvaceous

ass! Releasing her hold, she watched him fall upon her right butt cheek,

eventually getting himself situated upon his knees.

"You're a male, an inferior being...nothing's more appropriate than having a man

reduced to a few inches and placed on a women's butt, his true and proper place

in life!"

With his tiny eyes, Jeff inspected his surroundings, seeing her smooth backside

stretch out in all directions, making a gradual dip at its crack and the outer

edges. Lowering his hand, he felt her butt's soft and firm texture when he ask,

"Why did you place me here...what do you ant me to do?"

"What a stupid still don't get're here to worship me..., I'm

better than you are...I'm worth more than you...., there's more purpose to a

single square inch of my ass then there's to your entire worthless life!"

Fear returning, Jeff said, "Please, don't do anything bad to me!"

"Yea?", remarked the lady rhetorically with a diabolical smile, "Well..., for

the next few minutes you're gonna spend some time kissing up to me...that's

right...kiss my ASS..., do it now, let's go!"

Having no choice, little Jeff went all the way down on all fours and placed his

face to her warm skin, kissing away, making her happy. Her head still rotated,

she watched and smiled, taking it all in, getting off on the scene before her.

"That's good...kiss, kiss, kiss my ass, respect me, worship me, I'm on top of

the world, I'm everything, you're nothing, you're lower than a pile of my noble


After making these last humiliating remarks, she screamed at him, "Well..., what

have you got to say?"

Frozen still by the impact of her tone, Jeff only stuttered, "Ah, I, ah, um..."

"Just like I figured..., you're so stupid, you can't even speak; I want you to

tell me how great I am!"

"You're great, you're the boss, you're the power here..."

"You're damn right I'm the power here," replied Isabel, watching him resume his

kissing ritual.

"Let's hear some more!", yelled Isabel.

"I worship you, you're so beautiful...I must always obey you!"

"That's right...when I'm done with my grand plan, all men will obey

women...they'll have no choice!"

Going on and on, the little man continued to flatter her with words, "You're the

queen of the world...the ultimate glory..., oh lady of greatness, the whole

universe is at your feet!"

Completely full of herself, Isabel ordered, "Move toward my ass crack, let's go

you fool!"

Obediently, Jeff strolled over and stood next to the beautiful indentation.

Slowly, Isabel reached back with both of her hands and spread her rear apart,

saying, "Step inside."

Not making a sound, Jeff did as she told him, taking three steps before he slid

down her raveen. Letting go of herself, the wicked lady watched her ass close

up, trapping her tiny prisoner.

"Now I've really got you in your place..., how does it feel?"

In response, she only heard a few feignt mumbling sounds and felt him wiggle

around somewhat.

With Jeff up her beautiful ass, Isabel got up off the couch and strolled out of

the livingroom, through the kitchen, and finally stood before the bathroom's


Turing her head toward her rear, Isabel looked down and said, "This is it."

"What..., what, what's going on?", screamed Jeff as he managed to stick his tiny

head out from between her two halves.

Inside the small room now, the Hispanic lady went before the toilet, raised the

lid, turned around, and sat her nice ass on the seat.

Obviously, as her rear spread itself, the guy fell into the cold water. When he

came back to the surface, he looked upward, seeing her hairy cunt with what

little light was available.

"No, no, what are you doing?"

"I would think you've got it figured out by now...but then again, as I said're stupid."

Before he could yell up again, her yellow piss came straight down, striking Jeff

on the head, pushing him under for a moment. After he returned to the surface,

the guy screamed, "Isabel, please...!"

"Ha, ha, piss on you..., men really piss me off!"

Burning all over from her fresh urine making contact with his skin, Jeff's

worries intensified as the last drops of piss trickled from her box. Getting off

the bowl, Isabel turned around, looked down at him, and said, "There's no better

way to end a man's is there?"

"Please, please...!"

A moment later, she hit the lever and watched him go down, screaming away as the

water swirled in circles, finally pulling him down the pipe.

Back out in the livingroom, the booted feline shifted her weight to one leg and

simply said to herself, "Well...guess I'd better get dressed and head to the

lab, I've really got a lot more to do."

The End

Giantess Stories: Her First Victim By FK

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