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We both climaxed together, I on top of her. We lay there for a

moment, motionless still pretty stunned by the rush of spasms and

secretions. I stayed inside her, not moving and not even daring to

breathe. Finally I pulled out, but I stayed on top of her, enjoying

the laziness of a job well done. I looked down at her breasts and

imagined being inside her vagina again, wishing I could have been

further inside her, wishing I could stay inside her for the rest of

the night.

“I know what you're thinking.” She said. “I want you to sleep

inside me too. I want you to know that it is possible, but maybe not

the way you'd like it.”

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

“Just watch.”

As she said this, her breasts began to grow, larger than their

already impressive size. So did her stomach, and the rest of her,

the bed around us too. I realized then, that it was me who was

changing size, she was staying the same, as I shrank, laying first on

top of her, then on her, then finally, I sat in the middle of her

stomach looking up towards the mountains of her breasts above me,

then the chasm of her belly button behind me.

“I would like to be your host for a journey. I can envelop you; take

deep you inside me to places few have seen before. I want you to

start with my vagina. Go explore it, get a firsthand view of it,

inside and out.”

Being only an inch and a half tall now, I was in little position to

argue with her. she was my world now, I could only obey her laws.

So I walked down to her sex, its smell almost overwhelming to my

size. I reached the top of her hair and then the opening of her

vagina. I walked to the edge where it sloped down underneath her and

slid down the still very moist lips till I hit the sheets below. I

turned around and looked at the sheer size of it. She opened her

legs wide, causing it to open itself to me, I saw her lips, the

clitoris above my reach now, and then the canal of her sex, now right

in front of me, disappearing into her depths. I walked to the

opening, and placed my arm in. The soft ring of flesh gave easily

and seemed accepting of my presence.

I placed my other arm in and opened the hole a little so I could

stick my face in. From behind me her hand grabbed onto my legs and

forced me further in. The soft, warm folds of her canal enveloped me

as the sound of her heartbeat became the extent of my consciousness.

I went further in, crawling and wriggling up into her until my entire

body was contained by her vagina. She moaned, and finally I lay

completely surrounded by its soft folds, soaked by its wetness.

Though there was little air, I could breathe. I was fascinated by

the sounds and sensations that only moments before I could only

experience vicariously through my penis. She laughed; I knew this

because her entire body contracted with it.

“I'm going to borrow your body for a moment or two.” Her voice

surrounded me, diffusing through her flesh.

With that, I could feel her fingers grab on to my legs again, and she

began pulling me in and out of her slowly, using me as a human dildo.

After a minute or two of this she came violently, the walls of her

vagina contracted around me, embracing me with their enthusiasm,

unable to contain myself, I came with her.

She pulled me out and set me on her stomach again. She looked at me

between her breasts and licked her lips.

“I have something else for you now. The rest of your journey. This

will take you a while.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Soon you will be within me, deeper than before. I am going to put

you pretty close to where you are now, just a couple of inches under

my skin.”

“But that s where your… are you going to put me…”

“In my stomach, yes. I will swallow you whole and alive and pass you

into my stomach, where you will likely spend the rest of the night.

By tomorrow morning you will have passed into my intestines and will

be winding your way through my abdomen. You will be completely

unscathed by my digestive juices, and by tomorrow evening I will

probably move you out of my bowels. You have little choice; I just

wanted you to know I'm not going to digest you.”

With that she picked me up and brought me towards her face, over her

breasts now, and she tilted her head back. She opened her mouth, me

hovering directly over it. Then she let go. The world flew past me

and her mouth grew larger and larger as my perspective to it

diminished. I passed by her lips and she closed her mouth behind me.

She pressed me between the roof of her mouth and her tongue and

allowed me enough time to get my bearings before she swallowed. I

looked up at the cage of her teeth, then down at the back of her

throat as her tongue pressed harder to the roof of her mouth, forcing

me down into her throat. Her uvula was above me now, and below me my

legs passed into her esophagus, I was at the point of no return, so

far involved in this swallow that neither of us could have stopped my

descent. The rest of my body passed into her esophagus, and my world

was that for a good while. A moist, dark tube, not unlike the

confines of her vagina, though less hospita!

ble and comforting. Muscular contractions kept me moving towards her

stomach which soon opened up underneath me. I dropped down into her

stomach, and a ring of muscle closed behind me, trapping me inside.

“Ahhh…” she said, patting her belly. Thrill wevibe | Vibradores We-Vibe - vibrador wevibe - estimuladores punto G - comprar wevibe

Great walls of mucous-coated flesh convulsed and undulated above

me, below me, around me. One wave caught underneath me and moved me

further down into her stomach, settling me someplace more comfortable

for her. All around me was the stink of food she had consumed that

night and the remainder of the last few shots we had taken.

I lay in a pile of mushy half absorbed food, and realized it was the

goal of this organ to do the same to me. I heard a rushing sound at

the opening to her stomach and water rushed in around me, she was

drinking a glass before passing out.

She patted her stomach, and whispered “sweet dreams” to me before

rolling over, tossing me and her food around inside her, and falling

asleep naked.

I lay at the floor of her stomach, being swayed around by its gently

undulating walls, and waited for the inevitable pain and digestion.

Instead my skin felt like it was being bathed in club soda, not

completely unpleasant. I began to realize that she was my world

tonight, and most of tomorrow. She would go about her business

without a thought to me coursing through her digestive system, at

mercy to her food chain. Though quite comfortable and warm in the

confines of her stomach, I began to doubt her assurance that she

would not simply digest me and send me on my way to padding her


I began struggling, moving around in her stomach, trying hard to get

a purchase on the slick, living ground. She rolled over, and I was

again tossed around inside her. She tossed over again and giggled,

the sound again diffusing through her, and corresponding with a mild

stomach quake. Just then I slid down to the very bottom of her

stomach as I guess she sat up.

“Getting feisty are we?” She patted her stomach. “Why can't you be

a good little meal and go to sleep in my belly? No? Well let's play

a little game with each other. Hold on a minute.”

The ground began moving rhythmically under me as she padded somewhere

else in her apartment. Soon after I heard her swallowing something

else, and seconds later a title wave of water gushed out of her

esophagus to join me in her stomach. She patted her stomach again

and belched, a unique experience from the inside.

“Now back to bed!” She giggled again and the water sympathized with

her laughter. “Time to go swishy swishy.” With that she began to

undulate her stomach muscles causing me and the water to get tossed

around fairly vigorously. The water sloshed all around in her

stomach. “I can hear that out here, there's a lot of water in my

belly, huh?” Slosh, slosh. She giggled again, and began to stroke

her vagina. Then with more feeling as she continued to slosh me and

the water around inside her. Soon there was a great vibrating

sensation which I guess was a vibrator also inside her, though in a

much friendlier place than me. She began moaning and the water began

sloshing along to the grinding of her hips on her dildo. The next

thing I knew, there was an explosion as she came more violently than

before. “If you keep me awake, this could go on all night. Not that

that's a bad thing, but be a good little snack and go to sleep.

I must have, because the next thing I knew I woke up being squeezed

by the walls of her stomach towards the opening in the bottom. Not

good. I turned around and tried to stand up and head for the opening

to her esophagus, but I couldn't see it anymore. I was being forced

into her intestines. I pushed against the oncoming stomach walls,

but it was no use. She hiccupped from somewhere above me, the shock

jarring me. Soon there was no room left in her stomach and I was

pushed up against the ring of muscle that separated stomach from

intestine. Slowly it relaxed and I was forced through into the small

tube of her duodenum. I spent the next few hours being battered,

squeezed and disoriented in the labyrinth of her digestive system

until I finally passed out from the stress.

When I next awoke I was under pressure. All around me were great

amounts of feces which meant I had finally arrived in her large

intestine and that my trip was almost over. I recalled the visible

man and woman models of intestines which showed that while the small

intestine was a confused mess, the large intestine went up, across,

down and out. I had no idea which end I was on.

Movements here were much slower, everything being compacted and

packaged for removal. Air began to move around me, and made quite a

racket. She patted her abdomen again.

“Patience, patience, I don't have to go yet. I want to be sure I'm

good and ready to let you out.” I imagine she heard another gurgle

because this time I felt her moving again. She walked into the

bathroom and pulled down her pants, concentrating. Inside, her

efforts began to move me downwards. I was about to become a bowel

movement. Soon the passage began to narrow around the mass of feces

I was in, indicating I was now in her anus. Soon her sphincter

passed over where I was, and I emerged into daylight before dropping

down into the toilet bowl below. I looked up at the massive, spread

cheeks above me and at the little hole that I had just passed

through, now pinching off the last of her job. Her ass rose up out

of view, and then her face looked in at me. A hand in a rubber glove

fished me out. All I could do was lay there, exhausted and terrified

of my mistress. “Welcome back. I had a great time last night. Lets

get you washed off, huh?”


Giantess Stories: Her

moment, motionless still pretty stunned by the rush of spasms and We both climaxed together, I on top of her. We lay there for a We both climaxed together, I



Giantess Stories: Her

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Giantess Stories: Her

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