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The Cheerleaders Town




Since we discussed this on the boards, I hope any writers include the Town

Council Inauguration Ceremony (members spanked and breastfed), of course the

'Football' Team of 11 guys whose job it is to make love to the Cheerleader, and

a coach with a playbook that resembles the Kama Sutra, the Cheerleader's

numerous menages and many efforts to make, break and repair marriages and

relationships, and maybe government invaders finally making their way to the

town and shrinking the cheerleader in a bid to 'free' the inhabitants, who most

assuredly don't want their freedom. Other than that, take the story and run with

it! Have fun!

Chapter One

The tanks were old and rusted from years of exposure to the elements of harsh

winters and steamy summers. Oxidation had brought them to the edge of giving

way. Almost forgotten, the leftover of an abandoned government project, there

was no one to tell the authorities that one of them was about to go. The bad

tank finally opened up a small leak and released a cloud into the atmosphere, on

an early September morning in the Alleghenies.

The cloud drifted lazily from the unmanned tank site down the Huktawautcha River

valley, over meadows where daisies and daffodils were in full bloom, over

forests preparing for their first turn of fall color, over farmland with berries

blue and red, before settling into the town.

The town of Dupuy, Pennsylvania was about as isolated as a town could be in the

eastern United States. It was nestled in the same valley as those tanks, at the

downwind end. It hosted about two thousand souls, not counting the two thousand

or so undergraduates who had returned for classes at Dupuy College, a small

private institution with just enough young men to put together a Division IV

football team and enough young women to form a cheerleading squad.

Dupuy was bustling when the green cloud arrived, or at least it was doing as

much bustling as a small town could muster. Cars were rolling to work, school

buses to school, trucks were shuttling deliveries on the one major road that

went through the town. In a third-floor room at the women's dorm at Dupuy,

21-year-old Stephanie Searfass slept through what passed for rush hour in Dupuy.

Her sleeping brain knew it had no reason to awaken until cheerleading practice

at 10:30 a.m. The five foot eight blond had just enough cushion on her

well-developed thighs to make them interesting, and was just young enough for

them to be cute. She had pale blue eyes and a complexion not untypical for the

Pennsylvania Dutch stock from which she came. A real Central Pennsylvania

milkmaid, her mom used to say, just like she herself was. Her personal space was

defined by a certain uber-girlish outlook: plenty of plush toys and such.

Those who were awake when the strange fog enveloped their town later recalled

feeling a chill. At first they thought it was a taste of fall air, but then a

tingle built that swept through their body. Those who were young adults at the

time remembered some feelings of arousal. Many gasped when their clothes began

to collapse around them. The cars and trucks and buses that made up Dupuy's rush

hour began to slide out of control as their drivers became too small to hold the

steering wheels. Soon the main road was blocked with the wreckage of smoking

hulks, some about to catch fire, with their drivers stuck inside.

At the fire station south of town, the volunteer firemen heard the crashing and

crunching sounds coming from town. They were sliding down the pole at the

vintage firehouse when the green cloud sailed overhead.

Piles of firemen's uniforms gathered at the bottom of the firepole, providing a

cushion for the naked, six-inch-tall, confused volunteer firemen who were

falling to the ground, having lost their grip on a pole that seemed to have

grown to a circumference of fifteen feet or more.

In a small white house near the fire station, Marjorie LeBlanc was trying to get

her son Daniel, an 18-year-old high school senior, off to class. 'What's that

green fog in the backyard, Mom?' Daniel asked as he looked up from his

breakfast. 'Don't know, son', was Marjorie's reply. The divorced mom was about

to reach under the sink to dig out some cat food to feed a starving tabby named

Graycat when her clothes started to slip. In just a couple of minutes, Marjorie

was covering herself with her panties, while Daniel was tearing out a piece of

his shorts to create a loincloth. He couldn't understand how they had gotten so

small, nor could he understand why he felt a bulge in his loins as he shrank,

one that his loincloth was straining to cover. Gray, unaffected by the green

fog, was still hungry...

The quiet Pennsylvania countryside seemed even quieter to Stephanie as she

stretched herself awake around 9 a.m.. She quickly showered and slipped on her

cheerleader's outfit. Normally she would change when she got to practice but for

some reason she wanted to show how good she looked in the forest green dress

with gold trim, green, gold and white socks, and golden panties.

As she headed out the door of her room she heard screeches from next door. Did

some animal get into an open window overnight? She opened the door to find her

dormmate, 19-year-old Sandy, or else someone five and a third inches tall who

looked like Sandy, struggling to make her way out of a pair of gray shorts with

the legend 'DUPUY COLLEGE' in green letters across the backside.

'Oh my god, Steph!' Sandy screeched as she exited the shorts to find the

cheerleader towering over her, each leg as wide as a tree, leading up to golden

panties that looked like a tree's bough in autumn, waiting to drop its leaves.

'You're huge!'

'Well... you're small!' Stephanie exclaimed, amazed as her tiny neighbor covered

her ears. She knelt down and whispered. 'I'm sorry, Sandy, I didn't mean to hurt

your ears.' Sandy trembled nervously. Without thinking, Stephanie scooped up the

nude Sandy into her hands and brought the smaller woman to her face. Many years

later, Sandy would tell her grandchildren that Stephanie, the woman they knew

simply as 'The Cheerleader', had a look about her that she had never seen

before, up to that time. 'It was as if she was in the role she had always been

meant to play.' Stephanie spoke softly to Sandy, 'I promise that whatever

happened to you, I will take care of you. I won't leave you. I'll be your

protector.' Then, surprising herself, Stephanie softly kissed Sandy's back. 'Now

tell me', Stephanie whispered, 'how did you get so small?'

'I don't know, Stephanie.' Suddenly Sandy felt a little strange referring to

this golden-haired goddess by her first name. 'I was getting ready to leave, and

there was a green cloud outside, and... I got all tingly and then I shrank.'

Stephanie's lifetime of volunteering, usually done to get herself to the center

of attention, came to the fore. 'I've got to go out and see if the cloud made

anybody else get small.' She unzipped her gym bag and gently placed Sandy in

amongst her change of clothes. 'Sandy, remember, I'm here for you and anybody

who got shrunk.' Then she kissed her dormmate again, and all but closed the

zipper. Soon Stephanie was running all over town, rescuing people trapped in

piles of clothes, then pulling shrunken residents out of wrecked and sometimes

burning cars. All were grateful, and many awestruck, to see the blond giantess

appear to save the day. But Stephanie's gym bag was filling up with people who

had minor injuries. She had to leave the uninjured victims on the sidewalk while

she rushed to assist others. 'I've got to find somebody big to help me help

these people', Stephanie thought, not realizing that she had used the term 'big'

instead of normal to refer to her own size, unconsciously accepting what had

occurred as creating a new normality.

'Maybe at the fire station. Surely there's someone there who can help me',

Stephanie thought. She walked into the firehouse and found a half dozen naked

firemen and paramedics trying to make sense of things. One of them, Stan

Schuldrecher, later recalled for the town's historian: 'I had fought nasty fires

in warehouses and things that would scare the hell out of any sane person and it

hadn't bothered me. I felt pretty confident of myself. But here I was standing

naked on the floor of my own firehouse and this incredibly tall woman strolls

in, her skirt blowing in the breeze like the sail of a great ship, and I'm a

little scared. I'm covering myself with my hands out of modesty, but I'm also a

little frightened. It's as if some great force intervened in the scheme of

things, to put the Cheerleader over us in every way.'

Stephanie walked up to Stan, not knowing his name but assuming he was a

firefighter, and asked: 'I have some injured people in my gym bag. Could you

help them?' Stan nervously nodded, then motioned to Stephanie. 'Oh', she

blushed. Thinking quickly, she grabbed a first aid kit from one of the fire

trucks, cut a piece of gauze bandage, and gave it to Stan for a loincloth. Then

she unzipped the gym bag and gently lifted out the wounded. After the injured

were 'airlifted' by the cheerleader's hand, out popped Sandy, wrapped in one of

Stephanie's scarves. The first person she saw was Stan, who would become her

future husband. They were the first of many couples who got to know each other

thanks to Stephanie, and who for that matter got to know Stephanie as well.

'Sandy, I'm going to need to leave you with these firefighters while I look for

more people who need help. Excuse me, firefighter, what's your name?'


'Stan, this is my friend Sandy...Stan, do you know if there's anyone in town

who's still big?'

'All I know is there was a green cloud that drifted over us, like something

toxic. We had just heard some crashing noises down the road and figured there

was one hell of an accident. We were sliding down the firepoles to respond and

suddenly everything got big, I mean, we got small. The only big person I've seen

around since early this morning was you.'

'Is there any way to get help from out of town?'

'The phone's over there on the desk, but we're too small to get up there and use


'Let me try.' Stephanie found herself mildly amused at her newfound status. She

could now accomplish tasks that were too big for beefy firemen to handle. The

cheerleader picked up the phone.

At that moment, several bureaucrats in Washington, some wearing military

uniforms and some wearing short sleeve shirts and pocket protectors, gathered

around a video display showing a remote camera pointed at the rusting tank in

Pennsylvania, leaking out its green fumes.

'What are your orders?' said one man with plenty of rank to his superior, a

well-dressed senior member of government.

'Bomb the tank site with cryogenic foam. Send in robot techs to shut off the

leak. And seal off the valley. Close the roads in and out, pull the telephone

and internet links.

'Seal off the valley? But several thousand people live there.'

'Have you heard anything from the valley since the leak?'

'No, sir.'

'Given what we know about the stuff in that tank, they are quite probably dead

now, or in the last throes of an agonizing death, their bodies literally

dissolving in contact with that substance. We'll send in robots to scan the city

later, but we will quite probably not find a single survivor or even much in the

way of corpses -- just piles of clothing, a lot of wrecked cars and an empty

town. There's no point leaving their relatives out of town with unanswered

ringing phones and shreds of hope that their loved ones are still alive. What's

more, we don't want terrorists to know the power of this substance and how

easily it can be used against a civilian population. We need to keep this quiet

until we can come up with a way of dealing with this issue. Pull the plug,

General, and place an RF blanking field over the valley to prevent any

communications below 3 gigahertz getting in or out.'

At that moment Stephanie picked up the phone. She got a dial tone, but whenever

she tried to dial a number out of town, she got a recording saying the lines

were busy. Local calls all went unanswered or rolled over to voice mail. 'I

can't reach anybody', she sighed.

'The radio!' Stan shouted up at the cheerleader towering above him. The more he

looked at this giantess, the more he got the feeling that she was some kind of

omnipotent being, almost a goddess. 'Use the radio to call the state police in

the next county!'

Stephanie went over to the radio, which had a microphone with a push-to-talk

switch. She pressed the switch and began to talk. 'Hello... Hello... This is the

fire station in Dupuy, Pennsylvania. Can anyone hear me?' She released the

switch. Noise. No answer. She repeated her call, and repeated it. Still no

answer. Finally she sighed in frustration. 'What's happened? Has the whole world

gotten small?' She turned to Stan. 'It looks like we're on our own. I'm going to

check around town for people trapped in their houses. If I find any who need

medical treatment, I'll bring them back here.'

As Stephanie turned to leave, she allowed herself to think for the first time.

'Stan's cute. I could take him.' Then came the next thought, one that had only

become possible minutes before. 'I could take every fireman in this building if

I wanted to.'

The giantess strolled down a residential street west of the fire station.

Normally it would be full of children playing, but today it was eerily silent,

except for cats trotting up and down the sidewalk. That sight gave Stephanie the

creeps as she came to the first house on the block, the white house belonging to

the Leblancs.

Stephanie rang the doorbell. 'Anyone home?' She tried the knocker. No answer.

Time to practice amateur burglary, she thought. The cheerleader found a bedroom

window open. She climbed in and made her way to the kitchen. There she found

Daniel Leblanc, wielding a paring knife as tall as he was, fighting off Gray as

his mother recoiled in horror.

'Scat! Shoo!' Stephanie stomped her feet and the feline scampered off.

She ran to the Leblancs and knelt down. 'Are you guys all right?' She blushed at

her lack of civility. 'Oh, my name's Stephanie.'

Mrs. Leblanc came forward. 'I'm Marjorie, and this is my son Daniel.'

Stephanie waved from above. 'Hi, Daniel.'

Daniel's loincloth was starting to feel tight again.

Having rescued the Leblancs, Stephanie got a bad feeling about what might be

happening around town. Sure enough, there seemed to be a lot more cat traffic on

the streets than there should be in the middle of the day. Stephanie glanced at

one orange cat with a catch in its jaws. She looked again and saw that the catch

had two arms and two legs. She screamed and ran toward the cat. The shocked

feline dropped its prize and ran.

Stephanie saw that the victim was a boy of about fourteen. He had suffered

several deep wounds. She cradled the body in her hands and gently looked for

signs of life. He was breathing, thank goodness. The cheerleader ran with the

boy back to the fire station. As she ran, a plan formed in her mind. After

dropping the boy off at the firehouse, she ran to a nearby discount store. There

were about a dozen shoppers and employees, all confused at events but

fortunately none in need of medical attention. Stephanie grabbed a shopping cart

and cleaned out the 'Barbie Accessories' section. As she wheeled the cart out

the door, Stephanie felt a pang of guilt. Technically, she was shoplifting.

Breaking the law. She was tempted to throw her credit card over the reader to

stay legit. Then she smiled as the realization hit her: I am the law, unless and

until some other big person gets here to say otherwise.

Her next stop was a small shop at the edge of town that sold dollhouses and doll

clothing. The owner was nowhere to be found. Stephanie stripped the shop clean

and loaded her 'purchases' into another shopping cart, tied to the first.

Wheeling her carts full of Barbie items and dollhouses through the streets,

Stephanie went house to house, using her charm to persuade the inhabitants of

Dupuy to leave their houses and to come live with her in the women's dorm at

Dupuy College. There was resistance at first, until shocked residents turned on

their satellite dish receivers (the only TV still viewable in Dupuy because of

the RF blanking field) and discovered that they had been written off by the

government. Despairing, and fearful of becoming meals for the unfed Fluffys of

the town, they willingly accepted Stephanie's invitation to a new life, whatever

that would be, inside the dorm. The resistance would come later, after the

emergency had apparently passed. The way Stephanie dealt with it helped

transform her from lucky survivor into a sort of goddess and bombshell, the

overwhelming political, physical, social -- and sexual -- force in her small


Several days later, a robot swept through the streets of Dupuy. It checked the

stores, the police station, the fire station, and many of the houses. It found

wrecked cars, piles of clothing, empty buildings, and no people. For some

reason, it did not check out Dupuy College, particularly the dorm areas.

'Clearly the toxic cloud killed all of Dupuy's inhabitants' was the conclusion

of the official report, which recommended sealing off the site for 150 years to

prevent anyone from accidentally becoming contaminated.


A hundred years later.

Mike, a 6'1' Penn State senior on summer break, decided to try something risky.

It was so dangerous he didn't tell anyone -- not his friends, and certainly not

his parents -- what he had planned. He was going to try to enter the

Huktawautcha Site. Since the disaster of a century ago, it had been sealed off

by the government with fences and concrete barriers. The government said anyone

who went into the area would die. Over the years, about a dozen people who had

told friends they were going to try to enter the site had disappeared. Everyone

assumed they had died from exposure to the still toxic area inside. What Mike

planned to do was foolhardy, and he knew it. That didn't stop him. He had heard

about the ghost town of Dupuy, inside the valley, and wondered if it still stood

intact. A town frozen in time. What would it look like? Would he see artifacts,

a clock stopped at the moment the cloud hit? Curiosity gave Mike enough courage

to give it a try.

Being pretty well-built, and accustomed to hiking and roughing it, Mike had no

problem getting through the barriers. The concrete walls were beginning to

crumble. He just looked for a weak spot and pushed through. He climbed to the

top of a mountain. He could see the valley below, including the buildings. He

took a trail down the slope, and within a half hour he was at the southern

outskirts of town, near the fire station.

Mike was amazed at the sights of a city that had not existed for a hundred

years. He was even more amazed to be alive. Maybe the poison worked like

insecticide, and killed you just when you thought you had escaped, Mike thought.

Collecting scores of pictures on his digital camera, Mike decided to check out

the area just east of town that looked like the former Dupuy College. His

great-grandfather had been one of the last Dupuy alums, graduating just weeks

before the disaster.

Mike scoped out the old campus buildings, the clock tower, the football stadium,

and found nothing human. Just remnants of the past, cobwebs, and the occasional

mouse. He went to the men's dorm. Nothing. The last building he decided to visit

before leaving was the women's dorm. It was a sturdy brick building, built to

survive for centuries. It already has, he thought.

With a bit of effort, the creaky old door finally gave way. Swinging it open,

Mike was amazed at what he saw. Along each side of the hallways were tiny

buildings, many of them a deep pink with labels like 'Barbie Supermarket' or

'Barbie Fashion Store.' The floors were covered with what appeared to be tiny

dolls, or people. The mature men and women, and their school-age offspring, were

wearing what appeared to be antique doll costumes. The younger men were wearing

T-shirts and casual gear of the type Mike had seen in pictures from a hundred

years earlier. Some of the younger women were wearing old-style cheerleader

outfits. As one bent over, Mike noticed that she wasn't wearing anything

underneath. The other young women wore old-style party dresses that barely

reached the top of the thigh -- and sometimes not even. The tiny crowd milled

around the giant in their midst, unable to speak. Finally, Mike heard a tiny

screech from one of the inhabitants: 'Somebody summon the Cheerleader!' A few

moments later, a woman his own size, appearing to be about 23 years old, wearing

a green and gold outfit with the block letters DUPUY and the smaller monogram

'Stephanie', approached from the opposite end of the hall. She walked up to Mike

and looked him straight in the eye. She looked as though she hadn't seen a man

in a hundred years, Mike thought, and she looked as though she hadn't 'had' a

man in a hundred years (which was only partly true). The tiny people in the

hallway all went to their knees as she approached, some fell prostrate.

'Hi. My name's Stephanie.' The giantess flicked her hair, trying and failing to

hide her jitters. Oh, please, let this one stay big, she thought to herself.

Don't let him shrink like all the others who've wandered into town.

'Hi.' Mike answered back. 'So what is this place?'

'It's... Dupuy.'

Mike was stunned. 'I know... but everybody died in Dupuy a hundred years ago. So

are you a ghost?'

Stephanie had nothing to fear if she answered his question, and she knew that.

But she knew from past experience that any man who wandered into town would

begin shrinking within a couple of minutes after encountering her, quickly

attaining the size of the town's other inhabitants. Not that he wouldn't be cute

at that size, Stephanie thought. If she was wrong, and Mike didn't dwindle away

like all the rest, she could deal with the embarrasment of being so forward. But

if she were right, she'd miss a chance to at least....

Mike was surprised again when Stephanie stepped up on tiptoes, wrapped her arms

around his broad shoulders, bent his head down, and liplocked for an intense,

passionate, hungry, desperate kiss.

Not knowing what to say, Mike caught his breath and flashed a smile at the young

woman in the old-style clothing. His manhood responded to the expression of

interest. Then he felt a tingle, and he noticed that the smiling round face of

the cheerleader was even with his, and getting higher....

Chapter Two

The glow in Stephanie's eyes and the smile on her face faded as Mike began to

collapse into his clothes. Damn, she thought. Just like all the others. A

hundred years and still no one who had come to town was man enough for his size

to survive an encounter with her. Sure, she could try to leave the town, but

who's to say she wouldn't cause guys to shrink out in the world? Not to mention,

she couldn't leave these people behind. Not after a hundred years. These were

the great grandchildren of her roommates, fellow students, friends and

neighbors. The grownup ones were her lovers -- all of them. She couldn't leave

them unprotected. She wouldn't.

Her disappointment lasted only a moment. I'll get my satisfaction with him

inside me just the same, she thought. We'll see how well he does in my pussy. If

he's good, she reasoned, perhaps the coach can be talked into putting him on the


It was not the first time Stephanie had seen mighty men from the outside swept

down and made tiny. Was it still something left behind from the cloud? Had its

reductive properties become a part of her own physical being? That was what she

told her people. There was a time when she was naive and still as young as she

looked, when she believed that brutal honesty was the good and deception totally

evil. But trying to tell the people she knew and loved, not to mention their

children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren that they were merely the

victims of government bungling granted no dignity to their struggles, no honor

to the new town and the new world they had built in the reflected brilliance of

her golden panties. That was part of the reason why she always wore one of her

cheerleader costumes in public, when performing her ceremonial duties. It gave

the people a tie to their past, to their heritage. Indeed, although the now-tiny

man at her feet didn't know it, neither Dupuy nor Dupuy College had ever gone

out of business. Like ancient Roman towns that fell to barbarians, they simply

realigned their identities under a new monarch, a new set of names for the stars

in the sky.

Gawd, he was so cute. Even if he couldn't take her like a man, Stephanie

thought, she could still love him in the plush-toy sort of way she loved all of

her subjects. Since she couldn't have pets, lest the tiny humans be endangered,

she made her people her pets.

Disoriented, Mike climbed out of the pile that had been his clothing. People

were standing around him. He recognized them as the dolls who had been at his

feet a moment ago. Looking into their eyes, more or less level with his own, the

recognition hit him; he was now one of them. He felt a sudden vulnerability,

like the baby bird climbing out of the egg, made more intense by the realization

that he was naked. He pulled up the collar of his shirt, now seemingly ten or

more feet around, to cover himself from the miniature people who were now his

equals. This must have been the effect of the cloud, he speculated. This was why

these people were here now. The cloud didn't dissolve people; it shrank them.

Then his eyes trailed upward. To the gold-trimmed green shoes. To the pink

calves that were ample, but defined and athletic. To the knees whose perfect

shape and lack of blemish bespoke a timeless simplicity. To the towering thighs,

muscular enough to be those of a cheerleader yet soft enough to be the yielding

flesh of a woman. To the hem of a dress that floated four or five stories above

him. To the crotch of a pair of panties that actually seemed to reflect light.

To the heaving midriff, the mighty breasts, the chin, the eyelashes, the waves

of blond hair atop the head, and beyond them a hallway ceiling as high as a

cathedral. Mike wanted to fall to his knees just like the other tiny people

around him, and would have were he properly clothed. As it was, he wanted to

sink into the earth. But the giantess who now towered above him would not grant

him that option.

The Cheerleader slowly knelt down until her face was just three stories above

Mike. Her hands slipped around and beneath him, gently inviting and demanding

his presence. The fingers seemed somewhat knobby to Mike, with stubby

fingernails, a small concession to humanity in the body of a titaness. But they

were warm and welcoming, and he rode with their momentum as they swept his feet

off the ground, and brought him slowly into the air to meet the giant round face

above him.

'Whoooaa' was the reaction of Mike's stomach to the upward trip. A moment ago he

had been comparatively as tall as a ten-story building. To his new peers, he

must have seemed godlike. Now he felt mortal, very mortal, and feared for his

life. This girl.. this woman... this goddess... could do anything to him she

wanted. When his eyes met hers -- again -- Mike found it hard to believe what

his own knowledge of history told him must be true, that his reduction in size

was an aftereffect of the long-ago cloud, not the will nor the unconscious

effect of the sexual chemistry of the woman who now held him in her palms.

As Mike arrived at the proper level, the hands that were cupped around him

increased their angle. 'Stand', the Cheerleader commanded. At least, to Mike it

could be nothing short of a command, the breath and sibilance hitting him with

such force. He managed wobbily to raise himself up to an erect posture. In spite

of all that had happened, a certain part of his anatomy had no problem standing

up straight.

The titaness smiled at Mike's unconscious greeting. Turning her back to her

flock so as not to reveal her new subject's naked form to innocent eyes, the

Cheerleader flicked her tongue at the sensitive organ in front of her, then

whispered, 'Before you ravish me, the least you could do

is tell me your name.'

'M-m-Mike. Mike Kruger' was his answer. Ravish her? Me ravish her, he thought to

himself. More likely the reverse, he thought. That thought was a little

arousing, then a little scary. How could he make love to this goddess? His

manhood would be lost in her, in fact all of him would be lost... oh my -- is

that what she wants me to do? How would I survive? What a way to go!

Stephanie called the tiny man's thoughts back to his current status. 'A hundred

years ago all of the people of this town were made small except for me. I told

every one of them that I would protect them and love them with all of my heart,

all of my mind, and when the time is right, all of my body. I loved all of them,

and their children, and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I'm telling you

the same thing. I will give you love that is deeper and broader than anything

you ever imagined. It is the same love that built this place, the New Dupuy. It

was fate that brought you here and you were given to me by the power I possess

simply by being. You are one of my people now, and like all of my people, you

will find your new life, as my people have found a life and happiness, living

beneath the hem of my dress.'

She turned to the subjects below her. 'My people', she shouted, quieting the din

from below. 'You have among you a new citizen. His name is... Mike Kruger. As

your Cheerleader, I bid you welcome him.' From a small (to her) purse, Stephanie

whipped out a golden silk robe and gave it to Mike to put on. As he got the belt

tied around his waist, the Cheerleader was lowering him to earth. She placed him

next to her high priestess in training, Kathleen, a 20-year-old chestnut-haired,

freckle-faced descendant of her old roommate Sandy Schuldrecher (to use her

married name). Kathleen was wearing what would have a century earlier been

called a party dress, except that this little black number was so short it

allowed the last inch or so of Kathleen's buttocks to be plainly visible. The

Cheerleader then turned to the crowd.

'Say his name! Say his name!' The crowd began to move in rhythm as Stephanie

went into a routine that normally bordered on the lewd. She kept it on the tame

side, though, since there were families in the audience. 'M - I - K - E, M - I -

K- E...' The routine ended with the cheering crowd in the hallway (for all

practical purposes the New Dupuy Mall) roaring their approval.

Stephanie then turned to Mike and Kathleen. 'Kat, I need you to get him ready...

for the Welcoming.' Kathleen's face flushed, and her eyes brightened. Before he

knew it, Mike was being tugged down the hall and up some very tall stairs, to

the third floor suite of converted dorm rooms that was the Cheerleader's Palace.

'You know we don't have to take the big stairs. Those were made for the old

world', Kathleen chided her charge. It was rough going, mounting stairs that

were slightly taller than they were, requiring a slight jump at each step. But

Mike wanted to do it, as if to get a feel for just what had happened to him.

Just to their left, a set of stairs for the little people snaked up the center

of the stairwell, positioned just so they could look up and see if the

Cheerleader was wearing her ceremonial undies today. Theirs was the path less

traveled; except for the cheerleader's own footprints, the steps were coated

with the dust of decades. After making it to the second floor, Mike and Kate

were thoroughly exhausted. At last, he agreed to follow her up on the wee folks'


As they walked along the third floor corridor, there were lines of offices and

workshops. One got the sense that this was where the business of New Dupuy got

done. Inside each normal-sized room, offices snaked up the walls for several

stories. There were enough stonemasons in Dupuy after the disaster to build fine

buildings from tiny bricks. At the end of the hallway, three rooms with unbroken

ceilings that extended to the sky formed the Cheerleader's Palace. Kathleen's

role was well known to the guards, who waved her past security clearance. At

last, they arrived in the Cheerleader's boudoir. It seemed like a movie set,

full of giant century-old props, as if they were doing a period piece with


The most private of private places, Mike thought, as he looked at the great Bed

with the royal green cover. His thoughts were disproven when he looked up again,

to see what looked like grandstands on either side.

'What-- what are these?' Mike said to Kathleen as he pointed at the grandstands.

'Is Stephanie an exhibitionist or something?'

Kathleen responded with a short, stinging slap to Mike's face. Then she looked

apologetic. 'I'm sorry, you're new here, you're unfamiliar with our customs. But

we don't refer to the Cheerleader by her first name, none of us. The only time

you can address the Cheerleader by her first name is when you're making love to

her, or are being intimate. She likes that, because it helps her to feel less

powerful and more like she's the one being taken by her lovers. Now to answer

your question, this is the practice field for the team...'

'The team?' Mike responded. 'You mean they play football on this bed?'

Kathleen gave him an utterly puzzled look. 'What is football?'

It was Mike's turn to be baffled as he described the venerable American game.

'Well, there are 11 men on the field, and they have to score a touchdown...'

Kathleen's eyes brightened again. 'Oh, of course! See, you outsiders are not so

different from us after all. That's just like our game. But tell me, in your

'football', the cheerleader must be ten times as big as our cheerleader,

otherwise how could the giant men score?'

Mike's face went utterly blank, then he scrunched it up, trying to understand

what Kathleen was saying. 'We don't have one cheerleader in football, we have


The light of false understanding went on again in Kathleen's head. 'Oh... so the

football players and the cheerleaders go one on one and...' she blushed and

flicked her hair nervously, and the rhythm of her breathing broke a little

bit... 'It must be awfully hard for the people in the stands to see any of the


Slowly, Mike began to get what Kate was saying, and he drew in a breath. Ooooh,

so she thinks the football players and the cheerleaders... well, maybe

underneath the stands after the game, but not in front of the CROWD... Mike's

eyes widened as he began to comprehend just what was meant in New Dupuy by 'the


'Well, we can talk about that some more later', Kathleen said as she turned her

back to Mike. "Time to get ready for the Welcoming." She opened what appeared to

be a trunk -- actually a small hope chest from the old days -- and lifted out a

jar full of a viscous fluid. Handwritten on the jar's label were the letters


'Okay, Mike, time to get naked', Kathleen chirped. 'Unzip me.' Mike's breathing

began to get labored again. These Dupuy customs were getting weirder and

weirder, but the 21-year-old man was in no position to question them. He

unzipped Kate's party dress and found her wearing nothing underneath. To his

quizzical look, she responded, 'Grown women don't get to wear panties except

during our periods. That is until menopause or until our first child. That's so

that if we're acting bad or silly, the Cheerleader can always spank us.' To the

excitement building again in his loins, Kathleen answered: 'Better keep that on

ice. The Cheerleader won't be happy if you waste it looking at me.'

Mike thought about baseball. Hard. If he had thought about football, given that

last conversation, he'd still be hard himself.

Kathleen was now totallly nude. Pert, attentive nipples complemented her

chestnut hair, and a fine rump offset her swimmer's physique. 'Your turn, Mike.'

A moment's hesitation caused Kate to add, 'I don't think either of us wants the

cheerleader to catch us with our clothes on.' Mike hurriedly disrobed. 'Now I

need to lube you up. When I'm finished, I want you to do the same to me in case

I need to go in and rescue you.'

Go in and rescue me? Mike thought. That's it. The Cheerleader really IS going to

put me between... oh, no... oh,yes...

Mike had never seriously thought about being immersed in a woman's womanhood

before; it had never seemed possible. Now that it was not only possible but

likely, Mike was suffering from two conflicting emotions: scared shitless and

horny as hell. Kathleen's sensuous massaging of what appeared to be a lubricant

into his flesh didn't help him maintain calm, and when she asked him to do the

same to her... It was all Mike could do to maintain a grip.

Mike was just finishing Kathleen when the mighty door opened and in walked the


She walked over to the floor where the two were preparing and cooed over her

high priestess in training and her newest pet. 'You are both a-DOR-a-ble', she

smiled. 'Hmmm... looks like Mike's all juiced up and ready to go in...'

'Yes, Cheerleader', Kathleen replied as she curtsied to the object of her

worship. 'Well', the Cheerleader responded, 'grant me a moment to prepare, then

you may join me on the Bed.'

The two watched as Stephanie performed a slow striptease. After her shoes,

cheerleader costume, and bra went away, the last item to go was those iridescent

panties. As they slid down, a silk thong was all that protected her womanly

within. Wiggling and wriggling, Stephanie was at last free of her last stitch of

clothing. She playfully tossed her thong at Mike and Kathleen. Her aim was

perfect, and it landed with Mike standing in one leg hole and Kathleen in the


'Mmmm... smells like the Cheerleader', Kathleen said to Mike. 'Better get used

to it, it'll be a lot stronger in just a minute.' Kate took Mike by the hand and

walked him to the Bed. There, a staircase led up to the mattress. Above them,

Stephanie was fingering her nipples and working her labia with her free hand.

By the time they got there, Stephanie was on her left side. Mike and Kathleen

stood between her legs and her exposed and rapidly engorging pussy.

'OK, Mike, I don't know what your sexual experience is, but follow my lead',

Kathleen whispered.

'Uh... in this kind of sex, I'm a total virgin', Mike replied.

Kathleen knelt down in front of Stephanie's pussy. She began stroking the labiae

lightly, then increasing her rhythm and intensity, sliding an arm in and out to

coax the clitoris away from its sheath. 'Mike, get in here and help me',

Kathleen ordered. Together, she and Mike pushed rhythmically in and out. The

Cheerleader's first moan and shudder startled Mike. After several minutes, the

palm-sized clitoris was now in view. 'Okay, Mike, tap it.'

'Tap it.'

'You heard me.' Mike tapped the clit. He reflexively screamed when the giantess

shifted above and around him. 'Mike, grow some balls', Kathleen chided. 'You're

a man and she is a woman. Don't let yourself be pussy whipped.'

'Uh, Kate, if I go inside the Cheerleader, that's exactly what I'll be. Pussy


Kathleen pulled Mike to face her. 'Let me tell you one thing. The cheerleader

respects any man willing to go inside her and take a risk to give her pleasure.

She does not respect any man who runs away in fear. If you try to avoid this,

you will never be able to look yourself in the mirror, and your life under the

Cheerleader will be worse than hell. You will be a non-person. Be a man.

Make love to a beautiful woman who loves you with a gigantic heart.'

Seeing no alternative, and frankly not wanting to see any alternative, Mike

agreed. Feet first, he slid gingerly into Stephanie. A shudder greeted his feet.

Nervously, Mike pushed farther and farther in. 'Rub against her clit! Rub

against her clit!' Kathleen shouted. Mike wiggled to put as much of himself in

contact with Stephanie's love button as possible. He almost slid out when the

giantess bucked and thrust in pleasure.

'Now try to get your feet in line with her G-spot! It's about six and a half

inches back, so if you slide your head just past her entrance, you should be

able to reach it!' Kathleen instructed.

'HOW DO YOU KNOW?' Mike shouted. 'ARE YOU A LESBO?'






I'll bet, Mike thought. Gotta find out more about this 'unbirth' business later.



Wriggling inward like a snake moving backwards, Mike tried to get his feet in

line with the magic location but it was no use. Stephanie's G-spot was just too

far back.

'MIKE, I'VE GOT AN IDEA. WORK YOUR WAY BACK OUTSIDE.' Mike tried to get his body

back to the outside world, but Stephanie's contractions were making that much

more difficult than getting inside was. Mike had to time his manuevers between

Stephanie's squeezes.

At last, he plopped his slimy form in front of Kathleen.

'Mike, here's my idea. You need to go in head-first.'

'HEAD FIRST!' Mike shouted. Kathleen shushed him. 'Head first? I'll suffocate in


'Not if you breath between her vaginal muscle contractions. You're young and

strong. You can hold a breath long enough to get it done. You'll have an easier

time finding her G-spot with your hands than with your feet. Just feel for a

spongy spot and then work it as hard as you've ever worked anything in your

life. The Cheerleader's getting frustrated. Now GO!'

Mike hurled himself back into the trembling womanhood. Every millimeter forward

was now a struggle against a mighty vise that pushed good air out of him, only

to be replaced by the stale air of the vaginal barrel. From inside, Stephanie's

moans and groans were devoid of consonants and sibilance, leaving only the

warmth of tone and vibration. He thought he heard the Cheerleader call

Kathleen's name.







Mike was near asphyxiation when he found it. A spongy part of the vaginal wall.

Summoning all his remaining strength, he pressed his hands into the sponge.

Stephanie's moans stopped and she fell silent, unable to speak from the

intensity of her pleasure. Mike thought this latest crush would be his last

conscious moment. Somehow he worked his way out of the steaming womanhood, and

collapsed, gasping for air, before falling unconscious.

As he came around he could hear Kathleen talking softly to the Cheerleader.

Stephanie was speaking quietly as well, but given her size, she couldn't keep so

quiet that Mike couldn't hear her. '...yes... going in head first showed a lot

of initiative... I respect that in a man...' Mike took inventory of his physical

state. Nothing was broken, but enough bruises to keep him busy a while, plus a

feeling of being quite winded.

At last, Mike saw legs fly above him. The Cheerleader got up and was now sitting

up on the bed. 'Approach me, Mike Kruger.' He stood before Stephanie's

cross-legged nude form. 'You did well for your first time in me. I'm going to

talk to the coach about putting you on the team.'

'Thanks', was all the reply Mike could muster.

'And now, since you've been such a good little doll, I have for you a present. I

know that a man needs his release, and I KNOW you're a man.' The cheerleader

giggled in a girlish way. 'And I KNOW it's hard to get off inside me, 'cause I'm

working so hard on getting myself off!' Stephanie's giggle became a room-shaking

laugh. 'So I'm giving you a gift.'

The Cheerleader picked up the still-naked Kathleen and held her out to Michael.

'My high priestess in training finds you very interesting, and would welcome a

night with you.'

Mike would have said something, but despite all the weirdness, he was still

horny enough never to look a gift high priestess in the mouth... except to kiss


It was a glorious night that extended into a long and blissful morning's sleep,

interrupted when a large (six and a half inches tall) middle-aged man slapped a

clipboard down on a hard surface next to Mike's head and shouted.




Chapter Three

The Coach's authoritarian greeting shook Mike out of a post-conjugal bliss.

Gathering his wits as Caldwell talked, he realized that his partner for the

night, the high-priestess-in-training Kathleen, had long ago abandoned his

little bed. Little. That reminded him. Everything came back, the experience of

coming into the valley, of walking into the women's dorm, of encountering the

cheerleader, of being shrunk. Being shrunk. Oh my Gawd...

The flood of knowledge accompanied a dull ache, which reminded Mike of his other

big adventure of the day. Through the ache, Mike heard the coach's theatric






Mike rose from his internal haze to confront this challenge to his manhood. 'I

did all right in the Welcoming. The Cheerleader told me so herself'.



The ONLY thing that's GENTLER than a Welcoming is when she deflowers some

pathetic pansy-boy that didn't get laid by his 19th birthday or something.'

'LET ME TELL YOU, when the Cheerleader is playing competitive ball with the

team, she doesn't hold anything back! There are 11 men out there working every

orifice and body part you can think of! If your position is on her foot, she

will KICK you. If you're working her thigh she will SQUEEZE you and your ears

will leave little prints in her flesh! If you are working her mouth she will

BITE you, and if it wasn't for the teething ring you wear around your body, she

would be swallowing half of you right down her gullet before she even knew it!

SHE GIVES YOU EVERYTHING SHE GOT, and if you are not in shape and don't know

your playbook, she will EAT YOU UP! If a girly-man like you ever got lucky

enough to play quarterback and work her pussy in a REAL game, she would use

those slick muscles and break every BONE in your body if you don't know what

you're doing!'

'What a way to go', Mike said though a devilish smile.



FOREVER.' He whipped out a playbook and slapped in into Mike's hands. STUDY THIS


Mike thumbed through the playbook. It was like nothing connected to any kind of

football he was familiar with. A series of plays looked like the Kama Sutra,

with detailed manuevers of how the fullback (the player stuffed between the

Cheerleader's buttcheeks) and the quarterback (the player inside the

Cheerleader's vagina) would move while the halfback (the player standing outside

the vagina) would stroke and caress the labia and coax out the clitoris. They

were joined by two breastmen, who worked the Cheerleader's nipples; the footmen,

who worked her feet; the three facemen, one of whom sat with half his body

inside the cheerleader's mouth, with only a sort of teething ring around his

midsection to protect him from a deadly chomp; and a 'reader'. Mike couldn't

tell what the reader did.

As he walked down the main corridor of the New Dupuy Mall, formerly the first

floor hallway of the girls' dorm of Dupuy College, Mike continued to thumb

through the playbook. Since there were no other teams to play, only the

cheerleader, there was no fine for losing the book, but Mike was careful about

how he carried the back. Of course, with its explicit pictures of various

'plays' to be executed on the Cheerleader's fine body, it was excellent reading

from an entertainment perspective, with some of the plays depicted with

foldouts. 'I think these were called 'centerfolds' on the old-fashioned men's

magazines of the 20th century,' Mike thought. So engrossed was Mike in the

playbook that he all but bumped into Kathleen, the high priestess in training,

wearing a red dress that, like the previous day's black counterpart, ended the

miniature equivalent of an inch or two above the point at which Kate's buttocks

met her thighs.

'Am I going to get an earful because I didn't call you? It's not like I know

what you use for communication. Everything here's stuck in the twenty-first

century', was Mike's opening gambit.

'It's not necessary for you to call me. I did what I did last night because my

Cheerleader told me to. As high priestess in training, I must follow her orders.

Last night meant nothing to me.'

'What's this robot act? You certainly didn't feel this way twelve hours ago.'

Kathleen repeated her mantra. 'I was merely fulfilling the duties imposed by my

job as high priestess in training for the Cheerleader.'

'Suit yourself', Mike laughed, refusing to betray any emotion. Maybe Kate wasn't

willing to admit her attraction because of the way they were brought together,

but he was willing to bet on its existence. His next move was to change the

subject. 'So which Cheerleader is this? Is she the third or fourth, and how do

these giant chicks get pregnant?'

'She is the first. She hasn't been pregnant.'

'Okay....' Mike responded, while inside his brain was going 'uh-oh, another

thing about this place to weird me out.'

'So, Kate, that would make her well over a hundred years old, and let me ask

you, how many a hundred plus year old women have you seen who looked as good as


'The Cheerleader is special. Her body processes are not the same as ours. That

is another sign that she is a superior being. For example, her womanly cycles

occur only once every four years.'

'Once every four... YEARS!?' Mike exclaimed. 'When they do come, it must be


'In a sense, yes. We call the month leading up to her period the 'red month.'

Everyone stays away from her as much as possible and tries not to anger her

during this time.'

'I can see why... and where is she now in the cycle?'

'Her next period is over two years away... we believe that she is near the

ovulation part of her cycle, so she has been especially flirty and sexual.'

'Oh, well, I'm glad this isn't her normal behavior,' Mike replied sonewhat


'No you're not! Admit it, Mike, you're enjoying all the attention and you never

thought you would ever have the kind of sex you can have with the Cheerleader.

But if you only realized, it's so much more than that. Like, when we were

younger, before we knew anything sexual, the Cheerleader was this great shining

example of how powerful a woman could be in the world. When we were in fourth

grade, the teachers would take us to the Cheerleader's Palace, and she would

take each of us in her hands, and tell us how special we were, and she would

tell all the girls that they should all strive to be great in everything we do

because we were all going to be miniature versions of her. It was so


'Kind of a giant Xuxa towering over the class, exuding a power they don't quite

understand yet', mused Mike, whose last class before break at Penn State had

been '20th-Century Brazilian History and Pop Culture.'

'Xuxa? Who or what is that?' Stephanie asked.

'Uh... never mind', was Mike's reply.

'Listen, why don't you come to the Inauguration Ceremony for the Town Council.

It's at noon today. It'll be over in plenty of time for your team practice.'

Mike shrugged his shoulders, to indicate that resistance was futile. He did want

to know all he could about this place, as it might offer him a chance to escape.

Maybe there were details that went out into the woods to hunt for food. What was

scary to Mike, was that half of him wasn't sure he wanted to escape this place.

Most everyone in New Dupuy crowded into the center of the mall for the ceremony.

The new members of the council stood atop a raised platform. They were mostly in

their 30's to 50's,

wearing what was considered professional attire for men and women a century

earlier. As the

great grandfather clock, sixty feet high on the Dupuyans' scale, struck noon,

the Cheerleader strode down the great staircase to play her part in the


'So what role does Steph--', a dirty look and the anticipation of a raised hand

changed Mike's utterance in mid-thought, 'So what role does the Cheerleader play

in all this?'

'It began in the Old Time,' Kate answered, 'not long after the Great Reduction.

Most people understood that they were put beneath the Cheerleader so that her

love would be great enough to encompass and strengthen the whole community.'

'They were not 'put' anywhere for any reason. It's in the history books outside.

It was all a government screwup', Mike interrupted. 'The only reason it hasn't

been challenged is because everyone outside thinks the whole town died a hundred

years ago.'

'This is what the Cheerleader told me during my unbirth. If you challenge it

then you are calling her a liar. After you see the ceremony you will understand

why that is not a good idea', Kate hissed. 'Anyway, the people who had held

power before, in the Town Council, and those who followed the Old Religions--',

'You mean like Catholics, Methodists, Orthodox, Jewish and other faiths that

don't believe a

hottie in a short skirt created the world in six days?', Mike interjected as his

sarcasm took over again.

Kathleen refused to yield a beat to her impertinent interrogator. '-- those

people did not want to admit that a Cheerleader could be their Supreme Mistress,

Lover and Guardian. They did not want to see a woman or women have that kind of

power. They wanted to maintain the old patriarchy--'

'Sounds like another one of my Penn State courses', Mike mused. '20th-Century


Feminism. But as I recall, those women weren't into porn fantasies and hated the

whole cheerleader concept.'

Kate continued, '--so the Cheerleader had to display her power, but in a gentle

way, so she would not turn them or the people against her. She didn't want to

hurt the Council, but she had to embarrass them so she could establish her

authority. The way she did that became the ceremony that you are about to see.'

A large partition was raised in front of the platform. Kate told Mike that the

more innocent pairs of eyes were kept behind the platform so as not to observe

the racier parts of the ceremony.

'Everything in this town seems to be R-rated', Mike observed to himself.

The Cheerleader sat cross-legged next to the raised platform. One by one, the

council members got up from their chairs and stood to face the Cheerleader. They

began shaking their fists and denouncing her, in a ritualistic sort of way.

'Harlot! Jezebel! We are not your lovers! We are not your toys! We refuse to

worship you!'

Stephanie then rose to her full height, towering over the Council. 'I saved the

people of this town from destruction. I love you more than anything. My love for

you is boundless and unyielding. But for my love, I demand your obedience and


She then knelt down, all but her head slipping beneath the huge partition.

Behind that partition, the Cheerleader picked up each of the council members,

lifted their suits or dresses, dropped their pants and underwear, and began to

vigorously, but lightly, spank their behinds. As each one's cheeks reddened

slightly, they began to cry out. The Cheerleader then said to each one, 'I did

not wish to hurt you, (name of councilor). Swear allegiance and obedience to me

and I shall never treat you in such a way again.'

Each council member then repeated an Oath of Obedience and Submission. Then as a

gesture of reconciliation, Stephanie held each member in turn to her breast and

gave them a taste of her milk, not such a hard task, as their tiny cries

sounded like a baby's squawling to her comparatively gigantic ears. The ceremony

ended with all the councilors sitting on Stephanie's knee, bottoms still bared,

holding each other and singing something that sounded like an old 20th century

song called 'Kumbaya.'

Even after all that he had seen, this latest ceremony left Mike utterly

slack-jawed. All he could say to Kate afterwards was, 'You people really are f-ing


The grandfather clock rang out. Mike looked up. It was half past two. 'Damn!' he

yelled. 'I'm late for practice!'

Chapter Four

Even dashing up the stairs, Mike was five minutes late to practice, held in the

palace area in the practice field. Coach Caldwell was already talking to the

players inside a small room just off the Bed. When Mike showed up, Caldwell


'I was tied up at the Inauguration', he replied.








'Yes, sir', was Mike's defiant reply.


where he had left off, outlining a series of plays for Saturday's game. Just

like football, it required a lot of coordination and a lot of practice. He ended

with the player assignments.

Mike was a bit put out when he learned he would be one of the footmen, working

the Cheerleader's right foot.

When Coach Caldwell finished outlining the plays, he led the team out onto the

practice field. This time, instead of the Cheerleader, a life-size (her size)

inflatable dummy took up the Bed.

Of course, Mike understood the whole point of this exercise to be lust, but it

was hard to feel lustful working the feet of a giant dummy. Mike's task was to

tackle the foot, while assistants pulling strings made it 'kick' back at him.

After a few swipes, Mike was a little woozy.

'That foot ain't nothin' compared to what the real thing'll do to you in a

game', the coach roared.

'Kruger, why don't you take a few reps at the quarterback position. I want to

see what you'll do in that hole when you're not gettin' the baby treatment.'

Now comes the strange part, Mike thought. Of course, everything's been strange

since I got shrunk and got here, he ruminated. Mike left his foot position and

walked over to the giant dummy's pretend-pussy. Here the assistants had rigged

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