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High School Crush

By [email protected]

Me and Christine were friends all threw out high school but we never became

close till are senior year and we were about to get closer then I ever thought.

I had a crush on her for as long as I could remember she was only a year older

then me but she was always shorter  she had the most beautiful girl ever long

brown hair dark brown eyes pale olive skin great ass and nieces pair of D

berates I've ever had the pleasure of seeing but the most attractive are of her

was her cute little pink feet god I loved them and her. but I was always to shy

and to skinny to be any thing more then I a friend the worst part was my love

for her was no secret she was well aware of my love and she used that to her

advantage when ever possible.

it was typical may day we just got off school and Christine was driving me home

which was are daily routine. we pulled to my house and I was about to get out

when she grabbed my hand .

          “Anthony I get off work early today and my boyfriend is going to be

with the guys tonight so why don't you come on over.”

“yeah sure”

I was trying to be cool as possible but in side I was doing cartwheels we were

friends but rarely did we spend time alone together anymore.

“well I'll see you tonight”

the hours seem to just fly by then it was 8 o clock I headed off to Christine's

house. I walked down her drive way I saw no cars but her own her parent's

weren't home I wonder what she had in mind for me. I knocked and she came to the

door in her work cloths.

“I didn't feel like changing I'm to tired”

“hard day at work”

“no hot the Ac was broken I was sweating like a pig.”

I could tell she definitely smelled like she had a hard day funny thing about

her it wasn't a bad smell But a intoxicating one like some erotic perfume. we

walked down to her basement which was messy the family had cloths thrown about.

“sorry about the mess parents where yelling at one another and my mother threw

cloths hamper at my dad there out right now “making up” “

I sat down on her couch she just sat down right next to me then she did

something a bit Strange she swung her self around so her legs crossed my lap and

her feet rested not he arm rest.. She kicked her shoes and socks off letting her

feet breath the smell was strong and fasted went straight to my noise I felt

almost dizzy I got and almost instants erection and with her legs on my lap I

knew she knew

“sorry if my feet stink but I had to get out of me shoes.”

they did stink I sad nothing I just sat a starred at her feet then looked up her

body at her breast just sitting there asking me to suck on them then he face I

looked at her she turned and looked back at me. Was kind embraced she just

smiled and wiggled her toes she was playing with me. we sat there for about an

hour when she left to go the bath room.

once knew as gone I dove for the floor and picked up her sock and started

smelling it god I has in heaven I new I didn't have much time I started playing

with my self when I felt real weird. the next thing I new I was as naked and

only an inch tall standing in her rug I was freaking out I had no clue what to

do I just stood three froze when I heard her coming.

“Anthony where are you?...............damn he most of left why must he be so shy

he was embraced I knew he had a hard on damn him I was hoping he was going to

make a move for once.”

she sat down on the couch her feet only inches I was I starred at her huge feet

I started to run away out of fear I had no clue what to do I ran when I ran in

to something I didn't know that it was just white all around me then I started

to smell it her feet it was strong smell of foot sweat I ran in to her sock I

start to walk out when it start to move I feel back to where the toe was crap

she was putting on her sock I saw her foot slid in and scream but she could her

me her toes came crashing in to me I was forced between her big and second toe

it was tight fit was so hard right now it wasn‘t funny her moving her toes

around made me lose control and cumed all over me and her toe. she sat her feet

back on the arm rest I was stuck there I had no idea how to get out and she had

no idea I was there. she wiggled her toes again she  was playing with me but he

didn't know it was me she much of thought there was something in her sock she

just kept playing with me.


     all the movement and begin at her feet made em hard again it didn't take

long and I cumed again I was tired of screaming I lied limp letting her toes

have the fun. I was stuck in the sock of the girl I loved and she had no clue I

was there I was in heaven and hell at the same time.

“no not again make it stop I don't want to.”

I grew hard again the playing the smell it was over whelming I came again it

seemed to last for hours the torture but I must of been only a few minutes she

got up I was being crushed she started to walk the pain was killing me I did the

only thing I thought I could I bite as hard as I could her toe I bite down hard

I didn't want to hurt her but I knew I would be died if I didn't

    “OW! damn bug bite me toe where is it I don't see it? is it in my sock if it

is it is going to die for biting me.”

       I was scared but if she knew it was me I don't think she would kill me

she pulled her  sock off but I was stuck between her toes the sweat and all he

cum glued me in place. she shock the sock out an there was nothing she was about

to put her sock back on I didn't want to go back in the heat and smell so I bite

again. she looked down at her toe and saw me.

      “Anthony? is that you what the hell happened.”


     “are you talking I can't hear you wait.”

she moved her toes apart and saw I was glued to the side of it and she looked

closer and saw what I was stuck with she got an evil smile across her face and

pulled me off and placed me next to her ear.

“I don't know what happen Chris I got up and the next thing I knew I was


“ this is so weird but it's cool as shit I was thinking about this when I went

to go up stares I knew how much you loved my feet and I thought it would be cool

if you were under them this small.”

“what you did this to me.”

“not on prepuce I was just thinking about it don't acted like you didn't like it

I can see all to well you liked it little man.”

“well think about me begin big and maybe all be back to normal.”

“I'll try.”

  she closed her eyes and started to concentrate then I started feeling dizzy

again when I woke up was normal but naked. I jumped up and noticed I had no

cloths on for the first time. Christine giggled a little and I blushed all over.

     “you can't walk home like that got take I shore and then let you self out

Anthony this whole shrink people think is way to much for me to handle I'm going

to lay down call me when you get home we have to talk.”

     “ok Christine.”

I went to the bath room and started to take a shower she was thinking about I

can't believe it she must like me I can't believe it and I just got raped by her

feet goddamn I'm the luckiest man I alive. I got out and dried my self off which

would be much good to me in 2 seconds. I felt the same strange felling and this

time I only blacked out for a second cause something cold and wet woke me up I

had fallen into the toilet. She must of been dreaming about me I stay in the

water for hours giving up trying escape awhile ago I just floated around till I

heard the most terrifying thing in my life Christine was getting up and heading

toward the bathroom.

I paniced and swam tot he side but it was to smooth for me to climb was

splashing around trying to make as much noise as possible thinking she would

look down but who looks at the toilet wheat there using it.


I swam to the other side of the toilet hopping to see what was going on I saw

nothing which made me think she wasn't going to use the toilet but then I saw

her back to the toilet she moved her hands to the side and in one quick movement

pulled her pants and panties off her giant wonderful ass was coming down on the

seat it went dark barely any light entered with her on it so I swam as fast as I

could toward the light but I forgot in all my confusion the only way the light

would came in was between her legs I didn't realize it till I Ws there a huge

stream of piss came crashing down on me I was begin pulled under the water I

tired to get a breath of air but ended  swelling gallons of pee. the water was

warmer now she seemed to pee for ever she finally stooped I was over joked I was

trying to get my breath all I could smell was her urine was cover me I said I

pray thinking she was going to flush now when I heard I weird noise form I above

I looked up at her at. in anus was oppugn a she was forcing out a piss of shit

it slid out more and more then I fell like in slow motion in hit the water I

tired to move but couldn't I was knocked under I cam back up and did the only

thing I could hold on I grabbed hold of the floating Shi my face and body

covered it smell horrible and tasted ten times worse I new this was it I was

going to die now and I want to I sat there floating wonder why she had not

gotten up to flush. the I heard the same noise I looked back up she was shitting

again this time it was not like before her anus open slightly and this runny

river a shit came out all on top of me was now totally cover in shit the toilet

was filled with the runny shit  she got up the light returned  the smell was

horrific I wondered what I had done to deserve this is saw up she slow wipe her

ass running the paper between her ass check she quickly threw it of course it

hit me dead center I tangled in the paper and shit she was wiping again I came

free I did the only thing I could screamed as loud as  I could


she looked up like she heard something but was not sure. I had new found hope

maybe i wasn't going to die.


she turned around and looked at the toilet she saw nothing but her own shit I

was covered init of course she couldn't see me so I started to move around as

much as possible. She looked closer and quickly pulled her head back from the

horrible smell.


“Anthony? I did it again believe me it was an accident I must of done it in my

sleep I'm so sorry”

she pulled me out of the toilet and flushed it she placed me in the sink and

turn the water on happily cleaned her shit off of me she was staring at me with

an evil grin.

“ok think me back to normal now.”

she just smiled at me and picked me up I was in her closed fist shows holding me

kind thight I was trying to break free of her grip but it was useless she left

he bathroom and went back to her bedroom.

“Christine this isn't funny grow me back what are you doing.”

“Anthony your mine now I will grow you back when I want to but first we are

going to have fun I've waited four years for you to do something but you never

did so I'm taking charge.”

“what abbot Adam”

“he well be my normal sized boyfriend and you will be my doll sized one you will

be with my for ever I have school tomorrow so I must get to sleep were can keep


she looked around and got that evil look on her face again she went over to her

night stand and put me in a empty glass.

“this isn't your bed I'm making your bed uo right now.”

she lied down on the bed and slowly put her hand down he front of her panties

she started playing with her self she start moaning softly looking over at my me

biting her lower lip. she started fingering her self faster and faster.

“OOOHHH god god ant..anthony oh your so small ohhhh.”

she started bucking her hips up in the air she let out one last scream and laid

on the bed with her eyes closed I was beating on the class as hard as I could

the girl I loved for 4 years was masturbating right in front of me it drove me

nuts. I started jerking off like there was no tomorrow. she looked over and saw

what I was doing.

“here let me help you with that.”

she picked the glass up and dumped me in her hand she closed her eyes and I

start getting dizzy when I woke up I was 3 inches tall form my former 1. She saw

I was still erected and licked her lips I was lying face up on her palm she toke

her thumb and index finger and gentle toke my cock moving uo and down up and

down it only toke me a second to cum and cum I did I looked up at her with a

smile. she looked back with a evil wink.She moved faster and faster on my cock I

came again I was panting was drained. she stopped but only for a second she went

back up an down up and down cam again I could take it any more I beat on her

fingers trying to stop her.

“Christine no more please no more.'

she said nothing and pulled on it again and again I came but nothing came out

she did this 3 more times  I couldn't move I was drained of any and all energy.

“oh all most forgot your bed”

she pulled off her soaking wet panties I could smell her sex all a round I would

of got hard if I hadn't just cummed 10 times she put her panties on the night

stand and then put me on them she kissed me good night and said

“tomorrow we have school.”

I awoke in the middle of night totally confused at what happened I was lying on

something silky I could not tell where I was only thing I knew is that I just

woke up form the weirdest dream ever. Then the smell hit me the mushy sent of

her sex then I knew were I was I was still lying on her panties I turn to see

where I could hide from her I had no wish to go to school at my size. I turned

to see giant red numbers in front of me 6:59

it was her alarm clock. Just then it clicked on the music blared detaching me I

garbed my ears in pain curling up in a ball on the paints. her giant came over

and hit it shaking me and table like a earthquake. she got up and looker over.

“good mooring my dear.”

still partially death I guessed at what she said I was pissed at ha was going on

how could she do this to me.

“yeah good mooring you know what would Mae it a better mooing if I wasn't 3

inches tall change me change me right now.”

I stood up on the silky surface stomping my foot in anger.

“ok what ever you want you no longer will be 3 inches you'll be 1.”

“no wait that's not what I meant!”

to late she closed her eyes and the dizzy spell came I woke up now in a sea of

silk I must of been out longer cause she was already for school wearing leopard

print nylons a black mini skirt and low cut black top she walked over to the



“ready for what?”

“your dream come true.”

she slowly placed her hand next to the table I had only one choice to jump on

and I did she slowly moved her hand up but it seemed to be flying 100 mile an

hour to me brought me up near her face.

“All of top floor women's bras”

she tilted her hand and roller off and fell down between her young giant

cleavage god I loved her breasted the where so big on such a little girl. tried

to stand bracing my self on the flesh walls around me.

“that tickles Antonio.”

my world shook and giggled as she talked it was my turn to have the fun I al as

best could to the front of her bra. took a deep breath a preyed my way along the

Ron a hued cup pressing me in to the even bigger tit it was hold up. the

pressure was great I finally reached my goal her soft pink nipple I turned so I

was pressing in to Mme. slowly start licking and kissing. needless to Sa I was

hard and start fucking her nipple it started getting hard I was really getting

in to it I felt like was in control Christie must of knew how felt cause I heard

her say.

“Amy come her and give me a hug.”

we already at school the to girls crashed together crushing me between there

tits she truly was in charge still no matter I was having to much fun. I wen

back to fucking her nipple I came like never before all of it and move out form

in front of it back to the selvage Dan rested Christie smiled down at me. It was

warm and soft I felt safe should of know it wasn't going to last

Threw out the day I it had gotten very hot were I was we both were sweating the

never ending rising and falling motion of her breathing never stopped. So I was 

in a deep sleep I the bosom of my best friend. She was so busy and I had become

so quite and still she must of forgotten all about me cause the next thing I

knew a bright light was all round me she had taken off her shirt I was looking

around rubbing the sleep away form my eyes trying to see where  I was all I saw

were lockers we must of been in the girls locker room she UN hooked her bra and

I went flying I thought I was going to die I free fell for what seemed like ever

the I hit but not the cold concret floor something warm and soft I couldn't tell

what it was till I took in a deep breath the smell of foot was ever where I had

fallen in to her sock.


it was to little to late I saw her reach for the sock and I tumbled backwards

down to the toe of the sock. Her already hot sweaty foot entered the sock I was

forced again between big and second toe then everything went dark I was in her

shoe. Then the motion stare she was walking every thing was moving I was flying

up then crashing down I became sick threw up more then once this went on for 45

minutes the sweat the smell the dark it was to much for me she took her shoe off

and light once again came she then took of her sock and the fresh cool air blew

over me. I had to get her attention before she put them back on.


she heard me this time

“Anthony how did you get down there?”

“it's along story can I get a little help here.”

she pick me off her foot and held me near her face

“PU you stick Anthony you need a shower.”

Looked down and realized she was naked and the I heard the showers in the back

ground was she really going to take me in there with 20 other high school


She closed her hand around me tightly so I was not noticed by anyone. I heard

the showers getting louder and the normal high school girl chatter getting

louder Christine  slowly opened her hand I was think I would have 20 pairs of

eyes looking at me but instead I was greeted with a bar of soap 3 times my size.

Christine wasn't in a mode for sharing she just wanted to make my life hell.

Water cascade off her like water falls the soap was burning my eyes like acid

the taste filled my mouth. She slowly began to wash slowly moving up and down

her body my body was being drag up her tight stomach to her huge soft tits

moving me in circles over them rubbing me in to her nipple over and over again.

She moved over to her arm pits rubbing me fast and hard just to make sure I

wasn't have any fun lucking for me she shaved or I would of be cut to death she

moved down to her ass running me between her checks the around her thighs

finally to her crotch I was scared for my life I had no clue what she was about

to do. then I heard the water shut off

“All done.”

she closed her fist around me again to hide me we went back to the row off

lockers she had taken so long that the room was empty she sat me on the bench

while I was staring at her huge naked body while she got dressed how could I

think this was bad I should be enjoying my self I love this girl she is the

beautiful girl I've ever seen this should be fun but while was thinking that she

spoke and reminded me why this wasn't fun.

“HMMM? where can I put you now?”

“why don't you just grow me back to normal.”

“that's a good one Anthony you were always funny........I GOT IT!”

she reached for me I thought I would run but jumping off the bench could kill me

or she could just think me down to microscope size and I would die. She reached

for me I had no clue where  she was going to put  me but she anwersed my

question before I could say anything.

“I know you've wanted this for along time it's want you to.”

“Chris no Chris NO!”

she unbutton her pants pulled open her dark blue panties and drooped me in let

them snap back and she was off to class was forced up against her giant cunt

dark brown hair above me the lips holding me in place off course it didn't take

her long to get horny the smell came first the aroma of her filled me I was

intoxicated I went insane with lust and start trying to fuck this giant cunt.

she could fill me move and around but it was only getting her hot she need to

get off. I was pumping into her like crazy when I heard aloud zip she was

opening her fly all the sudden her huge hand came sliding in she pined me to the

silk paints as her middle finger pumped in and out of her faster and faster I

hear her let out a muffled scream she must off been covering her mouth. her cum

flowed around me. she pulled me out and I say we were in  bathroom stall.

“ I need a now place for you I can be running to the bath room ever 5 minutes.”

“please Christine grow me back I won't tell anyone.”

“oh I have the perfect spot for you.”

As she said that I started feeling the dizziness again when I awoke I was only 1

inch tall lying in your palm.

“I'm going to be late cause of you I don't think you can cause to much trouble

where your going.”

I looked around where could she put me what was she going to do with me she

slowly moved her hand behead her with her other had she pulled back her pants

and panties. She dumped her hand over throwing me to her ass I bounced off her

left check and slid down the silk and came to rest right below her crack I

looked up and saw her let go everything was dark and my whole world shifted when

she got up as she started to walk her panties got suck in to her ass pushing me

between her huge cheeks. I was begin rubbed all over by ass flesh moving me

deeper and deeper till I came to rest up against her anus the smell was horrible

she was clean but there was still a odder then it happen she sat down all of her

crashing down I was trapped being crushed from above and from t he sides I had

no clue how I was going to survive this whole thing. I could barely breath the

press was killing me I finally pasted out had no clue how long all I new was she

was  walking when I woke up I knew I  won't live threw this. So I braced my self

on each side of her ass and climbed my way up to her elastic I prey and pulled

as hard as I could and barley squeezed threw it just in time she just sat down.

I had to find some where to hide where I would be safe.

I crawled along the top of her jeans till I came to her leg I jumped down on it

I looked up and saw her high breasts above me and even higher her face she was

starring straight she had noticed me I ran till I got to her knee. All of the

sudden her other leg came flying at me she was crossing her legs I jumped on to

the desk leg and help on ass best I could I climbed to till I came to the top of

the desk. I looked around for my new high perch I saw all the other students

they all seemed to be getting ready for something I looked over at the clock it

said 2:14 I had only a minute to get Christine's attention.

“Christine! Christine!”

I thought she heard me she started leaning over but she was just reaching for a

paper her tits came crashing down on the the desk I ran for them like never

before. I ran and jumped just as she was getting up she got up I pulled my self

over the top and fell in to her cleveage .I was trynig to catch my breath while

I giggled and bounced all the way to her car and then it hit me it's Tuesday she

doesn't work on Tuesday she goes over her boyfriend's

I was terrified what was going to happen did she forget I was here is she going

to show me to Adam I have to do something. I was thinking what could I do if I

got her attention she might show me to Adam or have more fun with me. I know

I'll hide in the car I started to climb up her boob I got to the top and I was

going to climb down her arm when I heard.

“where do you think your going?”

“Christine you knew I was down there”

“of course we are almost to Adam's”

“What are you going to do with me?”

“ever had a threesome before Anthony?”

“your going to tell him about me.”

“nope as a matter of faceted you a little to big for what I had in mind from 1

to 1/2 an inch”

I felt the dizziness come over me and I shrank to 1/2 Chris giggled and I rolled

down falling make between her tits I woke up trying to figure out how to get out

of there. When all of the sudden there was nothing but light. her shirt was off

Dan noticed her flesh became damp with sweat I looked up and saw his giant hand

come down on her tit kneading it case me to be crushed between all of this I

pulled my self free I had no clue what direction I was heading in till I saw her

neck I ran up toward her head. I looked over my shoulder to see adman sucking on

her right nipple and kneeing her right breast. Some how she most of felt me

running on her cause her hand came down around me she picked me up and looked

Dan me and gave me smile that made me turn cloddish drooped me in her open mouth

I fell till I hit her warm soft tongue she closed her mouth she was playing

with  me whit her tongue I was covered in her spit it was dark and humid.

All the sudden she open her mouth I ran toward the light not thinking I got to

about  to her teeth when I saw it adman's cock came crashing in it was huge

compared to my whole body she. it wen dark again as she start to suck I  held on

to the rim of his head no to get sucked to her stomach she was moving up and

down on it over and over again.


but she never heard or cared she just went faster her tongued moved on his shaft

then to me she most of been loving this.Then the endamble happened he cum it

shout out like a fire house almost knocking me off and down her throat I was

covered in his jizzed then the light came back her was pulling out of her mouth

I realized was stuck to his head what now.

“Christine turn over.”

“NO! Christine no please no!”

I saw her slowly turn over her giant ass rising in front of me I was on the very

tip of his penis the checks slowly grew around me her puckered anus right in

front of me we seemed to stop I thank good I thought they change there minds but

all of the sudden I was shoved in my world became pitch black I Could breath I

couldn't move shit in front of me a giant cock in back I was being jammed deep

and deeper I t won't take long for me to die then a bursted form behide his

cummed and me parshly oozed out I lied there almost died heard him leave after

that what an asshole I thought I never knew what she saw in him just then I felt

the dizziness.

I woke to realize I was no longer in Christine's ass I was sitting on the

passenger seat off her car and I was 6 inches tall.

“Good morning my little man.”

I sat and gave her a look to let her no I wasn't happy about what had gone on


“Anthony don't be that way I'm sorry if it makes you feel any better I dumped

that asshole your all I need plus your adjustable.”

“why didn't you shrink him why not put him threw this hell.”

“funny you should bring that up I tried and I couldn't I guess it's just you.”

She looked down at me with a warm smile I felt maybe things would be different

maybe this could be fun maybe she would start treating me with respect and grow

me back.

“So are you going to grow me back?”

“maybe on day but I won't hold your breath......well maybe you should hold your


“what is that sopouse to mean?”

With that the dizziness came and I woke up only 1/2 inch tall I was standing on

someone gray that felt like carpet I looked over to see her giant white sock

behind me and her huge foot in front of me.

“ only had you 6 inches so I could keep track of you my parents are home so I

need to sneak you.”

She moved her foot closer to me spreading her toes apart she grabbed me with her

big and second toes she slid her sock on and shoe on.THe heat was instant the

smell was worse the I remember the sweat was every were I was being squeezed by

huge pink toes and I loved it.I felt my world fly up and down as she walked in

the house I heard mumbled talking she was talking to her parents when she

started playing with me with her toes she was moving them up and down rubbing

against me she could feel my little prick pushing in on her she kept going till

I came all over it. Then she just started going faster squeezing alittle hard I

came a second time and she started to walk again her shoe came off the her sock

she pulled me out and put me on her bed.

“I have fun.”

“you know I did.”

“good my turn”

I felt dizzy from all the energy I just spent I toke me some to wake up when I

did I was in a bed a normal bed I looked around everything was my size I was so

a happy.

“Christine where are you thank you I knew you turn me back I love you


The I heard a very loud and familiar giggle I look all around to see where it

was coming form then roof was ripped off and I saw Christine looking down on me.

“tricked you just an old doll house.”

she reached I and grabbed me around the waist I must of been 6 inches tall again

I looked and I saw she was naked again she cared me over to her bed where she

laid down she placed me on her right breasts didn't care what she was going to

do or say I just went right to work trying to suck that huge nipple my hand

trying to grab any of the flesh all around me my lower body was hanging down the

side so I slowly started pumping my self against her I heard her moan why I

faunally came on her. she reached down for me she grabbed me and slowly pulled

me along her stomach down to her bellbottom threw the dark patch of brown hair

to her waiting cunt I knew no matter what I said or did nothing was going to

stop her I said a pray then she slammed me head first in side her grabbing me

ankles she pumped me in and out I was being squeezed my all around it was hot

and wet and wonderful I was drowning in cum I was being shoved up a girls cunt

head first and I loved it she faunally came in one last finally sequzze and flow

of liquids she left me in I felt her let go my legs hanging out of her I

panicked I knew I could breath in there I start trashing around trying to free

my self all me squirming only got her hot against she grabed my legs and pumped

fast and hard and deeper I thought  I was going to die she faunally pulled me

out and threw me I flew threw the air till I came crashing down on something

soft I looked around a cloths hamper full of bras pantyhose and under wear.

“ I can't have you going any where so I'm bring you down to 1/2 again don't go

any where my little pet.”

“don't worry I can't.”

“oh before I forget my friend holly is spending the night tomorrow.”

Then I felt her shirking me so I lied down in what I could only guess was one of

her bra cups it didn't sink in till i  w as almost half a sleep holly is coming

over there was on thing always keeping me away form Christine besides the

faceted I was spineless she is BI sexual

I woke up wondering what was going to happen to em today was she going to take

me back to school with her of leave me home or even grow me back I just sat

there on her bra cup waiting for her to wake she finally did and came over to

the cloths hamper.

“I don't want to loose track of you at school so your going to stay here but

where can I keep.”

“Christine please grow me back I won't tell anyone I promise if I do you could

just shrink me to nothing.”

“don't be silly I would never kill you I love you my little pet.........I got it

so you don't get into trouble I'll get you a babysitter.”

“what! who?”

She reached down and garbed me I was 1/2 an inch so she was being careful she

slowly walked down the hall to her appearance room she walked over to her step

mom's dresser opened the drew and pulled out appear of panty hose dropped me in

and gave me kiss threw the mesh then placed me on top of the dresser. started to

crawl threw the mesh tunnel to the top. When her step mother woke up she garbed

hr cloths including me Dan went to the bath room she dropped em Dan hose on the

counter Dan started to UN dress her step mother was pretty about 30 she was

Hispanic so she AHD dark tan skin long dark brown hair. she went into the shower

I had to move I start crawling as fast as I could threw the hoses when the

shower stopped I was above the knee I froze hoping she won't see me. she got

dressed she didn't wear underwear she reached for the panty hose I fell down to

the to Dan she slid her hot in till she came to the bottom was forced between

her toes Dan she spruced her toes for a comfort fit.I thought she was going to

go to work with me but I remembered she doesn't work. I was trapped in her panty

house all day being walked around in the sweat and heat and friction this time

it wasn't arousing for me I guess cause it wasn't Christine about noon she sat

down to do sometinhg I made my move I pulled my self  out her toes and start

climbing my way about her leg I most o tickled her when I got the ankle cause

her right food came crashing down on me rubbing me against her leg dan the mesh

I climbed till I got to her thigh I wasn't sure what  I was doing I go up to

about mid thigh when she got up I held on to the mesh I could she were we were

going we stooped I climbed till I came to her crotch her smell was strong I

wondered why she would be excite abbot just staying home and doing every day

activates. All the sudden she pulled off her panty hose I jumped and garbed on

the only thing I could her pubic hair I held not he semi damp hair wondering

what was going on the hear d weird noise like buzzing then I saw it a huge blue

plastic vibrator I got louder and louder till it came in contact with her I hear

her let out a moan I fell off her hair only to me plunged in her cunt without he

vibrate everything was shaking it was hot a wet and I couldn't see this was

worse then last time I was only 1/2 and there was a huge vibrator trapping me in

I stayed there for what seemed like every she faunally pulled it and me out she

wen to give it a quick lick I thought when she did she licked me off and I fell

falling I hit her left tit I tried to pull my self up I was to slick dan I

slipped down in between her tanned boobs soft flesh every were I stayed there

all day in between her tits when I heard. Christine open the door.

“Sarah I'm home and I brought holly with me.”

How was I going to get out of here and when I did what was going to happen to


Christine walked over to Sarah and bent down like she was staking her shoes of

while she did she looked at her step mother's feet looking for Anthony but there

was no sign they went up to her Sarah's room to look.

“find anything holly?”

“no but he is so small why don't you make him bigger so we can find him.”


Mean while down stairs be between her tits and her sitting on the couch I felt

dizzy I thought Christine was shrinking me I pasted out when I woke up I was 6

inches and being held by Sarah.

“your awake you little shit what the fuck were you doing down there and what the

fuck are you”

“I'm a friend of Christine she shrank me and put me in your panty hose but got

out and trapped in your shirt.”

“so what can I do to punish you?”

I looked around and noticed we were no longer in the living room bottle

bathroom. she was looking a me with a smile. she placed me on the sink counter

and bent down to get a bottle of something she squirt some on her hand and on my

head it was baby oil she slowly cover my body rubbing it in she slowly work her

huge hand down to me prick she slowly moved her hand over it moving in circle I

was quickly aroused she slowly rubbed then form behead she start pushing her

oiled up pinky in my ass I shout out in pain which bad her pump hard she played

even more with my dick while fucked me up the ass I was about to cum when she


“nope sorry this is punishment.”

I  didn't care I need to cum so I garbed my dick and start jerking off so garbed

me pining my arms to my side she turned so her ass was facing me she used her

free hand to pull down her panties I saw her huge naturally tanned ass she

turned me so I my feet were facing her anus she slowly work my feet in to her

ass the my legs the my mid body she pushed me in till only me shoulders and head

where out she let her checks slam shut around me. then I guess she put her

panties and back on and left she walk and my face was being rubbed raw on both

sides she sat down crushing me this was worse then with Christine I was bigger I

felt pain like never before this wen on all night while Christine and holly

searched for me.after couple hours I heard something then light but only for a

second a saw water far below me she was sitting on toilet the felt some sort of

push form behead and I fell in this time was 6 inches so it was easier. I

noticed this toilet was white not a black one this was the on in Christine's


I saw the lights go I out I stayed in there for only a couple of minutes when I

heard the light come back on thought not again but the heard person speak.

“I will only be minute Chris”

it was holly

This time I was bigger there was no way I couldn't get her attention I swam back

to see what was going on. I saw holly she was about the same height as height

about 5'3 she was had red hair Dan blue eyes small her breastes maybe a B she

was taking of her shirt she wasn't using the bath room she was taking a shower.

“holly is it could you help me out here.”

“We've been looking for you Anthony? right”

she reached down pulled me out placed me on a towel and dried me off

“height! I've found him.”

she came in the bathroom

“have a good day with Sarah?”

“no no I didn't she almost killed me never leave me with her again.”

“will see you not what makes me feel better after a hard day a nice warm


“I won't think we could fit three in her Christine but I don't think it's going

to be a problem.”

They both hurried and toke there cloths off  something told me this wasn't the

first time they been naked together there they stood to giantess looking down on

me Christine's tits did put holly's to shame put holly didn't seem to be

embraced the look at each other and start kiss holly reach Dan start playing

with Christine's nipple which most of been rock hard by now. Christine still

kissing holly reached for me she picked me up and broke her embrace with holly

and start kissing me she almost sucked half my body in her mouth he tounge

playing with me it's warm tip traveling all over my body heard the shower come

on next thing I new I was in the shower with them Christie put me on the floor

between them the water rushed off them like rivers water was falling all round

me I could barely stand.

“well do you need an innovation or are you going to wash are feet.”

I walked over to Christine first she squirt some body wash down on her foot I

washed her foot trying to prey her toes apart cleaning every inch then I went to

go the other foot we something garbed me from behind it taws holly she brought

me up to her face she squirt bath wash on  Christine tit's and start scrumming

me on them I slid  across the soft wet surface of her tit holy shoved my face in

to her nipple I began suck all the sudden they start kissing again crushed me

between the breastes. grinding up and down nipples on moth side rubbing up and

down me I came but I didn't think they even noticed Christine pulled me from

between there tits and start running me over Hollis body then she turned around

she pulled me threw holly's crack scrubbing em harder and harder. she finally

pulled me out and turned off the shower the to girl's got dressed in panties and

just t shirts they carried me in to there room. sat me onto bed and sat on each

side of me.

“who's in the mood for truth or dare.”

“if I said I wasn't would you care.”

“nope holly you go first.'

“Christine truth or dare?”


“who do you have  a crush on in are school.”

“I'll give you a hint he is only 6 inches tall.”

What was I hearing she like me but she treats me like and objected I don't

understand her.

“ok holly truth or dare?”

“dare of Crosse.”

Christine was thinking and looking at me then a smile came across her face

“I dare you to something discussing with Anthony anything truly nasty first

thing that comes to you.”

Holly looked at me and grabbed and she placed me in the back of her panties I've

been in this situation before I was wonder what she was going to do then I felt

this rumble with in her the a burst of foul smelling gas knocked me back up

against  her silk panties the smell was horrible she pulled me out it was truly

nasty. they were both giggling at me I was some what dizzy form lack of fresh


“truth or dare Chris”


Holly seemed to have her question all in mind she leaned over and whispered in

Christine ear. she got a big grin on her face.

“I don't know I'll try.”

With that she closed her eyes I felt the dizziness like she was going to change

my height but the it turned in to a tingle spreading my crouch just  then it

started to grow my penis starting getting bigger it went past my knee and was

getting bigger then my leg my balls were swelling spreading my legs I fell 

forward form  t he new found weight soon it was bigger then me finally she

stooped at 8 inches she turned it back to normal.

“damn Christine you did it he wasn't half bad when her was normal.”

“I never knew he had it in him.”

“ok holly truth or dare?”

“wait what about me what about this!”

they seemed to pay no attention


“suck off little man.”

she reached down and garbed me by my huge cock started sucking in I just huge

there with my balls like I was nothing. just then I feet the tingle again

Christine was making me bigger I went to 10 -15 inches holly was having a hard

time taking all off it then with my ball so big I had to cum.

“I can't I can't do it.'

“watch a pro.”

she picked me up by my twice as big as me cock and took off her shirt placed me

blow her tits and she pushed them together moving me up and down I was so big my

head still fit in her mouth she was licking me faster and faster she pumped my

ball crashing done on me she kept it up the I faunally about to come holly was

starring she pulled me out of her mouth and from out her tit turned head of my

peens towards follow and start jerking me off I came and shout hot cum all over

holly I won't stop more and more came out splurging all over her face.

“you bitch clean it off.”

Christine leaned over and start licking my cum off holly they start kiss I felt

my penis start t o shrink she was turning it back to normal the I felt the

dizziness she was changing my height bigger or smaller? and what was she plan on

doing  next.

I tried to rub my eyes but I couldn't I turned moving at all but could I turned

my head to see what was going on I couldn't see what I was behind me all I knew

was I was tied to something and couldn't move.The a saw Christine's face appear

in front of me

“oh goody he is up time to let the fun being.”

“do you think he knows?”

“knows what! what is going on”

All the sudden I felt and upward lift what every I was tied to was being moved

up then I looked straight ahead at the mirror. I saw holly standing naked with a

black strap on harnessed around her. They had tied me to it. Just then my view

was block by the mass Christine she was sucking on holly's nipples I moved as

much as I could trying to free my self. then Christine moved to lie on the bed

rising her knees spreading her self. I felt a down ward movement I felt like was

moving at the speed of light I looked up to see Christine's pussy getting bigger

and bigger right went I thought I was going to be crushed in to it. she stopped

I hear Christine laugh.

“ok holly if you say so.”

a huge hand came around me cover with some sort o sticky thick cream I cover me

and the strap on I couldn't tell what it was just then  Christine moved her cunt

flew by and was replaced by he ass. she moved her hands an spread her checks

holly slowly pushed me forward. the tip light touched her anus. Christine

shrived holly seemed to be waiting. the she shoved forward pushing me and the

strappy threw her thigh asshole it was worse then I had remembered I couldn't

see or breath I could her her shit covering me she pushed deeper and deeper then

adman ever did it lasted for ever she rammed me till I thought I was going to

die the I passed out.

I woke up all wet and floating I was in the toilet.

“what what are you doing to me.”

Christine sat on the seat

“NOT THIS! anything but this please”

my word we cut off by a huge rush of pee flowing in to the toilet. she finally

stopped and I heard the same staring noise as before she started to taking a

shit it I swam to the side learning from my past times. it came crashing in tot

he water I swam over to it rest. she got up and saw holly looking down  at me

the her hand reached over for the handle I thought she was going to do it to.

but Christine got me out carried me in to her bed room holly got I bed they

looked like they were going to go to sleep. I thank god there was nothing they

could do to me if I was a sleep. holly swang her leg out of the bed in front of

Christine she took of the sock and drooped me in I felt the dizziness I went

form 3 to 1/2 inch. the holly put her foot in was lying under her toes side was

she was playing with me under the cover moving her toes all over my body it got

hot and sweaty then I think she fell asleep. I was extremely excited from all

the movements I started rubbing my hard prick all over her toes.THen her right

foot came crashing on top of me I guess I was tickling her in her sleep she

girnded me into her foot with the other one I chummed on her foot but not with

out the pain of begin crushed. finally feel a sleep I wasn't a sleep long before

I heard the alarm go off. I woke up in a panic the alarm there going to wake up

that means one of 2 things NE I'm going to school again or two spending the day

with Sarah for  once in my life I wanted to go to school

they also heard the alarm and slowly started to get up holly pulled off her sock

and threw it and me over to Christine. she looked down in to see if I was all


“good morning hope you slept well.”

“no not really what are you plan on doing with me today?”

“hadn't really thought about that I guess I could grow you back”



holly started laughing and Christine gave me a smirk she was thinking what she

could do with me. take me to school leave me here give me to Sarah. She sat and

thought about for 10 minutes.

“I have no clue my step mom will kill you I don't feel like caring you around

all day and if I leave you here you will escape.”

“no I won't I promise I'll stay right were you put me all day.”

“Ok I'm trusting you little man

She bent down and gave me a kiss good bye and then holly begin only 1/2 inch I

was cover in there spit.

"um be fore you go could you change me if something happens I won't be able to

do anything about it at my height."

"ok up you go."

I blacked out Dan when I woke up I was 3 inches tall I smelled shit I looked

around  Dan saw I was on a pair of dirty panties I guess complements of holly I

was on top of her bed I knew if I left  I would be punished so I stayed put and

lied down enjoying a day of hour passed and I heard some one come in

the room I pulled part of the panties over me to hide it was Sarah. She was

looking threw Christine draws.

"Come out come out were ever you are little man I know she put you some where

come out and play I won't hurt......much."

I thought if I stood still and didn't move she won't find me she looked and

looked she I thought she was about to leave when she sat down on the bed right

in front of me the bed sank under her weight I looked up she had her back


"you know little guy my friend from across the street has a cat I bet she could

help me find you."

I knew she was crazy Anton to do it she would let the cat eat me alive or worse

she would eat me alive I made a dissection to let my self me found by hear not

some huge house cat.

"behead you I'm behind you!"

She started to lie down I knew she heard me she was just trying to crush me a

ran as her back decide to the bed I jumped just as she came to rest on I ran

starlight in to her arm.

"oh there you are little guy."

She pinched me between her thumb and index finger lifted me to her face ready

for somefun.

"what are you going to do with me?

"oh nothing really we are just going shopping."

With that she pulled down the front of her shirt Dan bra and put me in the cup

and let it tap back trapping me against her huge tanned tit.She got up and left

I was begin bounced around the whole way she got hard and her nipple pushed in

to me. Threw out the day it got hot very hot in her bra and she started to sweat

was being crushed and suffocated at the sometime. Then I started feeling dizzy

at first I thought it was from lack of are but then realized it was Christine

but I didn't pass out it was the tingle form last night she was making me dick

big again. I was 3 inches and my dick now 2 Sarah noticed this and she knew

every one else would to soon so she went to the car and pulled me out and placed

me on the seat it was about 5 inches now swelling pushing my legs apart.

"keep that up little one I have plans for you.'

Christine dint let up it grew 8 then 9 then 12 then 16 inches it was over 5

times bigger then be I was just it just looked like a giant dick with something

small at the back of the balls. Sarah garbed me and carried me in to the house

she couldn't get her cloths off fast Anton by the time we were nit he bed room

she was naked. She sat on the bedfellow her legs and drifted me toward her ass

she shoved my dick as far as it would go and she start moving up and down up and

down crushing me under my balls and her huge weight I thought I was going to die

till came like last night I had seem like gallons of it this cough Sarah by

surprise. She pulled me out still summing I shout cum all over her she licked me

clean and placed me on the bed where she sat up I moved my had guess my huge

cock won't let me move I looked up at the clock it said 12:00 I had atlas 3 more

hours of this then I felt the tingle I was going back to normal either Christine

was changing me back or she just forgot about me so the effects where wearing

off  I was back to proportion at 3 inches I thought maybe I would grow back in

height but I didn't then I heard Sara on the phone.

"hey Amy you have to come over and bring Steve to and hurry."

She looked down at me with a evil smile 3 giantess what if they were all like

Sarah I was scared really scared

Just then I heard front door open and slam shut they were already here what was

going to happen to me Sarah got up and put on a robe and left.

"don't go anywhere littleone."

As soon as she left i sprang to my feet and ran to the end of the bed i bent

down ready to climb to the floor when i heard her and some oen talking.

"sarah were is her i want him now!"

it was christine and she sounded pissed she ran in and grabbed me nearly

crushing me in her angered grip. she move fast there the hall the world swriled

by 100 miles per hour  when we got to her room she threw me  i hit and rolled on

the bed i fanil stop with my face on holly's panties face stuck in the skid mark

she left me.

"goddamn i hate that damn school it gets me so fuckin mad."

she sat lied down on her side her tits came carashing down on me there whieght

traped me i was running out of air i couldn't move i thought she was going to

kill me when she pulled me out.

"damn your a pain in my ass."

she sat up so her legs were on ethier side of me her wearing shorts her milky

white legs strecthed out for every i tried to climb over her thigh but couldn't

she just knocked me down. Then i felt it she was changing me again when i woke

up she had me in her hand i was only 1 inch. She stood up adn pulled down her

shorts and panties and tossed me down on them i knew what was happen she pulled

them up i was wsiked staright up her ass i was traped between her cheech as she

walked i was sucked up deeper her panties and shorts pusing me i had no clue

where we were going she onyl walked for a mintue then i felt her sit her

crushing down on my then after about 10 she walked again i thought i heard

talking. there was more movement the i felt her go down i thought she was

sitting but when we stoped there was no persure the some she pulled of her

shorts i could tell cause a great rush of geat left and it got cooler the her

panties were goin i started moveing when i say i gaint pink tounge come down it

pushing me down back up it to her auns it moved all over me and christine's ass

looked it was holly she had her faced shove in chris's ass moving me all around

i was coverd in shit an spit i could her christine goraning as holly pushed her

touge deep in her runing it between my legs storkeing em and probing her at the

same time i cam eall over the huge hot tounge she moved her face out the sotcked

her fingure in and got me out christine sitting there with no pants and holly

with some shit on her nose.

"holly your turn what do you want to do with him?"

"i don't know can think about it just change him to about 3 inches nad can i

keep him for the night"

"well i don't know le me ask him.....anthony you want to stay with holly


"NO! christine change me back please or just let me stay with you i love you why

are you doing this to me!"

"he said he love to."

chrsitne got up and put her panties and shorts back on and left giving me a

quick kiss good bye and closeingher eyes i black out while she changed my size i

woke up smelling nothing but feet i  i tired to move i looked around all i saw

was pink then on my side i saw bright white i was in holly's sock she could feel

me wake and she started playing with me moving her sweaty toes all over me it

was hot and smelly and it was very erotic it seemed like only christie could get

me to feel that way about feet but holly was sure trying she was proding and and

playing and doing every thing with her little toes which weren't that little to

me i knew holly was alot sicker the christine i only preied i live threw it.

"ok times up!"

i wondered what she ment she pulled of her sock and she put me on the table next

to her bed she had a bag in her hand.

"in this bag ant i have 100 things i can do with you and i'm going to pick one

every hour and your sock hour is up and it is time for..."

she stuck her hand in bad and moved it around i hear paper shuffling she pulled

it out and hand it to me it was like news paper to me the letters a foot tall.

"would you beleave me if i told you it said get christine to turn me back?"

"no read it"

"it just say panties"

"oh i was hoping for that."

she got up and walked over to her hamper she pulled of her panties and threw

them in the hamper adn pulled out an older pair.

"these are the ones form the night i came over they kinda stick but that's the


she pciked me up and put me in there they did stick and she kinda had and oder

not really bad but not he greates i ws smashed againts her pussy red hair above

me pink wet cunt all around she really like this cuase she rubbed me in over and

over again form the out side she won't let up for the whole hour just rubbing me

was covered in her fluid at the end of the hour she pulled me out sat me on a

pillow and went right in to the bag again haned it to me.


"It says..."

I stoped cause i didn't know what she ment.

"read it!"


"oh ok"

  she went to the bathroom and came back with deoderent she stukc me on top and

rolled me over her red stub ander her arm and them slamed her amr agaisnt her

slef traping me there the smell of it was every were the heat and moster was

almost as bad as ehr panties i think she turned heat on jsut to sweat she would

move her arm over and over again just to make me raw then the hour was up i was

almost up set atleast this wasn't the worst thing she could do.

"ok next"

she looked threw the bag




"Damn i don't want any of these."

"why don't you jsut do what you want already."

"ok you asked for it she picked me up and moved me down the hall to the


"not this again please no."

"You asked."

she droped me in to the toliet i knew there was ntohign to be done she started

peeing the urin came crashing down the fumes every were the she started shiting

in came crashing down i held on to it but hse did not get up she sat there for

10 mintues then shit again then wiped and looked down at me.

"your staying her tonight if your not flushed in the moring then i'll give you


sat th

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