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       Hippolyta's Girdle


                      (The Dangers of Amazonian Lingerie)

"Vanessa, a package came for you", Steve bellowed, "It's from that crazy sister

of yours",he said quieter.

"Stop tallking about Valerie that way,  you know it ticks me off", Vanessa said,

as she walked into the room.

She was closer than he thought.

"I wonder what it is", he mused aloud as he examined the rectangular box on all


"Just shut up and give me the package" Vanessa quiped, grabbing it from him.

"Hey, I'm sorry, but you gotta admit, some of her ideas are off the wall".

"Humph", was her reply, as she sat down on the sofa and began to unwrap the


Although he didnt really care much for Vallerie, he was interested in what she

had sent.

The return adress was in Asia Minor.

'What is that crazy witch doing in Asia Minor', he thought.

He watched her gingerly unwrap the package, 'she always takes for ever trying to

preserve the wrapping paper', he thought to himself.

Finally she got it opened and took the box out.

To his dismay she began to read the card rather than open the box right away, he

peeked over her shoulder as she read it.


I know it has been awhile since you have heard from me, but I need your help.

The package I have sent you contains a garment.

Not just any garment, but a very rare and valuble piece.

It is very old, although we have yet to determin its true age.

The government here is holding me, and will not let me leave.

They know I have found it, but cannot prove it.

Ha ha, thats because I sent this to you immediately.

There are rich metal fibers woven among the cloth.

There is good evidence that the fibers in this garment came from the girdle of


Remember when we used to tell stories about her and the amazons.

Anyway, it has VERY SPECIAL properties, you must keep it a secret and safe guard





Dont worry about me, they cannot hold me indefinitely, and the american embassy

say's I will be released soon, See you then.

Steve stifled a chuckle, then snickered, then laughed aloud.

"Who the hell is hypolyta, and what does her underwear have to do with

anything", he said through guffaws.

"Don't you dare laugh at my sister", Vanessa said, clearly iratated'"she's a

well respected anthropologist, I swear, for a collage educated man, somtimes you

can be dense".

"Well respected or not", Steve enjoined, "she's way out in left field".

"What are you saying", she said, understanding his meaning fully.

"I'm saying", he straightened himself, "that she's so far left of center, she's

not even on the road anymore.

Anger flashed in her eyes, instead of saying anything she turned her attention

the the box she was holding.

Releasing the ends, she dumped a cream colored garment into her hands.

She examined it as she let it unfold onto her lap.

It looked just like a piece of lingerie, even sexy,

When she held it up for a better look, she could see many colors of light

refracted in all directions.

"Look at this Steve", she said, momentarily forgetting her anger,

"I am", he repied, "sheesh, this could sell millions to the MTV crowd".

It appeared to be a normal full slip, such as the type that women wear under a

buisiness suit.

Except that it was very large, larger than anything he had seen made for a


The shoulder straps were far enough appart to accomodate an average man.

It seemed to shine with an energy all its own, 'like aurora borealis', he


He had thoughts of seeing Vanessa in it, 'hmmmmmm yummy', lust began to rise in

him rapidly.

"Honey",he began, do you think.......ummmmmmm, would you....ahh....."

"Try it on", she interupted him, cocking her head to the side in a feminine

manner and smiling.

"Uhhhh.......yeah", he said.

'Damnit, I hate that', he thought, but he couldnt help his reaction.

Steve controled every aspect of thier lives,............every aspect, that is,

but sexually, in that area Vanessa always had control, so he felt he had to ask.

He considered himself somewhat of a "mans man", at 6'3", a trim and toned 245,

successful executive at a prestigous electrical engineering firm, he was a

natural leader of men.

He should be demanding that she wear it, but that would get him nowhere, so he

would do what she asked.

He could'nt help himself, at 5'2" 105 lbs., 34c cup breasts, shoulder length

blond hair, she was, in spite of her small size, a knock out, and whenever she

used her 'feminine wiles' he responded.

Vanessa took the slip by the shoulders and shook it out in front of her.

It reached down just passed her knees.

"Uhhhh, I dont think this is going to fit", she said.

And she was right, it was nearly twice as wide as she was.

"C'mon hun", he pleaded, "the thought of you in that really starts my motor".

"Would you look at the size of this thing", she mused, "I'd feel like a little

girl trying to play in her mommy's clothes".

"Whats wrong with that", he said, "besides", he grinned, "your almost the size

of a little girl".

She glared up at him and her eyes flashed anger, "you wear it if it turns you on

so much".

With that, she slammed the garment into his chest and went to the couch to sit


She plopped down roughly and folded her arms in front of her.

'Arrrghh', she thought, 'why did the big oaf have to ruin everything'.

'God I wish that for just one time he knew what it was like to be small and


She tried to work out, to make herself strong, but no matter how hard she tried,

she just never gained any strength.

Steve had bought her some arobic hand weights to work out with, but she had

taken to using his bench press and weights.

He never liked this much, having to bring it back to 200 lbs. from 40 lbs.

The last time he had said to her, "why dont you use the weights I bought you to

work out, its not going to do you a bit of good bench press, your to slender to

put on much muscle".

'GRRRRR', she didn't want to put on a bunch of muscles, she really didnt want to

get bigger, just stronger.



Now Steve knew full well she was very sensitive about her stature.

He knew he just stepped on the other side of an invisible line.

He put a hand on her shoulder in a last attempt, "sorry Vanessa", he started.

"Look,... you can be the little girl playing in mommy's clothes and daddy can

come home to catch you,.......and administer some punishment" he said, and

smiled again.

"I'm not going to be your little girl", she said and shrugged his hand away.

'Damn', he thought, he had alot of tension built up by this time.

"Oh well, whatever", he said curtly, "I'm going to go 'WORK OUT' then".

He tossed the slip towards her and it landed over her head.

"Dont you mean whack off", she yelled after him jerking the slip from her

head,"You might as well, thats all your going to get buster".

After he left she looked again at the slip she held.

Running her fingers lightly over it, she felt how soft it was.

'It does make me feel sexy, no wonder he wanted me to try it on'.

A grin spread across her face, as a tingly sensation worked its way around her

thighs and up to her breasts.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm", an audible moan escaped her lips.

She took the garment and headed for her bedroom.

Laying it on the bed she stripped off her shorts and top.

Picking it up, she went and stood before the full length mirror.

A soft sigh escaped her lips, as she ran the slip over her naked body.

Steve walked into the workout room and spied his weights.

'Damn', they only had one barbell on each side, 'she's been at it again'.

As he added the barbells, his mind kept straying to that slip.

All those colors, the soft feel, the way it seemed to draw him towards it.

He once again started thinking about Vanessa wearing it.

A warmth started building in his groin, so that by the time he had the required

weight, he didnt want to workout anymore.

"Screw this", he said, and turned to head back to the livingroom and find his


When he arrived he saw she was gone, 'humm' he thought as he headed upstairs.

He was almost to the door of their bedroom when he heard his wife sigh.

He peeked around the door slyly and came up short.

There was his wife, naked, standing in front of the mirror, moaning and rubbing

the slip all over her lithe body.

She rubbed it around her thighs then through her legs slowly and gently.

Then brought it up and cupped both her breasts with it, moaning softly as she


Steve put his own hand over his groin and began to massage his manhood, which

was already raging.

He watched, facinated, as Vanessa brought the slip up to her head and began to

put it on.

He had to fight an urge to ravish her there and then, but he watched on,


She brought the slip over her head and let it fall to its full length, another,

louder, moan came from her lips.

Then, as he watched, the slip began to glow, dimly, then brighter.

Then it started shrinking, molding itself to Vanessa's body, until it looked

like it was made for her.

As soon as the light of the slip died out, her reflection in the mirror looked

right at him.

For some reason he had the urge to run, later he would wish he had.

She turned and looked directly at him, hands on her hips.

"Wha, what just happened", he stammered.

She just looked at him, "the garment fits now..........come to me", she said


An animal passion erupted in Steve.

He covered the distance between them in a flash and swept her up, throwing her

on the bed.

He took his shorts off and started to take his t-shirt off, but before he could,

Vanessa grabbed him by it, and pulled him onto the bed.

"Whoa" he cried, startled by the force with which she pulled him down.

He lay flat on his back as she crawled on top of him slowly.

Then she grabbed the front of his t-shirt with both hands, and seperated them.

To his suprise, she had half his shirt in each hand.

She tossed it aside and lay prone on him, aternately licking,kissing, and biting


She reached down and pulled his tool upright, then impaled herself on him.

Once he had entered her, she began to buck like a wild mustang.

They made love 3 times right there, each with her on top.

During the 3rd session, she had actually begun to hurt him, coming down on his

groin fully with all her weight.

'Boy she must really be putting on some weight', he thought.

He reached his hands up to just above her hips, to slow her down.

She growled and took his wrist, and to his surprise slammed them down on the bed

beside his head.

Then his head began to spin, then blackness.


When he awoke he saw his wife had taken off the slip and was putting on her

spandex shorts.

She noticed he was awake and walked to the bed.

"Hey", she said gently, "how do you feel", she placed a hand on his head to

guage his body temp.

"Hey yourself", he replied weakly, "I feel drained, what happened".

"I dont know, she replied, one minute we were having a good time, the next you

just went limp, I didnt hurt you......did I", she smiled playfully.

"Not likely" he lied, feeling the soreness around his hips, "whats up, where are

you going".

"I'm going to workout for awhile, why dont you join me........if you feel up to

it", she laughed and started out of the room.

"Funny you", he called after her, "I changed the weight back, so be careful

changing the barbells".

Vanessa stepped into the workout room and looked at the bench.

She walked over to it and looked at the bar and barbells.

Then she looked at her slender arms wistfully, 'to bad they will never be able

to lift that kind of weight', she thought.

Her arms were smooth and feminine, with just the smallest trace of a female


Although she like her female shape and didnt want bulging muscles, she wished

that she was stronger.

She stepped over behind the bench and looked again at the bar laying there.

'Wouldnt it just be great to be able to reach down', she reached down and

encircled the bar with her slender hands, 'and lift this right up'.

She lifted on the bar experimentally, and to her surprised joy, it came right up

with her hands.

She was so surprised and shocked, that she dropped the bar to the floor with a


Steve heard a resounding thud coming from the workout room and knew immediately

what had happened.

He got up and started to run down the hall, but it seemed to take alot more

effort than he remembered.

His legs seemed heavier, and his arms more cumbersome.

He found himself actually having to push himself to keep running.

But he pushed foward and arrived at the door slightly out of breath.

He burst in and saw Vanessa standing there with a shocked look on her face.

He ran over and grabbed her by the shoulder, "Are you alright", he asked


When she didnt answer he gripped harder,'hard enough', he thought, 'to get her


But she seemed stiff, and he was having a hard time moving her.

He shook her, very hard it seemed to him, and yelled, "Vanessa are you alright".

She seemed to come out of a trance and looked up at him.

"Wha what.........oh slipped".

"Well I guess it would" he said agitated, "you could have been seriously hurt,

what in the hell were you thinking".

"I dont really just slipped".

"Good lord Vanessa, you should know better than to mess with that much weight,

thats how much I workout with, far to much for you to move".

Steve bent down to pick the barbell up off the floor, he encircled the bar and

lifted with enough strength to pick it up.

It didnt move.

He lifted again............and again the bar refused to come off the floor.

He glanced towards Vanessa and saw she was eying him suspiciously.

He straightened out and centered himself on the bar, bent down and tried again.

The bar didnt cooperate for a third time

He gritted his teeth and lifted with all his might.

Still the bar did not move.

A large breath escaped as he stopped and stood up.

With a growl he attacked the barbell, grunting, and groaning, and moaning.

Determination showed on his face as he strained.

Vanessa watched him strain, she looked at his arms, his muscles didnt seem to be

responding, they looked like he was relaxing in front of the tv.

When Steve gave up again and stood, he had only managed to move the bar a few

inches on the floor.

She looked at him and a sudden realization dawned on her.

'I lifted that bar with what seemed like ease, and Steve can't budge it'.

'I wonder', She thought, then said, "whats wrong Steve, cant you lift it"

"I dunno", he replied, "I guess I'm sicker than I thought".

She moved foward and placed a hand on his right arm, and one on his forehead.

"You dont really feel hot", she said.

Then she sqeezed his bicep slightly, it was as big as ever, but felt 'soft,

pliant', she thought.

"Hey", Steve jumped, "not so hard", he tried to pull away from her, but for some

reason, she still had his arm in her hand.

She suddenly let go and a smile crossed her face.

"Hmmmmmmm, not feeling up to the job huh?, let me have a try.

She moved towards the barbell.

Steve stepped in front of her, "what do you think your doing"? he asked.

"I'm going to put the bar back on the stand honey".

With that, she grasped him firmly by the shoulders, and moved him aside.

She stepped in front of the bar, looked at her husband, flipped her hair.

"Watch this", she bent down and grasped it, then with a small grunt stood up

with the bar in her hands.

She looked at her husbands face and saw the shock it registered, if his lower

jaw wasnt attached, it would be on the ground.

She shrugged at him and placed it on the bench, took a towel and wiped her hands


She turned to face him, hands on hips, and said, "what do you think of that


" did you.........but you cant.........what the hell is going

on here".

Her face was full of confidence.

"It must be some kind of did you lift that".

"Oh its no trick, I think my training is paying off, dont you"? she asked


"This just doesn't make sense, how could you lift it when I couldnt", Steve

wondered aloud.

"Oh it makes perfect sense, if you think about it", Vanessa said, "remember my

crazy sister and her off the wall ideas, is it sinking in yet".

"The girdle" they each spoke in unison.

"You think it made me weaker, and made you stronger", Steve said.

"Yep, and not only that, I believe that it swapped our strength".

"Come on Vanessa, I'm more than a foot taller, and weigh more than twice as much

as you".

He flexed his arm, but it did not respond, he felt it, and was shocked at how

soft it felt.

"Whats wrong hun, having trouble finding your strength", she teased, "why I've

got it right here".

She flexed her arm and it seemed as soft and smooth as ever.

"You cant seriously think that your stronger than me", Steve said, it wasnt a


"Welllll", she said and looked over towards the bar.

"Cmon Vanessa, that was a fluke, there is no way your stronger than me" he said.

"How about a little test then", she said playfully, "a contest in

fact...........lets wrestle".

"I dont want to hurt you babe, better forget that", he retorted.

"Ohhhhhhh I dont think we need to worry about that", she smiled, "but I'll try

not to hurt you".

"You really want to wrestle me", she nodded, "ok.....but i dont want to hear you

cry when when I spank your ass for you".

She pursed her lips into a kiss and exposed her backside to him,

" be gentle daddy".

"C'mon", he said as he moved to the middle of the room, "lets get this over


"OK" she replied, and walked to the center of the room, giving her hips an

exaggerated feminine sway.

"Are you ready" he asked when she got there.

"Yup", she replied.

He sprang on her right away, bent down, grabbed both legs, and tried to lift


She stifled a giggle and crossed her arms in front of her when he tried again.

"Don't you remember Steve", she said sweetly, as he struggled to lift her, "I

could never lift more than 70 to 80 pounds, and I must weigh, what,.........a

heavy 105, Thats well out of your range now babe".

Steve grunted and pushed foward with all his might, trying to knock her off

balance,...... he nearly succeded.

His sudden attack took Vanessa by surprise and she stumbled backwards.

She quickly uncrossed her arms and grabbed him by the shoulders.

He was driving her back, but she got a leg out and applied some power.

They were both surprised at how easily she stopped his progress.

She looked down at him pushing on her, using all his diminished strength while

she was barely trying.

"My my Steven", she again teased, "you sure were alot stronger than

me..........WERE", she laughed.

She started to push a little harder and he lost a step, she pushed again and he

lost 2.

'What is wrong with me, I cant let this happen', he thought, and redoubled his


Vanessa started giggling when she saw his feet start slipping on the carpet as

he tried to push her back.

"AWWWWW, your really trying hard arn't you, well I admire your spirit, you keep

trying Steve".

She began to push him back farther now, farther still.

Poor Steve was trying his best, his feet were searching for something to grip on

the floor when they found the wall.

He pushed one last time with all his might, but he was pushed upright, and then

back against the wall.............pinned.

Vanessa planted her small body against his larger one and pushed him into the


He put his hands on her shoulders in a vain attempt to fend her off, but he was

to weak.

"Tsk tsk", she said, "I guess you dont get to 'spank my ass today' hmmmmm


"What was that", she said and pushed with her legs, making it harder for him to


"Let me go", he managed.

"Say please", she said.

When he didn't respond she pushed harder still.

Steve was a game fighter and didnt give up easily, but eventually his need to

breathe overroad his pride.

"Please", he gasped after a few moments.

"Ok", Vanessa said, and suddenly stepped aside.

Steve launched himself off the wall and landed on the floor.

"That was all you needed to say", she quiped, and smiled down at him.

He rolled over and started to rise, but suddenly she dropped to her knees,

placed a hand on his chest and pushed him back down.

She straddled his chest and grabbed his wrists in her hands.

He knew what she intended and started thrashing and bucking, trying to throw her

off, but he couldnt seem to lift her.

She smiled at him as she slowly pinned his arms down to the floor.

"My, how the mighty do tumble", she teased, and bent down and licked his face.

"Vanessa, please let me up, you hurt me".

She looked in his eyes and saw his complete humiliatiom.

Her heart melted in her chest, and she got off him and helped him to his feet.

"I'm really sorry Steve", she said truly, "I didnt mean to hurt you".

She hugged him gently.


"Vanessa, what are we going to do........what if this is permenant........what

if I cant get my strength back.........We cant go through life this way", he

cried excitedly.

"Speak for yourself", she murmered under her breath.

"What" he said, " how can you joke now".

"Relax", she said evenly, "I'm sure the girdle caused this, there doesn't seem

to be anything we can do about it for now".

"But we have to do somthing", he said, "we cant just sit here and do nothing".

"What are we gonna do Steve" she said flatly, "Vallerie is the only one who

knows anything about this thing, and she's being detained for now in asia minor

of all places, so until she gets here...we just have to get by the best we can".

"I'm going to go check that slip out better". He said.

"Great hun, you go see what you can figure out", she replied, "I'm going to have

some fun with the weights".

"With my strength", he said, as he turned to go.

"Not anymore", she laughed to herself.

Steve stormed out of the room and towards the stairs.

'How can she be so flippant about this, doesn't she see what damage this could

do to their life as they know it'.

He ascended the stairs, still sore and winded from his wrestling match with


He felt his ribs, still tender from her crushing him against the wall.

'It's not fair', he thought as he rounded the hallway towards their bedroom,

'I've never hurt her, just wait till things are back to normal, then I'll show


He stormed into the room and picked up the slip, 'damn this thing', he thought.

He examined the garment closly.

There were bronze colored fibers woven into it at irregular intervals.

He saw tiny light coming from these fibers.

They seemed to capture the light, and cast it back in marvelous tints and hues.

Other than that there was absolutly nothing special about it.

For twenty more minutes he looked the garment over, front and back, upside down

and inside out.

He could find nothing to help him.

He heard Vanessa in the bathroom taking a shower.

"Damnit, because of this damn thing she has all my strength".

Then an idea struck him.

If the girdle took his strength away...........why couldnt it bring it back.

'She was wearing it and she got my strength and I got hers', he reasoned, 'so if

I put it on, maybe it will reverse'.

It was a longshot, he had to admit, and he didnt like the idea of wearing womens

underwear, but at this point he was desperate enough to try anything.


He looked at the slip in his hand, shrugged his shoulders, 'what the hell', and

began to put it on.

It was Vanessa's size, and he had trouble at first getting it beyond his head

and shoulders.

He pushed and pulled and squeezed his bulk into the flimsy garment.

It felt incredibly soft against his body.

He hoped it wouldnt rip out, but it seemed amazingly resilient.

Suddenly he felt a warm sensation throughout his body.

He looked down at the slip and it was glowing faintly, then a little brighter.

'I think its working', he thought as a numbness crept over his arms, leggs, and


Then he noticed that the slip seemed to altering shape.

'It is working.........its growing to my size, just like it shrunk to Vanessa's


Then somthing unexpected happened.

The slip continued to expand beyond what would be his size.

He watched it lengthen down his his legs, he could feel the soft material

growing and expanding around his body, it was more than a little pleasurable,

sending goosebumps through his limbs and torso.

Then the glow dimmed, and died off, and the process stopped.

He looked down at the slip on his body, it had stopped just passed his knee's.

He pulled on the sides of the garment and it was nearly twice as wide as him.

'Now thats strange', he thought, 'but it is a strange garment, why would it grow

so big'.

Somthing didnt seem quite right, but he couldnt put his finger on it.

'Oh matter'.

He move his arms...........'they certainly were easier to raise than before, it

must have worked'.

"Well little miss Vanessa", he said aloud, "your in BIG trouble now".

"And just what kind of 'BIG' trouble am I in little boy", a voice came from

behind and above him.

He spun around and was greeted by a set of breasts, just above his line of


He looked up slowly, not sure he wanted to see what he thought he was going to.

Nope..............he didnt want to see that.

He looked straight up into the face of his amazonian wife.

"Well well, Looks like a little boy is playing in his mommy's clothes", she said

with a stern face, "and mommy's come home and caught him...........I guess mommy

will have to...... 'administer some punishment'.

He started to flee but her hand shot out and grabbed his arm at the bicep.

Her fingers completely encircled his bicep...............with room to spare.

"Oh my god", she giggled, "look at your looks so hand completely engulfs your little muscle, look", she brought

his arm across his chest so he could see.

A wicked grin grew on her face and she bent down to look him in the eyes.

"Lets take this slip off you", she said condescendingly, "mommy wants to get a

good look at her little boy"

She took it on either side and tugged down, it slipped easily around his

shoulders, being way to big for him now, and landed in a heap on the floor.

Her hand flew to her mouth as she began to giggle uncontrolably.

Steve looked down at himself, "Oh no", he moaned.

Gone was his manly chest, now he had a thin hairless chest with no pectorial

muscle, and an embarrassing pink tint.

Gone were his muscular arms and legs, now they were thin, smooth and

small,........."like a little boys arms", she spoke his thoughts.

"And so short", she continued, placing her hand on top of his head and bringing

it to her chest.

Her hand landed just below her breasts, "I'd say you were no taller than........


"Hey", she said amusingly, "you used to be 6'3", 13 inches taller than

me, your 4'1", 13 inches SMALLER than me.........WILD", she shook her

head amazed.

The irony was not lost on Steve.

"Your really enjoying this arent you", he said, "go ahead and laugh it up......I

was this much bigger than you, now I'm this much smaller,.........your as strong

as I used to be and I'm as strong as you used to be..........."

"I doubt that", she interupted.

"What do you mean", he asked.

"Well", she began, "you were as strong as I was when you were 6'3", at

4'1"......she seemed to be calculating in her mind,......"I was 10 years old the

last time I was 4'1".

"You mean", he said in a small voice.........

"Yep" she said, "you have the strength of a 10 year old girl".

He groaned again and brought his hands to his head.

Vanessa reached out and took both his hands in hers, they seemed so small now.

"Lets try somthing", she said and brought both of his hands together in front of


She then encircled both his wrists with her left hand,(her weaker hand).

"Try and get away from me..........if you can", she grinned.

He pulled on his arms.......but couldnt budge them.

he tried to separate them in an attempt to spread her fingers.

He tried pushing on the left, while pulling on the right, and vica versa(how


Nothing worked, he really was as weak as a 10 year old girl.

"Just think", Vanessa said, "2 hours ago you could have easily overpowered me,

but now, I could turn you over my knee and spank your bottom.

A worried look crossed his face and Vanessa laughed.

"Dont worry hun, I wont spank long as your a good little boy, that


Relief swept over him and he relaxed a little.

"But I might just.............tickle you", she said and suddenly released his

arms and ran her fingers over his ribs.

"Stop it", he laughed, "quit it", he fought with her but she was sooooo much


Then the phone rang........."shew" he gasped as she went to answer it.

"Hello.........yes this is her...........She did, thats wonderful I dont have to pick her up then.............ok

then..........thank you so much, good bye".

She hung up the phone and turned to Steve.

"That was Mr. Weaselike with the state department, they got Vallerie released,

she'll be here somtime tomorrow evening" she said happily.

"Great" Steve said, "maybe we can get things back to normal then".

She walked over to him and pick him right up off the floor.

"Perhaps" she grinned, and carried him over to the bed, "til then, be a good boy

and come sit on mommy's lap".

                                      (to be cont.)

Watch for..........Hypolyta's Girdle 2 (Return of the Amazon).


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