Giantess Stories: His Eternal Reward By Oglithorpe  It had been a pretty ordinary school day for Ted Warner

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His Eternal Reward

By Oglithorpe

It had been a pretty ordinary school day for Ted Warner. He hid in the library

and pretended to do his homework. He sat alone in the Lunchroom, as he always

did. He dozed in his usual lonely distracted manner through one class after

another. He squeezed out a couple of zits in front of the mirror in the rest

room, the high point of his day up to then. As he shuffled through the halls, He

barely noticed the cruel giggling from from the girls, and the contemptuous

stares from the boys.

Indeed, there was something about Ted that invited the scorn of all of his

fellow seniors. Some of it was certainly his appearance. He looked odd rather

than merely ugly. His short bony frame carried a head that looked far too big

for his slight body. The immense pimply nose and fat chapped lips would win him

no beauty contests. His solitary manner and constant wide eyed stare gained him

no friends. And to top off the list of social liabilities, his step-mother was

the most sexy teacher in the high school. It was hard to imagine this misshaped

friendless creature in the same house with the spectacular Mrs. Warner. Patricia

Warner was as tall and attractive as Ted was short and peculiar. She stood

nearly six feet without her heels. Even her conservative dark business suits

could not hide the elegance and feline grace with which she moved. She kept her

long supple legs encased in sheer stockings and pumps that often were as shiny

and black as the curls that covered her head.

Ted never rode the bus to school. Instead he rode in Patricia's car. They made

quite a couple as they entered the building each day. It was hard miss the snide

comments. "Ah, I see Snow White has found a new dwarf. What was his name again?

Pervo? Jackoff? Quasemodo?" But Ted never seemed to be bothered. Being a

pathetic outcast now felt normal to him.


It had not always been so. Sometimes, Ted remembered his life only four short

years ago. After his mother died when Ted was in the sixth grade, he and his

father had grown very close. He was no preppie, but he still had friends, and

hobbies, and fun- in short, a pretty tolerable life. Then Patricia had marched

into their lives, accompanied by the clack of her stylish heels and the whoosh

of her sleek stockings. In short order the boy was left dumfounded by the

alarming metamorphosis of his life. It seemed now, years later, that his weary

memory had blended all those turbulent months into one continuous nightmare.

One moment Patricia was Dad's new and exotic romance, and the very next second,

she was Ted's stern demanding step mother. Before he could begin to digest this

transformation, his father suddenly and mysteriously disappeared.

With her new husband gone, Patricia promptly dropped all pretense of fondness

for Ted. There was no free room and board either. Ted became a live-in servant.

He took care of all the chores. He cooked, cleaned, and did the laundry.

Patricia seldom spoke to him, and only then to give reprimands, or instructions

on some new task. But there was one kind of gratification that thrived in this

bleak existence-his mounting erotic obsession with the cold beautiful woman who

dominated his being.

On the surface she did nothing to encourage him. He never saw her unclothed. He

was not allowed to touch her under any circumstances. The only physical contact

was when Patricia, unhappy with the work he was doing, slapped his face to "make

a point." Still he discerned in some way that he was being led into this

fixation. If he was lead, he soon followed eagerly enough.

He seemed to find her stockings everywhere. It was part of his job to gather,

and wash and store her socks and stockings. But how could there be so many of


"Ted, (slap) I've told you a hundred times that not all my stockings need to be

washed, and that you have to sniff the toe area to see which are really soiled.

Can't you get anything right. If your sense of smell is so poor, you'll have to

learn to taste the difference. Come into the living room immediately, and we'll

go over it again."

Sometimes the furious woman would dump all of her dirty and clean stockings into

a huge pile and then watch Ted carefully as he sorted them, to see whether he

had finally learned to taste or smell the difference.

Late every night Patricia went alone to her room and removed both her shoes. She

then brought him the pair to clean and polish. He could not figure this out. She

dropped her right shoe habitually. He was treated to a endless "unconscious"

show of dangling, and spreading, and toe-curling. But never the left. She would

start to slip her foot out, but would linger,then push her foot back in. He

never saw the left sole, and predictably, became preoccupied thinking of that

which was hidden from him. For her part, Patricia paid no notice of the fact

that Ted invariably kept her shoes all night to "clean" them.

And what of those strange oily smears that were often on the sole of her

stocking and left shoe. She could be terribly angry if those odd smudges were

not totally cleaned away.

"Ted,(slap) I can't wear these stockings. They still are stained. How can I

treat you like an adult when you cannot finish the simplest assignment. I see I

must treat you like a small child. You'll just have to spend the evening under

my desk, while I grade papers. Yes, and we'll keep doing that until you show

some responsibility."

The long nights under her desk were the most stressful. It was a small desk and

Ted was painfully confined, and could do nothing but gaze at the fragrant toes

that circled inches in front of his nose. He was incredibly aroused, and

incredibly humiliated, and could admit to neither. By this time Ted knew that

she was cultivating him. Like a careful gardener, she helped his passion to

ripen to the bittersweet fruit of uncontrollable lust. He knew. He did not know

why. He did not care.

Before long Ted began to lose weight. Hunger for food gave way to hunger of a

different kind. Sleep became difficult. He was more nervous and inept. He had no

time or energy for friends or hobbies. At last his physique began to transform

as his mania imprinted itself on his dwindling body. He was by now, truly a

pathetic and desperate soul.


Now at the high school, it was the last period of the day. Ted meandered into

his step-mother's study hall, and took his assigned first row seat in front of

her desk. It was the same time and the same seat now for four years. She had

insisted on it. Patricia claimed it made it easier for her to find him after

school. Ted was not so sure, but he no longer thought of questioning her.

As usual, his "loving" stepmom did not even acknowledge him, but focused instead

on grading the stacks of term papers before her. He slid into his seat, And

immediately his eyes were drawn downward, below her desk. There he saw her long,

elegant left stocking foot slipping slowly in and then half out of her brown

leather pump. Her legs were crossed, and her other busy foot, already having

discarded it's shoe, bobbed energetically up and down. As the bell rang, her

deep brown eyes glanced briefly at the clock, then returned to the work on the

desk. She seemed to stretch for an instant, and the bobbing foot extended out

toward Ted. From his vantage point the long nylon covered toes appeared to point

directly at his crotch. Then the foot settled back to a more relaxed position,

and began to draw delicate little figure-eights in the air. He saw shiny pink

toenails, half revealed under the dark sheer fabric of her stocking, and

twinkling in the harsh light of the study hall. By this time he was mesmerized,

all thoughts of homework having dissolved into that torrent of guilt, longing,

and lust that flooded his consciousness most of the time. He remained quietly

spellbound until the "new girl" slipped into the desk next to his.

Ted did not even know her name. Only weeks before, she had come to the study

hall. She sat always next to Ted, but never spoke to him. She was tall, nearly

as tall as Patricia, and her shiny red hair was cut short. Her skin was so fair

as to be ashen, and contrasted sharply with the dark clothing she invariably

wore. She was hard to classify. Too grim and serious for a preppie, too prim and

conventional for a goth. Whatever she was, she was quite beautiful, and far too

intimidating for poor Ted to allow himself to even think of speaking to this

pale young Goddess.

As he sat there dry mouthed and silently short of breath, this new object of

worship kicked off her loafers. She extended her feet, and her toes, encased in

sheer black stockings, celebrated their liberation by curling and spreading

again and again. He could just make out the rainbow of bright colors as the

happy toes, each painted a different hue, did their erotic calisthenics before

his glazed eyes. Then the young Goddess crossed her legs. And began to read a

textbook. Ted noticed that His step mother and the Goddess bobbed their feet in

unison, as if they were keeping time together to the same upbeat song. Ted was

no longer in the classroom. Instead he now floated on some distant hypersexual

plane of existence, his brain consumed with the vision these of beautiful

stocking feet. His head gradually started to move in rhythm with the frolicking

feet in front of him. He became faint.

And then it happened. The wonderful and awful voice returned. The first time he

had heard the voice he had been shocked and frightened. He no longer reacted.

After all, he knew what was happening. He was hallucinating. He was crazy. He

vaguely considered that he should be unhappy with this. Craziness was not what

most people hoped for in life. Yet, when the greatest pleasure comes from

psychosis, then why not surrender to it. Why not embrace it as he imagined

embracing those divine feet in a thousand fantasies. The voice ringing in his

head was a charming voice with a subtle melodious accent he could not place. It

was such a sweet soft, sultry voice, but it whispered such frightening and

exciting things.

"Close your filthy eyes, Teddy. You're not fit to look at those beautiful

stockings. You are not ready. Teddy is dirt. Teddy is so pathetic. He yearns to

worship those feet. But Teddy cannot worship anything. Teddy is only dirt. There

is no hope for you. You are truly crazy, and you are really insane to covet

something so far above you. Teddy is very naughty. You think to possess those

beautiful feet. You want those toes. You lust for the soles. In your silly

fantasies, you would gobble them them like candy. You are foolish and very, very

hopeless. You cannot consume them. The toes will consume you. You are not ready.

But soon you will be. You are to be dirt and nothing more. Does dirt deserve

pleasure? There is no joy for you. Only agony awaits you. Pray to be dirt,

Teddy. Beg to be dirt. Long with all your heart to be a feverish smear on her

heel and nothing more. This is your only quest in life, and when you have

achieved it, you will be ready. Now open your filthy human eyes, and look at

your destiny, but only if you want it more than life itself."

Ted opened his eyes, feeling exhilarated and yet silly at the same time for

obeying an hallucination. He saw the relaxed silken feet of the young Goddess,

and there beside them was something very small. He strained to see. He thought

it was a... yes,a tiny Gummi bear, all plump and red. Suddenly the ball of her

foot crashed down on the dab of candy, and ground back and forth again and

again. The mashing motion seemed to last forever, but finally the foot gently

rose from the floor and turned. There on her sole were the crushed remains of

the Gummi, smeared on the stocking and mixed with grime from the floor. Slowly

the graceful hand of the young Goddess approached, and with a sharp flick of one

brightly painted nail, Mr. Gummi's remains went flying across the room. Ted's

eyes were pulled upward till they met the eyes of the young Goddess. Ted gasped

as he felt those luminous green eyes glaring boldly into his own with a cruel

smile of triumph adorning her beautiful white face. Ted was stunned. He clenched

his eyes closed and held his breath. He timidly opened them to see the young

Goddess placidly reading her book. Was he now seeing things too?

That night as he nervously followed Patricia into the house, she turned and

produced a small plastic sack. "One of my students gave me a bag of candy. Lets

see if it's any good. Ted saw that it was filled with Gummi bears. He watched as

she pulled one out and lifted it to her mouth. She popped it in and bit down.

Immediately she grimaced and spit it out on the floor. "Yuck! Those things are

awful. You can have all of them." She walked toward her room and "accidently"

stepped with her secretive left pump, on the discarded candy. With one quick

turn of her shoe, she efficiently smeared it across the floor. Ted's eyes were

riveted on to the scene. So intense was the experience for him, that He almost

thought he heard the Gummi bear scream, as it was crushed. "Oh Ted, I made a

mess. Please clean it up." She walked away and then added sarcastically," and

you can have the one on the floor too." Then as she was leaving the room,

Patricia turned and gave Ted a rare smile, "unless, of course, you'd like to be

the one on the floor."

Ted had a restless night, Even in his distress, he was excited. Somehow it felt

like the night before Christmas, when you knew all those presents would be under

the tree. Of course Ted was not dreaming of sugar plums, he dreamt of Gummi


He was even more tired and distracted than usual the next day. When at last he

arrived at the study hall his step mother was not there. This had not happened

before. The young Goddess was absent too. Ted sat restlessly for the hour. He

did not understand, but for some reason a feeling of panic grew in his gut. He

tried to tell himself that it was no big deal. Perhaps it would even be a day

without distractions and hallucinations. It did not work. The panic grew worse.

Patricia had not arrived as the school day ended, and by the time he arrived

alone at the car, panic had turned to pure terror.

Then he saw her. It was the young Goddess, leaning against the car and smiling

at him. She beckoned to him, but Ted, paralyzed by fear and confusion, could not


The young woman looked amused, then opened her mouth to speak, "Come to me now

Teddy." It was the wonderful sexy voice of his hallucination!

Amazingly, Ted was not surprised, and he walked up to her now without

hesitation. She towered above his puny form, but continued to smile at him as

she reached into her purse. Ted tried to get out a few words, but could not. He

sensed that his questions were irrelevant, anyway. He could see her holding a

small compact. He waited to hear her musical voice once more.

"Not that it really matters Teddy, but my name is Mala, and Aunt Patty says that

you are ready for me." With that she opened the compact and blew a small amount

of purple dust in his face. Instantly It seared his lungs, and he began to

collapse into unconsciousness.


Bit by bit, Ted regained his senses. As the fog dissipated, he became aware that

he was on his back, and was laying on a very rough surface. It felt like he was

naked. He opened his eyes, and immediately shut them again. Then her soft but

commanding voice entered his brain. "Open your eyes and look up." Again he

obeyed without hesitation. There, hovering above him was the magnificent twenty

foot, nylon covered sole of Mala. At least it looked that large. Suddenly, he

became aware that everything around him was now gigantic.

He heard her laughing. "No my hopeless one. I am not large. You are but four

inches long. And yes, of course I read your mind, at least what little there is

worth reading. Small minds have small ideas, and all the inspiration you will

ever need in your painful life is now above you. So study it carefully."

Suddenly images began to take shape in Ted's beleaguered brain. "It's really

true. My destiny is here! I will be the Gummi bear!" In his feverish anxiety, he

saw his mission in life. He is to be crushed and discarded, with only a wet

speck of Ted left to discolor the foot of this Goddess. He heard her laugh

again. Suddenly her toes dived and brushed gently across his tiny face. "No my

worthless bit of filth. You are not a Gummi bear. This pretty toe will not crush

you tonight. At least I don't think it will. But the night is young. Hmmm..."

Her heel crashed down to the pavement by Ted's feet. Little tremors spread

through the asphalt causing his tiny body to vibrate. Reflexively he closed his

eyes, and passively awaited his fate. He heard her laugh yet again.

"Silly blob, your time is not up. I was just tired of holding my foot in the

air. Open your eyes. You need to study my sole while I toss these thoughts into

your vacant little noggin'. See, dummy, this is just the first step in the

process. You reduced right away when the powder entered your body. But you have

to cure for several minutes. As that happens your body will toughen up. If I

stepped on you now, you'd just turn to mush. But in a little bit, I'll be able

to drop you in my shoe. Then we can leave. I certainly don't want to spend the

night in this parking lot. We have to go to see Aunt Patty, who right now,is

patiently waiting for us to arrive. She has to take over then. You have to be

reshaped, and then fitted to my foot, Then she has to trim off the excess. It's

sort of complicated, and I've never done any of it before. So, my hopeless bit

of phlegm, you don't get mashed tonight. Of course if I had my way, it would be

different. I'm not at all enthused about keeping you. I flew right over to

America because Aunt Patty called to say that she had a boy who was almost ready

for me. But when I got here, and saw what a weird little nothing she had picked

...well, I was upset. Tonight I was still thinking how I could get out of it. I

could "accidently" hit you with the pink powder instead of the purple. The pink

powder shrinks, but doesn't let your body toughen up. Then I could crush you and

pretend I was sooooo sorry for the mistake. It sounded awfully good to me. It

still sounds good to me. I've had a long dry spell. I haven't stepped on anyone

in more than two months. I haven't gone this long since I first got my period.

It's not natural. I would have gone through with it, except I remembered how

many hours Aunt Patty spent getting you ready for me. Yes, and she keeps telling

me how perfect you are for a young gal like me. Maybe she is right. She knows a

lot more than I do."

Meanwhile Ted was taking his sole inspection duties seriously. He couldn't

believe how beautiful her pink and alabaster skin looked under the nylon. As

Mala chatted She moved her foot provocatively over his trembling body, while

keeping the heel firmly to the pavement. At times she curled her toes down,

giving him short glimpses of her lavishly painted nails. He saw that as the toes

pointed down at his face, the soft folds in her instep grew thicker and more

luxuriant. Perhaps when the Goddess was done with him, some sticky bit of him

might be fortunate enough to land on those folds, then disappear in the delicate

mountains that arose from the Great valley of her deep instep. Could the

landscape of heaven be more beautiful?

Mala sensed that he was not listening to her. She stopped talking. She sensed

this fantasies, and smiled at the intensity of them. Mala then leaned over far

enough that her exquisite face totally filled his field of vision. She was not

smiling now, but looked impatient. "Yes, I hope you're about ready to transport.

We do need to get out of here. So, I will slip my shoe off..."

"Ah, is that you Miss Kelly. I've been looking for you all afternoon."

Mala jerked in surprise, as Mr. Peterson, the Principal, approached. She quickly

glanced down at Ted exposed by her feet She moved to gently cover him with her

shoe, but was mindful not to step with her full weight on the boy just yet. The

movement seemed anything but gentle to Ted. One second, his version of sky was

the pale, mischievous face of Mala, his young Goddess. The next second this

delightful vision was replaced by the rough serrated rubber sole of her shoe

descending rapidly towards his fragile form. Pain messages flooded his brain as

the the rugged sole made contact. He could not breath and he was certain his

ribs would collapse any second. Then, slowly, the pain subsided and Ted gained

enough control of his mind to make out Mr. Peterson's next words.

"Thank goodness, I found you. How is our lovely exchange student today?" He was

a pudgy man whose red face, shiny bald head, and sleezy manner were well known

to the girls of the school.

"I'm fine Mr. Peterson. You said you were looking for me?"

"I'm afraid so. You have more papers to sign in my office. Let's run up there

and do that right away. We wouldn't want the immigration people getting all

upset, now would we? The Feds, and the government of Ireland would be really put

out if we had to send you back home before the semester ends." With that he

reached out and took her elbow, as if to pull her back toward the school. Mala

was taken off guard, lost her balance, and stepped full weight on Ted, who

abruptly experienced a sensation not unlike that felt by a full-size man having

a M1 tank dropped on him from a great height. Mr. Peterson appeared startled.

"Miss Kelly, did you hear that?"

"Why no, Mr. Peterson, I don't think so."

"It was an odd noise. There was a snap like a nut shell cracking, then this

curious wailing noise. I heard it very clearly. Did you ever boil a lobster,

Miss Kelly. I'd swear it sounded just like the noise they make when you throw

them live into the pot."

"No sir, I didn't hear anything like that. And I'd really love to come up and

spend some time at your office now, but I'm in kind of a hurry. See, I'm going

to visit my Aunt Patty tonight. I have this special homework assignment, and she

promised to help me with it. Wouldn't it be alright if I popped in early in the

morning to sign the papers." As she spoke, Mala glanced down at her foot. She

saw nothing oozing out from under her sole. That was encouraging, She took the

chance of moving her foot slightly. There was Ted's leg, intact and jerking in a

spasm of pain. He was still alive!

"Well, young lady, my schedule won't allow for that. You really need to come in

now. What I have in mind won't take long. I hate to insist..."

"OK sir, I'm sure you know best. Just give me a second. By the way, I'm having

trouble opening my compact. Could you lend me a hand with it?"

"Certainly Miss Kelly. I believe this little lever will..." By the time the

cloud of pink smoke cleared, The principal lay unconscious, and was rapidly

shrinking. Mala sighed, then turned to check on Ted. She could not avoid

laughing. "Teddy, you look so funny. The grooves on my soles went right into

you. You look like a cheap Venetian Blind. Yes, I can tell you're awake now. Now

boy, don't feel sorry for yourself. That really didn't hurt much. You haven't

tasted the real pain yet. We're already late. But I need to take a minute to

attend to Mr. Peterson. You just get yourself together, and I be back in a sec."

She quickly went to stand over the other man

"Uh-uh, I can feel that you're awake now too. At least open your eyes. Give me

that much." A few seconds passed, then his eyes did open The terror and

confusion were evident on his face. "Don't know what hit ya, do you? I guess you

never will. All you really need to know is that I am going to step on you in a

moment, and carefully mash you into paste. This is very frustrating for me, too.

I hate to rush. There has to be enough time to make it rewarding to me. I'm not

like you. I can't just cum at the drop of a hat. I need a build up. Well, I'd

love to explain all this to you, but I simply haven't the time. So say hello to

the bottom of my shoe." With that she lowered her sole cautiously onto the pudgy

man, carefully keeping his head visible in front of her toe. Mala stepped down.

A few feet away, Ted heard a series of loud cracking sounds, then a sharp high

pitched whine. Mala eased up and the noise stopped. She stepped down again,

until the whine resumed. She rocked back on her heel, and repeated the movement

again and again. Each time the noise was more faint. Finally Mala glanced at her

watch, and sighed. Her victim was now senseless to the pain. She quickly

finished the job. His head disappeared, and Ted heard a damp grinding sound as

Mala's rotating sole spread Mr. Peterson into the pavement.

Mala then returned to Ted. This time the smile on her face was wide and relaxed.

"Well, the old lech was right. He did sound like a lobster in the pot. I've

never had that happen before. Must be something about you Americans. He was

actually a lot better than I thought.You know Teddy, I needed that a lot. But I

didn't give you a chance to say So Long to your Principal." She lifted her foot

and examined the bits of blood and flesh that stuck to the rubber. "I suppose

there's no point now, is there. My Teddy is almost back to normal shape. Well, I

thought you looked better with my tread marks on you. But there will be lots of

time for that later. You're certainly sturdy enough to go in my shoe now."

Ted watched her gigantic foot slip out of her platform loafer and approach his

tiny form. Before he could react, he was swept up by her supple toes and dropped

into her shoe. He bounced on the soft moist insole, and rolled all the way to

the toe. "No Teddy, that's too far. Crawl back this way. I want you under the

ball of the foot. Hurry it up. Aunt Patty is waiting."

Being in a dark shoe for the first time can be disorienting, but Ted figured out

where to go. He crawled into a deep indentation behind the toes and lay on his

back. His eyes explored this new home in the dim light. He drew in a breath, but

then had to choke back his own vomit. The damp fetid smell was overwhelming. He

tried to breathe again and this time was able to force a full quota of the

noxious air into his lungs. He breathed again, and the smell was almost good.

Before he could inhale once more her foot entered the shoe and unceremoniously

landed on top of him. He was driven harshly into her insole. The pressure was

indescribable. Strangely, he was prepared for the splintering of his bones under

that colossal weight, but nothing seemed to snap. The worn spongy insole,

waterlogged with moisture from her feet, gave just enough room to keep his

strengthened body intact.

Mala moved her foot about in the hot shoe, trying to make it as comfortable for

her as possible. Since Mr. Peterson had helped her relieve her immediate

tensions, she had started to enjoy Ted more. She wouldn't admit it yet, but the

beautiful teenager was finding his worshipful attitude intriguing. Mala saw that

it was almost dark. Aunt Patty would be furious. Hurriedly, she opened the door

to the car, and slipped her long agile body behind the wheel. she searched her

purse for the keys that she had been given. She would be on the road in a few


"Well , if it isn't the big Red haired hottie from Ireland Hey, Babe, there's no

need to leave now. Ol' Biff is here to keep you company." She looked up to see

the hulking figure of Biff Bender, holding on to the car door.

Mala groaned, but managed a polite smile. "Yea, hi Bif. You just got out of...

Rugby practice is it? Well I hate to be in a hurry, but I need to go. So if

you'd just let me close the door..."

"Football. Babe, it's football. Sure I just got finished. I'm waiting for

Melissa to get done with her cheerleader crap. She'll be here in a minute. Why

doncha stay and hang with us? We'll have some fun together. Besides, everybody

knows that Biff don't take no for an answer. So come on outa there."

Seeing that Biff would not let go of the door, Mala reluctantly got out of the

car. She controlled her temper, but could not resist an angry stamp of her foot.

"Hey! What's that weird squealing noise? Is that how Irish girls sound when they

cut the cheese? Hell, anyway I sure like that black dress and those stockings

too." Biff leaned over towards Mala. She could smell the beer on his breath as

he whispered. "Say girl, are your panties black too?"

Mala sighed. "Sure Biff, I'd be happy to spend some time with you and Melissa.

Maybe we could take a little walk before she gets here. And by the way, I'am

having trouble getting my compact to open..."


Mala was disgusted. It was now completely dark, and still she tarried in the

parking lot. It seemed like the fates had conspired to make everything go badly

tonight. Mala had waited impatiently for Biff to shrink. As soon as he was small

enough, she positioned her shoe above him. One quick crush and she could get

away with no further complications. But just before she could step on him a

shrill scream heated up the cold night time air. It was, of course, Melissa. She

appeared suddenly and was greeted with the vision of her boyfriend, all four

inches of him, lying under the threatening foot of this tall red-haired exotic

girl. She reacted with predictable horror. Time to think fast.

After several minutes of reassuring double talk, the hysterical teen seemed to

calm down. Then naturally, Biff picked that moment to awaken, and then to flee

panic-stricken across the mostly empty parking lot. What followed was a chase

scene right out of the Keystone Cops. It ended with not Mala, but Melissa

cornering the desperate little man. She cradled him in her hands, and walked

back to the car, with a decidedly odd look on her pretty face. "Now don't

struggle honey. Let Melissa take care of you. I won't let the big mean girl hurt

you. I promise."

This was getting complicated. Of course she could dust Melissa and step on both

of them. But the idea of stepping on another girl was truly repugnant to Mala.

Besides, Melissa looked so cute cuddling her boyfriend. Melissa was a petite,

honey-haired girl. She was popular, and conventional, and dated the school jock.

Everything you expected of a cheerleader. Yet Mala sensed something...

Time to think fast again.

"But Melissa, You don't understand. Biff has to die. It has to be done. It's my

mission. My job is to slay the forces of evil. Oh, How can I make you


Melissa scowled for a moment, then her face lit up. "You mean you're like a

slayer... Like, you know.... Like Buffy!"

Mala found this direction intriguing. "Yes, Melissa. It's something like that.

But it's a big secret. No one is supposed to know."

"Awwww... Wow! This is so cool. But there must be some mistake. You couldn't

want to hurt my poor Biff. He's not like a demon or anything."

Mala considered how to respond. "But Melissa, that was my mission. Kill the two

demons. I got one already--Mr. Peterson. I can't just let Biff go, and let evil

take over. I know this is tough for you Melissa, but I can't let him go. It

would be horribly wrong."

"You killed old Peterson! Wow! Can I like see him?"

Melissa was fascinated with the bloody smears that had been the principal. She

gawked at the bits of flesh on the bottom of Mala's shoe. She even found enough

of the face on the pavement to recognize him. "Ewwww!... That's old Peterson,

all right. Bet you wished you'd kept those slimy hands to yourself, doncha?. And

you say my honey was working for him. Biff, How could you? But Mala, how can you

be sure that he's the one?"

Mala decided to take a chance. "We can tell. Only a girl who is pure of heart

can slay evil. Someone like me... Or I think... you. Our body tells us who is

evil. I feel pleasure when I crush evil. When I sense evil helpless before me, I

am aroused. Yes, and when that evil disintegrates beneath my foot, it is the

greatest pleasure in the world. My body never lies to me, Melissa. I sense that

your heart is also pure. Tell me Melissa, what are you feeling?"

"Oh God...I just... Well I can't tell for sure. This is just too much. Can I

just sit here a minute and think?"

"Yes, but only for a minute. There is something I have to check on anyway. Sit

down and I will be back soon." Mala retreated leaving the confused young woman

staring intently at the little man who struggled futilely in her hands. During

the chase, Ted had stopped moving in her shoe. She could no longer feel his

breath under her foot. She had to be careful. At this stage he could still

suffocate. He had to have at least a little air. She went to her car and slipped

off her shoe. There he was laying in the indentation that the ball of her foot

had created in the insole. He was not moving. Frustrated she poked the tiny body

with her toe, "You worthless piece of dirt. Don't you dare die on me now. Wake

up I say." As she prodded, the night air apparently did something to revive him.

For Ted suddenly gulped down a lungful of fresh air, and continued to breathe

deeply. Mala was more relieved than she was willing to admit. She placed her

foot gingerly in her shoe. She laughed cynically at her own odd behavior. When

was the last time that she actually avoided crushing a boy? Never, of course. It

was almost comical. Still she had to get out of there without delay.

She stopped as she approached Meliissa . Something was different about her.

Beads of perspiration shined on her brow. Her rapid shallow breathing was

clearly audible. Melissa had removed her tennis shoe. A damp bare foot rested on

the helpless Biff. Underneath he squirmed ineffectually, and squeaked his angry

protests. Melissa turned to Ted's tall Goddess, and spoke: "When Biff and I had

sex.... When he stuck that dumb thing of his in me, he'd never let me take off

my shoes. He claimed my feet stank too much for him. What do you think now

boyfriend? Do they still stink? Mala, are you really sure that he has to die?"

"Melissa, he can't be set free. He would grow back to full size and nobody would

be safe. Do you really want that on your conscience?"

Melissa sighed deeply. "No, but I promised him. I promised Biff that I wouldn't

let you hurt him. I can't go back on my word. Can I?"

"Listen to me. You don't have to go back on your word. I won't have to hurt him.

I hope this doesn't get me into trouble, but this is an emergency. I'm going to

stretch the rules. I am giving to you the power to judge Biff. Do you understand

me Melissa? I know this is an awful responsibility, but I have to leave

immediately for my next mission."

"Oh my God, you mean I get to decide what to do with him? That's

incredible, but I don't know what to do."

"It's very simple. You stand and rest your foot on him. No, leave it bare. It's

better to keep your foot bare the first time you stand in judgement. Yes, now

close your eyes, and listen to your body. Take your time. Feel him wiggle

beneath you. Listen to him beg for his life. Trust your feelings, Melissa. Trust

your body. It will tell you what to do. You can spare his life if you are

uncertain, but you can't let him go. You have to keep him confined. Tomorrow you

must call Mrs. Ward, she is our local contact. You must let her know how you

have judged. Do you understand all this?"

"Yes, I understand. You can count on me."

"Excellent! Just trust your body and you can do no wrong... and welcome to the

fight against evil."

Mala walked quickly to the car. She turned to see Melissa, whose face and hair

shone in the moonlight. She stood, eyes still closed, and seemingly alone in the

parking lot. Her petite foot covered the soon-to-be recipient of her verdict.

The pretty cheerleader was taking this very seriously.

Mala started the car. She slipped off her shoe once more to make sure that Ted

was still alive. She decided to leave her shoe off. Perhaps the night air would

awaken him. For some reason, Mala thought she could use some company on the

drive to Aunt Patty's. She stopped the car just before turning onto the highway.

She rolled down the window and listened. A sudden high pitched squeal broke the

silence of the night. "I hear another lobster," she whispered. "It has to be

something about these Americans." As she sped away, she started to think of what

Melissa must be feeling now. Mala's fair face was even more spectacular in this

pale light. Her features took on a look of wistful nostalgia. "Aw my Teddy, I

envy her," she said to the still unconscious bit of flesh in her shoe, "I guess

you wouldn't understand. But the first time is always the best!"


Once again Ted slowly regained his senses. On this occasion, he opened his eyes

to an unexpected bright light that seemed to sear into his eyes. In a few

seconds his eyes adjusted to the harsh light. He saw Patricia's beautiful face

directly above him. She seemed to be examining him intently. He allowed his

vision to wander a bit and caught Mala's head over his stepmother's shoulder.

She was leaning over to watch whatever Patricia was doing to him. But at the

moment the smooth cream colored skin of her remarkable face was warped into a

large ugly yawn.

Ted could tell that he was much larger than before. He tried to move his body,

but, except for his eyes, no part of him was interested in following

instructions from his brain. Abruptly Patricia's hand appeared, and he felt one

sharp fingernail poke into his chest. The painful event confirmed that he was

much bigger than before. Ted became aware of conversation between the two giant

women above. He realized that it was partly a telepathic dialogue. Sometimes he

could see lips moving with the words; sometimes he could not.

Patricia: "Yes the consistency and texture is almost perfect. Firm to the touch,

but he gives with pressure. See how his body retains the imprint of my figure.

Honey, I know it's late, and you've had a busy day. But you really need to pay

attention closely. Some day you'll have to do all this by yourself, you know. "

Mala: "I know, Aunt Patty, and I'm sorry. I keep worrying that I messed up

things for you here. Two of them missing in one night. The local authorities are

sure to get involved."

Patricia: "Oh don't fret about that. I was going to relocate soon anyway. I'm

kind of sorry about old Peterson though. I sort of was planning to come back

some night after I left town to play with him myself."

Mala: "Oh look Teddy's eyes are open. I think he 's moving his mouth too. Trying

to talk, I suppose. I sort of miss reading his dirty little mind, though. He

practically melted every time I wiggled a toe at him. Are you sure this is the

best way to go?"

Patricia: "Mala, I've had a long time to experiment with the best ways to use a

male. If you utilize a formula, where they can continue to communicate

telepathically with you, you'll be distracted all the time. I don't know of a

single girl who has used that method, who hasn't gotten frustrated and disposed

of the man in disgust. And If you you let them speak out loud, you also have to

let them breathe. If he continues to have to breathe, he will pass out under

your foot. He can't do you any good at all if, if he is unconscious."

Mala: "Oh I understand. It seems so impersonal, If he can't talk to you at all.


Patricia: "Honey, he talks to you where it counts. And It never feels

impersonal, if you don't want it to. Remember that he can hear all your

thoughts. He can't shut them out. See his eyes. He is listening right now. So

you talk to him every day. That makes it personal. I tell Ted's dad every day

about how I teased his son. He heard you asking me to just crush Ted because he

is so ugly. He knows I said no. He knows everything. He just can't do anything

except lie there and scream."

Mala: "Well since he's awake, do you want to explain all this to him?"

Patricia: "Oh yes. It will definitely be my pleasure. Ted, I know you're trying

to figure this out. Don't overheat your horny little brain. This is the story,

so listen up. It's probably the last time I'll ever speak to you, unless of

course, Mala comes to visit me."

Mala: "Oh count on it Aunt Patty. I try to keep in touch with all my teachers."

Patricia: "Thank you dear. Now Ted, you probably figured out that we aren't

average humans. We start as pretty ordinary human women, but using the black

arts changes us. We are not exactly witches. There is no good human word to

describe the sisterhood. Perhaps something between a human witch and a full

demoness. The black arts teach us to dominate the physical world around us. To

control matter, though, to make any of our spells work properly, we have to be

sexually aroused. Of course, it's not difficult to get aroused. Reducing human

males and stepping on the worthless creatures works for most of us. I for one,

could certainly get excited kissing Mala's tender lips or stroking those firm

white breasts"

Mala: "Why Aunt Patty, you're embarrassing me"

Patricia: "Yea, sure honey. Remember We read minds here. Even Ted. And it's not

embarrassment I sense. "

Mala: " Oooooo!!... Yea, but you were explaining things to my Teddy"

Patricia: "Well, to develop complicated spells, one has to be a little aroused

all the time. That's where you come in. You see since you have been asleep,

you've changed. You're now about two feet long, and are completely paralyzed

except for your mouth and your eyes. I've flattened you out some, and baby, you

really do look like a great big Gummi bear. If I had a mirror, I'd show you. All

reddish brown, and rubbery. You even taste sweet. In a few moments Mala's going

to stand on you. After a few more minutes, you'll be sort of mashed to conform

to every little wrinkle and pore on her sole. As her foot settles into your

Gummi body, the pain will be a hundred times worse than when she stepped on you

before. The only thing your little brain will allow you to do is scream. But,

you can't make a sound. You don't have lungs, or vocal chords... You don't even

breathe anymore. The scream will be telepathic, and will go on forever... At

least as long as she stands on you. We can't let Mala hear your screams. That

would drive her insane. Now this is the complicated part. I have to focus your

scream, and control where it's broad cast. Your little mental scream is

converted to a radio signal that causes the air to vibrate around it's target.

The target area is... yes, between her legs. Then I adjust your wavelength so it

causes dear Mala's clitoris to vibrate just the right amount. That's it really.

She steps on you. Her clit vibrates delightfully. That, my boy is the way you

will spend the rest of your life. Look here Mala. See how big his little eyes

are. See the moisture around them. He's crying "

Mala: "Yea, I see. But is he crying from pleasure or fear?"

Patricia: "Mala, my dear it's both. That's the whole point of my training him

for four years. When he's under your foot his dinky brain will not be able to

register anything except the pain. But when you cross your legs or take your

shoes off at night. The insanity of agony will go away. Then he will feel more

love and gratitude than you could imagine. If I just grabbed any fellow, old

Peterson for instance, he wouldn't last more than a few weeks. The pain and

horror of it would just kill him. But our little Ted here will last for many

years, maybe even several decades. He will spend half his time in heaven, and

the other half in hell. And knowing how much pleasure you derive from his hell,

will make his heaven even more indescribable."

Mala: "Yea, Aunt Patty, you've told me all this before. But how can you be so


Patricia: "Well give me some credit, Mala. After a few centuries, you develop a

sense for these things, I could tell that Ted and his father were both naturals

right away. That makes my job a lot easier. Since it's very late, and Ted is

ready, we should go on to the next step. Now it's up to you, but I always prefer

to have the head end under the toes. I enjoy working my toe into the mouth area

That's just a habit I have. I don't think it makes the pain more intense. But I

think it is true that they tend to last a little longer if the nose is left


Mala: " But you said that he doesn't breathe. "

Patricia: "No dear, but he can smell things. I'm really not sure why, but I

think being able to smell the toes does something good. But it's up to you."

Mala: " Oh that sounds great to me. Should I slip off my stockings? "

Patricia: "It is better if you do Yes, now position your foot where you want it.

Cover his face completely. Rest your heel on his belly. Remember I'm going to

cut off everything that sticks out. I like to leave his little penis if I can "

Mala: "Does he need that?"

Patricia: "Not really. He's now equally sensitive all over. He'll feel plenty of

pain and lust if it's gone. He's way beyond mere hormones now. But I like to

watch the thing pop up when I take off my shoe. It tells me too, that he's still

functioning normally. Hmmm... That looks good. Is it comfortable for you?"

Mala: "Yes Ma'am."

Patricia: " Then step on him and I'll go to work."

Ted's senses were immediately assaulted by pain and pressure. He tried

desperately think, but within a few moments he brain was consumed by agony, and

the endless telepathic scream that he emitted. His consciousness allowed him to

be aware of nothing else. Time, life, death, thoughts, and needs dissolved into

his hopeless wretched scream. As Mala stood on him, Patricia worked rapidly

adjusting her spells. At first Mala could hear the scream in her own head, and

was uncomfortable. Quickly that was changed and a few minutes later she started

to feel a warm slow vibration in her genitals. The sensation was quite variable

at first, but soon became a source of steady pleasure. It was a feeling both

exciting, and relaxing at the same time. This was different than any erotic

sensation she had ever experienced. It was very nice. Mala saw that her mentor

had a razor and was trimming Ted. His arms and legs were cut away, and then the

chest and stomach trimmed to closely match the shape of her foot. Then went

parts of the head. Both ears were clipped. His hearing was gone forever, except

for the telepathic voice of his Goddess. He would need no other sounds. Under

the foot, Ted was totally unaware of these changes. The sense of pain was so

overwhelming that even having his body carved and shaped by Patricia's razor

could not intensify it.

At last Mala stepped reluctantly off of Ted. As his senses cleared, and the pain

diminished, he could make out her smiling face far above him. Suddenly a wave of

pleasure and gratitude washed over him, just as Patricia had predicted. He

watched as the two women walked a few steps away, and talked. He could hear

nothing, and apparently both of them were directing their thoughts away from

him. Patricia leaned over and removed one shoe. She then approached Ted's

mutilated body. As she got closer, he could hear her voice in his head.

"I thought you would like to see your father before you go. I'm sure that if you

are as strong and consistent as he has been, that Mala will be very pleased with


Ted turned his eyes toward the shoe. Patricia had slipped something out, and

held it in front of Ted. He saw a wide flat reddish brown piece of rubber. It

contained most ofhis father's head and his torso. It was thoroughly imprinted

with the shape of Patricia's foot. The shiny, eyes, however looked quite normal,

and shockingly out of place in this macabre setting. His father's blue eyes

darted nervously about, then rested on the image of his son. Ted gazed into his

father's sad eyes for a moment. Finally the mouth, permanently enlarged and

mangled by the attentions of Patricia's toes, began to move. Ted was able to

read a silent "good luck, son, " on those lips before his father disappeared

back into his stepmother's shoe. Patricia sighed and stood, and looked down at

Ted. She smiled proudly at the results of her craftsmanship. Mala returned

carrying those same platform loafers where Ted had fainted earlier in the

evening. She had replaced her stockings, and was almost ready to leave. She was

close enough for Ted to hear her.

"I dunno, Aunt Patty, those greasy brown spots were hard to wash off. If he

leaks that much stuff, I'd think he would shrivel down to nothing in no time."

"That's no problem. The boy will always ooze a little. Just remember to soak him

in the sugar solution once a week. His body will always replenish itself if you

do that. And don't remove your shoes around any playful puppies. You'd be amazed

at all the damage one of them can do. Are you ready to leave?"

"Yes, Ma'am." She picked up Ted and slipped him into the shoe. He had just

enough time to register his new environment before her stocking foot crashed

into him. His brain was once more overrun with pain, and in only a few moments,

Mala could feel the pleasant effects of his constant scream. She smiled. "This

is going to be fun."

Patricia approached her and they embraced. "That's right honey. Just enjoy him

and do your craft the best you can, and everything will be well. And don't be a

stranger, either."

"Don't worry, Aunt Patty. I'll be back real soon. And thanks for everything."

She turned and walked through the door. Ted and his young Goddess had finally

begun their life together. Ted Warner had at last, found his destiny.



Giantess Stories: His Eternal Reward By Oglithorpe  It had been a pretty ordinary school day for Ted Warner

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