Giantess Stories: His Greatest Wish

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Greatest Wish

- by Hedin -


He watched the beautiful bare legs that

walked in front of him. Well tanned and slender with a beautiful touch of muscle

they rised high up into the sky that consisted of a grey miniskirt. Above the

grey skirt there was a skinthight black top that showed off every curve of a

great body. Her dark hair was bound in a ponytail and he could see the beautiful

back of her neck. He looked up and down her shape and as she walked he watched

every step of those beautiful black platform pumps. He was following her. She

was alone on the fairground. Sometimes he lost her from view as other people

shoved him around. But he stayed on her track. Sometimes he could only see her

legs and shoes between hundreds of other legs but then again he was pushed

towards her until he was near enough to smell her perfume.

Stephen loved following a girl and dream of

a date with her while he watched.

Then some jerk simply pushed him aside to

get to another shooting gallery. He fell, cursed and stood up again brushing the

dirt from his legs. Then looking up he noted something. There in front of him

were those black pumps again. But now he didn´t see the high heel. He saw the

closed front with the platform. He looked up the legs and up to the beautiful

pair of breasts that stretched the black shirt and then he was shocked to find

her eyes resting on him.

"Hi. Didn´t want to loose you. Are you

following me sweety?"

He blushed. His blush was the real

definition of the word. His face was almost glowing. Then he opened his mouth

but his nerves were unable to produce words.

"Hey wanting to say something?" the

beautiful voice asked loughingly.

He wanted to dissapear. He wanted to sink

into the ground. He just wanted to be out of sight.

"Hello? ... well then. Tought you wanted to

ask me for a date but you don´t - so bye."

But he didn´t hear it. He had already

turned and run away. Towards the next tent and he disappeared inside. He wished

that this would never happen again. He wanted to be prepared to talk to a girl

and not beeing cought following and staring her.


The old chinese smiled as he entered the

small tent on the edge of the fairground. With a friendly voice he asked him

"are you looking for it stranger?"

He turned around and opened a small box.

Inside there was a small pouch of red velvet. He took it out and presented it to


"Everyone is  looking for it. Most of them

don´t know that they are. Just like you."

"I am not looking for a..."

"Ooh, my friend you don´t understand. Of

course  you are not looking for this little pouch or anything that´s inside."

He was puzzled. What should he think of the

old man in front of him. But now he was curious.

"What is it then? And if I you know that I

am not interested why did you sow it to me then?" he asked.

"This pouch contains a small pinch of

ashes. But it is magic. It may grant you a wish if you are smart."

"A wish? What kind of wish?" he asked

smiling at the thought that the only wish it could probably fulfill was a rain

of ashes on him. It might become handy if the hundredth girl refused to date

with him. By the  process he made this could easily be next week.

He was almost startled as the old man


"Stranger I can see that your mind is full

of wishes and desires. This potion will grant you a wish. But only one.

Therefore you must know your greatest wish as this is the one to be fulfilled."

He smiled, he almost loughed but somehow he

felt that the way the strange chinese talked started to convince him. This pouch

wass something special.

"You have to be carefull. You can only use

it once. Think about your wish and if you are sure that you really want it then

you will open this pouch and empty it over your head so it´s content can cover

your body. But beware. There are wishes that should remain unspoken and

therefore unfulfilled. If you feel that one of those is your greatest wish you

should stop. Maybe time will change your wishes and desires..."

That sounded great. He thought. And then he

thought about his wish. He really wished to date a beautiful girl, but somehow

they didn´t like him. He was always a little clumsy on asking a girl out so they

only loughed at him. He would then run away and though many a girl would´ve

liked to date him he had always been running before the desired "Yes you clumsy

idiot." could be spoken. Perhaps a car would help. He could play cool in a big

and beautiful car. The girls would love to be taken for a ride.

"Will it grant things? Like a car?"

"If this is really your greatest wish it

will be fullfilled. See last week a little girl came by. She wanted to have an

aquarium and she wanted it so badly. She wanted to watch those fish and feed

them and those things. But her mother told her that an aquarium should be big

enough for her fish to feel well and that meant that it would be too expensive.

The little girl didn´t want the fish to feel cramped and admitted that her wish

could not be fulfilled by her parents. But it still remained her greatest wish.

As she came here she bought another one of

this pouches and see: Two day later there was a delivery service and the man

told her mother that her doughter had been drawn to win a really big aquarium

with everything she needed she came by and told me as they were going to buy

some nice fish for her. So if you want the potion it will cost you $50."

Wow that was expensive, he thought.

Something that most likely wouldn´t work shouldn´t cost fifty bucks. But then if

it didn´t work that was enough to make anyone return to get the money back so

the old man seemed convinced of it´s powers.

Thinking about the girls he the money and

walked home. He couldn´t wait for his car. A BMW or a beautiful old fashioned


Once he was at home he decided for a BMW

and with that thought he emptied the pouch over his head. At first there was a

grey cloud of ashes but then as more and more of it touched him his skin started

to tickle as it dissolved. Then it was gone.

Nothing happened.

So he would have to wait two days until the

car would be delivered. Or was it needed to take part in a competition with a

BMW for the first price?

But nothing happened. He went to college

for four days and nothing happened. After that he knew that fifty buck had gone

for nothing. But he was too much a coward to go and get his money back.

After that he did what he had always done.

He went out to watch some girls. He waited some time at the entrance of a

supermarket but somehow there was no beautiful girl to be seen. A little angry

he drove to the mall. That woould  be better.

And soon again he was following another

miniskirt and another beautiful pair of legs. The hot summerdays were nice. The

girls walked with really short skirts and bare legs. The tank tops were nicely

filled and no bras were hindering those swaying motions.

It was about two and the mall was not too

filled. Most of the people were at home after dinner or back at work. So he

could easily follow the blonde. He only watched her as she walked with grace. He

admired her figure and the color of her skin.

Then she stopped and he realized for the

first time that they were in a small butique and the girl was in fact standing

before a large assortment of lingerie.

He blushed. He was the only male in this

shop. And he was just standing between women´s lingerie. And now the blonde

turned towards him. Not again! He turned around and closed his eyes fearfully

waiting for the girl to shout at him. He waited for the "look a pervert" or

something to be called out.

But nothing happened. He opened his eyes.

The lingerie department had dissappeared. Somehow he had changed his place. He

had read something about teleportation in science fiction books but never though

this to be possible. But now it was. He thought of the old chinese. Yes it had

been his greatest wish not to be seen by the girl. He must´ve been teleported to

another place. Maybe he could use this ability again. He closed his eyes and

imagined to be back in his car. But as he opened his eyes again the sorroundings


He looked around. He stood on a great

plain. The ground was a little rough and a mixture of black and white stone that

somehow were fitted together. Here and there there were large holes in the

ground and some of these holes were even big enough to hide himself inside. But

the light was strange. It was bright yet it was no sunlight. He looked down and

found that he had four shadows in different directions. Then he looked up but he

was too blinded to see anything.

Maybe another planet with four suns he

thought. He had learned that younger stars were of a blue color while earth´s

sun was already mid aged and yellow. This light was white and not yellow.

Then the ground shook. He had never

imagined that any earthquake could be as heavy as the one that hit him now. He

was suddenly flung into the air and a terriffic boom hurt his ears. Then he

heard another sound like the grinding of stone masses. At first he thought that

the planet´s crust was bursting. He knew that Earthquakes were likely on a

planet underlying the gravity of four stars. But as he painfully hit the ground

he knew that this was wrong. The ground was not torn apart. No cracks had opened

and no fissures had build up.

Something was so very very wrong and he

turned around.

There was something in a distance of about

one hundred feet. There was a white wall rising on a black foundation. The black

part looked like about fifteen or twenty feet tall to him but as he looked up he

realized that the white part of the wall rose to a height what he estimated to

be two hundred feet. And there far above him another white segment rized. It was

curved outwards and rised much higher than the lower segment. He couldn´t

estimate how big it was. Then he looked further up und finally sat down in fear.

It was the girl. He recognized her face as

she looked down at a bra. The black foundation of the wall was the sole of her

shoe. The white segment was the platform part of the sole and the segment above

were the walls of her pump. As he looked to the right he saw her heel. It was a

skyscraper to him. At least 500 ft tall. A white building.

The earthquake had simply been a slight

movement of the foot next to him. The grinding noise had been caused as she had

dragged her foot across the floor. Yes the ground he was standing on was a tile

of black and white stones. The girl was now miles tall. He looked up again and

saw straight under her skirt. There between her legs he saw her crotch covered

by the black fabric of what seemed to be an immense thong.

Now he understood. His greatest wish didn´t

mean the thing that he thought of when he had used the potion. It meant his

greatest wish in his situation of live. It was simple. His greatest wish was

beeing given the ability to watch a beautiful girl without fear to be caught

staring at her.

Smiling he looked up. He looked at her

crotch and the outline of her pussylips. He looked at her beautiful legs. She

couldn´t see him and she presented a massive sexual view to him. As she bend

over he watched her beautiful face and more important her mountaineous tits in

her shirt. She was fucking great and he felt an errection.

Then it happened. She had suddenly spotted

something interesting in the lower part of the board. He cried in fear as

suddenly her mini-skirt blew up like a parachute while her barely covered as

came down towards him. He though he would die as he realized what a terrific

mass her body presented to him.

But luckily she didn´t sit down. She only

squatted above him. The shoes and the ground beneath groaned as she balanced her

weight with small movements of her toes and heels and he felt that the tile he

was standing on was indeed deformed under the pressure of her immense weight.

He realized that the earthquake had only

been caused by a light tapping of her foot. If she had stepped down putting her

normal weight onto that foot he would´ve been knocked out. Perhaps he would have

been hurled up high enough to drop back down to his dead.

Suddenly the blonde raised to her ful

height. He gasped again at her sher monstrosity. Then suddenly the titanic shoe

in front of him was raised and moved towards him.

But before his fearful shout came out of

his throat the shoe had already passed over  him like a spaceship. The air

currents around her moving foot dragged him after her shoe and finally blew him

into the air just as the thunderous double inpact of her heel and sole deafened

him. He lost his consciousness with the echoes of the crunching noise from under

her sole in his ears.

He woke up and looked around. He still knew

what had happened and thought about what to do. She could´ve stepped on him. How

should she know. He had wished to remain unseen and his wish had been granted

for what seemed to be for his life. And that could be quite a short time as he

stood in a shop that was going to be filled by the afternoon customers. He

looked at his watch. It was silly but is was still working perfectly and he knew

that right now school was over for today. Within an hour the pupils and students

would fill the shops.

He didn´t know what to do or where to go

for his safety. So first of all he wanted to know his size.

In a distance of about 600ft was a leg of a

shelve. And the lover part of the leg was attached to the main part with a

screw. Quickly he ran to the screw. It took him nearly a minute as he had to

watch out for the many pothole like gaps in the material of the tiles. Finally

he arrived at the screw. It stuck out of the material in a height of about 10

ft. He could never reach it. But there at the edge of the colossal shelv he

found a hair. It was a short hair about fifteen times his size. He managed to

drag the hair with him and could lean it on the screw. Then he climbed up until

he finally sat on the screw. He found what he needed: M6 was engraved into the

head of the screw. He measured himself with the thread´s size. He sat back and

calculated. He did it three times and it stayed the same. He was damn small. He

was not half an inch tall. Not by far. 1/8 of an inch would´ve been a tree to

him. He had shrunk to be 1/25 of an inch. No more no less. A woman of 5ft would

be 1500 times his size and would never see him.

He jumped back to the ground. Looking

towards the base of the shelv he started to think. There was much dirt at the

edges. Dirt meant insects and spiders. It would be dangerous to hide under a

shelf. And he didn´t know which insects could be dangerous. He had once been

told that the beautiful ladybird was a terrible beast to a louse. When he was a

child on the beach he had always safed the bugs driven into the sea by the wind.

Now those insects would kill him easily. A ladybird would be more than elephant

sized. And a spider. He shivered and stopped thinking about insects.

So he had to stay on the open plain. He

could see any possible attackers long before he was in range. Almost sountering

he left the vicinity of the shelv. Another earthquake suddenly reminded him of

the macroscopic world above. In a distance of five miles a towering woman passed

the rows. Within two seconds she had dissapeared from his view.

He sat down in despair. He could never take

part in the human world. He was way too small. The woman and the earthquake she

had caused had reminded him of where he was. The open plain was nothing else as

the small passage between two shelves for the giantess. The area around him was

just big enough for her to walk comfortably between the shelves. It would sooner

or later be covered by the foot of a girl who was searching through the lingerie


The female colossus had passed within two

seconds. In these two seconds she had moved about one mile. She was as fast as a

jet-fighter. And that meant: He was unable to evade. Before he could even guess

where she would step her foot would have covered the spot regardless of him

standing there or not.

For some minutes he remained calculating

perhaps because he wasn´t to think about the tragedy of his situation this way.

The lingerie section would only be visited by female customers. Female customers

would mostly where high heeled shoes.He found that the average shoe would have a

sole of about 4 inch in length and a 3 inch width. A heel could be between 1/3

of an inch in diameter up to a massive 2 x 1.5 inch.

That meant a woman would cover 15 square

inches per step. A walking step would cover 20 inches but if she searched

through the shelves she would take smaller steps. He decided to take the worst

case. 5 inches per step. The passage was about half a mile which meant 35 inches

across and 5 miles long. He estimated that the passage had an area of 1000

square inches. A length of more than 300 inch would mean 60 searching steps or

15 walking steps. So there would be covered 225 square inches by a waling woman

but 900 by a girl searching through the underwear.

As he calculated that this would mean a

coverage of 90 percent he was searching for the name of this figure when

suddenly BOOOOM!

He lost his footing as the ground heaved.

Another cuncushion sent him flying through the air and bounce three times before

he was spun around by the next BOOOOM of a step. He cought a glimpse at the

white platform mules that neared him. He saw the titanic toes of the barefoot

that rested inside and looked up to see the black sole of the other shoe which

was already traveling through the air. 90 percent 'death rate' he thought as her

tread thundered down. Then the foot that had neared him made a low flying curve

and hovered half a second above him. His heart stopped before the foot moved

aside and came down just in front of him. She had turned towards the lingerie

and stopped to go through the bras above. Thus she had lowered her right foot

lazily to the ground without much weight behind it.

Twelve foot high and five foot to the side

he traveled as the impact had turned him into a bouncing dustcrumb again. But

now she stood and he looked up quickly to see what she was doing.

The platform sole next to him was a really

high one. It was exactly two inches high and loomed up like a 150 ft skyscraper.

Up there above rounded shape of the shiny white platform he saw her massive

foot. The her toes were protruding over the tip of her show. Mighty toes the

biggest 50ft and the smallest nearly 20 ft high. The mighty arch of her shoe´s

instep rose another 150 feet high and was between 100 and 200 feet wide. His

view gazed along the high arch of her shoe and he saw her foot bulging out over

the edge of her insole. Even her heel was protruding over the back end of the

shoe. It was the exiting look of a shoe that was just a little bit too small for

the powerful foot inside which rested on a skyscraping tower of a 5 inch

stiletto heel.

5 inches or 400 ft of heel spiking the

ground with a torturing quarter inch of a heeltip.

Once again he forgot the danger as he

looked further upward. A knee at a height to much to be estimated from where he

stood. A thigh of more than 500 ft in diameter and up there under the white

minskirt sky he saw her womanhood. White lace with large holes gave him a view

of perfection. A tight ass and a hint of wetness near her cunt perfected the

view. He didn´t want anything else. This was total heaven for him. His greatest

wish had come true as he could watch this goddess of a girl without getting

caught. He passed under her shoe looking up and the gracious curve of archway

above before he came out between her feet. He layed down on his back and watched

her crotch. He didn´t feel how he came in his pants. He just watched and tried

to burn the view into his memory. The beautiful muscles hin her tight as started

to work. Other muscles responded in her right tigh and he watched in amazement

as her pussylips were ground together by the movement of her leg before again...


"A Sidestep!" he cried out in shear terror.

Her right foot had already stepped down and she was grinding her shoe over the

ground slowly while she shifted her weight onto it until she was pleasant with

her new stance. But now her left foot had been released and she lazily bent her


"Agh!" he called out as her spikeheel

lifted from the ground and she dragged her sole over the ground towards him.

Before he could back up more than one step the grinding sole came to a rest

crushing dustcrumbs and small stones of dirt only 20 ft in front of him. Then

she started to turn her shoe to and fro on her toes while her heel described

lazy circles in the air.

Right in front of him her shoe was

constantly grinding the dirt under her sole on the ground. The noise was

terribleand he wettened his pants at the sight. Then he realized some more. The

shoe was turning left and right but slowly it was dragged towards him. He

shouted out and started to run away just as the movement got faster. Shouting in

terror he ran and looked back over his shoulder only to see the grinding sole

nearing at a vast speed. Then he was suddenly knocked down on all fours and

skidded over the ground. An unimaginable force hit him flattening his body and

dragging him over the ground. His wet pants and shirt shredded and his skin tore

leaving a footlong trace of blood before there was suddenly light again. Then

something black came down right in front of his face. His eardrums simply blew

and he blacked out just before his body was flung into the air and smashed

against the black rubbertip of her heel.

The blonde however shifted her weight back

onto her left foot and lifted her right foot into the air to take a step towards

the exit of the row.

She shifted her weight onto the toes of her

left foot while she turned it rightward to push herself into her new direction

before her right foot touched the ground again.

Lydia never felt that her left hiheel had a

quite insignificant collision with an even more insignificant body on the ground

at her feet.


As insignificant this collision had been to

Lydia the giantess the more significant it was too poor Stephen. Of course he

was still unconscious and severly injured by her crushing footdrag. Now the heel

hit him right before she lifted it from the ground. Stephen´s body folded up

like a crash-test-dummy. His head smashed into the black rubber and he lost all

his front teeth instantly before the unaffected motion of her heel crushed his

jawbone until the heel finally rised up and dissapeared.


He hit the ground face down. His injouries

were bad. He felt that he was bleeding inside. His whole body was hurting.

Pain-released hormones brought him to his senses. Ninety percent he thought and

the adrenaline made him forget his pain. Ninety percent is exact the part of my

body which is crushed by now, and his face muscles tensed into a smile that

couldnt form over the broken jawbone. He raised his head feeling silly about the

fact that he couldn´t feel his legs.

"Dear customer! We are kept by law to

advise you that walking in these shoes can cause severe injuries to other people

near you. Please keep this in mind on your next shopping tour." He loughed at

this thought and it hurt. His thoughts got confused.

Then he felt another nearing earthquake.

Perhaps she was coming back to help him now. But it was another woman. He raised

his head but he couldn´t see anything above her knees and the more she neared in

those brown leather-thongs the visible part of her decreased. She was walking

towards him. Twenty two percent he thought. Enough to take out the remaining

ten. Then her tread caused the ground to vibrate heavily enough to stop him

thinking. His drying blood made him stick to the ground and he could clearly see

the dirty sole the moved towards him. But this time the devil wanted him to

suffer a bit longer. Her left foot touched the ground two inches from his body.

Painfilled hours followed. Every five

minutes a girl or a young woman came through the passage. He saw black pumps and

red strappy sandals coming down next to him. Sometimes a giantess came from

behind and walked away in high heels.

He saw the arriving black platform sandals

and as the young woman squatted some of her steps in front of him he shouted at

the redhead.

"Come on you devilish whore! Step on me!

Finish me of!"

She started to search through the shelves.

Sidestep after sidestep she neared him. He looked at the platform sole and her

red painted toes. Everything was so gigantic. Her heel covered the space of a

cityblock. She couldn´t miss him.

"Please... Do  it!" he whispered as her

right foot moved over him. It got dark and the footfall boomed terrificly.

"NOOOO!" he yelled. She had spared him

under the arch of her shoe. He broke in tears. Desperation and exhaustion drove

him into a deep sleep. The sound of the next step couldn´t disturb him. The

other shoes that thundered down in the vicinity of his little puddle of blood

remained unheard for Stephen. Only the blonde girl with her hiheeled sandals

caused him to groan as she came through the passage in a full run and her foot

thundered down on him near enough to have him covered under her blue toenails

while her big toe nearly crushed his head as she used the monstrous bodypart to

push herself forward.

Finally Stephen missed the moment as the

white spikeheeled platforms of Lydia came back. She stepped on him to fullfill

his greatest wish: dead. But a protective angel had the bag with her new jeans

slap against her beautiful leg. It was just enough weight to push her foot the

needed inch out of the way and it thundered down next to him.

Meanwhile the shop had emptied. They would

close at 8pm. The remaining customers bought jeans and T-shirts. Stephen and the

lingerie department stayed alone. Half of the lights were turned out and Stephen


He woke up in the morning. His body was

still hurting badly. Shreds of his cloth were sticking to his body and

everything was gooey with his dry blood. As he raised from the ground he

couldn´t believe it. It was unbelievable but everything had healed.

"Yes! My wounds were as tiny as me. And

wounds that tiny can heal overnight."

That was his only explanation for it. But

then he looked up. He saw the lingerie up there and thought of the last day.

It was terrible. He was just too small.

What should he do. He was thirsty. He needed food. Were could he get some?

He thought about it. Yes! There was a Mac

in the mall. And it was just next to the shop he was in.

As he thought about the distance he sat

back down again. 5 miles to the edge of the shelves. Then at least 15 miles to

the pay desk. Then two miles to the door and another 5 miles along the window


He started to run towards the edge of the

shelves. After something like 2000ft he slowed down. He looked at his watch but

it had been destroyed as the platform  sole had crushed and smeared him over the

ground. So he started counting. 3000 and he started to run again. 1000 and he

fell to a walking step.

Soon he arrived and turned towards the

pay-desk. The shop was still closed. Behind the pay desks he could see through

the doors that were completely mad of glas. There was no one outside. He

estimated it to be about 6am. Maybe this shop would be closed up to 10am.

"If not..." he thought," If not they will

squash me when I am passing the entrance to another row of shelves."

Once again he was astonished. Yes! He

wanted to live. He even wanted to stay this small. After all he had had the most

sexual view in his entire life. Without beeing so small he had never seen the

cunt of this girl. Then she had stepped on him - all right, but it was worth it.

Perhaps he could find a way less dangerous.

The hours passed. He neared the cash. Then

finally he started to cross the open plain towards the door.

Then he saw her. She was suddenly at the

door. A bunch of keys crashed against the glass. Then the scratching at the lock

the noise of the entering key and she opened the door.

One mile in front of him the door opened.

He looked up at her.

"No! Please!"

The woman in her late thirties wore a blue

dress. Her dirty blonde hair was bound into a knot. Then she bend over to grap

the bucket and the Wiper. Mountaineous breast came into view until she rised up

again. He looked at her feet. Two slippers with a thick plastic sole that had

been white some years ago. Each covered by the single brown leather strap with a

rusty clasp were her barefeet. All the sexual exitement of yesterdays girls was

forgotten. The nails were painted with a dark red but the paint was several days

old. The thick layer was broken at the edges. Splinters were just before

breaking off completely. The front edge of the nails was torn and splitted.

White pieces of nail hung down. The feet themselves were covered with ugly parts

of white horny skin. And now she raised her right foot towards him.

He stood motionless, frozen in terror. The

step thundered. She was nearing. The other foot raised high into the air. He saw

the dirty sole. Completely flat. No escape Between heel and toe. Just plain


BOOOOMM! Then a slurping sound as the other

barefoot rose from the plastic and a ear piercing squeek as the shoe was ground

over the floor.

BOOOOOMMM! again. This time he was in


It was  her left foot that came towards

him. He started to run, but - too slow.

Then BOOOMMMM! He was lucky again. The air

she had displaced with her falling foot blew him aside.

Dust and dirt had dried overnight and he

was hit by hundreds of dust particles. A small stone hit his back and the dirty

storm washed over him.

BOOOMMMM! now she moved away. He was lying

on the ground, tears rolling down his face. He coughed and started to puke. He

was completely covered with stinking dirt. Then he raised up and walked slowly

towards the door. He should be fast. The shop would open soon and here in the

entrance he would be flat in a second. But then: before this she would wipe the

entrance as it was that dirty. If he could escape those ugly shoes he would

drown or be smeared by her wiper.

Just as he wanted to start running again,

he lost his pants. The last rough treatment by a ladies foot had finally caused

the denim to tear completely. Leaving his pants behind he continued. Half naked

and dirty. A little speck on the floor.


He was fast enough to be at the door before

the entrance was cleaned. Without a problem he walked upright underneath the

door and found himself free.

On his left he saw the large red and yellow

rubbish bin. Like one of the superskyscrapers the Japanese were planning. Silly!

They had not enough room and he compared a rubbish bin with a skyscraper.

When he arrived at the rubbish bin he was

dissappointed. Yes there were bits of food lying around and yes he was hungry

enough to eat from the street but it was impossible.

Mashed pieces of fried potatoes and bits of

bread. Some flesh surely spit out by a child (ugh)! But everything was covered

with mould.

He had to wait for customers. He had to

hunt for fresh pieces. But then he reminded one thing. He had always watched the

birds. Sparrows came here to search for those bits. They were small enough to

see him, maybe they would eat him like a flea.

He had to get inside...


With that he fell into a run and 

surrounded the mighty bin.  After some minutes he could see the shop behind the

bin. It was a small snack bar that also sold ice-cream. But now it was still

closed. It wouldn´t open too soon so he decided too get inside for protection.

Had the rubbisch bin been comparable to a

skyscraper he had nothing for these tables to be compared with. There were three

one legged tables that seemed more than a mile high. One of these Pillars was

blocking his path to the entrance. He had to surround it. But it was risky.  He

knew it. The first people that came here for a strange kind of breakfast or just

a cup of coffee  would get in and soon return to stand on one of the tables. In

fact this was the first place to become dangerous for miles. But he had to pass

around it. 

"The sooner the better," he thought and

started running again.

But there was enough time left. When he

passed under the table he thought that these mighty column could carry the whole

sky above his tiny world. Surrounding its socket he carfully watched the edge.

There wold surely be insects hiding underneath the table so he kept his

distance. Then finally he took off in a straight line towards the entrance. Once

there he would nicely fit through under the door.

Half way towards the mighty portal of a

door he got his first warning. He was panting heavily and his ears were ringing

from exhaustion so he didn´t hear the sounds of the awakening mall. Then he

suddenly felt the quakes. He spun around and saw another towering giantess. The

first thing he noticed were her black platform sandles that simply consisted of

a mighty sole without a risen heel and a few broad leatherstraps that held the

shoes in place. Then he looked further upwards along the bare legs of a

titaness. Just as his eyes found the red denim-shorts she finished another step

that took her towards him. And this time it wasn´t just something like a quake

that accompanied her step. He was suddenly flung into the air by the heaving

ground and the thunder made his ears ring even more. His vision was blurred and

he was blown away by the storm caused by her other foot that passed a few

hundred feet away from him. The hurricane dragged him behind her foot and when

he finally hit the ground after another thundering step he rolled  and bumped

over the ground for another 50 feet.

With a last hiss of air from his lungs he

somehow fell on his stomach laying spread eagle on the ground and looked after

the giantess´ shoes. He couldn´t rise his head high enough to see anything more

but her ankles. But he realized that she was standing at the door obivously

unlocking it. Then he simply passed out.

He couldn´t see the girl opening the door.

Like all doors in business buildings it opened to the outside. The door came

towards him and moved over him. Except for the hurricane of dragged air this was

harmless because the door moved a quarter inch above the ground. But then the

black platform sandal reappeared. The giantess´ left foot stepped down next to

him. As her foot hit the ground there was only the tenth of an inch between him

and the edge of her sole. Her big toe that stuck out over her sole was above him

before the displaced air hit him. Her descending shoe blew him towards the door

and his body smashed into the lower part of the doorframe just as her right foot

moved to the outer edge of the door to press the doorstopper onto the ground.


He awoke much later. All around him were

the sound of the mall. The shops were open and people were talking and shouting

everywhere. He rose carefully and looked around. Somehow he had been transported

to the safety of the doorframe. He looked towards the table. By a stuck

chewing-gum he found the spot where the titaness had hit him. Right then the

spot was rolled over by a remote controlled toy car. To him it was a monster

truck. He was sure that it would´ve been unneccessary for him to wait for the

toy car crushing him. The spot was right in the path of the countless giants

that sorrounded him. It was going to be stepped on a hundred times today.

To prove his thoughts a shiny black pump

appeared and a pointed heel crushed into the tarmac right at that spot. Then a

mighty hand appeared from the sky and simply lifted the monstertruck away.

He covered his ears as the voice thundered




The much louder whining and shouting of the

small boy wasn´t understandable but he had to fight hard to remain conscious

during the inferno of noise.

Then his thoughts returned to his stomach

as a shadow crossed him and suddenly a mountain of a fried potato came down. The

large piece bumped against the doorframe and rolled over the ground until it

came to rest only two inches from the door. It was the price he had been hoping


Carefully he looked around.  There were

birds but they wouldn´t near the entrance because of the many people. And the

piece of food was near enough to the door so it wasn´t to be stepped on.

He crossed four hundred feet of open space

until he arrived at the potato. Imidiately he started to eat. At first he used

his hands to tear of some crumbs but then he simply bit into the giant potato.

While he was chewing he looked around.

After a minute a jung girl passed through the entrance but it wasn´t dangerous

except for the earthquake that threatened to topple the potato. But then

everything was relatively quiet again and he continued to eat.

When his hunger was gone and he started to

break out a large piece as provisions it happened. He saw the white sandals

turning in front of the counter. The woman would come out and she was so much

larger than the girl so her steps would surely topple the potato. But he wanted

his piece for provisions and he turned around to pry it of with his other arm.

So he saw these two pairs of  flat sandals belonging to two loughing young women

who came running towards the entrance. He realized that they would meet the

owner of the white sandals and he could already hear the thunder of steps from

behind him.

The provisions were forgotten. He ran for

his live. Towards the door. How many steps would they grant him? There wouldn´t

be more than five steps for the white sandles to reach the door. And there

wouldn´t be more than ten steps for the other two giantesses. He counted his own

tiny strides...

One, two BOOM it came from inside

THUD made the running sandals,  five he

thought, six, THUD, eight, BOOOM!, THUD, THUD, ten, THUDD!, BOOOM, twelve, THUD,

thirteen, THUDTHUD, BOOOOMM!, THUD,fifteen

Then the shadows came across him. He looked

towards the white sandals. BOOMMMBOMM! He saw her stopping at the entrance as

she realized the running women. THUD ... THUD... they reached the door and

stopped to avoid running into the woman. THUDD! The earthquake was too much. He

fell and thought "twenty!" Then he rolled onto his back to hear a muffled THUMP!

Righty above him was a sky of descending

sole that descended to flatten him at a ridiculous speed. Just before he joined

the crushed dirt under that woman´s shoe he was hit...

With a body full of pain he awoke hours

later. He couldn´t believe himself to be alive but it was true. His body was

covered with the remains of a squirt of mashed potato and the ground next to him

was covered with more squirts.

Uncaring of the surrounding world of giants

he raised and walked over to the brown mass that covered the ground. He had to

jump to look over the walls of the maze. He new it was the caused by profile

under the heel part of that sandal. He was standing on a layer of pulped potato

and one of those squirts that could be seen around the main spot had shot him

out from under her deadly foot.

Small enough to be saved by a potato

squirt. His whole body hurting. And all this caused by a young woman, almost a

girl, without her even thinking of the possibility of crushing a man.

With pain in his body and even more in his

mind he started to walk inside. It was the late afternoon and it looked like

these thirty minutes when it´s too late for lunch but too early for supper.

There was only the young woman behind the

counter. As he walked unnoticed through the entrance he watched her. She had a

beautiful face with small red lips. All of this was framed by very long black

hair that fell in curls around her shoulders and far down her back. Some of the

dark curls covered over her now mighty but comparably medium sized breasts that

were hidden under a white T-shirt.

One day before it could´ve been interesting

for him to see the nipples forming two nice bumps because there was no bra that

could push them back.

Fifteen minutes later he lazily surrounded

the counter. He watched in awe the towering body of the goddess that stood above

him. From the 150 foot high platform sole of the flat sandal to the 80 foot high

big toe with it´s cover of a red nail that was at least seven foot thick with a

three foot cover of red paint. The rising mountain of a barefoot and the long

legs that reached into the sky. Almost one mile in height. The red denim shorts

and the mighty ass cheecks that couldn´t be completely covered by her ultra

shorts. With respect his gaze wandered over the parts that covered her pubic

area. The greed for pussy he had felt for the last years was gone with the

realization that the slightest unknown twitch of cunt-muscle could squish him.

Maybe he wouldn´t survive the enormous pressure that kept her pussylips closed

and he realized that this mighty pressure would be called a light touch by the

titaness that stood above him.

The T-shirt left a strip of smooth stomach

visible and he could see her belly button with that ring which was as thick as

he was tall. Then he looked further upwards with awe as he once again watched

her tits but this time from a much lower angle. Her face was hidden behind

mighty waves of beautiful black hair and her hand because she had put her chin

into her hand as she lazily waited for customers.

Finally Stephen had made his decision. His

greatest wish was no more. He new that it was all over. He could never again be

important in the big world above him. He would never be noticed. He still wasn´t

sure if he would like to be noticed but not because he hoped for help. It was

just because he new the fate of so much ants that had come across a human being.

He quietly sat down on the ground and looked at her mighty nude heels that

rested on her sandals.

Had there ever been a human beeing that

didn´t step on an ant? He remembered the time in kindergarten. On some days when

they had been outside the children had stepped on ants.  Then Ms. Clara had been

there telling them that each creature had a right to live - so they let live.

But days later when it was raining outside he had been on the playing carpet

when the little girl had called for Ms. Clara.

"Look Ms. Clara! An ant. It doens´t like

the rain too."

He and many other children had cowered

around the ant on the stone floor. But suddenly there was this black ballerina

that simply stepped down on it. The room was totally silenced as Ms. Clara had

crushed the ant with a loud crackling sound. He had looked up and he still saw

Ms. Clara standing above him. Her face and the breasts under her black T-Shirt

and her white slip under her skirt. And his horror as she simply said "An ant

doesn´t belong in here."

He had forgotten over the years but now it

was all back. Finally he realized the ly about love and peace for everyone. The

law of nature was the truth. It was omnipresent and only the strong would

survive. Now he felt how careless the strong did survive. How many times he had

been hurt by them? And they didn´t realize. The thoughts about love for everyone

were just in their mouth bot never in their mind.

He was small. They were big. Large.

Titanic. He walked. He avoided small stones. He surrounded pieces of potato. He

was afraid of ants.

And they walked. They didn´t look for

stones. They didn´t look for pieces of potato. They didn´t look for him for what

possible harm could he mean to any of their movements? Their steps? So they were

strong enough to step carelessly onto the ground and they did. He was small

enough to be crushed - so he would be crushed.

He realized his useless life. His weakness.

he wasn´t made for this world. His fight was useless. He ended his fight.


With that he felt the earthquake of the

next customer nearing. The titaness above him rose her head and the thunder of

voices rose. He didn´t try to cover his ears. Then the giantess stepped away

from him. His body jumped up and down with the vibrating ground. He didn´t mind.

Then the customer left the shop.

He looked up at the face of the girl. A

cold shiver went down his spine. It was Katja. For three months she had been his

Katja. But she had left him. He knew she was right. He had never realized what

love meant. He had never given anything back to her. So one day she left in

tears. Then she turned around. Suddenly he felt sorry for what he´d done. He had

been one of the giants and he had been careless as well. Now that he was here on

the ground about to be sqashed under those mighty shoes he  had realized what

love meant. At last.

Then suddenly he felt himself Pop. The next

moment he stood there. Half nude, dirty and bruised but in full size behind his

ex. He felt love for her. One moment. Now he wouldn´t fear her seeing him. Now

everything was alright. He wanted to heal her wounds.

But just as he said "Maria!" he suddenly

felt the pain.It was just like his heart was shrinking and suddenly he was

shrinking with it. Only a second later he was again that little speck on the

ground and staring up at the sex titaness above.

Only this time he was filled with hope and

love for her. Even more as she suddenly looked down on him. He waved at her. But

then there was this thundering voice. And the angry look on her face. With the

mighty sound of large leather straps and grinding skin her right foot rose from

the ground.  He shouted out in fear, he started to step backwards unable to look

away from the shoe that suddenly moved over him. It blotted out Marias angry

face and finally all he could see was the pattern of her sole. Then it came down

on him

"Nooooo..." he shouted in vein before he

felt the touch and the crush and nothing...


Maria had had a long day.  She had sold

hundreds of Burgers, sausages, salads and so on. At least her feet were OK

because she had no hiheels like in her first days at this job. But to reach a

sufficient height she had decided for some thick platform soles. Only the

quarter of an hour and Melissa would come and take over. There was another late

customer this would be the last Burger for today. He went out and  she fell back

into thoughts.

For the last months she had been a shadow

of herself. The loughing girl had been sad enough to earn sympathic looks on the

street. Then yesterday there had been the chinese. She´d been taller than the

small man. But he had smiled at her and said "Poor beauty. May this bless grant

you your greatest wish..."

With that he had spread this silvery dust

over her and left. She had been too sad to think about it.

Now she had time for thinking and thought

about her greatest wish. Somehow she knew it now. She wanted to forget Stephen

and she wanted to do this with a new lover.

"Stephen! STEPHEN!" her thoughts shouted

angrily. She would´ve loved to kill him. She had opened her heart for him. Her

big heart. But he, he was so cool. So cruely cool. His heart wasn´t big like

hers. It was cold like stone. A tiny stoneheart. As tiny as a louse. But he had

been big and strong enough to crush her heart.

How she wished that she could pay it back

to him. How she wished that he would be as tiny as his heart. How she wished him

to be a louse on the floor.

Crying she buried her face in her hands. A

few sobs and then she was Ok. She removed her hand and looked on the ground.

There on the white stonetiles in front of her was a dark spot.

For a moment she thought of Ms. Clara.

"Ants don´t belong in here." echoed in her mind. But then she reminded Stephen

as he was staring under Ms. Claras skirt.

"Ants don´t belong in here." she said with

a stern voice. Slowly she raised her right foot and delibaretly stepped onto the

spot. Like years ago she heard a crackling sound only much fainter. Careless she

twisted her shoe and finally lifted her foot. A tiny trace of red could be seen

like a little blood.

"Just like it had really been Stephen," she

thought and realized that for the first time she smiled while thinking of him.

"But somehow this end has been much too

easy for him."







Giantess Stories: His Greatest Wish

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