Giantess Stories: His Nose in Her Business

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His Nose in Her Business

By Ran Dandel


"Hey you! Get away from there! That's MY stuff!"

Rob started at the sound of the angry woman's voice. He was caught again!

Just one of these days.…

Rob hurriedly ran out of the laundromat into the dark parking lot, followed

by continued.angry shouts. Life just wasn't fair! How could he get his ‘fix'

now? He hadn't been in there long enough to locate that woman's panties. He had

to find a pair, somehow, and quickly.

You see, Rob had a little fetish. He just had to have a fairly ‘fresh' pair

of women's used panties about once a week or so. He just relished the pure

female aroma they exuded. After about a week, they lost their scent…and their

allure. If he only had a regular girlfriend, he might be able to have a regular

‘supply'. But noooo! As soon as his little ‘habit' was discovered, they tossed

him out in disgust. Women just couldn't understand the allure of their

tantalizing scent.

It must be something in the body chemistry, he thought. Something that makes

men like the smell of a woman, and something in MY chemistry that makes me have

a need for that scent. It like a drug. If I have it, I can function, without it,

I start to wind up like a real wired speed freak.

Since he's struck out at the Pink Bubbles Launderette, he decided to try a

new place near the mall, Gaea's All-Natural Laundry. Rob though it probably

belonged to some kind of ‘Earth Mother' type of woman, who used all ‘natural'

items, and probably was into a Vegan diet. He couldn't understand that level of

commitment to a way of eating. His face bore the results of what he ate, what

with acne scars and all.

Before he went into the new location, he scouted around a bit. He saw several

women inside working on the various tasks of their laundry. Unfortunately, it

looked like most of them were in the finishing stages of their work, and the

others had just put their clothed into the machines. No luck, there, he thought.

While he was looking, he noticed an attractive young woman get out of her car

and pull a loaded laundry basket out of the passenger side. She locked the car

and took her burden into the laundromat. Rob waited just far enough outside to

avoid being spotted from inside.

As the young woman walked in , she was greeted by the other women.

Apparently, they all knew each other from coming here each laundry day. Rob

hoped he'd have a chance.

Another car pulled up, and another woman got out with a load of laundry. She,

too, went inside and was greeted by the others. What a little club they have

here, though Rob.

Idly, he counted the women, and noticed that there were now thirteen women

inside. While he was trying to plan a route into the place, snatch some panties,

and get out without being beaten to a pulp by several angry ladies, his job was

suddenly made easier. They all went into a back room together.

Rob took this as a Heaven-sent opportunity. He stealthily crept into the

laundromat and made sure the door was silent. The tip-toed up to the nearest

basket, which was still almost at the back, and started going through it.

Accompanied by the sound of chanting coming from the back room, he searched for

panties, and carefully gave each pair a sniff. He wanted to take the pair that

had the most exciting scent.

As he was performing his task, the didn't notice that the women had come out

of the back room and were standing just this side of the door, with a mixture of

angry and disgusted looks on their faces. After a few seconds, he felt the

weight of their gazes upon him. He jerked upright, stuffed the pair of panties

he was holding into a pocket and started to bolt for the door.

A loud voice rang out, "By Gaea and Diana her daughter, Halt, man!" One of

the women extended her arm, pointing at Rob, and a bolt of greenish light struck

him in his retreating back. Rob found himself frozen to the floor. He couldn't


The woman who was the apparent leader of the group walked out from the little

crowd and walked up to Rob. She circled him a few times, and then reached over

and removed the pilfered pair of panties.

"Sooo, you like women's undergarment, hmmmm?" she said. "Ladies, what should

be his punishment?"

She joined the others and they formed a huddle. Soon the sounds of whispering

emerged from the group. Rob still couldn't move, but he could hear that was

going on, but he couldn't make out what they were saying.

After a few minutes, the ladies broke their huddle, joined hands in a circle,

and started chanting. The language was something Rob had never heard before. It

was musical and somewhat hypnotic. He found himself feeling relaxed and slightly


He became suddenly alert when he felt a sudden chill on his body. He glanced

down with his eyes, and saw that all of his clothes had vanished. He was buck

naked! A chorus of giggles came from the women at this sight.

A few seconds later, he started feeling very strange. It felt like he was

collapsing inside of himself! He found he could move, but the only thing he

could do was sit down on one of the nearby benches.

It soon became apparent that he was, indeed, collapsing into himself. He

watched as his stomach started rolling inside his waist, with the rest of him

following. Soon, his shoulders were at the same level as his hips! He now looked

like his torso had been removed and his head stuck on top of his hips, but the

process wasn't stopping!

He soon found his head sinking inside the circle of his hips, and his face

was being pressed against the inside of what used to be his groin. Before he

blacked out, he saw that his skin was becoming transparent with diamond-shaped


A little while later, one of the ladies came over to what was left of Rob.

She was young and quite attractive, with very exciting legs. She picked him up

and stuffed him in her purse.

"Thanks girls!" she gushed. "This will be perfect for my date tonight!"

She picked up her laundry basket and left the laundromat.


Sometime later, a nice, young man was escorting a lovely young woman out of

the restaurant where they'd had a lovely dinner. She was dressed in a very

attractive short skirt with a pair of tanned pantyhose that only made her legs

that much more exciting.

As the evening wore on, she thought that her coven had given Rob a fitting

punishment for being a panty thief.

Rob on the other hand, didn't think this was bad at all. He now had his nose

right where he wanted it, and could get a nice, long ‘fix' every few days. So

what if he had to spend a night or two on the curtain rod. After all, we all

make a few sacrifices to get what we want, don't we? If if you need to become a

pair of pantyhose.



Giantess Stories: His Nose in Her Business

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