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Historical Hiatus






476 AD


           The Germans move in on the legendary city of

Rome. The land of kings and countrymen, they move towards rome in lines along

the roadways the Romans built long, long ago. As the German's move in, they are

met with last remaining legions of the mighty Roman Empire.


           The Germans battle on and are on the verge of

winning; with the prize being Rome, when Roman Emperor Romulus

Augustus rides in with a platoon of his finest soldiers. His men began to

slaughter the Germanic Warriors, the sounds of swords clattering echoed through

the countryside until every last German fell.


           The battle gave Romulus Augustus rule over all

Roman lands with an iron first. Forever changing the course of history, Roman

culture and power continued to spread throughout the world until it took over

what would have been Europe, Asia, Africa, and Japan.


1356 AD


As Centuries past the Romans

discovered what would be North America in 1356 Colonizing North and South

America with relative ease overpowering the Indians with there advanced weapons.


1358 AD


           The Roman Soldiers discover a diminutive village

of what they dubbed Minoans. Minoans were tiny humanoid creatures that ranged in

size between two and six inches which came in both male and female sexes.


1359 AD


           Minoan hunts over take the Roman Empire as they

become ideal pets for Roman children. Roman Emperor Augustus Maximus rules that

Minoans do not garner the same rights as man and have no protection under the









2004 AD


Claude looked over at his

girlfriend of seven years. They had started dating there first year of high

school and here they are juniors in College. Claude reached his arm around

Justina and cuddled next to her. He pushed his nose into her brown silky hair.

He loved to run his fingers through her hair. He would press her hair between

his fingers and squeeze it hard and then raise it up to his nose and inhale the

strawberry scent of Justina's hair.


Claude ran his hands down her

petite frame and pressed himself against her back. This caused Justina snuggle

into him as she tilted her head back and he kissed her forehead and whispered I

love you into her ear.


“I have to get going to class

sweetheart.” Whispers Claude as he sits up in Justina's bed. He listens to her

mumble I love you back and turns over. Claude sneaks out of Justina's bed and

grabs his pants and t-shirt off the floor. He looks back at Justina who is back

sleeping soundly. 


“Shit, I don't have any deodorant

over here anymore. I guess I may as well use this secret stuff. Strong enough

for a man, but made for a woman” Claude grabs Justina's deodorant and applies it

and then grabs his backpack on his way out the door.


Claude bounds down the stairs

recklessly not paying much attention to what is around him. As he enters the

lobby of Justina's dorm complex he spots a couple of Justina's friends playing

with some Minoans.


Claude's eyes immediately pass

over to Amber. She has beautiful jet-black hair smallish pert breasts, which are

the bi product of her rigorous workouts. Amber usually wears baby tees and just

about anything else that shows off her perfect stomach and today she is

definitely representing. She has a baby tee with a quarter of the bottom ripped

off which just covers her pert breasts and nothing else. Claude gulps as he

stares at her, his eyes then wander down her long sensuous legs, which are only

covered by tight black spandex shorts, which just cover butt cheeks but nothing



Claude's mouth waters as he

stares at her watching her prod her Minoan with a pencil. Amber giggles as he

tumbles over onto his behind. She presses the pencil towards him but the Minoan

grabs onto the eraser end of the pencil. Amber then lifts the pencil into the

air so its level with her face. She giggles as his legs kick feverishly in the



“Can't pudding get down?” laughs

Amber as puckers her lips and blows her sweet warm air over him. Claude's eyes

lock onto the tiny Minoan as he struggles to hold onto the pencil. Claude

wanting to step in and say something being a strong advocate for Minoan rights

but all he can do is look on at Amber plays with her Minoan.


Amber begins wiggle the pencil in

the air at first slowly, then more and more violently until the Minoan tumbles

to the ground and starts to run away. Claude unable to watch anymore turns away

and heads out the door breathing heavily.


“God damn, what kind of power

does she have over me. I become completely helpless in her presence I hardly

notice other people. I have to stop doing this. Justina is gonna catch me one of

these times.


Claude rushes off towards the

academic complex trying to forget about Amber and immerse his thoughts in his



The halls were crowded as Claude

wanders though half dazed, his mind wandering back to Amber just a few minutes

ago and how she effortlessly teased and played with that helpless Minoan as if

he was nothing at all. Is that what it is like to be a Minoan? Lifeless in

nearly ever way, invisible to the world; what a horrible existence that must be.


           My thoughts continued but in the back of my

mind, I kept hearing do you want to find out? What it would be like? It kept

faintly repeating repeatedly in the back of my head. I finally shouted yes

whatever. As soon as I internally shouted it I felt myself hit the floor.


           “Who are you?”


           “You can just call me the wish master. I have

many names in many places but for you this is a special one. When you open your

eyes, you will get what you desire. I know you want this, happy wishes. I will

be back”


           I shouted wish master repeatedly but nothing

came, my eyes rolled open. The ceiling was as distant as the sky. The walls were

seemingly miles apart. I pushed myself up off the floor as a torrent of feet

slam down around me.


           “Alright girls, lets run some wind sprints”


           The voice thundered all around me as I looked up

at the tan columns soaring up into the sky. I gulped as I watched them begin to

move. I took off running towards the sidewall but I had not made it far when I

felt the front of the sneaker slam into my chest. My bones ached and heaved as I

slid across the floor into the heel of one of the girls. My body jolted as I hit

the heel of her sneaker and slumped down onto the floor.


           I had only been like this for a matter of

minutes and here was almost dead, I watched the rubber sole of the shoe rise

over me. I could see pebbles, dirt and the like stuck to the underside of her

shoe as she stepped over me. As there chatter became more and more distant, I

breathed a sigh of relief as I was safe for the moment.


“Not good Claude. I leave you for five minutes and look at


“Yeah, yeah just change me back.”


“Change you back? Why, don't you like this?”


“No I don't! I want to go to class and go back to Justina.

Just change me back.”


“Well Claude I would like to help you but I have other

matters at hand. Other matters at hand? You gave me a wish I didn't want!”


“Now did I? See you around Claude, oh and if I were you. I

would run”


           I looked around at the shadow cast over me.  I

cursed that damn wish master as I slowly crawl to the side hoping not to being



“Look Jus. A Minoan”


“Amber leave the poor thing alone. AMBER!”


“oh shit” I scream as I try to run but my muscles and bones

are still sore from before, her flip flop easily over takes me pushing me to the

ground. I stare up at the long legs and see the familiar spandex shorts of

before. I gulp as I realize just who this is.


“Tryin' to run away I see.”


“Don't hurt him Amber.”


           I look up at Amber as I watch her friend look

over her shoulder as Amber bends down. My eyes bug out as the face of Justina

beams down at me from above. I try to scream her name but I can't seem to get

any air into my lungs with Ambers damn flip flop on me.








Giantess Stories: Historical Hiatus

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