Giantess Stories: Hitting on a Goddess

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Hitting on a Goddess


Big Larry


Tino's Lounge was like most any

downtown bar - dimly-lit, smoky and full of guys. It was a typical Friday night

at Tino's, which meant the place was packed - a sausage fest of the highest

degree. It was getting late and most of the guys had already transformed

themselves into human puddles when suddenly, in an instant, everything changed.

Denise walked in.

From the moment she walked through the door, every eye at the bar was fixated on

her. If it weren't for the jukebox in the background, it would have appeared as

if time stopped. Why was this young beauty in Tino's - and why was she here

alone? Everyone sort of stood there in a gaze - including the bouncer who didn't

even notice the discrepancies on her ID. Denise was a 19 year old Latina beauty

and she was using her sister's license - but Mona was only 5'4" tall compared to

Denise's lovely 5'11" frame. And with her sexy, strappy heels - she towered at

6'2". The bouncer pushed her ID into his general field of vision, but his eyes

really never left her killer body. He gazed at those strappy heels, which

showcased her long but femimine feet, each touched off with deep red nailpolish

that glistened against her bronzed skin. Those feet lead to the longest legs

imaginable - there were toned and strong, yet very shapely. Denise had a build

similar to a pro beach volleyball player but with nice, round breasts. Gazing up

her smooth thighs, he took in the scarf of a skirt young Denise was wearing

tautly around her voluptuous hips and ass. Above it was her long, tight belly -

which actually extended up near eye level for the shortest of men. And then

those heaving, natural breasts pushing the very limits of a top that appeared to

be made for a 5 year old, giving way to her shapely neck and modelesque face.

Her wide, deep brown eyes flanked her perky nose, with high cheek bones coming

together in her full, luscious lips. This was all perfectly framed by her

flowing black hair, which cascaded down onto her tan, bare shoulders. Denise was

a goddess. She knew it. Every guy in Tino's that night knew it.

She sauntered over to the bar and enjoyed feeling the lustful stare of nearly

one hundred men. The fact they were wasted only turned her on more, as it would

enhance the near total control she usually had on men. The bartender nervously

tried to summon a few words, but young Denise spoke first, "Vodka, on the

rocks," was all that came out of her pouty, red lips. Without a word, the

bartender scurried to make her drink - even forgetting to charge her. She began

to sip her drink and survey the scene as a young man stumbled his way over to

her. I took exactly 38 seconds for someone to take a shot at this young, Latina


Hitting on a Goddess - Part 2:

And this drunken young man approached Denise, he realized he was a full three

inches shorter than her, his eyes a the same level as her gorgeous mouth. He

began to stammer, "Um, Hi, My name is Brian. What's your name?" Denise just

looked at him and said nothing, so Brian eventually continued, "Are you here

alone? Do you need some comany?" And wry smirked crept across her lips, "What?

You think I need the company of a loser like you? Go away, pest" and she waved

her long fingers near his face in a dismissive manner. With nervousness giving

way to anger, Brian replied "OH - you think you're too good for me or something?

Trust me, honey - I ain't no loser. I'm a man." Denise calmly leaned in towards

him so her face was mere inches from his - and then slowly started to reach out

her long but delicate hand out in the direction of his crotch area, "Let's just

see about that, shall we?" she said in a breathy tone, her red fingernail tips

closing in on his package. Frightened but too turned on to stop her, Brian stood

there rigidly as she took grasp of his junk in her large, sexy hand. Her grip

was firm but gentle - and it sent tingly waves throughout his body. He closed

his eyes for a second and tried to enjoy the moment to its fullest, but was

shocked at what he saw when he opened them. It appeared that young Denise was

growing and was nearly eight feet tall now - his nose equal with the undersides

of her luscious breasts. But after fighting off the alcohol and getting his

bearings, he realized that he was shrinking. Soon he was staring into her naval

with his legs dangling off the floor - she was basically holding him up in the

air by his crotch. "No, please, stop this. Stop shrinking me," he squeaked, but

Denise just ignored him. Within seconds, he was standing on the smooth palm of

her hand, her gigantic fingers extending away from him like fallen trees.

She brought her palm up near her lips, opening her mouth into a broad smile.

Tiny Brian watched as her fleshy, crimson lips streched out over the bright,

white boulders standing in row behind them. "Don't look like much of a man to

me," she boomed as hot, wet air rushed all around him. But before he could say

anything, she unceremoniously flipped her palm upside down and dropped him into

her drink below. All that was left was a sip of vodka and some melting ice

chips, which didn't exactly provide a soft landing for poor Brian. He tried to

clear his head and looked up just in time to see a quick glimmer in Denise's eye

before shooting the drink up to her lips and slugging down the remaining

contents - Brian and all. She smiled softly and stroked her tight belly with her

fingertip before turning to the bartender, "Another."

Like everyone else in the joint, the bartender just stood there in shock. Not

knowing what else to do, he quickly made her drink in silence and pushed it

across the bar. She grabbed it, took a healthy gulp, and looked up at the

staring faces. Some were talking in small groups, trying to confirm what they

had just witnessed. But eventually, her exceeding beauty coupled with their

limited facilities allowed most on hand to deny what had just played out before

them. As if he couldn't stop himself, it took all of 3 minutes for another guy

to approach young Denise - and this guy was a little taller and less wasted than

Brian. "Hi Baby - I'm David. What are you doing here?" Denise rolled her huge,

deep brown eyes and just sighed. "Aw, c'mon babe - don't be that way," he

continued, "with a body like that, I know you like to have a good time." Denise

furrowed her brow and shook her head, "Oh, please" she said - and took another

big sip of vodka, this time turning towards David and spitting it right in his

face. "What..what the hell? Ow- my eyes are burning. What's wrong with you,

bitch?" David yelped as he rubbed his bleary eyes. It took a few seconds before

he could see again, but he couldn't make out anything he saw. He was surrounding

on both sides by contoured, caramel-colored walls and there was a damp mustiness

in the air. He felt a huge shadow creep over him and looked waaay up in the sky,

rendered speechless by what he saw. Young Denise was now the size of a

skyscraper - her titantic legs extending up nearly out of sight - and she was

bending the top half of her body over to get a look at little David. He was the

size of a flea, standing on her insole between her big and second toes.

Screaming at the top of his lungs to spare his life, Denise heard nothing as she

slowly brought her long toes together, smiling down as she watched his tiny body

squish between them. She again turned to her drink - promptly downing the rest

of it before slamming it on the bar. The bartender could tell young Denise was

getting buzzed by the way she barked at him - "Another," she demanded.

Hitting on a Goddess - Part 3,


Like almost in a trance, the bartender figured it would be in his best interest

to comply - quickly refilling her vodka and ice. She was barely able to sip it

before a third guy came towards her - and he was really pissed. "Who the hell

are you, bitch - and what did you do with Dave?" he screamed as he lunged at

Denise with a wild slap. This young, tall beauty caught his hand and held it in

mid air while smiling defiantly at him. "What is this? A friend of David's

trying to defend his honor? Aw, isn't that cute?" she mocked, before looking

down at her feet. "See down there, see that little smear between my gorgeous

toes? Well that's your pal David now, so I don't think he cares about his

honor." The guy's expression went from rage to fear as he watched her ruby lips

closely for her next words, "And now it looks like you're in trouble, too" she

cooed as she leaned in and planted her those full lips on his for a brief

moment, before pulling away to watch the results of her work. In an instant, he

was reduced to the size of a dustflake at her feet. He was too small to make

anything out of his new world - and Denise completely lost sight of him as well.

As it turned out, his near invisibly body landed on the crimson plains of her

big toenail. All he could see was red enamel until the colossal Denise bent down

and finally noticed the speck of black on her toenail. With great delight, she

licked her fingertip and turned it down towards him. Suddenly his slick, red

world was held under the dark cast of her glistening, bronze fingertip - coming

directly down on top of his tiny body. His minuscule body stuck to her

saliva-covered fingertip, encasing him in her spit as she pulled it back up to

face level. She brought her fingertip and its captive up near an eyeball to get

a closer look - her one brown eye taller than a ferris wheel to him. He was even

tinier than she had planned, which amused her to no end. She broke out into a

healthy laugh, sucking in great quantities of air between guffaws. Apparently

too much air for her teeny hostage, because when she looked back at her

fingertip, he was gone. Denise had accidentally inhaled him.

Feeling something in the back of her throat, she picked up her near-full drink

and downed the whole thing - then wiping her wet lips with the back of her long

hand. This time when she looked up, she noticed several guys on their cell

phones calling authorities. She quickly sprung into action and started walking

over towards one of them - pointing at him as she walked. He started shrinking

even before she reached him - and by the time she did, he was two feet tall

staring right at her shapely calves. Without hesitation, she reared back her

endlessly long leg and delivered a vicious kick to the little snitch. Her entire

leg from knee to toes made contact with his dwindling body, sending it flying

into the corner in a broken heap. She walked over to the corner and methocially

placed one of her heel-encased feet squarely on his head. He could do nothing as

he watched her huge sole come down over his face, her long toes spilling over

the front of it. She stepped up on that foot, pulling the other off the ground

so her entire weight would come down on him. His skull soon crushed under her

weight and oozed out from under her manicured foot.

She then spun around and realized she had to step things up. There were several

guys calling the cops now and she couldn't afford to deal with them one by one.

She stood in the middle of the room, legs spread out wider than shoulder width

and arms stretched in either direction - palms faced out. With her head down,

Denise repeated a few words under her breath - which seemed to cause some sort

of energy to be omitted from her hands. An electrical charge could be smelled in

the bar when she finished and brought her hands back down to her sides. Everyone

in the bar was now the size of an ant. She looked down to the floor as she

kicked off her heels and noticed they were scurrying around in every direction

just like ants - which turned her on even more. With her soft, bare soles now

out in the open, she began to stroll casually back and forth across the bar -

squishing untold numbers with each step. The ball of her long, lovely foot alone

could take out dozens by itself, and the same could be said for her soft heel -

leaving alive only those lucky enough to find refuge under her high arches.

After a few laps around the bar, young Denise wanted to step it up even further.

She walked to one side of the room and laid down her long, 5'11" frame on the

floor. With a child-like giggle, she then began slowly rolling across the bar -

leaving a path of total destruction in her wake. Some guys would fall victim to

her voluptuous ass as it rolled over them while others would be taken out by her

firm belly crashing down of their world. An entire group of guys were squished

unknowingly as her smooth thighs came over them and another group fell into the

path of her wonderful breasts. When Denise reached the otherside of the bar, she

stood up and relished in all the tiny red dots strewn across her amazingly toned

body. She smiled wickedly to herself as she took in her destruction - everyone

in the bar was gone, and most were now small stains on her bronzed skin. With

that delicious thought in her mind, young Denise strolled over to the bar,

downed another glass of vodka, and sauntered out the door - never to be seen in

Tino's Lounge again.


Giantess Stories: Hitting on a Goddess

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