Giantess Stories: How did she do that

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How did she do that?

Jerome Price was a giantess fan. On every day off he had. He would spend time

surfing the net, looking for GTS pictures and stories. Then one day he came

across a web site he have never seen before called 'Mary's Size homepage'.

Jerome clicked on the giantess images link. There were several thumbnail shots.

One showed a beautiful redhead. She was as tall as the lighthouse she was

standing next to. There were a couple of people in the foreground. Jerome was

impressed with how realistic the photo looked. He was also impressed with her

other GTS shots.

On the bottom of her homepage he saw an invitation to come to Little Cove to

make GTS cottages with her.

'Meet me at Mary-Ann's restaurant.' The web page said.

A few days later Jerome found himself in Little Cove. Being a small town, it

didn't take long to find the restaurant.

'Hello, I'm looking for Mary Size.' He asked the girl at the cash.

'She's the redhead sitting with the giantess fans at the table facing the

lighthouse.' The girl replied.

Four men, who Jerome assumed were giantess fans, surrounded Mary.

'Is their room for one more?' He asked her.

'I guess so. Like I was telling these gentlemen while I plan to use only one man

at a time in my collages. I could use all of you within the next month or so.'

Mary replied.

'You're going to work out some sort of schedule?' One of the men asked.

'That's a good idea Tom. But before any of you can work for me you have to sign

this agreement.' She then handed them a sheet a paper.

'We would have to promise to keep your methods a secret?' One man asked.

'I don't like this 'I give my consent to have appearance altered' clause.'

Another man complained.

'If you don't like it leave.' Mary replied.

All the men but Jerome leave.

'Sigh! I was hoping for more. But I guess you'll going to have to do. Report to

me tomorrow morning.'

'Where?' Jerome asked.

'At the studio behind my house. I'll give you directions.'

The next morning Jerome reported as ordered to the studio in back of Mary's

house. From the outside it looked like an overgrown storage shed. Inside he saw

several camera's, a camcorder, two teen-age girls (a blond and a brunette) and


'Welcome Jerome. Today were going to do some shrunken man interacting with

normal sized women. In this case 18-year old girls.'

'Ok. What do you need me to do?' Jerome asked.

'Stand still, while I shrink you.'

'Excuse me?'

Jerome then began to shrink clothes and all. He watched with great interest how

the world grew bigger and bigger to his shrinking eyes. Within moments he was

only six inches tall.

'How did you do that?' Jerome asked.

'I'm a Sizechanger. That's all you need to know.'

'Those photos you posted on the net. They're real aren't they.'

'I see you figured it out. Now if you don't mind, step into my Blond assistant's

hand. I want to get some hand held shots.'

The end for now

And before anyone asks, I don't plan to add to this story any time soon. I got

other things on my mind.

Comments good and bad are always welcome.

Giantess Stories: How did she do that

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