Giantess Stories: Hungry Teen Causes Chaos

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Hungry Teen Causes Chaos


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On the way to school one day, it seemed pretty normal. The birds were

singing, the sun was shining, it was a beautiful day. Philip was about 13 years

old. He had done his homework done, and was very proud of it. He was expecting

an A. "I can't believe it, Ricky, I'm gonna pass this test!," Philip said to his

friend Ricky, who always sat next to him.

Then as he turned to talk to another friend behind him he froze and pointed. The

bus had stopped at traffic lights. Infront of the bus stood an incredibly sexy

young teenage girl, in a black shirt walking around in the distance, hunting for

food. The kids realised it was Victoria Shalet.

All the little kids saw her then as they began to talk to each other again the

bus began to shrink. It got smaller and smaller until it was about the size of a

Corgi model. The bus driver got frightened and stopped the bus, got out

screaming and ran for help, leaving the kids behind. "Help, mummy!" Kids were


The bus driver, Mike, ran away, and Victoria spotted him and said,

"Hey, you!"

The man panicked. "Yeah?," he replied.

"Come here," Victoria said.

"No, never!," the man said and ran with terror.

Victoria laughed. "Poor fool," she said.

She picked him up the tiny bus driver with her huge left hand and levelled him

up with her face and said, "Say good- bye to your little bus driving job, and

your little bratty kids too."

The man screamed as Victoria put him in her mouth and swallowed him whole,

effortlessly then rubbed her smooth tummy.

Philp was extremely scared, so was Ricky. Victoria looked into the bus, looking

for her next bratty victim. She hated kids. The kids cried for their moms. She

took a little girl with pigtails and a dress and lifted her up to her mouth. The

little girl was a kindergartener. "Please, don't eat me!" She cried.

"Sorry, rug rat!" Victoria replied, as she dropped the girl into her mouth and

gulped her down her throat alive. She reached in for a small blonde haired boy.

"Oooh, you're well-toned, and sexy, aren't ya?" Victoria said "You should taste


"No, please spare me." The kid replied. "What you're doing is wrong, they're

just little kids, let them live, including me, swallow people your own age." The

kid said desperately.

"How old are you, boy?" Victoria asked.

"8," he replied.

"Well, tough I am going to eat you anyway no matter how much you plead."

Victoria replied. The boy screamed as Victoria tipped back her head and opened

her mouth wide. She held the little boy by his feet and lowered him into her

mouth. She closed her mouth and gulped him down easily.

Victoria licked her lips and then took hold of the bus, she opened the emergency

exit, and put her mouth around it, and drained out the rest of the buses

contents into her mouth. Victoria closed her mouth and chewed up the thirteen

kids killing them instantly.

She picked Ricky & Phillip up out of the bus, and raised him to her pink lips.

"Say bye-bye to your little friend you little piece of bait." Victoria said.

Ricky slowly went into her mouth. He said goodbye to the world he would no

longer see.

Victoria balanced him on her tongue, and swallowed. She then turned to Philip.

"And now, for the black kid." She said. She picked him up. Philip screamed for


"Won't work little boy." She said.

"Why are you doing this?" Philip asked crying.

"Don't cry, wuss!" She said sexy-ish. She licked off his tears. "Why?!, she

said, because I've always hated kids, and I hate men who think their macho!,

I've decide to swallow all the men I can, including all children, because they

will turn into men!" Victoria replied.

"But I'm not bad!" Philip cried.

"Yeah, but you're a boy, and I have an appetite." said Victoria.

"You're so pretty, how could you do this?" He cried.

"I don't know kid, but I'm hungry, I'm sorry." She said. She threw him in her

mouth and started to swallow, but then stopped.

She thought, Is this really right? Should I kill this innocent kid? Then she

thought, what the hell, I already killed 16 other kids or so. So Victoria

swallowed Philip. Then walked to the other bus and picked that up. She brought

it to her lips and broke the windscreen with her finger. She tipped the bus up

and emptied all the people that were in it into her mouth and closed it.

Victoria then chewed the children up until they were tiny fragments in her mouth

and swallowed their remains. She rubbed her milky tanned white stomach with her

hand. She laughed as the kids in her stomach were suffering being digested, and

about to become waste. As she walked off she stood a moment by a post and ran

her tongue over her teeth and licked her lips.


Giantess Stories: Hungry Teen Causes Chaos

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