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Chapter 1

Dr. Andrews looked over his rag tag group and wondered if they had a

hope in hell of accomplishing their goals. Each one could contribute

his or her experience, the sum total of which may add up to something

worthwhile. But this was such an offbeat subject and nothing concrete

was really known. In fact at times even he wondered if it wasn't all

the creation of some overactive imaginations. Except he did have his

own vivid memory of that event last summer, didn't he. That was the

beauty of it; it was self-protecting because who would believe any

one of them unless they had an experience of their own.

He loudly cleared his throat and the general conversation faded as

the seven turned to face him. “Well, we all know why we're here so

the next step is to relate our individual experiences,

accumulate data and come to know our adversary a little better.

“David, why don't we start with you…is the tape recorder on?”

A voice came back “it is now, go ahead”. David turned towards the

group and began “My experience was probably the most recent; just

three months ago and not first hand but a very reliable source.

“Jerry was a buddy of mine from college and he became an agent for

the NSA when he graduated. “He told me about the case he was working,

something he really could have gotten in trouble for but he knew I

wasn't about to tell anyone…until now that is”.

David went on to tell them about Jerry's disappearance after he

confided that he was investigating a case of possible human female

predation. She apparently had devoured the three

agents that went after her. David had laughed his head off at this

and told Jerry he couldn't be serious. Two days later Jerry

disappeared and hadn't been heard from since. When David contacted

the agency they told him it was a matter of national security and no

information could be released except the fact that Jerry had lost his

life in the line of duty.

David continued, “When I first became concerned about Jerry's

absence, I decided to check out the lead Jerry had told me about. I

went to the strip club where he met Trinity. “I'm convinced she was

the culprit because of what Jerry told me she did; she did the same

thing to me. “While she was dancing for me she made like she was

going to engulf my head in her mouth. “It was frightening because

along with that was the …I have to call it a hallucination… that she

was actually swallowing me whole.

“Really shook me, particularly after what Jerry had told me happened

to him. “She seemed to have the ability to project an image into my

mind. “I was so shaken that I left with a plan to come back next

week. Well I did but she had now disappeared. She hasn't been seen


I lost a good friend in Jerry so I wasn't about to let it pass. That's

how I came to find out about you guys…went searching the web

and came across Dr. Andrews site requesting experiences with female

predation. And here I am!”

“Thank you David” Dr. Andrews said, “that was a valuable

contribution; we can postulate from both Jerry's and your experience

that these predators seem to have at least one extended ability. “I

mean of course the ability to project an image into another's mind.

“That's a start; so who wants to go next?”

A short pause and then “My name is Cindy and I lost my fiancé to one

of those…those creatures.

“Go ahead Cindy, tell us what happened” urged Dr. Andrews.

Cindy began “It happened about a year ago; we were taking a romantic

stroll by a moonlit lake in Vermont and this girl appeared out of the

shadows saying she was lost. “Now Bill,

he was my fiancé, being a helpful soul asked her where she was going.

“For answer she broke down in tears muttering something I couldn't

make out, but it takes a female to know when another female is

manipulating a male and Bill was falling for it hook, line and

sinker. She began blatantly flirting with him right in front of me.

“I was irate and she seemed to sense it and took my hand and pulled

me beside Bill.

“It's not really clear what happened next but I remember very little

was said although I got the distinct impression she wanted to ‘take'

Bill and if I got in the way she would ‘take' me too.

“Next thing I knew, Bill and I were standing together and we were no

taller than the grass but she towered over us like a giantess. “She

looked to be 100 ft. tall but really it was us who had shrunk down to

about 2” tall. “I was completely overwhelmed so when she brought her

face down to our level

I could only stare in disbelief. “Then without a word she opened her

mouth wide so we could both see all the way back to her throat which

was eerily lit by a moon on the rise.”

With this, Cindy had to sit down and gather herself; she was

emotionally shaken by this recounting. Everyone waited patiently in

rapt silence for her to continue. Finally she steeled herself and

went on. “I don't think I'll ever forget what happened next; as we

watched, the back of her tongue dropped down revealing her enormous

throat. “Then with cat like speed she swooped her mouth down over

Bill's body so he was completely enveloped

down to his ankles and just as fast she closed her mouth and picked

him up so she was facing me again. “Her mouth slowly opened revealing

Bill straddled along her tongue, his head almost in her throat. “Then

she begun tossing him about her mouth and rolling him over and over.

“It was then that it finally dawned on me that she was preparing to

swallow him alive and I almost lost it right there; I mean literally

because I had such a conflict of emotions. “I was about to watch the

man I loved devoured by a girl we'd known for just minutes, but at

the same time I'm… Oh God, I don't think I can say it, I'm so


Dr. Andrews gently coerced her. “Cindy, we're all your friends here,

you can tell us anything and we'll think no less of you; in fact it's

vital you tell us everything if we're going to understand our


Cindy gathered herself and went on “Well, imagine the turmoil of

watching the one you love going to a certain death but at the same

time being incredibly turned on by watching him being swallowed. “By

the light of the moon I watched as she maneuvered him to the back of

her tongue and simply tipped him

headfirst into her waiting throat. “He hadn't struggled at all until

now but it was like he suddenly woke up to what was happening to him.

“He was being eaten alive! “He had come to a stop halfway into her

throat so all I could see was from his waist to his feet, but he

scrabbled himself around so his head reappeared as his feet slipped

deeper down her throat. He struggled vainly to climb back up the

tongue but it was like she just opened her throat and he was gone.

“Then the whole back of her throat heaved as she gulped him down.

“That's when I thought I'd pissed my pants because I was all wet down

there. “What had actually happened was I'd had an explosive orgasm as

I watched Bill swallowed and creamed myself. “This was so in the face

of everything I believed and so morally depraved, I guess I did the

only thing I could under those circumstances; I passed out”. A

lengthy silence ensued.

A little impatient foot shuffling brought Cindy back from her inward

reverie and she said “I keep remembering the desperate look on Bill's

face just before he disappeared down her throat, like he was pleading

for me to somehow help him but all I could do was just stand there

and watch him vanish forever. “Also the very idea of him trapped in

her stomach and being digested alive was just too much for me”.

Dr. Andrews said “What an ordeal, you have all our sympathy Cindy;

I'm just so glad you managed to escape with your own life”. Cindy

went on “Oh I didn't so much escape as she must have let me go

because when I finally came around I was right where I had fallen and

the sun was rising. “Oh yes…I was back to normal size and there was

no sign of her. “Although the memory was still vivid of what had

happened, I convinced myself I dreamt the whole thing and the only

mystery was how I came to find myself sleeping in the wilds of

Vermont. “That is until I got back to Bangor and there was no sign of

Bill. He was now officially a missing person. “Naturally I didn't

tell the authorities; they'd have locked me up in the loony bin.

“Now, I can accept what happened

but I'll tell you it's really tough trying to get closure when the

one you love is callously swallowed alive before your eyes”.

Dr. Andrews who had by this time made his way over to the distraught

girl and put a reassuring arm around her shoulders,

said “Cindy my girl, you've given us a little more insight into the

ways of our adversary.” Before he could go on she said, practically

in tears “But I'm so disgusted with myself; even as I was recalling

the details of how she swallowed Bill whole, I could feel myself

getting aroused.” Dr. Andrews replied “ Cindy, you have remarkable

courage to be able to admit that and believe it or not, this is very

valuable information.

“You see, in my research of this subject I came across a study of the

humanities that was done back in the 60's that concluded that all of

mankind could potentially be sexually stimulated by the concept of

eating or being eaten. “I say potentially because in most it is

completely dormant and it would take an experience like you had to

awaken it. “That branch of the study was terminated when it was

realized it was a blind alley and led nowhere. “It left a lot of

unanswered questions but it did answer one. “That is when an organism

is threatened with certain death,

his or her last act is an attempt to continue the genetic line by

dramatizing the sexual act and ejaculating. “Medical science confirms

this when coroners tell us that a great deal of their cadavers have

ejaculated on the point of death.

“Genetically, our cells have come up the line with many incidents of

eating and being eaten down through their history of thousands of

years of evolution, so I think what we're looking at here is cellular

memory. “This could be a clue to our female preds.

“You also told us another important clue, Cindy. Up until now I had

believed there was some chemical agent involved in the shrinking that

the preds are able to achieve. “But you told us that there was

nothing except physical contact made prior to shrinking. “Oh by the

way, on the subject of shrinking did you know that if you removed

almost all the water from a human body, you'd be left with a very

small mass!

If you were able to do that to a human, he would be amazingly rich in

nutrition. “Something like a mineral/vitamin concentrated boost to

end all supplements ever invented. “Maybe that's what these preds are


“Think of it; instead of eating your meat and vegetables and

synthesizing all the needed nutritional value to sustain the

organism, you simply eat a man and he's nothing but all the nutrition

you ever needed, already synthesized. “Unless of course he regularly

ate at McDonald's”.

This brought a chuckle from the seven self proclaimed Giantess

hunters, as they were coming to think of themselves.



Chapter 2

“Now we're going to hear from someone who literally escaped the jaws

of death and lived to tell about it. “Why don't you come up front

Lance?” A young man in his mid twenties moved forward and addressed

his cohorts; “I consider myself very lucky to be standing in front of

you, although I do feel like a hunted man.

“I'm convinced that because I lived to tell about it, my personal

predator is hunting me down and means to finish the job. “She may

have friends too! “I don't think I'm being paranoid”.

Dr. Andrews responded “You're not, Lance. “These preds can't afford

to have their victims running around spilling the beans”.

Lance continued “I was a little jaded with my girlfriend Kay of 2

years and although I hadn't planned to be unfaithful I did need some

time on my own so I went by a bar where some of my buddies hang. The Library by Zoran Zivkovic Review and Opinion

“Didn't see anyone I knew but looking around I spotted this stunning

brunette at the end of the bar and she was watching me. “Then I did

something I never do; just walked up to her and asked her if I knew

her. “she said no but maybe you should. “I hadn't planned my question

as a pickup line but it sure worked because we were immediately deep

in conversation. “She told me her name was Vivian, a name I've always


“At one point I made a smart remark and she threw her head back and

laughed, giving me a glimpse of the most beautiful mouth and throat I

ever saw…Oh did I mention I'm a GTS voraphile so this was gold for


Dr. Andrews interrupted Jason here to give the group a brief

description of what a GTS voraphile is which they all appeared to

accept as the most natural thing in the world.

Jason went on “Vivian must have noticed my attention on her mouth

because she now gave me abundant glimpses into her mouth and

constantly licked her lips very seductively. “To cut a long story

short, one thing led to another and next thing I knew we were back in

my apartment feverishly pulling off each other's

clothes. “I won't get into the sordid details but it was the best sex

I ever had. “She was wild, abandoned and very aggressive.

“For me the experience was intensified by an almost continuous close

up view of her beautiful gaping mouth. “It was as we were relaxing in

the afterglow that things became very strange when she suddenly came

to life and was all over me, growling like a wild animal with a very

hungry look in her eyes.

“There was something in Vivian's manner that told me she wasn't

playing when she told me she was going to eat me alive and she didn't

mean oral sex. “I really didn't have a chance to react because I was

suddenly shrunk to about 3” and my next perception was of her

monstrous naked female body towering above me on all fours. “Here was

the reality of my lifelong fantasy and I was in terror. “It was only

when she lifted me to her mouth and opened it wide that I began feel

the familiar yearnings and arousal but in addition to the terror on

low volume. “She fed on my fear as I gazed into that entrance to

oblivion and even as I watched, she tilted her head back, her tongue

dropped deep and the enormous arches of her throat were revealed. “I

had to admire her perfect uvula as it hung above that dark abyss that

I was destined to pass down.

“Vivian held me there as she worked her throat, going through the

motions of gulping, opening and closing it and dropping her tongue so

low I could clearly see her epiglottis deep in her gullet. “She held

me by my wrists and I hardly noticed my hands going numb from the

cut-off circulation because I was transfixed by the wonders before

me. “Then she began lowering me feet first into her yawning jaws;

first my feet, then my legs and then my thighs, all the time coming

closer and closer to that dreaded throat, at least that's how I now

thought of it.

“Now chest deep in her mouth with my feet entering her throat, I

could feel the heat of her breath blasting my body as she was now

practically panting in anticipation. “Lowered still deeper,

I could no longer see my feet as they disappeared down her throat and

she now embraced my legs in that hot slick tunnel and her grip on my

wrists became painful when a powerful gulp pulled me downwards.

Another powerful gulp and I was halfway down her throat, her hold of

me the only thing preventing a quick trip to her belly. “Question was

when did she plan to let go? “Hopeless as it seemed, I figured I

should try NOT to be swallowed. “It occurred to me as long as I was

in her throat she couldn't breath so if I could jam myself in her

gullet, she'd gag. “I instantly jackknifed and flung my arms wide.

“I didn't get the result I expected; she released me into her throat

and her uvula rose in preparation for that final deadly gulp.

“With no time left I thrust both fists with all my strength into the

soft back wall of her throat as I began to slide deeper. “I could

hardly believe what happened next. “She gag-coughed ejecting me

completely and next thing I knew I was free falling and the bed was

coming up at me with alarming speed. With amazing luck I hit the

pillow but took a bad bounce off the top end and found myself again

falling; this time between the mattress and the wall. “I landed

painfully on the carpeted floor with all the breath knocked out of


“For what seemed like an eternity I lay there gathering myself.

“Nothing seemed broken so I gingerly got to my feet realizing I had

no time to waste in hiding from that monster above me, who even now

was muttering and by the sounds of if, frantically searching the bed

for me. “Scanning around under the bed I spotted my shoes and socks

which of course were gigantic to me at my present size. “Quickly

making my way over to a shoe and grabbing a sock, scrambled inside

dragging the sock after me. “No sooner done than I could hear her now

on the floor beside the bed searching under it with sweeps of her


“With terror building in my chest I realized I had hopelessly trapped

myself and she was bound to find me, so in desperation I began

pulling the sock in the shoe over myself in an attempt to hide deep

in the sock. “Immediately the shoe lurched as she batted it with her

hand, then pulled it out for closer examination. “Suddenly the sock

was being withdrawn from the shoe and… discarded as she seemed to be

searching inside the shoe. “I held my breath, waiting for the moment

she would take a closer look at the sock but she seemed to move on.

“I got up the courage to take a look through the weave of the sock

which to me was huge. “I saw her now searching all around the night

stand. “She was absolutely awesome to behold in her nakedness but at

the same time terrifying because of her gargantuan size and predatory

aspect as she literally hunted me down.

“As Vivian seductively stalked on all fours I found myself staring at

her beautiful belly, glad I was still outside of it but also

wondering if that might be my eventual destination. I marveled at her

gorgeous well-defined abdominal muscles and mused at what a

formidable prison wall they made if I did end up on the inside. Even

in my frightened state I was becoming aroused at the idea of being

engulfed and assimilated by that mass of feminine flesh prowling

before me. “There was something distinctly primal in the idea of this

female hungering for me to the point of swallowing me alive, body and

soul into the depths of her physical being”.

End of part 2.


Part 3

Lance looked around at his audience and saw that they were into the

spirit of the story and were anxiously waiting for his next words. He

continued “So at this point she was looking under my dresser and

facing away from me with her shapely derriere high in the air and her

nether regions gaping at me in all their glory. “I tore my gaze away

from them, struggled out of the sock and made a fast dash back under

the bed, glancing backwards to be sure she hadn't spotted me. “It was

at this point both Vivian and I

heard a key turning in the apartment door and someone entering.

“Oh God, the only person with a key to my apartment is Kay, my

girlfriend; I'm in for it now. “But then I caught myself and realized

being caught with another woman was the least of my worries, in fact

my biggest worry was Vivian catching me!

“Kay walked into the bedroom and was confronted by a now standing but

still completely naked Vivian. “This was getting interesting!

“Without a word, Vivian calmly dressed herself while Kay threw a

torrent of angry questions at her. “With Kay dogging her every step,

Vivian swept up her purse and stalked out of the apartment leaving

Kay fuming in the doorway. “I decided this was not a good time to

make an appearance since Kay was as big to me as Vivian was and in

her present mood SHE would probably eat me! “From my vantage point

under the bed I watched her rattle around gathering my clothes and

searching every room, muttering incoherently the whole time.

“Eventually she stormed out slamming the door behind her leaving me,

still 3” tall, naked and lying beneath my own bed.

“I simply lay there letting the terror and tension of the last little

while settle out. “Gradually my body began to relax and I closed my

eyes and tried to make my mind a blank. “Suddenly the front door was

opening again and in an instant Vivian was in the room and coming

straight for me even as I tried to roll further under the bed. “She

scooped me up in her enormous hand and raised me to her face. “With

an evil smile she tilted her head back and raised me above her greedy

mouth which now opened wide displaying the enormous cavern that

terminated in the black void of her gaping throat. “She took a step

backwards making sure the overhead light now fully illuminated my

destination and my terror returned full blown when I was now able to

see deep into her gullet down that glistening esophagus all the way

to her stomach, it seemed.

“She begun lowering me head first and as I passed by those deadly

incisors I noticed traces of blood on them and yet more on the

enormous molars. “With a shudder of horror I realized she must have

caught and devoured Kay as she left the apartment, chewing her up

before swallowing. “Now mesmerized in pure terror I looked down at

the waiting throat below me and it seemed to undulate in

anticipation. “Then with a reverberating growl from deep below, her

throat opened impossibly wide and I was released to fall helplessly

passed her fleshy uvula, down her hungry gullet hardy touching the

walls as I plunged. “Amazingly I could still see clearly as the

esophagus walls rushed by and looking down I could see the stomach

sphincter…God, it was opening even as I approached it. “I plunged

straight into her waiting stomach and SPLASH! “Immediately the

stomach walls contracted on me, churning my helpless body in their

destructive grip and exerting unbearable pressure on my chest.

“With a sickening lurch I was awake! “I'd dreamt the whole thing but

the pressure on my chest was real enough. “While I slept I'd resumed

my normal size and now lay under a bed that I had no business fitting

under and some of its' weight pressed down on my chest. “Painfully, I

lifted and squirmed my way out, not too much worse for wear. “Quickly

I dressed, packed a few clothes in a carry-all and put as much

distance between me and my apartment as I could. “That was last fall

and I've been living like a nomad ever since, traveling from city to

city until I made it here. I might have gone back to my apartment

after a week or two but became convinced Vivian and two of her

friends were tracking me. “I'm something of an expert at recognizing

the preds now; they have a particularly hungry look to their eyes and

if they nail you with them, your willpower seems to sap away and

you're seduced to their will. “Something like what certain snakes do

to their prey so they can get close en

ough to strike.

“I think what saved me is embraced by the expression ‘Once bitten and

twice shy' except in my case it was ‘Once swallowed

and twice shy'. “Voraphile or not, I'm not willing to become a meal

for Vivian or her friends; there's something very final about the

digestive process of a female twenty odd times your size”.

Lance looked around at his appreciative audience and couldn't help

noticing there was now a little space around Cindy, the only girl in

the group and he thought to himself ‘How could you be absolutely

sure, maybe they were all potential preds under the right


Seating himself in the nearest chair, Lance couldn't help grinning

when spontaneous applause broke out for his account of his exploits

and more importantly, his escape.

Walking forward, Dr. Andrews said “It seems to me we might have a

unique opportunity to trap our adversary if Lance here is willing to

be the bait in the trap but don't you worry Lance, that won't be

until we know exactly what we're up against.”

End of part 3 Look for part 4 at a vore site near you!


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