Giantess Stories: Hypnosis By willie     Part I

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By willie

Part I

"I really want to go on this fishing trip", Harry said to his wife Tina. "And

it's only two weeks away."

"I really don't want you to go", Tina answered back stubbornly.

"Come on Tina", Harry pleaded. "Be reasonable. In the five years we've been

married, I haven't taken a single trip. You've taken at least two. Besides, its

for three days over a weekend. You work that weekend. You won't even miss me."

"I don't know", Tiny responded. "If you love me, why don't you take me somewhere

instead, just the two of us."

"You know I love you, but this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Some of my old

college buddies that I haven't seen in years are going. Plus, there's a five

hundred dollar prize for the biggest fish caught. Come on Tina, please?"

"Don't you have to fly to get to the lake?", she asked. "You are scared to death

of planes."

"I haven't figured that one out yet", Harry said with a sigh. "The guys might

have to give me something to knock me out."

"You could always let my friend Louise hypnotize you."

Harry's eyes widened, but his pupils quickly constricted. Tina had become

friends with Louise in college, and they remained close to date. Louise was a

psychologist who specialized in hypnosis. Harry also knew Louise from college.

He even dated her once or twice, but he didn't really trust her enough to let

her hypnotize him. It seemed to him that every time Louise and Tina got

together, they spent the whole time conspiring against him. "That might be my

only choice", Harry said to his lovely auburn haired wife. He had a decision to


Two weeks passed. It was Friday morning and Harry was getting ready to leave for

the airport. Tina had reluctantly agreed to allow Harry to go on the fishing

trip. Harry in turn had agreed to be put to sleep by Louise. The hypnosis must

have worked. Harry felt no trepidation at all about flying.

Harry was so excited about this mini vacation that he had been awake long before

the time his alarm clock was set for. In fact, he spent the last ten minutes

staring at the little red numbers as they clicked their way forward in time. At

4:59 and about forty seconds, Harry reached toward his night table and switched

the alarm clock off. By the time the alarm clock, that had been waiting almost

23 hours for its next chance to ring, quietly turned over to 5:00, Harry was

already on his feet.

Harry quickly dressed. His prepacked suitcase sat next to the bedroom door.

After checking that the airplane ticket was in the inside pocket of his leather

jacket, Harry laid his jacket on top of the suitcase. He didn't want to forget

anything. Harry then went downstairs to eat a quick breakfast.

The coffee pot had followed the instructions it was given the night before. As

Harry neared the kitchen, the aroma of rich strong coffee hit him like a wall of

thick mocha fog. His taste buds dripped with anticipation as he poured himself a

cup. Morning coffee always seemed to taste just a little better when the sun was

still asleep.

After a bowl of Special K, Harry cleaned up his mess and headed back upstairs

toward the bedroom. Tina was still motionless in bed. Harry kissed his

slumbering wife softly on the cheek and whispered into her ear. "I love you hon.

I'll see you Sunday night."

"Bye. Please be careful", Tina mumbled back. Harry gave Tina another kiss, this

time on her earlobe. He then put on his leather jacket, picked up his suitcase,

and headed down the stairs and out the front door.

The cab Harry had called the night before sat idling by the curb. Harry wasted

no time jumping into the back seat. His three day vacation had begun. Or had it?

Halfway to the airport Harry felt for the airplane ticket in his jacket pocket.

He found nothing. Harry was so sure he left the ticket in the pocket of his

leather jacket that he didn't even bother checking his suitcase. "Stop", he

quickly said to the driver. "My airplane ticket must be on my bedroom floor."

Fifteen minutes later the cab pulled up to the curb in front of Harry's two

story colonial again. Harry knew he still had plenty of time, but he ran anyway.

Through the front door and up the stairs he sprinted, but when he went into the

bedroom and looked at the spot where his suitcase and jacket were, he saw

nothing but hardwood.

"Tina", Harry called just short of panic. "Have you seen my ticket?" Harry

looked at the bed. It was empty. He looked toward the closed bathroom door and

realized the shower was running. Harry knew that Tina was going to work today,

but he didn't think she'd be up yet. She was in the shower.

Harry walked into the bathroom to ask Tiny if she saw his ticket, but when he

saw his wife's naked form behind the shower glass, something weird happened. It

felt to Harry like a switch clicked in his brain. Then everything around him,

including the moving wet shape in the shower, began to grow.

It was when Harry's oversized shorts and T-shirt fell off him, that he realized

he was shrinking. Harry's mind went into a sort of shock as his size dwindled.

It was like his reality turned to dream. He was confused. He found himself back

in bed. He had fallen asleep again before his alarm clock went off. Any second

now Harry would here that all too familiar buzz. What brought Harry out of his

trance was not a buzz but a boom.

Reality hit home in a big way. Drops of water the size of a recliner were

landing in front of Harry; disintegrating and sending watermelon sized droplets

everywhere. Then something the size of a battle ship landed in front of him.

Harry was a bright guy. Even in a state of shock he quickly figured out what was

happening. Something made him shrink. He was standing on the bathroom floor,

less than an inch tall, and his giant naked and wet wife stood towering before


Thoughts of his fishing trip raced through his mind. Harry's vacation was in

serious jeopardy. So was his life for that matter. Tina's other foot landed

loudly so close to Harry that he felt the humid tropical wind it produced.

"Hey Tina", Harry yelled. "Down here." Tina couldn't hear him. Harry foolishly

ran to the giant big toe before him and kicked it, but Tina's foot didn't feel

him either. Instead it moved six inches forward. Harry couldn't believe his

luck. He also couldn't believe he wasn't dreaming. Minutes ago he was on

vacation. Now he was a half an inch tall and trapped with no room to move or

breath under the wet sole of his wife's foot and she had no idea he was even in

the house.

The pressure on Harry, although immense, was bearable as long as Tina didn't

take too long to dry herself off. Fortunately for Harry, she didn't. Harry was

just getting to the point where the weight and the lack of air was hurting his

chest when the level of pressure on him increased.

Tina was taking a step. As her body weight went to the foot Harry was under, her

arch flattened and so did Harry. Harry was about to pop, but his guts had no

where to pop to. He felt his internal organs implode one by one. He felt his

bones disintegrate. He felt his skin turn to jelly. Harry felt his body turn

into pulp. But why was he still conscious? How could his brain experience so

much pain without going black.

Harry didn't know if he went numb or if the pain was decreasing. The organs that

he thought were gone, checked in one by one as the huge weight slowly lifted off

him. Once again Harry was able to breath. Along with many lungfuls of oxygen,

Harry breathed a sigh of relief. His body had staid in tact while Tina's foot

lifted off him and she walked over to the mirror.

Harry opened his eyes to see Tina's well rounded ass hovering above him well

over a hundred feet in the air. Each cheek was the size of a hot air balloon.

Harry imagined what it would be like if one of Tina's smooth but firm buttoxes

pinned him down like her foot just did. He wondered, almost hoped, if he might

soon find out.

From his bed on the bathroom throw rug, Harry watched his wife wrap the towel

around her wet hair. She then grabbed her white panties from the vanity top. She

reached down, lifted her left foot, and stepped into the panty hole. She then

lifted her other foot and inserted it. Slowly, Tina pulled up her panties.

Harry watched in awe, hardly able to even breathe, as the soft cotton passed

over Tina's well defined calf muscles. It moved past the back of Tina's knees

before beginning its long journey up her freshly shaven thighs. Tina's panties

slid effortlessly up her silken upper legs and finished their ascent, wrapping

themselves around Tina's wonderful bottom. To hell with the fishing trip, Harry

thought. He wanted badly to be inside those panties.

Tina put on a white bra and a white blouse before stepping into a black knee

length skirt with her shrunken husband watching her every move. "Now where did I

leave my black shoes?", she asked herself out loud.

Harry imagined another click in his brain, or maybe he actually felt it. He

found himself on his feet and walking. He looked ahead and saw Tina's black

shoes. He tried to stop walking but couldn't. He was heading toward the shoe

that was lying on its side. Harry tried to yell, but he couldn't do that either.

His body was in mutiny from his brain.

Harry's mind began to panic again as his body approached Tina's shoe. He found

out that his sense of smell still worked as he walked into the overturned shoe

and sat down. Again Harry tried to move but couldn't. Something was controlling

his body.

"There they are", came Tina's voice. Harry looked up and saw Tina's hands

approaching rapidly. Her shiny fingernails weren't overly long, but they were

half as long as Harry was and, to Harry, were perfect. Harry watched as Tina's

hand grabbed the shoe from below. When it lifted and turned, Harry slid into the

toe section.

The first thing Harry noticed, besides the worn leather smell, was the

indentation made by Tina's foot. The five toes left permanent marks on the sole

of the shoe as did the ball of her foot. Tina must have worn these shoes for

many long hours to produce such craters, and such a strong aroma.

Harry realized he had control of his body again as the light faded. He made an

uphill run but was met and forced backward by a giant big toe. It pushed his

struggling body all the way back to the toe section. As Tina's heel squeezed

into the shoe, Harry found himself pinned between the tip of Tina's big toe and

the inside point of the shoe. The blunt toenail felt like it was cutting Harry

in half.

As Tina stepped down, Harry was forced up and onto the top of Tina's big smooth

toenail where he lasted for three steps. The force of the forth step sent Harry

over the side of his wife's big toe and down in-between it and the second toe. A

couple of steps later, Harry was underneath the base of Tina's first two toes.

All this happened rather quickly. Harry didn't have much time to think until he

was trapped in this final resting place. In minutes, he went from a three day

fishing trip to standing a half an inch tall on the bathroom floor gawking at

his naked wife's bottom. He went from fantasizing about being wrapped around her

ass inside her panties to actually being trapped under her toes in her smelly

black shoes.

Being he was so small, Harry wasn't under any great pressure. The underside of

his wife's toes were soft and smooth and he fit well up inside the deep

crevices. The smell of her freshly washed foot wasn't too strong, although it

was present. Even the motion of her walking wasn't unbearable. All in all, Harry

was comfortable. In fact he strongly felt the chemistry he and his wife shared

pouring from her toes and showering his tiny body which in turn absorbed every

atom of it.

It wasn't until Tina sat at the breakfast table to eat a bowl of cereal, that

Harry broke out of the state of mind he was in and realized exactly what just

happened to him and where he was. He immediately thought of the sight of his

wife's beautiful nude body that had somehow caused him to shrink. He then

thought of the fishing trip that he was likely to miss. He thought of the plane

he wasn't going to have to board. He then thought of Louise and the hypnosis and

things began making sense.

Louise obviously did this to him. She must have known that Tina didn't want him

to go on the fishing trip. The real question was whether Tina had put Louise up

to hypnotizing him into shrinking and walking into her shoe, or did Louise think

of it herself. If it was Louise's doing, then Harry had to get Tina's attention

quickly so she could find out from Louise what the key to his growing back was.

If Harry could do it soon, he might still make the fishing trip on a later

flight. If on the other hand Tina did put Louise up to it, then not only was the

trip in serious jeopardy, so has Harry. Harry wondered with growing concern

whether his next three days would be spent in heaven or in hell.


As Harry stared at his colossal wife sitting in her gigantic chair in front of

her titanic desk hovering almost two hundred feet above his head, he wondered

how long he'd been his wife's shoe prisoner. He began playing back the mornings

events in his head. Earlier when Harry first found himself trapped in Tina's

shoe, he had tried to get her attention, but she didn't respond. She stood back

up and began walking. Minutes later when his roller coaster ride calmed down,

Harry tried again. This time he didn't get far before Tina's toes flattened

enough to immobilize him. Harry immediately felt a gentle vibration emanating

from underneath the sole of the shoe he was in. Tina was driving to work.

Harry and Tina lived in a house five minutes from a major highway; a highway

that led Tina to her office. Harry tried his best on his trips from the

accelerator to the brake pedal and back to get the attention of his driving

wife, but she was obviously too busy putting on her lipstick or talking on her

cell phone to feel him. By the time she hit the expressway, Harry was in


The gentle hum enveloping him along with the feel and smell of Tina's undertoes,

had Harry mesmerized. He was sound asleep in minutes. The lack of sleep caused

by his excitement the night before didn't help his case.

Harry woke up dizzy and disoriented. He felt his enertia moving forward, then

stop. He felt soft smoothness totally encase him. He felt the pressure increase

almost to the point of discomfort. He felt the pressure come to a head only to

be instantly relieved as the feeling of forward motion returned. This repeated

over and over again as Tina walked the long way from the parking lot to her

desk, not allowing Harry a chance to regain his senses. Finally, with Harry on

the verge of puking, it all stopped.

Harry was motionless. The foot that held him was motionless. Harry remembered

where he was. He immediately started to move around to get Tina's attention but

again it wasn't working. Instead he felt himself rise up and begin to gently

move to and fro. He figured that Tina must have her legs crossed and was gently

rocking her foot back and forth.

The smell inside Harry's dark prison had become much stronger. The humid air he

breathed filtered it's way far down his wife's shoe, picking up the aroma of her

increasingly sweating foot before it made its way to his hungry nostrils. It was

a smell that Harry, over the last seven years that he had known Tina, had

learned to cherish. Once again, the gentle back and forth rocking, the

overwhelming smell, and the softness of Tina's skin left Harry dozing.

The next time Harry woke up, he saw light. He was no longer trapped. He was

still able to move and move he did. He jumped up and ran toward the light. He

ran down and up the crater that was permanently pressed into Tina's shoe where

the ball of her foot spent countless hours. He ran over the still soft area

where her sole, with her high arch, had taken pity on the shoe. When he arrived

at the hard flattened heel of the shoe, Harry looked up and saw his four hundred

foot tall giantess of a wife sitting above him. That was when Harry wondered how

long he'd been Tina's prisoner.

Harry began jumping up and down and screaming. Tina didn't see him. He jumped

and tried to reach the top of the shoe's opening but he wasn't even close. It

seemed to him that Tina had no idea he was down there. He stood, with growing

awareness of his already hard manhood, looking up past her knees and overhanging

breasts at the face of his wife, waiting for her to look his way, but she

didn't. She was intently reading something on her computer screen. Harry saw the

dark letters backed by light blue reflecting off her shiny face. If she knew he

was in her shoe, she surely would have fought temptation and glanced downward.

Harry was convinced that Louise had worked in solo. In his heart he believed he

still had a chance. That's when Harry felt another clicking in his head.

All of a sudden Harry realized he could reach the outer edge of the shoe he was

in. His looming wife didn't loom as aggressively as she had moments before.

Harry had grown. Seeing his wife sitting far above him had triggered his body to

grow to what Harry guessed was about two and a half or three inches tall. He

figured he had miraculously tripled his height and could now surely get his

wife's attention.

When he grabbed the cold sides of Tina's shoes and lept, he was met with a force

so great that it sent Harry reeling in the opposite direction. The barrier he

hit was none other than Tina's foot, retaking ownership of her pump. Harry was

knocked down onto his back. He saw and felt Tina's giant, but not as giant toes

forcing him back into his prison. Even though they weren't as big as they were

before Harry fell asleep, Tina's toes were just as ominous. In fact, they were

three times as deadly. At his previous size, Harry had a chance of hiding from

their squashing presence. At this size, he was a dead duck.

Harry could do nothing as Tina's toes forced him deeper into the shoe. When his

back came to rest in the depression caused by the ball of Tina's foot, his

forward movement came to a halt and Tina's big toe moved over his head. Her foot

finally came to rest with his upturned face in the same webbing his whole body

had been trapped in earlier, the webbing at the base of her first two toes.

Harry's face and head filled the void it was in totally as Tina's heel slid

tightly into her shoe. The problem was with the location of the rest of Harry's

body. Harry's feet pointed toward Tina's heel. That left Harry's vulnerable body

under the ball of Tina's foot. He knew that if Tina stood up, he'd be crushed to

a pulp. Harry fought off the panic long enough to come up with a feeble plan.

Actually, it was only the start of a feeble plan. He'd have to figure out the

rest as he went along.

Obviously, Harry was unable to move. From his head to his feet, he was held

motionless. He could, though, wiggle his toes. The ends of Harry's bare feet

stuck out of the crater that most of his body was pressed into by the round ball

of his wife's foot. Wiggling his toes just might be enough to tickle the softer

sole of Tina's foot. Maybe she'd feel him.

Harry wiggled his toes until they spasmed, but it didn't do much good. Tina

still didn't feel him. After some time, Harry disappointedly had to rest his

weery toes. That's when he felt movement followed by intense pain. Tina was

standing up. This was it for Harry. He was going to pop. One last burst of

energy directed toward Harry toes sent then in desperate motion again.

Through the unbearable pain in his chest, Harry was able to feel an onslaught of

blood rush to his head. Where else did it have to go. His lungs were already

empty of air and he had no feeling at all in his lower half. He had no idea if

his toes were still in motion or not. He had no idea if his lower half was even

still part of his body.

With the increase in the amount of blood in his head, Harry's brain experienced

his slow crush in vivid detail. He was beginning to taste blood. He actually

felt his ribs bending inward, like the curling legs a dying spider, losing their

battle to protect the inner organs they guarded. His heart was no longer pumping

blood. The reserve of air laden blood in his head maintained his awareness. His

arms, deprived of that same blood convulsed internal.

It was in Harry's last moments that he realized how subjective time was. To

Tina, the time it took to stand up was a simple unthinkable moment in the course

of a day's events. To Harry, it was the longest part of the day. He had spent

most of the early morning hours in sleep where time moves at warp speed. The

time he laid awake before getting out of bed moved much slower, but still was at

a full impulse pace. The events that led to his shrinking and his becoming

captured in his wife's shoe seemed a blur. in fact, he hardly even remembered

them. Even the time he spent under Tina's foot, in which he was asleep for most

of it, flew by. But the last thirty seconds or so lasted a week.

As Harry's consciousness began to wane, he thought of the times he rubbed Tina's

foot. He remembered each and every kiss he gave to the underside of her foot,

never knowing he would spend his last living moments under it, embracing it with

his full body. In the end, he lost touch with the pain. If he was going to pop,

he wasn't going to feel it. His mind fell into a euphoric trance. If he was

going to die, what better place could there be than under his wife's beautiful

foot; a foot he loved as much as he loved every other part of her body. He

thought to himself before he lost consciousness that Louise had to have done

this on her own. Tina might want to punish him, but never would she want to kill


part II

Harry watched Tina from above as she stood before her desk. She was sorting

through a stack of papers all the while yacking with her cubicle mate. Harry saw

her too. She was a redhead, equally as attractive as Tina was but a good twenty

pounds heavier. Harry had met Jill a couple of times. She had a gorgeously round

face with thick lips and happy blue eyes. She was slightly on the heavy side but

held the excess weight perfectly. Harry, even in his disoriented state,

remembered the first good look he got of her backside.

It was about six months ago. Harry had met Tina and Jill for lunch at a quaint

little restaurant. The two women were already sitting when Harry had come in.

Harry was a very punctual person usually, but not that day. He was ten minutes

late. Introductions were made and Tina told Harry to order quickly. She said

that they had already ordered. "While you look at the menu, I'm going to run to

the lady's room", she said to Harry.

"I'll come with you", Jill offered. At the same time Harry accidentally dropped

the undersized menu on the floor under the table.

"Don't miss us", Tina said as she slid out of the corner booth she was in. Harry

bent down to grab his napkin. His head was under the edge of the table when Jill

slid out after Tina. Harry, being the buttman that he was, turned his head

sideways and ended up bumping the back of his head on the underside of the


What he saw moving away from him brought tears to his eyes, or maybe the tears

came from the blow to the back of his head. It didn't matter where they came

from. What mattered was that Harry was looking at the finest, roundest, most

perfectly shaped large bottom he had ever laid eyes on. And Harry went out of

his way to lay his roaming eyes on as many female bottoms as a married man

possibly could.

Jill had been wearing extra tight cotton slacks that enhanced every curve of her

luscious bottom. Harry watched her panty line through the thin material stretch

to the point of snapping as she walked away from him. It wasn't until after his

wife and her friend were out of view, that Harry sat back up and exhaled. Harry

didn't remember much of the rest of the meal. He did know he had babbled badly

like the fool he was. He also remembered following Jill out of the restaurant

never taking his eyes off her ass. Tina had noticed Harry's gawking and Harry

had taken abuse for days.

Harry watched Jill sitting across from Tina, hoping she'd stand and give Harry

one last look at her ass before he entered the growing white light above him. He

wondered with such evil thoughts, why he wasn't going in the opposite direction.

Evidently his maker was more lenient that he expected.

Jill didn't stand up. Instead, Tina sat back down. She had filed some papers in

the filing cabinet next to her desk and had retaken her seat. Harry wanted to go

up and follow the heavenly light, but when Tina sat down, he felt like a large

weight attached itself to his rising soul. In fact he wasn't rising any more.

"No", Harry's consciousness screamed. He wanted the light, with its peaceful

glow. He needed the light. He wasn't going to get the light. Perhaps his maker

wasn't as forgiving as he seemed moments ago. Harry felt dizzy as his

consciousness rapidly descended downward in the direction of Tina's desk. He

felt his presence pass through the composite wood desktop. In the blink of a

nonexistent eye, he saw Tina's shoe. He saw her pale foot. He passed through

skin, through the flesh and bones of her foot. He experienced the moisture and

the smell, not with his senses of touch and smell, but with his being. He felt

severe pain, this time with all five of his senses. Harry didn't want the pain

to return . He wanted to go back to the light, but the light was gone. What

replaced it was darkness. Harry saw and felt the ominous darkness overtake him

and help blot out the pain. The darkness staid with him through a sound sleep.

Harry slowly awoke.

He was awake. his eyes were closed. He was alive. He tried to move but pain

thwarted his efforts. He thought he was blind, blinded by the light from his

dream of death. Or was it a dream. Harry realized he had no idea where he was.

He didn't want to face reality but he knew he must. He had to open his eyes.

Harry forced his eyes open and found that he wasn't blind. It took a few seconds

to focus, but he did. What he saw swaying above him brought it all back. His

heart rate tripled. At once, he knew where he was.

Dangling fifty feet above him was the bottom of a foot. Harry knew it was his

wife's foot, the foot that came to one evil thought, on his part, of killing

him. Harry was convinced that had he not thought of Jill's ass at the last

instant, he'd be talking to St. Peter by now. Harry's peripheral vision told him

that he was still in Tina's shoe. It's lack of movement told him the shoe was

resting on the floor. Tina's leg was crossed over the other with her bare foot

teasing Harry like a cat tormenting its prey.

Harry's bones ached. His muscles throbbed. His organs felt like jelly, but

somehow he was awake. Somehow he was alive, unable to do anything but stare at

the powerful weapon of destruction above him that nearly ended his life and

still might. His eyes fixed again on the hard wide heel, like a wrecking ball

made of flesh waiting to descend upon him. His eyes moved to the softer, more

streamlined sole, with its high arch, the safest part of the foot. His eyes then

focused on the slowly wiggling toes with fat round ends. Even the tip of the

baby toe was six time the size of his head. Harry's gaze ended up where the

first two toes meet the mainland, where he had already spent three periods and

undoubtedly would spend some overtime. How much time, he really didn't know.

Harry's mind didn't think Tina's unknowing foot would kill him yet, not if it

hadn't done the job earlier. Somehow he knew he was in line for some more

suffering first.

The suffering didn't come right away. That would have been too easy, as far as

suffering goes. Instead Harry had to stare at Tina's foot swaying above him for

who knew how long. Time was no longer relevant. What Harry did know was that

every time Tina's upper leg moved, his heart raced. His anticipation was getting

the better of him. It reminded him somewhat of the Chinese torture treatment;

wondering when the next drop of water would fall on his head.

Finally the next drop fell, but it was much more than a drop. Tina's upper leg

slid off her knee so quickly and her toes entered her foot so stealthily that

despite his awareness, Harry was left feeling anticlimactic. For hours (?) he

had lied on his back watching and waiting for Tina's foot to take him, only to

have it happen so fast he missed it.

All of a sudden Harry could move his body again. Too bad for him though, it was

too late. Tina's foot was on him and it had control of him. Harry found himself

under her toes again, and yes his head was at the base of the first two. The

rest of his body was under the other three. Harry withstood another stand up by

his wife. It was a tight fit, but it wasn't life threatening like his experience

under the unforgiving ball.

Harry helplessly awaited the walking process to begin, but it didn't. Instead,

Tina's toes moved over him in the opposite direction. It seemed she was removing

her foot again, but her foot never made it out of the shoe. Tina's toes didn't

actual pass over Harry. As the giant toes moved toward the back of the shoe, the

rolled Harry's body along with them. When they made it to the heel of the shoe,

they didn't lift up like Harry expected. Instead, they moved back toward the toe

section, rolling Harry along with them.

"No. Please stop", Harry yelled. He knew his voice would do him no good. He

obviously felt too good to Tina. She absent-mindedly rolled Harry back and

forth, and back and forth, and back and forth. For how long Harry was played

with by Tina's toes, again he didn't know. He did know that he would go mad long

before his resilient little body would succumb.

Harry had not only lost touch with time, he had lost touch with reality. He was

on the edge of craziness. His sanity was fleeing for a simpler place to be; a

place where his mind could live without the bodily and emotional pains; where

fear and humility didn't exist; where a three day fishing trip was not a weekend

being tortured under a hot smelly foot.

Harry dug deep. His mind found a cool mountain steam in the woods. Trout waited

in line for a turn at his worm. A gentle breeze blew through his hair. He

breathed in the oxygen rich air. He smelled the honeysuckles on the far side of

the stream. He was at peace. He had found his permanent fishing paradise where

he would spend eternity.

Then he was awake. He immediately recognized the sensation of walking. Harry

cried. Harry's dream was over. As Tina walked to her car, Harry cried some more.

Up against the accelerator of Tina's car, Harry tried to regain his dream, but

his wooded steam was gone. Also gone was his hope of getting out of this

situation and joining his buddies. They no doubt had their boots in the lake by

now with a fishing pole in their hands and a cold brew sitting on a nearby rock.

After a sleepless ride and another brutal walk, Harry felt his shoe prison move.

Tina took off her shoe, sliding Harry to the heel. He was on his back looking

out of the opening, once again unable to move. I really have to figure this

hypnosis thing out, he thought to himself.

Harry's eyes still worked. He looked out of the shoe opening and saw Tina

towering above. She was removing her blouse and skirt. Harry watched her put on

her sweat suit. He then watched her put on white socks, one at a time. The day

had flown by for Harry. He knew Tina was at the gym. He also knew knew she was

going for a jog around the track; probably a long one. Somehow Harry knew what

was coming next and sure enough it did.

That old clicking inside Harry's brain didn't let him down. Harry found himself

out of Tina's work shoe and heading for her sneaker. He felt his adrenaline

surge. There was no way he would survive a jog inside Tina's sneaker. His body

walked calmly but Harry was panicking inside.

Halfway to Tina's dirty sneaker, Harry noticed Tina's friend and workmate Jill.

She had already removed her pantyhose and was stepping into a pair of underwear.

Her underwear was around her ankles. Her giant gorgeous bare ass was way up

above. Harry eyes hit it and couldn't move. "Why are you putting on dirty

underwear", Harry heard Tina ask Jill.

Jill answered with an embarrassing look about her. "I only wore these for a

couple of hours yesterday. They're not too bad. My ass sweats so badly, I didn't

want to dirty a clean pair." With that, Harry realized he was no longer walking

toward Tina's sneakers. He was heading in the direction of Jill and her panties.

Once again, Harry tried his hardest to stop walking but his legs wouldn't listen

to his brain. Although he had fantasized about Jill's fat but shapely ass, it

was just supposed to be a fantasy. Innocent and unharming. Nobody gets hurt.

Nobody even knew about it, besides himself. Now he reluctantly was walking

straight for her panties laying invitingly on the floor between her bare feet.

There was still a chance that Jill would pull her panties up before Harry got

there. He wasn't exactly walking fast. His walk reminded him more of the movie

ATTACK OF THE ZOMBIES than anything else, but he was drawing alarmingly close.

Jill was standing up straight talking to Tina as Harry approached. Harry prayed

she'd bend down and pull up her panties before he got there. At worst, he'd get

caught between her panties and loose fitting sweats where he'd simply slide down

her leg to freedom. That's not how it happened.

As Harry approached Jill's underwear, She bent down to grab them. Harry tried to

slow down his gate but his attempts only sped him up. He entered Jill's panties

just as she began to quickly pull them up. Harry found a soft spot in the baggy

butt cheek section and held on. He was going up.

As Jill's moon sized ass approached, Harry was amazed at how smooth it was. He

had expected a rear end of such magnitude to be covered with craters and pock

parks, a sea of cellulite. But Jill's ass wasn't. It was like the skin covering

her ass was meant for a much smaller one. Sure it had a few small ripples, but

they only added a sense of realism to the whole picture.

The unbridled potential energy contained in the massive muscle before him, left

Harry awestruck. As he approached and Jill straightened out, he saw ripples in

the fatty muscle rise and break before him like waves in a Forth of July ocean.

Harry felt fireworks of emotions erupting in his head. He wanted to be a part of

this perfect ass, but he feared it immensely. The women were obviously going for

a jog. Being subjected to something so powerful while it pounded it's way around

the track, contacting and releasing with each step, was sure to end in

pulsifying death. But then again Harry had survived in his wife's shoe under her

foot - barely. Perhaps he would survive again in Jill's panties.

Harry's manhood was the first part of his body to make contact with Jill's right

cheek. He knew how soft it looked. He was now about to feel how soft it actually

was. As the cotton material against his back stretched to its limit Harry's

midsection was forced into the firm smooth fatty muscle. Harry wondered how

three so different adjectives describing a woman's backside could come together

so easily to form such a perfect female rump.

As The tip of Harry's alive and throbbing organ buried itself in Jill's ass

cheek, Harry felt a battle brewing inside. Lust for this perfect ass he was

being forced into fought with his sense of honor. He was a married man. He

didn't want to cheat on Tina. He never would have dreamed of cheating on Tina,

under normal circumstances. This was no normal circumstance. In fact, none of it

was Harry's fault. He was forced into the whole situation. Harry resigned

himself to the fact that, if he survived and had an orgasm, he would feel no

guilt. The course of events was beyond his control. He was entitled to one

orgasm. Just one.

Tina and Jill had only been jogging for twenty minutes. Not only was Harry alive

and well in Jill's underwear, he was approaching his third orgasm. He had

justified himself the first one, written off to something along the lines of

rape, beyond his control. The second happened almost as quickly. The steady

gyrations, made possible by the godlike slab of womanhood he found himself a

part of threw him up and down relentlessly, constantly working his sexual energy

to new heights. His second orgasm was just as explosive as his first, leaving

him tired and spent, feeling used and cheated.

So much for used and cheated. With the third orgasm came the realization that

Harry was no longer the captive of Jill's right butt cheek alone. It was during

his third bout with humiliation that Harry realized he had company to his right.

He had been face first head down in Jill's right ass cheek. It wasn't until

after he put his latest rush of embarrassment behind him that he realized he was

smack dab in between both of Jill's half moons heading downward.

The strong burning smell of Jill's ass sweat that had helped numb Harry to the

total realization of his predicament was slowly giving itself away to another

sweeter but equally as musky smell. With each pounding step Jill took, Harry

slithered his unwitting way toward Jill's womanhood.

Harry wanted the women's jog to end. He prayed it would end. Cumming into a

friend of his wife's ass, as a tiny prisoner, was one thing. Cumming into her

giant pussy was nothing short of adultery. As Harry slid his way, bouncing step

by step, down Jill's butt crack, he prayed the inevitable wouldn't happen. No

one of power and might listened. It looked to Harry, who was not a religious man

but who obeyed the laws of the church, that he was going to break one of the ten

commandments. He was going to, against his will and his belief have sex with his

wife's giant friend.

Then all at once the pounding stopped. The women's jog had turned into a walk.

Thank God for small favors. It seemed someone upstairs was listening afterall,

although Henry was still sliding his way toward Jill's pussy with each shaking

step she took. The scent was getting stronger and stronger. Harry had no way of

telling how long their walk off would be. He didn't know for sure that they

wouldn't pick up the pace any second and begin jogging again. He did know that

he was still heading for Jill's promised land and he was being quickly worked to

another orgasm.

It couldn't have been more than ten seconds after Jill stopped jogging, before

Harry Came to rest at the crotch of Jill's panty's. Her panty's were looser down

there and Harry found himself swinging on a hammock with his face inches away

from, but not touching, Jill's wet clit. Her huge pussy lips dwarfed the rest of

his body. The tip of his erect penis throbbed millimeters from it. Harry's mind

told his pelvis to thrust forward. He didn't think it would be able to, but it

did. Harry was no longer paralyzed.

The tip of Harry's hard-on hit the giant lips before him. He felt their warmth

as they worked over him trying to suck him in. Harry had a quick urge to let

them and bury his manhood completely between those lips but he quickly regained

his composure and relaxed his hips. His backside rested again on the soft cotton

below him. He lied still, staring at Jill's giant womanhood, trying not to shoot

another load and w wondering what he was in for next. He heard her thighs

rubbing together below him with each step. He was currently safe in the little

space above Jill's thighs with her dark red pubic hairs all around him.

Harry had just regained control of himself when the walking stopped. He felt a

descent. His downward motion stopped as abruptly as it had began when his back

landed on a hard surface on the other side of the panties he was inside. The

pussy descending with him didn't stop it's downward motion until it landed on

him and wrapped its thick lips around his body, enveloping him in it's warmth.

Jill had sat down, and Harry's dilemma continued.

part III

"So how about a swim?", Jill asked Tina as she sat on the bench in the women's

locker room.

"Sounds good", Tina answered and sat down next to Jill. "Just let me catch my

breath for a couple of minutes. We'll have to take a quick shower first. Club


"I know", said Jill. "Mine might have to be a cold one. That jog, for some

reason, left me feeling a little turned on."

"It must have been that guy in the blue shorts", Tina laughed. "Jill, you need a

man." Jill only smiled and removed her sneakers. Five minutes later, she and

Tina removed their tops, shorts and panties and headed for the shower.

Harry spent that five minutes unable to breathe or move. His body was able to

move. He knew because he moved his left hand. That was all he dared to move. He

didn't want to be discovered in Jill's pussy. He also didn't want to be provoked

into an orgasm into Jill's pussy. He was still trying his damnest to be faithful

to Tina despite the circumstance. He knew he was running out of time. He was

thankful that he had cum already in Jill's ass. Had he not, he would have surely

done the deed with Jill's pussy by now. Still, he thought of every bad thing

that ever happened to him to keep his hormones at bay.

Finally the weight was lifted off him as Jill stood up and pulled down her

sopping wet panties. Harry watched, in relief, as her pussy move away from him

quickly. His eyes moved to her powerful thighs, then to her massive ass that

held him captive throughout the jog; that same slab of soft meat that led him to

three orgasms already.

Jill stepped out of her panties and dropped them onto the bench. As she and Tina

walked away from him, Harry watched two perfect asses, one fuller than the other

and slightly more magnificent than the one he loved.

After the women disappeared into the shower, Harry jumped out of Jill's panties

and looked around. He half expected to see a strange pair of giant eyes looking

down on him. His heart raced as he did a 360, then settled down slightly when he

saw he was alone in the huge room. Harry walked to the edge of the bench and

looked over. Below he saw Jill's sneakers and wet socks. He smelled their strong

aroma from where he was. Thank God he wasn't in Jill's sneakers during the jog.

Far to his right, Harry saw his wife's gym bag. He figured his best chance was

to hide in there until they got home. Then when she emptied it, she'd find him.

Plus, with Tina's smell all around him, Harry could jerk off to his heart's

content. It sounded like the safest and most pleasurable thing to do, so Harry

climbed over the panties he had just exited and ran down the bench in that

direction. He didn't realize that there'd be obstacles to cross.

The first obstacle Harry had to deal with was one of the socks that Tina had

just removed. It was wet and smelled bad. Harry liked the smell of his wife's

feet normally, but when they sweated, the odor they gave off was enough to kill

a cockroach. At Harry's size, the smell was magnified tenfold. Unfortunately for

Harry, Tina had laid her socks across the bench end to end. There was no way

around them. Harry had to go over them. He went for the part of one sock that

covered Tina's ankle. Here, the acrid smell didn't burn his eyes like it did

near the rest of the sock. Harry held his breath and made his way over.

Tina's bra was next. Harry easily ran by it, stopping momentarily to smell the

sweat in each cup. Harry couldn't help but picture himself in one of those cups

as it slowly approached one of Tina's tits. He imagined her nipple, stretching

his mouth to its limit as the rest of his body wrapped around her breast in some

gentle giantess play. Harry shook his head. There was no time now. Maybe later

if he made it to Tina's bag in time. As he moved on, Harry wondered how many

orgasms he could have in Tina's bra. It seemed at his size, there was no limit.

Tina's panties were next. Harry could have easily run by them, but his wife's

smell lured him in. He crawled over the wet crotch, rubbed his face against it

and inhaled. The sweat strong smell made him dizzy. He felt like he had just

taken a quaalude and was experiencing a sexual enlightenment brought to a level

of reality only drugs could generate. Harry lied down closed his eyes and

enjoyed the feeling. He lied in his wife's sweaty smelly panties until he was

brought back to reality by voices.

Harry was on his feet and running before he knew he was. The sound of the

women's approaching voices sparked a surge of adrenaline that jump started his

body before it woke his mind. He had to get to the gym bag before he was

spotted. He didn't want to be spotted yet, not by both women. Their voices were

drawing near.

Harry looked over the side as he ran. The bag was just ahead. Harry should have

been watching where he was going instead of looking over the side. He hit a wall

of soft material and bounced backward. He jumped back up and ran sideways

looking for a place to cross. The voices were very loud. His wife and her friend

would be in the room any second. As Henry scoured the side of the garment, he

recognized what it was. He was being blocked by his wife's blue one piece

bathing suit. He knew the women would be upon him any moment so he started

climbing. He climbed up blue velour. Over hills and through valleys Harry went,

until he found himself in a white cotton area. At first Harry thought he was in

a breast cup, he quickly realized the material was too soft. He was in the


A thought entered Harry's mind. What better place could he be than up against

his own wife's pussy. His hard-on grew another inch just thinking about it. He

saw movement and looked up. Wrapped in a towel before him was his giant wife.

Her head and shoulders stuck out of the green tarpaulin. Harry watched her drop

the towel exposing breasts, that from a normal perspective were pert yet on the

smaller side, but from this perspective were like half moons standing out


At that moment, Harry felt a warmness flow through him. It was a love for the

giant women before him. As Tina reached for her bathing suit, Harry grabbed on.

He was going to see his giant wife's pussy up close. He was bursting with

excitement. He forgot it was her bathing suit he was inside and she was going

for a swim.

Harry watched Tina's feet, on either side of him, enter the bathing suit. He

then saw her hard round calves. He looked past the inward flow of the knees up

to his wife's soft inner thighs. Between them was the place he lived for, the

place he would die for, the place his aching hard-on was throbbing for. Up until

now, only parts of him had been there. His whole body was about to partake in

its beauty. As he drew closer, its essence entered his body through his

nostrils. He longed to be inside it. He was inches away. He tasted it on his

tongue, not just from memory, but for real. He was almost home. Then his

progress stopped and he was forced to stair at his own personal heaven from

inches away.

"Oh shit", Jill said searching through her own gym bag.

"What's wrong?", Tina asked.

"I forgot my frickin bathing suit", Jill answered. "How the fuck am I going in

the pool without a bathing suit?"

"You could go nude", Tina laughed.

"Real funny. Seriously, now what am I supposed to do?"

"Wait a minute", Tina answered. "I think I have a spare." Tina grabbed her bag

and ferociously searched it. She pulled out a yellow two piece. "I have a back

up, but it will never fit you."

"It looks alfully small", Jill said. "Can you even fit into it?"

"I'll try", Tina answered. "You can where this blue one. It will be tight on

you, but you should be able to wear it." Tina pulled off her blue one piece and

dropped it on the bench in front of Jill. She then slipped on her tight yellow

two piece. "Thank God this place isn't crowded. I look like an idiot in this

thing", she finished.

Jill grabbed Tina's bathing suit and stepped into it. She pulled it up over her

thighs and around her ass. It was an extremely tight fit, but she managed to get

it on. Once again she didn't feel the small motionless object that was being

forced into her pussy.

Harry tried to get up and run after Tina removed the bathing suit he was in, but

his mind picked then to lock up his body. Once again he couldn't move. Once

again he watched himself make the ascent up to Jill's vagina, unable to do

anything about it. He came to rest firmly pressed into his wife's best friend's

pussy, It's open lips waiting for him.

Harry was in trouble again. Serious trouble this time. He was minutes away from

losing his composure and cumming into Jill's vagina. He was also minutes away

from possibly drowning. He tried to focus on the drowning to keep his hard-on at

bay, but the way Jill walked and the tightness of the swimsuit she had on was

doing a number on him. By the time Jill got to the pool and stepped into the

cold water, Harry was just about to his breaking point.

"Oh my God this water is cold", Tina screamed.

"I think it feels good", said Jill. "I need something cold to cool me off." Jill

was on the second step. Water was just past her knees.

"Will you calm down?", Tina pleaded. "You're going to embarrass us."

"I'm sorry. I can't help myself", Jill said as the cool water hit the bottom

most material of the swimsuit she had on, instantly saturating it. "It feels

like I have a fire burning in my crotch. I need this cold water to put it out."

Jill submersed herself in the pool up to her neck, then reached down with her

right hand and rubbed her pussy through her swimsuit.

Harry was once again on the verge of exploding when he first felt the pool water

on his back. The cool water, that was like ice to his tiny body, sucked the

warmth from him instantly. With it went most of the sexual desire he moments ago

was losing his battle to control. Seconds later, he felt something large rubbing

him and his surroundings from the other side of the material. He welcomed

whatever it was because it was replacing some of the warmth the water had taken.

It was also forcing him deeper into Jill's swollen pussy. Jill's pussy lips, in

turn, wrapped themselves around Harry and gently cradled him.

Jill stopped rubbing herself and began swimming the length of the pool, but not

until she pushed poor Harry completely inside her, her pussy lips closing around

him like a Venus fly trap capturing its winged prey. She and Tina swam for

twenty minutes in the pool, stopping now and then to talk about girl things.

Harry was warm again. He heard the deep roar of the churning water outside his

living coffin as Jill swam. The sound reminded him of jumping into a wave at the

beach as it broke into a frothy foam of white water above. The difference was,

at the beach, he felt the force of the water churn his body about. Where he was

now, the force squeezing him and twisting him was alive.

With the returning warmth, came the return of Harry's hard-on. The orgasm that

Harry had been fighting for a while now was immanent. The manipulation of

Harry's tiny body by Jill's pussy as she twisted her pelvis and kicked her legs

across the pool, was too much. Harry did what he direly did not want to do. He

came into Jill. In his eyes, he had betrayed the woman he loved. It wasn't his

fault but he did it anyway. As the last bits of semen dripped off the end of his

tired and confused penis, he began to cry. When would this humiliation end?

By the time the young ladies climbed out of the pool and went into the locker

room, Harry was hard again. "Not again", he cried. Once was enough. He wanted

out badly. He knew that if he didn't get out of Jill's pussy before she dressed,

he'd probably be there for a while. Harry could tell that Jill was out of the

pool and walking, but her pussy lips still had him in a bear hug.

All at once things got tighter. The weight on Harry became immense. Jill was

obviously sitting. Harry held on and bided his time. The women obviously were in

no hurry. Harry was almost at the point where he would give up and succumb to

the crushing force when it abruptly ended. It ended so quickly, he almost didn't

react fast enough.

As Jill's ample ass lifted off the seat, her pussy lips parted slightly. Harry

rolled his whole body hard to the right and popped free. He landed in the crotch

of the bathing suit Jill was pulling down. This time Harry watched Jill's

womanhood move away from him. Her wet pubic hair was twisted into various

clumps. Giant drops of water collected on the ends of these clumps and fell all

around him. He breathed a sigh of relief and prepared to jump off when they hit

the ground.

It was probably the site of Jill's body towering above him that caused Harry to

freeze again. Louise had sure done a job on him. Harry watched as Jill's pretty

hands came toward him and grabbed the bathing suit. She picked it up, rolled it

into a ball and squeezed out the excess water. Of course Harry was at the center

of the ball wondering if Jill would drop Tina's suit in her own bag or give it

to Tina.

Harry didn't know whose bag he was in, but he did know he was in someone's. He

felt the swinging as the bag was carried. He felt the soft jar as the bag was

tossed into a car. But whose car?

It took a while, but Harry was able to free himself from the wet swimsuit and

crawl out. When he did, he instantly knew whose bag he was in. The smell of

socks he crawled over almost knocked him out. It was horrible and it was not the

smell of his wife. Harry got a sick feeling in his gut. He was going home with


Harry quickly climbed away from the smelly socks to the other end of the bag.

Here he caught another scent he recognized. He had experienced it up close and

personal. He was lying on Jill's dirty panties. The smell, although strong, was

making his horny little body hot again. He had to try and get out.

Up above, Harry saw a small opening where the zipper wasn't all the way closed.

He tried pulling some of Tina's dirty clothes together to climb up, but he

wasn't strong enough. He tried to climb up the inside of the bag, but couldn't.

He sat below the opening wondering what to try next, when the light level

increased. He looked up and saw the opening grow. Then a shadow fell over him as

Jill's hand entered the bag. Her long red nails approached like the talons of an

eagle descending on its prey.

Harry dove out of the way. Jill's forefinger landed right next to his face. Her

hand rose and fell again on his other side. She was looking for something. Harry

rolled onto his back and watched the magnificent giant hand of Jill rise up

again and this time descend right on top of him. A thumb, fatter than he was,

and a finger, as long as he was, landed on each side of him and grabbed him.

Harry was heading up.

Harry did not want Jill to find him, three inches tall and naked in her gym bag.

He tried to prepare himself for the embarrassment of his lifetime as he was

lifted toward the opening, a two second ascent that seemed to last two minutes.

As Jill's hand left the bag, Harry caught a break. His head and feet hit the

zippered sides of the opening and Jill's fingers lost their grip. Harry fell

back into the bag.

Harry hit Jill's panties and came up running, clear to the other end of the bag,

the end with the smelly socks. He looked up and saw Jill's hand leaving the bag

again. This time it had what it wanted in the first place, Jill's lipstick. As

Harry watched Jill's sexy fingers disappear, he wondered what it was going to be

like for the lipstick, being forced by Jill's lovely fingers into her thick

lips. The thought of having Jill press her lips around his face while she held

him around his midsection with her fingers was too much. Harry pressed his face

into Jill's smelly socks and humped them until he left a new stain on the dirty

white cotton. Little did Harry know that his little fantasy would play itself

out for real.

Not much time passed before Jill picked up the bag and walked into the house.

Harry had been hiding under Jill's socks, wallowing in his own shame. He had

gotten used to the smell. When he felt movement, he began mentally preparing

himself for the worst. Jill had to see him after she emptied her bag. There was

no way she'd recognize him. The prospects of what she would do to him were

horrifying. When the bag hit the ground with a thud, Harry hid under the smelly

socks again and waited, but nothing happened; at least not right away.

Harry heard a voice he recognized. "Thanks for staying with me", it said. "I

never staid here alone." It was Tina's voice.

"It's my pleasure", Jill answered. "I'm looking forward to getting away from my

crummy apartment for a couple of days."

Harry realized he was home. He was still in a predicament, but he was home. He

had to find a way out of this bag and get to Tina. "Are you hungry?", Tina asked


"I'm starving", Jill answered. "That swim left me hungry and horny as hell. It

must have been something in the water, or maybe it was that swimsuit you lent


"Are you still on that?", Tina asked. "Get over it. How about a pizza?"

"Sounds great."

"What do you want on it in the way of toppings?"

"Meat. Do they have a meat lover's pizza?"

"That figures", Tina said shaking her head and picking up the phone. "Maybe you

can eat the delivery guy."

Jill laughed. "If he's cute enough I just might."

Tina ordered the pizza and hung up the phone. "I wonder if Harry made it all

right? He really is afraid of flying."

"I'm sure he did. Do you think he'll catch any fish?", Jill asked.

"I hope so", Tina answered. "I hope he catches so many that he's buried in that

fish smell." Tina's words sparked a twinge inside Jill. "In fact, I hope he

comes home so sick of the smell he never wants to fish again."

"Lighten Up", Jill scolded. "He deserves a vacation. Face it. He's the perfect

husband. He's got a good job. He loves you to death. And he's really cute.

You're lucky you found him before I did."

"Yeah I guess you're right. I just miss him. Want to stay in or go out tonight?"

"Let's stay in and get drunk", Jill answered. "You got any beer?"

"We have a whole case in the fridge downstairs. I'll grab a few." Tiny

disappeared down the cellar steps. Jill fondled herself while she waited for

Tina. Harry sat on top of Jill's smelly socks listening and waiting for his

chance for freedom.

The girls had just finished their first beer when the pizza arrived. Luckily for

the delivery person, she was a woman, although Tina thought Jill was looking at

the delivery girl a bit strangely . After most of the pizza was gone, Tina found

a good movie on TV and both women hit the sofa. They drank beer, watched TV, and

giggled until they were too drunk to stay awake.

Long after the movie ended, Tina dragged her heavier and more drunk friend

upstairs and they both fell asleep on Tina's bed. Harry realized hours before

the women crashed that he was spending the night in Jill's gym bag. He did his

business on the already wet towel and made his way to Jill's panties where he

curled up in them and tried to go to sleep. It was still Friday and what a long

day it had been. He lied awake for a while reflecting on the days events. He had

unwillingly committed adultery and wasn't thrilled with himself for it, but he

still jerked off one more time while breathing into Jill's soiled panties. At

his current size, he just couldn't control himself. Finally, ashamed of himself

once again, Harry went to sleep wondering what pleasures or horrors tomorrow

would bring.

Giantess Stories: Hypnosis By willie     Part I

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