Giantess Stories: I could barely keep my head up

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I could barely keep my head up.

English class was SO boring. Ms. Barter was a pretty tall teacher, standing at

around 6'2. She had on high-heeled sandals, so she was even taller. She was

wearing a long skirt which matched her blouse. She had long dark hair.

Ms. Barter was teaching us about persuasive essays or something. I was talking

to megan, one of my friends. She had blonde hair in a ponytail, and had jeans

with tennis sneakers on.

Class was the same--boring. All of a sudden, the lights went out. It was total

darkness until a bright flash filled the room. The light cleared up, and I

thought I was somewhere different.

I heard Megan talking, but her voice was much loader. "HEY WHERE DID ERIC GO?!"

Oh by the way, my name's Eric. "I'm right here!" I said. My view came back into

focus when I realized I was sitting on my chair--only it was much bigger! I

estimated myself to be at least an inch high.

Ms. Barter walked by and the gust of wind she made felt like a hurricane. I was

blown off the desk and onto the a soft matter. I bounced off of it and onto the

hard tiled floor.

"Ugh. Where am I?" I asked. The smell was horrible. Then I knew. It was Megan's

sock-clad foot! She had her shoes off! Her foot was the worst smelling

substance--ever. She moved her foot and I tumbled around next to the opening of

her sneaker, which was laying sideways. I looked up and saw her foot coming

down. I ran into the sneaker, but immediantly changed my mind. This place

smelled horrible!!

Suddenly my whole world was tipped over, and I knew what was happening. Megan

was playing with her shoes. Suddenly her giant foot entered my world.

"MEGAN!!! NO!!" I screamed. But it was of no use. The foot crashed into me Love and relationships tips

suffocating me with its stench and soaking me with its sweat. I tried to yell,

but a flood of sweat entered my mouth and I choked. I realized I was going to


Suddenly, light entered and I lost balance. There was a huge booming sound. I

figured Megan tried to cross her legs and her sneaker fell off. I knew I had

limited time before her foot would come back so I ran, and slammed into a hard


I looked up and climbed up the wall. When I hoisted myself up I saw 5 giant toes

encased in nylon. "This must be Ms. Barter's foot." I thought.

I was about to jump off when she wiggled her toes and the nylon net caught my

foot. I tried to break free, but she lifted her toes up. I was hanging upside

down when her toes came back down resting on me.

Ms. Barter was walking around teaching, and finally she sat down. I managed to

break free of the nylon prison, and tried to think of a plan to get me noticed.

Before I could do anything, her right foor slid out of the sandal and she sat on

her leg.

I climbed up her left leg and scaled her skirt. When I was at her chair level, I

saw her nyloned foot. I jumped and grabbed on, when the bell rang. All the

students left, and Ms. Barter slipped her sandal back on, with me stuck in her


"DO I HAVE A PEBBLE ON MY SHOE?!" I heard. I knew this was it. She would find me

and I would be saved. Her giant hand grabbed me and I was lifted high into the

air, but before she could see me, she dropped me. I fell for forever until I

landed into a bag. I looked around, and saw giant spheres with M's on them. I

was in a bag of MnM's!!

To be continued


Giantess Stories: I could barely keep my head up

English class was SO boring. Ms. Barter was a pretty tall teacher, standing at I could barely keep my head up. I could barely keep my head up.



Giantess Stories: I could barely keep my head up

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Giantess Stories: I could barely keep my head up

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