Giantess Stories: I don

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I don't really know how i got in this

place, or what it is, plastic walls with a white ceiling,

I try to move but i can't, an orange pill shaped something as big as i am

crushes me against the plastic wall. i struggle to look around and i realize i

can see out of my prison, I then wish I hadn't. Staring down five hundred feet

at me a girl no older then 23 her blond hair coming down like a forest down to

her shoulders. i strain up past her jeens, past her stomach to barely make out

her face. My eyes grow wide as her hand comes down and fills my world. Then

without warning im jerked into the air and then my prison slams to a stop.

Looking out all i can see is her treamoundous palm all around me. Then with a

jerk im thrown through the air, and slam down on some sort of counter. I scream

for help, but the only thing im met with is a blinding red flash, and a loud

beep, then the loud sound of a cash register opening. I then relize my

predicament, and i struggle to break free from under the tic tac on top of me,

but it's no use. I study the girl who is buying me, she smiles as she talks to SuitaPrest – Ventajas y Opiniones de los créditos SuitaPrest (Revisado en 2021)

the cashier. blue eyes, and a clear complexion.

i struggle to breathe. get dizzy, and blackness...

When my eyes open i'm on some kind of wooden table, still trapped inside my

prison. To my relief there was no tic tacs crushing me, but i'm trapped in the

corner on the bottom under all of them. my world jerks and i see the ceiling

open up, then im tilted foward towards it, i fall screaming smashing against tic

tacs all the way down and out onto a pink soft but firm surface, with about 4

tic tacs. I stare up to see my unknowing captors face larger then a billboard,

crap i think, she's gonna eat me! then without warning her lips get real close

real fastand i slip off of her hand and free fall...

I land with a thump, and a treamondous pain.

staring straight ahead alls i see is a pink wall that seems to go on for miles.

at the end i can make out toes the size of buses, wiggling up in the air at

least 20 feet then falling back to the ground. i struggle to flip onto my back,

and gasp, she is so big i think, wonder how i'm going to get her attention.. i

have to somehow...


Giantess Stories: I don

I try to move but i can't, an orange pill shaped something as big as i am place, or what it is, plastic walls with a white ceiling, place, or what it is, pla



Giantess Stories: I don

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Giantess Stories: I don


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