Giantess Stories: I Dream Of A Giantess      Major Nelson had just come home from a hard day planning moon missions

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I Dream Of A Giantess

Major Nelson had just come home from a hard day planning moon missions. But he

was no ordinary astronaut; he had made a startling discovery on a small island

near the site of a splashdown; an ancient bottle containing a real live 1001

nights genie, who in every other fashion was a beautiful young woman in a harem

costume. She had sworn obedience to him that day, being as he was the first one

to open the bottle in 2,000 years. He was kind of cute, too. He had taken her

home and she had become an inescapable part of his life. Major Nelson, too, was

a man of extraordinary moral fiber: not only did he decline to make use of

Jeannie's magical powers, but he also spurned her sexual advances. Women flocked

to him since he was an astronaut, and he had dated frequently before Jeannie,

but she would become very jealous when he dated now, and his frequency had

diminished considerably. Jeannie also had a twin sister who was raven haired as

opposed to Jeannie's flaxen hair. She had caused them great consternation in the

past, and only last night had he tricked her into shrinking herself down into a

bottle of perfume so that he could capture her.

He had slept soundly that night if not very long, waking early for a long day at

work, secure in the knowledge that Jeannie was going to take care of her sister.

He came home very late that night, and rather than wake Jeannie, he went

straight to bed.

He awoke with a strange feeling, face down in the bed. He reached around for his

pillow, but he couldn't seem to find it. He also could not feel the edges of the

bed. Puzzled, he slowly turned over and rubbed his eyes.

He saw toes, giant toes! Big ones that ended near the top of his chest. The feet

were arranged so that his body was directly between and beneath them. The

beautiful toes gradually became beautiful feet, and shapely legs that ended in

knees pointed at the ceiling. He gasped for breath. A loud booming voice came

from somewhere behind the legs. "Good morning, Major baby!" Fingers emerged from

behind the legs, followed by arms, which folded themselves across the legs.

Lastly, a gigantic head appeared over the knees.

"Jeannie's sister! How did you, what, who, how did I, where's Jeannie, what's


"Shhhhh", said Jeannie's sister, placing a giant finger over his mouth. "My

sister is just too good hearted. She just couldn't leave me in that bottle. Poor

naive little sister. She's trapped in her own bottle now. Leaving you and me.

I've had my eye on you for a long time. But you always find a way to get rid of

me. This time it won't be so easy. I'm going to have a bit of fun with you this


"Why have you shrunken me?" Said the two inch tall Major.

"Well, at this height, you'll have a devil of a time getting rid of me or

freeing my sister." She released the grip on her legs and slowly parted them to

reveal not her usual harem costume but a slinky black nightie. He noticed for

the first time that her breasts were large and supple, and the nightie showed

off her cleavage quite well. "Come on", she said, "let's have some fun!" She

slowly peeled back the sheet uncovering his pajamas. Then she picked him up and

placed him firmly in her cleavage. "Comfy? Good", she said, not waiting for an

answer. She strode into the bathroom.

"My sister tells me you spend a lot of time in here."

"Well, er, I, well, you see, uh, yeah, I guess ..."

"My sister will believe anything you tell her, but I bet ..." She extracted him

from her bosom and placed him on the floor in front of her, as she sat on the

closed toilet lid.

She rummaged around behind the toilet, behind a clothes hamper, under a pile of

old Reader's Digests and National Geographics. "Aha! I thought so!" She said,

wielding a dog eared Playboy bathing beauties issue. "I can't believe you live

with a beautiful genie and would rather have sex with a picture! Don't you find

us attractive? After all, we are identical twins."

"Well, it's just that I never really thought of genies in... that... way..." he

stammered, as she stood up and began to strip tease for her little Major.

"Maybe I can convince you to think of us in another way" she said as she sexily

slipped the nightie first over one shoulder, then the other, then slowly

uncovered her breasts. They were large and full, like pears only rounder. Next

were her stomach and hips, firm and supple (definitely not a 2000 year old!).

"How do you like it so far?"

"Uh, maybe I should be going ..." he said as he turned to leave. She quickly

stomped her foot down right in front of him, causing him to revert to his

original position in front of her.

"Oh, don't go, I'm not finished yet" she cooed. She pulled on the nightie more

to reveal her lovely pussy, towering over his head. Then, she turned around to

uncover her round ass, slowly sliding the fabric over one buttock, then the

other. She then slipped each leg out and kicked the nightie into a corner. She

then began to dance for her little audience, kneading her breasts, pinching her

nipples, caressing her hips and stomach. Then she squatted down in front of him

with her pussy just above the top of his head.

"Well, do you like what you see?" She said as she stroked her pussy, spreading

her labia for him to see.

He opened his mouth to speak, but could say nothing.

"That's okay. You don't have to say a word. Just show me." She reached over and

with her fingernail ripped his pajama top off.

"Wha, what are you doing?"

She placed her fingernail inside the pajama bottom waistband.

"I think this has gone just far enough, young lady. Why, I've got a good mind to


"And I've got a better mind, Major baby", she said, ripping away the pajama

bottom leaving him as naked as she was. His penis was not aroused in the least.

"It looks like you need a little encouragement" she said as she placed her

finger under his penis and balls. Her touch brought his penis slowly to life.

"That's better. I've always thought I had pretty feet. You think so too, don't

you?" She hinted strongly.

He nodded briskly, causing his penis to bobble. "Hee hee, that's cute", she

giggled, and stood up straight. "Why don't you let your penis show how much it

likes my pretty toes", she said, wiggling her toes.

He stepped forward, to right in front of her toes. "Go ahead, show me" she said,

and he began to stick his penis between her big toe and second toe on her right

foot. He began to slowly pump back and forth. "Ooh," she giggled, "your penis

likes my toes very much. Now show me how much you like the rest of me. Show me,

like you show the girls in the magazine."

He extracted his penis from her toes and began to masturbate. His penis was now

as hard as it could possibly be. "Or would you rather show the girls in the

magazine?" she said as she folded her arms and blinked. The magazine, which had

fallen to the floor, opened to somewhere in the middle.

He began to feel strange, then kind of flat. He was inside the magazine! Facing

the ceiling, he looked up and saw a model from the magazine standing where

Jeannie's sister was just seconds ago!

She giggled and looked down at him. "How does it feel on the other side, Major

baby? You don't have to stop, you know."

He continued stroking himself. She reached down to turn the page and he was on

that page too, looking up at a different model. Page after page she turned,

taking the form of the models; he was looking up all the while, getting closer

and closer to orgasm. He began to moan.

"Ooh, not yet Major baby. It's my turn."

Just as he was about to come, she folded her arms and blinked. He was standing

directly in front of her, straight up and down, arms at his sides, penis

throbbing in front. He reached for his penis, but his arms wouldn't budge. She

squatted down in front of him again. He could smell her fragrant juices. "Genies

are women too, you know," she said as she reached down with one hand to spread

her labia and the other to massage her clitoris and the inside of her lips. "We

have sexual needs just like other women", she said as she licked her juices from

her fingers and added saliva to them. She wet his hair down, pasting it to his

head, lubricating his head and shoulders. "I've had my eye on you for a long

time, Major baby," she said as she plunged her fingers once more into her now

very wet vagina and rubbed even more juices into his head, shoulders, and the

rest of his body, including a couple of pumps of his still rock hard and

throbbing penis. She knelt down, pussy directly over his head.

"No, please, please don't, I'll do anything you want but this, please..."

"I know you'll do anything I want, and you know what I want!" She began to

insert his head into her, slowly up and down, around and around, rubbing his

face into her clitoris.

He began to scream in protest.

"Be quiet, Major baby, you're spoiling the fun." She blinked, and his mouth was

taped shut. She began to pump up and down the length of his body squeezing him

with her vaginal muscles. He was rooted to the floor, and she would try to pick

him up, holding him inside of her for seconds at a time before releasing up and

trying again. Her moans became louder and louder as she approached climax, and

her pumping became more and more vigorous.

Major Nelson's nose was becoming clogged with her vaginal juices, which had in

his reckoning begun flowing in copious quantities. She sensed this and slowly

pulled herself off of him. "That was loads of fun, Major baby! I think we should

have some fun together, don't you think?" She blinked again, and suddenly the

tape was gone and he could move again. She grabbed him before he could make a

break for it, however. "Tastes pretty good, hmmm Major?" She said as she slowly

ran her tongue from his feet to his face, spending a little extra time on his

still throbbing hard and aching for release cock. She blinked again and he was

clean and dry. "Let's go back to bed" she said as she once again placed him

between her enormous breasts and squeezed him tightly, walking back towards the


Major Nelson's dick was throbbing like a jackhammer. He had never been this

horny before. Seeing this beautiful, powerful, naked giantess, being so small,

naked and helpless, being completely powerless and at the mercy of this gorgeous

sexual creature who could do anything she wanted with him ... His dick screamed

for release, but he could not oblige. She had him tightly wedged in her

cleavage. He could feel her soft, warm flesh, smell the musky sweat that

surrounded him on all sides. He tried to wriggle away, but that only made her


She was deliberately squeezing her breasts together so he could not get away and

because she enjoyed his squirming. She reveled in her power over him, savoring

the revenge that she had desired for so long. "Spoil my fun! Send me away!" she

thought. "When I'm through with him, he'll beg me to stay." Besides, the last

time she was this horny, it was at that party with Don Juan and Casanova at the

Marquis de Sade's castle! But the fun wasn't over yet ... She knew the little

Major was dying to get off, but she loved it, this exquisite torture. She would

make him beg for it.

As they reached the bed, she extracted him from her bosom and held him tightly

in her hand. She lay on her back, with her knees bent and her legs spread. She

placed the tiny Major on the bed between her legs, and sat up a little so she

could see him. He stared up at her giantess cunt, and beyond the foothills of

her tits and her beautiful face. He reached down to fondle himself, but she

blinked, and his cock was gone! "Looking for something, Major baby?" she said as

she held out her hand. In her palm was his still throbbing cock!

"Please let me come, please ..."

"I'll make a deal with you. If you can make me come, I'll think about letting

you come." As she spoke, she stroked his penis, sending shivers up his spine.

"Come on, little Major, show me what you're made of!"

He stepped forward and grasped a handful of cunt hair. Being so hot and

slippery, it was hard to get a good grip.

"Oohh, don't stop now" she teased.

He slowly made his way up her labia, strategically pausing every now and then to

pay some attention to the inner walls. Finally, he reached her clitoris. He

began to lick it slowly.

"Come on, Major, you've got to put some more effort into it. I'm a big girl, and

I want to have a big orgasm!" For punctuation, she twirled his penis in her

mouth like a Tootsie Pop. He began to lick, rub, massage, roll his entire body

over and around her giant clit. "Oooh, that's it Major baby, more, more ..." She

moaned. He found ample lubrication in her warm, moist vulva, which contracted

slowly, rhythmically, as to suck him into it. He was terrified of it and found

it much more difficult to stay away, as it was becoming quite slippery. He

became unable to concentrate on the task at hand, trying to keep aloft. "I guess

I'm just going to have to finish the job myself", she said in mock anger. She

grabbed his body between her first and middle finger and began to massage her

clit with his face. Her moaning rose in volume and became more frequent, as did

her hip gyrations. He was totally helpless as her human sex toy, sputtering and

gasping for breath. She sensed that she was nearing orgasm, and he could

definitely tell from his vantage point. "Ooohhh Major, I want you inside me!"

she said, and she brought him to the opening of her vagina and began to slowly

press his head in and out.

"Oh god, please, no, don't do it, gaaaaahhhhhh ..." His screams were soon

drowned out as she pushed him up to his knees. He was enveloped in soft sticky

flesh, cocooning him. She came almost immediately after, flooding him with her

juices. She had let go of him, and was holding him inside of her with her cunt


She squeezed and squeezed, finally popping him out onto the bed. "Ooohhh Major

baby, that was simply delicious!" she exclaimed, licking her lips at him. She

picked him and put him head first into her mouth, as if to eat him. He howled in

terror, but she merely sucked her juices off of him and placed him standing

between her huge breasts. He was terrified to move, and she just laid back with

a contented expression on her face.

"You know Major baby, it's a pity we won't be able to do this again soon, but

you know how jealous my sister is. Once she finds out ..."

"You, you, you'd... tell her?"

"Well, she's just in the next room, and she'll be waking up soon. I expect

she'll be coming in here any minute now."

"You've got to fix this mess, you've got me into this, now get me out!"

"After the way you've treated my sister? This will finally straighten her out.

She'll find the magazines too. She'll finally wake up and see what you were

meant to be all along: a little sex toy. She'll be mad at me at first, but later

she'll realize and be grateful. And then we'll laugh at you and especially your

little cock. You humans. I told her that she could never be satisfied by a human

and when she sees you like this she'll come around. I'll tell her that you

started the whole thing and what could I do? Everyone knows how cute you are. I

just wanted her to catch you in the act to see how you really were. Once I show

her the ropes, she'll love you as her pet, her sex toy."

"Please please don't! I beg you! I'll do anything you want!" He pled, but she

just laughed. "Well, can I at least come? Please? Please let me come!" His penis

was still throbbing in her hand, and had acquired a purplish hue.

"Well, I've got an itch between my toes that might be soothed by your tongue

..." She lifted her foot and placed it right in front of him, spreading her big

toe from the next. He literally dove in, licking furiously. She giggled and

playfully flicked the top of his little penis with her tongue. The familiar

sound of Jeannie's smoke cloud exiting the bottle startled his ears. "Too late!"

she said. He tried to make a break for it, but she grabbed him and, placing her

feet with the soles together, placed him between and held him fast. He shuddered

with fear, she laughing all the while as the footsteps grew nearer and nearer.

Giantess Stories: I Dream Of A Giantess      Major Nelson had just come home from a hard day planning moon missions

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