Giantess Stories: I stood there

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I stood there, waiting in the dark. I had just

seen her this morning, but I couldn't resist the urge to steal another glimpse

of her flawless beauty. If she ever found out I was watching her, I can't

imagine what would happen. It was a situation I had fantasized about, that is

for sure. However, reality rarely resembles fantasy. A sudden cold draft shook

me from my thoughts. I wrapped my crude clothes tighter around myself, which

only helped a little; I'm not much of a tailor.

Suddenly the darkness became light, and I heard her footsteps approaching. I

already knew what she was wearing, but I wanted to see again anyway. It really

didn't matter what she was wearing, she would have looked good wearing a garbage

bag. It was a very tasteful business suit she had picked out this morning. Dark

blue, with a very tasteful pair of matching pants. Her dark hair was in a

ponytail, but I had seen her wear it down before, so I knew she always kept it

about shoulder-length. She had very nice hair. She had the most beautiful brown

eyes; they seemed to be deep and caring. I could see that she was wearing her

favorite lipstick, a dark red. Her nail polish also matched her lipstick. Her

skin was a smooth white; it looked almost silky. I thought to myself how

wonderful it would be to feel her skin.

I watched her go about her business for the next few moments. I had seen her

routine many times now, although I never tired of watching her. First she went

to her closet and kicked off her pumps, next she hung up her suit and stockings,

slipping into a long silk robe. Then she would usually go take off her make-up

and crawl into bed. She usually read a book or magazine for about an hour, and

would go to sleep shortly after.

I watched her walking towards me. Her feet came closer and closer to me, before

she turned and sat on her bed. She sat there for a moment, and I watched her

feet. They couldn't have been more than 20 feet away. It was hard for me to

resist the urge to touch them, her feet looked so soft, but I knew it was very

dangerous. Moments later, she lifted her feet and slipped under her covers.

Well the show was over for tonight, and it was getting colder, so I decided to

return to my home. It became dark again as she flipped off the lights, and I

began my long trek back home. I knew that tomorrow would bring the promise of

another great show.

I awoke in a cold sweat. I had the dream again

last night. It's really more like a nightmare though. In this recurring dream, I

find myself in the middle of her bedroom floor. It's the middle of the day, and

it's very bright. I've never figured out why I would be in the middle of her

floor out in the open, but dreams don't have to make sense. I'm standing there,

and suddenly I hear her footsteps approaching. I turn and look up to see her

bare foot lowering onto me. I scream and fall to the floor in shock, but there's

no way to escape now. I'm trapped there, waiting to be snuffed out under her

sole. Her sole softly touches my skin at first, and it feels heavenly, softer

than I'd ever imagined. But then, the pressure increases, and I'm forced roughly

against her sole, the pressure increases even more, and I start to feel pain

throughout my body. I feel my bones start to crack, and her flesh is smothering

me. Just when I think I'm about to be crushed to death; I awake. It's a

disturbing dream; one I could do without.

I got out of bed and stretched slightly. Next I got dressed for the day, and

decided to check my food supply. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I surveyed what

was left. It was painfully obvious that I needed to go searching for food as

soon as possible. That would have to wait though; it was time to watch her leave

for work.

I took my usual position under the safety of her bed. It wasn't long before I

heard her alarm clock sound off. I heard movement above, and the alarm stopped

making noise. I saw her legs drape over the bed in front of me, positioning her

feet in front of her slippers. She slid her toes into the slippers, and then

reached down with her hand to finish pulling the slippers on over her heels. It

was a magnificent sight; I never grew tired of watching this in the mornings. I

guess she was in a hurry that morning, because she started getting ready for

work instead of eating breakfast. She went into the bathroom and showered, and

did her hair and make-up. Then she went to her closet and picked out a black

business suit. She grabbed the matching pants and stockings, and a pair of black

low-heeled pumps. In less than an hour, she was out the door. She must have had

a meeting or something.

Now that she had left, I could move more freely about the house. I looked out in

front of me to the left, and there were her freshly discarded slippers. It

probably wasn't one of my better ideas, but I decided to have a closer look. As

I grew closer to her slippers, the aroma of her feet grew stronger. It wasn't an

unpleasant smell; it was intoxicating. Any doubts I had before, were now gone. I

walked up to her left slipper, which was overturned. It said on the hard leather

sole, “Isotoner Size: 8.” From looking at these slippers up close, it was clear

that they were bigger than me. Her right slipper was not overturned. I walked up

to the shoe, and peered inside. The outside of the slipper was black satin, with

a bow made from lace on the toe. The inside of the slipper was lined with suede.

I pushed down on the side of the slipper, and climbed into it. I knelt down on

the insole and pushed my hands into the material, it was very soft. It was still

warm with her body heat. The suede was slightly damp. The aroma of her feet was

surrounding me now. I lowered my face to the insole and inhaled deeply. The

scent of her feet filled my nostrils, and it was heavenly. I looked ahead to the

toe of her slipper. I would not be able to kneel or stand in the toe, so I would

have to crawl inside. I crawled into the toe of her slipper, and the air

thickened. There was even more of her scent in here. Half of my body must have

been inside the toe of her slipper. There wasn't much light, but I could make

out the indentations of where her toes sat in the slipper. I lowered my face and

licked the indentation of her big toe. The taste was strong and salty, but to me

it was like ambrosia. I wanted more of her feet; I continued licking the

indentations of her toes until I had no saliva left. The warm air that

surrounded me felt good on my skin, and the aroma was stimulating. I lay on my

back, looking up at the roof of the slipper. I lay there for several minutes,

before I had to go. I didn't want to leave, but I needed to search for food.

Giantess Stories: I stood there

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