Giantess Stories: i wake

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i wake... on my back... on a slightly yielding cream colored surface. but i

can't move... i'm wrapped tight by two lengths of smooth, beige colored

fabric... one around my torso, pinning my arms to my sides, the other around my

thighs... both with ridiculously large knots tied at my right side, almost like

a huge scarf tie. Otherwise i'm completely naked... i can feel a warm flow of

air stirring the hairs above my cock... and the smell of Mrs. Helverson's

perfume is strong on the gentle breeze. when i look directly overhead, i see a

very high, curved ceiling that soars like a cathedral, with a large domed light

at the apex. hauntingly familiar. am i in a hospital? my eyes struggle to pick

out more detail... then without warning, a huge silhouette stirs... moving

slowly closer... almost ponderously, into the revealing light... and its...

its... Mrs. Helverson!! b-but... she's... The Giantess Barbara Helverson leans

over me, nearly fifty feet tall from the top of Her blonde Head to the stiletto

heels of Her Boots. Her gorgeous smiling billboard-sized Face looms closer. Her

huge pale blue Eyes examine me with great interest! "Mmmmmmmmmm... look what we

have here...", The smiling Giantess chuckles in a loud contralto Voice. Her

magnificent Giantess Tits jiggle as She leans closer. Her Gloved Hand lifts a

gigantic five foot long Virginia Slims 120 Cigarette to Her crimson painted Lips

for a deep, sensuous puff. ...and my perspective clicks... i recognize my

surroundings with an almost physical shock: i'm laying in the middle of the Mrs.

Helverson's front carseat... it's Her scarves that are tied around my chest and

legs. Somehow... incredibly and against all reason... Mrs. Helverson has shrunk

me down to the size of a doll! i start yelling... kicking and squirming in the

silky bonds that hold me... "oh my god... mrs. helverson... what have you done

to me!", i chirp in a small voice. The Giant Mrs. Helverson just smiles and

blows a stream of fragrant menthol smoke down at me. Her Gloved Hand descends

and slides gently under my back... smooth black leather Fingers curling firmly

around my torso, and i'm lifted with dizzying speed, surrounded by the strong

smells of leather, perfume and menthol smoke. A strong tickly sensation blooms

in the pit of my tummy from the rapid ascent. Her beautiful Face fills my field

of vision... red Lips smiling wide at me-- and i'm just a living, breathing

little dollman, wriggling naked and helpless in Her firm leather grasp! "noooo...

let me go... please mrs. helverson... put me down..." i chirp, my legs kicking

frantically at the knees. Barbara the Giantess just watches me squirm in her

Glove, an amused smile on her Face. "Mmmmmm... I just love the way you kick",

She purrs. "m-m-mrs. helverson...", i gasp, "this is insane... y-you... make me

normal... r-r-right now!" i squeak. "Right now?" the Giantess laughs, "Oh you

adorable little doll... I don't think you're in any position to be making any

demands 'right now'", She chuckles. "stop laughing... godammit... make me

normal... or... or... i'll have you locked up... you.. you c-c-crazy bitch!" I

chirp up to her in desperation... Mrs. Helverson pouts, shaking her head with

mock sadness, Her blonde tresses moving ponderously with each shake. "tsk tsk

tsk... such nasty language. You'd better behave yourself little man!", She

scolds with a chuckle, wagging Her slim leather clad Fingers and the gigantic

Virginia Slims 120 at me, making wisps of menthol smoke drift into my tiny face.

*cough* "y-y-you let me the fuck g-go! or you'll be sorry!" i squawk in

frustration... my tiny face red with anger, legs kicking furiously as i squirm

and grunt in Her leather Grasp... Mrs. Helverson lets out a long feminine sigh.

"I had a feeling you'd be a bit feisty, so I made a special little toy for our

first night together..." She sets her Cigarette down in the car ashtray, and

reaches into her Louis Vuitton Purse, rummaging for a bit, then pulls out a

small, thin strip of black leather with a large red Bead strung on the middle of

it. She quite deliberately dangles it where i can see... and i start shaking my

head in denial... grunting and straining desperately in the firm grip of Her

leather Glove. "no... no... you wouldn't!" i squeak. "Oh yes... I _will_ little

man", Mrs. Helverson chuckles, laying my little dollbody face down on Her

leather clad Thigh. I try to squirm back and forth, to roll off the smooth

curved black surface, but Her slim black-gloved Fingers pin me firmly against

the soft warm leather. She loops the thin leather strip around my face and pulls

it gently back, the hard red bead forcing it's way tightly into my mouth and

pushing it open as She snugs it and deftly ties a small bow at the back of my

head. Mrs. Helverson picks me back up off her smooth leather clad Thigh, turning

me around and examining me... laughing delightedly at my muffled and frustrated

screams behind the tiny makeshift ballgag... "Mmmmmm yes... that's much better"

She murmurs. "arrrrrgghh... miffes heffesun... oh! pweefs wemme oh!" i plead.

Mrs. Helverson just smiles at me... then very deliberately traps the head of my

tiny penis between Her gloved Thumb and Forefinger, rubbing it gently between

the smooth leather tips... my little cock grows instantly rigid... and i gasp

behind the gag... my tiny body arching with pleasure... "Mmmmmm yes...

definitely better don't you think Stephen?" Mrs. Helverson the Giantess purrs,

toying with my tiny cock for a bit, then lifting me up to Her luscious Lips and

giving my little stiffie a huge hot lingering *Kiss*. It leaves a large crimson

Lip-print that covers my tummy, crotch and thighs! She holds me back out,

smiling indulgently at my gasping struggles. "Lets go home and play then, shall

we?", She coos, gently tucking me in her open Purse, snug between a Pack of

Virginia Slims 120's, a Lipstick, and a Makeup Compact. She sets the open purse

between her thigh and the center console, then starts the car and puts it in

gear. From inside the Purse, I can feel the acceleration as we pull out of the

parking lot. As she drives, Mrs. Helverson occasionally glances down at me,

smiling and teasingly asking me how I'm doing, reaching in and tickling my

little penis with her Fingertip, keeping it hard. Then i feel the Car

decelerate, and Mrs. Helverson murmurs "red light". Her slim leather-gloved Hand

quickly slips back into the Purse, and Her smooth leather Fingertips start

stroking and twiddling my tinycock in earnest. "tickle tickle...." She teases,

wiggling her Fingertip in a fast, quivering way against the bottom glans my

stiff little rod, causing me to *gasp* behind the ballgag and kick my feet...

which makes Her laugh with delight-- "oh yes... that's a good little man... kick

those tiny feet for me...", she says in the sweet tones one would use for a

small child or a little puppy, "c'mon honey...", She sings.... "kick-kick-

kick..." as Her slick black leather Fingertips relentlessly tickle and stroke my

poor tortured little penis... and I'm moaning and whimpering behind the ballgag...

half bound legs flexing... squirming and straining against the silk Scarves...

nearing climax... ...and Her Glove pulls out. Mrs. Helverson chuckles and says

"green light" as her Gloved Hand returns to the steering wheel. i groan with

frustration behind the gag. Peering down at me through the open Purse, the

Giantess just smiles and winks, then takes a long sensuous drag on Her freshly

lit Virginia Slims 120 and blows a puff of the fragrant menthol smoke down into

the Purse at me. We accelerate away from the intersection, but soon enough the

car slows again... Mrs. Helverson murmurs "red light" with a smirk, and her

Finger is back in the Purse, mercilessly tickling my tiny little cock...

laughing with delight when i start groaning and kicking once more... "Mmmmmm...

look at how _fast_ those little legs kick...", She gushes, "Oh stephen... you

are such an _adorable_ little hand puppet!" I groan behind then gag, aching for

release, but as soon as I'm near climax, her Finger relents and the car starts

rolling again. She continues to play this game, one red light after the other...

always teasing me to the edge of orgasm... then pulling away when the light

turns green. i nearly climax so many times during the ride home that i'm

quivering and exhausted when we finally pull into an underground garage. Mrs.

Helverson guides her car expertly across the echoing garage floor and into a

reserved parking spot, then turns off the engine. Smiling down at my tiny,

gasping form tucked snugly in her Purse, She reaches in and twiddles my puny

cock one more time, then blows me a kiss. "Awwwww... I have to close you up in

my purse now little man..." She pouts, " you just behave yourself in there,

ok?" She giggles and closes the top of the Purse with a snap, plunging me into

perfumed darkness.

Chapter 1 I was working in a small computer print shop in suburban Chicago. One

of our more frequent customers was Barbara Helverson, a print broker who handled

mostly business cards, letterheads, and envelopes for small companies. She spent

quite a bit of time in our shop, especially back in the production area, keeping

an eye on the quality of her jobs as we worked on them. Mrs. Helverson was an

attractive middle-aged woman. She had been widowed a few years earlier, and was

obviously a lady of some wealth and connections. She was on the tall side, with

well-styled, medium length ash blonde hair. She had a beautiful face, striking

pale blue eyes, and wide generous lips. She always wore mink coats or long

leather jackets, black leather gloves, and high-heeled boots. She smoked these

very elegant extra-long white cigarettes -- Virginia Slims Menthol 120's... and

She smoked them so sensually that it always aroused me when I saw her puffing on

one. She also wore a mysterious perfume... subtle... hard to describe. She was

so incredibly sexy to me, smoking in her leathers and furs, and I fantasized

about her quite a lot. I did some colored pencil sketches of her in my art

notebook-- a few life studies... but I also did fanciful things... like me in a

respectful pose, lighting Mrs. Helverson's long white cigarette, or being

spanked over Her leather pant knees while a Virginia Slims 120 dangles from Her

pouting red lips, and finally my personal favorite -- Mrs. Helverson in a mink

coat, black leather pants and high-heeled boots, holding a naked doll-sized

version of me, wriggling helplessly in the grip of her elegant leather gloved

hand. Her other glove holds a freshly lit Virginia Slims 120 between the slender

black index fingers, and her crimson lipsticked mouth is smiling and slightly

puckered, blowing a rich stream of smoke at my tiny erect penis. Well, I guess

she sensed I had a fetish about her... because one night, walking out to my car

after a long overtime shift, I rounded the parking lot corner... and saw Mrs.

Helverson's sleek gray Mercedes parked next to my trusty little VW Rabbit. Then

I noticed Her. Mrs. Helverson was leaning against her car, smoking a Virginia

Slims 120 as usual. She was wearing an elegant silver-gray Mink jacket, black

leather gloves, tight leather pants, and sleek high-heeled boots. It was

November, so it was pretty damn cold in Chicago, and I was surprised to see her

there. She took a deep puff from her extra long white cigarette, and blew a thin

stream of smoke upward. "Hello Stephen..." she said, flashing me a brilliant

smile, "Why don't you go start your car, then come and sit with me in my warm

one for a moment." She pointed at her running car with a shapely gloved hand, "I

have something I want to show you." Now I was very naive at the time... but

excited and aroused by the idea of being so close to her and watching her

smoke... and I'm sure she could tell. I quickly started my car, then slipped

into the passenger side of her Mercedes and closed the door. I immediately heard

the lock click and saw her slim leather-gloved finger on the autolock button...

that's when I began to wonder... "Stephen... I just wanted to thank you for

being so helpful and kind... you've always been very respectful, and you do

extra work to make sure my jobs look their best", Mrs. Helverson says in a

praising tone, a bright smile on her gorgeous face. "Well.. umm, th-thanks Mrs.

Helverson", I reply, smiling shyly, "You're one of our best customers... and I

enjoy working with you too Ma'am." "Stephen, you are just a lovely young man!"

Mrs. Helverson beams. Then my seat starts to slowly recline... and her black

leather-gloved hand quickly unfastens the clasps of her mink jacket, opening it

to reveal her lovely naked breasts, both brown nipples jutting hard and

pointy... My heart is pounding wildly as Mrs. Helverson leans closer to me, her

sleek tits jiggling... a long white Virginia Slims 120 held elegantly out to one

side in a slim leather gloved hand... her red lips brush my ear as she whispers

in a low sexy voice... "I'm sorry Stephen..." Mrs. Helverson purrs softly in my

ear, "...but I invaded your privacy by looking in your notebooks last month

while you were out for lunch." She pauses, humms with pleasure, then continues,

"I must say Stephen, I found one of your sketches to be _very_... ummm...

intriguing!" A thrill of panic runs through me, and with it comes strong

arousal. I'm totally embarrassed... by her having seen my artwork... and by the

easily spotted bulge in the crotch of my pants... Mrs. Helverson's slim gloved

hand sets her Virginia Slims 120 in the ashtray, then slides inside my open

jacket and caresses my chest. Her long, smooth black leather fingers gently rub

my skin through the thin sweater fabric, quickly finding my nipples and fondling

them as she leans over and starts kissing me. Her lips are slick with

lipstick... the kiss is hot, hungry, and she tastes of menthol smoke. I feel her

leather clad hand slip down to clutch and squeeze the bulge in my dockers... and

my cock gets so hard, it feels like it's going to explode. But her other gloved

hand is in the pocket of her mink, groping for something... She pulls out two

small beige Hermes scarves and sets them on the center console... then her slim

black gloved hand dips back into her deep fur-lined pocket again, this time

fishing out what looks to be a tiny crystal spray bottle of perfume. Mrs.

Helverson breaks the passionate kiss and leans back, smiling at me in a strange,

appraising kind of way. I look at her... still in shock from the seduction...

and she raises the glove holding the small crystal bottle and sprays a *poof* of

the 'perfume' into my face. I sputter for a second... then suddenly realize...

I'm losing muscle control! I strain to move my arms... to sit up in the totally

reclined car seat... but it's no use. Mrs. Helverson smiles and slips the bottle

back into her mink pocket, then pulls out a folded copy of my sketch pad, which

she opens and examines with a mocking critical eye... "Mmmmmm... Oh yes... I

think this one is the best. Don't you agree Stephen?" Mrs. Helverson teases,

holding the paper open before me. I manage a groan... it's the most outlandish

one! The one with Mrs. Helverson holding a little struggling doll-sized me in

the grip of her leather glove. "I've played kidnap before... but this...this..."

she chuckles, gazing raptly at the sketch, "I'm afraid I rather like the idea of

keeping a little doll sized man for my amusement..." Mrs. Helverson purrs,

"...afraid for you, that is, Stephen..." She adds, laughing quietly and leaning

closer to my face, "...because soon you'll be small enough for me to take back

to my place... in my purse", She murmurs. With those words, Mrs. Helverson

quickly covers my mouth and nose with a heavily perfumed silk hankie... holding

it down... "You can struggle if you want honey, but you're mine now..." She

whispers, "So just enjoy the ride." A wave of dizziness washes over me, my face

surrounded with the strong scent of that perfume... I struggle with her for a

moment or two... and I could see she was really getting off on holding me

down... then I feel myself begin to slowly dwindle... vision blurring...

passing... out.

Chapter 3 i hear the car door open, then my breath is taken away as the Purse

swiftly rises... i hear the muffled *thunk* of a car door closing, then i'm

rocking... swaying... the movement punctuated by the crisp rhythm of high heels

clicking across the concrete. Soon the clicking and swaying motion cease,

replaced by a gentler rising motion. i can faintly hear the muted sound of

elevator music playing outside the Purse. After a few moments a chime sounds and

we're moving again... then i hear a jingling of keys. my heart starts pounding

faster, like a triphammer in my chest-- ohmygod... what is she going to do with

me.... she'll have me all to herself in the privacy of her apartment! i hear the

front door opening, and again feel movement... the loud *whump* of the apartment

Door closing behind us followed by the *ClicK* of a deadbolt locking. i feel Her

take a few more steps, then the Purse drops sickeningly, landing somewhat

abruptly. The top opens, light streaming in. A black leather Glove reaches in

and clutches the slender VS 120 Cigarette Pack next to me... carefully pulling

it out. Mrs. Helverson's giant smiling Face looms over the Purse opening. i

watch fascinated as this magnificent Giantess lights Her Virginia Slims menthol

120, an impossibly large, five foot long Cigarette to me, and leaves the huge,

extra-long Cigarette bobbing in Her tastefully lipsticked Mouth as her Gloves

reach into the Purse again, pinning me and eagerly untying the Scarves and the

makeshift ballgag. Slender black leather Fingers curl around my smooth naked

dollbody and lift me out with sickening speed. The Giantess holds me up to her

gorgeous Face and examines me, her elegant leather clad Hand casually curled

around my arms and torso, gripping me as easily as she would a glass of wine or

a cigarette pack. my tiny legs are dangling, kicking listlessly as i gasp

repeatedly in a small voice... "please... let me go... please... oh please.. let

me go...' The Giant Mrs. Helverson just smiles and takes a puff from her

Cigarette, then looks over my shoulder and says excitedly, "Oh look Stephen!

it's your sketch... there in the hall mirror!" i look just in time to see the

reflection... this Fur and Leather clad Goddess holding me like a little naked

toy, Her seductively smiling and pouting Lips blowing a stream of smoke right at

my tiny erect penis. my breathing comes in ragged gasps, my heart pounding so

hard my chest shakes... Mrs. Helverson watches me squirm in Her Leather Glove,

then smiles and teases with mock sympathy; "Awwww... the poor little dollboy has

a stiffy..." Her other Glove... still holding The Cigarette, looms closer, Her

Thumb and third Finger gently grasping my tiny cock between their smooth leather

tips... then stroking... caressing and tickling... and She's murmuring...

"That's it... c'mon my little doll... mmmmmm... thats it... soooo gooood for my

little man.." and i'm struggling weakly in Her Grip... my tiny head thrown back

while i gasp and moan... legs shaking... She pouts and blows kisses at me... Her

Fingertip starts tickling the underside of my tinycock... ...and i climax...

squeaking in ecstasy as my matchstick sized cock throbs... tiny dewdrops of cumm

spurting as She expertly twiddles my doll penis... my little body shaking from

the extended release... tiny legs splayed out and flexing with the waves of

orgasm... Giantess Barbara peers closely at my gasping dollbody, my miniature

chest heaving in Her gripping leather Fingers... and She smiles in a wicked,

condescending kind of way... "Ohhhhh yesss..." She purrs low and sexy, "thats my

good little toy... now... lets show you to your new accomodations." The Giantess

carries me like a prize into her cavernous Living Room, and walks over to a

large ornate brass Birdcage that hangs next to a modern styled Couch and

Cocktail Table. She opens the Cage and carefully sets my tiny exhausted body

inside, then closes the door and locks it with a miniature padlock. "I made you

a little something to wear... out of an old glove that had come apart at the

seams. It's in there with you, and I suggest you put it on little man", Mrs.

Helverson says, smiling brightly and peering into the cage at me. i sit up...

look around... and find the small homemade leather thong amongst a pile of silk

hankies that must be my bedding. There was some large but half decent stitching

here and there on it, but it really only amounted to a leather waist tie strap

with a small narrow "V" of leather running up the front to barely cover my cock,

and another slender strip of leather running tight up the middle of my ass, both

buns hanging out. i quickly pull the makeshift thong on and tie it at the waist,

smelling a faint whiff of her Perfume still in the glove leather, then i scoot

back to the far side of my Cage, my bare back pressed against the cool bars,

arms out and braced behind me, looking fearfully out at Her huge smiling Face on

the other side of the Cage bars. "Oh it fits just perfect!", the Giant Mrs.

Helverson gushes, smiling wide at me through the bars of my Cage. "Now you relax

for a bit my cute little pet... I'm going to go freshen up...", She puckers Her

full red Lips and blows me a sensual kiss through the bars. "I'll be right back

little man..." The Giantess strides off into a Hallway, and i stand up and cross

unsteadily towards the 'front' of the Cage as it shifts a bit on it's hook.

Holding the bars, i stare out at the modern luxury apartment. A sweeping view of

the Lakefront is visible along one glass wall. This must be in LakePointe

Towers, judging by the view.

Chapter 4 Soon Mrs. Helverson returns to the living room... She's topless...

wearing only sheer black panties and black leather high heeled boots with wicked

pointed toes. Her sleek Giantess Tits jiggle, the huge Nipples erect and

pointing as She approaches my Cage. A freshly lit Virginia Slims 120 is held in

one delicate and expertly manicured Hand... the other one holds an elegant

fluted Wineglass. She glides closer, her beautiful Face looming through the

bars...and i quickly scoot backwards to the other side of the cage, again

stopped by the bars against my back. The Giantess smiles, takes a puff from Her

ultra-long white Cigarette and blows a cloud of fragrant menthol smoke into my

Cage. "So tell me Stephen..." She purrs with a wicked grin, " does it feel

to be the size of a Ken doll?" The Giantess chuckles and takes a sip of her

wine. "oh please mrs helverson", i beg in a tiny voice, "please make me normal

again", i chirp, "please let me go..." The Giantess just pouts... "Oh no my

pet... I'm afraid you'll be like this from now on... just a little man... and I

own you." i gasp... grabbing onto a nearby cage bar to hold my balance... The

Giantess sets her Wineglass aside and peers in at me, Her gorgeous smiling Face

looming through the bars... "Oh don't worry my little toy... you'll learn to

like it...", She chuckles, "You have no choice." Mrs. Helverson opens my little

cage and reaches in, her platter sized Fingernails flashing scarlet as She

gropes for me. "Nobody knows where you are", She adds smugly. i scuttle around,

clumsily trying to avoid Her Hand, but she catches me easily. Her smooth warm

Fingers curl firmly around my torso, trapping my arms against my sides, hard

scarlet Fingernails exerting just enough pressure against my bare flesh to

remind me that they are there. I moan and struggle listlessly in Giantesses

grasp as she carefully draws me out of the cage. "Besides...", the Giantess

purrs, "being my little doll won't be such a bad thing... you'll see." Her

scarlet tipped Finger rubs my leather covered crotch until i'm stiff again, then

a well manicured Nail hooks the little cock-pouch and pulls it aside... my tiny

stiffy flicks out and bobs a few times. The Giantess licks her shiny red Lips

and hums, puffing deep on her Cigarette, then blowing a large stream of the

fragrant menthol smoke at my stiff little rod. Her glistening scarlet Lips move

closer and closer as she blows, and her pouting Mouth stops scant inches from my

tiny rock hard penis... i feel the wash of her warm Breath stirring my cock

hairs as She murmurs-- "I take _very_ good care of my toys"... The huge Lips

encircle my little cock... and she starts doing the most incredible things to

it... Her Mouth sucking and the Tongue behind those full moist Lips stroking my

trapped penis head... flicking the tip of my doll dick... sending the most

delicious sensations through me... making my legs kick... my body squirming in

Her slender Hand. "oh... please... mrs... mrs.. helver.. son..." i gasp... "Mmmmmmm....",

the Giantess humms, sucking as she pulls her Lips off my matchstick sized cock

for a moment, making me shudder with pleasure. "Thank me when you cumm, my

little toy... say 'Thank You Mrs. Helverson'", She whispers, and then Her Lips

trap my penis again, and i'm kicking my legs... moaning and groaning... the

Giantess humming happily and smiling around my tinycock as She kisses, sucks and

licks it. "oh... mrs... helverson... oh my god... oh... Oh! ohhhhhhhh...." and i

feel Her Fingers grip tighter... "thank me", She humms around my cock... and i

climax. my tiny voice chirping... "ohhhhhhhhh... thank you... *gasp* thank you

mrs. helverson... *gasp* thank you... ohhhh..." my little doll legs flex with

pleasure as my tinycock pulses, spurting little dots of cum onto into Her mouth

and onto those plush red Lips... and finally i'm gasping, "oh god... oh god..."

while my Giant Captress still licks and kisses my throbbing little member. Soon

i fall limp in Her Hand... spent... and She lowers me a bit... those

irresistible glistening Lips filling my field of vision... "I am your Goddess

now", She says low and sexy, " will worship Me, and I will reward you...

this is what good little dollboys get... did you like that little man?"

"y-y-yes... yes mrs helverson..." i gasp. The Giantess smiles, pokes my little

cock back into the leather thong with a red tipped Finger and pats it. Still

holding me, She settles down on the nearby Couch and gently sets me down in a

curled heap on the Cocktail Table. The Giantess crosses Her long lovely legs,

Boot leather creaking deliciously, and smokes her Cigarette, watching with

amusement as i gradually catch my breath. "You'll be required to perform various

little services for me..." She says, puffing thoughtfully on her Virginia Slims

120. "We'll start with lighting and tending my cigarettes, then maybe touching

up my nails, and polishing my rings and bracelets while I wear them..." the

Giant Mrs. Helverson informs me as she finishes her Cigarette and crushes the

giant Butt out in a nearby crystal Ashtray. "Now be a good little man and go

fetch me another cigarette", She orders. i struggle to my feet and trot quickly

over to the Cigarette Pack on the far end of the Cocktail Table... fighting to

open the fliptop box lid and then pull out one of the extra long Virginia Slim

120's. The strong smell of menthol tobacco is overwhelming... and i can hear the

Giantess chuckling at my efforts to perform such a simple task... one that her

elegantly manicured Hand could have easily accomplished. Finally, i get the long

white Cigarette out. Holding it cradled, loglike, in my arms, i stare down at

the words 'Virginia Slims' inked in inch high green letters along the shaft of

the giant Cigarette... and the three gold bands that encircle the Filter... then

i hear a loud but delicate cough... i scamper back to where my Giantess awaits,

and i hold the Cigarette up to her as if an offering. Her Fingers scissor onto

the filter end of the long white shaft, lifting it right from my arms, and She

hangs it from Her lips and speaks.. "Light me big boy?", She taunts, the huge

Cigarette bouncing jauntily up and down with Her echoing words...her pale blue

Eyes sparkling with amusement as She glances over my shoulder. i remember seeing

the slim gold lighter next to the pack... and quickly scamper back over and pick

it up, turning around and running right into Her open and waiting Hand.

"Gotcha", the Giant Mrs. Helverson purrs, her Fingers curling around my dollbody

and lifting me up to where the Cigarette is thrust out expectantly between her

Lips. She giggles and her red tipped Pinkie rubs my butt a few times... i take

the hint and flick the lighter's small pressure pad, making a *snap* of static

followed by a large Flame. The Giantess draws on the Cigarette, holds it in,

eyes closed with pleasure, then opens them and blows out the lighter flame with

her first cool exhale. She smiles at me, chuckling, "you are the sexiest little

table lighter a girl could ask for". The Giantess giggles and playfully tickles

the small bulge in my leather cockpouch, then takes the Lighter from me and sets

it aside. She leans back, reclining on the couch, and gently sets me down

between her magnificent Giantess Tits. I struggle to keep my balance, hands

naturally reaching out to brace against the gargantuan Breasts that come up to

my chest. "Play with my nipple little man", The Giantess orders, nudging my tiny

face towards a hard brown Nipple in the middle of Her dinner-plate sized aureola.

i lean against the smooth Tit and grip the Nipple with both of my tiny hands. It

stiffens immediately. The Giantess reaches dreamily for a nearby remote control

and clicks on some smooth Miles David jazz. Knowing that i'd better not

disappoint this giant, elegant Goddess, i massage the Nipple with both hands,

stroking it... tugging it upwards... and rolling it between my palms. i'm

rewarded by sharp intake of breath from the Giantess followed by a low, feline

murmur-- "Ohhhhhh... yesssss... yesss... now suck on it my pet... worship my

tittie with that sexy little suckmouth of yours..." Holding the giant Nipple in

both hands, i take as much of the hard pointy tip as will fit in my small

mouth... sucking, licking and going down on it, and barely holding on during the

tremors that follow... i continue to suck, stroke and tug on the warm brown

cone, and soon a rhythmic shaking makes it even harder for me to hang on. i

glance over my shoulder... and see that Giantess Barbara is masturbating

Herself... slender red-tipped Fingers twiddling her swollen Clitoris through the

sheer black silk panties. Her free Hand starts nudging my face insistently back

towards the huge, erect Nipple, so i get back to work... and Her breathing

starts coming faster. The Giantess starts to moan and sigh, and the Hand still

holding the Cigarette starts caressing and pinching my tiny ass, the Virginia

Slims 120 Filtertip occasionally poking between my asscheeks or rubbing against

my tiny thigh while Her huge Thumb rubs my hard little cockbump relentlessly as

i lick, suck and stroke Her huge erect Nipple. I feel the Nipple quickly stiffen

harder... and the Giantesses body tenses up under me... almost vibrating with

shudders... i squeeze the Nipple as hard as i can with both hands... tugging

frantically upward... and Giantess Barbara moans loudly... the sound of Her

passion vibrating me down to my bones... then Her shuddering gradually subsides,

the skin under my tiny feet is flush and moist. It's quiet for a moment, and i

look up... Barbara's giant gorgeous Face is smiling down at me as She sucks deep

on the Slims 120 and blows a stream of the mellow Smoke at me. "Was it good for

you little man?" She teases, tickling the small leather 'puptent' at my crotch.

Before i can answer, She picks me up, pushes the cockpouch aside, and quickly

brings me to orgasm again, expertly using Her Fingertips that are still slick

with Her own cumm and juices. Afterwards, i lean back in her Hand while She

strokes and fondles my tiny naked body, the Giantess cooing and murmuring sweet

nothings to me. Finally She rises, crosses to my Cage and gently deposits me

inside, closing and locking the gate with a kiss. It comes a surprise when She

lifts the Cage from it's hook and carrries it towards the Hallway. Exhausted, i

just lay spread flat on the pile of silks as the Cage sways with Her stride. We

enter Her Bedroom. Lifting my head, i see it's decorated in an elegant but

feminine style. Mrs. Helverson sets my Cage on the nightstand next to Her Bed.

Her gorgeous Face looms in front of the cage bars again. "I should clean you up

little man, you're a mess..." She grins, and it's true, i'm smeared with dried

cumm and there are large lipstick prints all over my tiny body. "...but I might

wake up in the night and want to play with you again..." She giggles, "

we'll just wait till morning." The Giantess blows me a kiss and pulls off Her

Boots, then crawls under Her satin Sheets and turns out the light. "Goodnight my

pet." She murmurs. "goodnight" i chirp back... not wanting to offend this Woman

who has reduced me to the size of a toy. i lay there in shock for about an hour,

my mind racing, but fatigue soon closes in and i fall asleep.

Chapter 5 i awaken to the squeak of my cage door opening. Startled, i

scrabble quickly to the back of the Cage, panicked and disoriented in the dim

moonlight. A giant slender Hand floats pale through the cage door, dark crimson

tipped Fingers open wide and reaching for me. i let out a small yelp as the Hand

engulfs me, the long Fingers and Thumb curling tightly around my waist, then

pulling me quickly up and out of the Birdcage. The Giantess Barbara Helverson

pulls me out and holds me suspended, legs dangling, level with her huge Tits. i

can see Her erect Nipples clearly outlined under the sheer silk Robe she's

wearing. i glance down... the Robe is loosely tied and open to the waist and

She's wearing a pair of those high- heeled open toe mules, the kind that have

black fur around the front strap. i look up... and the Giantess smiles. Her

Teeth flash white in the dimness. Her tousled blonde hair and half lidded eyes

remind me a little of Marilyn Monroe. "Mmmmm... Hello my little man... I woke up

horny and I'm afraid I just can't get back to sleep." Mrs. Helverson pouts her

full red Lips at me in mock pity. my eyes widen. The Giantess chuckles and

carries me over to Her Vanity. She settles down on the cushioned Chair and

places me on her Vanity top... amongst Perfume Bottles, Lipsticks, a Powder

Puff, Brush, Comb, Nail Polish, and of course, Her Cigarettes and a crystal

Ashtray. i catch my balance and look incredulously at the ordinary but out of

scale items that surround me. "Pay attention little man" i look up at the fifty

foot tall Goddess sitting before me... She smiles and nods toward her Cigarette

Pack. i back away from my giant Captress and walk over to the pack of Virginia

Slims 120's. Opening the flip top and pulling out one of the long white

Cigarettes, i balance it over my shoulder like a rifle, then tuck Her slim gold

Cigarette Lighter under my arm and trot quickly back to where She waits. The

beautiful Giantess delicately plucks the Cigarette from my grasp with two

Fingers and holds it to her Lips, then leans down close to me so i can light it

for her. i flick the control on the thin gold slab and touch the torchlike flame

to the tip of the white 120. The end of the giant Cigarette glows red in the

shadows as She draws on it. The elegant Giantess leans back, hums with pleasure,

and exhales a long stream of smoke upwards. She looks down at me and smiles,

then tickles my chin with a spadelike red Fingernail. "That's a good boy", She

says, taking the Lighter away from me and setting it aside. Giantess Barbara

takes another puff and stares at me, holding Her Cigarette off to the side. "See

that covered glass dish over there?" Mrs. Helverson asks, motioning towards it

with the Cigarette. i quickly nod. "Go open it." i trot obediently over to the

cut glass Jewelry Box... the kind that would hold a few rings or cufflinks. It

takes some effort, but i'm finally able to slide off the heavy glass top. It

drops to the Vanity top with a thud. Inside the dish are two long narrow leather

strips. i smell a faint whiff of Her perfume, and i guess they were probably cut

from the same Glove that She used to make my tiny thong. "Take your thong off

and put it in the dish little man", Giantess Barbara instructs me in a firm tone

of Voice. Blushing furiously from being ordered so directly and having to strip

myself in front of Her, i untie the cockpouch and drop it into the dish. "Now

pick up those leather bindings and bring them here", Mrs. Helverson says

quietly, tapping a crimson Fingernail on the Vanity in front of Her. i pick up

the two strips of glove leather and carry them back, a sinking feeling in the

pit of my tummy as i drop them where Her Finger is pointing. "Turn around dollie,

and put your hands behind your back", Giantess Barbara orders. i quickly comply,

shaking a little as She ties my wrists together behind my back. "Now turn back

around, sit down, and stick those adorable little legs out together in front..."

the Giantess purrs. i whimper a little as i follow Her orders... but my tinycock

betrays me once again, clearly stiff as a pole and in plain sight. The Giantess

chuckles at my tiny erection while She ties my ankles snugly together, the

Cigarette dangling from Her full red Lips. "m-m-mrs... helverson... p-please...

i'll be good... i promise..." i plead, my voice sounding small and quiet

compared to Hers "Oh you silly little man... of course you'll be good...", the

Giantess giggles, "...and you'll fit perfectly in these panties too." Her Thumb

and Forefinger clamp on both sides of my waist and lift me from the Vanity. She

opens the front of her panties and starts lowering me slowly into Her silky

lingerie. i squirm frantically and protest... i can see Her blonde Pussy

glistening down in the sheer pouch... "no... no please.... don't put me in

there... please mrs. helverson! nooooo!" i squeak, bound and squirming like a

little fish in Her Fingertips. "That's my little wiggle worm... in you go", the

Giantess murmurs as She lowers me into her underwear and presses my chest

against her slippery wet Pussy. She closes the panty top, and the sheer fabric

holds me firmly against the hot open Lips. i struggle... panicking as her Sex

gets even more slippery, the Lips opening wider... engulfing the front of my

body... Barbara the Giantess lifts a long shapely leg and rests her high heel on

a nearby stool, scissoring and flexing both legs to rub me against her sex...

humming with pleasure and smoking her Cigarette while i wriggle and moan... my

tiny cries muffled against her firm wet Clit. Soon her slender Hand cups me

through the thin silk... sliding me insistently against her soaked Cunt... and

the Giantess starts moaning, Her long Legs flexing at the ankles. i'm barely

able to breath... She keeps rubbing my face and mouth against Her stiff Clit...

my tiny cock is lost with the rest of my torso in the opening of Her steaming

Pussy. i start thrashing frantically... and soon the Giantess squeals with

pleasure, Her hips shuddering as She climaxes, her long Legs extended, the toes

of her high heeled mules pointing straight out. Her hot Pussy spasms around

me... drenching me with Her juices as She moans and shudders, my tiny body

squirming madly. Her orgasm finally subsides, and the Giantess lets out a long

satisfied sigh. Her cupping Hand releases me under the silken fabric. The top of

her Panties open up, letting in dim light as Her Hand quickly slips in, the long

slender Fingers hooking under my armpits and lifting me out. i dangle in Mrs.

Helverson's huge red nailed Fingertips, gasping and dripping with her juices as

She licks me clean and kisses me all over. Satisfied, She lays me down on the

Vanity top next to some Lipsticks and unties the leather straps, putting them

back in the glass Jewelry Box. She takes out my little leather cockpouch and

ties it around my waist, Her slender Fingers and red Nails working quickly on my

tiny dollsized body. "Well done little man" the Giantess chuckles, Her Fingertip

rubbing my tiny cock through the thin Glove leather as i lay there, still trying

to catch my breath. Humming a happy tune, the beautiful Giantess curls her Hand

around my limp dollbody and picks me up. She carries me back over to my Cage,

opens the gate and puts me inside, setting me atop the pile of silk hankies. Her

slender Fingers withdraw and close the gate, locking it with a loud *Click*.

"Sleep well my little pet", the Giantess purrs, peering into my Cage and blowing

me a Kiss, then She climbs back into Her Bed and settles in with a satisfied

hum. Exhausted, i crawl under the pile of silk hankies and immediately fall


Chapter 6 "Wake up little dollie..." Giantess Barbara's Voice sings

melodically as Her scarlet Fingernail tickles me through the silks. Squirming to

evade the relentless Fingertip, i wriggle out from under the piled Hankies on my

hands and knees, looking owlishly up at the smiling Giantess Face that peers at

me through the open cage door. Mrs. Helverson laughs... "oh pet... you look like

a glazed donut... It's bath time for you, little man." Before i can react, her

slender Hand curls around me and pulls me out of the Cage, then drops me into

the Pocket of her silk Robe. i let out a squeak as i slide down to the bottom of

the deep silky pocket, landing abruptly and dangling there with a twisting and

turning motion. The giant Mrs. Helverson walks to her Bathroom, Her long Strides

swinging me around in the Robe Pocket... gently bouncing and rubbing me against

Her soft smooth Thigh. i feel my stomach swoop as Giantess Barbara hangs the

Robe on a wallhook, followed by the sound Her using the giant Commode. The noise

is frighteningly loud, but the gurgling racket finally stops, and soon a shadow

falls across my sheer silk Pocket prison. A giant slender Hand slides into the

Pocket with me... feeling for me... the long red nailed Fingers groping at me

and quickly curling around my waist, then lifting me swiftly out. The naked

Giantess holds me between her Breasts and looks down at me. "You must have to

pee by now little man", She says, and i nod. Mrs. Helverson unties my tiny thong

and plucks it off, setting it on the nearby Washbasin. She kneels down and

stands me on the inside edge of the Toilet Seat, her Fingers and Thumb still

gripping the sides of my upper body. "Go ahead pet... don't be shy", She

chuckles, "Just keep it off the seat." Blushing furiously, i relieve myself into

the deep white porcelain Bowl, actually taking comfort in the fact She's still

holding on to me. i go for an uncomfortably long time, the beautiful blonde

Giantess watching me intently with Her pale blue Eyes, smiling and chuckling at

the image of a doll-sized man peeing from the edge of her Toilet Seat. "Don't

worry pet, I'll put an espresso cup in your cage", She informs me as i finish

up. "All done?" Mrs. Helverson asks with a mischievous Grin. i nod hesitantly...

and in an eyeblink the Giantess lifts me up and over the middle of the Bowl!

Dangling over the water in her long Fingers, i chirp and kick my legs, but

Giantess Barbara just chuckles and gently shakes me, smirking as the last tiny

drops of pee fall from my dollsized penis and into the water... Holding my still

wriggling naked dollbody in her Hand and snickering quietly, Giantess Barbara

stands up and flushes the Toilet, then steps into the Bubblebath. Settling down

with a deep sigh, the Giantess leans back and lays me face down in Her cleavage,

holding me there with one slender scarlet nailed Hand while the other scoops up

warm soapy water and ladles it onto my back. The Giantess talks quietly to me as

we lay there. "You are my treasured pet stephen... from now on. Eventually

you'll learn to enjoy to it." "mrs. helverson... p-please... you're very sexy

and all..." i stammer, "but what about my job at the shop..." i plead quietly,

grasping at straws... hoping i can yet reason with Her to restore me back to my

normal size. "Don't worry pet..." Mrs. Helverson purrs, turning me on my side

and stroking my tiny wet thigh with a red tipped Finger, "You're going to help

me take care of that." The Giantess frowns for a moment. "But I don't

particularly care for this 'Mrs. Helverson' business anymore... it was very

sweet when you were back in the shop... but from now on you'll address me as

'Mistress' or 'Mistress Barbara'... do you understand little one?", the Giantess

grins, Her gorgeous Face leaning close and peering at me while her Thumb and

Forefinger grasp the tip of my tiny doll cock, holding it very firmly while She

waits expectantly for an answer. "y-yes mrs.. ummm... m-mistress helverson", i

quickly reply, wincing. The Giantess releases my little penis and laughs

quietly... the laughter rocking me around a bit between Her giant jiggling Tits.

"That's good for starters little man", my Giant Mistress chuckles, "Now lets

finish this bath and get some breakfast." The Giantess sits up... and i slide

squealing down her Cleavage, swooshing between her magnificent Tits, headed

straight towards her flat Tummy and the bubbly Bathwater below. I skip over her

Bellybutton and hit the water with a splash, but the Giantess deftly scoops me

back out, holding me up in her slender Hand and squirting rainbath soap all over

my little dollbody. She lathers me up with her nimble Fingers, then rubs me

gently all over her giant Curves. The scented soap is very slippery, and my cock

gets stiff from all the rubbing, especially when She uses me to soap up her

lovely Tits. Amused, Mistress Barbara holds me in front of her Nipple...

pinching it out with her red nailed Fingertips, then gently poking and rubbing

it's bumpy tip with my stiff little penis. When i start to gasp and squirm in

her slim Hand, the Giantess laughs quietly, and with a sigh She starts rinsing

us both off. Sitting in the tub, holding me cupped in one slender Hand, Mistress

Barbara dries me thoroughly with a small hand towel, then combs my hair back

with an eyebrow comb. Plucking the tiny leather thong from the Washbasin edge,

She slips it back over my little cock and ties it, then rubs my crotch with her

Thumb. "There... squeaky clean", Giantess Barbara chuckles. Her Hand caresses my

tiny body, marveling at how smooth i feel, then She smiles and tucks me back

into the Robe pocket. As i hang there, i can hear the Giantess drying her huge

curvy Body with an enormous terrycloth Towel, followed by the sounds of a Blow

Dryer, and then the Giantess brushing her Hair for a while. Suddenly the Robe is

flying with me in it... my stomach dipping as i swing around from Mrs. Helverson

putting it back on. i grab two handfuls of the silky pocket material and hang on

for dear life as Giantess Barbara strides out of her Bathroom. After a short

while, the swaying stops, and Her lovely Giantess Hand slips back into the

Pocket and scoops me out, lifting me with breathtaking speed and carefully

standing me on a vast Kitchen Table. Nearby on the Tabletop is a narrow brass

Cage with a ring attached to the top. This cage is only a little bit taller than

me. It looks like standing room only... and waits with an open gate. Looking

incredulously at the new Cage, i take a few steps back from it, then look up at

my Giantess. "please mistress barbara... i promise i'll behave" i plead quietly,

not wanting to be stuck in that narrow Cage. The Giantess patiently explains

that she's not taking any chances since i'm not trained yet. "In you go little

man." She says, nudging me into the new Cage with a long slim Fingertip.

"trained?!"... i think to myself with a sinking feeling as i step into the

cage... and Giantess Barbara's slender Fingers close the Gate and lock the Latch

with a *Click*. "Ohhhh... you look adorable in there!", Mrs. Helverson coos,

pouting Her lovely Lips and blowing me a Kiss before She moves off to prepare

breakfast. Humming some sort of happy Giantess tune to Herself, Mrs. Helverson

puts together some plates of sliced fruit, cheese, and orange juice for

breakfast. My portions are understandably smaller, sliced finer, and are served

on a medium-sized jar Lid. She sets a 2 liter soda bottle Cap filled with orange

juice next to my breakfast 'platter', then unlatches and opens the Cage door,

beckoning with a Fingertip. "Eat up little man... you'll need the energy", the

Giantess chuckles as She starts nibbling on a Grape. i step out of the Cage and

sit cross legged in front of my servings, surprised at how hungry i really was,

having been totally distracted by the shock of being reduced to the size of a

doll, and the relentless pace of Her sexplay since the time She captured me.

Giantess Barbara watches me eat, smiling with approval as She works on her

breakfast too. i'm just finishing my plate of food when Mistress Barbara pours

herself a steaming Mug of coffee and opens a backyard sized Newspaper.

"Cigarette", She says, resting her Hand near me and quietly snapping her red

nailed Fingers, the index Fingers half open and waiting. i struggle to my feet

and trot over to fetch a Cigarette for my Giant Mistress. Pulling one of the

long whites from the slim Box, i hold it over my shoulder like a spear and grab

the Lighter, returning to her Fingers and tucking the Cigarette between them,

then sparking the Lighter. Giantess Barbara absently leans over and puffs on the

menthol 120, surrounding me with curls of fragrant Smoke, then She murmurs

"Thanks pet... you take care of this while I read the paper. Keep the ash

off...", and hands the long white Cigarette back to me. i feel ridiculous,

standing there in my tiny Glove leather thong and holding a huge lit Cigarette,

and i can see Giantess Barbara stealing sidelong glances at me and smirking.

Even though i'm so embarrassed, i make an effort to follow Her directions... not

wanting to find out what the punishment for failure might be. Walking over to

the Ashtray, i tap the gray Ash off the long white cylinder and return to stand

near Barbara's Hand, which beckons for the Cigarette whenever she wants a puff,

and hands it back to me after She indulges, giving me time to walk back to the

Ashtray and tap it some more. When the Cigarette is about two thirds smoked,

Mrs. Helverson waves it away... "You can put that out now pet", She says,

smiling brightly as she folds the Newspaper and watches me mashing the Cigarette

down into the Ashtray with two hands on the Filter end. Coughing and waving my

hand, i step away from the Ashtray. "Back into the cage pet", Mistress Barbara

orders, her long Fingers nudging me gently towards the stand up Cage. i climb

through the opening and turn around, looking ruefully out through the bars as

this Giant Woman closes and latches the gate, then picks the Cage up in Her

slender Hand and carries me back towards Her Bedroom.

Chapter 7 i brace myself inside the Cage as we fly down the Hallway and into

the Giantesses Bedroom. She sets my small brass prison down on the Vanity top

and begins getting dressed. Giantess Barbara opens her panty drawer and selects

a sheer demi-cup Bra, bikini style Panties, and a pair of nude silk Stockings.

She strides back toward me, removes her silk Robe and lays it across the back of

the Vanity Chair, then sits down and lights a Cigarette, setting it in the

Ashtray near my tall narrow Cage, the menthol smoke occasionally drifting

through the bars and making me wave my tiny hand. The nude Giantess lifts Her

long shapely Leg and slides a sheer Stocking on, smirking at me as i stare

through the Cage bars... the smoke momentarily forgotten. She switches Legs and

slips into the other silk Stocking, then crosses her Legs demurely. The giant

Mrs. Helverson takes her Brassiere and lays it across her huge Tits, arching her

back and reaching behind, the Cups hovering just outside my reach as She leans

closer to my Cage and snaps the clasp in the back. She slides into her Panties,

opening the top and looking down the inside front as if checking the fit, then

turning Her gaze at me and Smiling. i step back from the Cage bars, a look of

chagrin on my tiny face, and Mrs. Helverson laughs. "ohhhh... not to worry

pet... we'll have time to play later." Mistress Barbara stands and takes a quick

puff on her Cigarette, absentmindedly blowing the smoke at me and setting the

smouldering Virginia Slims 120 back in the Ashtray next to my Cage. Taking her

Robe and crossing to the Closet, She hangs it up and selects a close-fitting

sleeveless brown sweater Top and a pair of slender tan Slacks... the kind with a

high narrow waist and slim pant legs. She pulls on the Top, then steps into the

Slacks, tugging them up and cinching the narrow waist closed with a snap. The

Giantess drapes a thin flat gold chain around her shapely Hips, then slips into

a pair of classy light brown high-heeled Pumps. Giantess Barbara returns to the

Vanity, sits down and crosses her long Legs, then opens my Cage. "Fetch me my

lipstick, little man...", the towering Mrs. Helverson orders me, "...the Moulin

Rouge", She adds, leaning down and resting her chin on folded Hands. i step

carefully out of the Cage and pad over to the collection of Lipsticks, each the

size of a scuba tank to me. Selecting the color my giant Mistress had

instructed, i struggle to pull the huge Cap off. Finally inspired, i trap the

bottom of the Lipstick between my legs and pull the Cap off with both hands,

setting it aside and turning the gold collar with both hands to spin out the

glistening red Lipstick. i hear the Giantess laughing musically... "Now there's

an image", Mrs. Helverson chuckles, and i look into the Vanity Mirror and turn

beet red... the Lipstick is angled up between my dollsized thighs and gripped

with both my tiny hands, like some kind of kinky phallic symbol. Feeling the

heat of my embarassment in my face, i pull the Lipstick out from between my

dollthighs and hold it out in front of me... walking over to where my Giantess

awaits with puckered Lips. The way She's resting her chin on her Hands, my

little face is even with Her pale blue Eyes. "Go ahead and do my lips pet...",

Mistress Barbara breaths, "do it on one knee...", She adds, her pale blue Eyes

flicking down to a spot on the Vanity in front of her pouting Mouth. i kneel

down and brace the huge Lipstick in the crook of one tiny arm, using the other

hand to guide the pointy red Lipstick, coating Her giant Lips with the slick red

makeup, and being very careful not to go past the natural contours of her Mouth.

When i'm done, i stand up and tilt to one side... examining my work. The

Giantess rolls and puckers her Lips together, then looks in the mirror... "Not

bad little man... not bad at all... now get me a fresh cigarette... that one has

gone to waste", She says, pointing to the mostly burned Cigarette, nearly

forgotten in the nearby Ashtray. i scamper over there and mash the old Cigarette

out, bending it in the process, then pull a fresh one from the nearby Pack and

grab the Lighter, walking quickly back to my waiting Giantess. Giantess Barbara

takes the Cigarette in her Lips and accepts my light, blowing a stream of smoke

upwards, then holding the long white Cigarette up and off to the side, looking

down at me... smiling like the Cat that ate the canary. She opens the Vanity

Drawer with her free hand and pulls out a strappy black high-heeled Sandal,

which she sets beside me on the Vanity Top. Without any warning, her long

Fingers curl around my tiny waist and lift me up! "Tell me little man", the

beautiful Giantess purrs as i dangle in her Hand above the Vanity top, "How do I

access your work email from the Web?" Giantess Barbara takes a deep drag on her

Cigarette, the long white cylinder rising up at a jaunty angle in her glistening

lipsticked Mouth, then she blows a rich stream of smoke at my tiny face as i

squirm in her beautifully manicured Hand. "*cough*.. i... *cough* i don't know

what your talking about..." i sputter in my small doll voice. "I had a feeling

you would say that pet", Giantess Barbara grins, laying me down on my back in

the strappy high-heeled Sandal. She pins me down with one slim Hand and starts

cinching the black leather Straps tight around my doll sized thighs and arms,

the Cigarette bobbing in her Lips as she works. When she's finished, i'm

strapped securely in the giant Sandal, arms snugged tight at my sides, ass

resting where the ball of her Foot would, thighs pinned by the lower Straps, and

my tiny feet sticking out beyond the end of the Toe. "what are you doing... i

told you i don't know...", i protest, squirming uncomfortably in the tight

Shoestraps. "Last chance pet..." Mistress Barbara murmurs, opening the Vanity

Drawer once again... sweating a little... i shake my head. "no... i never used

it", i lie. "Ummmm Hmmmm..." the Giantess says in a patronizing tone, still

rummaging in the Drawer, then "Ahhhhh.. here it is". Mrs. Helverson pulls out a

black Feather... nearly as tall as i am. Her other Hand looms closer, red nailed

Fingers pinching the tie strap on my thong and tugging on it, untying the bow...

then plucking the loose leather pouch quickly off and out from under my ass. "ow",

i chirp, asscheeks stinging a bit... "Mmmmmm... poor little man", Giantess

Barbara murmurs as She uses the Feather to lightly tickle the bottoms of my

immobilized feet. giggling in spite of myself... i flex my feet this way and

that... but the Giantess just keeps tickling them. When i seem to be getting

used to it... She switches to tickling my exposed ribs... then the tip of my

erect penis... then back to my feet... then the insides of my thighs... the

Feather roaming at will... tickling me... i'm alternating between laughing...

gasping for breath... stiffening with pleasure as She tortures the underside of

my doll sized cock with the tip of the Feather... straining in the Sandal

straps... laughing again when she tickles my sides... my feet... and eventually,

after minutes that seem like hours, struggling to catch my breath... sobs

intermingled with the laughing... i begin begging Her to stop... The Giantess

touches my tiny chin with the Feather tip... making me flinch in spite of the

great whooping gasps of air i'm taking... "Only you can stop it pet... you know

what to do...", Mrs. Helverson the Giantess says matter of factly... the Feather

Tip drifting down my neck and starting on my flanks again... "printechs...

*gasp*.. com... slash intramail...", i manage to get out before the Tickling can

silence me... The Giantess smiles wide, beaming proudly at my tiny gasping form

strapped in the Sandal as She pulls the Feather away and waits a moment for me

to compose myself... "And your ID pet... how do I logon as you honey?", the

Feather under my chin again... "resnicks..." i gasp, nearly sobbing... "resnicks..."

"And there would be a password with that, no pet?" Barbara pouts, brushing the

side of my neck lightly with the Feather... And it's here that i really break...

in my own mind... the real reason i was holding out... but it's no use... She

would have it from me, with or without my sanity... i can only hope that She

dismisses what i'm about to reveal... "jennifer"... i mutter... not meeting the

Giantesses eager, sparkling blue Eyes. "Jennifer?! As in Jennifer from Sales?",

Mrs. Helverson exclaims with a gleam in her eye. my agitation and red face say

it all... and my heart is pounding... i'm mortified... but i refuse to look up

at her... "Ohhh pet... that's soooo precious... " the Giantess coos, "Perhaps I

should arrange a little reunion?" the Giant Goddess teases, her brows arched

suggestively. "She would make an adorable little dollie!" "no! you leave her

alone!" i shout, straining against the Shoestraps that bind my doll sized body

to the Sandal, but unable to do much but wriggle my tiny doll feet and hands.

Giantess Barbara just chuckles... "We'll see my little man... we'll see..." Mrs.

Helverson loosens the upper Shoestrap and poses me into a sitting position, then

Giantess Stories: i wake

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