Giantess Stories: I was still a bit dazed

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Secret Desires,

Having a foot fetish can be a wonderful thing. When I introduced my wife to it

she accepted it with open arms and curiosity. She even accepted my shrinking

fantasy although she really didn't understand why I wanted to be 3” tall but she

never said anything bad about it and even read some stories from the web pages I

visited. I would always buy her hose for her since it was a big part of my

fetish. I can always remember being attracted to a women in heels and hose, from

a small child hiding under the table during my parents dinner parties to

daydreaming about my teachers during class. Now as an adult and married I have

it all, a beautiful wife who loves it when I kiss and lick her hose covered

feet, not to mention the foot jobs!!!

I usually bought her hose at Victoria's secrets and that is where I met Mandy.

As I was browsing through their selection she came up and asked me if I need

help. When I turned toward the voice there in front of me was the nicest pair of

legs encased in off white hose I had ever seen . I followed her legs to her feet

and she was wearing a pair of black 3” pumps. I soon realized that I was staring

when I looked up to her knowing eyes. She was just smiling at me as if she could

read my mind, “ I see you are looking for some hose. Can I help you?” I was

frozen, first from embarrassment then fear as she might think I was some sick

pervert. She walked past me to the rack,” I always wear these, I just love the

silky feeling and the way they make my legs look.” Relaxing a bit I took the

hose from her hands and noticed that they were thigh high's, just what I was

looking for. Now I really started to wonder what she looked like in them. So I

decided to let her help me,” Are they sheer toe, and what colors do they come

in? I always buy sheer toe for my wife.” “See for yourself.” she said smiling as

she removed her foot from her shoe and wiggled her toes at me. They were

beautiful, her nails were painted burgundy and showed up through the hose That

was it, I was in trouble as I could feel myself starting to get hard. I couldn't

believe it but I wanted to touch her foot so badly it hurt. I had never felt

like this before and it was a bit unnerving. Mandy could sense the way I felt

and she could also see the bulge in my pants. ‘ That's all the show for today,”

as she slid her foot back into her shoe. She knew she had my full attention as I

watched her foot wishing I was 3” tall and inside that shoe. AS I looked at her

she had a strange smile on her face and she stared like she was looking right

into my soul. I decided I had better go and I bought 5 pairs of hose, Mandy

waited on me at the register and as I turned to leave she handed me her business

card,” Call me when ever you are ready to buy some more.” “ I will ,Thank you

Mandy and have a great day.” I waited until I was walking to my car to read the

card. Mandy Jones Manager. And under that were the words All your secret desires

fulfilled. With her business number in the bottom corner. I put it in my Wallet

for safe keeping and headed home to have some serious sex with my wife.

The whole drive home I had the strangest

sensation running through my body, I kept trying to figure out why she had the

line about secret desires written on her business card when it had nothing to do

with the place she worked. Well I had a twenty minuet drive to think about it

and the way her feet looked and as I drove my

erection became quite painful. I couldn't wait to get home and get some

relief. Now driving can be dangerous and when you are not paying attention it

can be even more so, twice I had to slam on the

brakes to avoid hitting other cars, and then there was the truck driver

looking down into my car watching and laughing as I played with myself. God I

had to focus or I wouldn't get home alive, but each time I tried there in my

mind were Mandy's feet. Each time a different view but they all focused on them

being above me. Man something was definitely wrong in my head.

AS I pulled into my driveway, all thoughts of Mandy were gone and they were

replaced by my wife. I figure I am the luckiest bastard in the world, my wife is

about 5'4” with long curly dark brown hair and gray eyes she is just beautiful

when she isn't even trying. AS the garage door went up I remembered that she had

to work late and wouldn't be home for about 5 hours so I went in and put away

the thigh highs I bought her and settled into my recliner to watch the news.

The last thing I remember is wondering what the news lady was wearing under her

desk and I was out like a light; AS I walked into the store to buy some new hose

for my wife, something with a pattern or a seam all the sales ladies looked at

me and smiled. I felt like my zipper was down so I checked and of course it

wasn't but they all kept starring. When I got to the back of the store and

started looking I wasn't having any luck when I heard the voice again,” Can I

help you David?” There she was again, Mandy was there smiling at me she was

wearing a long black skirt that came to just above her ankles and a pair of 3”

mules and black hose. When I looked up I saw her smile and notice that she had a

nice white blouse on the shinned in the light. Must have been silk. “You won't

find what you are looking for there, you will need to see one of our catalogs,”

“ Come with me!” She turned and walked to the doorway I noticed the seam running

up the back of her leg, her skirt was slit nearly to her ass. I followed without

even saying hello. She reached for the door with Manager written on it and

looked at me before opening it, “ Are you ready?” I simply nodded and followed

her in.

Her office was small but surprisingly comfortable, all around were scented

candles. Her desk was clear except for a catalogue already opened to the hosiery

section. Man this was getting weird. There was only one chair, hers and a small

stool with a padded seat almost like a foot stool sitting next to it. “Lets see

what we can find,” she sat in her chair and pointed to the stool. I sat and

noticed that I was considerably lower than her, my head barely came above her

desk. She crossed her legs and her right foot was hanging there just below my

head even with my neck. She acted like I wasn't even there and started looking

through the catalogue as her shoe dangled off of her foot. Of course this was

what I was watching, God was it sexy. I studied her foot from her arch to her

heel and up her leg a bit as her skirt had fallen open a bit. I could see the

lace of her stocking tops. She was wearing just what I was looking for. I could

see her glance at me and smile. “ Here this is what you need.” She handed me the

catalogue opened to a page with nothing but patterned and seamed thing highs. It

was like she was reading my mind. “ are you ready to place an order?” I couldn't

speak I just nodded and handed her the catalogue back. “ I know you are

wondering about how soft the texture of these hose are, well why don't you see

for yourself?” Just then she moved her foot a little closer and I could smell

the scent of her foot. If there is a heaven this must be it I thought. “ Yes

this could be heaven or it could be hell it is up to you to decide.” She spun

her chair around and faced me now with the toe of her shoe now inches from my

face. “ Go ahead I know you want to , its alright.” She let her shoe hang by her

toes as I moved my hand to take it from her foot. I brought her shoe to my nose

and breathed in her sweet scent . I could feel my erection straining to be freed

so I shifted a bit on the stool as I slowly lowered her shoe to the floor. When

I looked up there it was her toes were just hanging there waiting for me. I

reached out and slowly ran my hand along the top of her foot, it felt so

wonderful I thought I would cum on the spot. Mandy leaned back in her chair

raising her foot to eye level and placed her other foot with her shoe still on

to the stool between my legs. I was frozen and couldn't move… She smiled ,”Here

try this.” She placed her foot on my forehead the feeling of her hose was like

nothing I have ever felt before as she slid her foot down her big toe went right

between my eyes to the end of my nose. Now all I could smell was Mandy. “ Kiss

them!” I kissed each toe loving the softness of her hose and the taste of her

foot. I placed the sole of her foot on my face and brought my tongue from her

heel to her toes. “ MMM you do know how to make someone feel good” She moved her

other foot to me crotch and the sole of her shoe pressed down on my erection

sending shivers of pleasure through my body.” Are you ready for the next

The next thing I knew I was flat on my back on

the floor with my head placed by Mandy's chair. I felt like I was paralyzed not

that I would have left if I could. Mandy had placed her feet on either side of

my head and was going about her business like I wasn't even there. She raised

her foot and brought the heel of her shoe to my mouth and slid it in slightly, I

carefully grabbed it with my teeth and she slid her foot out. Still holding her

shoe by the heel it rested against my cheek. “You don't have to hold it

forever,” so I gently took her shoe and set it on the floor. Mandy nudged my

head from the side and I turned so that she could rest her foot on the side of

my head. AS I laid there I heard the door open and saw another of the sales

ladies come in. She stopped right at my head. She was wearing a pair of open toe

shoes, her toes were covered with tan hose and her nails were painted plumb. She

was so close I could smell her foot and like Mandy's it smelled great. She acted

like I wasn't even there. She finished asking her question and spun on her heels

and left without saying a word to me.

Mandy moved her chair so that I was laying in front of it. She teased my face

with her right foot while her left started sliding up and down my body, each

time she would pause and step on my erection almost like it was a gas pedal. She

didn't press hard though, she just teased my with the pressure. I opened my

mouth and Mandy rested her toes on my lips so I could massage the underside with

my tongue. Everything she did to me was bringing me to the boiling point, I felt Bass Fishing Vids – Top Videos for bass fishing, lures and gear from YouTube today. Tiny boat nation

like I was going to explode from within. Mandy stopped everything for a second

and rested her foot on my cock while her right covered my mouth, now I could

smell and taste her at the same time. This was all so unreal , it was like Mandy

knew what to do to me, like she was in my head and knew my deepest thoughts. I

could hear her talking on the phone, going through her day as if I wasn't even

there, I heard her place an order for some hose and when she hung up the phone

she leaned foreword, “ I just know your wife will love the hose I ordered for

you and I know you will enjoy them also.” “ I can tell from your reaction that

you surely will, now open your pants.”

I couldn't move fast enough, as soon as My fly was open my cock was standing

straight up in the air. I could see a slight look of approval from Mandy, then

she just went back to work and didn't look at me. She didn't need to, she knew

just where I was and she was going to enjoy every minuet of this. Slowly she

took her left foot and ever so lightly she ran the sole over the head of my

cock, I could feel the seam of her hose tickling my cock. Mandy moved her other

foot back over my eyes so I couldn't see what was what was happening, the

sensory depravation only heightened the experience I was going through. My body

shook with the sensations from Mandy, I was starting to sweat and I didn't know

how long I would last. If I didn't get some relief I think I am going to have a

heart attack. I think Mandy could sense this. She moved her right foot to my

forehead and brought her left up and held it over my face, I could see the tiny

streaks of my pre cum running along the bottom of her foot. “Before I finish

with you I think you should clean up your little mess.” With that she placed her

foot on my mouth and I licked the sole of her foot for all I was worth. I had

never in my life thought I would do something like that but there I was licking

my own juices from the bottom of this sexy women's foot, for some reason I new I

had no choice and besides I would have done anything to get her to let me cum

I licked every inch of Mandy's foot, she even brought her other one for me to

lick she liked it so much. I heard her say something about the best massage yet.

I didn't care all I wanted was release. Mandy took her feet and placed them on

either side of my cock, just resting them there for a moment squeezing them

together at the base. “ Are you ready?” I couldn't say a word, I only nodded and

Mandy proceeded to slowly ever so slowly slide her feet up and down my shaft.

Each stroke came a little harder and faster until finally I exploded, what a

relief as my cum shot everywhere: Jumping nearly out of my recliner I had to

catch my breath, it felt like I had just run a marathon, I was exhausted. I

looked at the clock on the VCR and it was 11:00 p.m. my god I have been asleep

for nearly the last thing I remember is watching the 6 o'clock news. My wife was

already asleep and I was alone, it was then that I noticed that the front of my

pants were soaked. It was so real it couldn't have been a dream. Holy shit what

the hell just happened to me

I was still a bit dazed, that was the most

intense experience I had ever had and it was only a dream. “Only a dream” I

repeated to myself over and over as I headed into my bedroom. My wife was sound

asleep, I could only wonder if she tried to wake my like she usually does when I

am sleeping in the recliner. I took a quick shower and crawled into bed next to

my wife, I watched her sleep for what seamed like hours, marveling at how

beautiful she was even in her sleep and how much I loved her. I just couldn't

shake the feeling that Mandy was having on me. I would never think of leaving my

wife for her but for some reason I felt drawn to her almost like it was a magic

spell or something. I chuckled a bit at that thought and finally went to sleep.

When I woke the next morning my wife was already up and getting dressed for

work. “Good morning, did you sleep well?” “ You were out cold in the recliner

when I got home, I tried to wake you but it was like you were dead to the

world.” “ That must have some dream you were having, I noticed how hard you were

and I even played with it thinking that you would wake up.” “ Dream?” “ Sorry

but I don't remember any dream last night.” I couldn't believe what I had just

said, I had shared all my dreams with her before, but for some reason I just

couldn't share this on. Cassie reached for my pants in the cloths hamper and

held them up. “ Must have been one hell of a dream judging by this.” She was

showing me the stain in my pants and she had a huge smile on her face. “ Are we

going through a second puberty?” We both laughed at this even though I was a bit

startled by it all. “ Come on get up you are going to be late for work.” “Oh and

thank you for my new hose, maybe we can try them out later on.” Smiling she went

out into the kitchen and left me laying in bed wondering what the hell was

happening to me.

When I came into the kitchen Cassie was sitting on a bar stool at the counter,

she had her legs crossed and I was a bit stunned at what I saw. She was wearing

hose under her pants. Not the ones I had bought but still she had hose on, she

never wore hose to work. ‘ What's the occasion?” “ Well I thought about it and

just decided to wear some hose today, I didn't really feel like wearing plain

old cotton socks.” “ Want to play a bit?” “Give you something to think about at

work today until you get home?” I set my coffee down and knelt on the floor at

my wife's feet. I was instantly hard and she knew it. The stool was just the

right height so that with her legs crossed her foot was even with my face. I

knew before even touching her foot that she was wearing a cheap pair of hose, I

could see from the texture. It didn't matter I took her foot in my hand and

brought it to my lips. I kissed each toe slowly and then worked my way along her

instep to her ankle. As I did this she moved her foot up and down the side of my

face teasing me. I was getting that feeling again in my cock, it was rock hard

and ready to explode. Cassie placed her foot on my face, her toes were on my

forehead and her sole rested on my nose and she held it there for a second and

then pushed me back onto the floor. “ Time for work!” She got up and walked out

of the kitchen leaving me on the floor with an erectionthat was starving for

some attention. I laid there think about all this and how damn lucky I am when

she came back into the kitchen. “ You are going to be late for work.” I then

realized that I had been there for 15 minuets or so. “ Are you alright?” “Yeah

baby, you just have that affect on me. “ I wasn't lying that was for sure. “ Ok

well I have to go or I will be late, see you later.” “Oh, yeah don't forget

about tonight.” Smiling she left me there with nothing to do but kill this

erection and go to work, only my erection was gone the moment Cassie went out

the door. Ok shit is getting real weird now, I have got to figure out what the

hell Mandy did to me. It has to be her or something she did.

Working in a bank has its perks sometimes. I was taking yet another loan

application that I knew was going to get rejected when Danni came in. She was

late as usual but when you look like her most people tend to give you a little

slack. Danni was wearing another fantastic outfit today. She had a short brown

skirt with a burgundy blouse and of course tan hose and black pumps. She wears

those black pumps every chance she gets no matter what else she wears they make

her look so nice. Danni started her day as usual sliding back a bit in her chair

she crossed her legs and tried to look busy. On occasion I believe I saw her

playing with herself, can you believe it? Right in the middle of the bank. We of

course don't have offices or walls just glass partitions like the big wigs are

afraid we would do something bad if they couldn't see us. That doesn't seem to

stop Danni though. Then she did it, she let her shoe dangle from her foot, I

always loved it when she did this. Once when I was walking by her shoe fell and

without thinking I reached down and picked it up. “A little help please?” She

extended her foot and I knelt down and held her shoes as she slid her foot in. I

could smell her sweet aroma and see that she wore expensive hose. She has

exquisitely long toes and I could just imagine them on my cock. SO now every

time she dangles her shoes I pray for a repeat of that day, every so often she

will look my way and catch me staring, I think she knows about my foot fetish

cause she just smiles. Oh shit, now she is sliding her foot up and Down her leg,

her shoe is on the floor under her desk. A place where I imagined myself at 3”

tall a number of times. I cant take this, my cock is ready to pop, I think every

drop of blood in my body has moved to my cock! Now I love looking at women and

epically their feet in hose but I have never gotten this hard this fast over

just seeing something like Danni sliding her foot up and down her leg. There is

something wrong here and I know just who to see about it. Tomorrow I will go

back and find out what the hell Mandy did to me! Right now though I am going to

enjoy the show and watch Danni work her magic.

3: p.m. and my day was shot. Danni was the only thing that made it worth coming

to work. Checking my schedule for the rest of the day and I had only one meeting

left at 3:30 with the bank v.p. and the rest of my day was clear. After that

meeting I am going home. I called Cassie and let her know about my plans and she

decided to do the same so we will have a nice leisurely dinner followed by some

hot sweaty sex. This was going to be a good night. My meeting was as boring as

ever , this guy just loved to hear his own voice. The meeting done I wasted no

time in leaving. I stopped by and said good bye to Dannie, she had her shoe off

again and without even asking I picked it up and rested it on my knee. She slid

her sexy foot in and winked at me “ Thanks David, I enjoyed that.” Hell I am out

of here, got to get to my wife.

Giantess Stories: I was still a bit dazed

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