Giantess Stories: If She Only Knew by Wes

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If She Only Knew

by Wes

"Pass the ball!" I yelled. This is Matt. I was 17 and I was playing basketbal at

my friend Steve Smith's house. He was much more athletic than me, but I thought

I was "built" better. Either way that doesn't matter. Steve's dad was a

physicist and was always working in his lav in the basement. Steve's mom was a

nurse and was fairly attractive with medium blond hair and a fit but slender

build. Steve's sister's name was Jessica and she was extermely pretty even

though she was only 15. Jessica had shoulder length black hair that she kept

behind her ears most of the time. She was only 5' 6" and me and Steve would

often make fun of her height; it became sort of a lame hobby. Now that you know

the background I can get to the point.

One day in mid April I was at Steve's house and we were down in his basement

looking for a box of clothes his mom had sent us downstairs to find. Of course,

me being such an idiot, I immediately started messing with his dad's lab stuff,

not realizing the consequences.

"Is this what your dad puts in his drinks that makes him so weird?" I said


Steve lunged at me and said, "Do you know what my dad would do to me if he knew

you were messing up his work?"

I lurched back and in the process the vial of clear water-like fluid came out

and a few drops splattered on me and Steve.

"Put it back!" He ordered.

"Hey, man, I got some of this on me. Is that OK?" I asked, worriedly.

"I did too," Steve replied. "I'm pretty sure it's just distilled water." But it


Within a few minutes, we both began to feel very dizzy. As we stumbled to the

stairs, we both fell down almost simultaneously. I shook my head and sat up. To

my amazement, I wasn't in the same place! I was on a long wood-colored plain.

Steve was on a lowered plain just below me.

"What the hell happened?" I yelled.

"How am I supposed to know?" Steve replied. We quickly found out.


"That's my mom!" Steve shouted.

We both looked up to the top of the ascending wooden plains to see a giant door.

"We've been shrunk!" I screamed in terrorizing realization. The door opened and

the towering figure of Steve's mother stood at the top of the stairs.

"They can't do anything right," she mumbled to herself as she began coming down

the stairs.

"We're gonna be crushed!" I screamed. The ground shook with every step Steve's

mom took. We both began screaming "Help! We've been shrunk!" but she didn't hear

us. I dove out of the way as Mrs. Smith's enormous bare foot slammed only inches

from me. I was mesmerized by her size and power. After a few minutes she came

back up the stairs, puzzled over where we went.

"Grab onto her foot!" I yelled.

Mrs. Smith's enormous bare foot crushed the air from under it as it came down on

my step. I leaped and grabbed onto her huge big toe. I slid back and forth on

her red nailpolished toenail, looking up at her ominous figure. She was

completely unaware that we were hanging onto her foot for dear life.

When we reached the top we both let go and fell to the linoleum floor of the

kitchen. Then we heard a series of noises. Mrs. Smith appeared again with a

broom in hand and began to sweep the floor in our direction.

"RUN!" I shouted. We began running for our lives as Mrs. Smith swept the floor,

oblivious to our predicament. The giant bristles of the broom closed in quickly.

We were both running as fast as we could but Mrs. Smith made quick work of the

messy floor we were on. After what seemed like hours of running, the broom came

down in front of us. We both yelled "NO!" as we were caught in the bristles and

brought towards the blue dustpan waiting for us with its angled mouth awaiting

us. We continued screaming and yelling to Steve's mom to see us, but she didn't.

She picked up the duspan we were now on and began carrying it to the trash can

under the sink.

"My mom's gonna throw us away!" Steve yelled in horror. The cabinet swung open

and we were lowered to a trash can. The dustpan tilted. As we slid off the edge,

we both had the same idea. We leapt and grabbed onto the edge of the trash can.

The cabinet door shut and Mrs. Smith walked away.

"Shit, man! I can't believe your mom just tried to throw us away without even

knowing!" I said.

"Let's get out of here," Steve said in a hollow return.

After a lot of careful walking, we made it to the cabinet side of the trash can

and we scaled down the edge. We had just reached the bottom when the cabinet

swung open. It was Jessica; she was throwing away a wrapper.

"Jump out!" I called, and so we did. The hard linoleum floor was no comfort.

Neither was the sight in front of us.

Jessica loomed hundreds of feet above us with her black hair hanging down,

touching her shoulders. Just feet from us was a pair of huge sock clad feet.

"Get on, man!" I told Steve, and we both ran to grab onto his sister's foot.

Suddenly she shifted positions and her foot went up. As it began coming down on

us, the bottom of her white sock clad foot became our entire world. It loomed

twenty feet over our heads and was coming down fast.

I froze in complete horror as Jessica's enormous sock clad foot came down on me.

"MOVE, YOU IDIOT!" Steve shouted as he pulled me to the side of Jessica's foot

as it hit the floor with tremendous power and a groundshaking thud. I could

smell Jessica's feet; she must have just come in from playing basketball.

"Let's try again," I said to Steve shakily. He hesitantly followed me to his

beautiful sister's enormous foot. This time we managed to get on. Holding onto

Jessica for the ride upstairs to her bedroom was much easier than his mother

because we could hold onto the fibers of her sock. We entered Jessica's room and

she immediately reached for her socks. She pulled them off, turning them inside

out and leaving us trapped inside. The smell of rubber and female feet filled

our air quickly as we searched for a way out. After about ten minutes we found

our way out and were awestruck by the view outside.

Never before since we shrunk had I noticed how big everything was. The bed was

huge and the tables and TV and everything else was overwhelming. Especially

Jessica. She had grabbed a box off her desk and began walking to her bed. She

jumped on her bed and sat indian style looking through the box.

"We have to get her attention," I said. With that we bagan climbing the

bedspread that hung off the edge of Jessica's bed. When we reached the top,

there was a smell of nailpolish in the air. We saw that Jessica was paniting her


"If we can get on top of her foot, she should notice us! She's staring right at

her toes while she paints them!" I said. Steve agreed and we bagan to climb his

sister's enormous tanned foot. We both reached the top and began jumping up and

down, screaming for Jessica's attention. Then the unthinkable happened. Steve

lost his balance and fell onto Jessica's big toenail. He stuck like a fly to

flypaper. In a weak attempt to free him, I fell myself. I ended up stuck to her

first toe, next to the big toe. I began screaming: "Help! I'm stuck! Jessica!"

She didn't hear me.

In horror, I realized that I would probably die at my little size and no one

would ever know. It was impossible to move now in the almost dry dark blue

polish that was on Jessica's beautiful toes. After an hour or so, Jessica got up

and made her way to her dresser. She returned the box to its place and went

downstairs. At least Steve (who was now unconscious) and I didn't have to worry

about falling off. Jessica reached the bottom of the stairs and went for her

Adidas running shoes. Jessica slipped her bare foot into the shoe and instantly

it became dark. Jessica went outside and grabbed the basketball and began to

play. The temperature inside her shoe was overwhelming along with the intense

smell of rubber and female feet. Sweat began drenching me as I lay helpless on

my back, stuck to Jessica's toenail.

Suddenly there was a hard impact and I went flying inside the shoe into the soft

mesh toe section. I landed under Jessica's curled toes. She had fallen and the

impact had dislodged me. Steve, on the other hand, was still stuck. After a few

minutes the shoe came off. We were inside the house. I managed to get out of the

shoe, but not in time to catch Jessica. She was already up the stairs and in the

bathroom rinsing off her foot that she had hurt when she fell. The foot that

Steve was still on.

Steve awoke to cold water. It wasn't until Jessica went back into her room that

Steve remmebered what had happened.

"Jessica, please! You have to hear me! Please!" He wept. Jessica sat on her bed

and examined her foot. She had injured her big toe, the one that Steve was on.

"That hurts so bad!" Jessica moaned and with that she slowly lifted her toe to

her face andparted her lips. Steve screamed as Jessica closed her mouth around

her toe and sucked it for a few seconds. Then she sat and watched TV in her

room. Steve was gone. He had been devoured off his sister's foot without her

ever knowing it.

As for me, I made my way into the hallway when in came Mrs. Smith. She had just

come in from watering her flowers and was wearing a short black dress and a

white tank top. I watched in horror as her left foot raised and fell on me to

quickly for mer fo get out of the way. I watched as Mrs. Smith's enormous toes

came down on me.

Mrs. Smith's toes smashed Matt into the ground and left only a tiny red mark

where he had once been.

If she only knew.


Giantess Stories: If She Only Knew by Wes

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