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In Dip Trouble


Rally Championbr

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The party was in full swing and you arrive with your girlfriend Jessica. Both of

you are dressed in 70's gear as that is the dress code for the party.

Your are Mark and you are wearing a Bay City Rollers outfit complete with


Your girlfriend Jessica is wearing a sparkling purple dress with blue stripes &

purple tights.

You begin dancing as a song by The Bay City Rollers plays through the speakers.

You take Jessica's hand and dance with her as the song continues to play.

Everyone at the party continues dancing until about 1am. Then you and Jessica

begin to feel very tired. You both decide to retire to bed.

When the morning comes you find that you are surrounded by metal bars and

chicken wire.

You look around and see that you in some sort of cage. As you look around you

see all the guests that had been at the party last night in the cage also. They

are very small and are trying to work out where they are.

Then you realize that you have been shrunk somehow by someone. As you are

pondering further a huge smiling face appears. You jump back in shock as you see

a huge teenage girl knelt down by the cage. She had black hair, a beautiful face

and a big smile.

"Good Morning people did you have a nice sleep?" asked the teenage girl

"What have you done with us?" asked one of the tiny boys who's name was Tim

"I've shrunk you." replied the teenager " And now I am going to put you with an

appetiser." said the teenager with a grin

Two huge hands came through the hatch at the top of the cage above you. They

scouped up about 20 of the small people. The teenager took the handful of tiny

people and tipped them in to a box then returned to the cage and scouped up

another handful putting them in the box with the others. When all the tiny

people had been put in the box the teenager picked up the box and carried it


There were about 120 tiny people in the box and they were all being jolted about

as the teenager carried the box into the kitchen and set it down on the worktop.

A shadow fell over the box. 2 long fingers gripped one of the tiny humans who's

name was Paul. He screamed as he was lifted high into the air by the teenager.

His tiny girlfriend Hayley watched in terror from the box as her boyfriend was

taken high into the air.

"Put me down, what have I done to deserve this?" the boy screamed

The huge teenage girl lifted the little boy until he was looking directly into

her face.

The tiny boy was staring at the beauty of the girls face.

"Who are you? What are you going to do with us?" asked Paul in a small voice

"I am Mila Kunis." said the teenage girl holding the little boy. "I am going to

play some games with you." she said as the little boy heard a sound that made

him shudder in terror.

There was a loud gurgle from the teenagers stomach. The little boy was now very

scared and his fears was confirmed when the teenager tipped back her head and

opened her mouth as wide as she could.

Paul looked down then wished he hadn't. He was looking directly into Mila's huge

open mouth. He could see her huge teeth, her long pink tongue rolling about and

he could see glistening saliva dripping inside the mouth.

He screamed. "Don't eat me please I don't want to die."

"Well tough cause I am going to eat you anyway little boy." said Mila

The tiny girl in the box began to cry as she watched her boyfriend go into the

huge teenagers mouth.

Mila dropped Paul into her mouth and closed it. She waited for her mouth to fill

with saliva and then gulped him down whole.

The people in the box including Hayley watched in terror as a large bulge went

down Mila's throat and disappeared into her body.

Mila smiled.

"mmm very tasty" she said as a big smile formed on her face.

She picked up the box with the tiny people in and tilted it up.

The people in the box slid down towards the side of the box and stopped. They

could see a enormous white bowl below them, the box continued tilting until the

angle was too great and all the people fell into the bowl. Mila laughed and went

to the worktop by the cooker and picked up a tall beaker filled with a thick

white goo. She took it over to the bowl and put it down next to the bowl. Mila

plucked a small girl from the bowl. She held her between her fingers. Mila drew

back her lips and put the tiny girl who's name was Hayley into her mouth. She

kept her mouth open and rolled the tiny girl around inside her mouth with her


Mila's eyes widened as her taste buds registered the tiny girl's flavour.

Mila then closed her mouth with the tiny girl inside and swallowed her alive

with a audible gulp. The tiny girl disappeared down Mila's throat and shortly

landed in her stomach where she joined Paul who had been swallowed earlier.

A big smile came over Mila's face as she felt the tiny girl enter her stomach.


In Mila's stomach Paul heard the scream of a young girl, he recognised it as his

girlfriends, then he saw a shimmer of light as the girl dropped into the stomach

and landed beside him.

"Paul are you in here Paul?" asked Hayley

"I'm over here." replied Paul

Hayley felt her way along the stomach walls and then felt the shape of a boy

infront of her. She put her arms around the shape and her boyfriend comforted


"It's all right Hayley. We're safe now." he said lying through his teeth

Hayley punched him in the stomach "We're not safe, we are in the stomach of a

girl who has just swallowed us alive, and very shortly we will be digested and

end up travelling through her intestines and be absorbed into her body."

"Well at least we weren't chewed to pieces in her mouth. Would you have prefered

that?" asked Paul

"Yes I would have preferred that. At least I wouldn't have had to go through the

pain of being digested alive." said Hayley crossly.

As Hayley finished speaking the stomach began churning and rolling. Hayley &

Paul held on to each other as they were flipped into a pool of foul smelling

liquid. Hayley screamed as the liquid began to burn her skin.

Paul tried to scramble out of the pool but was now in so much pain that he could

hardly move.

Mila's stomach continued chruning digesting Paul & Hayley.

Hayley could now no longer feel her legs or arms. Paul could not feel the lower

half of his body.


Mila could feel the movements in her stomach and laughed.

"Right time for the real fun." said Mila as she looked into the bowl again

She took the large beaker of thick white goo and poured it on top of the tiny

people in the bowl. The tiny people were almost buried by the white goo as it

filled up the bowl.

The tiny people spluttered their way to the surface gasping for air. They could

hear Mila laughing loudly above them.

Mila went to the cupboard and took out a king size bag of doritos and opened the

packet. She poured them into another bowl and took it into living room. She put

the bowl of doritos down and then retured to the kitchen for the bowl with the

tiny humans in.

Mila giggled

"mmm I am looking forward to the onion dip it smells delicious." she said to


Mila put the bowl of onion dip down on the coffe table and knelt down on the

floor above it.

She grabbed a dorito and scouped up some onion dip from the bowl. Mila held the

dorito a short distance from her lips and examined it.

The 3 tiny people that had been scouped up with the dorito were now terrified.

They were on their knees beggin Mila not to eat them but Mila was hungry. She

drew back her lips and opened her mouth quite wide. The 3 tiny people on the

dorito could see Mila's open mouth not far away from them and they were now very


Mila kept her mouth open to increase the terror for the tiny people she was

about to eat.

Eventually she got tired of looking at the dorito and put it between her lips.

The dorito with the tiny people on passed between two perfect rows of huge white

teeth and into the mouth. Mila closed her mouth and began to chew. She kept

chewing until the dorito and the 3 tiny people were tiny fragments inside her


Mila swallowed and looked round She felt a small belch enter her throat and let

it out of her mouth.

Mila took another dorito and scouped up 4 more tiny humans from the bowl.

This time she tipped back her head and opened her mouth as wide as she could

holding the dorito above it.

The tiny people on the dorito were terrified as they looked down into the huge

open mouth below them.

Mila put the dorito into her mouth and closed it.

She chewed up the dortio and the tiny humans that were on it. While she was

chewing she scouped up another 2 humans and held them infront of her mouth. Mila

opened her mouth and showed the 2 tiny humans on the dorito the remains in her


The two tiny humans on the dorito could see the remains of the humans that had

been chewed alive. There were the remains of body parts all over the inside of

Mila's mouth.

Mila put the dorito with the 2 tiny humans on into her mouth, closed it and

chewed them up to.

Mila rubbed her stomach as she took another dorito. Then as she was about to

scoup some more dip up she had an idea.

She left the dorito floating in the bowl and picked up the telephone. She

pressed the keypads and held the phone to her ear.

A voice answered "Hello!"

Mila spoke "Hello is that Charlotte Church?"

"Yes who's speaking?" asked Charlotte

"It's Mila Kunis, how are you?" Mila asked

"Mila, how nice to hear from you again. Yeah I'm fine. What you been up to?"

asked Charlotte

"Loads of stuff. Can I just ask, if you found a shrunken person what would you

do with him/her?" Mila asked

"A shrunken person. Well I'd probably keep him as a pet then when I don't want

them anymore dispose of them." said Charlotte

"How would you dispose of him?" asked Mila

"Well either by crushing him or dupping him somewhere." said Charlotte

"Would you consider eating them?" asked Mila as she scratched her finger

"I might, it depends if I was feeling hungry or not. Why do you ask?" said


"I have a bowl of dip with about 109 tiny humans in and I'm eating them for

lunch." said Mila

"Did I hear that right. Your eating them for lunch?" asked Charlotte sounding


"Yes you heard me right, I'm eating them right now." said Mila as she scouped up

a tiny human with a dorito and held him infront of her lips. The tiny boy

screamed and Charlotte heard the scream at the other end of the phone. Mila put

the dorito between her lips and ate the dorito and tiny boy in seconds.

"Well, I thought you were kidding when you said your eating them but hearing

that scream and the crunching your definitely not kidding. How many you got

left?" asked Charlotte.

"Loads, there's a full bowl to eat yet." replied Mila

"I'll be over in 20 minutes." said Charlotte "I'll help you finish the rest off,

I could do with some lunch. Are you eating them with anything or just by

themselves?" said Charlotte

"Onion dip and doritos." said Mila

"mmm onion dip. My favourite." said Charlotte

"See you in 20 minutes then." said Mila

"Yeah OK." replied Charlotte.

20 minutes later

As Mila was pouring herself a drink of lemonade there was a knock at the door.

Mila went to the door and opened it.

Charlotte was stood in the doorway dressed in a bright red jumper and blue


She came in and Mila closed the door behind her.

"Welcome to my house Charlotte." said Mila

"It's nice, how long you been here?" asked Charlotte

"Just over a year, I'm living here with some other friends but their at work at

the moment and won't be back till about midnight." said Mila

"Who are they?" asked Charlotte

"Lisa Wilhoit & Ashleigh Sterling. I think you know them!" said Mila

"I've heard of Ashleigh Sterling but not Lisa." replied Charlotte.

Mila & Charlotte walked into the kitchen and Mila poured her a glass of

lemonade. They both sat at the kitchen table and caught up on each others gossip

when a loud gurgle came from Charlotte's stomach. She was hungary

"Oh yes I nearly forgot." said Mila "Come through to the living room."

Charlotte followed Charlotte into the living room and saw a big bowl on the

coffee table which was in the centre of the room.

Charlotte took a seat and Mila sat down next to her.

Charlotte looked into the bowl. She saw it was full of white goo. Mila handed

her a magnifying glass and Charlotte could now see the tiny humans helplessly

swimming about in the goo.

The tiny people in the bowl saw Charlotte's huge face above them. They were now

very scared, there were now two girls who could eat them. Mila's shadow fell

over the bowl and she scouped up 3 humans with her dorito. She held them infront

of her mouth and opened it. The humans on the dorito screamed as Mila put the

dorito between her lips and crunched her way through the dorito and the humans

that were on it. Mila swallowed the remains of the dorito and licked her lips.

"Try some Charlotte, their delicious!" said Mila

Charlotte took a dorito and scouped up some of the dip with it. She examined the

dorito with a magnifying glass but there were no humans on it. Charlotte put the

dorito into her mouth and cunched it up.

"The dip is delicious, but I'll try and get some humans next time." said

Charlotte as she licked her lips. Charlotte took another dorito.

In the bowl the tiny humans were moving helplessly about in the thick dip.

Kelly felt herself being lifted up and tried to escape but the dorito was far

too high above the bowl before she could react. She wiped the white goo from her

eyes and tried to turn round on the strange surface.

She turned round and froze.

As she turned round Kelly was looking straight at a huge open mouth. Kelly could

see two perfect rows of gleaming white teeth between moist red lips. She looked

up into the face of Charlotte Church and then looked back towards the mouth.

Charlotte moved the dorito closer to her lips. Kelly was screaming and screaming

but because she was so small Charlotte couldn't hear her.

Charlotte put the dorito between her lips and Kelly lay helpless on the dorito

covered with onion dip as it passed between the two rows of blazing white teeth.

Charlotte put the dorito on her tongue but kept her mouth open.

Kelly knew this was the end. She thought of the the things that would have lied

ahead of her in her normal life but know she was part of a snack for a young

teenage girl. Kelly screamed again as Charlotte closed her mouth. Kelly was now

in complete darkness and began to feel more scared than she had felt when she

was in the bowl. She could hear the muffled voice of Mila Kunis speaking to


Then Kelly was violently flipped from side to side as Charlotte began to chew up

the the contents of her mouth.

Kelly could feel a sharp point digging into her legs and knew that she had no

escape. Then Charlotte's tongue moved again and she felt groves below her.

Charlotte's molars came together and ground Kelly's body into tiny fragments.

Charlotte swallowed the remains of Kelly's body and the dorito.

As Charlotte felt the remains of the dorito enter her stomach she licked her

lips and a smile came over her face.

"What do you think?" said Mila "Did you like her?"

"She was very tasty, I didn't think humans would be as tasty as that. I thought

they would be quite chewy and tough. I think I will swallow a few whole aswell.

I'm still hungry." said Charlotte

"Yeah I'll swallow a few some aswell." said Mila

"We'll do it in sequence, you swallow one I'll swallow one. Then the one waiting

can watch as one of us gulps down the other." said Charlotte

In the bowl the tiny humans were still trying to move but the dip was so thick

that they kept sinking. As Tim was moving he saw two huge fingers descend

towards him. He tried to move out the way of them but the fingers clamped round

his waist and he felt himself being lifted high into the air. Tim found himself

looking straight into Charlotte's pretty face. He looked into her bright blue

eyes and began to feel very scared.

Mila put her fingers into the bowl and plucked 2 humans from it. She brought

them up to her face and examined them. She had picked up a girl & a boy. The

girl had long blond hair and was wearing jeans and a green jumper and was called

Jenny. The boy was wearing a black t- shirt and grey shorts and was called


"You go first Charlotte." said Mila "These two can watch from between my


Charlotte took Tim towards her lips. Tim screamed but Charlotte didn't hear him.

Charlotte opened her mouth and held Tim millimetres from her open mouth.

Tim looked into Charlotte's mouth and screamed again.

Charlotte stuck out her tongue and licked all the onion dip off Tim's body.

She ran her tongue over her lips and then covered Tim in dip by running him

through the goo in the bowl. Charlotte brought Tim up to her mouth again and put

Tim into it.

Charlotte opened her mouth and the two humans that were between Mila's fingers

could see him on Charlotte's huge tongue.

Charlotte closed her mouth and slowly tipped back her head.


Tim slowly slid towards Charlotte's throat. He tried to find a handhold but

there were none. He screamed as he saw Charlotte's uvula rise and he felt

himself being forced down Charlotte's throat. Tim was in a hot slick tube. He

was being squeezed from all directions. He tried to scream but the walls of

Charlotte's throat were pressed so tightly against him that he couldn't make a


He continued until he landed in Charlotte's stomach with a small splash.

It was hot and humid. There was very little oxygen and Tim began to gasp for



Charlotte opened her mouth to show the two tiny humans between Mila's fingers

that Tim was no longer there.

She rubbed her stomach. "mmm he was tasty. Right your turn Mila." said Charlotte

Mila took Jenny first and lifted them towards her mouth. She opened her mouth

wide and tipped back her head.

Jenny saw the huge open mouth below her and screamed.

Mila dropped the girl into her mouth and rolled her round her mouth.

Jenny fell through the air and landed with a wet thud on Mila's tonuge. She

looked around her. She was stood on a long pink tongue. Huge white teeth were

around her in every direction. She could see the ceiling between Mila's huge

teeth. Then the mouth began to close. Jenny screamed as the light diminished

around her. Now she could see nothing. Mila held the girl in her mouth for a


Jenny was now covered with plenty of saliva. She slid down Mila's tongue towards

her throat.

Mila felt the girl near her throat and she swallowed Jenny alive.

Jenny's boyfriend Jason (between Mila's fingers) watched as the bulge which was

his girlfriend disappeared down Mila's throat and into her body. Mila held Jason

on her hand infront of her lips. Jason was knelt down on the huge hand pleading

with her to spare his life. Mila laughed. "Pleading won't help little boy. I'm

going to swallow you and that's that."

Mila opened her mouth and tipped back her head. She threw Jason into the air and

then caught him in her mouth. Mila closed her mouth and swallowed Jason alive.


Jenny was alone in the stomach, she was scared and didn't want to think of what

would happen to her. Suddenly the stomach moved and a boy landed in the stomach

not far from her. Jenny called out. "Is that you Jason?" she said

"Yeah it's me. Where are you?" asked Jason

"Over here." replied Jenny

Jason turned his head towards the sound of Jenny's voice. As he turned his head

he was catapulted into the stomach acids and screamed as the acid began to burn

his skin.

Jenny heard his screams and groped along the slimy stomach walls to find him.

She slipped and landed in the acids. She too screamed in pain as the acids began

to burn through her skin.


Mila licked her lips as she felt Jason enter her stomach.

"What now?" said Mila

"There's still penty of humans left in the dip. But I'm getting full. I can

probably manage about another 10 and then I will be completely full." said


"You eat 10 and I'll continue on. I'm not full yet." said Mila

Charlotte took a huge dorito and scouped up 6 humans with it. She brought it to

her lips and licked them.

The 6 humans (Gary, Vicki, Laura, Danny, Carla & Andy) saw Charlotte's huge

teeth millmetres infront of them and screamed. Danny jumped from the dorito and

landed on the table with a thud. He lay motionless on the table. Mila saw him

and picked him up. She dropped him into her mouth and swallowed him whole.

Charlotte put the huge dorito into her mouth and took a big bite. There was a

big crunch as her teeth sliced clean through the dorito. Charlotte chewed up the

dorito in her mouth and swallowed. Then she took another bite chewing up 4

humans with her mouthful. Charlotte swallowed and then put the final bit of the

dorito between her lips and chewed up the 2 remaining humans which were on it.

Charlotte rubbed her full stomach and lay back on the chair.

"That's it I'm full. I can't manage anymore." she said

Mila took a dorito and scouped up 5 humans with it. She brought it towards her

lips and put it into her mouth. She crunched it up in seconds and swallowed.

Charlotte fell asleep as Mila continued eating.

A few hours later Charlotte awoke to see Mila still eating.

Charlotte yawned "What time is it?" she asked

"4.30pm." replied Mila

Charlotte looked into the bowl. She saw that there were 5 humans left.

"Aren't you full yet Mila?" said Charlotte

"No. There's still plenty of space left." said Mila as she rubbed her stomach

"You've eaten 90 tiny humans in total. How can you not be full?" asked Charlotte

"I have a big stomach. I could eat them all day and wouldn't get full." replied


"Did you chew or swallow the humans while I was asleep." asked Charlotte

"Some I chewed some I swallowed." said Mila "It's more fun swallowing them

whole, feeling them sqirm in your mouth then struggle down your throat."

"I need a drink. Do you want one?" asked Charlotte

"Yeah a cola please with plenty of ice." replied Mila

Charlotte walked to the kitchen, she took out two glasses and filled one with

cola and the other with lemonade.

She put ice in the cola and took it to Mila.

"Here you go Mila. Cola on the rocks."

"Cheers Charlotte." said Mila as she took a mouthful of cola and gulped it down.


Hannah who had been the last so far to be swallowed alive by Mila was still

alive even thugh she couldn't feel her legs. She was hanging on to a small line

on the wall inside Mila's stomach. She was knocked into the acid as the cola

that Mila had just swallowed gushed into her stomach. Some of the other humans

that were part alive were knocked over as the brown liquid swirled around Mila's



"Are we going to finish off the last 5 humans?" said Mila

"I don't know whether I have room for any more." replied Charlotte

"I'll have three, you have the last two." said Mila

Mila scouped three humans from the bowl with a dorito.

They were dripping in onion dip and as Mila lifted it towards her lips a small

glob of dip dripped onto the table.

She brought the dorito up to her lips and examined it.

"mmm you look delicious." said Mila as she took the dorito even closer to her


The tiny people on the dorito could see Mila's huge teeth infront of them. They

screamed as Mila opened her mouth and put the dorito with them on between her

lips and closed her mouth.

It was pitch black and the three tiny humans could see nothing. Mila began to

chew them to pieces. Every movement of her teeth grounding the humans and dorito

to pieces.

Mila swallowed the remains of everything and licked her lips.

"Only two left now Charlotte do you want them or shall I eat them?" asked Mila

"I can manage them I think but I will swallow them whole I think." said


The two remaining humans in the bowl were now terrified. Jessica & Mark began to

try and swim through the dip. Mark saw a shadow fall over the bowl. He looked up

to see a huge red blur. Then two huge fingers descended towards him and Jessica.

He held his breath and sandk below the dip. Charlotte plucked Jessica from the

bowl and lifted her up into the air.

Mark surfaced again and gasped for air. He saw Charlotte holding his girlfriend

Jessica and waved frantically. Mila noticed you waving and plucked you from the


"I think this one wants your attention Charlotte." said Mila

Charlotte took you from Mila's hand and held you in her left hand between her

fingers. Jessica was in her right hand.

She was crying. You struggled and broke free from Charlotte's fingers. You ran

up her arm and onto her shoulder across her shoulders and down her other arm to

your girlfriend. You saw your girlfriend and ran to her. You threw your arms

around her and kissed her.

Charlotte saw two tiny humans in the palm of her hand snogging. She laughed and

looked down. She laughed and spoke.

"mmm now can I swallow two of you at once. I'll try." she said

"No please spare us Charlotte." screamed Jessica

Charlotte slowly tipped her head back.

She lifted Mark towards her face and looked at her closely

Mark could see Charlotte's huge face infront of her. Her blue eyes were wide

open and her face was so attractive that Mark could not help staring at it.

He felt a sexual attraction that he had never felt before. The only drawback

that this girl was about to eat him alive.

Charlotte ran her tongue over her lips and she smiled as she prepared herself

for the little meal in her fingers.

Charlotte drew back her lips and displayed her perfect white teeth.

Mark screamed as Charlotte opened her mouth wider and held him millimetres from

her two rows of white teeth.

He shuddered as he thought what it would feel like to be chewed to pieces.

Charlotte put Mark into her mouth and held him on her tongue. She brought

Jessica up to her lips so she could see Mark. Jessica could see Mark inside

Charlotte's mouth. He was laid on a pink tongue.

Charlotte spat Mark out on to her hand.

"Say goodbye to your girlfriend Mark as this is the last time you will see her

apart from when you land in my stomach. She will end up their in little pieces

as I am going to chew her alive. Now who wants to go first." said Charlotte


Mark & Jessica looked at each other and began to cry.

Charlotte waited "Come on hurry up, who is first or do I have to choose myself."

After a further five minutes Jessica & Mark had still not answered. Charlotte

got impatient.

"Ippy Dippy, Even though your not called Shelly, your the first to end up in my

belly." said Charlotte as her finger ended on Jessica.

Charlotte picked up Jessica and opened her mouth. She held the tiny girl between

her fingers and ripped of her tiny clothes. A pair of small jeans and a purple

v-neck shirt landed in Charlotte's other hand.

Jessica was now breast naked between Charlotte's huge fingers. Charlotte dropped

Jessica into her mouth. Charlotte began to chew. A small scream came from inside

her mouth and then it went silent. Mark turned away as Charlotte chewed up

Jessica and then swallowed her remains.

Mark felt like he was trapped in a never-ending nightmare. He had just watched

his girlfriend devoured alive by a beautiful teenage girl and he was next on her


Charlotte took Mark from her hand and opened her mouth. She slipped a small tiny

pen like device into the pocket of the shirt that Mark was wearing then ripped

off his trousers. "Use the torch when you reach my stomach and you can see the

remains of your girlfriend." laughed Charlotte evily

Charlotte put Mark into her mouth feet first and tipped back her head. Mark slid

down her tongue and towards her throat. She waited a few seconds and then gulped

Mark down whole.

Mark slid down Charlotte's throat and landed in her stomach. He took the tiny

torch from his pocket and switched it on. He saw he had landed on the remains of

his girlfriend. He knelt down on the remains of her body which was now

thoroughly chewed up. He could see what was left of her face.

Mark wept as he saw his girlfriend in this state. He pounded at the walls of

Charlotte's stomach.

Charlotte felt small thuds from her stomach and laughed. Mila sat next to her.

"Well that's it. We've got rid of 120 humans between us." she said

"Yeah but you ate 90 of them. I've only eaten 14." replied Charlotte.

Mila ran her fingers round the bowl scouping up the remainder of the dip, she

licked her fingers. "How about staying the night Charlotte. I can put a bed up

for you no problem." said Mila

"Yeah that would be great. I don't want to go back home at the moment. I'll let

my stomach digest it's contents and go back in the morning.

Charlotte & Mila sat round and watched a film that Mila had brought out and then

went upstairs.

Mila folded down the settee into a bed and put a couple of sheets on it. Mila

put a pillow on the bed.

"I'll see you in the morning." said Mila as she got undressed

"Yeah goodnight." replied Charlotte

Mila climbed the ladder of the bunk bed and slid under the covers. Her stomach

felt full now and she smiled at what she had done that afternoon.

Charlotte climbed into her bed and lay down. She soon fell asleep.

Shortly both Mila & Charlotte were sound asleep.



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