Giantess Stories: In her hair  Part 1

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In her hair

Part 1

"Arnold Short please come to my office." Julia Owen shouted into the intercom.

Arnold gulped at the summons. The truth was his boss intimated him. She was 6'2"

and looked like wonder woman (the original look not the latest look). He on the

other hand was 5'6" with short brown hair and a medium build.

He knocked on the door.

"You wanted to see me Ms. Owen?" Arnold asked.

"Yes, Please come in. And close the door behind you."

"Arnold your performance as an office clerk is unsatisfactory." She told him.

"I do the best I can." He replied.

"I'm reassigning you to a job better suited to you." Julia then, pointed a size

change gun at Arnold and fired. He was engulfed in a red light. Then he began to

shrink, clothes and all.

"This can't be happening." He cried as the room grew aground him.

"But it is." Julia replied. "My husband works for Stan's Growth and Shrink Rays.

He was kind enough to give me a size change gun as a birthday gift."

Arnold had heard about size change guns but didn't believe they existed. But he

was now eye level with Julia's knees. And getting shorter by the second.

"How small I'm a going to get?" He shouted up at her. To his surprise she turned

off the shrink ray. She then reached down and placed him on her desk.

"I'm no bigger then a Ken doll." Arnold moaned. He estimated his height as no

more than ten inches.

"Your lucky that I decided to shrink your clothes with you. I was originally

going to make you naked." She told him.

"Naked? What are you going to do to me?" Arnold asked.

"First I'll shrink you to a quarter of an inch tall. Then I'll place you in my

hair." Julia replied.

"What! There's no way your shrinking me to the size of a bug."

"You don't have a say." Julia replied. "Don't give that look. Many men would

love to be my pet." She told him as she fired the size change gun at him. Arnold

tried to run, but the beam struck him. He tried to escape it, but Julia kept it

trained on him. Smaller and smaller he became until he was no bigger than an


Arnold was terrified. Everything was 264 times normal sized to him. Seeing a

1628-foot giantess reach for him with a pair of tweeters filled him with

parlaying fear.

Julia picked Arnold up with the tweeters and brought him up to her face.

"Admit it. You find me attractive."

He did find her attractive. So he nodded yes.

"Do you love my lovely long hair?" She asked him. Arnold thought it wise to nod


"Good, for my hair will be your home from now on."

Julia then placed him above her head. She then dropped him into her hair. It was

a big drop to Arnold, but it was only a few inches in reality and he landed


To Arnold, Julia's head was like a thick jungle, with hair strands taking the

place of trees.

"How I'm a going to live here?" He asked. "Where will I get food? Water? Come to

think of it, what's happens when nature calls?"

But Julia didn't answer him.

With some effort, he climbed to the top of the hair. From there he could see the

world around him.

Hours passed, he fell asleep. Then he heard his voice being called.

"Wake up Arnold."

Arnold then noticed that they were no longer at the office but in a bathroom.

"It's time to see if you're up to the challenge of living in my hair. I'm going

to take a shower. If you succeed in staying alive and in my hair, you'll become

a beloved pet for life. Fail and you'll become yet another man to go down the


To Arnold's horror, Julia then got in the shower.


Arnold watched as Julia turned

on the shower. He felt like he was under a waterfall. Then she pored what looked

like an ocean of shampoo on her head. Arnold tried to keep his month shut but

found himself eating shampoo. Then he had to dodge Julia's huge hands as she

worked the shampoo into her hair.

He hung on to her hair with all his might. He almost lost his grip when she

rinsed her hair but he managed to hang on.

Julia then got out of the shower. Arnold wondered if she was going to blow dry

or towel dry her hair. Then he felt his body tingle. At first he feared he was

getting smaller, but then he realized he wasn't changing size.

"Glad to see you survived." Julia told him.

"How do you know?" He asked.

"Your body is being altered by the shampoo." Julia replied. "From now on you do

longer need to eat or drink or answer the call of nature. Also you'll now stick

to my hair and skin like spider man sticks to walls. So you don't have worry

about going down the drain."

"Wait a second. How can I live without drinking or eating?" Arnold asked.

"While your touching my hair, you're taking a tiny bit of my life force." Julia

replied. "Not enough to hurt me, but enough to keep you alive. In my hair you're

almost indestructible. But the further you go from my head the weaker you

become. "

"You mean, a trip to you legs would be fatal?"

Julia laughed then said.

" You would just love to explore my body won't you? You had fantasies about

seeing me naked."

"No I don't." Arnold lied.

"I now can read your mind so don't lied to me. I can also sense your location.

To answer your question, a trip to my legs or any other part of my body won't

kill you. Luckily for you, men under an inch tall fall under my husbands radar


"What will your husband think of a man living in your hair?" Arnold asked.

"Since your well under an inch tall he won't consider you a threat so he'll

ignore you." Julia replied.

"One more piece of advise. Every inch further apart from me weakens you. Get

more than 50 feet from me and you will die. Keep that in mind if you dream of

escaping me."

"Where could I go?" Arnold asked.

"Good answer. Obey me and you'll have a pleasant life." She told him. Julia then

blow-dried her hair then combed it. While unpleasant for Arnold, he wasn't


The end for now

Originally was going to have him go down the drain. Then I had a change of


Doesn't to expect to hear any more from Julia or Arnold anytime soon. My RL is

busy and besides I have other story ideas I want to write, if I ever find the

time and/or energy to write them.

BTW if you like shrinking stories you may want to read my "Having Susan" at (hope I got the

URL right) Anyway it's a SW story but does have some good F/F scenes that can be

considered GTS)


Giantess Stories: In her hair  Part 1

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