Giantess Stories: IN SHOE DIARIES by Ziggy    It all began in September of 94

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by Ziggy

It all began in September of 94. Timothy Schmetzelheimer, the son of a single

mother and youngest of two sisters, moved into a new home in San Diego,

California. Timmothy was not thrilled about moving to California..I mean who in

their right mind is? But his mother was forced to relocate in order to keep her

job. On the other hand, his sisters Elizabeth -18- and Alison -20- were actually

looking forward to moving to the sunshine state - yuck!. Timothy was about 16 by

now. He was of average stature being not too short not too tall. He was dark

haired and becoming more and more handsome. As puberty started kicking in, he

grew larger and larger. his muscles bagan to take shape, his voice was

deepening, and his overall chemistry was changing from that of a child to that

of an adult. What a time it was for Timothy! He was young and alive and coming more ways than one. Timmothy was an A student, a dreamer and was already

making plans for graduation. His future was ahead of him, and what a bright

future it all seemed. But, unbeknownst to himself, things were about to change

in Timothy's life, and his fate was soon to be sealed in the deepest and most

secret parts of his mind. For as long as Timothy could remember he had always

had a fetish for women's feet. He would look at them in magazines and when the

former were not available he would draw pictures of them and imagine touching

them with his face and smelling them. Although Timothy knew nothing of fetishism

or even the origins of his strange desire, he continued to pursue his fantasies

ni his mind day in and day out. As Timothy started in his new school he became

even more withdrawn and intraverted. Everytime he would see a female's foot his

mind would wonder and he would lose track of all time and space. Timmy was

definately an extremely bright, if not unusual boy. Nonetheless, his A average

slipped to hardly a D as he wasted away, slipping more and more in his thoughts

and seemingly losing control of his mind. Concerned about Timmy's incessant day

dreaming, teacher, Ms San Marco, called a meeting with his mother. Poor Timmy's

mother was not sure what to make of it. Sure, he had an imagination, he always

had, but it had never interferred in his work. Ms. San Marco suggested to

Timmy's mother to assign him a mentor to speak with him and allow him an outlet

with which to vent any hidden anxiety. His mentor would meet with him 3 times a

week during his P.E. class and would allow Timmy the chance to form a

relationship in a non-threatening atmosphere. And so, in the company of Ms. San

Marco and his mother, Timmy's fate was to be sealed next week starting Monday.

that weekend Timothy's mother explained to him that he will be meeting with a

mentor three times a week during his gym class. Not being much of an athlete

Timmy had little objection, his only concern was however, that it made him feel

as though he were handicapped in some way. Assuring him of the harmelesness of

such counsel, Timmy's mother set his worries to rest. The following Monday Timmy

was awoken around 6:30, his usual time, ate his breakfast and head out side to

the bus stop. On his way out his mother reminded him that he would be meeting

with his new mentor during his gym class and not to forget. "Yeah I know

whatever" Timmy answered, and rushed out the door. While on the bus tImmy was

contemplating what it was he would say to the mentor. He never was a good

conversationalist and so would often make plans about what he could possibly

discuss beforehand. While contemplating Timmy realized that his mentor may ask

him about what draws his attention away from his studies. Full knowing the

answer to such a question would be inappropriate to anounce publicly, Timmy

quickly thought up false reason. He would just tell them he dreamed about being

a fireman or something..."Yeah, that oughta work" he thought to himself. that

day during his 3rd period P.E. class Timothy, forgetting his scheduled

appointment with his mentor siuted up as usuall wearing those scanty black

polyester gymn shorts and the itchy grey t-shirt. As he walked out to paricipate

in whatever b.s. sport the coach had planned for the day he was called out of

que and told to report to the office. Timmy's mind began to race as he tried to

imagine what it could be for, but on his way to there he realized that he was

supposed to go to meet with his new mentor. Timmy took a sigh of relief as he

realized that he was actually not in trouble. As he entered the office he

noticed a very fine looking woman who seemed, to him, to be somewhere between

the ages of 30 and 40. She was typically anglo with long wavy blonde hair with

shortened bangs. Her skin tone was somewhat darkened but not to the point of

looking like a dried up peice fo toast, more like a bagel. Her features were not

so sharp, her nose was little big, and her eyes rather roundish. But she

maintained considerable beauty, however unrefined it might seem. She was wearing

a white blouse and a red knee-length skirt. Of even more consequence to Timmy

though was the fact that she was wearing black stockings encased by a

fashionable pair of black pumps at her feet. Timothy eyed this females feet

until she stood up and introdueced herself to him. "Timmy?" she asked.

"Huh...what!?" Timmy rpelied, startled at being caught during his intense

observation. "Timmy, my name is Gail Smith, I am your mentor." "huh..oh..hi I'm

Timmy it's a pleasure", Timmy said. "Well, the feeling is mutual...I am glad we

have this oppurtunity to talk together, I hope much will come of it." cooed

Gail. With that Gail led Timmy down the hall into a small private office room

were they can be left to speak in private. The room was not much larger than a

closet, but they had still managed to somehow fit a desk into it. Around the

desk there were two school chairs situated across from one another. As they both

sat down and made themselves comfortable Gail began a series of preliminary

questions to break the ice. All the while she dangled her pumps from her black

stockinged foot as she sat with her legs crossed. Ouch!, this caused Timmy to

lose track of the conversation and slip into daze. The song Purple haze started

ringing in his mind as he eyed Gail's feet. His vision got blurred as his

thoughts raced with images of her foot coming down on his face and the smell

overtaking him. He also imagined being the size of a fly and getting caught

inside of her pump as her hot, moist, and smelly foot was inserted in and out.

Although he did try to answer her questions as best he could he just couldnt

focus on anything but Gail's feet. Then Gail raised her voice a bit.."Timothy!

Are you with me?" "huh..yeah..I'm sorry" Timmy said as he frantically searched

for an excuse, "I am just tired thats all." Gail, noticing his wandering eye

took note and said, "I understand, we all get tired sometimes." She then moved a

bit closer to Timmy to test his resolve until her foot was nearly touching his

leg. she continued her conversation casually as she began to dangle her pump

even more vehemently this time. She then slipped her feet out of her pumps and,

knowing that her feet smelled a bit strong rested them on the desk next to

Timmy. Timmy, catching a faint wiff of her pungent odour, attempted to turn his

head as casually as possible toward her feet in order to get a better one. As he

did , Gail began to move her feet off the desk and said "I'm sorry do my feet

bother you, I hope they dont smell.." she devilishly smiled and wiggled her

toes..."It's so comfortable to rest my tired feet up here, they dont bother you

do they?" Timmy quickly responded, "Of course not, I dont mind." Gail then

smiled and wiggled her toes. "So what is it that you think about when you day

dream?" Gail asked. Without thinking Timmy said "feet"...doh! Timmy turned red

immediatly, "I mean ..meat..I like lots of meat..I cant wait to get home and eat

meat...I like red meat, chicjen meat, even horse meat and sometimes......" Gail

interrupted "It's like feet...I heard you loud and clear along time

ago." Just then Timmy's erection was exposed as it portuded out of his tight

black gymn shorts. He tried to cover it with his shirt and crossed his legs but

it was no use. Gail, having noticed this said.."It's ok, I know what where

dealing with here and it is nothing that a little behaviour modification cant

handle." With that she asked Timmy to stand up, but Timmy was too embarrased to

stand up on account of his buldging erection and refused. Gail then said, "Ok

you have a choice...smell my feet or stand up", Timmy began to sweat as he was

being forced to expose himself in one of two ways. If he smelled her feet he

would be exposing his foot fetish, if he stood up he would be exposing his

erection, which could be inferred that it came from his fetish for

either wayTimmy was screwed. Chosing the better of the two, Timmy refused to

stand up and Gail then moved her feet from the table and towards his face. She

smiled all the while, gazing deep into Timothy's eyes and pulling out his fetish

as if it she were plucking a root from the ground. As her toes moved in to his

face Timmy could smell the strong musty odour of her feet. They were in one

sense raunchy and repulsive but in another they seemed to be completely

arousing. Nonetheless Timmy turned away his head in seeming disgust but was

immedietly pursued by Gail's smelly feet. She laughed and gigled at Timmy's

plight and told him if he didnt stand he would have to keep smelling her feet.

Timmy could not contain his embarrasment, he almost cried knowing that his

deepest darkest fantasies were being exposed. On the other hand they werre also

being realized as Timothy was actually for the first time able to smell a

woman's feet. Needless to say Timmy's young erection was throbbing full force.

Timmy decided that instead of exposing his erection..which would be indecent, he

would continue to smell her feet and pretend to not like it. Gail then removed

her feet from his face and said...ok I have tortured you enough with my stinky

feet and then put her pumps back on her feet. As she did this Tommy contiued to

stare as she slipped each one of her stockinged feet into the pumps. Gail, then

said.."ok We are going to have to begin this behaviour modification as soon as

possible." She then pulled out a small bottle of pills. The cover was blank and

there was no label on the front to indicate what it was. she then took a tiny

pill about the size of a celery seed and told Timmy to swallow it. Timmypicked

it up out of her hand and swallowed it, then he asked what it was. Then Gail

said...let's wait 5 minutes for it to be effective. After the 5 minutes was over

Timmy still felt perfectly normal. "ok now what? I dont feel anything?" Gail

said, "you dont have to, not until I do this.." With that Gail licked her thumb

and foerefinger and leaned forward and wiped her wet fingers on Timmy's nostrils

"Grooss!!" Timmy yelled as he puled away,"what did you do tha........" Then

Timmy began to feel dizzy and disoriented, as if her were fallling. he suddenly

felt a heavy weight upon him as if piles and piles of heavy thick cloth were

being piled atop him. finally Timmy found himself lying against the cold hard

floor and was covered by a thick cloth of some sort. Everything, seemed as

though it could have been real until Timmy realized that his bare bumm was

touching the cold floor. The piles of cloth on top of him began to shift and

move and then a cold draft flowed over him as he saw the what seemed to be a

giant pair of black gym shorts ascending upward. As the shorts exposed him to

the light, Timy looked up and saw a sight that chilled him to his bones. It was

Gail's face looking down on him. He then looked straight ahead and saw her

stockinged feet in her black pumps and looked back up her mile- high legs and

towards her face again. "You are now only three centimeters high, give or take a

few millimeters." Gail roared from up high. Timmy realizing his height yelled up

at her in fright but Gail could not make out what he was saying nor did she

think it important. She then bellowed down to him and said, "This is your

behaviour modification, now anytime someone feels the need to shrink all they

need do is lick their fingers and wipe your nostrils and you will shrink. You

will remain a tiny littly boy so long as you dont smell the feet of women for at

least 15-30 minutes. But as long as you smell female feet you will stay small."

Timmy began to shiver, being totally naked and exposed and Gail noticing said...

"Ok here let me warm you up." With that she slipped off both of her shoes and

hovered her right foot over tiny Tim. The musty, somewhat cheesy smell was not

particularly pleasant and was considerably stronger than before, even as it only

hovered above him. Then her foot descended upon Tiimy. Scarred Timmy tried to

run but was so small that he was not able to get far enough away before Gail's

foot nudged him in the back and knocked him forward. "Now if you dont want to

get hurt you need to stay still Timmy" Gail ordered Afraid Timmy stopped and

stood before her, unwillingly erect. Gail then caught Timmy between her left and

right foot and sandwiched him. she then grabbed timmy's head in between her toes

with her right foot and grabbed the rest of him with the toes on her left foot,

Timmy could now only smell the rancid stink from Gail's feet and feel the rough

hose caress his body and rub up against his sensitive cock. Timmy struggled a

bit but Gail would only tighten her grip on him. She fondled poor Tim for over5

mins. and then released him. "Ok now lay flat on your back while I explain what

will happen to you." Gail again ordered. Timmy obeyed, but was shivering partly

from the cold breeze he was now exposed to again but mostly out of nervousness.

Then Gail lowered her rancid foot down upon Timmy and covered his whole frame

with her toes alone. She then squeezed and manipulated Tim to fit into her

crevices horizontally and left him to soak in her foot sweat. She then began to

explain to him... "Ok heres the deal Timmy. Everytime you misbehave or day dream

you will be consequently shrunk and forced to smell a woman's feet, I have

already spoken to your step- mother about this and she agrees and assured me

that your step-sisters will be more than happy to help. Also, I have spoken with

all of your teachers and the principal Mrs. Broomhilda, and they have all

assured me that if you misbehave they will punish you in this way and may even

employ the assisitance of other female students. Now one last thing....Becasue

clothes dont shrink, only you do, you will be naked everytime. In the event that

you should be at the feet of woman you should suggest that they wrap your body

in toilette paper or something to protect your privates from being fondled as it

has often occurred that little boys like you have been unwillingly forced into

ejaculation at the feet of their punishers." With that Gail liften up her foot

from Timy leaving him hot, disheaveled and wet with the stench of her feet.

Timmy just lie there, fully erect, scarred and began to contemplate what might

come of this. Images of his step-sisters playing foot torture games with him

just for fun seemed unbearable and then it seemed even worse to imagine his own

step-mother doing such a thing. Sure they were only step-family, but he had

lived with his siblings as siblings for well over ten years and he had lived

with his step- mother as a step-mother for the same time. It just didnt seem

right. Gail then said, "Well this concludes our first meeting, there will be

plenty more too come. But dont' worry there is good news. In order to catch up

on this whole new system you have been given the day off today and tomorrow to

get used to it. Your step- mother was'nt able to pick you up today but your

older step- sister Alicia is here to pick you up, I suggested that she wear yuou

homein her shoe to give you a feel for it, but not to be too tough on you today

as its your first day." Gail then reached down towards Tiny Tim and with her

gigantic thumb and forefinger grabbed Timmy and lifted him up. After placing him

in the palm of her hand she began to walk out of the room collecting Timmy's

clothes in her other arm. As they entered the main office Timmy noticed his

Sister Alicia sitting in the chair waiting. When she saw Gail Smith and her

little step-brother enter the office she exclaimed "Oh my goodness! HA! look at

you...your just my fit I think." Timmy looked in horror as his sister began to

remove her right black strap-on clog exposing a black stockinged foot that

looked a bit wet from perspiration. His sister then smiled at him and told Gail

to put him in. As Alicia lifted up her clog to just under the Gail's hand that

held him Timmy began to smell a foul rancid odour from below him. As he looked

down he starred into the black, selly pit of Alicia's clog and was overcome by

fear. Timothy then began to struggle and fight and tried to get lose from Gail's

grip, but it was of no use. Gail and Alicia looked at him and laughed...finding

his plight at their feet amusing. Then poor Timy, unable to fight against Gail's

massive fingers was soon overtaken by Alicia's shoe's odour as she slowly and

carefully delivered him into the merciless stench and heat of Alicia's clog.

Timmy looked around him and the walls of the shoe surrounded him, the light grew

dimmer and the smell stronger and stronger. Timmy's legs finally reached the toe

of the shoe and Gail released her vice grip and emoved her hand from the shoe.

Timmy, gazing out into the fresh air and light outside the opening of the clog

dreamed of being being free and large again. Then Timmy, awaiting the

unspeakable squat down in the confines of his smelly misery. As a few moments

passed Timmy began to wonder if his sister was truelly not as cruel as he

thought her to be and was not going to force her foot upon him. But then the

shoe shifted and Timmy got scared and attempted to escape by making run for the

opening. But just as he reached the entrancway of the clog, and just when the

air seemes to get fresher, Timmy saw Alicia's hot sweaty, black stockinged foot

move towards him and into the shoe. It was too late, before Timmy had escaped

the walls of his shoe prison Alicia had pushed him back into the rank depths of

her clog and this time her foot had invaded his space. In fact, It was so

crowded that Timmy could hardly breath being squished between the tips of

Alicia's toes and the end of the clog. Then Alicia's toes started moving and

like mighty tools they efficiently and quickly manipulated poor little Timmy to

fit into the crevices of her toes. There, Timmy lie on his back starring up at a

hunk of hot, sweaty flesh encased in a rough mesh of black, also soaked in

rancid stink. Not only could Timmy feel various warm, wet and smelly hunks of

flesh against his whole body including his mid-region, but the smell was

overwhelmingly powerfull and Timmy could not escape the odour whether he

breathed through his mouth or nose. Tim could here a few faint sounds and

voices, but amidst the sweltering heat and sharp stench, all else grew dull. The

following story will account what odifourous adventures and or misfortunes our

hero Tiny Tim must brave at the feet of his step-sisters and step-mother.



The humiliation was as intense as the smell. Never could Timothy have imagined

that such a fate could befall him. Trapped at the feet of his own step-sister!

And whats worse, her hot, moist toes were touching his and even rubbing his

nether-regions...what a thing to happen to a 16 yr old boy! In the midst of his

horrifying torture at the feet of Alicia, Timothy could barely make out a

conversation between his sister and Gail. "Ok then Alicia, have fun, and make

sure you take it easy on Timmy today..don't have to much fun. Also consider the

fact that he is so small and fragile. you dont want to crush your own brother."

Gail reccomended and then made her departure. With that Timmy's whole world

began to spin as Alicia walked outside to her car. With every step the pressure

would squeeze the air out of poor Timmy and he would have to take deep breathes

during the intervels between when her foot made contact with the ground. This

is, of course, not to mention the opressive heat which began to accumulate

within her shoe. It did not take long for Timmy to become soaked in a thick

smelly film of toe sweat and crud. It peneatrated his eyes and burned slightly,

it seeped into his mouth and tasted more sour than vinegar, and it covered his

body with it's acidic pungency from head to toe. Suddenly the movement slowed

and then stopped. This was a relief for Tim who was begining to grow nauseas

from the forcefull movemtents. Of course, all else remained as intolerable as

before. The movement had stopped for Timmy when Alicia got into her car,

however, it would not stop for long. Soon Tiny Tim began to feel the immnse

pressure of Alicia's toes press up against his body. As Alicia's toes

straightened Timmy's manly memebers would be rubbed by smelly hunks of mesh

encased toe flesh. Yes, Alicia began a form of torture that would make Timmy

fear women's feet. Alicia began to scrunch her toes over Timmy and manipulate

him to erection though incessant proddings. From his dark stinky cell Timmy

cryed out to his step-sister Alicia to have mercy and let him go...but his

pleadings were to no one would have the ability to hear him in his

state. Whatever fate his sister had planned for Tiny Tim had to go undisputed.

By the time Alicia returned home with her new "foot toy" brother, Timmy's

condition was awfull. Not only was he soaked to the bone in her awfull toe sweat

but, his surrounding were so wet that everytime Alciia moved her toes over

Timmy, Timmy could hear the sweat soaked insoles squish from being soaked.

Alicia sat in the living room and turned the T.V. on, She leaned over and

unstrapped her clogs one by one, first her left and then the one Timmy was in.

She then removed her feet from the clogs ending with the one Timmy was in. As

she slid her foot out of Timmy's prison those hunky moulds of wet flesh smeared

more stink over him and forced him to slid down the to the middle of the shoe.

Suddenly a rush of fresh cool air rushed into Timmy's encasement and gave Timmy

a renewed hope for freedom. "If I can just escape for a moment so that I can

grow back to normal size, then I would never let my sisters make me smell their

feet ever!" Timmy thought to himself as he peered out into the giant world

before him. However, his sister's stockinged leg blocked the view. Timmy,

thinking only of escapingt he horrid stench of Alicia's clog, rushed out to the

heel of the shoe. As he looked forward he was encountered by Alicia's foot

rising up before him much as a bear rises up before its prey. Immediatly Timmy

recognized that sharp vinegary odor of his sister's feet as a waft of stench

rushed toward him. He looked up and noticed Alicia starring down at him with a

devilish grin on her face. She boomed down on him.... "How do you like being

your big sis's smelly foot toy huh Timmy?" She reached down towards him and

quickly pinched his tiny, fragiel frame between her thumb and forefinger then

lifted him up to her mouth. Timmy was now very afraid....Was she planning on

eating him? Then she raised him up to her nostrils and breathed in deep and with

a foul hot gust of halitosis she parted her lips and breathed out on him. "She

must have eaten garlic today!" Timmy thought to himself as Alicia's breath was

reminiscent of her lunch. "Boy you stink Timmy" echoed Alicia causing a ringing

in Timmy's ears as well as another foul waft of bad breath. Timmy now

thoughroughly repulsed shouted to Alicia and oredered her to stop breathing on

him. Alicia, barely able to make out her little step- brother's pleas thought it

funny now to tormetn him further. "Hi I'm Hally from Halhala, wHo are you-Harry?

HuH?" Alicia heavily articulated making sure to stress the "H". By now Timmy was

disgusted with the foulness of her breath and nearly vomited as Alicia continued

to send wave after wave of hot, humid, evil smelling breath causing Timmy to

quickly perpsire. Then Timmy's cruel sister tilted her head back and lifted him

above her open mouth. She blew a hot rancid breath out onto him and said.."I'm

gonna eat you Timmy hahaha!" Timmy, thought at first she was joking but she

actually began lowering him into her wet and awaiting orface. "NOooooooooooooo!"

screamed Timy in Terror! Timmy struggled to avoid his fate but was unable to

prevent his descent. Suddenly, a steamy stream of halitosis again ebgulfed him

from below as he entered into his step-sister's warm mouth. Then Timmy's naked

frame made contact with her tongue and he ALicia slid him down her toungue then

released him. Timmy was now covered in his sister's saliva...nothing could be

worse Timmy thought as he cringed from the sliemy feeling against his privates

caused him to grow erect again. As Timmy peered outward into the world from the

mouth of his sister he yearned to be big again and feared that his step- sister

was truely going to swallow him alive in order to make up for his inrusion in

her and her sister's life 10 yrs. ago. Timmy truely grew afraid when Alicia

slowly and deliberatly closed her mouth around Timmy. Timmy was now in a rancid,

hot, himid, slimey and fearfull new environment. He looked all around him and

there was nothing but slimey gums and a huge toungue waiting to embrace him

before they deliver him into the depths of the pit below. just then though the

door opened and in came Elizabeth, Timmy's other step-sister, and one of her

girlfriends,. They were wearing their cheerleading uniforms which consisited of

a black and yellow mini skirt and top. They were both also wearing white socks

and white Keds. Elizabeth was a tall burnette who dyed her hair blonde and wore

it up in a flimsy bun supported by fliffy ribbons. Elizabeth's friend - Tamatha

on the other hand was a black-haired, olive -toned Hispanic who let her hair

fall to her shoulders in wavy, hair - sprayed curls. As the two newly arrived

girls entered the living room they saw Alicia who apparently had something in

her mouth. "What are you eating Alicia?" asked Betty. Alicia responded

with.."mmm mm mmm" "dont talk with your mouth full Alicia!" Betty jokingly

responded. While suffering inside Alicia's mouth Timmy felt a rumbling and heard

a gurgling coming from the pits of her stomach. Suddenly the gurgling grew

louder and llouder as a waft of regergitated gas traceled up the esophogus to

the throat until it filled ALicia's mouth with the foulest smelling gas one

could imagine. Timmy immediatly passed out from the intensley hot, carbonous gas

and reawakened as Alicia blew it out. "Excuse you!" Betty replied.To which

Alicia said ,"mmm mmmm mmmm mm" "Swallow it or spit it out already!" Betty

ordered. Then Timmy fell downward as Alicia tipped her head and let Timmy fall

out of her mouth into the palm of her hand followed by a trail of saliva that

covered poor little Timmy. Alicia laughed outloud as she gazed down at her poor,

tortured brother. Elizabeth and her friend could not beleive their eyes at the

sight of Tiny Tiny Tim lying in a pile of saliva in Alicia's hand. "Oh my gosh!,

what happened to Timmy, and why was he in your mouth?" cried Betty. "What?

did'nt mom tell you? Timmy, went to a shrink who shrunk him and told us we

should torment him with foul smells in order for him to get better.hehehe"

Alicia answered with a little baby's voice. "Are you serious Alicia?! Why wasn't

I told of this?" Demanded Betty. "Well your were just told! You wanna have fun

with him..he likes to smell feet! Why dont you and Tamatha join in?" prodded

Alciia. "Hehehe sounds like we can bribe are little brother to be our

slave." Betty devilishly retortrd. Tamatha was still in awe at what was

ahppening ans stared constantly at Timmy's naked frame. Then Alicia wrapped her

finger around Timmy and held him tightly in her grip. She then sat down with

Betty and Tamatha on the floor in a circle and decided to play a game of truth

of dare with Timmy. Alicia laid Timmy in the middle of the cicrle where he

callapsed from exaustion. As the girls sat around starring at him and speaking

about him for a moment Timmy was slowley able to rergain some of his former

strength and stood up. As he looked around him he saw that he was surrounded by

3 mischevious girls awaiting an opurtunity to torture him. Betty got up and went

for a bottle while Alicia told Tamathe to remove her keds which she did with no

objestion as her feet were hot and sweaty from practicing all day in the stuffy

gym. Although not so strong as before, Timmy was able to perseive a faint

footish odour coming from all directions. At oneend there was the familiar

vinegary smel, but on the other there was difficult to was musty,

perhaps a little crusty.and with a hint of popcorn..Although with all the stench

from Alciia's saliva, it was hard to tell.Then Betty returned with the bottle

and spun landed on Alicia...."Truth of dare Betty.?" "Dare of course!"

replied Betty and with that Alicia ordered Betty to take off her sock and place

Timmy in the smelly toe section and then insert her foot, and put her shoe back

on til the next round. And this Betty did. As Timmy heard the dare and the

acceptance of the dare, he looked up and saw Betty removing her shoes, then

socks.She then looked down on Littly Timmy said.."Well, here goes...i'm sorry to

do this to you Timmy but your supose to get it. With that she pinched poor Timmy

between her thumb and forefinger and lifted him up above her smelly sweat socks.

She then dropped him in and inserted her foot overtop him........... As Betty

delivered her younger step-brother into the damp pungency of her sweaty socks

Timmy was overcome by the smell of her feet that, much like Alciia's, smelled

sharp like vinegar. When he reached the tip of the sock Betty released her

brother causing him to fall face first into the wet knit of her sock. His prison

began to shake suddenly when Betty inserted her foot into the sock poor Timmy

was stuck in. Then as Betty's foot made its way to the the end of the sock,

Timmy saw his sister's toes wiggle there way toward him and he noticed an

increase in the sharp odor. Finally, Betty's toes made contact with Timmy's body

and forced him to lie between the crevices of her toes and the damp netting of

her sock. Timmy's world grew even tighter when Betty put her keds back on her

feet forcing her little brother up against her moist fleshy toes. Timmy heard

faintly the girls giigle and laugh but he wass not in the least bit amused. Then

his sister Betty began to wiggle her toes and scrunch poor tiny Tim in between

her toes. OOnce again the smell and the rubbing of a woman's feet forcing

themselves upon him caused Timmy to grow a throbbing erection that was

unstoppable. And like this, timmy lay until the nect round. The girls all

laughed and poun the bottle again. But it landed on Alicia again. Alicia, loked

to Tamathe and dared Tamatha to catch Timmy with her smelly foot only and then

pick him up with her toes and drop him in her shoes to wear him. Tamatha agreed

with little objection. Then Tiimy felt a his burden lighten as Betty removed her

foot from the shoe. and then removed her sock from her feet leaving Timmy

inside. Before she dropped poor Timmy out Tamatha position her small size 4 and

a half's in the air to catch him. Betty then tunred the sock inside out and

forced Timmy to fall out onto the floor. But before Timmy could stand up he was

engulfed by Tamatha's musty-smelling foot from above. She lowered her sweat ped

down on him and forced him onto his back. She then moved her toes roughly about

Timmy's fragile frame and forced him into her toe crevices where she squezed him

in an attempt to capture him securely enough to lift him up. Then with a vice

like grip, Tamatha forced Tiimmy deep into her crevices and lifted him up. Timmy

was now squeezed beyond imagination. He could hardly breath, and when her could

he was not able to get a lung full of fresh air but only the polluted dtink of

her feet. As Timmy looked down he saw flashed of carpet race beneath him and

then a stop. Timmy was now starring straight down into the depths of Tamatha's

old funky keds.She then lowered him into the ked until Timmy could smell, not

only her feet but the dor from the keds as well. Tammy dropped him...causing

Timmy to be dropped into the smelly confines of the ked. Timmy rushed for the

side of the shoe, but before he could make it Tamy's foot entered the shoe

making Timmy's world dark and foul. As her foot inched into the ked Timmy ran to

the toe to excape...but he was trapped and there was nowhere to run. Tammy's

foot soon made contact with Timmy's body in the toe and and rubbed up against

him. Now Timmy was enprisoned inside the smelly crevices of a new female whose

sexually stimulating proddings made Timmy's still erect manhoood throb even more

than before. But before long Tamatha removed her foot from the shoe causing

Timmy to be covered in yet another film of stench. Timmy sat in the confines of

the smelly shoe. He was afraid to leave for fear that they might deivse yet

another foot torture for him. Still, he was afraid that if he stayed they might

be oblidged to think that he wants to be their shoe toy and they might inrude

upon his privats once more. So Timmy moved to the heel of the shoe and as he

looked up all the girls looked down at him hungrily. The all three at

cross-kneed around him leaving little space beween them for escape. Then Alcia

leaned over and diumped the shoe out causing Timy to fall onto the thick carpet.

They then took turns covering him with their feet and torturing him. Each

wiggled their toes over his body and caressed his erection...although it should

be mentioned that his erection was soooo small that it went unoticed by the

girls.Then just as Alicia held Timmy beneath her foot, their mother came hoome

and interrupted their fun, When she asked were Timmy was, Alicia slowly lifted

up her foot from the Timmy and revealed a bundle of smelly flesh curled up on

the carpet. "What are you doing!?!" demanded Timmy's mother. "Where were just

playing with Timmy thats all" replied Alicia as non schalauntly as possible.

"your not suppossed to just play shrink him whenever you want it is a special

behaviour modification devise to be employed only when needed." Timmy's mother

said. Then Alicia whispered to Betty to go along with her and she said.."But he

did misbehave today and Gail Smith, his mentor told me to get him used to the

smell of feet today." "Oh..well in that case I suppose it is allright, but for

now give your brother a break and let him grow back to normall size, if I know

you, you havent left him in peace yet." the mother replied. "But mom, were just

starting to have fun..." whinned Betty "No no enogh is enough, tomorrow you can

have fun so long as timmy doesnt mind.", Timmy;s step-mother ordered. And with

that she told his Timmy's step-sisters to wash him off in the sink and leave him

in his room to grow back to normaal size becasue she wanted to talk to him. And

so the girls reluctantly lifted Timmy up and washed him off under the cold

running water of the sink. But the smell would just not come out. So the sisters

grabbed so soap and washed him down, rubbing their gigantic fingers all over his

body and even up against his erection. Fortunatly for Timmy though when it was

all over thay had not forced him to ejaculate, although he had come close at

times. However, the inconsistent proding and touching was not steady enough to

force any climax. Then Betty took her brother and layed him in his bed and left

the room and within the hour tiny Tim was no longer tiny. The first thing he did

was rush to the shower, as the smell would linger in his nostrils for some time

after the fact. While in the bathroom Timmy was overcome by the events which

passed that day. Although, scarey at the moment, the fact that he had smelled

many women's feet and was somewhat arousing. That night in the bathroom Timmy

brought himself to ejaculation with the thought of the smell of Gail's musty

feet. After Timmy was freshened up his step-mother called him into the kitchen

where she began explaining to him, all that Gail had told her. "First off, there

will be a few changes in the rules of this house. 1. Everynight you will do your

homework at 18:00 or I will wear you in my shoe for a period of time out. 2. you

will wash the dishes every night and take out the trash every morning. If you

fail to do this, I will wear you to work in my shoes. and 3. you will treat your

step-sisters with respect otherwise I will authroize them to do whatever foot

torture they want on you." "But mother, do you know what Alicia did to me! she

put me in her mouth and threatened to swallow me alive!" cried Timmy. "your just

a little tatle-tale are'nt you? You know in the 10 yrs I have had you I have

never raised you to be a tattle tale! So just for that I am going to shrink you

and punish you with my feet." retorted Timmy;s step- mother. "BUT MOM!!!"

"That's finall! and as for your sister she will be told not to ever do that to

you again!" replied Timmy's mother Timmy sat there and starred at his

step-mother as she removed her extremley hot, sweaty and foul smelling feet from

her worn out leather flats. Timmy, grew disgusted at the thought and was afraid

at having to smell his step-mom's raunchy feet. He slowly got up to sneak away

when his step-mom spurted..."Timmy! Where are you going?! Sit down right here

next to me..your going to get it wether you like it or not!" "But mom I just

took a shower" whinned Timmy. Just then his mother licked a wet slimy film over

her forefinger and thumb and told Timmy to hold his face out which Timmy

reluctantly did. But before Timmy knew it his mother's stinky wet fingers rubbed

up against his nostrils and Timmy shrunk within a matter of seconds. As he

looked up from the ground on which he shrank he saw his step-mother towering

over him. She then lifted up her foot. Timmy could see every noook and cranny

from underneath and the smell was awfull and acidic. She then grinned and

lowered her pungent ped down onto Timmy. His soft clean body was soon

overwhelmed by the sharp smell and vinegar-like sweat that covered him. Timmy

was then forced by his step-mother's toes to fit deep into the crevices. While

there Timmy's world was a flashy blurr of wiggling hunks of sweaty, dark-brown

stocking encased hunks of flesh. his mother, in an attempt to rub her smelly

sweaton him pushed her toes against his body thereby causing him to grow erect

against his will. This contiued for about 5 mins. until his mother thought it to

be enough for the night considering what he had been through. She then reached

over, picked him up and delivered him to his bed where she ordered him to stay

for the night without taking a shower. Well needless to say with the smell of

his mother's sweat covering his body it took at least two-three hours for Timy

to return to normal size, but could still intermittenly smell the horrid odor of

her feet. Although, it was hard, Timothy eventually fell asleep. His thoughts

soon began to wander as he drifted farther and farther into sleep. He then had

nightmares of his sisters crushing him beneath their feet. Unbeknownst t TImmy

these such dreams will become reoccuring and in future episodes I will recount

them to the reader, but for now let us return to the reality of the world. As

Timmy slept soundly his two sister snuck into his bedroom. Alicia then whispered

to Elizabeth..."I am going to get that little turd for trying to get me in

trouble...he is going to have the day of his life tomorrow. hehehe." As his

sisters closed in on Timmy Alicia licked her fingers real good and very gently

wiped them on Timmy's nose. Within in seconds Timmy shrank, however he remained

undisturbed as he was exhausted by the previous days events and was also a heavy

sleeper. Then his wicked step-sister Alicia, genlty gathered up his sleeping

heap and took him into their mother's room. As usuall their mother had placed

her clothes for the following day out on the floor. she had a black skirt, white

blouse, and black stockings rolled up in her black patent-leather heels. Betty

then got an old smelly pair of her mother's black stockings identical to the the

pair she would wear tomorrow. Then Alicia quietly placed Timmy in her mother's

smelly stocking and rolled it up so that if Timmy would awaken, he would not be

able to escape. She then replaced one of their mother's stockings with the pair

in which Timmy slept soundly. With that they departed and left the room gigling

at Timmy's future fate. The following day would prove to be one of the longest

of Timmy's life....


By Ziggy

Throughout that night Timothy slept soundly in a state of deep R.E.M. Although,

unconsious , however, Timmy was able to detect the odour of his step-mother's

dirty stocking within which he slept. This caused his mind to slip loose of

reality as he began to dream the worst nightmare of his life. Within his dream

all was hazy, as if it were hard to see. Timmy could not see his hand in front

ofhis face. He could hear nothing and feel nothing, although he could smell a

rrancid odour that packed a powerfull punch as well as sense a presence near

him. but then in an instant all became bright and clear as Timmy looked up

pinned on his back he saw the tips of his step-mother's toes and the elongated

stretch of her legs and torso shooting into the sky topped off with a seemingly

tiny head gazing down at him smilling. timmy struggled to move but was unable to

budge even an inch. As he reached out his hand to push up against the immense

pressure of the large toe, the weight upon him doubled and Timmy was brought to

the point of suffocation. He couldnt breath on account of his step-mother's toe

on his chest and could not escape . Struggle became useless, but the pressure

subsided and the horrid odour being emitted from the toe replaced the physical

oppression of being crushed to the physical oppression of being forced to smell

rancid odours. Then all once more grew hazy and faded out. Timmy was once more

reduced to the constant but solitary sense of smell. This time the smell

increased in potency. More and more stronger and stronger. The smell seemed to

replace all oxygen with the gaseous and corrupted air of what smelled like his

step-mother's feet. Soon the smeel alone was enough to sufocate poor Timmy.

Nevertheless, the sense of touch returned and Timmy could feel a mounting

pressure on his chest. The air grew steamy and hot with the fetid smell. Then

Timmy's sight was granted him once more and he found himself gazing at a hunk of

wrinkled toe flesh directly above him. The wrinkled mass of moist, acrid flesh

pushed up against Timmy's body and face. His arms and legs were snuggled tightly

down by the flesh. His outstetched crotch was tightly tucked into a fold of

flesh, and his face was soon fitted into another roll of soft, stinky skin.

however, the pressure continued to steadily climb as well as the pressure. His

bones began to creak beneath the force and then with one violebt twist of the

massive toes Timmy felt a powerfull crick in his neck and his skull collapsed

like a walnut 'neath an anvil. At this moment Timmy woke up in a cold sweat. He

was somehwat disoriented, but he could continue to smell the same pungent foot

odour. As timmy rubbed his eyes and stetched out he felt restructed, as though

he were completley under the covers and tightly tucked be continued

later tongiht.... Timmy then began to struggle to find the ends of the sheets to

pull them off, but cold not find them. He then pushed against his "mesh prison"

more vehemently but it was of noe use. Timmy could not budge. By then Timmy was

begining to wonder what was going on. He was thinking that his sheets smelled an

awfull lot like feet, but they could just be dirty. Timmy rubbed his eyes some

more and the as the haze began to clear he relaized that he was no longer in his

bed anymore. He was'nt exactly sure on his location as there was not enough

light to see, but whereever he was there was a definite odor. With that odour

filling his nostrils Timmy started to wrooy about where he was. He tried to

asses the situation and determine if there was a way to escape. He pushed and

struggled and pulled and strapped and was accomplishing very little as far as

moving the smelly sheets off of his body. But just then he saw a faint light

from the distance, shining through the dark meshy covers. His world began once

more to shake and Timmy grew dizzy from the motion. Although it was unbeknownst

to Timmy as of yet, but his step-mother had woken up and was preparingt o get

dressed for work. As she reached for her shoes she caused Timmy to sense the

movement. Then she unfurled her stockings each one by itself. When she unfurled

the stocking Timmy lay trapped in Timm spun about again and again, around and

around until he violently stopped and was embraced by the soft netting of his

step-mother's hose. Timmy, now encased in only one layer of mesh cringed in

horror at the sight he saw. As he looked down through the stocking he saw his

step-mom's feet moving about the floor then apparantly sit down. One of her feet

then lifted itself up towards him and dissapeared to his right. Timmy did the

best he could to roll over on his back to see up above him and noticed his giant

step-mother's face and looked up at her giant hands holding the rim of her hose

shut....the only escape hatch for Tiny Tim. considering his nightmare Timmy

became frantic with fear and struggles with all his might to climb up the mesh

and escape the fate of being crushed at the raunchy old toes of his step-mother.

Of course he was too small to have any effect or to gain his step-mother's

attention. She then rolled up her hose and before Timmy could begin crawling out

of his stinky predicament, his step- mother inserted her foot into the opening

of the hose, defeating all hopes of escape. Timmy still fought but was soon

overcome by his mother's foot. She slid it into the toes forcing Timmy to slide

underneath her feet where he got caught in the crevices. As his step-mom pulled

her hose to a tight fit Timmy was forced up against her bulbous flesh underneath

her toes. Being tightly bound inside her crevices Timmy was barely able to

budge. His attempts at freeing himself from the crevices, which Timmy all too

well knew would soon turn into an acrid sweat oven, were futile. He even tried

to move over onto his side or his stomach, however, Timmy was his step-mommies

little insole. Timmy was disgusted but could not fight. When his mother inserted

her foot into her pump everything went dark andin a matter of minutes the heat

began to increase dramatically. his step-mother then walked out to the car

making Timmy grow a bit dizzy from the movement. With each step Timmy

practically was forced to taste huge hunks of toe flesh that were forced into

his mouth and pressed firmly against his body. But was even worse than this was

the fact that with every wiggling of Timmy's step-mom's toes, Timmy's manhoood

was made to rub up against those fleshy portions inside the crevices. Although,

before his mother made it outt o the car the wigling was too sporadic and

intermingled with moments of extreme pressure and motion caused by the walking

for Timmy to grow an erection. But as soon as timmy's sep-mom stepped into her

car and began driving she began to rythmically wiggle her toes over and over

again forcing Timmy's manhood to become stand at attention to the damanding,

prods of his step-mother's toes. Nevertheless, timmy was spared any premature

ejaculation as his step-mother arrived to work at her office. Unfortunatley for

Timmy, his step-mother was a secretary for a lawyer, and therefore sat at a desk

most of the day fidgetting with her shoes and almost incessantly scrunching

moulding and wiglgin her toes. As Timmy recalled this from times past when he

would accompany her to work during the summer, he began to worry about what sort

of torture-like habits his step-mother might employ on her tiny toes toy

throughout the day. By the time Timmy's step- mother had reached her office, the

already smelly confines of the hose grew substantially ranker with the increased

perpsiration of his step-mom's feet. Her feet also became saturated with sweat

thereby saturating TImmy with sweat as well. And then the naughty proddings

began as TImmy;s step-mom vehemently started srucnhing and wiggling her toes

over Tiny Tim bringing him quickly to attention. They would come at rythmicall

intervels, one 5 minute set would get Timmy up, another 5 minute rest would

allow Timmy to decrease somewhat. And then another 5 minutes and so on and so

forth until around noon when his step- mother, anxious for lunch, continued her

prodding for over 20 minutes straight, during which time Timmy strained to

prevent his release of fliud. However, the constant rubbing of the extremely

pungent sweaty flesh overwhelmed Timmy's 16 yr old resistance and forced him to

purge himself with such a violent force that he shuddered and kicked almost hard

enough f or his step-mother to feel it. But after the fact Timmy's step-mom's

toes conitued their play with his manhood, making Timmy to feel even more

overwhelmed by the vicious proddings on his now sesitive member. Then lunch time

came, which releived timmy of his foot torture. However the smell by this time

packed such a powerfull punch that Timmy could taste it through his nostrils and

the vinegar like odour stung as though sulfuric acid were being poured over him.

While at lunch his step-mom finally released Timmy from the constant sweat and

heat of being inside her shoe. Although the smell never left, Timmy could get

feel wafts of air penetrate the now sweat saturated mesh and flow into Timmy's

prison. Too bad for Timothy though, the rest was only temporary. Soon his

step-mother started slipping her foot in and out of her pumps causing Timmy to

shift about within her moist, fetid creivices. Because of the sweat, which was

almost like a natural lubricate, Timothy was forced to slipp underneather his

step-mom's instep. the smell there was no less ofensive, nor was it any more

comofrtable. But it did allow Timmy to stretch out a little. And so it continued

for about 30 minutes that Timmy's mother rubbed her little adopted pet with her

wrinkled feet. But when it came time to go she stood up with Timmy still stuck

in the instep. Timmy pancked and tried to make it to the saftey of the, awfully

unpleasant crevices, but was forced into a large wrinkle on the heel of his

mother's foot. The fit was tight and the pressure immense. Timmy was not able to

breath as all the air was forced out of him. Luckily for Timmy though his

step-mother felt him and toook of her shoe at her desk and rubbed her foot

against the flor to postion what she assumed to be a peice of cotton or

something, back into the more comortable confines of her crevices. It was there

that Timmy suffered the awfull smell and torture of his step-mom's feet

throughout that day. About 5 hours later Timmy's step-mom arrived at her home.

As she stepped into the house she noticed that Alicia and Elizabeth had a few

friends over and they were in their room listening to music, talking and doing

things that girls do. She decided not to bother them, but Elizabeth, upon

hearing her mother arrive home was first out tog greet her, and treated her

extra kind. After a little persuasion intermittenly interrupted by litte giggles

she got her mother to agree to a foot massage, as her feet were tired from a

long days work. She told her mother to let her take off her stockings,

explaining to her that it would feel goood on her feet if she were to scrunch

her bare feet on the carpet. With that Timmy's step mom removed her extremely

hot and smelly feet from her shoes and while Elizabeth took special care to make

sure that their mother did not find out that Timmy was in her stockings all day

today at work, so when she removed her stocking from the foot Timmy was

enprisoned within, she made sure that he fell to the toes section and tied the

opening to prevent Timmy's escape. She then laid aside the stockings, gave her

fot massage and then picked up the dirty smelly hose and brough them into her

and her sister's room. All the while Timmy revelling in the partial pleasure of

feeling cool fresh once again, found himself still uneasy with the fact that his

step-sister had control of him. Suddenly the loud clang of a small group of

girls clanged in Timmy's ears as Betty broguht him into the room. she then

whipsered to her little step- brother...."You may not survive this one

Timmy...!" then sadistically laughed.


By Ziggy

As Elizabeth walked into the room carrying Timmy within his step-mother's smelly

hose, Timmy was flung about inside his mesh prison. He tried to hold onto the

mesh in order to stay stable and was able to do so for enough time to see all of

his step-sister's friends starring at him intently. As Elizabeth stood around

her friends holding the stocking in the air she silenced the chattering teens as

their jaws dropped in awe and wonder at the tiny human form trapped within. Then

Alicia stood up and said, "See I told you guys, our step-brother shrinks. Is'nt

it cool! We can do whatever we want with him!" Then the chattering began again,

this time with less intensity as all the girls desired to have a look at poor

little naked Timmy. Timmywas now more frightened then he had ever been. All of

these girls around him, starring at him in all his nude glory. What was even

worse was the fact that as he looked around at the girls present he noticed that

most of them went to his school and knew him. He recognized some of Elizabeth's

cheer leading friends. there was Ashley, a blonde-haired ditz with a pretty face

and button nose, then there was Elisha, a beautifully tanned girl with crinkly

curly hair, and a little too much make-up. There was also Jessica; a skinny

brunette with short shoulder length hair. Of course there were also some of

Alicia's friends; among whom there was Mariia, a Mexican gal with the prettiest

face and darkest eyes, however she was fat as a result of too many chicharrones

and gorditas. Also with Alicia was another black friend of hers, Yolanda whom

Timmy had fallen in love with on occassion. She had a vuluptuous rear, plump

lips and the phyisique of a weight-lifter. All of Alicia's friends had

occopanied her home from cheerleading practice and consequently were wearing

their white gym socks and dirty white Keds. Alicia's friends on the other hand

had come home from the university with her. Maria was wearing brown hose with

brown slip-on sandals, Yolanda was wearing black socks, ols worn tennis shoes

and a gym suit, and finally Alicia was wearing black stockings and her old black

leather clogs. Needless to say the group of girls had on a variety of footwear

all of which were quite hot and pungent as Timmy would soon find out. Alicia,

being the older than her sister Elizabeth took the hose that Timmy was trapped

in and brought it to her face to talk to her step-brother. As she moved it

closer in she recognized the awfull smell of her mother's worn hose and quickly

moved it further away. She then soothingly spoke to her brother and said, "Hey

there little brother, how was your day today huh? What? I cant hear you..speak

up..;;" With that the girls laughed at Timmy's futile attempts to reach a

laudible enough octave to be heard by everybody. "Let me down! Get me out of

here right now!, This isnt funny, your gonna be in serious trouble when mom

finds out!" Timmy shouted. But Alicia ignored him and then set him on the ground

around all the girls. Timmy looked up through his mesh prison and saw Alicia

removing her shoes. Alicia thent old her friends, "This is really funny you have

to watch this...when you make him smell your feet he gets up! and I mean really

gets up!" The girls, inconsiderate of TImmy's privacy laughed and began to take

off their shoes one by one. Alicia then instructed the girls to place the feet

in a circle around Timmy. Still inprisoned in his smelly stocking cage Timmy

could not attempt an escape but stood up despite the fact that he had to hold up

the hose. All the girls then took off their shoes and surrounded Timmy with

their pungent feet. There were smells of all sorts, and the intensity was

increases by as the moved in closer. All the while the incessant sound of

chattering and giggling persiste getting louder and louder as Alicia prompted

her little step brother to play with himself. Now it was a condition of Timmy's

as a result of his foot fetish that the smell of women's feet always made him

stand erect and despite his efforts to resist, Timmy's tiny member stood high

and mighty in the midst of the raunchy odours surrounding him. Alicia pointed

this out to her friends and they all laughed. Then, Elizabeth reached over and

picked up timmy within the hose and said that she had an idea. She unraveled the

knot at the opening of the stocking and reached in her hand to pull Timmy out.

Timmy watched as his step-sister's gigantic fingers maneuvered their way towards

him. Timmy tried to fight them off but it was like and ant pushing against a

bulldozer. Elixabeth then grabbed wrapped her forefinger, middle finger and

thumb around his waist. when she closed her grip on him Timmy felt the pressure.

She then pulled him out. As he was slowly taken out of the dark rankness of his

step-mother's still slightly moist hose Timmy was expecting to feel a waft of

fresh air fill his nostrils, but much to his dismay as he was removed totally

from the Hose and took a deep breath he found that the smell of his

step-mother's feet were strong in his nostrils still. He could not wipe it off

nomatter how ahrd he tried. When he wiped his nose with his arm the smell was

only intesified as the sweat from her feet had soaked into his skin. But raunchy

smells were seemingly Timmy's purpose in life, as Elizabeth intesified the

odours by bringing him close to her mouth where she began to speak to him. Not

only was the her voice banging in his eardrumms now but her breath was foul and

remeniscent of pickles and onions. But then Elizabeth made deal with Timmy. She

said," After smelling all of our feet, if you can identify the smell of

everybody's feet then we wil let you go. But if you fail, then we will all cover

you in sugar and suck on you like a lolly pop, or we may even use you as a toe

seperator as we paint our toes." The girls allt hought this was a fun idea and

laughingly agreed to do it. Elizabeth then took her sister's smelly clogs and

was going to tape Timmy inside of them. Alicia then pushed her rank clog over to

Elizabeth who placed Timmy in the arch. As she forced Timmy slowly into the dark

black smelly confines of the shoe Timmy became again overwhelmed with the smell

of his sister's feet. It was not too much different than his step-mother's in

that it was acrid, however, there was a powerfull must that was added to the

pungency. Timmy now lay on his back in the arch pinned down by his sister's huge

finger. She then told Timmy to spread his arms and legs, which Timmy slowly did,

knowing he was totally at the mercy of these micheivous girls. Elixabeth then

took smalll strips of tape and tapes down his wrists and ankles. The tape

adhered to Timmy almost like cement. His arms and legs were rendered imobile and

Timmy frightened began to struggle. But then Elizabeth topped him off by tap

Giantess Stories: IN SHOE DIARIES by Ziggy    It all began in September of 94

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