Giantess Stories: In the Kitchen with Dyna

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In the Kitchen with Dyna


(Rated R, nudity, shrinking, violence, eating)


   The show begins. Intro music (lots of saxaphone whailing)

The audience clapping as the studio signs tell them to.

   Dyna is wearing her apron, as if she'd ever spilled

anything during a show, and several pots and pans are scattered about around her

on the counter top. The fully functional studio kitchen was on wheels so it

could be rolled away for the tool show that came on right afterward. Dyna was

still a smash success and was enjoying her new found power and money.

   "Today, we're going to highlight on a few things in

cooking that's becoming more and more popular... the addition of shrinkies to

our cooking." Dyna holds up a ziplock bag with several shaved, dead shrinkies in

it. They look like raw chicken wings.

   "And one of the main questions I get asked is how I get

them to look good enough to eat." She turns to another glass bowl full of nude

shrinkies with hair and some articles of clothing. "And here today with us is my

friend Marie, she's going to show us a film of her shrinky preparation."

   "That's right Dyna..." Marie Osmond comes on stage and

puts on an apron of her own. The crowd goes wild with applause (as the signs

tell them to) Her eyes are sparkling in the overheads as she takes her place

next to the expert cook. "If you will, roll the tape..." she ques the crew.

   The screen cuts to Marri's home video tape for everyone

to see. It starts with a house full of people. Only when the camera angle zooms

out do you see that it's a doll house with a plexiglass side so that all of the

people can be seen at all times. Marie's voice is overlayed on the video.

   "Since we all know how expensive shrinkies are, either

vatted or born, my secret is to introduce professional educators to be shrunk

for me. Either school teachers or any people perfessional."

   "Oohs" and "Ahhhs" from studio audience. (as the signs

tell them to)

   Marie continues. "Or course, not everyone can afford

scholastic administrators like me, so some of you may just get someone to

babysit for you and teach them to speak. Hiring a neighborhood teenager is a

good idea. They're still in school and can give your shrinkies a taste of school


   The tape continued on. The shrinkies in Marrie Osmond's

doll house were acting VERY eduacated and civilized while she narrated. "I have

a group of live- ins that tend to my "heard" six days a week, so when I prepare

something with my shrinkies, they can all speak and have manners and perfect

ettiquite." she boasts. The film continues and shows several young women wearing

extravagant blue dresses march right into Marrie's palm where she dumps them all

in her mouth and eats them alive. The film ends and goes back to the show


   Marie and Dyna are smiling hugely as the audience

applauds. (as the signs instruct)

   Dyna shows her own vat grown shrinkies next. They were

raised in a smilar fasion in her kitchen.

   "Here I have a few that I've even named. I brought them

JUST for today's cooking show where we're going to make a desert that you might

serve at a party, or just a girls night playing cards. We're going to make a

luscious Vermise chocolate sundae. And on top of it we want several male and

female virgins." She shows that each of the tiny humans are separated and nude.

And young. Dyna smiles hugely and Marrie looks on as Dyna shows her own grow


   "I have several people that come to help, but my

daughter tends to all of my shrinkies as well as the people that educate them.

The best way to do this, I've found, is I put my daughter in once a day for a

few minutes or an hour. She'll be bigger then any of them and can really weed

out any problems that cause ugly or problem shrinkies." she shows some of the

shrinkies are bruised and starving, barely able to stand. "And what you want are

NON abused shrinkies, with good hygeine. And hygeine is something that not all

food shrinkies know, but it's important when you have special guests that your

shrinkies are well mannered and that they don't do any business on your food."

   "Moans" and "Ewws" from the audience as the overhead

signs flash for a boo.

   "So, to keep morale up in the shrinkie colony, I like to

reward the ones that are best behaved." she extracts a tiny man and holds him to

her chest as if she really likes him. The audience giggles and laughs at the

super star millionare cook showing affection to a shrinkie. "And it goes a long

way with these little guys, and you can get more productive and appetizing

shrinkies if you show great care in thier up bringing. That's right little fella..."

Dyna pets the tiny man on the head with her fingertip as she cuddles him to her


   "That's right Dyna." Marrie has a few shrinkies of her

own. "I've got some people that I've shrunk over the years and kept as trainers

for my food shrinkies, and it's really easy to keep up their stamina if you show

them compassion." she pulls a tiny man from her hip pocket and shows him to the

camera like a mouse. He's huddled up in her palm with one of her hands partially

over his head to protect his sensitive eyes to the bright studio lights. "This

is Kevin, my former cheaufer. I shrank him when I actually CAUGHT him looking 

at me through my limo partition."

   Scoffs and dismay from the crowd when the sighns flash

the word "DISMAY."

   "But, he appologized, and turned out to be a very

trainable shrinkie, and I've kept him around to do my bidding in my shrinkie

farm." she then puts Kevin back in her pocket and pulls a tiny woman out of her

nearby purse.  "This is Tina, my makeup designer that cusssed in front of me

last season."

   More scoffs and tisks from the audience. "And Tina

appologized once I shrank her, and now she makes a beautifull addition to my

collection because she can apply makeup to my shrinkies so that they look their

best when I eat them. And we all know what happens if she doesn't do her job?"

she dangled the tiny woman over her face playfully as the crowd applauds and

laughts. Then the tiny blonde is stuck back in Marrie's purse.

   Dyna's turn to begin showing off her shrinkies and start

the instructional part of the cooking show.

   "I've went through the trouble of making a mold for my

chocolate to congeal in. As you can see, it' looks just like a dildo. And here

on top we'll put our virgins, close, but not close enough to ruin them." she

begins shoving tiny people into the heavy chocolate treat to their hips. "And

try not to get their genitals down too far so you can't see them when the desert

is served." she points out that several tiny penises and pussies are still above

the chocolate survace.

   "Also, you'll see this is where the proper attitude pays

off. Wild shrinkies, or stupid ones would be trying to get away now. But these

perfectly understand what is going to happen to them, so there is nothing to

mess up your desert. If you have unruley shrinkies, you might try attaching them

to a birtday candle, or try shoving a tooth pic up their spine to keep them

striaght. Just remember to tell your guests so they won't bite into whatever you

secure your shrinkies with."

   Then they show the completed penis shaped chocolate

treat to the camera with their mouths watering "want to?"


   Marrie and Dyna get a fork and dig a wide slice of the

chocolate treat off and eat which ever shrinkies were on it. Dyna got a man,

Marrie got two women. Then they passed several of the prepared treats around for

the audience that adored having such well mannered and behaved virgin people to

eat. The crowd's approval went on and on with "Oohs" and "Ahhs".

   Commercial break


   (car dealerships trying to sell cars, bug spray

commercial trying to sell spray, furniture store trying to sell furniture)


   As the camera stays off and the commercials roll on the

monitors, Dyna and Marie are talking.


   "Dyna? Where did you really get those shrinkies?" Marrie


   "Well, let's just say that our audience isn't as packed

as it COULD be." the cooking guru said pointing at the dozen or so empty seats

scattered around the studio area. Marrie just giggled.

   "But they were so clean and well behaved!"

   "I told them that we would just use them for the show

and then grow them again. Can you believe they fell for it?" Dyna said noticing

that the people that she'd swallowed were now drown in the chocolate in her

stomach and were not moving anymore. Marrie opened her purse and took out

several platic vials.

   "Well, if you don't mind... I'd like to take

volunteers?" Marrie's dark eyes were aglow with anticipation as the older woman

knodded knowingly.


   "In three...two... one..."

   "HI! We're back." Dyna began the second portion of her

cooking show. "Another thing we'd like to make today is a dish for those of us

watching our weight. What we'd like to do it get a few members of the audience

to come up and help Marrie to chose the slimest shrinkies we have..." Dyna drew

back the curtain on her shrinking device. It was an old haggard industrial model

with scratches on the stainless steel can. It was 180 degrees different looking

than the cool colored plastic hand held units every one else was toting.

   Immediately hands went up all over the room. Men and

women. All were dying to help Marrie Osmond select a shrinkie or two for the

next dish.

   Quickly six audience members were brought up and

immediately all of them were shrunk at once by the large industrial grade unit.

Marie herself gathered them up in her palm as Dyna started a salad toss and gave

away the secret ingredient of her venegar salad seasoning.

   Marie put the audience shrinkies in Dyna's shrinkie farm

and began talking with them. Soon a ceiling camera was zoomed in to see that the

audience members were selecting the thinnest of the live stock and Marie was

taking them out one at a time and placing them in a mixing bowl near Dyna's


   Soon the camera was directed back on the counter and

Dyna added the shrinkies to the tossed saled and doused with seaneond vinegar

that made them scream out in pain and give them luscious flavor. Both woman

happily chopped other salad items like cucumbers and peppers and tossed them

into the mix before sending it around for everyone to taste. The audience adored

the salad and Dyna got another round of applause. Marie was smiling as well as

they began rolling the cooking infomercial about how to order Dyna's cook books.

   The little yellow credits began to quickly roll up the

screen as the blaring saxaphone announced the end of the show.

   Marrie and Dyna were "cleaning up" as the audience left

and the camera crew shut everything down. The production manager walked up just

as Dyna was putting a very well dressed lady in her mouth.

   "The producers are getting annoyed with you..." the

short fourty something producer said still wearing her head phones from the

sound booth. Dyna looked at the shorter younger woman with contempty. "Stuff it

Carolyn, or you'll end up in my cheese dip!"

   "Just warning you, you know what happened to Sylvia's

show?!" the scrawny producer was too thin for Dyna to enjoy eating, it was one

of the only things keeping the shorter woman alive. Marie interrupted the

producer with a threat of her own.

   "I don't work here, and I eat whatever I like!" she

looked the producer right in the eyes as she put a man in her mough and bit him

in half. Carolyn knew when she needed to retreat. She quickly went back to the

sound booth to get the other technicians out of there. Marie and Dyna were

eating the audience volunteers and everyone else they could find that arroused

their appetites. The studio cleared quickly.

   The cooking show host was MOST pleased to have someone

so into eating people. Too many of her guests were goodie goodies trying to

actually just cook food. Dyna was into eating shrunken people before it was a

publicly accepted thing. She was showering Marie with priases hoping that she

would come back to her show again. "I LOVE the way you forgave your shrinkies to

trained them to behave." Dyna told the talented entertainer. Marie was already

flushed with excitement.

   "This is my brother." she confessed showing the man in

her pocket again. "He's dickless when it comes to pleasing me. Too bad he's too

small for anyone to notice it's him. I keep him drugged so heavily, he doesn't

even remember his name!" she tossed him into her purse with her makup lady. It

was the woman that she used and just took her on the road with her. "As for

Kimber here, she's just a slut who had nothing. I gave her a house and a car and

now she does whatever I say, isn't that right dear?" she kissed the tiny girl in

her palm and used her own stylish portasizer to grow her back to normal.

   The young woman even walked like a prostitute. "Marie, I

need a pop."

   "Of course..." one of the other items in her purse was a

descrete cigarette case. Marie handed over Donnie and Kimber went to the corner

of the studio to smoke her weed and relax after the bumpy purse ride. Dyna was

happy to see the curvy brunette was so in control of her life.

   "How many times a day do you eat a real person though.

Really?" Dyna was prying a bit more. They'd shrugged off the fascade of being

interested in cooking and Marie smiled showing her famous teeth.

   "How many do you think?" she rather warmed to Dyna too.

Even though they were approximately the same age, Dyna hadn't spent the time in

beauty care Marie had. Dyna had a down to earth sexy appearance though, and her

boobs were huge. Not to mention that Dyna still had more money than Marie, and

money had more sex appeal than anything. Marie kissed her to see what would

happen. As usual, Dyna was hungry for something new, she kissed the brunette

entertainer back and they looked at their left overs again.

   Marie began loading some of them into her little plastic

tubes to shove them in her purse for later. Dyna ate another tiny screaming

woman that had "figured it out" and asked Marie politely if she could use her

hand held unit.

  "Sure." Marie knew it had no effect on her, she had a

shrink dampening field around her at all times, but Dyna wanted to use it for

something else. Marie watched intently as the slightly overweight middle aged

woman went up the row of seats in the studio audience and shrank something

behind a row of chairs. She returned with a tiny man in her fingers. His pants

were still pulled down and his boner still waggling in the air as Dyna kept him

dangling by his arms in her fingers.

   Marie's sexy lower lip droped a bit.

   But to Dyna it was nothing new. "I get a few jerkers

here and there. The guys that REALLY think a rich powerfull woman eating people

is sexy. They just can't resist me." she dropped the tiny man to her chopping

board where other chunks of salad toppings were still lying around him.

   "They just can't stop." Dyna made kissy noises at the

tiny man as she took another tiny person from her collection and began chewing

on them right in front of the shrunken masterbator. He began to jerk his meat

faster as Dyna put on her eating show for him. "I make more money in one day

than you'll ever make in your life." She helped him along. "My finger is bigger

than you, you worthless worm." she and Marie watched him beat off. This was too

much for Marie, she'd HAVE to find her a man that would jerk off involuntarily

in front of her. She was a bit jealous of Dyna all of the sudden.

   "There he goes." Dyna grinned with satisfaction and

stood to her full height over the tiny bug sized man. "They usually don't last

that long. I'd better get this place cleaned up before the tool show comes on."

she pushed the tiny man and all the salad topping left overs back into the main

shrinkie bowl and tossed the remaining salad on top of them as a doggie bag for

later. She put one tight sheet of plastic over the bowl and rolled the main

counter toward the wall. Marie was happy to have her purse full of real people

from the audience, she'd interview them later to find out if any of them were

"saleable" like professional accountants or stock brokers, but more than likely

they were a bunch of home makers and auto mechanics. She'd eat them without a

second thought. She shrunk Kimber and put her back in her purse to make sure no

one escaped. She was twice the size of any of the shrinkies she ate, then Marie

left the studio to get in her limo and head back to Utah.




Giantess Stories: In the Kitchen with Dyna

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