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Industrial Insole copyright 2000 by d5

I couldn't understand what was happening. I was just talking to her, a

co-worker at the large heavy industrial complex I worked at. She and I were just

on our way into the plant, getting ready to go into our separate locker rooms

and change into our safety equipment; hard-hat, steel toe shoes all the rest.

Then suddenly here I am, but where's here? Then I look up and see her face.

Her face occupying my entire field of vision, periphery and all! She really

isn't that attractive, a large nose and assorted blemishes and craters, that now

were magnified by the sheer size of her face in my vision. Her green eyes which

always seemed to look right into me, now seemed like they would absorb me. She

had the same amused look on her face, that she had when she would point at me

quickly various times at work. She would then laugh and keep walking, then stop

and turn around and look at me like a cat that had just bagged a mouse. Some of

the other times she would just ignore me, if I tried to make conversation, I

would be standing talking to myself it seemed. But right now I had her

attention, but where was I and why did she look so, so big!?

In spite of her gaze my paranoia kicked in, and I thought, "where are my car

keys and wallet?" I went to reach and check my pants but found I could not move,

I could feel my arms and fingers but I couldn't move them. I couldn't move my

head. A claustrophobic feeling started to overwhelm me, I've never been

claustrophobic, but this was like someone holding your head under water and you

still don't need a breath, but you want to have your freedom of movement. It

seemed the only thing I could move was my eyes.

I looked down toward my arms to see why I couldn't move them, they seemed to

have a leathery look to them, and my legs as well. My legs looked to have some

large writing going across them and they blended into whatever the surface was I

was laying on. I just realized I was laying flat and I couldn't make myself get

up, what the hell is going on?!

"I hope you enjoy your new occupation," she said. "Don't worry about how you'll

do at it, I sure you will be an excellent insole."

"What?! Insole??" I shouted. Tried to shout but it only came out as a

whisper. What is going on, my god it can't be!

"Yes is can be, and it is. You little body is nothing but a series of bumps that

make up my air-cushion insole. Your face is the best, right in the heel section,

so your nose and lips and eyes and forehead will comfort my poor heel."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing and I tried to look around, away from her

taunting face. I could look down and now I realized it was true, I was in her

new pair of work boots.


She had mentioned the previous day that she couldn't wait to break them in,

because they soon would have very special insoles, especially around her heels

which bother her cause of all the cat-walk like stairs she has to climb around.

I started going nuts! Trying to shout, "No no this can't possibly have happened!

Goddamit! fucking hey get me out of this!" I tried with all my will to move my

arms, my legs, turn my head but nothing moved except my eyes!

"Buh Bye," she said and I saw the tip of her white socks with gray reinforcement

at the toes start to fill the sky with her face now farther away in back,

smiling down at me.

"No wait! I'll die, it's 90 degrees in the plant, It'll be 140 in here, no air

I'll die! Wait!!" I tried to scream and she paused and pulled her foot away and

then her face came close again like before.

"It's nothing a good insole can't Handel, and that's what you are, the insole of

my left work boot so ha ha, get used to it!" With that her face was gone and the

foot returned, the gray toe section of her sock slammed down into me forcefully,

I felt my nose break and blood start running down my throat, I gurgled and

started to choke, but then I felt a rush of air actually inside my head and my

nose sprung back and the blood stopped.

Her toes then forcefully slid down from my face and over the rest of my body,

causing a similar horrible pain all the way down to my ankles. But the pain

lasted a few seconds and my body seemed to inflate as it were, back to it's

original shape. Air cushion insole I thought as I saw the bottom of her heel

above me, with light still coming in around the sides of it like a solar

eclipse. She was pausing, I imagine to let me soak in what was going to be

pounding my face for the next 8 hours.

Her sock clad heel moved down on to my face so quickly I didn't have time to

react. It was instantly dark and my nose broke again, i felt my teeth bashed out

in front. As I screamed in agony and abject terror, my nose inflated back, and

my teeth returned , but it was like they were surrounding her heel. My mouth and

throat seemed like about three peanut butter sandwiches were crammed in there. I

tried to breath and my breath took in sock material and a leather smell. I was

being suffocated, but not allowed to die, I wanted it to end, but it would not,

The more my body reacted to try to breath, and convulse, the more of her socked

heel it absorbed. I screamed internally, I would go nuts, I can't take this,

Lisa! I tried to scream to her but only spasmed again I gasped for breath and

absorbed more sock and now a salty smell and taste.

There was no thinking about anything anymore, only automatic reaction. It was as

if my ability to think was now secondary, or hardly existent. Her heel, and rest

of her foot pounding me as she walked and crushing me, was molding me, absorbing

my essence. All I could do was try to scream and in doing so I convulsed and

tried to breath, thus absorbing even more of her socked foot.

Screaming, gasping for air, trying to escape when there was no way to escape.

My mind had a chance for one brief thought, she had to stop walking so there's a

break in this! But the break never came, just constant pounding so that from all

this struggling I had become soaking wet. A vinegary, and musky and leather

smell started to get sucked into my lungs with my breathing attempts I hated

heat, I had to stop sweating, but wait it was her foot sweating on me. I started

to scream and then I started crying horribly, not because of the smell, but I

could feel the rest of my body soaking in her sweat. Wait! she must have know I

was crying, I feel her heel lifting off somewhat. Smash! my nose broke again and

I feel my lips bleeding, then they start their inflating back into her heel. Oh

no!, before my nose and lips heal, a grinding motion starts, and I feel my lips

and nose rip and spread. I scream and convulse and immediately absorb her sweat

until I smell it almost from inside of me. The heat is maddening and the

grinding continues and as I inflate, there doesn't seem to be a difference

between me and her sock. I start to cry and scream and swear attempting

to....her heel slams me again and I know nothing but the sweaty sock smell and

heat and immense absorbing pressure.

Two girls take a break from the heat in a small air conditioned bathroom in a

industrial plant.

"It's really strange that Dale didn't show up for work, he's always on time and

his family can't find him." said Sherry.

"Yes it is!" said Lisa. "But you know that fantasy he has about being turned

into a woman's insole, maybe his wish came true!"

"Heh heh yeah I bet he would be happy then!"

"Well...," said Lisa as she ground the heel of her boot into the floor. "I don't

think he thought that fantasy out to well, especially if he became the

air-cushion insole of my big smelly ol' work boot!"

"Yeah no doubt," said Sherry. "When he shows up maybe we can talk some sense

into him."

"But if his wish has come true, then it's too late for him!" Lisa said as she

slammed her left foot onto the floor.

"Yeah poor Dale!" And they both walked out of the room giggling.



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