Giantess Stories: Inheritance 2

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Inheritance 2: The Legacy

by Zotster

Janet woke up screaming.

Blinking the last remnants of sleep from her eyes and shivering despite the

warmth of the room, she reached over to flick on the light. Slipping out of bed,

she stumbled over to the refrigerator to get a drink of water. The sweat

covering her body caused her silk nightgown to cling to her skin as she returned

to sit down.

Janet stared out the window into the moonlit early morning, trying to relax

enough to go back to sleep. Her roommates in the sorority had already done so,

having long since become accustomed to her almost-nightly screams as she awoke

from a recurring nightmare.

But now something was different. For the first time, Janet could remember parts

of the dream - vague, disjointed images that she could not quite piece together,

but which nonetheless filled her with a strange combination of fear and anger.

As she lay back on her side, still gazing out the window, she knew the time had

come to face her nightmares head on.

* * *

Paul fought off a wave of nausea as he struggled to breathe.

His face was pressed between Laurie's ass cheeks as her silky pink panties

tightened against his back with each step she took. Even in the few moments she

stopped moving, the skin-tight jeans she had decided to wear today kept him

pressed firmly in place.

As the blonde sorority sister strolled casually across campus, waving and

exchanging hellos with friends, Paul was buffeted from both sides between her

buttocks. As hard as it was to gasp for air while she was walking, he dreaded

even more what would happen when she finally arrived at her class.

Since his stepsister had brought him with her to UConn, he had been used in just

about every conceivable way by her sorority friends. Janet had chosen to keep

him a secret from some of the girls she didn't quite trust yet, but there were

at least 20 different young women who took their turns with him. They even set

up a schedule!

All the girls were under strict instructions not to physically harm him - at

least intentionally - but many were something less than careful about how they

handled him. His body was covered with bruises, and he suspected at least one or

two ribs had been broken, along with a sprained leg. He had known pain and

pleasure in his seven months at the school, but mostly pain.

His home was in a gerbil cage at the sorority house, but he seldom had a chance

to use it. His nights were spent fulfilling the sexual desires of the young

giantesses, and his days were spent as their slave.

One of their favorite chores for him was putting nail polish on their fingers

and toes. Some even had him paint unique designs with different colors, and he

had become somewhat of a "nail artist." Their friends could never figure out how

the girls had painted the designs on their nails with such minute detail.

Paul had come to enjoy the nail artistry, but other tasks were much less

pleasant. He had been called upon to pluck eyebrows and other bodily hair, rinse

out bras and panties (when he was lucky, they let him use running water in a

sink), wash their feet (again with water and a tiny rag - sometimes), sort a

drawer full of earrings, retrieve items dropped behind dressers and other

hard-to-reach places (fighting off the occasional spider or cockroach in the

process), and even brushing and flossing teeth from inside their mouths.

But whatever else the young women had him do, he invariably ended up sucking

their nipples, massaging their buttocks, kissing and licking up and down their

bodies and crawling or being plunged inside their vaginas. Often, they would

just lie back in bed naked and instruct him to pleasure them any way he could -

which usually ended with him rubbing their clits. Sometimes he would have to

pleasure several of the women in one night.

The girls often brought him to class with them, usually stuffed in a shirt

pocket or their bras. But today, Laurie had decided to drop him down the back of

her panties before she pulled on her jeans. And as her strides slowed and he

began to hear the assorted rustling and murmurs of a classroom, Paul feared what

would happen next.

Sure enough, Laurie's ass suddenly became a ceiling as she began to sit down,

and Paul was pressed deep between her cheeks as she settled on the hard seat. If

breathing was tough before, it was next to impossible now. He was able to tilt

his head back so his face was in the air of her crack, but the weight of her

enormous soft flesh against him was squeezing his chest, making it possible only

to gasp frantically.

As Paul struggled, Laurie made herself comfortable for the 1 ½-hour lecture.

* * *

Janet stared straight into the small light as a pendulum swung back and forth in

front of it. Her friend Rebecca, a pre-med student and psychology major, spoke

to her softly, telling her to relax and focus on the light.

Rebecca's words seemed to fade into the background as Janet felt the world

slowly slipping away. Soon she felt like she was in another place. She

recognized her bedroom at home, but it was decorated like it was when she was

just 9 years old - complete with pink floral wallpaper, an old-fashioned stereo

complete with turnstile, posters of Cyndi Lauper and lots of stuffed animals.

She looked toward the bed and recognized herself, clutching tightly to her

favorite stuffed animal, a giraffe she remembered was called "Kooky." Janet

looked into her own face, a face that in sleep should have reflected the

innocence of youth, yet somehow didn't.

A light burst into the room, and the adult Janet turned to see her stepfather

open the door and step in. He walked to her bedside and softly kissed her cheek,

caressing her hair.

Her stepfather merely appeared to be tucking her in and kissing her goodnight,

but for some reason the scene made Janet begin to feel agitated and somewhat


She didn't want to look, but she couldn't turn away as the man who had been the

only father she ever really knew slipped his hands inside her pajamas, reaching

down, under the covers ...

Janet broke out of the trance suddenly, a scream escaping her throat. She looked

around the room, shaking. Then as the memories came back in a flood, she turned

her head to the side and vomited.

* * *

Jessica examined the bruises covering Paul's body as she looked through a

magnifying glass. The 3-inch man had remained motionless since Laurie had

brought him to her, apparently unconscious.

Jessica was Rebecca's older sister, and like her, had attended UConn as a

pre-med student. She had graduated last year, and was now in her first year of

medical school. Luckily for Paul, she was spending a week off with her sister

and former sorority friends. And she didn't need to be more than a first-year

medical student to see Paul was in bad shape.

"What did you do to him, Laurie?" she asked.

"He-he was in my pants when I sat down. I didn't crush him, did I? Janet will

kill me!"

"No, he's still alive, but not by much," Jessica replied, brushing aside a wisp

of her curly brown hair. "What were you thinking? The pressure on him must have

been enormous! He could have - probably should have - been smothered!"

"I-I didn't mean to," Laurie said. "He just felt so good squirming around

against my ass, and you wouldn't believe how he turned me on during that class.

I really didn't mean to hurt him."

"Well you have to be a lot more careful with him. I think he'll be okay, but I'm

going to put him back in the gerbil cage to recover. Spread the word to all the

girls, Laurie. No one, and I mean no one, is to touch him for at least a week

for any reason. Just bring him food, and keep the cage clean. Is that


"Yeah, sure," Laurie replied, somewhat half-heartedly.

Not convinced of her sincerity, Jessica became more stern.

"I mean it, Laurie. If any of the girls try to play around with him, they'll

probably kill him. I don't think that would make Janet very happy. How would you

like to be the next person she decides to shrink? Take a good look at that

gerbil cage. You want to call that home for the rest of your life while the rest

of us use you like a dildo?"

"Okay, Jessica. No one will touch him. I promise!" Laurie said, rather

convincingly this time.

"Good. Now get out of here," Jessica said as she turned back to tend to Paul's


Look at this poor guy, she thought. At least a couple of broken ribs, possibly a

broken leg, maybe even internal injuries. She could tell he needed a real

doctor, his own size, but how many 3-inch tall doctors were there? Even if he

survived the next week, Jessica was convinced he wouldn't live to see the


* * *

Janet fidgeted in her chair as Linda talked about her uncle, and how he raped

her when she was just 16. That was half a lifetime ago for the 32-year-old

woman, but she still told the horrible story with enough details to make the

other women in the group shudder.

This was Janet's first experience in a group therapy session with her new

psychiatrist, Dr. Janice Sands. Dr. Sands specialized in incest cases, herself a

victim of her father's advances at a very young age.

Janet had already met with her several times over the past week, and Dr. Sands

had encouraged her to come to the group therapy session as soon as possible.

Despite her assurances that she didn't have to discuss anything she didn't feel

comfortable with, Janet became increasingly nervous while listening to the other


Including her, there were six women in the group. Linda had dirty blonde hair

and was a corporate manager in one of the local insurance companies. She had a

lot in common with Margaret, a 29-year-old blonde who also worked with an

insurance company as a sales representative. Like Linda, she had been raped, but

by her brother rather than her uncle.

Then there was Kelly, a 26-year-old drug addict with dark brown hair who had

been molested by an older cousin. Casey, 22, had black hair, a

disproportionately large bust, and was a waitress. She had also been abused by

an older brother.

Probably the saddest case was Angela. True to her name, she had an angelic face

framed by pretty red hair. Just 15, she had been raped by both her father and

uncle on numerous occasions. Her mother had denied what was happening for months

before finally having a nervous breakdown and stabbing her husband to death with

a kitchen knife. Angela now lived in a foster home, while her mother was

committed to a state psychiatric hospital and her uncle stood trial on rape and

molestation charges.

After Linda finished relating her tale to the group, Kelly started talking about

something that caught Janet's attention.

"Even though it wasn't until recently that I cut through my memory block and

remembered what my cousin Bill had done to me, I realize now that I had been

carrying that anger around for a long time. I used to pick fights with anyone I

could, and I even got mad at my friends for no reason," Kelly said.

"The worst part was when I took it out on my family. Even though they had no

idea what was going on, I subconsciously blamed them, and took it out on them. I

alienated my whole family, and I didn't even realize why. When I was 16, I beat

up my little brother for no reason, then ran away from home. I still haven't

seen my family since then. They just don't want to talk to me."

Those words sent a shudder down Janet's spine as she thought about what she had

done to Paul. She and her friends had put him through a living hell, and for

what? Because he didn't like being forced to have his little sister tagging

along everywhere he went? Could she blame him?

Tears began to fall from her eyes as she realized that she had shrunken and

humiliated Paul not because of anything he had ever done, but out of anger for

what his father had done to her.

"Janet, what are you thinking about?" Dr. Sands asked, noticing the tears.

Broken from her silent thoughts, Janet looked around the room, started to speak,

then ran out the door instead.

* * *

Paul struggled to hang on to the rough material as Nancy danced around the room.

He was losing his grip as her breasts bounced up and down with her movements,

their flesh slamming against his arms and hands as he clung to the bust line of

her dress.

He had lived in relative peace for a full week as the sorority girls obeyed

Jessica's orders, but as if some sort of alarm clock had been set, the girls had

converged on him exactly one week to the hour after she issued the order. Now he

was the guest of honor at an impromptu party.

All around him the young women danced to a song he couldn't even recognize

because it was so loud. Above the heaving mounds of her breasts, Paul could see

Nancy's smiling face glancing down at him, her dark red hair swaying back and


He heard her giggling, then she began to spin around and Paul lost his grip. He

flew through the air for what seemed like hundreds of feet before crashing into

Laurie's bare stomach while she sat on a nearby couch. Laurie let out a

high-pitched scream as he fell into her lap, unconscious.

* * *

Janet could only watch helplessly as Jessica examined Paul with a magnifying

glass. He hadn't regained consciousness for several hours now, and his skin had

turned a sickly shade of white - where it wasn't darkly bruised.

Jessica said nothing as she examined him, but Janet could tell from the look on

her face that the prognosis wasn't good.

"Jessica, how is he? Is he going to be alright?" she asked timidly.

"Well, to put it bluntly Janet, he's dying," Jessica said. "It isn't easy

examining him at this size, but as far as I can tell, his broken ribs have been

thrust into the surrounding tissue, causing internal bleeding and possibly

puncturing a lung. He needs an operation - now - and I don't see how that's

possible unless you can restore his normal size."

Frustration began to build inside of Janet. She had returned to the sorority to

take Paul away, apologize as best she could for the evil things she had done to

him, and maybe even reunite him with Leah somehow. Instead she had found his

still form carelessly dropped on a table while her sorority sisters danced

around him.

A week ago, she probably wouldn't have even cared if he died. Since she returned

to school last fall, she had only seen him twice, briefly. For the most part,

she just let the sisters have their way with him. She told them not to hurt him,

but that was just to fulfill her promise to Michelle.

Now he was going to die, it was all her fault, and the worst part was she now

realized for the first time he didn't deserve it. Her abusive stepfather was

dead, and because of his legacy, Paul would soon be joining him.

There had to be a way. If she hadn't eliminated his excess energy after the

shrinking process, she'd be able to bring him back; but how could any doctor

operate on him at his present size?

Maybe ... "Jess, if you had to, would you be able to do the operation?" Janet


"Well, I'm really not qualified, but it should be just a matter of patching up

all the holes, so to speak," Jessica said. "That I could probably do. But if

there's more serious problems, or any complications arise, I'd be in over my

head. Also, I couldn't do anything unless his size was restored, and you said

that's not possible."

"I have an idea," Janet said. "It's a little desperate, but it sounds like we

need to do something fast to save his life. Find Rebecca, and go with her to get

all the medical equipment you'll need. Then prepare to operate, doctor!"

* * *

Paul awoke in a daze.

His body hurt everywhere, but especially his chest. He had no idea where he was,

and he couldn't seem to get his eyes to focus anywhere. He felt violently ill

and turned his head to vomit, but very little came up.

Suddenly a hand rested on his forehead and fingers rummaged through his hair. A

soothing woman's voice told him to relax, and that he was all right now.

All right? What happened? Who was that?

His left hand was lifted, and he felt two more warm hands surround it. "Just lie

back and rest now, Paul. We'll take care of you," he heard another woman's voice


Must be dreaming, Paul thought. How could I possibly feel a woman's hand on me

when she must be over a hundred feet tall?

Still dazed, he fell into a deep sleep.

* * *

Looking down, Janet saw Jessica give the thumbs-up sign as she removed the Seran

Wrap from the cake pan that had served as a makeshift operating room.

Following Jessica's orders, Janet had sterilized the pan and a small metal

jewelry box that had served as the operating table. Jessica and Rebecca had

sterilized the other medical equipment and scrubbed up after they came out of

the shrinking chamber in the basement. Then Janet had placed them and the

equipment in the pan with Paul and covered it with the Seran Wrap to maintain a

sterile field, leaving just the corners open to allow some air in.

Jessica hadn't even been sure that Paul would survive the half-hour drive back

to Janet's house, but her thumbs-up now indicated he was in good shape.

"How is he?" Janet whispered anxiously.

"No one is more shocked than I am, but it's looking good," Jessica shouted back

from inside the pan. "He came through the operation with flying colors, and we

managed to patch up all the holes. He regained consciousness a few minutes ago,

but I gave him something to help him sleep for a while. He's going to be in a

lot of pain when he wakes up, but as far as I can tell, he should make a full


"Thank God," Janet choked out as tears welled up in her eyes. "I can't thank you

two enough for all you've done. Do you want to get back to normal size now?"

"Actually, I'd like to stay with him until after he wakes up," Jessica said. "He

may need something to help get through the pain. Rebecca should probably stay

too, just so we can keep a watch on him. We got the buzzer you gave us; we'll

use it to call you if we need anything, or when he wakes up. Just relax for now.

Your ‘little bro' here is in good hands!"

* * *

For the next three days Paul was in a world of pain. He felt groggy all the time

and each breath he took was agonizing.

When his breathing became too shallow, one of the women with him - she had

introduced herself as Rebecca - covered his mouth with an oxygen mask. The other

woman, Jessica she had said, made sure his IV was kept fresh, and often asked

him if he needed more morphine for the pain.

What remained unasked and unanswered is why these two women were helping him. By

now he had recognized his surroundings as the living room of his family's -

Janet's - home. He was in some sort of metal pan, its sides rising above him all

around. But the bottom had been covered with a soft cloth, and he rested on a

small cushion that looked like it came from a doll house.

Although he didn't recognize the woman called Jessica, he was quite certain that

in the past few months he had spent a good deal of time pressed against or

inside of Rebecca's curvacious body. Except the large, firm breasts that pushed

forward the front of her white blouse now had been much larger - larger than he

was - at the time.

Judging by the enormity of his surroundings, he realized that he had not been

returned to normal size, but rather the two women had been shrunk to his size to

take care of him. But why? Certainly Rebecca had shown him no more compassion

than the other girls in the sorority, and his stepsister Janet had made it very

clear she didn't care if he lived or died. So what had happened?

It was on the third day of his recovery that Jessica announced she had to leave,

but that Rebecca would stay with him for a few more days to help take care of

his needs. By then his pain had diminished enough for him to be able to move

around freely, although slowly, and eat solid food.

And it was time to ask a few questions.

"Why?" Paul began simply. "Why did you help me? Why didn't you just let me die?

Is Janet that anxious to keep her little sex toy alive?"

It was Rebecca who hugged him close as she stood next to him, her long, light

brown hair brushing against his cheek.

"It was Janet's idea," she said, startling him with the revelation. "She cares

about you more than you can imagine right now. You see, there are some things

you don't know about her, things she didn't even know about herself until last


"What kind of things?" Paul interjected. "What could possibly explain what she

did to me? What could she possibly say to me that would make me forgive her for

taking away my life and making me a toy for a bunch of horny sorority girls?"

"I-I'm so sorry, Paul," Rebecca stammered as she ran a short distance away,

crying from her own shame.

Jessica turned to him. "She didn't know what she was doing, Paul," she said.

Gesturing toward Rebecca, she added, "None of them did. They didn't see you as a

person. Janet didn't let them. She made you into a toy, and the other girls saw

you through her eyes."

"That's a bunch of crap, and you know it," Paul yelled as best he could. "They

were just interested in their own pleasure, and they didn't care about me. But

it was Janet that did this to me. She hates me, and I can never forgive her!"

"No, Paul," Jessica said, gently taking his hand. "It's your father she hates.

Your father who went into her room, night after night for years, touching her,

abusing her sexually. Messing her mind up so bad she couldn't even remember. She

only felt the hatred and anger, and because she didn't know why, she took it out

on you. She doesn't hate you. It's her hatred for your father that did this to


Paul was left speechless. How could that have been happening without him knowing

about it? How could Janet not remember something like that? He had grown to hate

his father too, but could he have really been that sick, that evil? Yet it

explained so much. His father's sudden affection for Janet, even how the mood of

everyone in the house changed so dramatically after Janet's mother died. Could

his father still be causing this much pain to himself and his stepsister so many

months after his death?

Paul felt a hand touch him gently on his left leg. He didn't remember sitting

down, but he was, and Rebecca had moved over to sit next to him. Not even

knowing why, he suddenly turned to hug her, burying his face in her long brown

hair as he cried.

Minutes later, Janet's giant hand reached into the pan and carried Jessica away,

leaving Paul alone with Rebecca.

* * *

After Jessica had been restored to normal size by the machine in the basement,

she told Janet all that she and Rebecca had said to Paul.

Janet was glad they had laid the groundwork, because she had been avoiding

talking to Paul since she brought him home for the operation. It's not that she

didn't want to - but how could she possibly apologize for stealing his life,

taking Leah away from him, and treating him like a pet, a living sex toy?

After Jessica left to return to school, Janet made up her mind to speak to Paul

as soon as possible. That opportunity came later that day when Rebecca, who

stayed behind to watch over Paul for a few more days, called upon Janet to take

her to the bathroom sink for a hot bath.

Leaving her alone, Janet returned to the living room and looked into the pan at

Paul. He was resting on one of the panties she had used to line the bottom of

the pan, his back against the miniature pillow she had found in her old box of

toys. He looked up at her and she forced a smile.

"I'm, uh, glad to hear you're going to be okay," she stammered.

Paul just looked up at her, expectantly. Oh well, might as well just say it, she


"Look, Paul, um, I know there's no way you could ever forgive me for what I've

done to you, but I just want you to know I'm sorry." Janet could no longer hold

back tears. "I wish I could make you normal again, I really do, but I can't.

I'll do whatever I can for you, I promise. I'll bring you back to Leah, I'll do

whatever you want ... anything, anything I can do. I'm just so sorry. I wish, I

wish ..."

Janet broke down sobbing then, but as she wiped her tears away she could see

Paul motioning for her to pick him up in her hand. She did, and he pointed to

his own ear, indicating she should move him closer to hers.

She raised the palm of her hand, with Paul sitting in it, up next to her ear,

expecting him to let loose with all the anger and hatred he must have bottled up

over the past half year.

Instead, he seemed to almost whisper, "Don't blame yourself, Janet. It was my

father's perversion that did this to both of us. It broke up our family, and

made the two of us turn against each other. You didn't know what you were doing,

and neither did I. I don't hate you anymore. I hate what my father did to you.

Our hatred was his legacy, and I think it's time we changed that."

And with that, she felt him lean forward and kiss her on the cheek.

* * *

Paul felt warm and comfortable as he nestled in the bottom of Janet's shirt

pocket. Lying against the soft cotton fabric with his eyes lightly closed, he

could feel the vibrations of the car around him, along with the soft thumping of

his stepsister's heart coming through the massive breast below.

That first night she had apologized to him, he had kissed her gently on the

cheek, surprising even himself with his ability to forgive her. But how could he

not? In many ways, she had suffered more horribly than himself.

The hardest part had been trying to forgive himself. He couldn't help but wonder

how he had never known what his father had been doing to Janet. In her own way

she had been reaching out to him all those years ago, and her big brother had

just turned his back. A part of him couldn't help but feel that maybe he

deserved his fate, after all.

But he had spent countless hours talking to Janet over the next week, and their

shared pain had brought them together closer than ever.

Janet had even brought Paul to bed with her one night after he had sufficiently

recovered from his emergency operation, and he had willingly made love to her,

caressing and fondling every part of her gigantic body, finally bringing her to

climax while inside her vagina. When she came down from her orgasm she had

cursed him for being so reckless, considering his recent injuries, but when she

discovered he was unharmed she cradled him gently against her breast and fell


For the first time since he was with Michelle, Paul had enjoyed the experience

tremendously, but it had felt somewhat awkward. He had begun to think of Janet

as family, even though they weren't blood relatives. As it turned out, she felt

the same way, so although she was never shy about undressing in front of him and

even showering or bathing with him, they no longer had sex.

Now that his wounds were a fading memory, Janet was fulfilling her promise to

reunite him with Leah.

Janet had called her, letting Leah know she would be visiting and that she would

bring a special surprise with her. Leah had been shocked to hear from Janet, but

welcomed her visit to New Hampshire for the weekend.

And so Paul rested in Janet's shirt pocket as she drove, pondering what he would

say to an ex-girlfriend that would now be a giantess to him.

Deep down, his fondest hope was that she would agree to come back to Connecticut

with them and be shrunk down to his size so they could be together again like a

real couple. But he knew he couldn't ask her to do that. The process was much

too painful and potentially dangerous to be done repeatedly, and it would be

unfair to ask her to spend the rest of her life three inches tall.

As Paul continued to ponder the situation, he felt himself bounce off Janet's

breast as the car lurched to a stop. "WE'RE HERE," she said simply as she opened

the top of the pocket.

She reached a finger into the pocket, and Paul held on to it as she pulled him

out. As she placed him gently on the dashboard, he looked in awe at the familiar

surroundings that seemed somehow unfamiliar. He never imagined he'd see this

place again, but the enormous house and yard that he had once called home made

him feel smaller than ever.

"YOU READY?" Janet asked as he adjusted the clothes she had shrunk for him to

wear. Over the past couple of weeks he had been trying to get used to wearing

clothes again, but still preferred to wear just a pair of shorts most of the

time. But for this occasion, he had put on a pair of jeans and a tiny UConn

sweater. Looking up, he gave Janet a thumbs-up.

An enormous hand landed softly on the dashboard next to him. "HOP ON," Janet


She held him gently but firmly, and Paul clung tightly to her fingers as she got

out of the car and rang the doorbell. She moved him behind her back, and his

view of the door was obstructed by the white blouse that covered the expanse of

her back.

He heard a loud noise as the door was opened, and then Leah's soft, sexy voice:


Janet shifted him back in front of herself, hiding him from Leah's view as she Todo Smartwatch, smartbands y pulseras de actividad

walked through the door. As Leah led the way into the living room, Janet gently

put her other hand over him, still hiding him from view. Paul could feel her

hands trembling, and knew she was nervous about the conversation that was to



asked. With the sound of her voice, months of longing exploded in Paul's gut.

"WELL, IT'S MORE OF A ‘LITTLE' SURPRISE," Janet began with a nervous laugh. "I

GUESS IT'S BEST IF I JUST SHOW YOU." With that she flattened out her palm with

Paul on top of it, pulling away her other hand so Leah could see him.

Paul looked up at the woman he had loved, seeing her again as if for the first

time. She was dressed casually in a pair of white shorts and a "New Hampshire is

for lovers" T-shirt. The rush of desire began to burn in his chest as he glanced

down at her graceful legs, gently curving into the bottom of the shorts. In the

space between the shorts and T-shirt he saw just a hint of her belly button, and

looking way up he could see her lovely breasts highlighting the "ew H" and "shir"

portions of her shirt.

When he saw Leah's face, Paul felt like he was going to melt away in Janet's

hand. Her soft features brought back so many memories, memories that seemed like

they came from a different lifetime. The smooth skin of her cheeks stretched by

high cheekbones, her perky nose that he recalled seemed to wriggle like a

rabbit's when she laughed, her lovely brown hair cascading around her shoulders,

her full pouty lips, painted red and glistening with just a hint of moisture,

and finally her eyes which seemed to almost glow with their green color, looking

down at him, opening wide in disbelief.


DON'T BELIEVE IT! WHAT ... WHAT ..." Leah's voice trailed off, although her lips

seemed to be trying to form words. She finally gave up, sitting down heavily on

a couch. She still gazed at Paul, her look a mix of disbelief, confusion and


Janet lowered her hand to the coffee table in front of Leah and Paul rolled off.

He sat cross-legged on the table, craning his neck back to look up at Leah's

face. She blinked at him a couple of times, then looked across the table at

Janet as she sat down on the opposite chair.




For the next hour the two giant women talked, almost seeming to forget that Paul

was sitting there on the table between them. Janet explained how she had come to

remember what his father had done to her as a child, then how she had inherited

the shrinking machine and used it to reduce Paul.

As Janet continued to relate everything that happened, Paul saw something

strange in Leah's eyes. First she was angry, then concerned. Slowly, Paul saw

something else appear - despair, which was understandable given the

circumstances; but also, frustration? Then he noticed Leah's hands shaking, her

anxious looks down at him.

Standing up and moving to the edge of the table, Paul began to caress Leah's

knee. She looked down at him and he yelled, "What's wrong honey? What are you so

anxious about?"

His words caused her to burst out crying, but she placed her hand next to him on

the table, and he climbed into it. She wiped away some tears and gently rubbed

her soft fingertip against Paul's body as she held him.

"PAUL, I ..." she started to say, then pulled him up to her lips and engulfed

his entire body in a passionate kiss. "PAUL, I LOVE YOU, BUT I THOUGHT YOU HAD



As Leah cried harder, Paul caressed her fingers. She lifted him to her face and

he kissed her cheek as he was bathed in her salty tears.

* * *

Paul and Janet spent the remainder of the weekend with Leah.

Although Leah's news left Paul feeling emotionally numb, he spent a lot of time

talking to her, and she even brought him to bed with her that night. He spent

hours against her enormous breasts, licking and kissing her nipples as she

moaned in pleasure. He even crawled down between her legs and brought her to an

intense orgasm.

But as he lay surrounded by her long hair later that night, looking over at her

beautiful, billboard-sized face, he knew it would be the last night he would

ever spend with her.

The next morning Janet helped Leah pack up many of his belongings to bring back

to his new home. Paul had assured Leah he would be happy living with his

stepsister, although the words seemed hollow even to him.

When they returned home, Janet went shopping and bought a huge, hi-tech

dollhouse for him to live in. At first he was vaguely insulted, but when he

looked around inside the house, he found soft, comfortable chairs and couches, a

majestic kingsize bed, and working lights. He even had running water in the

bathrooms, pumped from a refillable tank behind the house. Janet was able to

modify the dollhouse's wiring so that Paul could plug in a miniaturized

television, stereo and other household appliances.

Over the next several weeks, Paul arranged the house to his liking with all the

belongings that Janet shrunk to his ratio. Janet placed the dollhouse on the

floor in her bedroom, so she could keep an eye on him, but he could have privacy

from neighbors and other visitors in the living room.

Paul had a nice, comfortable home and Janet took care of all his needs, but

sometimes at night or in the morning he stared up at his stepsister's gorgeous

body as she prepared for bed or got out of the shower, and he felt like she and

other women were now separated from him by an impossible difference in size.

Although Janet would often pick him up and let him explore her body as she lay

back in bed, he felt like he was trapped in another world, where true love was


The feelings became much worse when Janet left him alone in the house as she

went to school, shopping, or to her group therapy sessions. She always took care

to make sure he would be safe, but she could not help him from feeling horribly


Then on May 17 - a date Paul would remember the rest of his life - he had

settled into his couch to watch a repeat of "The Incredible Shrinking Man" on

channel 61 when he was roused by a knock on his roof. Ironically, he clicked off

the TV just as Scott Carey was yelling at his giant wife for making a racket

walking down the stairs. Janet had been nothing but kind to him since his

operation, but he still suspected that yelling at her for making too much noise

would not be well received.

He opened his own dollhouse door - with a thankful thought that at least Janet

was smart enough not to have a cat in the house - and stepped out to the sight

of not one, but two pairs of beautiful feet in open-toed heels.

Janet's feet he recognized immediately. In fact, over the past several months

Paul had gotten as good at remembering women's feet as most men are at

remembering their faces. But the other pair of feet were not immediately

recognized, although they were vaguely familiar.

Paul's eyes followed a nice pair of legs up below a tight black miniskirt to a

white blouse, past the woman's pretty petite breasts with a small gold cross

hanging on a chain between them, up to a smiling face he immediately recognized.

Light flowed through her dirty blonde hair from behind, making Michelle's face

look all the more angelic as she smiled down at him.


Paul couldn't have imagined how happy he'd be to see Janet's friend again. He

ran toward her and began hugging and kissing her toes - the only part of her he

could reach.

Giggling, Michelle let him go at it for a couple of minutes before finally

reaching down and scooping him up in her hand. She lifted him right in front of

her face, softly whispering, "I LOVE YOU TOO, LITTLE GUY," then covering him

with her soft lips.





"I thought you weren't going to torture me anymore," Paul yelled from Michelle's

open palm. "Of course I want Michelle to stay!"








"Stop it, you two!" Paul yelled. "Of course I want to stay with Michelle!" Both

women broke into laughter.


YOU - JUST AS LONG AS YOU TAKE GOOD CARE OF ME," Michelle said, giggling. "AND I



* * *

"It just isn't fair, Dr. Sands! How could they just let him go after what he did

to me?" Angela choked out through her sobbing. Janice held her in a soft hug as

she continued to let her anger out.

"He admitted what he did to me - he admitted it! And just because someone didn't

read him his rights properly, the bastard gets away with it! It isn't fair!"

Angela broke down completely then, sobbing and pounding on Janice's back.

It was a good reaction, and the psychiatrist knew it. Angela was letting out her

anger and frustration at the news her uncle's case had been thrown out of court.

A signed confession had been tossed out because of a legal technicality, and

like in far too many rape and incest cases, the perpetrator would see no jail


Janice herself had pushed for a trial against her father, who had molested her

as a child. But like many of her patients, her own memories didn't surface until

years later - and by then, no evidence could be obtained against him. So instead

of getting justice, she devoted her professional career to helping women like


As Angela continued to cry against her shoulder, Janice gazed around the room to

check the other women's reactions. Each showed something different, but all were

clearly outraged.

"The bastard doesn't deserve to live," Angela continued, still sobbing. "He's no

better than a bug, a worthless little insect. I wish I could just crush him

under my foot and get rid of him - that's what he deserves, not to just be out

walking around, free as a bird!"

"We know, we know," Janice said, patting Angela softly on her back. Any man that

would do this to his own young niece truly is an insect, she thought.

Still gazing around the room, Janice saw a strange look in Janet's face. She

knew Janet had never had the chance to seek justice against her own stepfather,

since he had died before her memories ever surfaced. But looking at her face,

Janice saw something she would never have expected at that moment - a slight


* * *

Paul was watching the news on television when he heard a distant door slam shut.

Hopping off the couch and flicking off the TV, he went to his front door, opened

it, and waited.

Soon the floor began shaking underneath him, and a few seconds later he saw

Michelle enter their room. Paul caught just a glimpse of her beautiful face high

overhead before she simply fell backward onto her bed. She was obviously

exhausted from another hard day of work at her summer job in the department


After Paul's first night of passionate sex with Michelle when she returned, she

had suggested the possibility of being shrunk down to his size, at least for the

summer, so they could be together. As enticing as that had sounded, Paul knew

she needed money for school, and she couldn't very well work if she was just

three inches tall.

Plus, although Paul and the two women that were shrunk to operate on him had

shown no ill effects from their experience, Janet still didn't entirely trust

the machine. She had run some experiments and discovered that the energy stored

after the shrinking process would only last a couple of weeks at most without

degrading. If Michelle wanted to spend the summer at Paul's size, she'd have to

be restored to full height and then shrunk again on a regular basis. And Paul,

having been through the process himself, assured Michelle it was far too painful

a procedure to be repeated often.

Besides, not only was Paul getting used to being around giant women, now that he

was with one he knew really loved him, he was beginning to enjoy it. Leaving his

own dollhouse behind, Paul walked over to Michelle's feet, which were planted on

the floor by the foot of her bed. She was wearing the red open-toed heels he

liked, and he reached out a hand to caress the tips of her toes.

The sole of her shoe in front was only about an inch high, coming up just above

his knees. Her heel went up slightly over his head. Paul stepped up onto the lip

of her sole, bending over to kiss and hug each of the toes of her left foot. Her

scent was heavy in the air, but to Paul it was intoxicating.

He heard a satisfied moan from above and looked up. Michelle's curvy bare legs

stretched high overhead to her knees, which were bent at the top of the bed, and

Paul longed to climb that inviting cliff.

But he didn't have to. He heard the bed squeak as Michelle shifted her weight,

and then her face appeared just above her knees. "HI THERE, LITTLE LOVER," she


Paul smiled as she reached down and picked him up in her left hand. She lay back

in her previous position with her head just below the pillow, her legs dangling

over the edge of the bed. She lay Paul on her soft blonde hair, near her ear.

"Hi sweetheart, looks like you had a rough day!" Paul spoke softly into her ear.




"Well, judging by the smell of your feet, you sure do need one!" Paul joked.

Michelle turned her head quickly and blew him off her hair. She got off the bed

and started heading out the door.


THREE-INCH TALL GUY TO SHOWER WITH!" Michelle said, chuckling.

"No! Wait! I changed my mind!" Paul yelled, waving his arms on the bed.

"WELL OKAY," Michelle said, returning to pick him up in her hand. She raised him

in front of her face, and Paul could see a glimmer of mischief in her beautiful,



"Yes, ma'am," Paul said, raising his hand to his forehead in a mock salute.

Michelle carried him into the bathroom and placed him on the sink as she turned

on the water, letting it warm up. Then she turned to face him and slowly

stripped her work clothes off, making a show of it for Paul. When she was done

he did the same, and heard her thunderous laughter at his attempts to do a bump

and grind.

Michelle tested the water again, finding it to her liking, and placed a

specially-made screen over the drain that let the water go through, but stopped

other objects - such as tiny men.

Then she turned and lifted Paul off the sink, placing him on the floor of the

tub. She dropped a tiny bar of soap next to him and stepped into the tub, the

water from the shower washing over her body.

Paul looked up at her immense, beautiful body: her tanned legs, puffy blonde

bush, curvy hips and ass, her soft breasts high overhead, her long, wet blonde

hair sticking to the sides of her beautiful, oh so beautiful face. In the past

couple of weeks he had explored every inch of that body thoroughly, but he never

tired of it.


down to him, stepping forward so her feet landed on either side of him. Before

he had been shrunk, Paul had never understood why some guys found women's feet

so fascinating, but Michelle's pretty toes and gently curved arch had taught him

a few lessons.

He started with her right foot, lathering up the instep as best he could before

moving on to the toes. As he scrubbed between each one, the water cascading off

Michelle's body pummeled him from above. He ignored it, focusing on the task at

hand, but couldn't help from peeking up when he moved back between her feet,

gazing longingly at her immense vulva. Soon enough, he thought, turning to her

left foot.

As he washed her foot, she leaned forward to scrub her legs. Looking down at him

she winked, then began washing her other leg. Inspired, Paul lay on his back and

began passing the tiny bar of soap over the bottom of her arch. "THAT TICKLES!"

she exclaimed, giggling.

Soon she stepped forward again, letting the water flow over her head and down

her body. Paul was momentarily overwhelmed by the sudden rush of water, but

Michelle swooped him up in her hands, clutching him against her breast as she

rinsed off.

All too soon it was over, and she placed Paul on the sink again as she toweled

off. She pressed the towel gently against his body, then wrapped it casually

around her shoulders as she picked him up and returned to the bedroom. Placing

him gently on the bed, Michelle dropped the towel and smiled down at him.


* * *

Susan examined the door to the vault closely before walking inside. She looked

briefly at the gold bar before walking past it to stare at the steel boxes in

each corner of the room.

Janet leaned against the control panel, tapping her foot anxiously as her friend

explored the shrinking device. Susan was five years older than Janet, and was

just completing work for her master's degree in theoretical physics. They had

met by chance the previous fall at the school library while Janet was looking

for books to learn more about how her stepfather's invention worked. Now she was

hoping Susan could help her with a special project.

Despite the thin-rimmed glasses she pushed closer to her eyes, Susan didn't look

like the typical theoretical physicist. She was casually dressed in running

shoes, white socks and a pair of jean shorts that showed off her smooth, slender

legs. A T-shirt tied in a knot below her breasts put her trim tummy on display,

and her raven-black hair tied in a bun accented her exquisite facial features.

Still tapping her foot, Janet glanced at her watch and noticed it was close to

11 p.m. Susan had been studying the machine for nearly four hours now.

"Well, how about it?" Janet asked.

Susan strode out of the vault, pushing the door closed behind her. "The good

news is I think I can do it," she said. "The bad news is it might take a while.

It's going to be kind of tricky making a hand-held device that can do what all

this equipment does."

Susan shuffled through Janet's stepfather's notes, pulling out a diagram Janet

had seen before but didn't truly understand.

"Those steel boxes in the corners of the vault do most of the work," Susan

explained. "Basically they emit particle waves that form a kind of

electromagnetic field around any solid object in the vault. Then, as you already

figured out, everything inside that field is converted into energy and

reassembled at any size you wish.

"The neat thing is that the magnetic field allows, say, the air molecules in a

person's lungs to be reduced, but not the surrounding air in the room. The

effect is limited just to solid objects, and liquids too I think, and whatever

is contained within them. That will be key to developing a portable device."

"So you can do it then, right?" Janet interrupted.

"I think so, but I'll have to take these notes back to the lab with me. Like I

said, it may take a while. It may help if I can examine your brother Paul,"

Susan suggested.

"I don't think he'd mind that," Janet said, imagining him gazing up at Susan's

prominent breasts, "but not tonight. Maybe you can come back over the weekend -

I think he's probably got his hands full right about now."

* * *

Michelle kneeled down on the floor in front of her bed and bent her face down,

playfully knocking Paul off his feet with her nose and then smothering his body

with her lips. For just a second, her tongue moved out to taste him, then she

lifted her head away.

Slowly and carefully, she crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees, looking

down at Paul as the length of her body passed over him. Paul just lay there and

watched, smiling. He knew what his next duty would be, he had performed it many

times over the past couple of weeks.

Once Michelle reached the headboard, she quickly but carefully flipped herself

over, careful to make sure her leg didn't hit Paul. Then her head sunk into her

pillow, leaving Paul near the other end of the bed, between her legs.

Soon, she felt his tiny hand caressing her left leg as he walked toward her

crotch. She closed her eyes softly as he began to kiss her thigh as he went. She

kept her eyes closed as her hands strayed to her breasts and began massaging

them. Meanwhile, she felt a tug on her pubic hairs as Paul scaled the cliff of

her mons. He kissed her expansive flesh when he got to the top, and Michelle

fought the urge to just pick him up and stuff him inside herself. Instead, she

dropped her arms by her sides and waited.

All her life Michelle had struggled with her own shyness, and had never felt

entirely comfortable with boys or men. Truth was, they always made her nervous,

even when they were nothing but kind to her. Her romantic relationships had

never lasted very long, and the few times she had agreed to have sex, she didn't

enjoy it.

With Paul, all her fears were gone. She knew he was in her complete power, and

there was no way he could ever harm her. But she also knew she could never harm

Paul, or ever do anything intentionally that would make him unhappy. She had

fallen in love with him, and even better, knew that he loved her - and not just

because he relied on her to take care of him.

Paul crawled on his hands and knees as he moved over her soft stomach, finally

pulling himself to his feet when he reached the valley between her breasts. That

was her cue, and she carefully lifted him off her chest and placed him on top of

her soft breast, next to her nipple. She bent her head down, lifting the breast

with Paul on it toward her mouth, then kissed his body again.

She lay back again as Paul began stroking, kissing and licking her nipple. Waves

of pleasure began cascading through her, and again she had to fight an urge to

press his tiny body deeply into her willing flesh. Once her right nipple was as

hard as it could get, Michelle felt the little man drop down and climb up her

left breast on his own. Soon both nipples were rock hard as Michelle began to

breathe deep, contented breaths.

Then Paul hopped off her left breast and moved back down toward her crotch. He

tickled her as he walked through the blonde bush near her vulva, and she began

to squirm underneath him. Then she felt the familiar tug on her hair as he

lowered himself toward her labia.

Michelle began to tense, knowing what was coming, and soon enough she felt

Paul's legs begin to enter her. She turned her feet so the soles were flat

against each other, bending her knees in the process and spreading her legs wide

for him. But Paul was in no hurry as he pushed himself inside her up to his

chest, then reached up and began stroking her clit.

Warm excitement flowed through her body as Michelle felt her tiny lover work.

Her hands strayed to her breasts again, maintaining the nipple hard-ons Paul had

given her. She could feel herself reaching the brink of an orgasm, when suddenly

Paul's motions stopped.

That bastard really knows how to get me going, Michelle thought as she opened

her eyes for just a moment before closing them again. She felt herself receding

from the brink, then suddenly a tiny tongue flicked across her clit, shooting

electric pleasure all though her. Now panting heavily, she waited patiently

before Paul licked her again.

Methodically, he kept her right at the brink of an orgasm for the next 10

minutes, licking her clit each time her body began to relax just a bit, but

never enough to push her over the edge. She could feel his body inside her, but

he kept it still as he teased her with her own pending orgasm.

Just when Michelle began considering pushing Paul all the way inside and

finishing the job herself, he suddenly began squirming around frantically,

licking and rubbing her clit in earnest.

Already at the brink, Michelle let out a scream of pleasure as her orgasm took

hold, causing her to sink her head deeper into the pillow as her body rose off

the bed. She could feel Paul inside her, could feel the walls of her vagina

close tightly around him, but she knew he'd be all right. In fact, he somehow

continued massaging her clit as she came, causing her initial orgasm to blossom

into a second.

Finally spent, Michelle crashed back onto the bed, and she could feel Paul

slowly pull himself out of her. Once he was clear, she rolled away from him onto

her stomach, turning her head to the side as she continued to breathe heavily.

Soon she felt a tiny, wet man climb onto the upturned palm of her hand,

continuing to crawl his way up her arm. When he reached her shoulder, he paused

to lean forward and plant a kiss on her cheek, bringing a smile to her face.

He's so cute, she thought happily.

Michelle felt him walking slowly down her back to her buttocks. She reached over

next to her and turned off the table lamp. Paul adored her ass, and knew how

much she enjoyed having him massage it. As she felt his tiny caresses begin,

Michelle knew he wouldn't stop massaging her rear until she was sound asleep.

She shifted her position only slightly, then began to doze off. Feeling Paul's

gentle hands rubbing her ass, she couldn't believe how much he adored her, and

she knew he was the only man she'd ever want.

* * *

Janet leaned back in her couch and hit the remote control, turning on channel 30

to watch the season premiere of "ER."

She had been back in school just three weeks, and already she missed Paul and

Michelle. Janet had tried to convince Michelle to transfer to UConn, but

eventually she decided to return for her junior year at Seton Hill College in

western Pennsylvania, taking Paul with her.

Janet had objected at first, concerned about what might happen to Paul if others

found out about him at the all-girls school. But Michelle had assured her she

would take good care of him and not let anyone else find out, and Janet finally

agreed, knowing she had to let Paul get on with his life, small as he was.

Still she missed him. She had moved out of her sorority because she couldn't

bear to face her former friends, who had abused him so carelessly. Now, aside

from her roommate Cheryl, it seemed the only true friends she had at the school

were the other women in her group therapy sessions.

Janet became so lost in daydreams about the revenge she and the others would

soon share together, she didn't even hear her phone the first two times it rang.

Finally startled back to reality, she picked up the receiver.

"Hello?" she questioned.

"Janet, I did it!" she heard Susan's familiar voice say.

"You mean, it's ready?" Janet asked.

"Yes! I just finished testing it. There are a few things I have to tell you

about first, but you should be able to start using it this weekend, if you

want," Susan said.

"Can you come by tomorrow? I'll call my friends from the group and let them

know." Janet suggested.

"Sure thing. I'll see you then," Susan said before hanging up.

A smile spread across Janet's face. It's going to be a long, long weekend for

some tiny men, she thought.

* * *

Janet almost caressed the machine she held in her hands. So elegant, yet so

deadly, she thought.

Susan had successfully converted her stepfather's invention into a relatively

small, hand-held box. It looked almost like a strange children's toy. The

outside appeared to be just a stainless steel box. At one end were four

funnel-shaped structures made of hard, clear plastic that pointed away from the

box. On top was a simple red button, shielded by a clear plastic flip-top cover.

It was simple. Janet pointed the cones at an object or person, pressed the

button, and it would shrink the object to 1/24th of its original height. In

other terms, a 6-foot tall man would shrink to just 3 inches.

Of course, there was more to it than that, and Susan had filled her in on some

aspects she needed to be aware of. As she

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