Giantess Stories: Introduction

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Charlize, 18, is given a growth potion, by Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), giving the

drinker a life-long ability to change size of themselves and others. Emma,

Charlize and 3 friends drank the potion, and planned to go out, killing men and

boys for fun. Charlize discovers she can teleport females away from cities, so

the attack can be solely on the males...

Name - Age - Hair Colour - Stats...

Charlize - 18 - Dark Blonde. 34DD-24-34

Candy - 18 - Platinum Blonde. 34E-24-34

Chelsie - 17 - Dark Blonde. 34D-22-34

Jayne-Marie - 17 - Light Brown. 34D-24-34

Emma - 24 - Blonde - 34D-24-34



The 5 girls sit in the hotel room, thinking o a way to try out their new found

powers, but without looking stupid if they failed.

"I know," smiled Candy, a lapdancer at a top club. "Call room service... I saw

the guy earlier, quite cute... try it out on him"

Jayne-Marie, who worked with Candy, called from the phone, and soon came a knock

on the door.

"Come in," called Emma, softly. "We have a treat for you."

He came in and was shocked at what he saw. 4 incredibly sexy teenage girls

and... a Spice Girl?? A treat... woah, he thought, and he felt a bulge in his


"What treat," he asked, almost dazed.

Charlize, a waitress, pointed at him, and he was shrunk to 3 inches. Shocked, he

turned to escape, but found Chelsie, also a waitress, had shut the door, and was

standing over him. He could see right up her short skirt. She picked him up, and

took him to the kingsize bed, where the girls were laid.

He stared at the 5 gorgeous girls. Emma and Chelsie started taking his clothes

off, until he was down to his underwear.

"I wanna try something," giggled Chelsie, amused by his tiny hard-on. She picked

him up, and closed her teeth on his boxers, pulling them off. She laughed and

dropped him on the bed, where he bounced and ended up near Candy, who was

wearing only a bra and miniskirt. Her breasts would have looked big at normal

size... as a giantess, they were gigantic.

"Hey... that looks like that guy from Lopez High School," said Jayne-Marie. "The

one who did the 'Titsex Review'... humiliated dozens of girls."

"I-I-I only got titfucks off them and wrote about them... I've always loved a

nice titfuck from a nice pair of big tits... if the girls weren't all sluts-"

"Don't call girls anything, you little bastard," whispered Emma in his ear. "Or

you might upset us, and you don't want that to happen do you?"

She smiled and licked her lips.

"N-No... but... I mean... they let me."

He looked up at the girls...


"He says he likes titfucks," said Candy. "I'm great at them... let's see how he

likes one of mine. Be the best one he ever had."

The boy looked up, wide eyed, at the 18 year old platinum blonde. She smiled at

him, licking her lips. Her breasts were huge.

"Yes, they're real," she added softly, answering a question not yet asked. "34E,

natural and a lovely shape. They love me down at the club, I can make £3,000 a

night from them. Bet you're dying to get between them."

Candy lifted up the boy. He screamed in terror - those things are as big as

houses! He'd be crushed like a pea. Candy splashed wine in his face, and he

tried to wipe it off.

"Now, I think you're just about ready for it... have a closer look."

Chelsie unclipped Candy's bra, which fell to her lap. She flicked it onto the

floor, and laid back, holding the boy. The other girls sat on chairs around the

bed, to watch Candy.

He was lifted to her lips and kissed. Her tongue licked his naked body, and his

already hard cock. But he was only feeling one emotion. Pure, gut-wrenching


"Don't worry... you won't be crushed. The wine contained a special ingredient,

so even if I tried my best, I couldn't crush you."

He looked releived. "You aren't as bad as I thought," he mumbled, still

terrified as ever.

"Oh, but it wears off when you cum... and you WILL!"

He started screaming as she moved him towards her breasts. He was inserted

between them feet first, up to his neck. He guessed each breast must weigh 3

tons at least. Candy giggled as he tickled her.

"Oh... and my name is Candy. I'm 18, and a natural 34E, with platinum blonde

hair, natural too. I'm a stripper at Blondie's Palace. £50 a dance, and I always

get a tip. That's for your Titsex Review. If you survive."

Her hands cupped the giant breasts, and he felt himself being slowly massaged

between them. He screamed out for help, but knew none would come. Candy laughed

at his pathetic struggles, and moaned in pleasure at his movements. He too found

himself gasping in pleasure, although he was far too scared to enjoy it.

Candy knew he wouldn't last long, so it was no surprise when he started to tense

his body...

From in her cleavage, he felt himself about to cum. He tensed up and tried to

hold it in. Chelsie sexily licked his head and shoulders, and he came in Candy's


She immediately stopped the titfuck and watched him look up at her, beating

wildly on her breasts, trying to escape. She smiled and pushed her breasts

slowly together.

"You fuckin slut, you won't-"

Blood spewed from his mouth, and Candy reduced him to a bloody mush. She wiped

it away, and sat up.

"So, girls. It works, and we know how enjoyable titfucking them is-"

"They taste delicious too," added Emma. She had experience of being a giantess.

"More Room Service, or shall we attack the city and kill thousands?"

The girls decide to take more room service. Charlize makes a few calls...


Chelsie lay back on the bed. They had ordered 20 things, and captured every boy

that had brought them. Most had been eaten or crushed. One left, and Chelsie had

him between her lips, only his head and arms sticking out.

She was going to suck him off. He had seen the other guys being eaten, and

thought he was about to be swallowed by Chelsie. But she had other ideas...

She sucked him slowly, and his cock went rock hard. More sucking and licking,

and he came in her mouth.

"What's a blowjob if you don't swallow?", she giggled. "By the way, you've just

been sucked off by Chelsie." She gulped down the cum and the screaming guy.

"OK, girls... how about we get going down and kill some guys! They taste great,

crush between out breasts... and playing with them is great fun!"


They were walking down to the exit of the hotel. They had got dressed up in

their 5-star room... but none of them were exactly DRESSED!

Emma was wearing a blue minidress, with plenty of guy-crushing cleavage and

nothing underneath it.

Charlize was topless, with only a tiny pair of red hotpants.

Jayne-Marie wore a pink bikini top and white miniskirt, and nothing underneath.

Chelsie wore a white bra and panties.

Candy was topless, wearing only a white G-String.

As they walked along the corridor, they were stopped by a hotel guard. He told

them to go and get dressed or he would call the police...

The girls laughed at him, and Chelsie tripped him. He struggled as she sat on

him and kissed him, before sitting up to allow Charlize to rub his face in her

breasts. Both girls got up giggling, and the guard attempted to get up. Emma's

foot pinned him on the floor.

"Let us go by or we'll eat you," she whispered to him.

"You sluts! You can't fuckin eat me!"

The guard was shrunk by Candy, who picked him up. She passed him round the

girls, who all rubbed him slowly over their bodies, and massaged him in their

cleavages. He was passed back to Candy.

"MMM... I'm sure I recognise you!" she suddenly cried.

"C-C-Candy? F-From the club?"

"Yea!! You're one of my best clients."

"Thanks... P-Please don't hurt me! You've once crushed a grape between your

breasts while dancing at the club for me... a man would be easy."

"MMMM... I know! And that's EXACTLY what I'm going to do!"

He screamed as Candy casually dropped him between her breasts.

"You slut! I'll get yo-"

His head fell forward and blood came out of his mouth and nose. She laughed and

mushed him up.

"Right... let's carry on!"


The walked out into the bright sunshine. Candy was horrified.

"My nipples! They'll burn like hell!"

"No worries," said Emma, laughing. "Giantesses don't get sunburn!"

They saw a teenage boy gawping at them. It was clear what he was looking at...

Candy's breasts. They walked over, and Charlize tripped him. Candy gave him what

he wanted, and shoved her nipple in his mouth, Charlize sat on him, and

Jayne-Marie pulled his pants off.

Emma grew all the girls, so they people would appear 6". Chelsie picked up the

boy as he tried to run away and held him up. His cock was rock hard.

"MMM", said Chelsie, taking it into her mouth. She sucked the tiny cock as the

boy screamed in terror, feeling immense pleasure but the fear overwhelming it.

She laughed as he came on her tongue, and swallowed it.

They hadn't finished with him though. She held him up to Emma, who sank her

teeth deep into his body, from his arm to his leg, and all around his torso. He

screamed as blood spurted out and his ribs were cracked by Emma's bite.

She bit a huge chunk out of his body, and spat it out. She had taken his heart,

a lung, half his ribs, his stomach, some of his spine, some intestines and a few

hip bones. He was, of course, dead, and Emma left him on the path, as a

terrifying example of their powers.

"Lovebites are great fun!" Emma said.

"Hahaha! We're invincible!" laughed Candy, stepping on a guy and skewering him

with her diamond stiletto heel. He squirmed and screamed, and she lifted her

foot, and brought down the flat front part on his body, and stepped down. He was

crushed flat.

The girls decided to split up.

Candy and Chelsie went together

Emma, Charlize and Jayne-Marie went together.






Giantess Stories: Introduction

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