Giantess Stories: Invasion of Gigantic Proportions

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Invasion of Gigantic Proportions------------

I really do not know what they called this meeting for, but all Divisions were

assembled. Walking into the room there was all branches of military were

represented. The crowd was very focused and concerned “…attention gentlemen lets

get this meeting under way we have a lot of data to cover in a short time I

would like to introduce special agent Mcdaniel….” A hush came over the crowd I

knew what he is all about and was well aware that he was not called in for a

small mission.

“Men we are up against the strongest enemy that you as children may have

fantasize about…. People it has come true it has come to our attentions that

aliens have landed on our planet. We are not sure what they are here for? What

we do know is that they are not ordinary, but super size gigantic women….

Corporal… Dim the lights, people this is a chart showing the size of the


A picture flickers across the screen of what seems to be a large hand, and in

the palm of her hand there appears to be a toy soldier…. (Laughter fills the

room) as I look on the faces of the officers on the stage I realize this is not

a joke and that the worlds safety and security is being jeopardized.

Suddenly a MP runs in whispers in the ear of Mcdaniel's all the color runs out

of his face.

“Gentlemen you think this is a laughing matter we are now showing you a live

satellite feed of destruction taking place in Valparaiso Indiana I present to

you the invasion…” Suddenly the screen changes. A large beautiful face appears.

Her skin coloring, a most arousing shade of blue, with an incredible soft hue to

her flesh, her hair a deeper shade of blue, long flowing to her feet. Enticed I

watch as her lips parted, an evocative smile forming across them.

I can feel my body reacting towards this unbelievable woman.

OOOO GODDDD, Instantly my stomach heaves, as I watch her placing what seemed a

tiny soldier between her sharp teeth and disassemble it in half, blood dripping

down her chin as she again smiles into the screen. As if she knew we were

watching her. Just a typical day in the Midwest, the locals were going through

their every day business. The Town Square was filled with the hustling and

bustling, traffic was moving right along.

When the large shadow was cast upon the unsuspecting town. All turned their eyes

towards the sky, as the ground began to tremor and shake… a small child screamed

“mommy a giant!” then it happened a huge blue skin toned foot came crashing

down. The pavement buckled from the great weight. She squatted down looking…

looking and then she saw what she was searching for? Grabbing a police officer

lifting him towards her face and places him between her blue lips. She then

turns as if posing for a camera. Biting the little man in half with an evil grin

on her face her teeth clenched together, her smile becomes larger, as the blood

trickles down her chin.

Meanwhile, The forces are being sent to their designated locations... “Major we

will be over the drop zone very shortly.” Checking their packs to make sure the

equipment is intact. The hum of the engine can be heard in the distance as the 5

young men think about what they are up against. Jason, A first lieutenant

speaks. "Man I hate jumping at night the ground comes up on you to fast,

especially under these windy conditions,” Grabbing a cigarette he turns away as

the door is swung open…

Looking down the lights from the small town shine

below us, seeing the flashing lights of destruction;

These GIGANTIC beings have caused. " This is the

worse disaster area I have seen." The other four join

their leader at the opened door. Holding on tightly

mouths gasped as they see the chaos, They can only

imagine what is going on below in the small town.

“ Gentlemen its go time…” Collecting the

equipment and rations, The 5 men leap from the

plane. Staying together in a tight formation, free falling for 5 seconds.

“ Nowwwwwwwww pullllllllllllll"

"Sir we have a large object moving quickly towards us." A beeping noise gets

louder and more frequent.

"Lieutenant code red …code red…" As their chutes open the five float towards the

ground all is silent just the wind blowing… Suddenly a huge hand reaches out,

snatching one soldier from mid air squeezing tightly… His size roughly three

inches tall… tighter, the hand squeezes around his tiny form, his eyes popping

out of his sockets as screams of extreme pain from his lips, followed by

splatters of red blood discoloring her blue skinned hand (Laughter fills the

sky.), The next paratrooper unable to change his direction as he watched his

fellow comrade meet his fate, hypnotized by the size of her form, collided into

her chest. It appears she planned to toy with him… He lands on her soft skin

tries to get his footing and leaps off. The alien pulls her breast apart, terror

of his fate immobilizing him as she presses her firm breast together, instantly

crushing the tiny soldier … Blood drips down from her bosom as the chute falls

to the ground.

Panic stricken by the death of the two soldiers, the remaining three draw their

weapons firing at will on the gigantic being. The bullets hit the skin, and do

nothing as her skin absorbs each shot.

One paratrooper floated near the giantess face. Screams of terror floated from

his lips, as he watched her large white teeth bite into the chute, flinging the

helpless soldier in the air and causing him to be wrapped in the chute, he

plummet towards the ground. She moved taking her mouth… bit into the chute

flinging the soldier in the air. His body hit the ground with “thud” to add

insult she stomped on him twisting her foot over his small carcass. The last two

floated down, hoping the blue skinned monster would keep busy long enough.

Therefore, they could reach the ground safely Moving closer, again teasing the

tiny men. She laid on the ground pulling her ass cheeks apart exposing her black

hole awaiting the pleasures of her next victim He landed slipping deep into her

deep cavern of a crack and hole. Her massive ass was smothering muffled screams

could be heard as her cheeks slam shut. The last guy saw all that happened, hit

the ground hard got to his feet running hearing the tremors he turned just in

time to see her huge blue foot come crashing down she held it over him. Ordering

him to beg, to pledge alliance to their species… “Yes my queen,” he pleaded for

mercy with no warning she slammed her foot down causing his body to flip up from

the impact. Rage taking over she jumped on him repeatedly. Yelling in a

thunderous voice… “They are such weak mindless slaves.”

The dim sound of humming is heard amongst her evil laughter. Inside the tiny

plane, are the captain and his pilot, stunned by the dramatic ending of his

crew, he radio's headquarters to report the terrible news. “This is Pilot Major

Logan, I regret Red Ranger Alpha Team has failed and sirs call their families

not one has survived! Ohhhhhhhhhh the humanity!”

Laughter fills the air as the two female GIANT aliens continue their


Static can be heard as the camera again comes into focus…

Pictures flick across the screen in a hazy quick manner as if the camera is

being jostled about. Slowly a scene clears into view...

Firm blue breast glisten with a red hue seeping from between them… A blue

graceful plump hand rises and touches the end of the most alluring deep blue

nipple. Larger the nipple swollen from her touch… Only to move away between her

gigantic mounds.

Then reappear atop her nipple… Her nimble fingers encircling it as the color

slowly changes to a deep red…

again the camera moves.. Zooming in upon her face… Blue lips smiling evilly at

the blood of her poor victim…

A cold night… A young couple huddles close together their naked bodies shining

in the moonlight. William's hand cups over Terri's breast… pushing his warm hand

massaging softly their lips locked together. Their bodies press against each

other, Terri becoming forceful pushes William onto his back. His growing cock

getting harder… Terri stands… wiggles her large full ass right over William's

face grasping her cheeks spreading them apart. He looks up to the stars and

squinted hard swearing he was seeing double two large moons in the sky one

seemed so much closer he figured it was the Bacardi and cokes. Terri sits down

ever so softly sliding her soft bush onto his face rocking back and forth

feeling William's mouth partaking from her sweet flavors.

Suddenly the mood changes as the ground shakes and tremors become louder.

William licks more getting more excited Terri looks up screams… ”noooooooooooooo!!”

The huge blue figure squats over the tiny couple they try to cover themselves

embarrassed and scared try to collect their belonging William looks up most

definitely woman as he sees her fingers slide in between her darker blue lips.

She lowers her hand pushing her two playthings together… Pushes William to the

ground, her finger holding the tiny man down. Scooping up Terri lowers her down

places her ass directly on his face the alien being begins to push Terri back

and forth on William's head. Looking up Terri sees the huge fingers dancing in

and out of her pussy.

They perform like two dolls Terri cumm, covers William's face with her wetness.

The alien plays with herself hearing her moans as she watches the show. William

squirming under Terri only to feel the finger of the alien press down harder.

Terri feeling the huge droplets of alien cumm falls from her wet lips as she

howled into the dark night.

Her fist slams down to the ground, she opens her hand without saying a word they Mazos del Hearthstone

crawl towards her open hand. Raising them to her pussy, she parts her lips

dumping the two small putians into her wetness. Her finger slide in shoving the

two together, Terri starts to cry as again, she is being forced to perform for

her. William's cock finds her pussy so tight, watching the gigantic fingers

slide in and out as they fuck each other. The heat becoming intense as the

juices flow more the walls move back and forth the fingers run into them causing

them to fall deeper screaming as they hold each other tight as they drown in her

hot juices.

As the calls continue to come into the military countless reports of destruction

and mayhem the leaders of the free world must come up with some strategy to rid

the planet of these monsters. Just like it had happened before a flash of

electricity and then the monitors went blank and then a surge of energy all

screens turning that ghastly color blue. The supersize creature steps forward

and speaks to the world.

“People of earth my sister and I become tired of your childish attempt at trying

to defeat us. Puny earthlings look at yourselves, we barely feel and hear your

bodies snap under our lightest of touches. We laugh at your pitiful weapons our

bodies enjoy the tickle as your bullets and shells are lost in our flesh.” She

smiles still the remains of a previous victim are lodged between her sharp white

teeth. “Fine I grow weary of all of you maybe a demonstration will show all of

you just how much power we have!!”

Reaching her hand into the sea of humanity. Scooping out a multiple of poor

souls lifting them to her face looking at their small bodies that lay in her

palm. “Tiny but you will have to do.” All of the tiny humans stare at the blue

faced alien as she begins to glow all tremble…screams of terror fill the sky as

the blue being appears to be getting larger growing…until the humans are nothing

but the size of fleas.

As the camera scanned the horizon it to sees the other one that to have grown to

mega stature. Thousands of tiny people run for cover as the creatures continue

their rampage at a colossal proportion.

All in the world watch as the two-mega giantess descend onto the small city. The

city looks like a toy under the feet of these women. They continue to grow

taller wider bigger. They appear to be settling in to create some serious havoc.

Thunderous footsteps are heard throughout the city now the tallest skyscraper

equals to their height.

The buildings shake as one lies down on her belly hundreds of vehicles and

people are trapped under her swollen stomach. She rolls over her belly covered

with red goo, laying down getting comfy as her feet… push against the hard

sturdy buildings that wobbles back and forth. She stretches out, her huge blue

toes wiggle pushing in the windows. Looking down… she can see the bug like

creatures scurrying out of the building as her foot comes crashing… through each

floor debris goes flying many are killed. Instantly some are less lucky as they

gaze up just in time to be crushed… under the blue colored toes now with a red

tint. She has been stomping and crushing many earthlings earlier in the day.

Reaching her arms around a large group of cars, and people drawing them closer

to her warm wet lips. Looking down… she becomes horny as her mind races to what

she can do to each and everyone of these bugs? Sliding the mass of people

towards her opened thighs all the people and vehicles were piled together metal

and flesh being slammed against each other a shadow is cast over the tightly

pile of playthings. The being lifts her massive ass crushing all that is under

grinding her massive cheeks into the ground embedding the mound of metal and

guts into the soft ground. Laughing… as she casually grabs handful of tiny ones

tossing them into her opened mouth as her finger slide in and out of her wet


Complete chaos, as all others try to run but the aliens have got this city where

they want them. They surround all exits, as they pluck little ones and squish

them, eat them. Do whatever they feel, for this is their domain to do what they

choose anytime…

The challenge has been issued the armies wait to attack at night the ships

engines quietly work their way towards the shore. The first footsteps are heard

hitting the soft earth, hundreds of soldiers move forward as they push further

into the darkness. A strong odor fills the air; one soldier removes… his mag

light shining a beam forward. Laughter fills the sky the men have walked into a

trap they smell the stench of their comrades that have tried before and failed

their bodies crushed to the bottom of the blue toned foot that wiggles before

the tiny army.

A loud splash of water is heard and then the screaming… of men. The spotlights

on the ship are turned on. Suddenly the ship is lifted… high into the air by

another blue giantess. Many dive off the others that stay try to reach their

weapons gun fire and artillery shells shoot through the air hitting nothing but

still they fire as she shakes the ship furiously! The men on shore “run” for

cover as a tidal wave crashes onto the shore… now about half of the troops have

cornered themselves between the massive thighs of the giantess on the beach.

Meanwhile the ship is being lowered… towards the lower lips of the alien. She

guides the hull of the ship towards her waiting pussy the sound of metal

cracking and creaking as she rips the cannons off tossing them away. She shoves

the ship deeper… inside having the metal rub against her clitoris quicker the

actions come deeper as her sexual appetite peaks the ship split in two many more

men fall from the ship as parts and debris goes flying. The familiar howling is

heard again.

Reaching… her gigantic hand into the icy cold water capturing a handful of tiny

soldiers… Raises them to her massive breasts dropping… them into her cleavage

looking down smiling evilly pushing… her globes together. Seeing the tiny faces

and bodies squirming as she pushes… harder watching each one of their tiny

body's turns to red mushy goo. Now she eyes the shore as she sees her sister

playing with her new found toys.

The tiny men now all terrified as they look up at the giantess who is squatted

over them. Hearing the thunderous steps… of her sister as she stomps her way

towards the shore seeing her sister she embraces her feeling the tiny bodies

under her foot as she holds her tight. Playfully they wrestle tiny ones scurry…

away some unfortunate souls are squished. All becomes dark as her hand drops on

a sea of tiny men collecting a handful she communicates for her sister to push

her ass into the air and spread her huge cheeks. As she watches she falls to her

knees pressing her lips to the awaiting rose sliding her tongue deep running her

tongue up and down the soft crack. Lifting her hand with the captured army she

drops one flea like creature watching it tumble head over heels down the crack

and lay on the rose motionless screaming as a huge pink slimy tip pushes him

deep inside her. Reaching back with her other hand searching grabbing a chain

that wrapped around her leg from earlier ship escapade pushing… one link in, a

loud …ooooooooo is heard. Each flea is dropped falling and devour by her ass

continuously more links are shoved in while tiny ones are being swallowed up by

her ass. Standing feeling the tiny ones squirming deep inside her hole. Again

they communicate, the other one begins to dig a pit lifting out large amount of

dirt. Pushing the fleas towards the hole stomping around the beach luring them

towards the pit or to be just another bloodstain victim on her heels and toes.

The other one jumps in crushing what ever is in her path and what she did not

crush lays at the bottom of the hole.

The tiny ones jammed so tight in the small pit. A large shadow, is cast down

upon them as again the huge giant alien lowers… her ass over the hole the chain

dangling out between her cheeks. Looking… over at her sister that is eating the

ones that avoided her feet now find them selves being eaten alive.

Lowering… her large ass closer over the pit all eyes look up a high pitch

shriek. Then a loud grunting sound as the chain is being pushed out her hole.

Which had become wider as many shit covered tiny ones fell landing on others in

the already crowded pit covered in her stench. Still the chain dangles above now

covered in shit. Tiny ones that cling holding to whatever they could. She pushes

harder a turd crowns the rose with every push it becomes bigger. All below

trying to figure where to take cover, trampling smashing each other trying to

avoid the inevitable still harder deeper her grunts becomes now swaying her

cheeks back and forth teasing her captive crowd below as the huge piece of waste

swings over their heads. Tightening her ass muscles causing the shit to be

released plummeting towards the pit screams were heard as the shit hit the pit

burying a good fourth of the prisoners. Enjoying the feeling she pushes harder

releasing a ton more of her vile waste she watched as tiny ones would climb her

turds trying to avoid the next attack. Her fellow giantess watched laughing

pushed the other away. Squatted over having her ass inches from the tiny

climbers who looked upward towards the looming ass. Farting… knocking many to

the ground then released a strong stream of urine. The surface that the tiny

ones were standing on more like a smelly mud. She had had enough releasing… more

and more until all were motionless then like they knew they turned towards the

horizon to see white flags rise showing the world has surrendered.

Let me know whatyou think if you read it sorry for wasting your time to all have

a great life and thanks for making me feel no so alone.


Giantess Stories: Invasion of Gigantic Proportions

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