Giantess Stories: It all started with me one day in my house because you see my aunt and my cousins were living with my family

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           It all started with me one day in my house

because you see my aunt and my cousins were living with my family, and I would

fantasize a lot about be crushed by my aunt or my cousins because I tested them

in ways like putting small bugs in the hallway in front of my door to watch what

each of them would do if they saw or didn't see the helpless little bugs on the

floor.  And the nice part about that would be that my aunt and cousins would

wear usually nothing but platforms and dress shoes and there high heels most of

the time. My aunt was a little chunky but not to bad but she had to at least

weighed around 200 pounds but I figured it was mostly her big ass, thighs and

her tits that made up most of her weight. Next my cousin Samantha who was a

little smaller but probably weighed 160 with her nice big ass and big tits and

strong firm body. I knew she had an ass because she always wore those tight blue

jeans were you can see how big the girls ass really was, and hers must have been

from one side to the other 2ft across.  Next was my cousin Amy who was a little

smaller than her sister because she was the youngest but that did mean anything

as far as I could tell well her tits were about a b size but I knew they would

get bigger in time but her ass was already there going about 11/2ft across

already and she probably weighed about 145 so she wasn't that small, and she

would wear her spandex pants with a thong a lot.

           Well to get back to the plan I had in mind I

tested each of them by placing small bugs like rolli polies and probably my

favorite ones to see stepped on were the earwigs because they would always fake

being dead. I knew the day was going to be busy because they were going out the

next day and be trying on all there things for tomorrow. Which meant a lot of

hallway traffic with in my hallway there's a mirror.  So I got my bugs and set

them in the hallway watching to see what would happen. I watched from under my

door which was close to the mirror. Which meant I could get an up close crush


           First up was my cousin Samantha who dressed in a

short skirt and stockings in a pair of her black platform closed toe heels and

looked like she was ready to crush, did I mention she was wearing a tight top

which made her tits burst out. I watched as her huge shoes well they looked huge

from lying on the floor I figured this is kind of what a bug sees. I watched as

she took each step until finally stopping with the little rolli poli between her

massive heels she barely moved as she must have been looking at herself in the

mirror. I watched as she twisted her toe from left to right switching from one

foot to the next. I could tell she knew not of the bug at her feet as she raises

her massive foot and stepped down just missing the bug that was in a ball from

fear. He was lying in between her heel and her toe of her shoe. Then all of a

sudden she turned side ways with her back to the bug and her heels together I

watched as see slowly lifted her heels over the tiny bug and then it seemed like

the bug was laying there on its back staring up at was about to be his doom and

slowly my cousin pushed her heels down onto the bug and I could hear the

crunching of his body under her as she rested all her 160 pounds on him, with

her heels and then I watched as she twisted his little body under her to come

straight with the mirror as I saw him being ripped apart like paper, under her.

She didn't even care for she didn't notice a thing as she lifted her massive

foot only to smash the poor bug with her toe, I stared at her feet in her shoes

and I could smell them to and began to wish that I might be stepped on by her,

but then I knew I would only suffer the same fate so I would have to wish also

that when she would step on me that it wouldn't kill me but still have the same

effects on me as the bugs but the thing would be that my body would recoup form

the destructive blows and I would be fine in a matter of minutes depending on

the severity of the crush. Then she dropped her brush and I saw her pick up her

foot only to crush down on the bug with her toe and then with all her weight

squat down and pick up her brush, I could see now my cousin was wearing a thong

and I thought what a way to die while staring up at the huge ass in a thong and

then to be stepped on by her heels. I listened to the crunching sounds her shoes

made on the bug as she flattened him and smashed his remains in to the carpet

with her hard soles. Then wile she was bent over I saw her take her finger and

adjust her thong and then stand up, I could see part of him sticking out from

under her sole and watched as his body bent and twisted as she unknowingly

rocked her foot on him. She brought her feet together on top of the little bug

smashing him under her whole weight and at the same time twisted her shoes on

him walking back into there room, and as she walked away I could see several wet

spots on the bottom of her shoes from where she had stepped on the little bug.

           I could hear talking coming from the room about

someone taking to long to check themselves in the mirror which the voices belong

to my cousin Amy and Samantha. So I knew that someone else would be coming out

soon and positioned an earwig in the way of the mirror. And sure enough someone

came out of the room but it wasn't Samantha or Amy but it was worst it was my

aunt. Like I said before she was a big woman. I felt sorry for the bug as I

watched her huge hard sole dress plats coming towards him, and could feel her

heavy steps through the floor. Now my aunt pretty much always looked where she

was going and I knew that she would probably see the bug so I watched to see how

she would react to him being in her path way. It only took a couple of steps

from where there room was to get to the mirror some where around 4 to 5.  My

aunt was wearing a long skirt which was tight at her waist and opened up at the

bottom and some silk stalkings and of course a tight top to burst out her

massive tits. My aunt approached the mirror and as I thought she would just

before stepping on the little bug stopped and moved her foot the side and I

heard her talk down to him, she said, “I hope you don't plan on laying there for

long because if you do I am going to have to step on you, and trust me you don't

want that little man.” I could hear her laugh a little. Ideas began to race

through my mind, like my aunt was a mean crusher. The bug just lied there

staring at her foot as she held it in the air to his left. Then she started up

again and I heard her say alright maybe you're scared so I'll help you as she

took her toe and nudged at the little bug rolling him over on his back. I

watched as his legs began flaying around trying to roll over again. Then my aunt

said “I am getting tired of holding my foot in the air and you haven't moved out

of the way yet so I guess I am going to have to forget about you and continue

anyways and where you're lying looks like a good place to rest my foot. I felt

sorry for the bug as he tried to get out of my aunts way as she straitened her

foot and began to lower her shoe onto him and I could see him being slowly

pressed down by the sole of her brown shoe and then to finally disappear from

sight under her, and at that moment heard her say don't worry it will all be

over soon as the sound of crushing bones came slight from under her sole as I

watched her move her weight onto her toe she placed her other foot down on the

floor so she could take another step, I watched as she lifted the back of her

foot which she had on the bug and crushed her toe hard on him making lots of

crunching sounds come from under her as she then lifted her foot and revealed

she as smashed him into the carpet. And she just went along with her business

looking at her self in the mirror.  But I knew the bug wasn't dead because it

was on carpet and that type of bug liked to play dead and the fact that it was

hard to kill sometimes. I watched as the little bug pulled himself out of the

footprint in which my aunt had left with him in it. And began stumbling towards

my aunt who was moving around a lot. As he neared her left foot she picked it up

holding it in the air as he crawled under it with knowing and with out her

knowing he was down there proceeded to crush her shoe down onto him as I saw

half of him sticking out from under her toe and then heard her say so you didn't

have enough yet uh my little man she then said try this as she began to twist

him under her toe and I watched as he wiggled about trying to get lose but she

just laughed at him and the twisting motion pulled him under all the way and she

then stopped and lifted her foot and I heard her say hay where did he go as I

could see from the floor he was stuck to the bottom of her shoe she had split

him open a little. She then said oh I know where as she shook her foot and he

feel off, she put her foot down next to each other and stood there giggling

nudging at him with her shoes and acting like she was going to step on him

again. But I watched as he started to crawl towards her shoe and she laughed

saying you want more little man but she just watched to see what he was up to

and he made it to her toe and I guess he pinched her because she stepped back

and yelped. Then I heard her say ohm you're going to get it now you little shit.

And I watched in horror as my aunt made her way up to him stomping her feet and

then I saw one raise into to the air and come crashing down onto him and saw him

squirming in pain under her fat heel on her shoes as she saw him sticking out

she twisted her foot pulling him under her then raising her foot several times

stomping on him, the force was so great that the thumps that vibrated through

the floor felt like if she were stomping on my head. I watched as she lifted her

foot one last time as she looked down at him in the footprint of her heel

mangled and squished and she just stomped as hard as she could as I saw her foot

actually bounce on him once then coming to a rest on him again. She then stepped

off and looked down at him laughing and she then took her foot and dragged him

to the center of the hallway and with both feet jumped into the air and crushed

him under her shoes as she began twisting him all kinds of ways and I could see

pieces of him ripping off after a minute of this she stopped and kicked at his

remains. Then left laughing to herself. As I watched my aunts shoe tramp off I

could feel my dick bulging because she had been so cruel it almost made me nut

my pants. She went back into the room and closed the door but I could still see

feet moving around inside the bedroom and I thought to myself hurry up and set

up a bug then I heard my cousin Amy say, finally its my turn, so I quickly put

an earwig in place, and waited.

           The door swung open and there were these two

huge but sexy looking black platforms that were sandal types and were tied to

her bare feet. She approached the mirror not even caring about the little bug

and stomped on him hard with her hard soles I watched as she crushed him under

her toe pulling him down under her as she lifted her heel smashing her toe on

him with all her weight getting ready to take another step. She stepped off him

revealing a badly smashed bug in her foot print. She didn't even care. She was

wearing my favorite shoes and her shortest skirt which revealed her thong easily

she moved in front of the mirror I could feel the thumping of her heavy shoes

and body combined through the floor I now wished to be small and helpless like

the bugs and to have my cousin crush me under her like she did with the small

bug. I listened as I heard her say well what we have here. As I watched her move

towards the little bug stand behind him with her shoes together, she said “it

looks like a little man who wants to be crushed under me”. With that she lifted

her massive shoe and stomped on him hard I saw her break him in under her as he

squirmed around after she stepped off of him she just giggled and jumped into

the air and crushed him under both of her shoes she didn't stop there she just

started to twist her shoes into him with all the force she had. I could hear her

laughing at him asking if he were comfortable under her platforms. And the whole

time there was tremendous crunching sounds coming from under her shoes as she

kept stomping on him with her toe and heel, jumping on him, she even did

something that caught my attention quick she stood over him for a second then

squatted down with him between her legs and farted on him even bouncing her huge

ass on him several times smashing him between her ass and the floor sometimes

getting stuck to her thong but would wipe him off and stomp him into the carpet

for touching her but. She left nothing of him after she was done with him as she

twisted him over and over until he was a gooey stop on the carpet then just

happily walked back into the room. By this time I had nutted my pants and wanted

badly to become small and go out and wait for the next girl to come out and

crush me under her shoes or maybe even ass.

           So I began to wish over and over until I could

actually feel myself getting smaller in size until I was the size of those bugs

that got crushed. I couldn't believe it, as I stared at the huge world around

me. I focused my attention thou to the door as I walked over to my door and

simply walked under it I could see that I was now in the hallway. I could hear

talking coming from the girls room and could see there massive feet and shoes

moving around the room, I could also feel the thumping vibrations from there

foot steps from where I was standing. I knew I was small now but wasn't sure if

my body had the power to fix itself if I where to get in the way of one of the

girls. But I wanted to go for it anyways. So I walked over towards the mirror

and waited. It wasn't long before the door to there room opened again and I was

motionless when I saw how big the girls were. It was Samantha who came out and

the first thing a saw was her shoes, she was wearing her sliver high heels which

I stared at with a growing errection, she was wearing a short skirt with her ass

hanging out of it and no panties. I stared up at her face how big it was and

smooth then she picked up her foot and started to come towards me but I just

stood there watching her in haw. She came one foot in front of the other I could

see the tread on the bottom of her shoes as she came at me. Then all of a sudden

I found my self screaming at her no please don't step on me but she couldn't

hear me and lifted her massive foot swinging it over me as I stared up at it and

stepped down onto me with her toe crushing me under her unknowingly smashing my

chest down with her toe and crushing me into the carpet then just happily

stepping off me like nothing happened, because as far as she knew nothing did. I

laid there flattened as she began looking at herself in the mirror but for some

reason didn't die then I knew that my wish had worked. So while she was checking

herself I crawled over next to her and faked like I didn't want her to step on

me saying things like no please don't Samantha but as she moved she would raise

her foot over me stepping down on me like a bug and crushed me again under her

toe twisting me under her shoe not caring as my body crunched and flattened

under her weight. She then stepped off only to turn sideways and step onto my

dick with her massive heel as I reached up to try and stop her heel coming down

onto my dick but she was so strong she smashed it down and crushed my dick into

a crater and began twisting it several times rocking her foot back on it while

looking at herself in the mirror. When she went to step off me she lifted her

foot from the ground but the force she stepped down on my dick with had made my

dick stick to her heel which left me dangling from my dick by her heel. Well she

didn't care as she slammed her heel back to the ground crushing it again under

her twisting it some more with more weight it seemed like. I began to cry out to

her but she kept stomping me into the ground with each crushing step I figured

she would see me sticking out from under her heel but she paid no attention to

me or the crunching sounds my body made under her. She stopped for a second

still standing on me though and as my head was sticking out from under her sole

I looked up at her tits got to see that they were even bigger than ever how nice

and round they were, but I didn't get much rest under her when she began to move

around again lifting her foot off me and stepping down on me once more with her

heel and this time she noticed me as when she stepped on me half of my body shot

up and hit her foot. She looked down to see what it was and she said “gross I

just stepped on a little dirty bug” I thought to myself now you notice, after

all that crushing. She lifted her shoe off of me and bent down to look at me. I

could see her large face and eyes staring at me as she wondered what I was but

then I heard her say “I don't know what you are but I can tell you this you

don't belong in this house alive” with that she said “I'll be right back” she

turned around and went to the bathroom and I could hear her take some toilet

paper off the roll and then she reappeared with it in her hand. She told me “now

hold still while I through this over you little man and don't move” with that

she tossed the paper over me and I could see her smile as she began to move her

massive shoe over me and I screamed out no please as she lowered her toe slowly

down onto me until she felt the ground to the bottom of her shoe and then

started to twist slowly back and forth on me with what seemed like all of her

weight. Then she bent down and I saw her take her hand and reach down and scoop

me and the paper up and when she had me in the paper crushed me in her hand into

a ball and went back to the bathroom and through me in the trash saying “you are

nothing but a goop spot now little man” and I could hear her walk away. As I

laid there in the trash my body was able to recoup and then I made my way out of

the trash and onto the floor of the bathroom and went back out into the hallway.

I walked back over to the front of the mirror and found myself asking the

question of weather or not I wanted to be crushed again.

           But before I could answer my own question I

heard heavy foot steps coming from behind the door and I saw it open and I stood

there once again astonished at how big my aunt was when I was that tiny. I

looked up at her and saw her wearing a tight shirt and could see her huge tits.

She didn't notice me like she noticed the first time and came right up to me and

stepped on me without noticing me crunch under her massive black strap on high

heels crushing me under her sole of her toe and then just stood there on top of

me smashing me into the carpet not caring that she was crushing her nephew. I

could feel the tread on her shoe roughing me up as I lay smashed underneath her

foot. After about what seemed like ten seconds she unknowingly began to twist

her foot on me and I began to scream under her shoe as the weight was enormous

but she still didn't notice a thing. She twisted me over and over as she finally

step off me to leave me lying in her footprint smashed and mangled, as she

positioned herself in front of the mirror. I looked up at her from where I laid

staring at her huge shoes which just crushed the shit out of me and then focused

my eyes on her tits as she played with them trying to adjust her clothing to

where she wanted it. I grew an errection some how and felt badly to relieve

myself so I made my way towards her shoes because she had on strap high heels so

I could try and stick my dick in between her toes and cum on them, I crawled up

to the front of her shoes only thinking she would just crush me under her again

but I made it onto her foot and laid across her toes and slid my dick into place

and it felt great I could actually feel my aunt playing with it as she moved

around jerking me around with her toes squeezing it and pumping it more and more

until I finally blow it all over her toes but she didn't stop just kept on

playing with it after a few times it got slippery and I feel off as she turned

sideways and I landed on the floor once again. I felt so good after her

relieving me that I looked up her skirt to see her panties pulled in between her

pussy lips and without realizing she was holding her left heel over my erected

penis she stepped on it smashing it to oblivion and I laid there under her heel

screaming in pain as she rocked her foot on it and began twisting it under her

slowly left to right and lifting her heel up and down smashing it over and over

and as the sticky cum made my dick stick to her heel she would lift her foot

with me dangling from her heel by my dick and then step down on it crushing it

over and over walking back and forth in front of the mirror crushing my penis

under her heel not caring as the crunching sounds came from under her heel. She

just went about her business smashing me the whole time until finally she  drug

her heel on the ground and wiped me off on the carpet all I could do was lye

there as I was in serious pain and watched as my aunt slowly moved back in my

direction as she wanted to see what she looked like from different angles until

she lifted her foot over me and I just laid there staring up at her shoe as she

crushed my head under her toe smashing it like a grape and when she did my body

began to flair around and I hit her toes and she looked down at me sticking out

from under her and she just smiled and said oh I am sorry but you should have

not been peeking at me you little man as she lifted her foot off me to look at

me. I saw her smiling and touching her tits and she then said well since I put

you in pain I guess I will have to take you out of it and she took her foot and

gently drug me over between her shoes with her left foot and stood there looking

down at me smiling and then lifted one foot into the air and placed it down on

my legs and then still smiling lifted her other shoe and I screamed as she

stepped onto my chest and stood on me with all her weight looking down at me

smiling and then see began to slowly lift and then step down onto me kind of

marching on me with her shoes saying over and over left right left right

crushing me over and over as I laid under her screaming for her to stop but she

just kept on going then she started to ad a little twist to her step and began

smashing me into the carpet and then progressed into stomping on me with some

much force I was going to pass out as I was about to she stopped and moved

forward a little and held her heels over me and I just started to cry as she

looked down at me smiling still and slowly rested her heels on me and began

needing her heels into me crushing my body and pushing her heels through me

crushing my dick many times and face stepping all over me making wholes in me as

she saw this she began to laugh a little as she continued for about another

three minutes needing her heels into me and then moved her toes over me only to

stomp on me hard and begin to twist me under her soles moving her toes in

different twisting motions until she turned me into a little goop spot in the

carpet and stepped off smiling and stepped on me one last time crushing me hard

under her sole as she went back to the room and closed the door. I laid there in

tremendous pain and felt my body slowly begin to fix itself but I knew it would

take a while because my aunt wasn't so nice to me. But I actually had time to

recoup and before I knew it I was walking around again and was thinking to

myself if I should stop this and go back to my room. I figured I should but I

was close to the girl's room thanks to my aunt's destructive heels and the fact

that she smashed me there in front of the door.

           So as I walked and reached the front of the

mirror I could feel and hear heavy footsteps as I turned around to see the door

open and I yelled out holy shit as I stared at the worst of the all as I saw my

cousin Amy standing there in the door way wearing a short skirt and she had on

her red open toe spike heels. I stared at her in horror as I started to run as

fast as I could when I noticed her starting to come my way, but my legs were so

short that she caught up to me in a hurry. I could feel her footsteps right

behind me and when I went to look back I saw her right foot lifting off the

ground and coming my way I screamed for her to look down but as I did she had

her foot in the air over me and then she stepped down onto me like I was the

floor under her and crushed me down into the carpet under the sole of her toe. I

could feel my bones crackle and crunch under the weight and pressure of her

under her shoe but she never felt a thing and stepped off me like nothing

happened. I lay smashed in the carpet between her shoes and began to think my

cousin was going to kill me under her heels. As she proceeded to check herself

in the mirror she stepped onto me with her toe and twisted me back and forth,

left to right under her hard and then just stand on me with both of her shoes

together twist me some more this time in different directions and that shit

really hurt as the tread on her shoes roughed me up and I could feel my face

flattening against her sole as she added weight to it then she had so much that

she crushed my head like a grape under her toe and twisted her toe in it not

caring what she was doing.  She turned sideways and had only one shoe on me

which gave my head a chance to recoup and I was able to see again, but I could

feel her weight break both of my legs under her sole but she didn't care not one

bit I was the floor under her for all she knew and just kept on stepping on me

as hard as she wanted to not holding back one pound. As she had me pinned under

her sole I found myself looking up her skirt and at her light blue panties which

seemed to be fighting her pussy lips to get free, as they were pulled and pushed

in-between them over and over. Then she began to move around some more this time

lifting her shoe off of me and turning back straight to the mirror again. I laid

there staring at her shoes as she moved them around looking at herself in the

mirror and I couldn't help it but want to be smashed some more by the one that I

knew would do it best. So when I could I ran between her shoes and crawled up

one and I quickly noticed her toes twitch and she looked down and spotted me she

smiled big and bent down to look at me she said “I see you like my shoes well

guess what I could use a new insole so I guess I'll will have to volunteer you”

with that I watched her massive hand come down and grab me she brought me over

to the back of her shoe and I could hear her laughing then she said “well in you

go” and she lifted up the back of her foot and exposed the arch of her shoe and

she dropped me onto her shoe and laughed as I fought not to slid down her shoe

but as I disappeared from her view she began to lower her foot down onto the

shoe again and onto me I screamed and she laughed as she felt me squirming under

her naked foot and then felt her flesh begin to swallow me up in her and then

finally she could feel my body begin to crush and flatten a little under her.

She stood there at little bit getting use to her new insole and then told me “I

am going to have to break you in little guy and that means a little bit of

walking hope you can handle it, if you survive we can play some more after this”

then I felt her lift her foot and there was a gap in between her shoe and her

foot but then it closed after she stepped down again crushing me in between she

was now facing down the hallway and preparing to walk down it. She told me to

hold on for dear life as she lifted her foot and smashed it down on me taking

another step and then again and over and over, crushing me under her foot

smashing me against her shoe then with the all the movement I was flipped over

as her shoe parted from her foot and tossed me like a salad and then I saw her

foot coming down onto me face to foot and crunch as she giggled about how my

little body felt squirming and flattening under each step she took. I began to

beg her to stop but I knew she thought I was just a little bug and she kept on

crushing me with delight each step now having more force than the last as she

was enjoying crushing me under her as an insole. Then I noticed I really wasn't

going anywhere until she was done because with her movement she pushed me down

into her shoe towards her toes and my legs slid under them all the way up to my

waist as she had her foot in the air and my dick got pushed in between her toes

as she stepped down onto me again. And that's when she had a good hold on me as

my dick was being pumped and smashed in between her toes with each step she took

and she was actually walking all around the house enjoying herself and making me

cum on her toes many times because the force of her toes squeezing on my dick

made me explode in like just two  seconds she finally stopped back at the mirror

and stood there wiggling her toes crushing my dick in between them and then

saying “who something feels good down there and what's that white stuff its so

warm and soft” As she began to pump my dick vigorously crushing it and breaking

it as she went out of control until I came again. Then she lifted her foot out

of her shoe only to look down at me flattened in her shoe and begin to laugh at

me and say “ohm you are all flat, did I not stop in time little guy, was I a bad

girl, well you know you like it now get out of my shoe you little bug” with that

she tipped her shoe over with her foot and dumped me onto the ground then I

watched as she stuffed her foot back into her shoe and then she said “I am

always a bad girl because what I got in store for you next will hurt you more

than its goanna hurt me” then she smiled. As she positioned herself over me then

I saw her squat down and I could believe what I saw as she had her ass so close

to me that I could reach out and touch it. Then she told me to make sure I

didn't get stuck to her panties because if I did I would be considered pussy

food and she wouldn't be able to help me once her pussy had a hold of me, with

that I watched in horror as she dropped her ass onto me and began smashing me

with her ass bouncing it on me and smothering me with it and asking me if I

liked the smell of her pussy and telling me that it was going to eat me up. She

continued to crush me under her beautiful ass I watched as she would drop her

tan cheek and flatten me under it, between the floor and her cheek then pulling

away only to deliver and direct hit with her pussy on me try to push me into her

hungry cunt, I could see her pussy lips opening and closing like a mouth would

and it scared me and then she would drop her ass again on to me dealing a direct

hit right on to my dick and I screamed as her pussy lips tugged on me trying to

pull me in before she pulled away, but soon I figured out that the best thing to

do was to hold onto the carpet fibers so I wouldn't be sucked in. I could see

Amy looking down at me and smiling she was really enjoying herself to my extent

she blew me a kiss and then dropped her ass onto me with all her weight and sat

on me letting her pussy have its way with me, and she just sat there feeling me

struggle under her ass fighting for my life and pounding against her pussy just

exciting her more until she figured she would just sit on me and wait until her

pussy had a hold of me and then go about her business and go along with the fact

that she had a little bug being fed to her cunt and enjoy it. When the whole

time she was sending her cousin to his doom feeding him to her women hood and

waiting to hear the slurping and crunching of his body from her powerful pussy

lips, until I was sucked into her cunt and forgot about in total arousal and

later shitted out in the bathroom. With all this in mind I struggled for freedom

and could not find it as her pussy lips gripped me in and she stood up only to

walk back to the mirror enjoying the feeling of having me being pulled into her

ass and chewed up like and treat for her cunt. She then started to rub her ass

cheeks together smashing them onto me pressing them against me which I actually

wanted to happen for the motion she made was pulling me out and away from her

deep pussy and towards freedom which was only to be dropped to the floor and

that was actually quit pleasing to feel instead of her wet cunt getting ready to

eat me for lunch. But Amy wasn't happy at all because she was getting off for

once and I had stopped it so she was mad, and told me “you better have a good

reason why your not in my ass right now mister, because if you don't I am goanna

crush you under my shoes and you don't want that trust me” she stood there

smiling an evil smile and said “I didn't hear anything and that means you're a

goner” she looked down at me the whole time as she lifted her shoe into the air

and I could see the tread and her shoe as she slammed her foot down onto me

crushing me under her and then she began to twist her foot as hard as she could

I could feel her toes moving through her shoes as she pushed with all her weight

down onto me trying to turn me into goop under her. She lifted her foot and saw

me flattened and crushed and smiled then she jumped into the air and came

crashing down onto me smashing both of her soles onto my little body and she

giggled at the crunching sounds coming from beneath her soles. She told me that

I she hoped I liked to march because she was going to march on me I her shoes

until I stuck to her shoes and she started to pound her shoes saying left right

left right as she stomped on me over and over this time using her heels first

ever stabbing them into my dick and balls crushing them into the ground turning

my nuts into peanut butter and crushing the meat out of my dick, and continuing

the brutal punishment over and over until she stabbed her heel through me in my

stomach and stood smiling and me telling me that it was time to go back into the

room and she would take me on  a ride stuck to her heel and wipe me off on the

carpet in her room leaving her and her sister and mom to finish me off probably

crushing me over and over with every pair of high heels and platforms they owned

taking turns wearing each pair smashing them down onto me until I was nothing

but a goop spot on the carpet that they would happily step on each time they

passed. With that Amy turned to the door and walked with me stuck to her heel

and with each step causing so much pain she got to the door and opened it

walking inside and closing it behind her walking to the center of the room and

like she said wiped me off her heel onto the carpet and step on me with her toe

to make sure I would be there long enough to be stepped on harder by either my

aunt or Samantha and smashed into the ground under there enormous weight. Well

it didn't take long after Amy walked away from me when I began screaming for my

aunt to not step on me but she didn't even notice me as she swung her enormous

platform over me blocking out her view of me and crushing me under her heel

flattening me under her weight, and then I saw Amy walk right up to me with a

dress in her hand and step on me with her bare feet smashing her toes on me as

hard as she could, then I screamed as I saw Samantha backing up over me and

taking off her panties only to drop them on me with the dirty part on me and

through her panties I saw her massive white high heel come crushing down onto me

and she began twisting her foot down onto me then step off me lifting her

panties off me and stepping on my dick with her heels as she tossed her panties

into the dirty clothes and then twisting her heel as she pivoted on my dick with

all her weight to go in the direction of the closet and walk away leaving me

screaming for mercy as I saw my aunt naked coming my way in a pair of her

favorite high heels as she lifted her foot and stomped on me crushing my body

deeper into the carpet and twisting her toe on me as she stared at her beautiful

shoes and then brought them together on me as she stabbed wholes into me

unknowingly as I laid in pain under her heels as she kneaded them into my cock

and balls. And then stepping off after ten seconds. And leaving me to see Amy's

naked body looking straight on showing me that she has already forgotten about

me and stepping on my dick with her toes grabbing it and pulling me from the

carpet only to toss me to a new and deadlier location in front of the closet

where the girls put on all there high heels, platforms and dress shoes as I

watch Amy pull out a pair of black platforms which are her favorites the ones

that have a huge solid plat and mean rigged tread and strap on to her bare feet.

She takes them and drops them onto me and turns one over on top of me not

noticing and begins to push her toes into the shoe pushing down her weight to

keep the shoe from moving and crushing me under her, then she proceeds to stomp

her foot down onto me as she sets her foot in her shoe not noticing the

crunching sounds coming from under her shoe as she admires her shoes on top of

me and then twists her shoes on me turning around and walks away leaving room as

I watch as only Samantha comes and takes her place on top of me in a pair of

cork platforms. She swings her massive foot over me not looking where she is

going and steps on me crushing me instantly under her enormous body smashing me

into the tread of her platform and twisting her foot down onto me while looking

for her other shoes, she finds them and she takes her shoes off on top of me. I

feel her step off but when she went to pick up her shoes she stepped on me with

her stocking foot and crushed me under her sweet smelling foot and put her shoes

away then pulled out her wooden high heel plats and dropped them onto me and

once again this time Samantha rolled her shoe over me not caring and began

sliding her foot into the shoe crushing my dick under her spike heel and I

screamed in pain as she twisted her foot till she felt like she had her shoe on

all the way. Then she stomped on me a few times as she enjoyed the sound her

shoes made on the ground but this time she heard nothing but the crunching of my

bones as the continuously crushed me over and over with each stomp she made. She

finished slipping into her shoes and twisted her feet on me and walked away. I

laid there in pain as I watched the girls moving about the room and feel there

heavy footsteps through the ground and thought that it's a good thing I cant die

from any of this and with that my naked aunt walked over in a pair of her heels

and crushed me and never thought about the crunching sounds coming from under

her heels but it must be the carpet and proceeded to fix it by smashing more

weight down onto me and flattening me under her and she succeeded in smashing me

into the carpet were I laid for hours on end being crushed and mangled by my

aunt and two cousins throughout the rest of the day.

Giantess Stories: It all started with me one day in my house because you see my aunt and my cousins were living with my family

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