Giantess Stories: It had been a long day at work

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It had been a long day at work, and I was simply worn out. I believed in working

hard at the office and I also believed my wife should work hard at home. With

that philosophy I also expected her to have dinner on the table when I got home.

Mysti was truly a sexy wife. She was about 5' 6", extremely toned, and had

wonderful 34C breasts. Granted I would have even liked them bigger, but they

worked for me just fine.

When I got to the house, I expected the smell of a home cooked meal, but what I

smelt was nothing at all. I quickly got upset at her and said that I had been

working all day and was ready to eat "RIGHT NOW". Maybe I shouldn't have been so

rough since she was still trying to take care of the neighbor's baby to help

bring in a little extra money....but I was ready to eat.

She was quite timid and quickly apologized...

"I'm sorry David. I'm just trying to get adjusted to life with this baby here

until Jan gets home."

"Well, Mysti, you just need to get it together! There's no excuse for your

laziness lately."

"David, I said I was sorry!"

"Just shut up and get to cooking me something, Mysti."

She then laid the baby down and cooked me supper. Afterwards, I sat down on my

recliner and relaxed a little bit. It wasn't long before the baby woke up

crying. She quickly scampered to the back of the house to get the baby. My wife

came back in the den with the baby wearing an odd gown with two slits near the

breast area. She pulled one of her tits through the slit and placed it in the

baby's mouth. I couldn't help but notice that her breast looked a good bit

larger than normal. I quickly questioned her....

"What are you doing and what are you wearing?"

"This is a nursing gown. I bought it today. It's strange, David. The baby was

crying for a bottle this morning but she wouldn't drink it. I didn't know what

to do. A baby has to eat! I then noticed that my shirt was getting wet. I pulled

my shirt up and noticed that milk was coming out of my nipples! My tits felt

enormous and engorged. This little baby girl latched on in no time."

I just looked at her puzzled and went back to reading my paper. But, I couldn't

help but get turned on at the thought of sucking the sweet milk out of those

enormous tits. My mind raced at the thought of it. All of a sudden the door bell

rang. It was Jan coming to pick up the baby. Mysti explained what had happened

and Jan was completely astonished. I went to the back of the house to get ready

for bed and Mysti soon joined me. She showered up while I hoped in the bed. I

just couldn't stop thinking about those huge breasts with milk dripping out of

them. Soon she came out. She was wearing a black teddy that was sqeezing her

chest. It was abnormally tight. She noticed me checking her out....

"What are you looking at, David?"

"I just can't get over how hot you look right now."

"That's the first nice thing you've said to me all day. But, since you mention

it, I do feel like I look hot today. The milk has caused my breasts to become

engorged. I feel like a busty porno model. My breasts are so tight right now. I

need some release."

"Well, perhaps I could help you with that, honey."

" think so."

At that moment I grabbed her and pulled her onto me in the bed. Her teddy was

already getting wet. She straddled me and took it off. Her breasts were

unleashed as she thrusted them into the air with a stretch. I placed my hands on

them and squeezed. Immediately milk came running out all over my hands. She then

positioned her breasts over my head and milk began dripping into my mouth and

all over my face. I could take it no more....I quickly pulled her down and got

on top of her. I began sucking her tits and drinking the sweet milk that flowed

from them. I rubbed my hands all over her toned body and would then squeeze more

of that nectar out of those huge mellons. I then pushed my cock up in her and

began thrusting. Something didn't seem right though. I quickly pulled back. I

was dizzy, but tried to stand up. She stood up with me...

"What's wrong, David?"

"I don't know. I feel strange."

She came up to give me a comforting hug. That's when I noticed something even

more strange. Normally my wife's forehead comes even level with my lips. This

time, though, my lips met her nose. She didn't seem to notice anything mainly

because of her concern with me. I felt the strange sensation that I was slowly

shrinking. I turned away in confusion. Then I turned back only to notice that

she was eye-level with me. She did notice that something was happening at this


"David, what's happening to you?"

"I don't know, Mysti, I don't know what to do."

"I think you're shrinking!"

She looked genuinely concerned, as did I. Before I knew it I my eyes were even

with her mouth. She tried hugging me to comfort me. I continued to shrink. I saw

her face slowly rise above mine. At this point she had to actually "look down"

at me. Soon all I could see were her enormous breasts right in front of my eyes.

I looked up at her in panic. She began to speak...

"David, I can actually feel you shrinking in my arms. I don't want to hurt your

feelings or anything, but I kinda like this feeling. It's so strange to look

down at you, but I do like it."

"WHAT! Don't forget that even though I'm shorter than you right now, I'm still

in charge of this household!"

"Whatever you say, David."

It seemed the shrinking had stopped at that point. She giggled and continued to

giggle as she got a better view of me.

I was angry and tried to push her away as I usually did when I was angry with

her. But, this time it was harder to do. In fact, I kinda went back. She was

shocked as well and noticed that she might be as strong as I, especially since

she worked out and I did nothing to improve myself physically. She spoke


"I've always wondered what it would be like to make love to a smaller man. It

looks like I may get to find out."

"I don't think so Mysti. You've got to get me to a doctor right now so they can

run some tests or something."

"I've got to run some tests of my own first, David."

She began walking over to me. I was backed against a wall with nowhere to go.

She looked very intimidating and had an almost evil grin on her face.

"I think I know what is causing you to shrink, David. It's got to be my



"That's right. So let's run our first test and see if that's what's causing your


She giggled again and smothered my face with her massive tit. I tried to resist,

but I couldn't. I wanted her milk so bad!

"There, that's drink mommy's sweet milk."

Before I knew it I was shrinking again! I had to stand on my toes to reach her

nipples. Then I couldn't reach them anymore. I looked up and all I could see was

the underside of her breasts. I then saw her face peer over them. Next I saw her

toned stomach right before my eyes. I felt a huge had surround the back of my

head. She forced me to look up at her...

"It looks like I was right about the milk."

She giggled again. All of a sudden I was eye level with her pussy.

"Why don't we run another test and see how much of your face I can get into my


I tried to run, but she grabbed me again by the back of my head and pulled me

back to her pussy. She then forced my face into the giant pussy lips before me.

"Lick my pussy, David. Suck it NOW!"

At her command I did. I sucked and licked like never before. It was at this

point that I realized that things were gonna be different. I was never gonna get

to see a doctor. I was at my wife's control unless I could get away. But she was

already thinking ahead of me. She put her other had underneath my ass and

completely palmed it. She kept her other hand on the back of my head. She lifted

me up and began to speak again...

"I think I want you smaller, David. I want you to shrink more. I want to be able

to shove your whole head in my want to be able to stick

your whole body in my pussy!"

"NOOOO!!!!! You can't do that to me."

"Watch me!"

She began to laugh out loud as I wiggled and struggled to get free. She then

pressed my lips against her swollen nipple. I couldn't believe how big it was. I

latched on and began sucking uncontrollably. In her hands I began to shrink

again. As I shrank I felt her thumb slide from on my ass to between my legs. She

began to rub my balls and erect cock with her thumb. Then she no longer needed

her hand on the back of my head. She could hold my body in the palm of her hand.

I could no longer get my mouth around her entire nipple. I struggled to suck

against the huge boob flesh. I looked down to see myself in the palm of a giant

hand. I'd never seen or imagined such a sight. I became dizzy. I could see every

detail of her hand. I was probably about 10 inches tall. Pretty much like a

"Ken" barbie doll. If even that big. I looked up at her in total amazement. I

was totally intimidated and frightened. I began asking myself what she was going

to do with me. I realized that she had complete domination over me at that

point. My life was simply in her hands. If she wanted to destroy me all she had

to do was squeeze her hand. She had the power to make me do whatever she wanted.

She realized this same power that she had over me...

"David, it looks like we're going to have to get used to some changes. First,

you will call me Goddess Mysti from now on because I am basically a god to you.

You have no control over your own life when I'm here. Your life belongs to me. I

can squeeze and crush you with my hand, I can squash you with my foot, or I

could even eat you. You will do what I say when I say. If you do not, I will

punish you. And believe me...there are plenty of ways to punish you. You are

unfit to actually be called my husband so I will refer to you as my Slave Toy."

At that point I tried to rebel and actually pinched her hand. In one movement

she grasped me in her hand and began to slowly squeeze. I felt the air leave my

lungs. I felt my bones almost beginnning to give in to pressure. She then let up

a little and pulled me up to her face...

"Don't try me David....I will finish you off if I have to."

She then spread my legs with her other hand and turned the hand I was in so my

legs were facing her mouth. My legs split on each side of the outside of her

mouth as my cock and balls slowly entered the cavern of her mouth. She then

began sucking on just my cock and balls. It was an incredible amount of suction.

It felt great, but I thought she was gonna suck my cock and balls completely

off. I was just about to cum when she clamped her teeth lightly around my cock.

I was in a state of panic and begged her to have mercy on me. She then pulled me

out and said...

"I can give you much pleasure or much punishment, David. It's up to how you


She continued to grasp me in her hand as she laid back on the bed. She laid me

on top of her right breast.

"You always wanted my breasts to be larger, David. Now they are truly like

mountains compared to you. You are pathetic and small compared to them. You will

worship me and my breasts. At that she told me to suck them. I tried, but I

couldn't even get my mouth around the nipple. Milk began flowing out. It seemed

like a river flowing to me. I sucked it up. I was so excited I began to hump her

nipple I tried to stick my cock in the hole where the milk was coming out. I

successfully plugged it up and began thrusting. All of a sudden I started to cum

in her nipple. But, too much force from the milk had built up and it shot me out

and up into the air. I landed in between her breasts and looked up at the giant

tits. Milk rolled down them. I felt myself shrinking again. I shrank down to

about 6 inches. She began giggling again but soon stopped. She then spoke...

"I told you to worship my breasts not hump them. On your knees and worship my

giant tits. Bow down to them...NOW!"

I tried to resist but when I did she began squeezing her breasts together and I

felt my body being crushed between her mammoth tits. I quickly cried for mercy.

She released and I began to bow down to her breasts.

"You see David, even my breasts have power over you now. If you do not worship

my breasts, I will crush you with them."

She then grabbed me and pulled me up to her face.

"I bet I could fit your entire body in my mouth. Let's see."

I began to scream, but it was muffled when her mouth closed around me. Her

tongue ravaged my body and I felt her teeth glanced against my flesh. She spit

me into her hand as I was coated in saliva. She gave an evil grin and said,

"You tasted very good. You have no idea how hard it was for me not to bite down

on you and start chewing. The thought of destroying a man with my teeth is such

a turn on! We better not do that too much or I just might lose control of


I was scared to death. My life was never going to be the same.

"Now let's run one last test before we go to bed, David. Let's see how far you

can go inside my pussy!"


But once again my screams were muffled. But this time they were muffled by a

different set of lips closing. I went in head first. She shoved me in with her

index finger against my ass. Before I knew it I was completely inside her. Then

I saw a giant cock-like form enter behind me. It was her dildo. It pushed me

deeper until I hit her cervix wall. The dildo was was made of a soft rubbery

substance, but it still pounded my body against the wall of her cervix. She

screamed as she orgasmed. Her pussy muscles squeezed my body. I probably would

have been squeezed to death if not for the dildo holding back some of the force.

She then spoke again...

"David, if you want to come out your going to have to grab hold of the dildo. I

can't reach you with my hand. So hang on."

I grabbed on and was pulled back through the muscular pussy flesh. She laid back

on the bed. Her hand held the dildo with me on the tip end hanging on for dear

life. She then dangled me until I fell off and landed on her cushion like

breast. I fell asleep as I wandered what would happen tomorrow.....TO Be



I woke up blurry eyed and confused. My body was terribly sore and aching. I was

trying to remember what had happened the night before....then it hit me.....was

it a dream?.....surely it was....."but why am I so sore." I rubbed my eyes

trying to get the sleep out of them and when the world came into view I was

horrified. It was no dream! I had really shrunken. I glanced over at my gigantic

wife. She was laying on her side with her back towards me. I tried to evaluate

the situation by figuring out how big I was. The night before I had been

shrunken to only about half a foot or so. I was definitely much bigger than that

now, and I figured I would probably come to about my wife's waist if we were

standing. That's when it hit me...." As long as I don't drink my wife's breast

milk I will grow back!" I knew I had to find a hiding place because she would

surely shrink me again and completely humiliate me like she did the night

before. I slowly began easing to the edge of the bed when all of a sudden she


"Honey, you wouldn't believe the crazy dream I had last night."

Her back was still to me so I quietly responded..."Oh really."

"It was so crazy, yet I really enjoyed it."

I responded almost in fear of what was to come, "Well what happened?"

"I dreamed that my breast milk was making you shrink. The feeling of having

complete power over you was so exciting and incredible. I shrunk you down so far

I could stick you in my pussy. Just thinking about it gets me hot."

I responded again with my voice shaking, " Well, we can talk about this later, I

have to go to the bathroom."

She quickly fired back, "Before you go let's have a quicky!"

I couldn't find the words to respond with.

Slowly my wife began turning towards me. My eyes grew wide open as I saw those

gigantic mellons heaving towards me. Then she looked dead at me....

"Oh my gosh! It wasn't a really did shrink!"

"Mysti, please, I don't want to go through what happened last night again. I've

figured out that if I don't drink your breast milk then I will slowly grow


"Now why would you want to grow back, little man? It looks like you've already

grown back more than I what I would like you to. Stand up and let's take a look

at how small you really are compared to me."

"No, Mysti, I'm not gonna let you tell me what to do."

"We'll just see about that."

At that moment I jumped off the bed and ran towards the bedroom door. Out of the

corner of my eye I saw my amazon wife taking slow giant strides after me.

"You come back here little man, and let mommy feed you!"

She had nothing but a bra and panties on, and her long legs quickly made big

strides that were just too much for me to outrun. I knew she was right up on me

when I heard her say...

"Fe Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of a shrunken mun."

I quickly turned hoping to "juke" out of her way, but I only slammed my face

into a wall of panties. I slowly looked up at her pearing over her huge tits.

Her hands were on her hips and she had a sly grin on her face...

"And just where do you think you're going little man?"

"Please, Mysti, don't do this!"

"Plead all you want. It will do nothing for you. I'm not going to have any mercy

on you this time, we may just see how small you can get!"

With that she got down on her knees and grabbed the back of my head.

"You know what to do now, little man.....SUCK!"

I held my head back with all my might, but it was no match for her strength.

I was suffocated with the massive amount of breast that my head was engulfed in.

I could not hold back anymore. I had to suck that sweet milk. I latched on and

began sucking like a little baby.

"There you go, little suck mommy's big tit. You get all the milk you

can. If you suck it up good Mommy may pleasure you."

I couldn't stand the way she was treating me. It was like I was a little baby.

It was no use resisting because she held my hands behind my back with one hand

and pressed my head into her breast with her other hand. She had complete

control over me. Then I felt myself begin to shrink.

"You're already beginning to shrink little man! I can feel you getting smaller."

Before I knew it she had one hand around my waist, and her thumb was pressing my

head against her nipple. She was unbelievably big compared to me. She then

pulled her thumb off my head, as I jerked back for a deep breath of air.

"It looks like I've got a little play doll"

"Why are you doing this to me, Mysti?"

She then squeezed tightly around me with her hand...

"I guess because I'm just a big bad BITCH!"

After that she placed me on the floor.

"Why don't we play some games. Let's see how much pressure I can put on your

body with my foot without you completely getting squashed. I tried to run, but

her giant foot came knocking me down. I tried to turn and push the foot up with

my hands, but it was no use. She slowly came down putting more pressure on my


"Can you believe that I could end your pathetic little life right now if I

wanted? I ought to go ahead and just crush you. All I have to do is just find

another man to dominate."

"Please NOOOO!"

"You are so pathetic. I won't crush you just yet, little man."

She then reached down and grabbed me again and held me up to her face.

"You're going to pleasure me first."

She laid down on the bed and placed me between her legs.

"Now stick that measley thing you call a dick in my pussy."

I went up to the gigantic pussy lips and attempted to push my dick into her.

"I can't even feel that you little shrimp. Stick your head and arms in there and

get to work!"

She forced me in. It was hard to breath. I thrashed my arms around wildly trying

to get out. This only excited her more. She then pulled me out.

"You are still to big. I want your whole body in there. Why don't you hike your

way up to my tit and suck it some more. IT looks like I'm gonna have to pleasure

myself this time."

I then climbed up her huge breast and began sucking again. I knew I couldn't

fight her anymore. It was hard to fit the nipple in my mouth but I managed. At

the same time she began rubbing her pussy. Her breasts heaved up and down which

made it difficult to hang on...especially the smaller I got. Before I knew it

she came to a climax and sent me off her tit and between her breasts. I was back

to about 6 inches tall. I stood up and she just laughed.

"Little man, I'm so hungry."

"What do you want?"


"Please, you wouldn't."

"Oh, yes, I would! I'm not gonna waste anymore time with you. I was planning to

do this last night but I fell asleep. I'll just find more men to dominate. You

are just a tiny piece of nothing to me now. Well actually you are a tiny piece

of a snack!"

She then grabbed me and placed my lower body in her mouth. She began sucking

hard and lashing her toungue in between my legs. It wasn't long before I came.

But , then she began sucking harder until it felt like my cock was going to be

sucked right off! All of a sudden I felt a stabbing pop. She had sucked my cock

and balls completely off. I screamed in pain. Her teeth then clamped down on my

waste and slowly she eased into my body. I felt my bones cracking. I screamed

some more. Then she pushed what was left of my body into her mouth, and she


The End

Giantess Stories: It had been a long day at work

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