Giantess Stories: It was about 8

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      It was about

8:00 in the morning. There was a low overcast that day. The thunder rumbled in

the distance occasionally. Every now and then, the sky flickered with far off

lightning.  My three friends, Mick, Eric, and Tommy, were waiting for the bus to

take us to school. While Mick, Eric, and myself were only freshmen, "fish" as

they are so affectionately called, Tommy was a senior. He only took the bus

because his parents thought he wasn't a careful enough driver.  I gazed up at

the sky, hoping tomorrow would be a better day with better weather. I had no

idea at the time just how little I'd care about the weather by the time the day

was done. 

By the time the school bus arrived, it

was already pouring down. The rain came down so hard as if to bludgeon us to

death. I was the first to notice the two headlights moving around a turn in the

mist like a pair of will o' wisps. Soon, the yellow painted bus emerged

completely and slowly droned to a stop right before us.  It was almost a fight

to get on. The goal was the seat furthest in the back. Tommy and myself, being

the strongest two, shoved our way back there first. Once we were all seated, the

bus was off with a lurch. 

      The rain beat

on the windows at an almost even pace all the way to Clark High School, our high

school.  The earliest part of the day was dull. English class, followed by gym,

biology, and American history. They were all meaningless to me. When the bell to

signal the end of fourth period rang, I ran downstairs and across the flooded

courtyard to lunch.   

Clark High School was designed like a

prison, and it sure felt that way. The main area was four brick buildings

surrounding an open courtyard. There was an auxiliary building behind D building

that the ROTC used. The school also apparently forgot to exclude the white riot

control gates between each building.  And the OTHER kids thought school felt

like a prison!    

Lunch time was the only truly good time

of the day. People ate outside and socialized with their girlfriends and

boyfriends. I, myself, had never had a real GIRLFRIEND. Sure, I had friends who

were girls, but not a real girlfriend. I was a bit out of shape and I suppose

that contributed. I could never help being filled with jealousy and envy at

seeing happy couples, and any boys who rubbed it in my face that they had a

girlfriend and I didn't soon found my fist rubbed in their face (more like

buried).  I didn't understand why I was alone and the thought of never loving

was like a slap in the face. Perhaps that's why I acted the way I did. Had I

known better, I might not have suffered the cruel fate that I did. Yet, if there

really is such thing as fate (which I really don't believe in) then I suppose it

would have gotten me one way or another that one day.


      I dashed into

the cafeteria doors and immediately began looking

for my other friends

Adam and Justin. Try as I did, they were nowhere to be found. I went to the

lunch line, two pairs of tray sliders sticking out from a concave wall, the

sliders attached to shelves where one picked up their tray and their food. There

were three chest high railings; two between the shelves and the walls and the

third between

the inward facing

shelves.  I glanced uncaringly at the choices of foods before me. There was

chicken fried stake with cream gravy, a pair of tacos, and some enchiladas. The

lunchlady looked at me, expecting me to tell her what I wanted. I requested the

chicken fried stake and mashed potatoes. On the way to the cashier, I picked up

a spork (spoon with small grooves like forks teeth in end) and a straw, as well

as a small carton of chocolate milk. I paid the lunch lady at the cashier my

money and left the line without so much as a word. I could not shake the feeling

of impending doom before me.

      As I stepped

out of the lunch line, I almost slammed into one of my friends; a cute, sexy

girl named Christina and her friends Gina and Marlene. I knew them all very

well. They were all in my middle school classes and I had a big reputation among

them and their friends by being chivalrous to them. I'd hold open the door for

them, offer my

coat to them, you

know, all the really nice stuff.

      Christina was

hispanic with darker than usual skin, like a very deep tan. She was very cute

and had the most shapely body. She had braces, yes, but they were somewhat

sparse and only over her top teeth. That was just fine with me, I always liked

cute girls and Christina was among the cutest. Braces detract from some girls

appearances, but it only heightened Christina's. She wore a brownish gold,

silken shirt that was only held together by two buttons at the top and at the

middle of her cleavage (she didn't have the biggest breasts in the world, but

that was also fine with me. I'm more partial to butts, and also have a secret

fetish for bellybuttons and the inside of girl's mouths. The only thing that

kept her from being caught and thrown out was that she had her shirt tied just

above her perfectly round, shallow navel. She also wore very tight, black pants,

which showed off her shapely buttocks. She had beautiful, shoulder length light

brown hair, which she always kept

combed somewhat

back. She was incredibly slender, but not overly so. She was perfect in almost

every way conceivable.

      Gina was

another sexy girl. She wore a black and gray dress divided into six different

large sections over the entire length of it. She was also hispanic, but her skin

was much lighter. Her hair was long, flowing in dark brown, almost black curls

to the top of her ass, which was so perfectly curved that my heart would explode

and my brain would short out from pleasure if I could touch it. She was the

tallest of all my girl friends, at about 6'3". Her lips were thin and stained a

deep brownish red by makeup. Her chest was larger than most of the other girls

in the school, much to their envy. Alas, she and Christina both had boyfriends

whom I could not even hope to rival in looks, only in kindness.

      Marlene was

the one closest to me. She was about my height, about 5'8". She was also

hispanic, like the majority of all my friends, be them male or female. She was

adorned with a light green shirt that came up to just above her deep, dark navel

and white pants which were only a bit looser than Christina's. She had the

fairest, most gentile face of them all, and her eyes were large and hypnotizing,

calm, sweet and perfect. Her hair was reddish brown, with a hint of

copper like my hair.

It fell just past her shoulder blades, smooth and straight. Her voice was

mesmerizing with it's gentleness. It made me wish to sink down deep into her

throat to hear it forever.


always the most energetic, smiled at me. "Hi,

Kris!" she said. I

smiled back to all of them and it was returned by smiles and warm greetings from



continued. "We were just about to sit down and eat

lunch. Care to join

us? Your other friends should be there too." she said.

      How could I

resist? It was heaven, paradise, and a dream all rolled into one. We went over

to one of the tables furthest from the crowd and sat down.


      Advisory was

next on the class hit list for all of us. Since the teachers didn't take roll

during advisory and people entered and left the room during the passing period

in between, we decided to turn our half hour lunch into an hour lunch.

      About halfway

through the meal, I had to run to the restroom.  As I got up to leave, so did


 "I need to run to

the bathroom." she said.

      We both headed

down the same path, talking, exchanging jokes. When we came to the restroom

doors, in a small, secluded area separate from the main lunchroom, Christina

stopped, turned to me, and smiled.

      I stood there,

dumbfounded, as she unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. "Care to join me in

there?" she asked with a wink.

      My heart

skipped about twelve beats then and there. This

was not possible. I

couldn't be THIS lucky! I was only too happy to comply, stuttering as I may have

been, but only too happy.

      She turned and

I followed her into the restroom

into one of the

stalls. She closed the door behind us. She turned me around to face the inside

of the stall door. "Now don't turn around until I'm done, HONEY." she said.

      I began to

sweat. This was all too perfect for me. I thought I would faint. All of a

sudden, however, I felt a shock from behind, heard a light zap, and felt myself

falling. Soon, however, I landed on something soft and passed out.


      It was only

seconds later when I awoke, but it felt like hours! I groaned and shook my head,

trying to clear the throbbing pain. Suddenly I heard a voice, an all too

familiar voice. "Kris, is that you?" the voice asked.

      "Tommy?" I

questioned in reply. "Where in God's name are we?" I asked.  "It's you, Kris. If

you're wondering where we are, look about you. Does this look normal to you?" he


      Only now did I

notice I was laying in a chamber of cloth. I began to look about, frantic out of

fear of suffocation. "Tommy? Where the FUCK are we?" I yelled while clawing at

the cloth.

      As if on cue,

a long, thin beam of light appeared at the top of the fabric prison. Soon, the

light grew brighter and wider. Then the world began to twist and turn about and

we were falling towards the light. In moments, I felt myself land on my back in

a sea of what felt like FLESH! It had grooves, though, like the tip of a finger

or the palm of a hand. I glanced behind me, only daring to squint out.


face loomed before me, smiling that smile I found so seductive. It was no

ordinary smile, though. Her mouth must have been

over 300 feet wide!

That part was the fulfillment of my greatest fantasy, to be in that mouth.

Reason quickly clouded out fantasy, though. Why the hell was she so big?! Was

that a growth thing she used in the bathroom?

      I turned

around and found I was laying on the tip of Christina's middle finger. Judging

by the size comparison, I was a little

less than a

millimeter tall. In the palm of Christina's hand, seemingly thousands of yards

away, sat Eric, Mick, Tommy, Adam, and Justin, all cowering before Christina.


"Wha...what th..the

hell is going on here?" I asked, stuttering.


answered. She was only whispering on her scale, but to us, the sound was

deafening and her warm breath was like a giant, invisible wall blowing us back.

"Remember that zap you felt in the bathroom? It's something I stole from my

father's friend, a scientist. You're all now less than a millimeter tall." she

said. Only then did I notice Gina and Marlene crowd around Christina, their

cheeks touching from how close they were. They were also huge.

      I dared to ask

another question. "What are you going to do to us?"


didn't say anything. No, she preferred to demonstrate. Even as I watched, her

lips parted and her mouth opened. It was like a slow door to death. I saw her

shining white teeth, the silver braces running over them like a stagnant river

of mercury. Her tongue

was pressed down low

to the bottom of her mouth. Her throat was a gargantuan archway, which her

uvula, hundreds of feet tall in itself (to our scale) dangling down. A sixth

sense told me to run like hell, but my fantasy kept me grounded on Christina's

fingertip. Slowly, she began to  stick her middle finger into her cavernous

mouth with me on it. Her breath was warmth which blanketed me. Her mouth was the

deep reddish pink common to all people. Soon, her teeth passed over and under

me, like a train slowly crawling into a 


      Shadows began

to envelop me. By now I was halfway to her throat. I glanced back toward her

lips, her rows of teeth like stalactites and stalagmites, lining the entrance to

her mouth, the first step on the passage to her belly. In fear, I rose and began

to dash toward her lips. She felt me running, however, for her mouth began to

close. The light began to get farther and farther away. It reminded me of the

scene from the second Star Wars movie, but this was much more frightening. 

Before I could get halfway back, her jaws clamped down on her finger and she

pulled it out. I fell on her tongue, face first. It was slick, warm, and wet

with saliva, which I could see slowly seeping down the insides of her cheeks.

      I tried to

rise, but Christina's tongue quickly moved to

one side and I fell

again. I tried again, but her tongue darted to the other side. I was about to

try again, but her tongue began to arch, rolling me back to her throat. I felt

myself begin to fall, but suddenly I was thrown forward. Even more suddenly was

I thrown back, this time falling down her throat. Shortly, however, I hit

something soft. I

glanced down.

Christina's throat muscles had tightened to keep me from falling the rest of the

way down.

      She's teasing

me. She was toying with me, I realized then.

Moments later, I was

forced up her throat and onto her tongue. Her tongue arched up behind me and I

began to shoot forward as her mouth slowly opened. A pool of saliva gathered

around me and I was shot out from her mouth. I landed in the middle of my

friends in the palm of Christina's hand. I turned around. Christina was laughing

at me.

I realized only then

how pathetic I must look.

      Gina didn't

look too happy. She turned to Christina and hissed at her, "Thanks, Christina! I

might have wanted him!"

      "He's not

ruined, Gina!! Here!" Christina replied. Grasping me between the thumb and

forefinger of her left hand, she lowered me down to about her waist level.

Hovering close to her belly, facing her perfect navel, I was unexpectedly

assailed by a mass of cloth. I nearly suffocated in panic and was nearly crushed

from all sides. When I was pulled away, I realized Christina had wiped me off on

her shirt tassel.

      My gut sank to

about my foot level as I was suddenly and quickly jerked upward and dropped into

Christina's right hand again. Tommy and Mick rushed to my aid, but even as they

did, Christina began to close her hand around us, her fingers like a tidal wave

of flesh coming over us.

      At first I

feared she would crush us, but then I remembered that wasn't what she wanted us

for. The three of them were hungry, and that meant an exciting ride across their

tongues, down their esophagi (?) and into their bellies. From outside our tight

chamber I thought I could hear whispering. I only caught bits of the

conversation, but it was enough.


"" I heard a bit from Marlene.


We got them. Put.....on our....and......meal" Christina replied.

      "Who gets

who?" I made Gina's voice out clear.


picks. Only two...." Christina again.

      "What about

me?" Marlene chimed in again.


"You......second. I'll go ......" came the answer.


hand opened and I backed away from her fingers to the middle of her palm. The

three girls smiled down on us again.

      "You pick


      Marlene's face

came closer to us. She pondered thoughtfully. Then she quickly and deftly

snatched up Mick and myself. Again my stomach was left behind as I went up for

the ride. I glanced at Mick and took it by his expression that he wasn't too

fond of this either.

      Christina held

her hand out to Gina. "Which two do you want?" she asked.

      Gina must've

already made her choice, because she quickly grasped Eric and Tommy and placed

them in her right hand.


smiled at Justin and Adam and closed her hand over them. Forming a small

(comparatively large) cave for her two captives, she began to shake her hand

like she were preparing to roll dice. Christina closed her eyes, opened her

hand, and gently felt around for one of her victims. Her fingers touched Adam

first. She opened her eyes, grinned that seductive grin at Adam, and picked him


      She sat there

and stared at her tray for a few moments. It wasn't long before her face lit up.

She reached for a soda sitting on her tray and also pulled a cup full of ice

towards her. Marlene and Gina left their hands open as we watched in horrid

fascination. Christina poured the entire can of soda into the cup and grabbed a

straw. She tore the paper off the straw and put it in the cup of soda.


brought Adam, clutched gently in her fingers, up to her face. She smiled at him,

then, as I watched, held him a couple inches over the cup of soda (about 7

stories to Adam) and let him go. Adam sailed through the air for a couple of

seconds and then landed in the fizzing soda with a tiny splash.

      "Don't worry

Adam. I'm not thirsty yet. I will be after I've had something to eat, though.”

      With that, she

grabbed Justin and looked about her tray some more. Spying the bowl of vegetable

soup, she put her hand about four inches (14 stories for Justin) above the soup

and dropped him in. The flailing Justin fell for about 8 seconds before

splashing into the thick broth.


for you, Justin, I AM hungry!” she said with a smile on her beautiful face. She

reached over and picked up a spoon.

      Now, while the

others had been quiet  (probably still in shock) I knew the silence had to break

sometime. That breaking was in the form of a blood curdling scream from Justin,

which was only a squeak from my distance. Instantly, he began to swim towards

the edge of the Styrofoam bowl.


smiled and dipped the plastic spoon into the thick broth. Moving the spoon under

Justin, she pulled it out of the brownish broth. For a moment I panicked, but

then I saw Justin fall amidst the waterfall of broth that dripped from the edge

of the spoon. When Justin hit the broth, he went under. He rose just in time to

see Christina raise the spoon to her lips, open her mouth wide, place the spoon

in, pull the empty spoon out and swallow.

      Knowing that

very well could have been him travelling down Christina's throat, Justin rolled

back onto his chest and began doing the breast stroke through the broth. It

wasn't too long before Christina dipped her spoon in again, however. The spoon

snaked it's way under Justin once again like the world's largest whale (to him).

In a mere moment, that whale breached.

      This time,

Justin wasn't so lucky. He was floating in the broth dead center in the spoon.

He was smart enough to know which way to swim, though. Since the front of the

spoon would be going in Christina's mouth first, he started swimming towards the

back. As he swam he glanced back over his shoulder.

      Christina was

raising the spoon to her lips with a tantalizing slowness. All the while the

same seductive grin was on her face. Seeing this, Justin began to swim harder

away from Christina's cavernous maw. By the time Justin was halfway to the back

from the center of the spoon, Christina had levelled off the spoon with her

lips. Justin looked back and saw this, and began to swim even harder through the

thick broth, which gave more resistance than water.

      Justin had

almost made it to the plastic handle of the spoon when Christina opened her

mouth wide enough to accept the spoon and Justin on it. With a hypnotizing

slowness, she began to move the spoon towards her mouth. Shadows began to play

over the surface of the broth as the tip of the spoon passed between Christina's

teeth. The spoon slowly went deeper and deeper into the dripping red cave, while

all the time Justin was scrambling like mad for the back of the spoon.

Christina's tongue flicked from side to side in anticipation of the warm soup

and tiny captive in that soup.

      It was only a

couple more seconds until Justin began trying to climb up the handle, but those

two seconds were two seconds too many. By that time, Christina had the spoon in

her mouth halfway up the handle. Justin screamed a scream that could be neither

seen nor heard as Christina's jaws clamped shut over the spoon. Christina pulled

the now empty spoon out and sloshed it around in her mouth for a minute,

“Ummmmm”ing the whole time.


Christina burst out giggling and covered her mouth with her hand to keep from

spitting soup everywhere. She sat there giggling for about ten seconds, and then

quickly swallowed. I watched the lump move down her throat with dread, thinking

to myself that this couldn't be happening.


must've known what I was thinking, because she lowered her face to me and Mick

and opened her mouth as wide as she could, sticking her tongue out. I could see

every detail in that pink abyss, but I couldn't see Justin. He wasn't hanging

from her uvula, he wasn't under her tounge (as Christina showed) and he wasn't

between her teeth. The only movement came from her pulsing red tonsils and the

light reflecting off her saliva, which coated the inside of her cheeks, her

throat, and her uvula, which began rapidly bouncing up and down as she laughed

in our faces.

      Gina and

Marlene looked at Christina with puzzled expressions. “Why were you laughing?”

Gina asked.

      “You have GOT

to feel what it's like to have a tiny person running on your tongue! He was even

beating at my gums trying to get out!” she laughed.

      I wished

Christina would shut up. I noticed Gina and Marlene starting to get a little


      A few more

quick gulps and the last of the warm soup disappeared down Christina's throat.

Adam, who was having a hard time treading in the soda, was in trouble as

Christina lay back and patted her belly.

      “Justin, you

were absolutely delicious!” she said, gazing down at her warm tummy. Realizing

that she was thirsty, she leaned forward and clasped her right hand around the

plastic soda cup.

      Adam screamed

in terror and immediately dove forward into a fast and furious breaststroke. His

glasses fell off, but they probably wouldn't have done him much good. He was

going to die and there wasn't anything he could do to change that.

      Christina took

the end of the straw between her lips and began slurping up soda. Adam could

feel the slight suction as the soda from the bottom of the cup was emptied into

the straw and the soda from the top filled it's place in.

      Ice bludgeoned

Adam left and right like icebergs. The ones above him formed a canopy as the

surface level of the soda went down, closer to the end of the straw. The whole

mass, melted and fused together, seemed like a glacier left over from the last

ice age. As Adam descended, the pulling began to get stronger.


Adam grew tired of his futile attempts to tread the fizzing and bubbling liquid

and let himself go. His muscles went limp as he floated on his back. The

gurgling of the liquid going up the clear plastic straw was much louder. Adam

could see the tip now. It was about 60 feet below the surface, no.. make that 50

feet. No..., now it's 40 feet.

      It hit Adam

like a ton of bricks. Christina couldn't drink soda that quickly! She was

pulling the straw up to get at him better! It was only about 25 feet now and the

suction threatened to pull him under then.


looked down at Adam, not even the size of the smallest fizz bubble, floating by

the straw. The corners of her mouth that God knows how many people have seen

their deaths after passing through pulled back in a grin. She was obviously

relishing this greatly.

      A large

whirlpool began to form before Adam. Realizing that resistance would only tire

him greater, he let himself get pulled in. Just before he went under he took a

deep breath. In the next instant, the soda burned his eyes, so he had to close

them. He felt the hard plastic of the straw fold around him in a death embrace.


realizing her victim had given up, Christina decided to try something new. She

blocked off the bottom of the straw with her finger and pulled it out of the

soda. Holding it like this, she raised it to her face.

      Adam had just

then surfaced in the straw at about the halfway mark. He sputtered and coughed,

wondering why he wasn't in Christina's gullet by now. He gazed through the clear

plastic straw and saw Christina, grinning childishly at him. He began to worry.

      Suddenly, in a

surprise maneuver, Christina tilted the straw at a 55 degree angle and put the

end to her lips, letting the soda simply slide in. The clear tidal wave carried

Adam to her luscious lips, between her pearled teeth, and deposited him on her

red tounge.

      The still

sputtering Adam gazed back at the end of the straw and saw it withdrawl from

Christina's mouth. Her tounge darted about the wet cave as saliva mingled with

soda. Enclosed in darkness, he couldn't help but panic.

      Suddenly, the

ground gave way beneath him and he fell. Moments later, the ground rose up under

him like a wave and the tounge pushed him to the back of Christina's throat.

      Adam shrieked

as the expanse that would carry him to oblivion came closer. About another

“inch” and he'd fall down to the point of no return. Her throat pulsed and

slurped with saliva, eager to take a tiny piece of meat such as he down into

Christina's belly.

      Adam had one

chance, one hope. He leapt for her uvula, but found himself in an undesireable

position. He grabbed on at the bottom half, but was beginning to slip as her

uvula was too slick with saliva. That and it was beginning to close flush with

the roof of her mouth.

      Before it

reached that critical point over her nasal passage entrance, however, Adam fell.

He could see Christina's epiglottis close to cover her windpipe before he fell

on thick muscular contractions. Another set of muscles closed off the space

above him, closing out all light as well. The contractions began to carry him to

the young girl's belly. He sat there, weeping. He was going to die.

      After about a

minute of slow, wet travel, the muscular ring below Adam opened up and he was

dumped into empty space. He hit something soft far below, covered with slime.

Christina's stomach lining. It was too dark to see, but the place was as humid

as a rainforest. There was also a bad smell, like the smell of fresh vomit,

assailing his nostrils. From faint in the distance, he heard a voice.

      “Who's there?”


recognized the voice. It had to be Justin!

      “It's Adam. Is

that you Justin?”

      Justin's reply

was weak. That was not a good sign.

      “Yeah.” he

squeaked out in a grating voice.

      “Have you

found a way out?”

      “I've been

trying ever since I got down here. Her intestines are closed off by one of those

rings. Also, you might want to move out from under her throat.”

      Adam was about

to ask why when more cold soda splashed down upon his head, mingled with sticky

saliva. He sputtered and wiped the stuff from him, but fell backward into

another pool. This one was strangly warm.

      “We're not

getting out of this one. Just go ahead and fall back into the acid. It won't

hurt, since most of it's working on the soup and soda, but it's the fastest way

to go.”

      Just then, the

outer wall of Christina's stomach caved in and went back out three times. Then

the indention began to move around in circles.

      She was

rubbing her belly.


      Back in

Marlene's hand, I watched Christina with horrid fascination. After drinking that

last amount of soda, she patted her belly three times and began rubbing it.

Seconds later, she burped, the aroma of gastric juices wafting my way and

assailing my tiny nose, sensitive enough to pick it up.

Giantess Stories: It was about 8

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