Giantess Stories: It was early Tuesday morning when Brian came home

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It was early Tuesday morning when Brian came home. The beginning of his

"weekend." He planned on staying up until Shana, his gorgeous red-headed wife

got home. It was 2:30 then and she didn't get in until somewhere around 7:30. He

knew she would be in a good mood when she got home because they had the same

days off, so she would be looking forward to their "quality" time together

starting when walked in. He went upstairs to their bedroom to change out of the

clothes he had been working in, and in to something a little more comfortable.

Having changed clothes, he went downstairs to find something to drink. On the

way into the kitchen, he ran into Sabor, their two-month-old kitten. "Hello,

fuzz-ball," he said, bending down to pet the little white cat. She was happy to

see her big friend, whom she spent hours wrestling and play-fighting with. Her

purr was loud as he stroked her fur and she rubbed herself on his leg. She

followed Brian into the kitchen and watched as he decided on what to pour. "I

think some tea would be good," he said to Sabor, "What do you think, squirrel?"

Sabor paid no mind to his words because she had been born deaf, but continued

her vigil until play-time which she hoped would be soon. "Lessee.....where does

Shana have the Earl Grey hidden?" he wondered aloud. He looked in all the usual

places until, at last, he found the tea stash in the drawer of the roll-away

counter. He found a bunch of different teas all labeled in sealed plastic bags,

but not one of them was Earl Grey. He dug through all of the bags, and found one

of the bags with no label on it. "This is probably it," he thought and

immediately pulled out a tea bag from the plastic. He rinsed out a coffee mug,

filled it with water and placed the tea bag in it. Next he put the cup in the

microwave. While Brian was preparing his tea, Sabor got tired of waiting and

decided to play. She had wandered into the next room and began pouncing anything

that looked like a target. It was during the course of this that her foot caught

on the cord plugged in to Brian's Ibanez guitar and her weight, small though it

was, was enough to send the precisely balanced guitar keeling over into the

wall. Brian came running into the room yelling "What in the....AAAGGGHHH!!!" He

picked the cat up and scolded her. Then he took her upstairs and put her in her

room and shut the door. By that time, his tea was ready, so he went down to

finish fixing it. He pulled the tea bag out of the cup and strained it for all

the liquid in it, then threw it in the trash. He then stirred in his normal

amount of sugar, and went back upstairs. When he got upstairs to his bedroom, he

turned on the TV and put in a movie. He made sure to set the sleep timer just in

case he fell asleep during the movie. He then went and sat on the bed and took a

sip of his tea. It tasted weird. Not weird in a bad way, just weird like

not-Earl Grey weird. He decided that it tasted good enough to finish, even

though it tasted like it had a lot of different herbs in it, and few, he

suspected, were for flavor. But he had properly sweetened it, so it wasn't bad.

He took another sip and laid over on his side with his head propped up in his

hand to watch the movie. He had been sipping on his tea and watching the movie

when he got a sudden spell of dizziness. He sat up to clear his head and put the

almost empty cup down. His vision blurred and he lost his sense of balance.

"What the hell....." he wondered as he tried to focus on the cup he had just

been drinking. He laid straight back on the bed because he could no longer keep

himself sitting upright. It was then that Brian blacked out. He awoke quickly

and with a jerk, sitting up immediately. Instantly he noticed several things.

The movie was off and the sun was up. He also noticed that his perspective of

the room was seriously wrong. He looked down at himself sitting on the bed. It

was huge! He looked around the room. Everything had grown to immense

proportions! Then the realization came to him that it was not everything else

that had grown. It was HE that had SHRUNK! Instead of being 6'3", Brian was now

4" tall! It was when he got up that he realized something else. The blanket he

was getting out from under was not a blanket, it was the shorts he had been

wearing! He stood on the bed and surveyed his position. "Now what?" he wondered

and then he quickly turned around to look at Shana's alarm clock on the

windowsill. It read 7:32. Shana would be home any time now! Frantically, he

began wondering what to do about this and about what his lovely wife would

think, and how she would react to him. His thoughts were interrupted by the

sound of boots coming up the stairs. She was home! He didn't know what to do so

he ran up to the head of the bed where the pillows were laying and sat down in

front of two of the pillows' corners. Knowing his wife to be somewhat

inattentive he thought she would probably not notice him upon first glance into

the room. And she didn't. She walked in still in uniform, briefly scanned the

room probably looking for him. She didn't see him, so she walked to the side of

the bed near the foot and sat down. When she sat down, it felt like an

earthquake to Brian because the whole bed jostled. She began removing her boots.

Brian realized that there was no point in delaying the inevitable so he began

walking toward her at the opposite end of the bed. She was through removing her

boots as he neared her and, as he went to speak, she stood up to remove her BDU

pants. She began removing them with her back to the bed. She unfastened them and

wiggled out of them. Brian loved the litle wiggle she did when she put her

clothes on and removed them. He watched her glorious curves as they slid from

out of her clothing. He had always loved her ass and had on occasion used her

beautiful butt as a pillow on which to sleep. As he stared up at it, he realized

that one cheek was bigger than his whole body! Shana then removed her shirt

leaving her standing there in her white satin string bikini underwear and a grey

sports bra. As he stood there taking in the view, gigantic as it was, he felt an

erection coming on. He looked down at his rising member and thought,"I doubt

that will be of much use anymore." All of a sudden, her ass started moving back

towards him. She was sitting back down. He backed away several paces so he

didn't get squashed into the bed. When she sat down, the whole bed moved again,

and he realized that he had not moved far enough away because the depression

caused by the weight of her body combined with the bed moving threw him to the

bed and rolled him into the side of her hip and thigh. She felt the contact and

looked down. "Hey, kitt...BRIAN? OH MY GOD! BRIAN!! What happened to you?"she

gasped. She picked him up ever so gently around the waist, her slender hands

easily encircling his whole body. She brought him up to eye level. "I'm not

sure," he said, "I came home and fixed some tea and was watching a movie when I

passed out. I woke up a minute ago like this." Her hands were warm on his body

and, as always, being in close contact with her body was having its usual effect

on him. She felt his swelling against her thumb and said, "Oh, really? I see

that nothing was adversely affected by the reaction. Feeling frisky, are we?"

Brian shrugged," Hey, I get like this anytime I see you wiggling your butt like

that; and now I'm swept up into your arms, too? I can't help it." She began

putting him down, saying "Well, in that case, let me get rid of something else."

She turned as she was sitting him down so that she was sitting with her legs

spread and bent at the knees. He ended up between her thighs facing the front of

her white satin panties. Gravity and the bed worked on him so that he had no

choice but to fall against the softness of her pubic mound as she was pulling

the bra off. "Oh!" she exclaimed in surprise of the sudden contact, "In that

much of a hurry? How about we wait a minute," she said, pushing him gently out

of the depression and on to the level bed. "I've got to check my E-mail anyway.

Why don't you find a spot to hang out a minute and I'll be done in a sec." She

turned on the computer and brought up her E-mail. Just then she got a playful

look in her eye and looked down at him. "You said you were watching my butt

wiggle," she said, " and I'm gonna need some warming up time, if you know what I

mean, so let's kill two birds with one stone." She picked him up with one hand

and continued, "Besides, I wouldn't want Sabor sneaking up and pouncing you

while I'm not watching, so I'll put you someplace safe." She got up from her

sitting position to a wide kneeling position. She brought her hands around her

back and holding Brian in one hand and pulling open the back of her panties with

the other, she slid him down in. Brian was pressed against her glorious cheeks

by the silky smooth satin panties. He felt the pressure loosen as she adjusted

the panties around her sliding her hands around the elastic leg holes, causing

the satin to lay smooth against her glorious frame. He slipped to a point where

his bare chest was even with her ass-hole and his naked legs were in the crotch

of her panties. Then he felt the pressure return as she removed her hands from

her underwear. Then she grabbed her cheeks, pulling them apart slightly, to get

him comfortably between them so that when she sat back down he would not be

crushed. He was totally embraced by her sensuous butt, and he was held firmly in

place by the satin underwear. He couldn't escape had he chosen to try. She put

her knees down and lowered her butt back down to the bed slowly gradually

putting pressure on him, but keeping part of the weight on her legs bent next to

her. After getting comfortable, and making sure he was okay down there in her

panties, Shana opened her E-mail account, while enjoying the sensation of having

Brian's body squirming against her nether regions, and began reading. She sat

there for a half hour reading while his moving around began getting her body

stirred up. She could feel herself getting wet. Brian noticed the moisture as

well on the front of his legs and continued rubbing them against her warm pussy.

She closed down the laptop saying, "You better know what you're getting into,

because when we start, I'm gonna go 'til I get one." He said something but it

was muffled by her butt and her panties. "If you're done admiring my butt," she

said raising her butt off the bed and reaching down the front this time to

extract him, "we can get down to it." Brian was standing once again between her

opened legs, so he walked over to one and started kissing it and rubbing on it.

It felt good, and she reached behind him and held him against her inner thigh.

She felt him gradually start working his way up her leg and pulled him gently

away. She got up and slid her panties off onto the bed and sat back down resting

on her elbows. Brian was now standing looking at her huge pussy waiting for his

touch. He wasted no time. He started playing with her pussy lips, rubbing his

hands up and down in between and around them, sliding his whole arm in and out

of her and letting his body rub up against her huge vulva. He was getting into

the task of pleasing his giant wife--in more ways than one. He could feel her

flesh quiver with the pleasure that he was producing in her and sometimes her

lips would squeeze down around him, partially covering him with her sweet

juices, making his already smooth little body nice and slick. She was getting

more excited and craving more from him as he worked his head and body along her

immense opening. Finally, she could stand it no longer; she reached down between

her legs and began rubbing him against the tender hot flesh of her pussy. She

rubbed him against her vulva and pushed his slick body against her again and

again driving herself further into ecstasy. She guided his head between her

labia moving him slightly deeper into herself, feeling his head beginning to

slide into those nice soft folds of flesh along the upper walls of her vagina.

She slid him in and out ever so slowly feeling his head moving against her labia

repeatedly. She then got to the point where she could no longer take simply

rubbing him against her juicy pussy-flesh. With one gentle push she swallowed

him to his waist. His little body felt so good going into her she moaned in

pleasure, and she could feel him sliding all the way up inside herself, his

squirming and writhing feeling terrific. The outer world disappeared for Brian

as he slid swiftly through her gigantic labia and into her cavern. He felt the

soft slippery walls, so hot and wet, giving him no grip, his hands slipped and

skidded on the hot gelatinous masses of soft spongy flesh enfolding him. He felt

the hot velvety sheath of her inner flesh, soft and warmly erotic, slip over his

shoulders, chest, hips, and thighs. Terrific heat enveloped him, and he realized

that he was actually inside her gigantic body. Completely engulfed in the hot

wet softness of her giant pussy. He couldn't believe how easily she had taken

him into herself, he was no more than what his own member had been before,

hugged from head to knees in the soft elastic grip of her prodigious vagina. The

deep softness of her inner flesh enfolded him completely in the hot liquidy

depths of her gargantuan body. He could feel the great pressure of her giant

fingers holding his legs as he squirmed and wriggled inside her. He filled her

up with his with his caressing licking kissing body. He moved every part of his

body just to use it to caress her inside. She had never felt anything as

wonderful as his squirming way up inside her. For long minutes she just lay

there feeling him wiggling about deep inside herself and enjoying the fantastic

feeling of his wiggling little movements, When he started to quiet down she

squeezed her vaginal muscles on him, and shivered in ecstasy as she felt him

renew his wonderful squirming motions again. In the cavernous passage of her

colossal vagina he was writhing against the hot spongy flesh lining the velvety

soft cavern. She squeezed with great crushing muscles, and what had been soft

spongy masses of warm softly yielding flesh was suddenly a huge mass of hot wet

crushing pressure. His arms were pinned, his chest squeezed tightly, he could

barely breathe or move, and yet he felt an erotic thrill race through his

trapped body at the enormous pressure she exerted over his entire body. As she

squeezed his body in her enormous love muscles the walls of wet slippery flesh

were a rippling mass of erotic hugs over his entire body. Shana was in heaven,

he was thrashing about inside her harder than ever. In the depths of her he was

writhing and kicking and squirming about, and it felt so terrific she knew she

was going to come in moments. She grasped his legs drew him out, then thrust him

deeply back into herself, in and out, again and again, faster and faster. In

minutes she was writhing and moaning in absolute ecstasy as she rammed him into

herself again and again. She was pumping him in and out like mad as she thrilled

to his tiny trapped body. The erection he had maintained throughout thus far

exploded for him in a torrent quickly lost in her titanic depths. Swallowed by

her gigantic pussy like like his own dick in her before, he was in complete

ecstasy as he was plunged in and out of that lusciously erotic cavern of soft

hot sumptuous flesh. She wasn't using just a part of him in her wonderful vagina

she was using all of him, the hot wet inner walls pulsing about him wondrously

hugged and squeezed his entire body, her deep inner muscles were fondling him,

the softness of her massive vaginal walls hugging every inch of him. Her whole

body seemed to ripple erotically around him, great fleshy walls holding him

helpless, squeezing, pressing, kneading him about like dough, subjecting him to

her every whim, driving him mad with lust. After a few moments it was all over,

the great muscles relaxed and he lay gasping for several minutes after her

titanic climax. It was truly a dramatic finish, filled with titanic contractions

in her climax. In stygian darkness, he lay ecstatic in complete exhaustion, lost

in the wonder of touching, tasting, feeling the thick satiny soft masses of her

giant flesh. She laid there still feeling him squirming as she lay in the

afterglow of her massive orgasms, feeling the terrific afterglow of that

magnificent climax, slowly moving his still squirming body around inside,

holding him deep inside herself for long minutes at a time and still thrilling

to his writhing movements deep within her body. He gasped for breath in the hot

moist air deep inside her giant body. The walls of her pussy squeezed again,

this time a long slow pulsing squeeze, the enormous pressures of her giant's

muscles in her vagina caressing and fondling his body erotically as she squeezed

him in her awesome muscles. He loved the tremendous hugs he received from her

powerful inner muscles. He twisted about and began rubbing his hands on the

slippery yielding softness of her vaginal walls. Before she knew what was

happening she was writhing and moaning, rolling around while she slipped him in

and out, each time she rammed his tiny body in she launched her hips up to meet

him as he slid into her. The second coming was better than the first. She put

her fingertips on the bottom of his feet, and simply pushed him into herself as

far as she could reach, and every single muscle in her body tightened. When she

finally calmed down to enjoy the afterglow of the second titanic climax, she lay

there in bed pondering the fate of her husband deep inside her body, completely

swallowed by her vagina. Well, his fate after Wednsday. She knew what it was for

the immediate future. She reached down the bed to where her underwear lay in a

bunch, slid the white satin panties onto her hips and she pulled them tight

against her pussy. She laid there sprawled out for a moment and stroked the

satin of front her panties , said "Good night, my love," and squeezed her love

muscles one final time as a good night hug. Then she crawled under the covers

and fell soundly to sleep.

Giantess Stories: It was early Tuesday morning when Brian came home

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