Giantess Stories: IT WAS JUST A DREAM By J E Jacket  When two people love each other very much

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By J E Jacket

When two people love each other very much, they transform their

wishes to meet the wishes of the other.  The couple does this without

even realizing it, usually because each perceives its own wishes

differently.  Even when the answer is right out in front of them, the

couple is blind to see it.  In that sense, it is their blindness that

keeps the flame burning within their hearts.  It is truly a magical


It was Val's twenty-fifth birthday, and Katie needed to find

her fiancé a perfect gift.  Val was an individual; he never really

appreciated common gifts such as ties, shirts, cameras, etc. Most

girls would find this quest a project, but Katie cherished it as an

exciting and almost artistic adventure.  Hell, if she could not find

anything, she could always give him a gag gift, and Val never really

minded those.  But this was Val's final birthday as a single man, and

she was on a mission to make it a special one.

First she found a coffee maker that sings a tune in the

morning as it makes the coffee, but that would grow annoying after

the first week, and Val did not even drink coffee that much.  Then

she saw an adhesive sweater that sticks to the wall when rubbed

against, but that would also grow frustrating when Val did not want

to stick to the wall, and she could not imagine a time he ever would.

 Man, this was hard, but it was fun.  Next she found an

antiperspirant that provided the odor of the user's last meal, but

Val loved onions, and Katie would rather die than smell onions each

night after dinner.

Finally she found it.  This had to be it!  Katie found a

street merchant who provided her with something Val would love,

something anybody would love.  “It's a dream maker,” said the

merchant.  “You think up the dream you would like to dream after

drinking the potion, go to sleep, and dream your magical dream.”

“I've never heard of such a thing,” Katie replied.  “How

could I know if this is authentic?  It sounds great and all, but

please don't' take me for an idiot.  It's a gift for my fiancé, and I

want the best for him. Could I sample it?”

“I'm sorry.  I cannot let you sample it, for it is very

expensive.  All I can give you is my word and a money back


“You are a street merchant.  Who knows if you will be here

tomorrow?  This probably does not even have a patent.”

“You don't have to buy it.”

“How much is it?”


Katie thought about how real it could actually be.  It was

getting late, and she did not have much time before she had to be

home to celebrate Val's birthday.  It was a lot of money, but $300

was what she had been planning to spend.  Hell, if it doesn't work,

Val will find it funny anyway. There is no reason not to buy it.

Before Katie showed the man the money, she asked if it were a health

threat.  The man shook his head and said it just affects the dream. 

“How many dreams will this bottle work for?”


3 were perfect.  Val could dream two and she could dream one.

 That was all they really needed. “I'll take it,” she said handing

the man his money.     The man thanked her, and then she

left. Val

will love it, she thought.  I just hope it works.

She arrived home in time to cook Val's favorite meal and

prepare the table.  She did not have to get dressed up because she

knew Val preferred her casual clothing above fancy dresses.  She

heard the knob of her apartment door spin and knew that her man was


“Welcome home birthday boy,” Katie greeted with a smile, hug,

and kiss.  “How was your day?”

“Uneventful,” her fiancé responded with a bored laughter.  “I

think a hot dinner and a beautiful woman is just what I need.”

“Well then I am glad I could be of service to you.”

  “I love you,” he laughed.

The dinner was perfect, grilled steak inundated with onion.

Finally, it was time to present Val with his gift.  Out of the bag,

he pulled a small vial filled with orange liquid.  “What's this?” he


“This is a dream potion, my sweet.  Drink it and dream away

in your slumber the dream you have always wished you'd dream.  It is

supposedly authentic, and if it does not work, we get our money


Val did not care if it worked or not.  It was a gift from the

most important person in the world to him, and that was just enough

to make it the perfect gift.  “It's perfect,” he said with a warm


“The man said that it is good for three dreams.”

“We'll share the third,” he laughed. 

Katie was anxious to see if it worked, so she convinced her

fiancé to try it right away.  “Think of a dream that you would love

to dream, something that you doubt could ever happen in real life.”

“I like suspense, so I will think of a concept and let it

take off from there,” he said with excitement. He wanted something

with adventure to compensate for his long boring day, and he wanted

Katie to be part of it. But he did not want Katie in any harm, so he

formed his ideas together to develop an awesome dream. He swallowed

the potion and went to sleep.


I woke from my sleep in a place I've been many, but it was

completely unrecognizable through my eyes. I knew where I was. It

was the same place I fell asleep in, so naturally I would wake in my

bed.  But my bed was humongous.  I could see stains and spots in the

sheets that I would never have recognized had I not been seven inches

tall.  This was where I wanted to be, home with an impression of


I moved to the edge of the bed for a sense of how far I was

from the ground.  Pretty far.  Jumping would not be wise, and

considering I had just woken up, I did not possess the energy to

climb. I was isolated on this sheeted island until my giant could

rescue me.  I was alone, and boredom grew in my unsatisfied mind.  I

was growing restless.  I needed to explore.  The mattress was so

empty, and I needed more. 

I began pondering ways to climb down the bed onto the carpeted floor.

 I tried pulling the comforter over the edge, but it was too heavy. 

The bed itself was too steep to just move down, and I could not risk

falling.  But there was a night table. And falling from that night

table was the cord to my digital clock, conveniently descending to

the bottom of the furniture.  I jumped onto the night table and felt

the texture of the cord, deciding how I would go about falling from

it. It was too rough to just slide down, but I knew that if I were

careful, climbing hand after hand would not be a problem. 

I held on tight and started my way down the cable.  It was a lot

easier than I foresaw, and I found it to be more of an activity than

a requirement. It was fun.  My life was on the line, and I could

easily face the challenge.  Never in my life had I felt this excited.

Once I was far enough down, I released my clutch from the cable and

fell to the floor. The carpet held a different texture than the

sheet; it was a bit harder to move through.  I eventually got the

feeling for it as I related to high grass.  There was so much to do

and see; I did not know where to start. Then suddenly I felt the

ground shake and sensed a thunderous presence upon me. Emerging from

the darkness that flooded outside the room came a giant

unrecognizable object, which I could in due course identified as a

humungous white sneaker.  A warm feeling of relief had comforted me

after I realized the shoe was Katie's.

I wondered how Katie would react when she saw my new height.  Then it

had occurred to me, IF she saw my new height.  How could she find me

if I stood seven inches tall right beneath her shins?  I dashed for

safety, but her foot moved faster than I could run.  She would not

intentionally step on me, but she would not be the one to blame if

she did not see me.  I wished that I had stayed on the bed.

“Katie,” I screamed, waving my hands to attract her attention. She

did not hear me.   I then watched her back foot pass me in the air

and let out a sigh of relief that it missed me.

Katie sat at the rim of the bed letting her one leg hang from the

edge and the other leg resting upon her hanging one.  She was wearing

small tight denim shorts and a thin white tank top just revealing her

midriff.  Her long brown hair was flowing down her back like an

auburn waterfall in spring. She was so beautiful. But I needed her

attention, or she could be unintentionally dangerous.  I had to get

up to her.

I walked over to Katie's dangling shoe, and with great caution I

pulled myself on. Holding on tightly, I banged her shin, hoping to

grasp her attention with my fists.  But it was useless, for she could

not feel my weak fists hammering into her smooth muscular shin. I had

to climb. Before I started up, I noticed that her other leg had

dropped from its rest position and both legs had moved slightly up

higher towards the edge of the bed.  I knew what she was doing.

Katie was lying across the bed with her legs dangling off the side

like she always does when she is worried.  She must have been looking

for me.

I began climbing her shin. At first it was a challenge to get a good

grasp of her smooth leg texture, but I eventually got the hold of it

(no pun intended). As soon as I had reached the top of her kneecap,

it was just smooth sailing from there. I could now walk instead of

climb. I thought about jumping off her leg onto the mattress and run

to her face from there, but I came to the conclusion that she could

just move slightly and squash me if I did that. So I just continued

down her smooth leg, past the tight blue denim shorts, and onto her


Katie's belly was a bit more challenging to traverse, for it moved

with the beat of her breathing and never stood still.  Katie was

worried, so naturally she was taking deep breaths.   I carefully

walked onto the moving platform and then bent down onto my knees to

crawl, figuring it would provide me with better balance.

Slowly I moved, but soon I felt a small incline forming on her

abdomen. Then came a loud scream, and before I knew it, I was on my

back lying on the mattress.  My heartbeat picked up pace and confused

fear raced through my mind.  What had just happened?  I was so

scared, yet so confused.  My ears were still ringing from that loud

high-pitched scream.  I closed my eyes tightly and opened them again

to find two giant bewildered eyes staring down on me.  My mind went

blank and my wits left me stranded; I could feel the horror streaming

up my spine.  Get a hold of yourself, I thought to myself.  You know

that it's just Katie.  It was just Katie.  I felt better.


A cold shiver of relief covered me and I smiled.  “Hey Katie.”

 I saw her body move up and watched her hand brush across her

forehead in disbelief. She walked back and forth across the room a

couple of times, as I just lay there quiet and content.  After her

second lap, she came back to gaze at me with those giant beautiful

green eyes, and then she left again for two more. 

“How…how did this happen?” she asked, not expecting to hear a logical


“I have no idea,” I laughed.  “One day I am working relentlessly on

paperwork in an isolated office; the next day I am seven inches tall

in my bedroom.”

“Well, what do we do?  Should I take you to the doctor?”

“Hell no! I don't want to leave this apartment unless I have to.  If

I were to be seen, I would become a medical experiment.  A neglected

freak! I guess the best thing to do right now is to wait it out.

Then if nothing happens within a few days, we'll find a doctor.   I

just don't know if there is anything else we could do.”

Katie sat back on the bed and tapped me into the palm of her hand.

She raised me up to her face and said, “I know. You are probably

right. Hopefully this is just some freak thing and you will turn

back to your normal height again.”

“So what do we do now?  I cannot go to work.”

Katie placed me on the night table and picked up the phone next to

me.  “I'll call your firm and tell them that you will be out sick for

a couple of days.  If you don't grow in a few days, I will call them

back and say that it is a bit more serious than we had thought.”  I

nodded, and she called.  Of what I heard, the conversation seemed to

have gone well without any suspicion floating around the office. 

Katie put the phone down and smiled.  “So what do you want to do?”

What could we do? I was seven inches tall.  Then suddenly millions of

thoughts started racing through my mind.  I was seven inched tall.

This was not a sentence but an adventure.  I could do anything (with


“What time do you have to be at work by?” I asked.

“It's Saturday,” she replied with a chuckle.  “Today I am all yours.”

“Would you wanna' try playing some games?” I questioned with a

nervous tone.  I noticed her smile brighten and the comfort grew with

my question. 

“Well,” she said, “what do you have in mind?”  Without giving me any

time to respond, she immediately started caressing her body with that

erotic smile masking her face. She ran her pointer finger up her

bare stomach towards her bosoms, and when she arrived, she pulled

both hands and quenched the two mountainous structures that exploded

from her chest.  I felt a sensuous feeling running through my genital

area and grasped what I could of that moment.  It was splendid. 

Katie moved her body down the night table, rubbing it against the

edge like a cat moves against the leg of a chair.  Gradually I moved

closer, thirsty, but regretting each step.  Her pointed finger moved

against my back and slowly guided me closer towards her humongous

body until I was near enough to touch with both hands. I held softly

to her thin white tank top in anticipation of its removal. 

My glory arrived when she raised herself slowly and relinquished the

small shirt from her body, revealing the petite bra that was covering

her powerful breasts. After the removal of her tank top came the

exclusion of her tight denim shorts, leaving her full body in nothing

but a bra and underwear.  She stood tall towering above me as I sat

at the edge of the night table.  I gazed up staring at the small

spread of her delicious thighs in pure amazement.  They were

enormous.  So strong.  So powerful.  So erotic.   

Katie quietly bit her finger with an almost evil grin full of

pleasures.  “Try your strength, little man,” she said, “and climb

Mount Katie. Ha ha ha!”

With a slight hesitation at first, I nodded and then proceeded

towards the peak of her shin.  I moved carefully up past her kneecap

and up her leg until I reached her cotton underwear.  With a better

grip, I rested for a few moments to catch my breath, and then I

continued upward.  I held on as I neared the abdomen, but the

backwards slant of her muscled stomach took a lot out of me.  When

she saw that I was having trouble, Katie helped me up past that part

with her index finger. I forwarded myself up to reach her concave

belly button where I took the time to rest myself.  This was

challenging, but I knew that I was safe with the trust of my soul

mate guiding me.

After about a minute of resting, I took grasp of her skin and

proceeded up toward her breasts. Before I could reach the mountains,

she quickly but carefully unfastened her bra and fell backwards onto

the bed.  I was finished with exhausting climbing, which was fun at

first but soon became a bit too much for me.  As she fell back I felt

the wind take me as if I were on the world's fastest roller coaster

landing into a pool of rich silky skin. 

As soon as I regained my balance, I made my way towards Katie's naked

colossal breasts.  They were two luminous giants engulfing me in the

most sexual feeling I had ever experienced.  It was exhilarating; I

was completely elated. I needed this. I wanted this.  I had this.

It was superb.

I caressed her nipple with my tongue, crying in complete triumph.  I

was endowed with all of my future wife's gifts of magic, and I knew

that she was feeling the same way.  It was perfect until…

I slipped from the smooth spherical terrain and landed on the

mattress beneath her.  Katie did not notice that I had departed when

she rolled over toward where I was lying.  The huge object came

falling over me, squeezing the life and breath out of me.  I was in

total darkness and only felt the pressure surpassing me.  It hurt and


“Val! Val! Val, wake up!” Katie was shaking her screaming fiancé out

of his sleep until both of his eyes opened and he realized where he

was.  “Val, don't worry.  It was just a dream. Calm down, sweetie.

It was just a dream.  Just a dream.”

In great confusion, Val peered into his woman's eyes and let out a

sigh of relief.  It was just a dream.  He was sitting up at his

regular height gazing into the eyes of his everyday beauty, and all

was well.  It was just a dream.

“How long was I asleep?” he asked.

“Only for about ten minutes.  I am assuming that your dream did not

go as expected, but did it work?”

“It worked, and it was incredible.  It felt like forever though.

Well, not that long, but it was much longer than ten minutes.  I

loved it.”

“But you woke up screaming in fear.”

“It was just so real.  I have never experienced anything so real in

my life.  I just didn't know what to expect.  You should try.”

“I don't know.”

“Just think of something that you wouldn't want to happen in real

life, but you would not mind experiencing in a dream.  Don't plot it

out.  Think of a concept and let it take you from there.  What is

something you have always wished you could experience?”

“Why don't you just tell me about your dream first?”

“I don't want to jinx anything. Come one! Just try it.”

Katie took the vial and poured into the lid the right amount of

liquid the user consumes.  She thought about a dream concept that

would be a fun experience, but something she would never really want

in her life.   All her life she had been doing things for others,

always accepting what she had been given in return.  She did not mind

that way of life, but she wanted to experience the reverse situation.

 She wanted a situation in which she had absolute power and the world

did what she wanted.   It was just a dream, so she could be as

open-minded as she wanted.  This was her chance to rise and take

hold.  She thought up and idea, closed her eyes, drank the liquid,

and then departed into a deep sleep.


“Katie, could you be a dear and please fetch me some coffee?”

Doctor Feldman asked me with his sarcastic smile shining through his

disgustingly yellow teeth.  “This work is killing me baby, and I need

something to keep we awake and energized.” 

“Of coarse Doctor,” I replied with a fake smile.  I hated

that man.  I was assigned his lab assistant and all he had me doing

was running his errands.  I started with great optimism, basing my

excitement on great reports by others who have never worked with him.

 Doctor Feldman is a great man, they would say.  You are so lucky to

work for him.  He is very respected in the science research

community.  You will learn a lot from Doctor Feldman.  What they

refrained from mentioning was that Doctor Feldman is really a

womanizing sleazebag who is much too brilliant for his own good. 

Yes, Harry R. Feldman was a wonderful scientist.  He had made

some incredible breakthroughs in the community and has provided

others with knowledge they could never learn themselves.  But Harry

R. Feldman was much too good for an assistant; his work was too

important to be seen by mere humans before it was finished.  So

working with him had been everything but a pleasure, and thanks to

him, my career in science was going nowhere.

I brought Doctor Feldman his coffee and decided to pop the

question.  “So doctor, me being your lab assistant, I think I should

know this.  What is it that you are working on?”

“Oh Katie, it's really nothing.  Trust me, you would not be


“Try me,” I laughed.

Doctor Feldman put his hand against my back and guided me

into his office.  “Alright, I will tell you.  But you MUST swear to

me that a word about this to anyone will not come out of your mouth.

Do I have your word?”

My heart began beating hard in excitement and a smile rose on

my face.  Maybe the great Doctor Feldman was not such a bad guy after

all.  Maybe he had reasons for keeping his work private from me.  “I

won't tell anybody, Doctor.  You have my word.”

The doctor's face lit up with trust and he said, “Please

Katie, now that we trust each other, I want you to call me Harry.”  I

smiled in acceptance to his request.

“Ok,” he began, “As I said before, this is top secret. Not a

soul knows about this, and it must stay that way, for I do not

exactly have permission to follow through on this experiment.” I

nodded and he continued, pulling out a report from his locked desk.

“I am conducting experiments that alter the growth of living beings.”

“Like causing something to grow a foot taller?” I asked stupidly.

“Eh, that's a bit of an understatement, my dear.  My work is

practically complete, and I have been conducting tests on small

mice.” He pulled a mouse from a small cage and placed it in a much

bigger one.  “Do not scream when I show you this.”  He showed me a

needle filled halfway with a green liquid and told me what it was.

“This is my ‘growth potion', Katie. The needle is filled only halfway

because I do not want to cause a ruckus. Completely full, this needle

will multiply the living being's body size ten times proportionally.

Half full, it will only multiply five times proportionally.  This

mouse that I have placed in that cage over there is roughly 4 inches

long and 1 and a half inches tall.  Now watch.”

I watched the doctor with undivided attention place the

needle carefully into the mouse's back and press the drug into its

body. He withdrew the needle as soon as it was empty and stood for a

few moments gazing at it.  After about thirty seconds, the mouse

began to grow, and it grew at a very quick pace.  I stared in

amazement as something I have never thought possible was happening

right before my eyes. The mouse was humongous.

“Can he be returned to normal height?”  I asked. 

“Yes,” Doctor Feldman replied. “The antidote is right here.”

 He picked up a needle with a red liquid in it and stabbed the giant

mouse. Just as anticipated, the mouse shrunk back to its original


“Does…does this work on humans?” I queried.

“It works on all animals.”

I was completely in awe.  I immediately stopped blaming

doctor for keeping this secret and began thanking the powers that be

for placing me with this brilliant man.  Just the thought that I was

one of only two people in the entire world that knew about this

completely took me.  It was extraordinary.   “How much did you


“About a pint of each, the drug and the antidote. Remember

Katie, you cannot tell anybody about this.”

“Not a word,” I said.

“I have to close up early,” Harry said.  “It's my and my

first wife's anniversary.  I need to give her a special evening.  He

pulled his tie above his neck and stuck out his tongue as to mimic a

hanging.  I immediately got the humor and let out a fake laugh.  The

joke was cute, but not funny.  That was why he was a scientist and

not a comedian.

“I'll close up for you tonight, clean the lab and all that jazz.”

“Thanks Katie, you're a doll.” He gave me a friendly kiss on

the cheek, hung his lab coat, grabbed his jacket, and left before I

could thank him for this wonderful learning experience.  I did not

really want to clean, but it was the least I could do for someone who

had just opened me into his circle of trust (which happened to be a

very small circle). 

I sat on the bench in the lab and began to procrastinate.  I thought

about what kind of affect this drug would have on the public if ever

released.  At first nobody would believe it, but once something

happens, it will be the biggest thing since sliced bread, literally.

After a while of useless pondering, I looked at the clock to see how

much time had passed.  It was real late and I hadn't started cleaning

yet; it was probably a good time to start.

 As soon as I picked up the broom, the alarm went off. There was a

break-in at the research facility; it was probably a group of teenage

animal rights activists.  This was not uncommon, but very few

actually made it far enough to sound the alarm.  I thought for a

moment a really wicked thought, but immediately labeled it a bad

idea.  But then I thought about it again. Maybe once would not hurt.

It would be funny, and these punks would get a good scare.  I picked

up an empty needle and looked at it.  Just a little. A few feet and

that's it.  I did not want to break anything or cause a greater

commotion than there already was, but a few more feet wouldn't hurt.

Then I could just take the antidote and return to normal height. 

I filled the needle with a very fractional amount of the drug and

stuck it into the side of my arm. At first, I did not feel a thing,

but within a few seconds I quickly grew to eight feet tall.  My head

just touched the ceiling.  This was incredible.  I was humongous. 


powerful feeling of drive sped through me, and an evil grin grew on

my face.  My clothes were tight and tore at the waste, kneecaps, and


I had to duck to make it through the doorway, but it was not much

trouble.  How convenient!  As soon as I walked through the door, I

saw the two teenage activists dressed in black carrying an orangutan

running my way.  I stood in front of them to break their sprint, but

with their heads looking over their shoulders, they did not notice my

huge figure and ran face first right into my abdomen.  They fell back

and stared up at me in complete bewilderment.  The one boy carrying

the orangutan let the animal go and just backed up in complete fear.

The other did the same. 

I put my hand to my strong muscular stomach and let out an evil laugh

of joy.  The boys had tears flowing out of their eyes as they gazed

at the gigantic beauty in front of them.  “So,” I started in an

intentional deep toned voice, “where do you boys think you are going

in such a hurry?”  Both got up to run, but I grabbed their jacket

collars and dragged them closer.  This was incredibly fun.  I had

never felt this much power before, and I had to admit that I enjoyed

every ounce of it. 

I threw the two boys onto the ground and told them to run away and

never return, leaving a howling laugh to trail them as they ran.

They could tell anybody what they saw, but nobody would believe them.

 They would be shipped off to a mental hospital and never recover. 

Sorry that this little (well giant actually) experience had to end

too soon, I made my way back into the lab and injected the antidote

into my blood. I then fell back to my normal height and laughed. 

That feeling was so exhilarating; I just wished it could have lasted

longer.  That was when I got the real dangerous idea.  Just the

thought of it made me laugh with power.  Would it be worth it? Did I

have anything left to regret.  My life here on earth was a rather

dull one, and I had nobody to come home to anyway.  Those who take

risks may not live long, but those who don't take risks do not live

at all.  Go for it, I said to myself.

I picked up the same needle that I had used before, but rather than

filling the needle partially, I amounted it to the top.  I closed my

eyes, took a deep breath, jammed it into the side of my arm, and as

Doctor Feldman had said, let the magic happen. I opened my eyes to

see that nothing was happening.  Maybe I injected too much, I thought

at first, but after a minute passed, I started to feel it.

 It was happening.  The room was shrinking.  I was laughing. 7


8 feet. I had to now crouch down. 10 feet.  12 feet.  My head was

breaking through the ceiling, my legs through the walls.  15 feet.

17 feet.  Everything was crashing; I could hear it and feel it.  20

feet. 25 feet. I broke through the second floor and was nearing the

third. 30 feet. 35 feet.  I stood up all the way to get a true feel

for my height. 40 feet. 45 feet. I had now crashed through the roof.

My clothes were completely torn and I finally stood 55 feet tall

naked over the fallen rubble of the building that once stood as a

research facility for some of the best scientists. 

People from around the building were running frantically for their

lives as I let out that evil howling laugh I had laughed after I

chased away those kids a bit ago.  I felt the cool air brush against

my naked body, and normally where I would feel so uncomfortable, I

felt empowered to be bare and free. It was a sensuous feeling. I

watched the pathetic people scurry around helplessly and laughed at

their insecurity.   It must be scary, I thought, to see giant naked

beauty tower above you with truly evil thoughts racing through her

mind.  But I was not one of those people, yet in fact that giant

beauty that so many feared. 

I picked my foot up and took my first step as a giant onto a few cars

in the parking lot.  And so I began my rampage into Philadelphia.

Everything was so small, the people, the houses, the trees.  The

world was my dollhouse, and I was too old for dolls.  This

magnificent feeling was just what I had needed to raise my

self-esteem, and maybe it went a bit too high.

I started my rampage with a visit to the sports stadium district.  It

was 11:30 and the Phillies were in extra innings with the Florida

Marlins.  People all over South Philly were running and screaming in

fear, but I paid no mind to their pathetic yelps.  I climbed into

Veterans Stadium over the top and stepped onto the field crushing a

few players that were late scurrying to the benches.  They were just

Marlins. Mwa ha ha ha!

The crowd was wild, half of it running away screaming in fear, the

other half drunken idiots cheering me on.  That is Philadelphia.  I

swiped my hand across the Upper Deck, ripping chairs from the seats

and people from their lives.  I stomped my left foot into the lower

level causing a huge rumble in the stands.  Drunks were running onto

the field attempting to climb my right leg, but I just shook them of

into the stands.  I heard cars screeching away and helicopters

nearing.  The boldest of the pilots actually went so far as to shoot

me, but the weak bullet could hardly penetrate my skin.  I grabbed

the helicopter with my right hand and hurled it into the stands.  A

huge fire erupted and Veterans Stadium slowly crumbled to my feet.

Eh, they were going to tear the place down at the end of the season


I marched out of the debris to where the real action was--Center

City. I tore my arms through the gigantic skyscrapers and let them

plummet to the earth.  Citizens were falling out the windows of the

descending buildings and wasted away in the broken streets.  Bodies

were everywhere, fires broke loose throughout the entire city, and

the National Guard was making its way down the streets in tanks and

air jets.  Missiles were flying at me from every direction, and for

the first time all night, I began to fear my future. 

I let out that evil laugh to show that I was accepting the fight as I

stomped my foot upon the tanks and knocked over the planes that flew

above my head. I kicked my foot into the Philadelphia Convention

Center but lost my balance and fell backwards into the swarms of

traffic.  Now that I had fallen, I was physically closer to the

people that I had been killing; I could see the look on their

frightened faces and the tears in their eyes as they prayed for their

family's safety.  It was hilarious.  My true dynamic laughter boomer

throughout the city as it crumbled to the floor.

I picked up handfuls of pedestrians that were running to safety and

dropped them along my body like ants.  I felt the swarms of movement

across my breasts and abdomen; it was so refreshing.  I was bathing

in human bodies.  I kept grabbing more and more and continued to drop

them down onto my stomach.  As my laughter shined I could feel the

pedestrians bouncing on my vigorous belly and into places they never

thought they would ever be, completely.  I caressed my lively body

and rubbed the people into my skin.  The idea that I was wasting

hundreds of human lives just to pleasure myself felt empowering in my

mind, and I loved every moment of it.  But enough was enough and I

needed to climb a building. 

I chose a cute little man out of the multitude as my victim and raced

toward One Liberty Place, the tallest building in the city.  I looked

down into the palm of my hand at the man I had chosen and asked for

his name.  The man, in frozen fear, responded, “Val.  My… my name is

Val.”  He had a soft and warm smile to him, a smile that I recognized

from somewhere but could not place. 

I smiled back.  “Mine's Katie.”

“I know,” he laughed.  “Believe it or not, your name is everywhere.”

He seemed so comfortable in the palm of my hand like there was no

place he would rather be.  Should not he be frightened?  I had the

power to squash him with the quenching of my fist, yet this pathetic

little morsel seemed to find security within it.

“Aren't you frightened?” I asked.

“I was at first, but deep down I don't think you are all that bad.”

“Excuse me,” I responded, completely astonished at how he perceived

me to be.  “I have just destroyed an entire city with the motive only

for the feeling of power deep inside, and you think of me as not all

that bad?  I am holding you victim here, and your fate is already

determined.  How dare you reduce me to such a pathetic villain with

good intentions buried inside? I am completely evil, the most

powerful living creature to walk the planet.”

“How would you know?” he asked with confidence.  “You've never sat

down and talked with all the creatures on the planet.  If power is

the feeling of control and contentment marked into one, then how do

you know if others don't have the same hold on things that you have.

You may be very powerful, but I am sure you have a weakness.  You

gain your power by fear and by hate.  But if there is somebody who

does not fear or hate you, you do not have absolute power.  And I

don't fear or hate you.”

What the hell was he babbling about? It was so boring that I tuned

out after the first few statements.  As I saw it, I had to climb the

tallest building in the city, and he was my victim.  And there it was

standing over 900 feet tall right in front of me.  I grasped onto

structure and began climbing.  It was a little challenging at first,

but I soon got the hang of it, and before I knew it, I was hanging

onto the steeple that rose atop the heavy building. 

Air jets surrounded me shooting its lofty missiles at my gigantic

body but missing with poor aim.  Tanks were shooting at me, but their

shots were only touching the shattered windows below.  Suddenly the

structure's walls were starting to cave in, and my once invincible

grip on the plan came to pieces, literally.  Then I felt a strong

pain at my abdomen and realized that a missile had hit me.   The

agony rushed through my body and I had no choice but to release the

pole that held me.  That was when my reign of power had ended, but it

was fun while it lasted. 

Katie arose out of her sleep panting for air, holding in the screams

of fright she had inside of her.  Val was adjacent to her panicking

body, holding her hand with a delicate and warm touch of comfort.

There was a slight smile planted on his face, but it was not the

smile that she had given the world in her dream; rather it was a

smile of security and love.  Katie was glad to see that smile.

“Don't worry,” he whispered softly.  “It was just a dream.  It's all

gone now.  It was just a dream.”  Val took his woman in his arms and

held her, sharing with her a quiet tune of contentment.  Both of them

knew that it was over and that there was now nothing to fear.  They

just wanted to be together on this special day; they needed each

other. “Did you enjoy your dream?”

Katie looked up at her man and smiled. “I did, but I am glad to be

back home with you.”

“There is enough left in here for one more dream,” Val said picking

up the small vial he had been given for his birthday.  “Let's share


“How do we do that?”

“I doubt it will work, but what do we have to loose?  We will each

drink half and dream together. We will chance it, and after we wake

up, we will share our dream to see if we dreamt the same dream.  It's

worth a shot.”

Katie took the vial from his hands and drank an estimated half of

what was left, and then Val finished it up.  The couple lay on their

bed and closed their eyes, surrendering to a deep slumber.


I awoke in a place similar to where I had been in my first

dream, but this time there were no walls, no furniture, no ceiling,

and no rug.  This place was not my bedroom but actually just a

lighted place with nothing in it except Katie and I.  What this dream

had in common with my first was only the fact that I was seven inches

tall, lying upon the bare stomach of my naked fiancé.  I did not know

where the light was coming from neither did I care.  I was in heaven.

 This was my Eden and there was nothing that could take it away.

There were no materials to taint my feelings or pressure to worry me.

 This was where I wanted to be for the rest of my life, and I was

never as positive on my position as I was then.  This time I did not

want to leave.

I opened my eyes into a world I had been in my first dream, but there

was something different about it.  I was lying down on a hard surface

that I could not distinguish from the rest of the room with my eyes.

The room seemed to have no boundaries, no materials, and no shadows.

It was a bright room; it seemed that the room was giving off its own

light. What this had resembled of my first dream was that I was 55

feet tall, and perched upon my naked stomach was my fiancé, Val, just

lying down with the same joy and satisfaction that I was

experiencing.  I was happy.  I was comfortable.  This to me was

heaven, and I just wanted to stay here forever.  “Val?” I said to

grab the man's attention.  “Who is going to wake us up?”  He stared

into my gigantic green eyes and smiled.  We were both thinking the

same thing; neither of us wanted to leave. 



Giantess Stories: IT WAS JUST A DREAM By J E Jacket  When two people love each other very much

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