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The Halftime Show



It was the perfect day to watch a football game. The sun was shining

and the air had just a hint of autumn coolness. I sat back drinking

a paper cup full of some flavorless, yet obscenely expensive beer,

and watched the half time show. It wasn't anything out of the

ordinary, just some dance team twirling around and gyrating to a

techno beat. From my perspective in the cheap seats, it was hard to

see the girls, so I thumbed through the game program and awaited the

start of the third quarter.

About five minutes before the second half was supposed to kick off,

the music ended and the dance team started strutting off of the

field. I sat back up in my seat and started scanning the field,

waiting for both teams to return from their locker rooms. Seeing

that I was running low on beer, I called out to the vendor, “Hey Beer

M...”. BOOM!! “What the...”, I muttered.

It felt as if the stadium had just been shaken.. It wasn't anything

overly drastic, just a slight vibration that seemed to pass through

the concrete floor below my feet. Only a few other people around me

seemed to notice anything and I was about to pass if off as nothing.

In the split second it took for these thoughts to go through my mind,

though, another tremor hit...BOOM!

This time it was impossible to pass off the rumbling as something

inconsequential, since the entire stadium had shaken. The various

sounds associated with 50,000 people immediately ceased. A confused

silence hung over the arena as we all waited to see what happened

next. Seconds later, another loud “BOOM” caused the massive building

to seemingly jump from the ground. Again there was silence.

It didn't last long.

BOOM! This time the building's concrete cracked and its steel

structure groaned alarmingly. Each explosion and the tremor

following it was becoming more violent. People were starting to

panic now. A major quake had hit the area and nobody wanted to be

stuck in the stadium. At once, all 50,000 people made a run for the


Stadium officials, trying to prevent a stampede, took to the PA

system. “Everyone...please remain calm and return to your seats”.

The announcer continued to speak, but I was hardly listening, like

everybody else, I just wanted to get out of that stadium as fast as I

could. BOOM!

This tremor sent everybody tumbling off their feet. I landed in a

heap of bodies and lie motionless, stunned from the impact. All

along, the PA announcer continued his fight to restore some semblance

of order. “Please...everybody we ask that you exit the arena in an

orderly m....” BOOM! The power went out this time and, again, we

were all tossed about.

Several seconds passed without any other quakes and it appeared that

the worst was over. Then a shadow fell over the arena, completely

covering it in darkness. From my section, I couldn't see anything at

first, but on the other side of the field people gasped and then

started to scream. From high above a peel of thunder washed over the


No...not actually sounded like a girlish giggle.

Instinctively, I craned by neck back and up... way up, until I saw

what had caused the chaos all around me. The sight before my eyes

was unbelievable. Standing, or more accurately, towering, over the

stadium was the titanic figure of Janet Jackson!

This is going to sound crazy, considering how bad things could

potentially become, but I couldn't take my eyes off the stunning

giantess. Even worse, I was checking her out as if she was just

another hot looking girl who happened to pass before me. While the

stadium walls blocked out everything below her knees, I could see the

top of her thigh high shiny black boots. Those thighs were works of

art–so shapely and well toned. Above them was a barely there matching

mini skirt.. Words just can't do justice to how good that leather

looked wrapped so tightly around Janet's hips and behind. Next was

the celebrated (or infamous) black brassiere that she unveiled at the

Super Bowl. From the look of things, it was having a seriously hard

time containing Janet's magnificent breasts.

As amazing as her body was, Janet's face was just as perfect. Her

luscious lips were curved upwards with just the hint of a smile...or

was it a smirk. Then there were those eyes. They seemed to catch

and hold everybody's attention. I found myself staring into them and

feeling graced to be in the presence of such a true goddess.

After the initial shock wore off the crowd, everybody else seemed to

flip out. People screamed and cried. Once again the entire crowd

started shoving and trampling over each other, just to escape the

impossibly huge woman.

Janet watched the terror fueled chaos for a few seconds, seemingly

fascinated by the smallness of us all. Then she put a finger to her

pursed lips and went, “shhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, as if she was trying to

comfort a crying newborn. This simple act made everybody stop in

their tracks. Even those seriously injured in the stampede ceased

their pain filled cries.

“Relax my little pets, today is a historic day for the world and you

are all blessed to be a part of it”, she said to us calmly. Her

voice was so melodic, so sweet, and yet undeniably powerful. Without

even realizing it, I found myself falling to my knees. Even though

my attention was almost completely focused on the dark skinned

titaness, I knew that everybody else in the stadium was assuming a

similar position. We couldn't help ourselves, this seemingly perfect

being above us wordlessly commanded our total devotion.

Seeing us all submitting to her unequaled power, caused Janet to

giggle again. It made my heart sing with joy knowing that we were

bringing her happiness. “Very good little ones, you have all done

very well and now you deserve a special reward”, she cooed. She said

this while smiling the whole time. It was a smile of arrogance, that

was plainly evident, but how could someone so undisputedly powerful

not be a little arrogant?

Then the beautiful colossus started to dance. She moved slowly and

sensually over us, while rubbing her hands all over her magnificent

body. Despite her care in not stepping on us, her every movement

caused the stadium to shake as violently as before. This time nobody

seemed to care and instead we watched our goddess with rapt

attention. As she neared the completion of her dance, we all started

chanting her name softly and reverently. We knew that this was what

she wanted. What was so amazing was that she didn't have to tell us

to do it, instead it came to us naturally. Right then and there I

knew that Janet not only owned our bodies, but our minds and souls as


When her dance ended, the Goddess looked down at us and soaked up the

chants, pleased with our adoration for her. After several minutes,

our chanting ceased as quickly as it had began--The Goddess had

willed it.

“Now for the rest of your reward”, she said. Once her words stopped

echoing, she slowly removed the brassiere from her left breast and

then her right. Janet's massive orbs jutted out proudly for all to

see and we gazed up at them with open mouthed awe. As if joking to

herself, the Goddess said with a laugh, “I've been waiting to do that

again for months”.

Her display wasn't over yet. Janet then closed her eyes and held her

arms out wide, as if she was meditating. Seconds later, much to our

astonished delight, she began to grow. Our Goddess swelled higher

and higher into the sky. Each second that passed caused Janet to

become more powerful, while we became less and less significant

before her. It's hard to say how big Janet was when her growth

finally stopped, but she completely blotted out the sun, while the

clouds floated around her body like a delicate gown.

Then the soft, dark skinned Hand of God came toward us. Janet dug

her fingers into the ground beneath the stadium and lifted us up to

the sky. The stadium was a multi million dollar achievement of human

creation, but to The Goddess, it was nothing more that a fragile

little trinket. We all knew it, just as we knew that we were

playthings that existed solely for Janet's pleasure now. Without

hesitating, she brought the stadium up to her breast and placed it

into the structure's bowl like opening. The breast fit in perfectly,

and nearly filled the entire arena. Fortunately, there was just

enough room for most of up to avoid being crushed. Sure, a few

hundred people were smashed, but what is a few hundred people to The


Janet's breast completely blocked out the lights and its close

presence to us created a great deal of heat. As one, everybody in

the stadium began reverently touching and kissing the smooth, warm

skin. All around us we could hear the lovely giantess's mighty heart

beat. While it was hard to tell just how long this went on, it had

to have been at least an hour. Still, though, when Janet finally

pulled the stadium away from her body, we all wished the experience

would have lasted longer.

Our Goddess then placed the stadium back on the ground ever so

carefully. Unfortunately, for somebody so immense, it was impossible

not to cause a little bit of damage. After being handled for so long

the stadium couldn't take much more and over half of it collapsed.

Few people noticed or cared, though, we were all too caught up in

watching Janet walk away from us.

Before getting too far away, she turned her giant body around and

blew us a kiss and then was on her way again. We had obviously

pleased The Goddess, but her parting words boomed ominously for

anybody who had or would cross her:

“Now I think it's time to deal with the FCC”, she said rubbing her

hands together expectantly.

Giantess Stories: It was the perfect day to watch a football game

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