Giantess Stories: Its worth it for 5

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Its worth it for 5


edibble laura


“Jill. I love you but I don't want to participate in these fantasy's


“Why not?”

Jill was near tears. The argument had been progressing since after

dinner an hour ago, when Jill pulled out her necklace and Vic said he

wasn't interested in that tonight, and wanted to know why they

couldn't just fuck like a normal couple.

“I just can't stand the thought of being humiliated again”

“Vic... please. I never hurt you.”

“Last time we played you put me in the toilet and peed on my face.”


“Then you threatened to FLUSH THE TOILET!”


Jill completely lost it. And began weeping. Vic felt bad, and wanted

to make it up to her.

“Honey I'm sorry. Sometimes you just come on a little strong. And I

get really scared. I feel like you are taking advantage of me.”

It was true that Jill had the upper hand in the relationship. Vic was

cute, young and virile, but Jill was a goddess. Curvaceous, large

breast, puppy dog eyes, and large luscious lips. When they kissed,

Vic had to restrain himself from sinking his teeth into her awesome

lips. Always thick and cherry red. And her long red tongue always

teased him for there next sexual encounter. But to get to them, Vic

had to endure long grueling sessions of satisfying Jill's needs,

which were unique.

“Vic, I can't MAKE you do anything. The necklace won't shrink you

unless you allow it to. But I thought you liked to make me happy.”

“Jill. I'm very comfortable with you, and so I'm going to be as

honest as I can. It's scary...”

Jill felt something deep inside of her at those words. Vic always

acted so resilient to her, and annoyed with the games, but to know

that she DID frighten him, aroused her. Immediately she reached a

euphoric state of ecstasy.

“I mean, you make me like 3 inches tall... You could kill me.”

Jill smiled “Vic, you know I'd never do anything like that.” She

started to giggle uncontrollably

“We've only been dating a few months... I don't even know you that

well, or where you got the necklace. I trust you, but, I don't know

what to think about this fantasy. You got very excited when you

pissed on me.”

Jill laughed “HAHA, that was pretty hot... hmm. Vic, how about this,

let me shrink you just once more and I'll never ask you to do it


“Jill... that's not necessary, I know you love it. I just want to

feel safe.”

“Ok, what if I promise not to put you in a toilet”

They looked into each others eyes. Vic could see how happy she was,

she was covertly rubbing herself just a little. He smiled, and

finally said.

“All right Jill.”

She put on the necklace, and everything changed.

Vic awoke and began to take in the surroundings. It usually took a

half hour to regain consciousness, so he never know what she'd be

doing. The room was dimly lit. He was naked, on the counter top in

the kitchen, and he could see the dining room.

She's preparing a candlelight dinner! That's so sweet. He heard Jill

bustling around humming and singing. He could smell stir fry, and saw

her open a bottle of wine. She was wearing a sexy short dress. Vic

was getting lost staring at her beautiful lips when she saw him.

“You awake my angel!” Jill leaned down to kiss him, and stuck out her

tongue. She began to lick his naked body up and down, and eventually

sucked him into her mouth.

Vic was terrified, he had never been IN her mouth before. He

immediately pissed himself. A second later Jill pulled him out, and

dropped him a about a foot onto the stir fry.

“HEY” Jill yelled. “What the hell... did you pee in my mouth?” Vic

couldn't even respond. “I think you should be punished.”

Setting the plate on the table, Jill sat down. It became clear to Vic

that this was all set up. As she grabbed a vibrator from beside the

chair, and quickly plunged it into her cunt. She was breathing

heavier than he had ever gotten her to during sex. She started

moaning and letting out quiet screams. In the next 5 minutes she

downed 7 glasses of wine, between which she would moan. And kid “Oh

vic you look so tasty on my plate, I haven't had RED MEAT in a

while.” And she would giggle uncontrollably.

From Vic's perspective, he was faced with an unhinged voracious

woman, who was really ready to eat him alive. He started to cry and

shiver. And he screamed to Jill “STOP THIS!! I'M SCARED”

Jill, hearing this little scream, reached her peak. She let out a

roar “OOOOOH, HOLY SHIT VIC” and started wincing, this was the

biggest orgasm she ever had. It almost her, she let out small Ya está disponible el parche 24.2 de Hearthstone: cambios en los héroes de las temporadas 2 y 4 de Battlegrounds, piedras rúnicas, informes en el juego y mucho más.

squeaks, like a wounded dog. Gasping for air. Vic felt a little safer

now, because she had accomplished her objective.

Jill had been worried about scaring Vic too much, but knew that she

could control herself once she had an orgasm. But during this orgasm

something peculiar happened. She didn't come down. Usually she became

sensitive and had to slow and eventually stop. But the more she kept

pumping, and thinking about poor little Vic, the better she felt.

This lasted for several minutes. And she decided to take it to the

next level. Grabbing Vic she tossed him in her mouth and began to

throw him around with her tongue. She turned around to the mirror so

she could see his reactions in her mouth.

Vic didn't know what hit him, suddenly he was in Jill's mouth again,

and she was still screaming and yelling. “Vic, you taste SOO good.

Why don't you piss again, it was so salty. God, I wonder how you

would taste if I just fucking bit into you and tore you apart.” Vic

began crying and yelling. His whole body felt numb as he was tossed


Jill hit her second huge orgasm, it was on an entirely new level from

her first. This was the best thing she had ever done. Looking at the

mirror, she could see Vic in her mouth, and heard his protests to her

suggestions. She laughed at him and that's when he stopped moving all

together. She could tell he new he was about to die, which made her

laugh harder. She got off of her own cruelty, and hit a third orgasm.

she collapsed on the floor and Vic fell to her throat. Like fighting

a piece of gum, she managed to cough him up again. For a moment she

was worried that she would lose her ecstasy, but the thought of him

getting half swallowed and saved leveled her out again. Her vision

was glazing over, like a dream. Maybe it was the wine.

As Vic was coughed back into Jill's mouth he realized something. And

yelled out as loud as he could. “YOU PROMISED YOU WOULDN'T PUT ME IN


Jill froze. Suddenly Vic had reason to think he would live, and her

fantasy bubble was popped. She began to come down. OH NO she thought

This is the best sex you've ever had, we can't let that stop it.

Thinking quick she said “Don't worry vic honey giggle I'll just go to

the bathroom outside tonight!” she felt his body viciously attack her

tongue and mouth, and new that he feared and respected her so much.

This was enough to get her high again... but she needed to have that

fourth orgasm, which she knew would be miraculous.

Vic stopped moving, Jill tongue had stopped playing with him...

She decided to swallow.

He'll only be down there for a minute so I can cum. It'll be fine! I

can just purge afterwards, it's totally worth it. Still lying on the

Floor, Jill pulled Vic out of her mouth, held him in front of her

face, and looking into his terrified eyes. “Vic. baby. I have to cum

now, which means you need to die. I'm sorry about this!” Vic screamed

and Jill dropped him in her mouth, and swallowed.

Feeling a fighting man, who knows he as going to die, going down the

throat, took Jill and her Vagina to a whole new place. She came a 4th

time, and knew that this was it. As good as it gets. All she could

see was stars, her juices began to pour from her slit, and she let

out an immense moan. “OOOOH VIC” She flew through this state for

ever. And waited for it to come down. And just when she thought that

it would. She began to feel Vic, in her stomach, trying to claw his

way out.

So Jill pulled her vibrator out, went to the bedroom, lied on the

bed, and just rubbed herself

And that's all it took. To find another place.

All of her cruelty and Vic's delicious suffering took her over. And

she knew she had a shot at a 5th orgasm. He'll be fine... there is

nothing to worry about. She rubbed herself slowly. And deliberately.

And finely found it. The last orgasm. She though her heart stopped...

then she thought it exploded. Her whole body convulsed and her breath

quickened. Louder and louder, and faster. Until she was trying to

Exhale at the same time she was inhaling. Flailing around on the bed,

she yelled. “Vic, I love you Vic.” And he could hear every word. And

for a minute he thought... that's it, she's done now, she'll cough me

up... it was all a game to her. And Jill thought that was the best

orgasm ever. We'll have to do that again soon. Then she passed out.

When Jill woke up, her tummy hurt a little, and she knew why. It was

dark outside. She began to weep, not a horrible sob like before. It

was gentle and repressed. Authentic, but not overzealous. Solemnly

she went to her backyard, and crapped out what was left of Vic. He

was sweet she thought but I can get another.

Giantess Stories: Its worth it for 5

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