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Jamie's Experiment

By Lamarun

"Sure, I'll be there." Pamela told Jamie over the phone.

"After school? Okay, I've got nothing better to do." Diane would tell Jamie over

the phone.

Sandy would say when she got the call, "Yea that sounds like fun, I'll come."

"Excellent," Jamie thought as she hung up the phone, "this is going to be

interesting." She had just finished inviting three of her friends from her new

high school over for a snack after school. Tomorrow would be the day she would

try something she had wanted to try for a long time.


The doorbell rang. Jamie enthusiastically ran and opened the door to for her

three friends.

"Hey Jamie," Pamela said as she walked into the house.

"I sure hope you have food, I didn't eat lunch today." Diane said as she entered

after Pamela.

"I ordered pizza, it'll be here any minute!" Jamie yelled after Diane, who had

bounded down the hall and into the kitchen.

"That's funny," Sandy said as she entered the house, "we have never been in your

house, but it sure does look as if Diane knows where she's going."

"Don't worry about her," answered Jamie, "I know how weird she can be. Anyway I

hope we can have some fun today. You know, this is the first time we have gotten

together outside of school."

"Yea it'll be a good way to get to know each other," Sandy replied.

"Don't worry, you'll get to know me very well," Jamie thought to herself as she

looked at her friends. "Let's go join Diane in the kitchen."

Diane stood in the entryway to the kitchen as the remaining three girls entered.

Another guest was already waiting at the kitchen table. He was a young man that

the girls all knew.

"Uh...Hi," Brian said as he got up from his seat at the table.

"You all know Brian, from Biology class, I hope you don't mind that I invited

him too," Jamie said to her friends as she entered the kitchen.

Pamela shot a glance at Diane and Sandy. "No of course we don't mind." The girls

knew Brian from school. He wasn't unattractive, but he wasn't a hunk either.

Actually, he was considered a loser among most groups at school.

The girls sat down at the big kitchen table and began to talk. Brian sat in his

seat once again and watched as the girls chatted about clothes, school, and

other similar 'girl talk'. He didn't really know what to do. He had never been

alone with one woman and now he was with four! He didn't know how to act or what

to say. So he just sat, wondering why Jamie had invited him over. She had never

even spoke to him before yesterday.

Not long into the conversation, of which Diane, the gossip queen, was

dominating, the doorbell rang. "That must be the pizza," Jamie said as she got

up to answer the door. She returned a short time later carrying a large box.

"Pizza's here!" Jamie said. She laid the large pizza on the table and opened it.

"Sausage and pepperoni," Pamela said, "what are you trying to do to me? That

won't be good for my figure. You know Jamie, some of us aren't as naturally thin

as you." Pamela had always been just a little envious of Jamie. Ever since she

met her, Pamela had wanted to be like Jamie. Pamela couldn't help but admire

Jamie's slim body, her beautiful hair, and her nicely developed breasts. Pamela

felt more self conscious about her own body, especially about her somewhat small


The girls began to dig into their meal. Sandy noticed that Jamie hadn't touched

the piece of pizza on her plate. "Aren't you going to eat?" she asked.

"Oh," Jamie seemed startled, "yes, I plan too, in a minute. Brian, can you come

with me for a minute?"

Brian looked up from his pizza. "Sure." He got up and he left the room with


"What was that all about," asked Sandy.

"Are they dating? I never knew she liked him," said Pamela with a sour look on

her face.

"He gives me the creeps," Diane said pompously, "he just sits and doesn't say

anything. I wonder why she invited him."

"I'll tell you why." Jamie entered the kitchen again...alone.

"What were you doing? Where's Brian?" Sandy asked.

Jamie took a seat across the table from her three friends. "I invited him

because I wanted to try something. Look." Jamie extended her right hand out over

the table in front of her friends. Sandy, Pamela, and Diane looked at her closed

fist, confused. Jamie then opened her hand, revealing a tiny object lying on her


The girls stared intently at the object Jamie held out in front of them. It was

moving. It appeared to be a human being. The girls all seemed to realize at once

that it was Brian! Brian was crawling around in the palm of Jamie's hand. The

shocked girls were sat stupefied.

"Is this real?"

"He must only be half an inch tall. How did you..."

"He's so small..."

"This isn't possible..."

The three girls rambled. Question after question they threw at Jamie as they

watched the tiny Brian try and stand on the huge hand. "Wha...What are you going

to do with him," Sandy asked.

Without hesitation and without saying a word, Jamie raised her hand to her

mouth. Like a piece of candy she popped Brian into her mouth. After a few

seconds, she swallowed.

The shock of seeing someone shrunk down to half an inch tall was nothing

compared to the shock the three girls felt at this moment. They stared, mouths

gaping, eyes blank, as they tried to comprehend what they had just seen.

" ate him," Sandy said. She couldn't believe what she had just seen.

"Oh my God!" Pamela said as she covered her mouth with her hands. Her initial

amazement had now turned to fear.

Diane, for perhaps the first time in her life, had nothing to say. She sat

staring at Jamie's mouth, trying to contemplate what it must have been

be thrown in like a piece of food and horribly crushed to death.

"How could you do that?" Sandy said, apparently getting over the initial shock

of the scene she witnessed. "How could you eat someone alive. Is this some kind

of trick? It just can't be possible."

"It's no trick," replied Jamie. "I don't know what came over me. I don't

consider myself a cannibal, but I have always had this urge to...well to consume

people. I can't help it. The fact that they will be inside me, my body absorbing

them and using them, it really turns me on. I'm sorry but ever since I found out

how to shrink people I haven't been able to resist the urge anymore. I invited

you over here today in order to take part in an experiment, to see how eating

others should be done, and if I would actually like it."

"Oh my God Jamie," Pamela said, voice quivering, "You are absolutely insane!

We've got to get out of here." The afternoon which was supposed to be spent in a

fun way with friends had suddenly turned into a nightmare.


Pamela awoke suddenly. She had had a terrible dream. It was hard to remember,

something about her friend Jamie wanting to eat her. Pamela rolled over and

laughed. It was, of course, absurd. To think that such a think was poss...

Pamela hit something as she rolled over. It was someone's arm. Quickly she

opened her eyes. Sandy was lying next to her! And on her other side lay Diane!

Pamela realized she was not in her bed. The grogginess left her and she noticed

that herself, as well as the others, were naked. The looked at the ground, it

was tan and had fine lines running all over it. It didn't take long to realize

that she and the others were lying in the palm of a giant hand. Sure enough, as

Pamela looked high up into the air, she saw that it was Jamie who held them in

her grasp.

Sandy and Diane woke up shortly after Pamela. They remembered watching Jamie eat

their helpless classmate. They had tried to leave. They remembered getting up

from the kitchen table...but then nothing. The next thing they knew they were

here, tiny and naked in the palm of Jamie's hand.

"What's going on!" said Diane.

"It wasn't a dream was it," Sandy said as she looked at the gigantic fingers

around her. "She really is going to do it. SHE'S GOING TO EAT US!" Just then the

hand began to tilt. The three women screamed as they slid from the hand and fell

through the air down to the table below.

All three women landed on the pizza with a soft 'plop'. Each girl looked in

horror at the landscape around them. Their feet sunk into the still hot cheese

as they tried to stand. All around them were pepperonis and sausages that were

bigger than they were. Before they had any time to contemplate their terrain, a

shadow fell over the group.

Sandy looked up to see Jamie's huge hand descending toward her. "RUN!" she

shouted to Pamela and Diane. The two tiny women took off, running across the

face of the pizza. But for Sandy it was too late. Before she could make an

attempt at escape, she was grabbed gently between Jamie's thumb and forefinger.

"Jamie please, NO!" Sandy kicked and screamed as she was raised high up into the

air. A feeling of vertigo set in as Sandy was raised past the level of Jamie's

breasts. Higher and higher she was raised until she stood staring directly at

Jamie's large lips. Sandy could even see Jamie's huge nostrils move as she

breathed. "Why are you doing this to me?" Sandy shouted at the giant face.

She received no answer. Instead, the giant lips parted revealing a large

cavernous mouth. To Sandy's horror, she began to move forward, toward the open

mouth. She kicked and screamed but there was no escaping the grasp of the giant

fingers which held her. Hot breath hit her body as Sandy passed through the

massive lips. Then the fingers suddenly let go, and Sandy fell onto a wet

wriggling tongue.

The tongue felt strange. It was soft, yet firm, and very wet. Sandy recovered

her equilibrium, and struggled desperately toward the opening of Jamie's mouth.

The tongue was constantly moving, making it extremely difficult for Sandy to

crawl toward the world she knew. The experience was horrifying. During her

desperate crawl for freedom, Sandy took a quick glance behind her, looking deep

into the mouth. All around her were giant teeth, the same teeth that had crushed

Brian only a few minutes before. The back of the mouth was obscured by shadows,

but Sandy knew that behind those shadows the immense throat was waiting to

swallow her. If she had any hope of surviving, she had to stay away from the

throat at all costs.

Standing was impossible on the unstable tongue's surface, so Sandy continued to

crawl toward the still open lips. With every dire step, the slimy saliva coated

Sandy's hands and legs making it even more difficult to move. Sandy couldn't

believe it, she was almost out! In her struggles Sandy had managed to reach the

tip of Jamie's tongue. The giant front teeth were right in front of her, and

beyond that a huge lower lip. This was it, if she could just make it a little


All of Sandy's hopes were dashed in a split second as the mouth closed,

immersing Sandy in total darkness. "Noooooooooooo," Sandy screamed and beat her

fists on the slimy tongue. "Jamie, please! Let me out! Don't eat me!" As Sandy

wept in fear, she felt the tongue moving her tiny body closer to the rear of the

mouth. Covering her face with her hands she tried to contemplate the days SASER KANGRI LEVEL 2 FEMENINO

events. There was nothing she could do, she had to accept it. She was going to

be plunged into the gullet of a girl she had known as a friend. Sandy wondered

what it was going to be like in Jamie's stomach as she felt herself slip over

the edge of the tongue, and she went down.....

Far below on the dining room table Pamela screamed as she watched Jamie swallow.

"Oh my god!" She had tried to run, but when she turned and saw Jamie lace one of

her friends into her hungry mouth...she froze. She stood, her feet aching from

the hot pizza, and watched as Jamie closed her mouth and swallowed Sandy alive,

without chewing her up as she did with Brian. The whole time she couldn't

believe this was happening, but it was. Pamela was considered the dumb one of

the group and as she stood, she wished she had paid more attention in health

class. She didn't know what happened inside a persons stomach, but she knew it

couldn't be good...she only knew it had something to do with acid.

"Pam, look out," came a shout from Diane, who had hidden herself behind a piece

of sausage. Pamela's thoughts were broken as she looked up. Her deep thinking

would prove costly as she noticed two giant hands descend toward her. It was too

late to run. Pamela stood helpless as the giant hands picked up the piece of

pizza that Pamela occupied. The sudden shock of being hoisted into the air

caused Pamela to fall onto the ground of hot cheese. She laid there, helpless in

the center of the triangular slice of pizza, as Jamie lifted her meal to her


Everything was happening so fast. Pamela looked toward the end of the slice of

pizza she was on. To her horror, it was pointing right at Jamie's mouth! Like a

deer caught in a car's headlights, Pamela froze in fear as the giant mouth

opened. Pamela felt sick and nauseous as the pointed end of the pizza was shoved

all the way in until it touched the back of Jamie's mouth. The massive mouth

closed. Enormous white teeth tore through the tender pizza and the huge lips

came together. Pamela's frightened and frozen demeanor was suddenly broken as

she realized that the giant teeth had come crashing down only about 12 feet

(from her perspective) from where she lay. In one instant, Pamela knew what was

going to happen to her. Jamie had now decided to eat her lunch. She was eating

her slice of pizza, with Pamela as an extra topping! If she didn't escape soon

she would be eaten with a gigantic mouthful of pizza.

As the giant mouth in front of her began to chew, Pamela got up and ran. Pamela

found that it wasn't difficult to run on the cheesy surface; Jamie was holding

the pizza relatively straight and steady. As hard as she ran, it didn't seem

like she was making any distance. Pamela didn't know what she would do once she

reached the end of the pizza, but she did know that anything was better than

ending up in that horrible mouth. Pamela risked a glance over her shoulder as

she ran past a huge slice of pepperoni.

Jamie finished chewing and swallowed her first mouthful of pizza. She opened her

mouth once more, and came forward for another bite. Meanwhile in her stomach

Sandy screamed as huge amounts of chewed pizza came crashing down around her.

Pamela screamed in panic as the wide open mouth came closer. Gazing inside,

Pamela could see glistening strands of saliva and little bits of food that

hadn't been swallowed. In the back of Jamie's gaping mouth swung a giant uvula

which had to be as big as Pamela was. Pamela looked at her friends throat and

knew that that was where Sandy had gone...and that was where she was bound to


The mouth was getting close, so close that Pamela could smell the saliva. She

gathered her courage and ran away from the oncoming doom. The 'ground' beneath

her shook and Pamela fell once again. She looked behind her to see that the

teeth had come crashing together directly where she had been a few seconds

before. The lips were so close that Pamela could reach out and touch them if she

wanted too. Tired and winded, she watched as the lips parted once more,

revealing a mouthful of food. "Jamie why are you doing this to me," Pamela

pleaded. If the mouth came any closer, she would be engulfed for sure. Pamela

closed her eyes and waited. She heard wet squishy sounds coming from directly in

front of her, but she had not been moved toward the hot mouth.

Crying, Pamela opened her eyes. The mouth was still wide open, but now it was

chewing up it's contents right in front of her. The tiny Pamela watched in

terror as the tongue moved the mashed food between the immense teeth to be

crushed. Huge jaws opened and closed, grinding the food until it was one big

pile of mush. "Oh my god," Pamela thought to herself, "she's playing with me!

She's showing me what's going to happen to me!" She then watched the lips close,

and heard the loud 'gulp' sound which came from swallowing the mouthful of food.

Immediately, the mouth opened once again for another bite.

"Helllllp!" Pamela screamed, got to her feet and began to run away from the

mouth once again. This time, however, she would not be so lucky. In her panic to

escape, her feet sunk into the soft cheese of the pizza and Pamela tripped,

falling down once again. She lay, face down on a bed of mozzarella cheese as a

shadow slowly covered her body. In a hysterical panic Pamela turned herself over

and saw that she was looking directly up at the roof of Jamie's mouth. It was

too late! She was already inside, there was no escape!

It was hot, and hard to breathe and the light was fading as more pizza was

shoved into the mouth. The last thing Pamela saw was the huge opening to Jamie's

throat waiting to swallow her up.

Total darkness engulfed Pamela as the mouth closed. The tongue writhed and

squirmed, moving the pizza in between huge molars. Pamela saw nothing, but felt

her body being tossed around the mouth. Soon, she was covered by thick

masticated food. After what seemed like hours of torture it finally happened.

Pamela, feeling like she was drowning in a thick sea of goo, was tossed between

Jamie's enormous teeth which came down on her...

Sandy lay still in Jamie's stomach. It was impossible to see, everything was

pitch black. It was hot, and the air seemed thick and hard to breath. Sandy was

still covered with the lubricating saliva which had helped her descent down the

esophagus, but now there was something else. All around her was a thick liquid.

Sandy knew what the liquid was...gastric acid. Amazingly, the acid didn't cause

Sandy any immediate pain, it just seemed to pool up all around her.

There was no hope of escape. Knowing that she was trapped inside another living

being Sandy just laid on the soft floor of the stomach and waited. The sounds of

Jamie's body came from all directions. Sandy could hear Jamie's heartbeat very

distinctly. Her stomach lining was soft, extremely slimy, and wrinkled. Every 30

seconds or so, her stomach walls would move in a wave-like motion which forced

the piles of chewed pizza to fall and shift.

Sandy closed her eyes tight. She wished this whole nightmare would be over with

soon. It was driving her crazy, knowing that somewhere else in the vast stomach

lay the remains of her classmate Brian, and that she was about to be digested

alive by someone she thought was her friend. Suddenly, a loud wet squelching

sound filled Sandy's ears. The stomach seemed to churn and twist as something

began to enter from above. A large object dropped from the entrance of the

stomach and fell only an arm's length away from where Sandy lay. Sandy knew by

the smell that Jamie had just swallowed a large mouthful of pizza. Her fear

quickly returned. If Jamie continued eating the stomach would soon fill with

food and that would mean...

Sandy would not finish her thought as what felt like truckloads of chewed pizza

began to rain down on her from above. Soon she would be buried in it, not

realizing that her friend Pamela had become part of the contents.


Jamie finished the slice of pizza. Her experiment was working perfectly. It was

odd, as she had watched she had gotten an enormous feeling of satisfaction from

watching tiny Pamela running for her life on the slice of pizza. Even before

that Jamie experienced a huge sexual rush, almost an orgasm, when she popped

Sandy into her mouth and felt her tiny body squirming around. This was

definitely turning out to her liking. She now knew that she would have to do

this more often. After all, what greater honor could she give her friends but to

digest them and make them part of herself.

"Three people, eaten alive, like they meant nothing..." Diane was having a hard

time with the situation. Still on the giant pizza, she cowered behind a sausage

which seemed to be the size of a boulder. "Oh my god, I'm the only one left.

She's going to eat me too!" Diane yelled through teary eyes. Suddenly the

boulder sized sausage was gone. Diane looked up in surprise. She watched as

Jamie raised the sausage high into the air, tossed it into her mouth, chewed and


"Come on Diane, your the only one left," Jamie said at the tiny woman on the

pizza. "You are going to become part of me, don't be scared." She reached down

toward the tiny form of her friend.

Diane screamed and tried to run, but there was no escape from Jamie's hand which

seemed to come at her with lightning speed. The hand closed around Diane, and

carried her high into the air.

"I need something to help wash down my meal," Jamie said. In front of her was

her glass of cola which she intended to drink with lunch. She moved her hand

over the glass, opened it, and dropped Diane inside.

Diane felt dizzy as she fell through the air, then her body was suddenly shocked

by severe cold. It felt like she was underwater, except the liquid stung her

eyes. Diane flailed and held her breath as she struggled to the surface.

Finally, her head and shoulders breached the surface, and Diane took a much

needed breath. The liquid she was immersed in was black, and there were bubbles

all around her. It didn't take long for Diane to realize that she was treading

water in a giant glass of soda. Ice cubes, as big as icebergs, floated next to

her in the soft drink.

The glass lurched, and Diane looked on in horror as the glass was raised to

Jamie's lips and was slowly tilted upwards. Cola began to flow between Jamie's

lips in huge waves. Diane screamed and tried desperately to swim away from the

enormous mouth. Her body was starting to feel numb from the cold liquid and she

could hear every gulp of soda that Jamie swallowed.

It was no use, the current was too hard to fight, and the enormous ice cubes

were directly ahead of Diane, blocking any chance to swim away from the doom

that awaited her. Diane gazed into the dark mouth and screamed as she passed

between enormous lips in a rush of liquid...

*GULP* "Ahhhhhhhhh, that was refreshing." Jamie laid her empty glass back on the

table. She felt exhilarated knowing that her friends were inside her, about to

become part of her. Jamie knew that sometime soon she would have to do this

again. Sometime very soon...




Giantess Stories: Jamie

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Giantess Stories: Jamie

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