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Janice in the City

by Scott Grildrig


Off the coast of Los Angelas there was an earthquake. Stuff from the bottom of

the waters rose to its top. Where Janice was swimming.

The effect was incredibly fast. One instant Janice was floating on an inner tube

in the bay, the next she was surrounded by this weird bubbling concoction. The

vapors filled the air around her, permeated her. She felt dizzy, then giddy, as

though caught in a fast falling elevator. Suddenly she was in floundering in

deep water. No. Not so deep, only thigh high, but it should have been deeper.

And when she opened her eyes, things were wrong. The coast was too close, and at

a funny angle. The waves looked too far away. There was a breeze. It was quiet.

And that seagull.

Then it struck her. She was wrong. She was looking down, instead of up. And then

she gasped. She was huge. Enormous. She must have been hundreds of feet tall.

The coast, which had been nearly a mile away, was now a few short strides

distant. In consternation she glanced from side to side, as though seeking help,

and then she glanced down sharply. Her bikini was intact, but she felt horribly

exposed. Dashing out of the water she stood on the beach and looked for a place

to hide.

Then it occurred to her that the beach was filled with people. People who

couldn't move fast enough to avoid her. Who she had not seen. A stange sensation

filled her gut. Not daring to look to see if she had crushed anyone under her

barefeet Janice returned to the water, and waded out into it until the beach was

far behind her.

Then she spotted the city. Surely someone there could help her. Eagerly she

waded towards the distant buildings. The waters rose then and ebbed from her

gigantic body as she crossed the bay. But once again her impetuous hurry

betrayed her, and she stared guiltily at the little bubbles of boats sent to the

bottom of the bay by her churning thighs. Desparate now to get out of the water

she headed for the nearest docks. But everywhere she looked there was no place

to escape the waters without stepping on something. Finally, in a bit of a huff,

Janice chose the most sparely populated section available, and climbed out of

the water.

It never occurred to her the awesome spectical she made as she lifted her

titanic body onto the docks. Water cascading from her like a waterfalls. She

moved with a ponderous kind of power that sent thousands screaming into the

streets. Her bikini only served to accentuate her colossal figure, and she had a

body to be proud of. Tall and lith, muscled and very feminine. Her hair was long

and blonde, her eyes a lovely shade of green, her lips pouted and unsure as she

glanced down at her feet. Her right foot was standing on the smashed remains of

a warehouse, her left in the middle of (of all things) a parking lot. It seemed

that no matter how careful she was, things were getting stepped on. And she was

getting tired of it. And there was that weird feeling in her gut.

Still, it was a marvelous sight. And she drew deep the sea air until her bra was

stretched drum-tight across her great breasts. A momentary thought, naughty and

delicious, flitted through her mind. But she shook her head and tried to find a

place to sit down and wait for someone to find her. But no matter where she

turned or stepped, she ended up crushing it under a bare foot. Still it was a

strangely satisfying sensation. Those cars, and that bus had crunched in a most

delightful way. And the houses literally exploded under her heels.

Janice stopped a moment, and looked down. There was the deep impression of an

exquisite barefoot print, little cracks in the ground radiating away from it.

And in the print were two cars pressed totally flat, and beside the cars were

two little sets of grease stains. The strange feeling in her gut suddenly

expanded into a flame of warm pleasure. For suddenly Janice had fully realized


She was a real giantess. Nothing half-baked, but a real honest-to-god, eighty

story tall, bikini clad goddess. One that sank ships with her thighs. One that

stepped on buildings and cars like they were toys, and crushed people like they

were bugs. And she knew that that strange sensation was lust. Power lust. Sexual

lust. She was a big woman in a little city. And. And. And what?

Janice mulled it over for a moment. But the answer was obvious. Reaching behind

herself she unclasp her bra, then slowly, as though exposing herself to a lover,

she revealed her breasts. This was the ultimate exhibitionism, the greatest

strip tease on earth. She waggled her shoulders and made her breasts jiggle. The

cool air on her wet skin was nice and made her tingle. Her nipples swelled huge

and hard beyond belief, so she imagined she could gouge holes in buildings with

them. Cupping her hands under her breasts, she measured their weight. Fuck

little gouges, with boobs like these she could tit-box a building into rubble.

In fact. Reaching down between her legs, she was not surprised to find her

panties sopping wet. On a hunch Janice looped her thumbs under the material, and

easily tore them from her hips. Now she stood in her full glory, enormous beyond

imagining. Hands confidently placed on her hips. Feet spread, and planted firmly

upon houses, cars and people. Looking down, the wind from the bay wafting her

long blonde hair over her shoulder, she scanned the ground between her feet.

Somewhere down there someone was getting the view of his pathetic little life.

Reaching between her thighs Janice spread her vulva, distending her labia, so

her glistening lips poked out of her cunt. Little drops of cum fell from her

cunt, yet to the world far below each was a falling gallon of heavy fragrent


But Janice's eyes now turned to the city, to the buildings, filled with tiny

people, streets jam packed with cars, trucks, buses and more people. And nowhere

to run. Nowhere to hide. With a wicked grin, a naughty grin, Janice stepped

forward. No longer giving a damn what got stepped on. Her pussy ached to be

filled, and that was the only place with anything big enough to do the job. The

earth shook as she strode into the city...

* * * * * * *

The buildings rose up around Janice like a stone and metal forest, so it was

suddenly strange to be among objects that were comparable to her own colossal

size. Far below the tarmac cracked and sank under her barefeet; cars, buses and

people were crushed beyond recognition. Water mains exploded and wet her toes.

Buildings shifted on their foundations and smoke poured out of some. But she

paid litle attention to the mayhem she was causing. Instead she stopped to

admire her reflection in one of the glass buildings. Playing idly with herself.

Then it occured to her to look closer. Much closer. Till her great green eyes

were just inches from the face of the building. To her delight she was able to

discern tiny people. People, who, needless-to-say, were cramming the windows

everywhere to look at this gigantic naked woman standing in front of their

building. Playfully Janice leaned forward just a litle more, and kissed the face

of the skyscraper, leaving a little dab of lipstick on the glass.

When she looked again, the people near that spot looked particularly terrified,

and she laughed with delight. Then taking a step backwards (and crushing a small

house). She raised her arms over her head and began to dance for her tiny

audience. Her hips swayed slowly from side to side, her colossal breasts dipped

and jiggled. Janice closed her eyes and moved to silent music, grinding out a

dance for her lust. Now wonderfully aware again of the things being crushed

under her barefeet. Far far below she heard the sirens and the screams and the

terrible crunching noises of her movements. This was her music. It made her hot.

She dropped her arms, running her hands over her breasts, down her sides,

between her legs. She hoped that the people in the glass building were enjoying

the show.

And she grinned an evil grin and stepped forward, pressing her enormous breasts

up against the face of the building. It felt deliciously cool against her

aroused nipples, so she pressed closer, and closer. And then too close. With a

rending crash her breasts burst in through the side of the building, instantly

crushing dozens of incautious onlookers. Placing her hands on her buttocks she

then ground her mons against the building. But that was less satisfying. She was

going to have to find something better soon.

Stepping back she admired the two gapping holes in the face of the building.

Looking down she brushed some of the dust from her tits. The way she thrust them

forward, they actually looked proud of their little trick. Bending down a little

she examined the damage she had caused, the building was about four feet wide,

and about two feet taller than herself. But still it stood, despite the holes.

Curious, she reached into the right hole with her hand and felt about.

She could just barely tell offices, and desks with her fingers. Most things were

too small. On an impulse she pushed her hand deeper into the building. Now that

was something. It was like pushing into crunchy graham crackers, the walls

resisted her slightly before being smashed aside. At one point she thought she

felt an elevator shaft, and then a car. With her arm thrust almost to her

shoulder into the building she wrapped her enormous fingers around the tiny

square box and crushed it like tinfoil. The thought of what any little people in

that doomed box must have felt excited her. She moved her arm around in the

building more vigerously now, driving her fingers up through floors and sideways

through offices.

It was too much.

Suddenly the building was a collapsing avalanche of rock, spewing dust and

debris into the air as it settled into a pile about her barefeet. Janice stared

at it a moment in surprise, then with a shout of laughter she spun and sprang at

the next nearest building. It exploded as she tackled it, her body driving

through it, sprawling across the city blocks, crushing dozens of other smaller

buildings as she fell to the ground. Laying there, she laughed quietly. This was

fun! After a moment she rose up on all fours, and moved towards a nearby

intersection. Poking her head around the corner she stared in delight at another

street, completely filled with panicking mobs and stalled cars. She listened

avidly to their little screams, and the honking of horns, which only increased

as they spotted her.

Moving forward, she supported herself on hands and legs, her great breasts

ponderously swaying from side to side as she surveyed the long stretch of road.

Then with a sigh she laid down, crushing several blocks of cars and people under

her long lovely body. Something poked into her pussy in a most delightful way

and she pressed down against it. Probably a bus or a truck, but her antics were

too much for it, it was squashed flat. Her head resting on her arms she watched

the tiny fleeing mobs of people and pouted mockingly. Wouldn't anybody play with

her? Unfolding her arms she embraced a wide section of street, blocking a great

press of people from escaping her. With laughter in her eyes she pursed her

lips, and bent her head, and kissed the ground. Growling in her throat and

laughing she crushed tiny people with her full moist lips, then poked at them

with her tongue.

Looking up she smiled hugely, licking her lips, then froze. There, at the end of

the street. Was a another building. Not just any building. But the place where

her ex-boyfried Eric worked. The one who cheated on her. Suddenly she wanted

Eric to see what she was now. She wanted Eric badly.

Standing she brushed the tiny crushed debris from her naked body, and stomped

down the street. Working up her anger. That miserable little bastard had dumped

her. Oh, No. Not nicely. Only after she had caught him with one of his other

girlfriends. One of dozens she had later found out. The rage mounting inside of

her she lashed out and stiff armed a building, pushing it over into a thunderous

collapsing ruin. With her foot she kicked another one, grinning evilly as it

exploded into rubble. Moving forward faster now, faster, almost running, about

to leap and bring the tiny man down in his own building.

But then she stopped.

That was too easy. She wanted him to die slowly, miserably, like she had.

Crossing her arms she spoke, her voice was feminine thunder, cracking glass and



It didn't take ten minutes. Hardly five passed before a small mob hustled a lone

man into the courtyard, then dashed back into the building. Janice looked down

and smiled, and carefully placed a colossal bare foot to either side of him.

They sank deep into the concrete, sending cracks radiating outwards. She could

just see Eric down there, his arms raised in mute astonishment and fear. Then

lifting her left foot she held it over him. "WHAT DO YOU THINK ERIC? SHOULD I



BUSY TODAY. SEE ANYBODY YOU KNOW STUCK TO THEM?" She laughed, and set her foot

down again, this time with the toes directly before him.


didn't need a second warning, he got up and dashed between her big and second

toe. God she was huge. His head didn't even rise above her toes. "HMMM" Janice


looked up in shock, was she nuts? "HURRY LITTLE MAN." He pressed forward and

licked the soft warm skin, trying not to think about the carnage they had

caused. "ERIC?" "i'm trying!" he shrieked back, and pounded on her skin with his


ENOUGH THERE. SO LET'S TRY SOMETHING ELSE." And to Eric's horror she began to

sit down.

It was like a mountain coming to rest. It was like the sky falling. The ground

shook and heaved about him. And then she was down, her legs rising and

surrounding him like hills, her body rising before him, impossibly huge. For her

part Janice watched her little toy with amusement, wondering if he'd still be

standing there if he knew what she intended to do to him.

Not that he could escape her.

"HEY ERIC", said Janice, "WHAT DO YOU THINK?" and she reached between her legs

with her hands and peeled herself open for him. Her vulva glistened wetly, the

heat and musky air washing over him in waves. Her labia was two stories tall,

her clitoris was a car sized knob, her vagina a vast terrifying cave. Tensing

her muscles she made it dilate and close. Eric wobbled and fell, chilled with

fear as he watched her mighty cunt.

She loved it.


LITTLE JANICE A KISS." Eric shook his head and backed away. Janice frowned, "OH


YOU UNDER MY THUMB?" and she reached out with her hand towards him.

With a yelp, Eric darted forward under her fingers and grabbed two handfuls of

her long coarse pussy hairs. Like a flea he clambered up her cunt, fighting to

avoid the huge sticky gobs of her juices. From high overhead Janice watched his

progress, growling in her throat with pleasure as her little man climbed her

magnificant vulva. After a few minutes (and a terrifying heartstopper near her

mammoth vagina), Eric arrived at her clitoris. He looked up at Janice in dismay,

everything was just too damned big.

Janice glared down at Eric over the roundure of her gargantuan breasts, her long

blonde hair cascading over her forehead, her green eyes bright and alive with

excitement. "GO FOR IT LITTLE MAN." she whispered, and lolled her tongue over

her full lips. Eric looked down at her enormous clit, and with both hands

grabbed it. Far above Janice sighed and moaned slightly, and Eric began to

massage the soft hot flesh, smearing himself from head to foot in creamy goo.

Her mons twitched and bucked under him as she reveled in his ministrations. Her

hands massaged her breasts and pinched and pulled her nipples. She resisted the

temptation to rub her clit. Eric simply was not rough enough for her needs, but

the thought of him so tiny and helpless was a real turn on. She bent her head

and nibbled at her nipples, riding the mounting waves of pleasure that were

filling her.

It was too much for her. God she wanted him. It was time.

Her eyes glazed with passion Janice carefully extricated Eric from her clit with

her fingers. Holding him before her face she pursed her lips, "SORRY ERIC, I



and writhed madly but Janice took no notice. Spreading her vulva with her

fingers she lowered Eric between her thighs and carefully inserted him into her Tutoriales sobre Gestion de Procesos BPM

cunt, pushing him in deep with her forefinger. Then she started masturbating,

abandoning herself to her orgasm and hoping Eric would last till then.

For Eric it was the end.

Her vagina closed about him like a great wet cave, hot as an oven, flooded with

cunt juices, pressing in on him from everyside. In the darkness he felt himself

rise and fall as she humped her pelvis off the ground. He was drowning in her

cream, smothering in her soft vagina, and the flesh was too heavy for him to

move. He struggled in vain, unaware that Janice felt his pathetic little

wriggles, and with a shriek of delight went over the brink on them. Suddenly, a

wave of incredible heat washed over Eric, her love cream was gushing down his

throat, his body twisting in her cunt. Janice's vagina was no longer soft, but

rock hard, clenching tight like a great fist.

With laughing disdain Janice crushed Eric to pulp with her cunt, abandoning her

restraint her probing fingers entered her vagina and lolled about, mashing the

gooey remains of her puny ex-lover into her inexhaustable supply of juices. Her

orgasmic powered screams blew out windows all over the city. Her flailing

barefeet brushed Eric's former workplace, and with a snarl she pile-drived her

feet into it, reducing it to smoking rubble. Then riding the ebbing waves of

pleasure Janice grinned, pulling her sopping fingers from her cunt she tasted

them, savoring Eric, satiated for the moment with her revenge.

Rolling her head she sighed, then laughed gaily.

It was time for a real fuck. And she had just spotted her next victim....

She examined it from all sides. It was perfect.

It was a tiny little building next to her colossal eight hundred feet, only

twelve or fifteen stories tall. Already she had easily demolished more and

larger buildings than this one. But this one was built in layers: a bottom

portion two or three stories tall, low and wide and shaped like a ')'. A middle

layer, also two or three stories tall, but rather narrower. And a riser section

about nine stories tall, and somewhat rounded. On each of the roofs, crowds of

people panicked and swarmed. Betrayed by their fascination of her, and now


Making an 'O' with her fingers Janice measured its thickness and smiled. Using

her fingernails she chipped off any rough spots, then for good measure crushed

the various doorways around the roofs and at the front doors. There were still

two concerns she had: one was impossible to anticipate, the other could be

accounted for. Chewing on her tongue, Janice built up spittle and spat it onto

the building, being careful to avoid drowning the crowds of people. She also

delved between her legs for her more fragrent juices, and smeared that onto the

building until it glistened dark and wet.

Then Janice hunkered about on her knees until she was a little forward of the

building, with it nestled between her legs. Then reaching between her thighs

with one hand she spread her vulva wide, and sank down slowly. The initial

penetration was sweet, but she resisted rubbing her pussy over the top of the

building. She wanted to crush those tiny people under her cervix. Janice

engulfed the building with dreadful ease. She imagined those tiny people,

screaming with horror, even as Eric had, as her magnificant vagina swallowed

their puny building. The top of it would spread her wide enough that those near

the center would survive.

She tried to visualize it.

Careless people near the edge of the roof being swept off it by her cunt, to be

crushed and smeared down the side of the building. The survivors gasping for

breath in her hot musky smelling cavern as the air pressure rose. And descending

from high above to crush them, her mighty cervix, doorway to her vast womb. But

a destraction granted those on the roof a momentary respite from their fate.

Her spread pussy lips were about to kiss the roof of the second section of the

building. Leaning forward Janice had a wonderful view of the churning mob

trapped on the roof. Already some were leaping in terror of her great cunt. So

before too many got away, she pressed her cunt lightly down and rose up again.

Some people stuck to her wet cunt, some fell to the roof below, where others

were squashed flat, but most were unharmed. Again Janice dabbed them with her

cunt and squished a few more. Again. Again. In a teasing playful rhythm she

mashed them under her great hairy monster of a cunt, until nothing remained but

sticky goop.

Nor had she forgotten her other 'guests', the trapped group of vaginal

spelunkers on the topmost roof. Nothing fancy for them, Janice just sat down

until she felt the building touch her cervix. Then she wriggled her hips

grinding them between her and the roof, until she felt the top story of the

building cave in under her weight.

Actually, it was a marvel that the building had endured this long. And Janice

hoped the tiny people trapped within appreciated the care she had taken to get

the most out of their pitiful little thighscraper. Once again she began to

bounce herself on the building, taking deeper strokes than when she was just

crushing people. The ground shook under her, nearby buildings were swaying

slightly and dropping bits of rock and mortar to the streets far below. It felt

so good, the building filled her nicely. So she humped it for a while, massaging

her titanic breasts and admiring the damage she had done.

The city was reeling from her trail of destruction, though enough buildings

remained for her to try some different things. And she strongly doubted that the

fleeing mobs of people were making any headway. Her toes tingled as she recalled

the delightful sensation of stepping barefoot onto a mob of tiny people,

crushing them like ants. Now she was getting hot again. Janice laughed and her

cunt tightened and grabbed the building. For a moment she toyed with the idea of

ripping it from its foundations with her pussy (look ma, no hands!). But

resisted it. Pumping more slowly, wondering what it looked like from inside the

building. Probably damn scary. The building would be groaning with the strain,

mingling noises with the loud slurping sound of her pussy rising and falling.

Anyone looking out a slime coated window would see darkness from within her

vagina, then light as she rose up on her stroke, then darkness and a thunderous

BOOM rocking the floor as she sank back onto the building and her pussy slammed

onto its base far below.

Looking down she marvelled at the gushing flow of her juices. The building was

soaked in it, and it flowed off of it and onto the street. Also the middle

section of the building was faring badly, her repeated battering of it was

causing it to crumble. It looked like it was time to finish off her little

dildo. Pumping faster Janice abandoned restraint. The earth leapt under her like

an earthquake, her mammoth breasts bouncing and heaving. She whipped her head

from side to side, her long blonde hair snapping and flowing in a wild tangle.

She came hugely. "OH GOD! OH YES! OH GOD!" she screamed over and over as she

orgasmed in great powerful waves. Once again her colossal vagina tightened like

a vice. The building resisted her for a moment, another moment, then with a

delightful crunch it collapsed. Twisting a little she ripped the building from

its base, fingering her clit madly she prolonged her pleasure while her vagina

reduced the building to rubble. With her fingers she spread herself and let it

fall with a ruinous crash to the ground. Then slowly standing to her full

awesome height, she stretched and ran her fingers through her long blonde hair.

She felt terrific. It had been a good day for her. A very good day.

And she was sure there would be more to come. Then an idea struck her. What if

the bay was still active with whatever had made her this way? She thought about

it a moment. Maybe she should go find Pam and take her to the bay. Then the city

would really rock. Janice sighed. The sun felt good on her naked body. She was

going to have a lovely tan. Then she felt a curious sensation in her gut. She

frowned a moment then laughed. She had the munchies. And the curious sensation

became that familiar old lust. She knew what she was having for dinner tonight.

And with a wicked laugh she headed for the nearest panicking mob...

Now even though she was a big girl, Janice was not above playing with her food.

Her every step towards the enormous crowd of tiny milling people shook the

ground so hard that they fell down en mass and cowered a moment before getting

up and continuing to flee from her. Pursuing them with her barefeet she herded

them further and further down the street. Then taking a slightly longer stride

she raised her right foot and planted squarely in the middle of the mob.

Scores of people were squashed to jelly under her incredible weight. Tiny lines

of blood and gore rayed out with the cracks in the tarmac. Little pulped bodies

oozed up between her toes in a delightful way, and she wriggled her toes

enjoying the feeling. Then lifting her foot she examined the bottom of it,

enchanted by the sight of the dozens of squashed lilliputian-sized people stuck

to her lovely toes and heel.

Dropping to her knees she examined the footprint. This one was better than that

one on the docks. It was full of little squashed bodies, sunk almost a full two

inches into the ground. Looking up at the terrified people Janice smiled and

walked on her hands and knees, uncaring of those crushed, until she was in their

midst. Then she bent her head down till her great head was only a story or so

off the ground; her long blonde hair draping over her shoulders onto the road.

It was hard, focusing her eyes at this distance, but she managed to pin down a

section of the screaming people with her great green eyes. Opening her mouth she

stuck out her tongue and dipped her head. When she rose up again, there were

several tiny people stuck to her tongue, which she drew in and then closed her


Janice sat there on her knees, listening to the distant screams of the churning

mob, and concentrating on her mouth. She could feel the tiny people moving

around inside, trying desparately to escape. Involuntarily she salivated, which

diminished that wonderful sensation, so she started chewing. And each time a

tiny person was caught and ground between her great teeth, a tiny delicious

burst of salt tickled her tongue. She swallowed and smiled. Then Janice bent

down and scooped up a small group of people between her fingers and thumb.

Leaning her head back, her long blonde hair cascading down her back, she raised

her hand high over her open mouth and dropped them inside. Licking her lips she

salivated a little, then swallowed them whole and living, like oysters.

It was the signal for her feast. Leaning forward Janice dipped her hands into

the terrified mob, lifting a hundred or more in a single scoop. Bending her head

she licked her hands clean, sometimes chewing, sometimes swallowing them live.

Screaming people leapt from her fingers, trying to escape her hunger. But she

caught every delicious morsal. Making "UMMM'ing" noises she vorasciously gobbled

up a thousand or more people. Then rising up onto her knees she plucked a water

tower off a nearby building, ripped the top off with her fingers, and drank her


Wiping her lips on her arm, she advanced on her knees until she was caught up

with the fleeing flea sized mob. A glass building to her left caught her

attention, and reaching out Janice plucked a single tiny man from the crowd,

then turned and faced the shiny mirror. Opening her mouth she placed him on her

tongue, and watched as he scurried forward, trying to escape from her. Laughing

in her throat Janice lifted her tongue over him like a rearing wave and crushed

him against her teeth. The second she held by his legs, then held her fingers

near her mouth. Her teeth flashed white in the sun, and she was holding just the

legs, which she then also popped into her mouth. The third Janice held up before

her face a moment, and with a wicked grin, and a rumbling thunderous purr of

satsfaction whispered: "I AM GOING TO EAT YOU." to her little morsal. And she

gleefully watched the little man thrash and wriggle in soul searing panic while

he shrieked horribly. Janice laughed and placed him between her pursed lips and

sucked him slowly into her mouth, savoring his little screams for mercy before

she swallowed him alive.

This was fun, but she wanted more. She wanted to get nasty. She wanted to get


Turning back to the mob, Janice scooped up a double handful. She hesitated a

moment, then cupped her hands under her breasts, kneading her fingers into her

firm flesh. The crushed and squashed bodies of the tiny people made a kind of

slick goop, like a slimy oilrub. The lubrication felt great on her nipples, and

grabbing another handful she sprinkled them into her deep cleavage. Then

grabbing her breasts she ground them together slowly, until they slicked up with

the warm remains of her puny victims. Another handful, this time sprinkled upon

her breasts. Pushing her tits up with her hands, Janice bent her hand and licked

the top of her breasts clean. Chasing each tiny man with her tongue and then

eating him. One unfortunate little hors d'oeuvre of a man was trapped between

Janice's lower lip and nipple when she began to suckle herself. When she raised

her head, he was gone.

Standing up for a moment. Janice pursued the crowd a little further laughing,

"WAIT FOR ME!". Crushing scores at a time under her barefeet with each step, and

unabashedly delighting in it. Once in the middle of the mob, she quickly sat

down. Shaking the ground like a mountain coming to rest. Her tremendous ass

squashed hundreds into paste. Spreading her tan legs, uncaring of those crushed

under her moving thighs, Janice leaned forward, and using her hands like

bulldozers scraped a few hundred shrieking, screaming, howling little people

towards the mighty rise of her cunt.

Janice knew what she wanted, and didn't feel like fucking around. Without

ceremony she squashed the helpless mob against her crotch. Rubbing her hands

over her mons until a thick gooey mess coated her public hairs. But as with her

tits, the lubrication was incredible. Rubbing her clitoris with the fingers of

her one hand, Janice thrust the fingers of her right into her vagina. The

carnage put what she had done to Eric to shame. Janice squashed, crushed, and

mashed hundreds of people at a time, just to lub up her cunt and thighs,

increasing the pleasurable sensations to that point she loved most.

This is what is was to be a goddess. To be above morality or modesty. Being like

a force of nature, or a natural disastor.

Janice reveled in her absolute power over these insignificant people, whose only

worth was to build cities she could smash, to fed her, or to be used without

mercy to placate her bottomless sexual lust. Her third orgasm of the day was no

less powerful than any of the others. Her conversion from demure civilized lady,

to untameable giantess was complete. So long as she lived, no city, town or

village would be safe. No car, truck or train, no bridge, house or building

would escape her least pleasure. And the millions of tiny people would serve her

every whim, willingly or no.

Shaking her head, her blonde mane a wild tangle of golden glory, her green eyes

filled with unrestrained joy, Janice rode the lee side of her mighty orgasm,

licking her fingers clean of her little victims; with a sauce of her delicious

love juices. Leaning back she idly smeared the mess across her flat belly with

her forefinger, playfully squashing the occasional living little man she


The screaming mob had escaped down two side streets, but she was tired, and

satisified for the moment. Climbing to her feet she stretched a moment, long and

luxeriously. Then looking down, she dabbed at the goo covering her breasts and

frowned. She needed a bath. And sauntering lazily down the street, she navigated

through the maze of buildings, crushing a bus here or a house there under her

long lovely feet. Until she reached the docks.

Stepping into the cool waters of the bay Janice moved into a spot deep enough

where she could clean herself. And while she bathed she regarded the boats and

the bridges with a new eye. Seeing in them tantalizing ways to satiate herself,

to express her newfound power; sex toys for an eight hundred foot tall giantess

to enjoy. She felt clean and refreshed, but she decided she would rest awhile

before going after a boat, or playing with one of the bridges.

Then she saw it.

Out there in the bay.

That marvelous, incredible slick, that strange wonderful vapor that had made her

so huge. And an earlier thought returned to her. Made her dash out of the water,

and leap onto the tiny dock and turn towards the suburbs, leaving a hideous

trail of destruction in her wake.

There were only a couple hours of daylight left. She would have to hurry.

She was going to find Pam...

The End...(for now)

Giantess Stories: Janice in the City  by Scott Grildrig 28

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