Giantess Stories: Jason looked out the living room window he saw laying by the pool his step sister sun bathing in her little bikini his step sister was

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Jason looked out the living room window he saw laying by the pool his step

sister sun bathing in her little bikini his step sister was so Goodman hot her

perfectly rounded ass shinning in the sun light covered with lotion. He took

only a second for him to get a ragging hard on he ran as fast as he could in his

condition he ran and in to the bathroom slammed the door behead him pulled down

his pants and boxers all in on move sat down on the toilet not even bothering to

put the seat down he grabbed his cock and started jerking off like crazy he had

his I closed then all of the sodden he felt weird it wasn't orgasm he opened his

eyes filling dizzy then it felt like he was falling and he was he fell to he hit


"what the hell is going on where I'm I"

Jason had shrunken down to 1/2 inch and was treading water in the toilet.

While he was trying to stay afloat his stepsister was getting up she got up

fixed her bathing suit bottom and walked in the house she made her way down the

hall and opened the bathroom door she walked and saw Jason's cloths on the floor

she kicked them to the side

"sloppy pig"

Jason heard her and started to swim for the middle to try to get her

attention he swam and looked up and saw her standing there in her bathing suit

she was looking at the mirror she was good looking and she knew it she was

always checking her self out she was fixing her top.


She started to turn he thought she heard him he started waving his arms but

he thought wrong she turned around all he could see was giant blue fabric

stretch tight against her ass. Then she put her hands at the top and quickly

pulled them down her giant white ass slowly came down on the bowl all lot was

block Jason was scared he had good reason to be scared he started screaming but

she couldn't her he started to swim for the side he got about a foot away when a

giant cascade of urine came crashing down the waterfall of pee was holding him

under he tired screaming again but he swallowed gallons of his stepsister's pee

just when he thought he would drowned she stooped he came to the surface

coughing up water and piss the smell was every where. He swam away as fast as he

could in case she started to piss again he had to get out in a hurry before she

flushed him he kept swimming as fast as he could he looked up to see he was

directly under her ass he looked up at her spread checks her tight anus 100 feet

about his head he saw it slightly opening she was shitting he started moving as

fast as he could the smell of shit start filling the air he looked up again a

log 5 times bigger then him was being pushed all the sodden he started falling

he came crashing down a huge wake pushing him under when he came he first

reaction was grab on to something to stay alive so he did he grabbed on to the

shit as best he could covering his body and filling his mouth with he

stepsister's shit I smelled horrible and taste worse a bright burst of light

came she was getting up he turned and saw her wiping her ass she threw the paper

behind her it him and knocked him of the log he struggled to get free just as he

broke lose he saw her hit the handle the water started to move fast he did all

he could started swimming he swam and swam against the whirlpool pulling him

back the water got lower and lower and he was getting sucked he got the point

where the bowl empties out he was about to give up when a rush of water from

behind pushed him forward the bowl was refilling he wasn't flushed as the bowl

refilled Jason just floated trying to figure away out. Then the door opened and

he turned to look was it Sarah again no it was worse it was his mother.


"Goddamn that Mexican food"

With that she ran to the seat and sat down he looked up he heard low rubble

she let out a huge fart felling the air with the gas it was the worse thing he

every smelt even worse the Sarah's shit. He was about to pass out when a huge

river oh shit came crashing down the bowl was filled with the running shit he

was covered he no longer fear death he want to die then again another blast of

shit came crashing down. She got up and ran paper down he runny crack and threw

the paper in the bowl grabbed some more and threw that in she was about to flush

when there was knock on the door....................................


Giantess Stories: Jason looked out the living room window he saw laying by the pool his step sister sun bathing in her little bikini his step sister was

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