Giantess Stories: Jeanatta in atlanta Where was I

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Jeanatta in atlanta

Where was I? Oh.....yeah.....well.....there I was, in Jeanettas' palm....she was

standing on six lanes of I-75....her lovely bare feet sank into the ground,

cracks radiating in all directions. At her feet was the Atlanta police.....their

patrol cars could have been simple playthings.

Jeanetta spoke....with a voice that shook the windows of nearby

buildings....'Gentlemen, my little man and I are going to the zoo. I have no

intentions of harming anyone. And please stay out from under my feet.'

At that moment, she was completly serious. Normally, she was an easy going I knew she meant business.

A policeman stepped forward, holding a loud speaker....'Ma'am....I am aware that

you are what some refer to as a 'gentle giantess'.....but we are deeply

concerned that someone may be hurt or that there may be significant damage.'

'I will NOT hurt anyone...and I promise I will be careful' Jeanetta responded.

'I'm sorry ma' cannot enter the city.'

At this point, Jeanetta became impatient.

She lifted her right foot and carefully stepped over the line of police cars,

setting her colossal bare foot down heavily. BOOOM!

The left foot followed with a resounding BOOOM!

She then turned to face the officers......each step shaking the earth. Suddenly,

a police helicopter approached and assumed a loitering pattern.

Well, I must say, Jeanetta was becoming even more impatient. She carfully placed

me on her shoulder and instructed me to hang I grabbed her long brown

hair and clung for life.

She looked at the helicopter, then down at the police cars.....placing her hands

on her hips, she lifted her left foot and brought it down with a thunderous

stomp! The tiny partol cars bounced, the policemen fell to the ground....and I

am quite certain the tremor was felt for some distance. But as I counted on

Jeanettas' patience and gentle disposition, she suddenly lifted her right foot

and stomped again! Thunder rolled through Atlantas' south side as the earth


Sitting on her shoulder, I looked to her left ear...'JEN!' I shouted.

Suddenly, the expression on her face changed....she turned her head to see

me....her hair covering my tiny form.

She raised her right hand and carefully took me back into her palm. She looked

at me with that tenderness I had grown so fond of......I knew she was still my


She leaned over to view the tiny policemen....they were just getting to their


'Gentlemen...Will and I will be on our way to the zoo go bust some

real criminals or something'

One of them got on his radio and began squalking jibberish. The helicopter

retreated. Jeanetta smiled.....a relief for me.....and turned to resume our

course to see the zoo.

I looked into her eyes at her radiant expression.

She smiled at me.....a look of wonder in her face....'Thank you sweetheart' she


'For?' I responded.

'I was really getting angry with brought me back to reality.' she


I knelt in her palm and kissed her soft warm flesh...and yes....she just about


Jeanetta continued her stroll on the interstate....BOOM....BOOM.....I remember

passing the Ford plant.....the structure shivered as she passed by. I saw a sign

for I-20 and for the zoo.

Jeanetta started paying a bit more attention where she stepped....the twisted,

knotted mangle that made up the interchange could have easily been destroyed.

Having passed that, we continued on I-20 until reaching the zoo exit.

Only a four lane street...hmmm.....she would have to be ever so careful. She

stepped with painstaking care, but was still able to send tremors through the

line of old homes along the boulevard. Finally, we reached Grant Park. I was

amazed at the tall trees that remained. They may have indeed been a century old.

The tallest ones barely reached Jeanettas' knee. She was able to find an open

space....and carefully sat down.

'I need a rest' she said

She placed me on the ground and I sat down, leaning against her colossal bare


Just as I got comfortable, she began flexing her toes, jolting me. She just

giggled, knowing her deed. I looked into her beautiful blue eyes, and with my

left hand, I slowly ran my palm across the ball of her left foot....gently

tracing the arch with my fingertips. She closed her eyes and consumed the

affection...a look of sheer delight on her face. Then I stopped and returned to

my resting position. She opened her eyes and looked at me, waiting for me to

continue. I pretended to ignore her, so she flexed her toes again attempting to

disturb me. I just shot her a big grin. 'Will Riker,' she said, 'You just wait

till I get you home'.

(Ready for part 3?)

Where were we? Oh yeah....

Well, after a brief rest, Jeanetta carefully picked me up and stood, her lovely

colossal form towering above the park. She took painstaking baby steps so as to

avoid injuring anyone or causing damage to the nearby structures.

People who had been lined up at the zoo entrance quickly moved as Jeanettas'

bare feet came closer. With painstaking effort, she stepped over the gates and

ticket booths, trying not to shake the ground. The walkways crumbled beneath her

soles....and the landscaping became modified beneath her lovely toes. I noticed

an elephant in his yard and pointed to show Jeanetta. She smiled...the creature,

endangered in its native home, showed little fear of the giantess. I noticed him

lifting his trunk to sample the air.

'Maybe he smells your feet' I suggested in humor....but Jeanetta looked down at

me with a raised eyebrow. 'Hmmm....I guess you will be washing my feet when we

get home...and maybe it's time to paint my toenails'.....her voice completely

serious....but a smirk of delight on her face. I just returned a simple, silly

grin and resumed looking at the animals. Jeanetta slowly stepped....her left

foot came to rest on a service road....then...the right foot rested near a

monkey exhibit. The monkeys screamed.....but Jeanetta ingnored them. Directly

before us was the panda exhibit. Jeanetta blotted out the world as her eyes

feasted on a single panda.....sitting....munching on a bamboo stalk. The joy on

her face....that was something no amount of money could ever bring. A second

panda slowly wandered from a door....I assumed lead to an off exhibit area. It

sniffed the ground.....looked at the giant lady....and slowly wandered back

inside the door.

I don't know how long Jeanetta stayed there....she eventually kneeled....but

avoided sitting. I sat in her she silently observed.

She stood, then slowly lifted her left foot and placed it behind the

exhibit.....her right foot carefully setting down on the visitor path. We

continued the tiger exhibit. It was awesome. A single

tiger wading in a pool...a pool that looked quite real. It simply had no

interest in the giant lady towering above.

Well, Jeanetta said she was thirsty, and honestly, so was I. She was able to

place both feet inside the plaza. I was ever so gently lowered to the ground and

placed an order for.....several....bottled waters. The attendant was reluctant

at first.....until the ground began to tremble as Jeanetta tapped her right

foot. Don't ever...EVER....make a giantess wait for a drink!

She then plucked me from the plaza and stepped out of the zoo....we returned to

our original resting place among the tall trees in Grant Park.

Again, I rested against her bare feet as she refreshed herself. I looked into

the sky....and reflected on the days' events.....Suddenly, I was caught in her

grasp! She had noticed my daze.....her right foot had crept toward, I

was caught between her big toe and the middle toe! I looked up to see her

smiling....and I heard her playful giggle.

'Oh no!' I thought.....'She's going to use me as a foot toy in public!'.

Jeanetta is always gentle with me....and in our privacy, I enjoy being her toy.

But we were still in Atlanta.

Her toes gently pinned my arms to my sides.....and I was facing the tender flesh

between the toes. She gently flexed her toes....and watched me....I could not

resist her.

The big toe began stroking my right side.....her middle toe massaged my

left.....and the gentle flexing motion pushed me closer and closer toward the

tender flesh between them.

I wanted to say 'no, not now'.....but I was unable. My arousal grew.....the

warmth and moisture of her beautiful bare feet was hypnotizing. My erection

built.....I could barely feel that tender flesh pressing against my khaki

shorts.....then....Jeanetta suddenly stopped.

I stood there......slowly winding down.....leaning against the middle toe.

I looked around....zoo and park visitors had been watching us with mixed


Jeanettas' fingers carefully embraced me and brought me to her beautiful

face....hiding the remnants of my erection. She whispered to me.....a playfully,

mischevious smile on her face....'Can you smell my feet, Will? I can smell your

excitement'. She giggled more loudly then....and yes, she could smell my

arousal. You see, when a giantess enters an intimate relationship, her

vermonasal organ becomes tuned in to her mans' specific biochemical cues....spermatogenisis

and testosterone levels.

Jeanetta in hand....she retained her gentle grip.....but softly

kissed me. Then, her wonderful smile....just for me....'I love you Will' she

said. 'I love you too Jen'...I quickly responded.(You don't make her wait for

that either!)

Then, she turned to go....carefully placing her feet on the boulevard which led

us here. Her path continued on to I-20. Once there, Jeanetta resumed her normal


the ground shaking beneath her feet.

But.....our joy was short lived. Upon reaching the I-75 interchange, there was

yet another line of Atlanta police cars blocking six lanes of interstate.

My eyes fixed on the flashing blue lights, Jeanetta looked a bit more concerned

this time. She looked at the lone vehicle emerging from the roadblock. Looking

at me, a tear crept down the left side of her face. 'I love you matter

what happens....Always remember that'.

I stroked her enormous fingers.....'I love you sweetheart.....just stay with


A police helicopter the lone vehicle slowly came

closer.....driving in a manner attemting to avoid her previous footprints.

The lone vehicle.....a U.S. Army Hummer.



Been a while eh? I thought some of you might want to hear about Jeanetta (you

do remember her, right?) taking me to Atlanta.

You see, Jeanetta and I have been together for some time now....and I must

say....I could not imagine being happier.

Well, it seems the zoo in Atlanta has a couple of lady

decided she wanted to see them. Well, I like animals too, but Jeanetta walking

through a major metropolitan area experience. She is always barefoot.

The woman has very attractive peds....and she loves it when I pamper her with a

massage. But.....Jeanetta is a big girl.....and she tends to have heavy

footsteps. She is the most gentle of giant

know....she's a giantess.

Well, we left on a Sunday morning. Jeanetta planned it so, thinking there would

be less traffic on the interstate. Besides, the heat of the afternoon would be

uncomfortable.....and think of her bare soles impacting the hot pavement.

She picked me up carefully, as always.....she strolled through

town.....carefully stepping over cars and trying not to crush too much stuff.

I love being in her palm when she strolls.....I love seeing her brown hair being

blown by the breeze....her breasts, though covered in public, bounce rythmicly

to her gait....I look down.....her hips glide so gracefully past the smaller

buildings, the utility towers.......I notice the shape of her

coverd by khaki pants (she's a bit shy about showing skin in public you know)

and those beautiful bare feet...I hear the tremendous THUD as they impact...I

see all the people below watching in awe.....and trying to maintain their


I think Jeanetta chose khaki pants so she would the

zoo. Well, I was wearing khaki shorts, so....we set the fashion I suppose....hehe.

Well, Jeanetta made way to I-75 and journeyed north. She walked carefully,

trying to stay in the median.....but her footfalls always left deep prints and

cracked the pavement. Drivers scrambled to avoid her....I could see exit signs

wobble with each step....but when we got to Atlanta.....well.....the police had

other ideas.

I had noticed that there seemed to be fewer and fewer cars coming down the

southbound lanes.....and there was a state trooper at one exit motioning

northbound traffic off I-75.

I looked at Jeanetta with some concern, but she just smiled at me....the

sunlight beaming from her face.....'Don't worry Will' she would say......and

she'd gently stroke my hair with her fingertip. Well, a few miles farther.....I

could see several cars blocking the interstate.....and blue lights flashing.

Jeanetta stopped for a moment....looking at me with a calming reassuurance....'Don't

worry sweetheart.....I'll take care of it.' She then began walking on the

pavement.....her lovely bare feet sinking into the ground....a more serious look

on her face now, her steps became a bit more heavy.....I watched the police cars

wobble....the THUD was being replaced by a more resounding BOOM.

I watched the bottoms of her khakis wash her ankles as she


Jeanetta stopped at a point where the nail of her right big toe barely missed

the roof of a police car. An authoritative voice called to her from a loud

speaker.....'Ma' cannot enter the city.'

Giantess Stories: Jeanatta in atlanta Where was I

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