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Tonight would be the night. Jenna had dreamed of the moment when she could

finally use her newfound power on a human being. She could hardly believe it had

only been four days since she discovered her new ability; an ability that was

about to make her very happy, and give her the power over men she had always


Jenna's power first manifested itself when she was cleaning her living room. She

remembered a dizzy feeling as she strained to move her heavy oak coffee table.

One moment she was pulling it to the side so she could vaccuum, and the next

moment it was gone. No, it wasn't gone. She looked down, and a miniature version

of her table lay at her feet. Jenna stooped to pick up the toy table, and

noticed from the scratch across the top that this was really her old table.

"No way", she thought. "I must have slipped and konked my head. Tables aren't

supposed to do that!" She looked at the table and guessed it to be about eight

inches long, and close to three inches across. Everything about it seemed to be

the same...only smaller.

Jenna wasn't sure what had caused her table to shrink. Was it her? She

considered this, and figured she should try to find out. She glanced around the

room until she spotted the antique lamp her mother had given her. Jenna stared

at it, and concentrated on making it smaller. Nothing. She tried harder until

her eyes were bugging out. Still nothing. "Ugh... I give up. I guess it's

not..." Suddenly she felt a slight tingle in her head, and the lamp disappeared.

She could see a small object sitting on the bookshelf, and was relieved to see

that it was a tiny version of her lamp. "Whew! Mom would kill me if anything

happened to that thing! Uh, oh... she probably won't be too happy that it's

teeny. Maybe I should try to bring it back." This time she concentrated ever so

slightly on the lamp. Jenna willed it gently back to normal, and watched in

amazement as the tiny object slowly expanded. "Cool, I can control the speed

too! This is too much fun!"

Watching the lamp slowly return to its normal state, Jenna decided to test her

control. She willed the lamp past its usual size, and made it larger than

before, alternately speeding and slowing the growth until the lamp was over five

feet tall. Jenna then willed the lamp and coffee table back to normal.

"This is incredible. I seem to be able to change the size of anything around me

at will. I don't know how this happened, but I'm not complaining. Gee...I could

get rich starting my own moving company, or become the world's greatest

shoplifter. This is too cool!"

As a few days passed, the initial excitement of Jenna's ability had worn off.

She had practiced changing the sizes of things around her house, and had

shrunken stuff here and there at work when people weren't looking, but it

quickly became routine. Over the course of her playing around, she had found no

limit to the size she could shrink or enlarge an object to. Jenna seemed to get

a bit lightheaded when dealing with larger objects, but she considered that a

minor inconvenience.

Jenna was sitting in front of her enlarged television, thinking of things to do,

when it suddenly occurred to her that she hadn't yet tried her power on a

person. "Oh yeah, that would be fun! It would be neat to have a little man to

play with", she thought. Jenna had been the victim of a couple of abusive

relationships, and gleefully considered the possibility of doing the abusing for

a change. "Wow, I've got a million ideas for this. I could really get into

making some tough guy see what it feels like." She smiled a cruel smile while

she planned out her evening.

Rick was a real macho guy. One tough fucker. At least that's what HE thought of

himself. Everyone else thought he was just a dumb jerk, but Rick couldn't be

bothered with other people's opinions. He seated himself up at the bar and

ordered a drink. Just as he's setting the empty glass down on the bar, in

strides a babe in a little cocktail dress. "Not bad," he thought. "Nice big

tits...good legs. Maybe 'ol Rick will get some tonight." The blonde walks over

and seats herself at the bar a few stools away. She orders herself a margarita

and pays with a five dollar bill she pulls from a sizable wad of money. Rick

sees dollar signs and wonders if this broad's as gullible as the one in Florida.

"Smack those rich sluts around a little, and they beg to buy you stuff. They're

all into that 'daddy' thing," he thought.

Rick leaned over toward the blonde and put on his most charming smile. "Why

don't you buy me a drink, little lady?", he asked.

Jenna looked over this poor James Dean impression and smiled. "Perfect", she

thought,"exactly the type I want for my little games." She giggled at her own

pun, and Rick took her giggling to mean that he was going to get some tonight.

The conversation centered around Rick, and Jenna made sure she stayed very

passive during the conversation. She let Rick spout off about his exaggerated

exploits, and giggled at his silly jokes. He talked about a past girlfriend and

said he had "roughed her up a little". Jenna smiled and thought about how much

fun it would be to teach this prick a lesson. "What a sleaze! This guy's gonna

get it. I'm going to make sure this guy never fucks with another woman again."

After a few drinks, Jenna tells Rick that she'd really enjoy the company of a

big, strong man. "Sure thing, babe. I got my bike out back. You drive and I'll

follow", he grinned.

Rick pulled into the driveway behind Jenna's Lexus and admired the big house.

"Nice spread. This is gonna be sweet. I'll bet this bitch is loaded", he

thought, his mouth almost watering.

They entered the front hallway, and Jenna closed the door behind them. She led

Rick into the living room and watched him eyeball her expensive furniture and

stereo. She crossed her arms and looked at him with a serious expression. "Now

that we're away from other people, I have to tell you I don't like your attitude

very much."

Rick was stunned. He thought he had been playing it pretty good. He could see

the stern look on Jenna's face. "You don't like my attitude? Tough shit. If

you're getting on me about roughing up my girlfriend, that's too bad. Sometimes

you gotta smack these bitches around to make 'em listen to sense."

Jenna laughed at Rick. This was going to be fun! "Oh, is that right, tough guy?

You think women need to be beaten up, huh? Maybe we should see how you like it,

you piece of shit. How would you like to get 'roughed up' a little?"

Rick wasn't sure what he was hearing. Was this little bitch trying to tell him,

the man, what to do? At six foot, he was quite a bit larger than the angry woman

staring at him. She looked entirely too happy with the direction this was

taking. Rick felt his temper flare up, and he strode over to Jenna and grabbed

her by the wrists. "Listen to me, you little slut, nobody talks to Rick Myers

that way. Maybe you need a couple knocks on the head to set you straight." Rick

held Jenna's arms above her head and pinned them against the wall.

Jenna laughed out loud at this situation. "I guess it's about time a woman put

you in your place. You're going to be sorry you ever met me." She smiled at

Rick's angry face and focused on making him smaller. "Slowly. Very slowly. I

want to enjoy this", she thought. And Rick began to shrink.

Rick wasn't sure why this stupid broad was smiling, but he was going to put an

end to that. Why, he was going the hell? Something was

happening, and Rick wasn't sure quite what it was. At first he thought Jenna was

standing on her toes, because she seemed taller, but he glanced down and saw

that they were both standing flat on the floor. It seemed as if her wrists were

swelling. He could feel them growing in his hands...getting thicker. He looked

around and realized that she wasn't growing...he was shrinking! What was going

on here? He could see his perspective changing with each passing second.

Jenna watched Rick as he started to dwindle. She could feel the fingers around

her wrists weaken and shrink. In moments he was no longer tall enough to hold

her wrists up. Now he was just standing in front of her looking at his own

hands. His proportions continued to diminish before her eyes. He was now close

to 4'8", a good deal smaller than her own 5'8" frame. As Rick continued to

shrink, he tilted his head to look up at Jenna, and she gave him a cruel grin.

The look of fear on his face sent a tingle through Jenna's pussy. This kind of

power was the most incredible thing she had ever experienced.

"How does is feel to be so weak, Rick? Do you feel really helpless? God, I get

so hot thinking about what I'm going to do to you. Look at how small you're're barely four feet tall now, and I'm not even close to done yet."

Rick looked at his shaking hands, and back up to the looming figure before him.

His head was just about level with Jenna's huge bust, and then he was below it.

He watched as she seemed to become larger and larger. "What are you doing to me?

Stop, please! You're killing me!", Rick cried, hearing how tiny his voice


Jenna laughed at the pitiful shrinking man before her. "Aw, poor baby. What's

the matter? You're not afraid of a little lady are you?" she teased. "You know,

I really think you should be on your knees when you talk to your God. That's

what I am now...your God. Kneel before me", she commanded.

Rick looked at Jenna's cruel face and heard her booming command, but his legs

wouldn't move. He just stood there, getting smaller with each passing moment.

Jenna placed a big hand on each of Rick's shoulders and pressed down. Slowly she

increased the pressure until his legs buckled and he fell to his knees.

"Ah, much better", Jenna giggled. "It makes me so hot, pushing you around like

this. This is even more fun than I thought it would be!" She stood back to watch

as Rick dwindled. The tiny man became smaller and smaller, until he was nothing

more than a little toy on his hands and knees. She decided to stop the process

when he was about 6 inches tall. Jenna felt this would be a perfectly manageable


Jenna reached down and wrapped her huge fingers around the kneeling man. She

could feel how fast his heart was beating, and she delighted in knowing how

terrified he must be. She turned him over and held him up for inspection. "Well,

aren't you a helpless little thing?" she asked. Jenna could see that Rick's eyes

were shut tight, and he winced with her every booming word. She giggled at this

weak thing she held. "Open your eyes, Rick." Nothing. "I told you to open your

eyes. When God tells you to do something, you do it" she boomed. Jenna slowly

began to squeeze Rick in her hand. She increased the pressure a little until his

eyes were open and bugging out. His face was all red, and she could feel his

little chest trying to inhale against her fingers. She let him take a breath,

then she squeezed it out. Jenna reapeated this until Rick looked ill.

"You will do as told, or I'll pop your head off like a bottlecap. Understood?"

Rick shuddered and nodded hastily. "Good. I can see that you're starting to

listen. I can see that I'm going to have a lot of fun with a toy like you. I'll

bet I can make you do all kinds of tricks and things." She gave the tiny man an

evil grin, and she felt him shudder again.

Rick opened his little mouth and squeaked, "Please let me go...I'll do

anything...if you just..."

Jenna raised her other hand and brought it next to Rick. She pulled a finger

back and then flicked it against Rick's head. The little man's vision went hazy,

and he saw stars.

"You don't speak until I tell you to speak. There's something you don't seem to're not going anywhere. I own you now. You're my pet. There is

no discussion. Whatever life you had is over. Your only pupose in life is to

serve my every whim. If you cease to amuse me, I'll break you and throw you


Jenna felt amazing. This kind of control was incredible. She really did own this

tiny man in her hand. She felt a thrill at the knowledge that she had taken this

tough guy and broken his spirit; reduced him to nothing more than an insect.

Jenna wanted to give Rick a good scare, make him think she was going to kill

him. She lowered her hand to the table and stood Rick on his feet. She marveled

that each foot was barely longer than the width of her thumb. "Well, Rick, I

guess I just don't have any use for you. I thought it might work out, but you

just don't amuse your new God enough. I'm sure you'll make a wonderful sound

when I smash you flat. Goodbye, insect!" With that, Jenna spread her arms apart

with her palms flat. She blew a little kiss to Rick and then brought her hands

together in a thunderous clap just in front of her tiny toy.

Jenna examined Rick's miniature body and smiled. She noted that he was shaking

violently, and a great wave of satisfaction passed through her as she saw that

he was urinating uncontrollably. "I love this kind of power", she thought. She

laughed out loud as Rick stumbled and fainted.

Jenna scooped up the little figure and gazed at his unconscious form. "Oooh, I

can hardly wait for him to wake up. We have so many fun things to do!" She

carried him in her huge hand and headed for the bedroom. She tossed the limp

figure on the bed and began rummaging through the closet. Jenna whistled as she

looked through boxes. "Ah, here it is!", she exclaimed. She brought out the

object of her search and set it on the nightstand. "Perfect! Now my little pet

can live the way he's supposed to live. And from here he can watch his owner

sleep. I love it!"

Jenna picked Rick up in one enormous hand and dropped him inside the hamster

cage before closing the latch. She undressed and slid under the covers. The

voluptuous blonde looked at the toy man on the nightstand as she drifted off to

sleep. "I definitely need more pets..."


Giantess Stories: Jenna      Tonight would be the night

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