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                                                        JENNY'S LAST DAY


                                                     PAUL G JUTRAS


                                Jenny was a beautiful blonde woman with deep

blue pools for eyes. The type of eyes men loved to drown in. She always thought

she could make it as a model, but was too afraid to go for her dreams. That was

until Sunny came into her life.

    Sunny Boone was a talent scout by trade and a scum bag by nature.

Anything for a buck was his model. There was even some rumors that he was

involved with shipping women over seas into white slavery. Jenny was aware of

none of his true past. All she knew was that he was handsome and charming, and

promised to make all her dreams come true.

     The taxi cab pulled up in front of Apollo Department store where they

got out and paid the driver the last of her money. "Thank you." She said as she

swung her purse over her shoulder and waited for the cab to drive away. Sunny

and Jenny walked up and knocked on the door.

    A few minutes later, Sunny's friend Jack unlocked the door and let them

in. After they stepped inside, Jack locked the door back up. "Welcome to

Apollo's Department Store." Jack said with a smile. "Sunny says that you'll be

perfect for a living mannequin model. We're in a large need of them these days."

     "I've read about mannequin modeling in the fashion magazines." Jenny

said as they passed a jewelry counter with a large platform set up beside it and

the women department.  A special fitted mannequin display rod was on the

platform. "Is this where my modeling will be set up?"

     "Yes." Jack answered. "The dressing room is right over there. You'll

find some lingerie inside for you to change into as well as some other outfits.

I want some photos of you for my files before you start your first assignment

for you."

     Jenny and Sunny went into the room where Jenny sat down on the little

bench provided. Sunny then proceeded to do Jenny's make up, making sure not to

get any on himself. First some eye liner and eye shadow, then some rogue and

finally some lipstick.  He than opened a jar and rubbed some flesh tone skin

cream on her hands and feet. Jenny noticed that the cream made her nails look

the same color as the rest of her skin. "You look beautiful." Sunny smiled at

the result as he stepped back and watched her dress.

     The first outfit was business suit that included a lacy white blouse and

slip, dark blazer, skirt and heels with neutral color hose. She walked

gracefully across the floor and up on the platform provided where she lifted the

skirt and felt the pole enter her ass. The first pose was a simple one. With her

legs apart, she placed the palm of her left hand on her hip while extending her

right arm out. Her right wrist was loose and her fingers were pointed down to

the floor so to show off the bracelet she was wearing.

     "Beautiful." Jack smiled as he took four quick shots from different

angles. "Just pretend that you're a mannequin. Hold that pose until I tell you

to move."

     Jenny thought that Jack would never say: "Done."  She was glad to drop

her arms loosely at her sides and shift the position of her legs. She stepped

down from the platform and went with Sunny back to the dressing area to touch up

the make up.

     "If I had a mirror, I could do my own make up." Jenny told her

boyfriend. She kept her eyes frozen as he touched up her eye area. He only

chuckled as his retouched her lips and forced her to keep quiet while he worked

on her.



    "Now Jenny, dear." He smiled. "You're my little work of art and a

modeling star in this store. You deserve to be pampered and waited on."

     He made her feel good about herself. Good in a way no man had ever made

her feel before. As she changed into a blue bikini for the next set of pictures,

she decided she never wanted that feeling to end.

     Jenny was taken this time to sand box with a cardboard mat painting of

the sea behind her. Jack only took a few photos this time. One was with her

kneeling beside a sand castle. Another was her holding a beach ball like she was

going to throw it to someone. There was a picture taken where she stood beside a

surf board and finally one where is sunning herself on the beach.

     "That's it for the bikini photos." Jack said as he stepped out from

behind his camera and started to take down the back drop. "Tell Sunny that

evening wear is next."

    "Okay." Jenny said as she started to feel a stiff from holding so many

positions for the pictures. She could even barely wiggle her fingers and toes.

She wondered if she could make it as a mannequin model considering how stiff it

made your joints and how board she got just holding still and staring blankly.

     "How's it going?" Sunny asked as Jenny sat down and he pulled the make

up back out. "What's are you wearing next?"

    "The strapless, backless evening gown with the built in push up bra."

Jenny said as Sunny helped her get into it. It took concentration to make her

arms attach the top of her thigh high nylons to her garter belt straps.  She

couldn't believe how easy the stockings slid up her legs.

     Once again, Sunny touched up both her face and skin make up. Jenny

couldn't help but notice the shine that the cream gave her skin. It glimmered

with such perfection, she had to remind herself to ask Jack where he buys it

when the day was over.


      "There we go." Sunny said as he put the make up away. Once again he was

sure not to get any of the stuff on himself. He helped her to her feet and back

to the platform by the jewelry counter.  Even though Jenny was exhausted, the

made up done around her eyes made them look alert and even a little sexy.

    "Thanks." Jenny smiled as she got into her first new pose and held her

position. Each time the camera flash went off, she changed her appearance just

slightly and waited for the next shot to be snapped. Jenny knew that such photos

on file would assure her work as a model in the future.

    "Now we just need some lingerie shots." Jack said as Jenny felt so stiff

she knew should need Jack's help to take off of the evening gown and get into a

bra. She wondered if it was because the cream that Sunny put on her to look

perfect had harden. Her body had become so smooth that the gown slid off with


    For some reason unknown to her, she didn't feel any embarrassment about

being half naked in front of a stranger. She just stood motionless, unable to 

stop him as he slipped down her panties and slide a dildo inside of her.  He

rubbed her sexless area and then pulled the panties back up. As their eyes met,

he leaned forward and kissed her frozen lips.

     The heat inside her pussy seemed to take over her mind in erotic

thoughts and sexy poses. With each pose, it became harder and harder for her to

move. Her movements become more robotic when she did. Her eyes became frozen in

place, neither being able to blink or move about the socket.

    "I want you to get down and look sexy." Jack ordered as Jenny got down on

her knees, arched her back and pursed her lips in a sexy manor so to both show

off her own body and the jewels she was wearing at the time.



    "This will be the last one." Jack assured her. "After that you'll be

ready for your new career as the store's new mannequin model.  Jack aimed his

camera and snapped it. Jenny immediately felt a strangle tingle ripple up and

down her body. The tingling feeling caused her breasts to go erect and stay that P!nk - Get the party started (Pink)

way as she orgasm.

    "I...can't...move." Jenny managed to say before she found that she could

no longer speak.

   "Of course not, Jenny." Jack said as he kissed her hard, plastic lips.

"True ART doesn't need to move to bring emotional movement to others."

    "How's the newest mannequin?" Sunny asked as was handed the camera as

Jack packed up the rest of his stuff.  "I'm sure the store manager will pay me

well for such a sexy realistic one."

    "Just as long as I get paid." Jack said as he turned toward Sunny with a

look of horror. Before Jack could react, Sunny pressed the shutter button and

Jack's equipment fell from his immobile arms.

    "You just were." Sunny glared as he got down and undid Jack's pants. "I

forgot to tell you that I never leave witnesses.  After castration, you'll be

the perfect new male mannequin for the store."

      "If you're wondering how you were changed, remember the kiss." Sunny

reminded Jack. "The special make up chemicals were on you when you kissed her

and touched her to insert of the dildo. After that, all I  needed was a snap

shot to remember you by. I keep a file on all my subjects too."

      A few hours later, the store manager paid Sunny the cost of two

mannequins. Jenny remained on display where she was so she could sell both

jewelry and underwear while Jack was immediately taken to the back where a laser

was used to slice him up and allow pivot joints to be added for easy dressing

and undressing in the men's department.

      Jenny was lifted off the support pole that stuck up through the floor

and into her former sex. With her bent legs, she was perfect to be a sitting

mannequin in the store window. Her feet were placed so she wouldn't fall from

the chair, her knees were brought together and her arms moved in a simple, but

sexy pose. "What am I going to do?" Jenny thought.

     "Nothing." She realized as she wondered to cry, but her tear ducks had

harden to the point that they couldn't. She advertised the underwear, stockings,

heels and jewels well. She over heard many women talking about the products she

had on as they entered and exited the store.

    At the end of the week, a female window dresser  name Jamie stepped into

the window. Jenny sat helpless as Jamie took off her arm and felt like she was

going to die. First she felt like she was just going to die by having the arms

removed. Then she thought she would die as embarrassment as her bra was removed.

    "I think you've enjoyed your view long enough." Jamie said to Jenny as

she disassembled her. Her parts were placed on a cart and wheeled to a display

area in hosiery. Jenny could feel the thigh-high stockings slide off her legs

and a pair of black pantyhose slide on her.

      "What about the rest of me?" Jenny thought as she watched her arms

placed into a box. Her head and upper torso was soon followed.  "You can't just

leave me like this?

    For the next week Jenny's frozen eyes viewed only the inside of the box.

Even apart, she could feel the dildo pleasing her lower half out on display. She

also felt whenever someone touched her pantyhose form lower half. She had no

idea if it was an employee straightening the hose or customers touching the

quality of  the hose before buying some for themselves.


          Jenny didn't know how much time had passed, but she was glad when her

upper torso was removed from storage and taken to lingerie. Jamie set up a

display rod and slid it up Jenny's ass. She could feel the rod enter deep inside

her as her legs were connected and left bare. The upper torso was added as she

was dressed in a baby doll nightgown. She felt relief when her arms were


    It was summer time now and the store's air condition was on full. The

cold air blew through the gown she had on and entered the unplugged where he sex

use to be. The hole was for a display rod if needed, but without it, the cool

air sent her over the edge with erotic pleasure.

      "Sunny?" Jenny thought as he passed in front of her with a girl on his

arm. The girl, Jenny recognized to be Jamie.  Jenny felt sorry for Jamie as her

ex-boyfriend took a seat and watched Jamie perform a fashion show for him.

     "Hello Jenny." Sunny snickered as Jamie stepped into the dressing room

to change. "You are really lucky you know. You'll be young and beautiful for the

rest of time. Everyone needs money, and I'm almost out."

     Sunny stayed with Jamie during her entire day off. He even walked to her

work that evening. "You know Jamie, I've admired your work in the windows. While

I'm waiting to meet with your boss, how about letting me watch you perform?"

     Jamie felt embarrassed and held the door open to let him in. The two

passed through lingerie and Jenny as she got some of the supplies for a new

window display. Jenny could just look on heart broken as Sunny wrapped his arms

around Jamie and fondled her breasts. "Don't you have to go to your studio and

pick up your mannequin."

     "You might say that it's being delivered." Sunny smiled as they made

their was to women's wear. Sunny wanted Jenny to watch, unable to save her

friends like she was unable to save herself.

    "Please don't." Jenny thought as Jamie felt herself getting wet. With a

gloved hand he pulled out a container from his pocket and rubbed some cream in

around her already wet pussy. "Oh, Jamie, resist this jerk. Run away while you

still can."

    "Oh, my." Jamie said as Sunny ran the cream up her stomach and onto her

breasts. Her breasts went erect like they were in a cold room. She leaned back

and started to put her arm around him when her body suddenly stop moving. "Uh, I

can't move."

    "In a moment you won't be able to talk either." Sunny said as he stripped

Jamie of her clothes. He pulled a dildo from his pocket and slipped it into her

sex before in sealed up. She felt light as he picked her up and slid a rod up

into her former virginia. She could feel the pole against the dildo inside her

as the pole attacked to a wheeled platform rolled her to the back door.

     "I see you got the new mannequin I requested." The store manager said

with a smile. "I don't know how you make them so life like, but I'll let you

know when I need more."

   "You do that." Sunny chuckled. "I'm always willing to help you out for

some quick cash. With the new store branch I hear is opening you, I'll be

waiting for future calls."

     The manager picked up a phone and pressed the first button. "Jamie,

please report to the backroom to pick up a new mannequin for the window


     "Sir," Sunny replied. "Jamie went home sick tonight. She wanted me to

tell you since we were meeting anyway and said that I do set up the display she

told me about."




     "Alright then, I'll leave it in your artful hands." The manager said as

he left for the evening. Sunny then wheeled Jamie to the women's section and

picked out a beautiful body suit that went well with her hair. Sunny, having

such pride in the girls he selects, was glad that the manager didn't have their

heads shaved.

     In the morning, Jenny and Jamie were together in the window. They were

both in a very sexy pose, as Sunny hoped to draw in lovely young women for him

to select from for his next piece of art. Before he left the two girls, he ran

his hands over their hard breasts and sealed sex. Each with a dildo vibrating

them into  continuing arousal in their frozen states. "Seeing you two again soon

I'm sure." Sunny snickered as he left in the early morning and wondered who'd be


       As much as Jenny and Jamie wanted to see the tables turned on Sunny as

he did on Jack, they were enjoying their constant arousal to think or care much

of it.



Giantess Stories: JENNY

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