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Jesse's Fantasy

By Remy Locke

Jesse always had a hidden fantasy, but she never told her boyfriend, Remy. "He

would never understand", she thought. Jesse always wanted to be in control in

her relationships, but all her past boyfriends have always had the first and

last word. Jesse was a man's best dream. 5'6", blondish-brown hair and a set of

breasts that were nothing less than perfect. A perfect 34C!!! Remy on the other

hand was a nice young man who stood 5'11" with blond hair and blue eyes. He was

a great guy, but always liked to be the leader. "If their was a way I could

shrink them, then I would be in control", she thought. She had read about a

magic serum that would shrink plants, but it never said anything about animals.

She grabbed the paper that talked about the serum, and found out where she could

buy some. It took her a couple hours but she located a place that sold it. She

was so happy, she began to read the instructions:

1. Spray on plant from 6 inches away.

2. Spray for only one second, over exposure could cause too much shrinkage.

3. Effects are permanent.

"Oh well, if he loves me, Remy won't care what size he is". So she went to

Remy's house and waited for him to come home from work.

At about 4:30pm he opened the door and was greeted with a nice, long, warm kiss

from Jesse.

"Hey honeybuns, that was a heck of a kiss, what's the occasion?", Remy said.

"Oh nothing, I just love you, that's all!!" Jesse said with a glint in her eyes.

Jesse thought she would spray just a very little amount to see if it would work,

she still had a little doubt that it would fail. She opened up the container and

while Remy had his back to her, she sprayed a very little amount while he took

his shirt off. A little bit of the spray hit his naked back, and he didn't

detect it. Remy was 5'11" and Jesse was only 5'6", but Jesse saw that Remy was

about 5'7" after the first spray. Remy didn't notice a thing.

"Hey come and give me a kiss!!!!", Jesse said with excitement. Remy went over

and kissed her with much passion. He had a puzzled look on his face, but didn't

say a word, he just picked up his shirt and walked into the bedroom to slip on

some running shorts to start his evening run. Before he could slip on his

T-shirt, Jesse sprayed him with another minute amount. He soon was down to about

5'3"!!! "He is smaller than me!!", Jesse thought. Jesse had never dated a guy

smaller than her!! She was beginning to get wet, and she liked it! Before Remy

could turn around she hit him with two more tiny squirts, and watched him

dwindle to a mere 4'2". Remy turned around and was greeted with a set of huge

and well-rounded pair of breasts.

"What? How? Why are you so tall, Jesse?" Remy said. Jesse looked down at Remy

and took a step toward him and one of her breast's brushed Remy's cheek.

"Um...I am wearing high heels and you don't have any shoes on, babe", Jesse

said, trying to hold back her laughter. Before Remy could grab his shoes Jesse

hit him with three more squirts. Soon Remy was only 3'0"!!!!! He was eye level

with her crotch!! Remy was shocked to see a now much bigger Jesse, and he was

confused. Remy took a step back but Jesse was on him and had her crotch only a

mere inch away from his nose. Remy could smell her now very wet pussy and got an

instant erection. Jesse saw the expansion in his shorts and picked Remy up and

tossed him on the bed. To Jesse, he weighed as much as an infant. Jesse pinned

him with her thighs and made Remy get another glimpse of her crotch. She was

wearing her spandex shorts and a sports bra, and Remy thought she looked hot!!

He didn't have a clue what was going on, but it seemed he had no choice but to

await what Jesse was going to do. Jesse pulled the spray out again and gave Remy

another 4 squirts. Jesse could feel him shrinking between her legs, and this was

almost more than she could take. The smaller Remy got, the hornier Jesse

became!! She was really getting in control now!! Remy felt himself shrink, and

soon was only a little over 1'5" tall! Jesse's legs made Remy look so small!!

She shoved a breast on Remy's stomach, it almost covered his entire body!!

"Come on, Remy, play with my titties!!" Remy tried to pry Jesse's breasts off of

himself, but they were to heavy!! Jesse liked Remy at this height, but wanted

him smaller, much smaller. So she applied more of the shrink serum and soon he

was so small he was hidden under her left boob. He was only 6 inches tall! Her

nipple was as big as his hands. She picked up poor Remy and put him on the

bedspread. She laid down and had her breasts even with Remy's body.

"Play with my nice big, firm breasts now!!" Remy could see her now hard and

erect nipples through her sports bra. Remy touched her nipple through her bra,

and Jesse let out a small moan. Remy couldn't believe it!!! He could palm her

nipple like he could a basketball! He was scared but aroused to no end!! Jesse

pulled off her sports bra and let her huge titties out from their cloth prison.

When they were let loose, her right breast rammed into Remy and knocked him on

his back. Jesse laughed so loud it hurt Remy's ears.

"Now suck my nipple little one", Jesse said. Jesse's voice became more aroused

by the minute, she was through playing games, she needed to be pleasured and

fast! Remy walked to her left nipple and tried to suck it, but her nipple was ¿Qué es un pata negra? – El cerdo ibérico

just too big!! Instead, he just pulled at it with all his might and Jesse felt

his tiny hands and went crazy!!! She soon began massaging her wet crotch and was

bucking on the bed. The bed began to move about and caused Remy to grip tighter

on her nipple. This only made Jesse's bucking even more violent. Remy could hold

on any longer and flew into the pillow at the head of the bed. Jesse pulled her

hand from her crotch and wiped it on Remy. She giggled and saw Remy smell

himself. This made him want to cum, but at the same time, he wanted to hit her

from what she had done to him. Remy went to her and started hitting her breasts

as hard as he could. This felt like nothing more than water hitting her breasts

while taking a shower, but offered her an idea.

"Well, you still have courage", Jesse said "I still think you are too big for

me, I can still feel your punches" Jesse pulled out another tiny shot of the

serum, Remy dwindled down to a tiny size of 3 inches!!!! Remy now stood at her

massive breasts and froze. Jesse grabbed her tits and separated them leaving

Remy in the middle. She let her boobs snap back into place and Remy was caught

in her awesome cleavage. She almost couldn't spot him in her valley, but she

stood up with him stuck in there. Remy was high above the floor, it was like

standing on a 6 story building!!! It would kill him if he fell! Remy grabbed for

Jesse's necklace and tried pulling himself out of her massive cleavage. Jesse

looked between her titties and laughed at Remy's attempt to escape. He was

making progress and Jesse was impressed. Soon he pulled himself out of her

cleavage and stood atop her left breast. Remy shouted at her for what she had

done to him, but all she did was laugh at his attempt to scold her. When she

laughed it caused her breast to shake and Remy was forced to grab a firm hold on

the top of her breast. Jesse loved the feeling of this tiny man's grip on her

tit, and soon began moaning with building passion. She began to sway back and

forth, and began probing her cunnie again. Remy was having a hard time staying

on her immense breast and slipped off toward the floor. He latched on to her

nipple to avoid falling, it was now the size of his head!! He had to grip it

with both hands it was so immense. This caused Jesse to have a mini-orgasm and

she became weak in the knees. She fought off the temptation to lay down and

began fingering herself faster and faster. Remy lost his grip from her huge

nipple and was falling toward his death, he closed his eyes and prayed! Jesse

felt him lose his grip and took the band of her spandex shorts and panties and

pulled them away from her stomach. Remy fell and landed on something very soft.

He wasn't dead!!! He opened his eyes and couldn't figure out were he was. Then

he knew. That sweet smell could only be one thing, Jesse's wet vagina! Remy

looked up and saw her peer down at him between her massive breasts. Before Remy

could yell up at her she snapped her shorts and panties back into place. It was

dark in her panties and Remy was shaking with fear. Remy moved around and tried

to pull himself up but all her pubic hair was soaking wet from her arousal. The

smell of her was intoxicating, Remy was in heaven! He decided to give in and

began massaging her clit very slowly. This felt so good to Jesse she had to lay

on her bed and play with er enormous breasts. She had to hold back the

temptation of fingering herself, or she would certainly crush poor Remy. Remy

began to work harder at his task and the prison he was in became hotter and

wetter. Soon he could feel himself being moved up and down, because of Jesse's

bucking on the bed. Her first orgasm washed over him and he nearly drowned!

Jesse worried about Remy, but was too weak to check. Then she felt him start up

again, only this time with more vigor. A second, then third orgasm came and went

and Remy wash almost washed away! She was almost unconscious, when she couldn't

feel Remy move anymore. She opened up her spandex shorts and pulled Remy out of

her silk pink panties. Remy was a mess!! He was covered in her hot sticky cum!

She placed him between her panties and shorts and waited until he moved. After

about 5 minutes, Remy stood up and began yelling up at Jesse. Jesse was thrilled

he still fought with her after being shrunk to half the size of a Barbie doll!

"What did you say? You want to be smaller?" Jesse sprayed him again and watched

her panties grow around him. Remy was barely an inch tall!! "Whoa, you almost

disappeared on me! I better not put you back in my panties, even my clit is as

big as you!!! She decided to carefully take him out and held him in her palm.

"Well, I could put you on my nipple, but it is almost as big as you and you

could never hold on, but you could use it as a diving board!!" Jesse had to

think where to put him. "Well, I am going to bed. I can't put you on the bed, I

might crush you. I have the perfect place for you to stay." Jesse walked over

with Remy in her palm and opened up a drawer in her dresser. "Well, here is your

new home!", Jesse said as she tilted her hand causing Remy to tumble off her

palm. Remy fell and landed in a huge, red, soft, tent-like fabric. Remy realized

that we was going to spend the night in Jesse's panty drawer. "Well Remy, pick a

pair to sleep in, because that will be the pair I wear tomorrow!!!!"


Giantess Stories: Jesse

Jesse always had a hidden fantasy, but she never told her boyfriend, Remy. 'He By Remy Locke By Remy Locke Jesse's Fantasy Jesse's Fantasy



Giantess Stories: Jesse

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Giantess Stories: Jesse


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