Giantess Stories: Jocalyn the Giantess by Jason CF      I stared in awe at Jocalyn

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Jocalyn the Giantess

by Jason CF

I stared in awe at Jocalyn. She was at least a thousand feet tall, to my

perspective at least. And she was beautiful beyond compare. Her bikini clad body

made expansive impressions as she reclined in the glittering white sand. We were

alone at a deserted beach and she did not know I was there.

I suppose the first word that came to mind when I saw her was goddess. Goddess,

in that she was absolutely perfect as a work of art; and goddess, in that she

could have crossed hundreds of feet with a single step. I was drawn to her

immediately, of course. Her long, golden legs slowly crossed, a dizzying motion

as it was the first time I had seen her move. I paused in spite of myself, the

motion completed. Her foot was tens of times higher than me, facing up as it

bobbed slightly back and forth. She was awake and fiddling idly with her lovely

body. I traced with my eyes the contour of her gigantic leg. Her leg muscles

curved gently and defined a thin figure; for a couple seconds I could convince

myself that she was an innocent and harmless young woman. But these curves were

expansive, and it could have taken me ten minutes to scale her tanned lower leg.

Which, of course, I had to do once the notion was implanted in my head.

I walked carefully towards her leg, to the point where it had sunken into the

sand the most. I looked up and saw that the climb was indeed going to be

difficult. It was perhaps 30 feet before I could have reached her shin. I stared

at the flawlessness of her skin, now a gently curving wall before me. I glanced

both ways down either length of her body. I could make out massive hips to my

far right, and the hints of a playful foot in the distance to my left. I

hesitated, then pressed an index finger into her skin. It was delightfully soft

and yielded easily under my touch. I hastily withdrew it, but she did not seem

to notice in the slightest. Again I reached out, this time brushing the back of

my hand firmly against her leg. Her pores caused my hand to ever-so-slightly dip

in and out of an otherwise perfectly smooth surface. Again, there was no


Here was the acid test. I took a deep breath, reared up and slammed my fist into

her skin as hard as I could. The action completed, I immediately felt apologetic

to the giantess for abusing her so--but this thought was quickly followed up by

the realization that apologies would scarcely matter if she mistook me for a

stinging insect and brought her huge nails to bore on me. I winced in

anticipation of this assault. Seconds passed...then minutes. I had put as much

force as possible into her body and she had not noticed me. To Jocalyn, I was

less than a stinging insect.

Again I touched her leg. The surface was tantalizing. I found a pore and gently

took a hold of it as best I could. With my other hand, I reached up and grabbed

a higher pore. My feet had left the ground and quickly sought another

indentation to rest on. In this manner, I slowly scaled my way up Jocalyn's left

leg. The entire time I was drinking in the delightful tone of her skin, while

deathly afraid that she'd abandon her nap for a more vertical pursuit. But

within a few minutes I found the wall was leveling out, and I crawled onto

Jocalyn's shin.

I was sitting on a perfectly sculpted leg. It was hundreds of feet long in

either direction, raising to her knee some 50 feet away. I spread my legs out

and reclined on her skin, turning to face her feet. Her right leg flanked the

one I was on, slightly akimbo so her right foot was pointing toes along the

beach. Her left foot was a pleasant sight. It was definitely a female foot, long

and slender, with smallish toes and perfectly manicured toenails. I had to tilt

my head backward to see the tips of her toes, framed by the blue sky. I stood

and faced the other direction. Her knee blocked the view of most of her body, so

I scampered along to reach this lookout. Her skin was much rougher here and I

easily scuttled up the hill.

The sight was greeted me was awesome. Her thigh was a sloping avenue of a couple

hundred feet, tapering to a distant light green bikini bottom. Her left thigh

paralleled the first, and both led into a massive stomach. I could see the

motions of her breathing as she slowly inhaled and exhaled. Beyond that, maybe a

third of a mile away, I could make out two gorgeous green hills capping this

tanned plain. Her breasts heaved almost imperceptibly at this distance, covered

partially by the top of her two-piece. While this was all breathtaking, her arms

and hands perhaps impressed me the most. To my right , craning my neck to look,

I could see a titanic open palm. From this her arm proceeded past her waist and

up into a very distant shoulder.

I stood there awestruck for a few minutes. I knew I'd have to climb her leg

again, and this time to a greater height, but I finally struck out for Jocalyn's

palm. I walked slowly, almost leisurely, along her thigh, somewhat convinced now

that she was sleeping or incoherent and that I could explore unhindered. The

green bikini grew closer and attained a bit more contour as I approached. Soon I

was at the highest point of her upper leg. I edged down the outside, using all

my limbs to maximum effect to protect myself from skidding down her supple

flank. When I had gauged that the distance was right, I allowed myself to slide

the rest of the way down.

It was frightening and I immediately regretted the action. I plummeted down

further than I had thought, landing squarely on the fleshiest part of Jocalyn's

palm. Though jolted quite a bit, I was none the worse for wear and again the

towering beauty had not noticed my presence. After regaining my senses, I

explored the expanse of Jocalyn's palm. Her thumb was loosely propped against

her thigh from which I had just descended, and her large fingers were curved

slightly towards the sky. Like any part of her body, Jocalyn's hand dwarfed me

many times over. I ran my hand along the sweeping lines of her palm, all worked

in her gorgeous skin tones. A narrow basin formed the center of her hand, where

I eventually ended up after my spill, so I easily worked my way up towards her


The climb became suddenly difficult as I neared her leg; her thumb bent

naturally at a sharp angle. I took advantage of the many wrinkles around her

joints, grabbing her flesh and working hand over hand. At the bony top the going

was again easily because of the horizontal orientation and the wall of her leg

bracing her thumb and offering me support. I walked to the edge of her thumb, my

hand slightly bracing myself against her tanned leg. Her fingernail was smooth

and sheen, slightly longer than a male's but free of nail polish. I peered over

the edge and cowered involuntarily from the potentially troublesome 15-foot drop

onto the sand below.

I quickly moved back along her thumb, walked across her palm, and padded along

each of her fingers. Jocalyn was a tall woman regardless of my personal height,

and her hand reflected it. Despite their size, there was a certain fragility of

construction, a certain favoring of length over width, to each finger. They were

quite long, quite feminine and quite enjoyable if I do say so myself. I eagerly

brushed my hands along their wide slopes and nuzzled down into the soft skin at

the end.

Some time passed as I was doing this, and I presently addressed the issue of

climbing back onto her main body. Again I traversed her palm, this time towards

the receding path that was her left arm. I slid a bit during the transition from

palm to arm, and noted her veins barely showing as I loped along the inside of

her forearm. I was gently ascending her, and I soon reached her bikini to my

left. The green material was thick, yielding and ideal for climbing, so I left

her arm and inched up her encompassing thigh.

At this point I must have been probing sensitive areas because as I reached the

top of her leg, Jocalyn stirred with earthquake-like effects. I gripped onto her

bikini fiercely as she jostled, probably minor movements to her giantess body.

Even worse than this jolting, the hand I had just been exploring itched rapidly

along the area I had traversed. I threw myself away from the sweeping fingers

and swiping fingernails, grasping onto her bikini again to save myself from

plummeting onto the beach between her legs. In moments the itching had stopped.

My heart pounded as I righted myself, cautiously stepping onto the squishy

surface of her green bathing suit.

I crossed this surface with no difficulties but psychological, all the time

being drawn to the majesty of her breasts that grew nearer. In moments I could

step down from the rise of her suit, and marvel at the soft resilience of her

stomach. The feel of her flesh was different here, even more pleasant (if that

was possible) than, say, the musculature of her leg. Hints of stomach muscles

gave the plain a gradual rolling quality. The size of it was simply impossible,

though. Her thigh was wide enough for me to build a house on; her stomach was a

practical vista. And then there was her breathing...a rhythmic rising and

falling of Jocalyn's glorious stomach that brought me with it. It was hypnotic

in quality. I had a strong urge to lie on her soft belly, but a still stronger

urge to run across it. With my eyes trained on a mountain climber's dream, I

sprinted full tilt across Jocalyn's stomach. I laughed loudly and twirled once

before abruptly stopping as I reached her right breast.

I had not really noticed the rise and fall of her stomach and chest with these

voluminous wonders in my sights. For the third time (the first being my initial

view of her and the second upon reaching her knee), I was bewildered and awed by

the simple glory of Jocalyn's body. With a single finger, I pressed gingerly

into the flesh of her breast. This new surface was to the stomach as the stomach

was to the leg. Sheer ecstasy spilled through me as her skin bent cheerfully

under my touch. I took a step back, and another, almost tumbling as I forgot my Codigo Promocional de MoneyMan – Codigo de Decuento de MoneyMan

orientation and drunk in the greatness before me.

I sat like that, transfixed, for what seemed like hours. Finally I slowly stood

up and brushed my entire back along the inside of her breast, slowly sweeping

towards the convergence with its partner. I worked through the division without

a problem, coming out on the top side of her chest.

Her chin. Her chin arrested my attention, towering over her wide neck. Hair. Her

golden hair spilled over the sides of her head such that I could only get a few

longing glances. Her breasts. I turned around, backing up again. There they

were, even clearer now. They curved away towards my origin, two hills of

incomparable composition. Above I could see her ample cleavage terminated by the

familiar green thickness of her bikini. Jocalyn, I was convinced again, was a

goddess. And I was right at the top of her body, which would be a

skyscraper-like drop if she chose to stand.

But while no surface could possibly rival Jocalyn's gorgeous breasts, since the

start of my exploration I was hoping to see her massive, pretty face more than

anything. I turned to my original orientation and descended to her collar bone

and the juncture of her neck. I strode carefully along the bony inside of

Jocalyn's neck, to the underside of her jaw. What a climb! Almost as high as the

climb along the outside of her bikini, but more vertical and with less grip.

Nonetheless, I was determined. The skin was noticeably more taut here. My legs

dangled as I laboriously brought my body up to her chin by upper-body strength

alone. As I neared her chin the skin became suddenly boney beneath and the last

few feet were even more difficult. But I emerged triumphantly onto the top of

the reclining giantess's chin. As before, I was rendered speechless. Jocalyn's

beautiful face, all the more stunning through their impossible proportions, was

before me. Her chin sloped down immediately before me, curving deliciously back

up to Jocalyn's parted lips. The goddess was sleeping soundlessly. I could

glimpse her enormous white teeth in the gap, suggesting the perilous spiral down

Jocalyn's throat into her insides. This was the first real danger Jocalyn's body

had presented me with, and the thought of tumbling down the inside of Jocalyn's

titanic body was numbing. Still, I continued with my eyes up to her large nose,

which expelled pleasant gusts of warm air towards me periodically. She had a

lovely nose, I knew, uniquely shaped and well-proportioned. Her cheeks, ruddier

than the rest of her golden body, curved about me to the front and on both

sides. Her lower eyelids were visible past her cheeks, and above these an

adorably wrinkled forehead. Perhaps Jocalyn was dreaming.

Past her forehead were flows of her rich blond hair, trailing haphazardly across

her crown. I eased down the chin to feel her lips. Without hesitation I placed

an imperceptible kiss on her lower lip, her breath tousling my hair as I

lingered. I stood, running my palm along her lip, and watched the inside of her

mouth with some apprehension. I could make out her tongue, a slightly different

shade of shadow, in the cavernous expanse beyond Jocalyn's teeth. I worked about

the divots of her mouth to the slopes around her nose. I walked along her cheek,

careful to brace against Jocalyn's laborious breathing as I made my way towards

her eyelids. Her eyelashes were a couple feet in length and slick to the touch.

Her long nose was very pretty to view from the side.

I now altered course to my right, sliding down the sharp incline to her ear.

Propped along the inner rim here, I happily grabbed handfuls of Jocalyn's

endless hair. Sleek, thick and a perfect golden-brown, I rubbed a fistful of the

strands to my cheek. And sighed.

But I had pushed my luck too far, as I should have guessed. Standing so close to

her ear, even that sigh was clear for the slumbering titaness. Jolted suddenly

as she awoke, her hair flung out of my hands and I grabbed desperately to her

ear. I felt nauseated for a few seconds as the world seemingly inverted, as I

still clung to the hard surface of Jocalyn's inner ear. I didn't need to look at

the lay of her hair to know that Jocalyn the goddess had decided to both wake

and stand up.

There is apparently not only a calm before the storm, but a calm after the

storm. I lay propped precariously against Jocalyn's ear, still clutching to her

and staring at the spills of her golden hair around me. I didn't dare lean over

the edge to see the drop to her shoulder below--let alone confront the certain

death associated with a drop down the entire length of her tall body.

"Is someone there?" Jocalyn's whisper was musical. Despite the confusion and

trepidation apparent in her voice, she was made every inch the complete goddess

with her chiming voice.

I had nothing to lose, for the climb back down Jocalyn's body was going to be

difficult no matter how I approached it. "Jocalyn?" I called into her ear.

Her head shook just a little, but that simple motion was magnified by her

goddess size. I intensified my grip on her ear and continued: "Please don't

shake your head. I am in your left ear. Bring your palm to your ear, wait a

second, a bring it back to the front of your face. You should be able to see


I could almost feel her hesitation run through every inch of that perfect body I

had traversed. But in a moment, her feminine palm was at the side of my perch. I

eased onto her outstretched middle finger, hunching over and gripping in firmly.

I felt the hand move at disconcerting speed to the front of her body. Jocalyn

gasped and I stood to look up at the giantess's face. At this distance, her face

was still huge, but her features stood out more naturally. Her lips were parted

and her brilliant blue eyes wide. Her breath cascaded over me, warm and pleasant

despite the heat. Seeing her face in full made her a bit more human, and for a

second she was normal 22-year old Jocalyn. But I considered the drop from my

ledge ever so slightly, and again she was the goddess in my mind. A single

upturning of her hand would send me plummeting past those distant mounds of

flesh below, past her waist, along the length of her glorious leg. She had the

power of life and death in her mammoth, slender hand.

I waved. Ever so slowly, her gaping mouth shaped into a brilliant smile. Her

teeth were almost ten feet high and perfectly arrayed. Huge dimples appeared in

Jocalyn's face. She brought me back to her ear, saying in that same hushed

voice: "How did you get here?"

"I had to traverse the length of your body. I hope you can forgive me, but I

have to be honest with you."

A pause. "Traverse?"

"I climbed up the outside of your leg, walked along that. Then I explored your

palm and, ah, used your bikini to get back up to your wais--"

Her did not need to raise her voice above that musical whisper to silence me.

"That was you? I thought I felt something there!"

"Yes. I walked along your stomach, through the middle of your breasts, and up to

your face. Then I dropped down to your ear and was admiring your hair when I

sighed and gave myself away."

She chuckled, a winning tumultuous sound. It seemed an uneasy laugh. "Your

honesty is...appreciated. So you have covered all the highlights of my body. Now

that it's over, what do you think?"

"You are perfect, Jocalyn. You are gorgeous. At my size the flaws of your body

should be magnified and obvious, but...there are none. I really can't apologize

enough for violating you like that, but I had to do it. See, you're kind of

like...well, this is silly, but I see you as a goddess."

She laughed this time, bouncing me in my perch. It was a honest, full laugh,

crystalline. "Listen, I know I have a nice body. I take good care of it. But I

must say that this is the first time anyone's ever called me a goddess I guess I

must be pretty intimidating to you, huh?"

"Intimidating and beautiful," I replied, breathless. My secret was out...and she


She chuckled. "And what was your favorite part?"

"Your chest is amazing, Jocalyn. You're a very endowed young woman. But I think

your hair was the most perfect of all. Oh, and there's something else; I kissed


I could hear the smile in her voice. "If it makes you happy, that's quite all

right. I certainly didn't feel it. Would you like another one? I want to see if

I can catch it this time."

"Surely!" Again the palm was there, and again I was before Jocalyn's face. She

brought me closer to her gigantic perfect lips. I leaned into them and kissed

her lower lip as passionately as possible. I leaned back and her hand withdrew.

She smiled magnanimously down at me. "What a strange situation! I did feel it

this time. It was a lovely little thing. Thank you!" With that, she brushed her

lip across the top of my head in return. It was all I could do to remain on my


I was back at her ear. She said, "now what do I do with you?"

"I don't know. My goal is achieved, beautiful Jocalyn. I got a chance to explore

your perfect body in the full."

"Your compliments are very lavish. Listen, if you'd like, you can live with me.

I think I like you. You're certainly a unique bit of company to have around. And

since you like my body so much, it's all but yours. Whenever you want to take a

look, give a holler. Maybe we can set you up with a walkie-talkie system." Her

voice became playful. "Now, for the walk home...can you hold up in my ear for a


I complied. Her hand withdrew and I could see some of the motions below me. She

was tightening her two-piece. Again the hand was there. "Do you trust me?" she

intoned solemnly.

"Implicitly, Jocalyn."

"Grab on."

And with that I was eased between the smooth roundness of her two breasts,

facing her bikini. She craned her dazzling face to look down a me, a one-sided

grin making me melt. Her hair shimmered as it danced about me.

Giantess Stories: Jocalyn the Giantess by Jason CF      I stared in awe at Jocalyn

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