Giantess Stories: Jodie was getting tired of Kevin

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Jodie was getting tired of Kevin. He was a nerd, about 18, who worked in a

shop at the mall. He'd followed her home and even got her phone number, and

called her every day. For 4 months. She wished she could get rid of him...

Jodie is 16, with long dark hair. She's about 5'8'', 32D-22-32, and lives

with her big sister, Kelly, who is 23. Kelly had been investigated by the Police

for the disappearance of 4 guys from her work. They found no evidence, but Jodie

knew Kelly did it.

"Kel. you know those guys from your work. what did you do to them?"

"I ate them."

"You did what???" Jodie was stunned.

"I ate them. Candy gave me a shrinking potion. Lets me shrink men just by

looking and imagining them at a certain height. Taste delicious. Wanna bit?

Never wears off. Lets you kill all those little irritations in your life! I've

eaten well over 100 guys in a month, and crushed hundreds more."

Jodie was shocked, and delighted. She could kill Kevin!

"Yea, Kel! Thanks!" She drank the liquid, and felt funny. Kelly went out and

came back 20 minutes later with a guy, blindfolded.

"Hey Jodie. come see, try it out!" The teenage girl looked at the man, and he

shrunk down to an inch tall. The blindfold and his clothes shrunk too, and Kelly

removed them. "Eat him, Jodie! They're delicious and don't make you get fat. Oh

yea, and tease him a little first. More fun!"

The guy screamed as Jodie's hand closed around him, and he was lifted up. She

tongue-teased him as Kelly advised, and kissed him, before dropping him into her

mouth and swallowing. He was crying and struggling as he slid down, confused at

what had happened.

"Cooool," said Jodie, feeling his helpless struggles in her stomach.

"I'll be home later, Jodie." Kelly winked and licked her lips. "Me and Tracy

are eating out. you know what we're eating! Home After midnight, OK?"

Kelly left, and Jodie sat down to plan how she would eat her stalker. Crushed

between her silky, toned thighs, she thought.

Later, she looked out of her window. Yup, he was there in his usual place.

Hiding in the bushes. Jodie smiled to herself as she changed into a tight, low

cut minidress, and applied her mascara and lipstick.

"You look fuckin gorgeous, Jodie," she said to herself as she looked in the

mirror, before walking downstairs to confront Kevin.

"Hi Kevin. come out of those bushes, I want to show you something." She

didn't really, but thought it would be a great way to get him inside.

He came out slowly, and stopped when he saw Jodie. 16?? That body is

incredible! He slowly approached her, and she took him inside.

"Well, Kevin, want to see what I want to show you?"

"Y-Yeah!" He was so shocked he could hardly speak.

"Well. my sister is home late tonight. So we have a while. Fancy a drink?"

They sat down. She had planned to shrink and crush him straight away, but

even the thought of it turned her on. She would play some teasing games first.

Jodie put her legs across him, stroking her thighs against his face.

"Fancy a wrestle, Kevin?" She jumped on him and pinned him down on his back,

sat on his stomach with her legs holding down his arms. She is a former school

champion gymnast, and very flexible. She leaned over on him, before slowly

kissing him, sliding her tongue between his lips. His cock went hard as the

sixteen year old enjoyed the kiss.

She sat up and slowly pulled her dress down to her waist. She wasn't wearing

a bra. His eyes fixed on her breasts. She moved her legs back, so her feet

touched his, and laid on top of him, kissing him deeply. She stood up, and

unzipped her dress at the back, letting it fall to the ground. She was naked,

and told him to strip.

He did. She put her breast into his face, and he sucked on her nipple. She

didn't care that she hated his guts. She knew he would soon be dead. She laid on

him and kissed him again, and then moved up, teasing his cock between her

thighs. She moved over and was about to sit on it, and he closed his eyes.

Finally it was going to happen.

"2 feet", she thought to herself, looking at him, and he was shrunk to that

size. He tried to get up, struggling with Jodie, who sat him up and held him

between her thighs. She squeezed him, demonstating her powerful but perfect


"W-What have you done! You slut! AAAAARRRGGGHH.I.can't. breathe!" He

struggled as Jodie smiled, increasing the pressure. "My.ribs!"

Jodie heard the first one crack, and laughed at her victim, squirming naked

between her thighs. "What's wrong, Kevin? At least you're going to die happy.

between my gorgeous thighs. just think. we almost had sex. hahahaha!" She

increased the crushing further, and his ribs cracked one by one.

"AAARRRGGG-" His last sound was cut short as Jodie squeezed harder, the air

being pushed from his lungs. He couldn't breathe. But was still alive.

Jodie was loving it, and a sick thought crossed her mind.

"No, I can't," she thought. "But then.who can stop me...

She opened her legs wide and the surprised victim sat down on the carpet. She

kneeled above him.

"Eight inches", she thought. He shrunk.

"Now we can make love, Kevin.I'm going to enjoy feeling you inside me."


Jodie slowly sat on him, his head going inside her, followed by his shoulders

and arms. She took him in up to his waist , and was sat on the carpet, feeling

his tiny struggles inside her. His legs stuck out as she looked down, kicking

wildly as she orgasmed over and over. Soon his movements slowed, then stopped.

Jodie laid back and relaxed. The next thing she knew, Kelly was standing next

to her. Kevin's feet still poked out from between Jodie's legs.

"You little slut!" laughed Kelly, as Jodie sat up. It was 3am. She'd been

sleeping for hours. Kevin was long since dead.

"It was that guy who's been stalking me. thought he might like a @!#$!"

The two girls laughed, and started planning their breakfast.


Giantess Stories: Jodie was getting tired of Kevin

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