Giantess Stories: Joel was about 14 years old

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Joel was about 14 years old.He lived with his adopted mom and 2sisters,also

his cousin was visting.His real family was tradjically killed in a car

accident.Anyways he was told not to go into the basebent because of a flood.So

fiannly curiousity got the best of him and he crept down while his "family" was

in the back yard.He was in the basement when he saw that the side of the wall

was cracked in half.It wedged it open and slipped through.He was in a closed off

romm.He glanced around and saw an old box..he opened and saw a book.He flicked

through and saw a spell that would rapidly shrink something.he chuckled to

himself and said"As if this would ever would insult my intelligence

toread it....ahh i have to."He began to recite the spell"Wrikkle Yarsha besshop

umna uman incho..hmm those are stupid words...oh well"He felt a small twinge all

over his body but dismissed it.hewalked up the stairs and then when he reached

the kitchen he blacked out.When he woke up he saw himself in a house.Butnot his

house..he saw a table full off food..he bit a peice of pizza and hurt his

mouth...The food was plastic!He felt a shake and the house roof lifted up and he

saw his"sisters"head.She reached down towards him and he took off.Se may have

only been 12 but she was fast ,she grabbed him with her massive hands and hauled

him up."I know youre really my adopted brother and i dont know how youve become

so small but youre all mine now"she said while she grinned."No"he yelled.She

laughed at him whle he tried to squirm free."youre so tiny and pathetic i could

snap you in two."He suddenly felt himself grow smaller..he was 2 inches high

now."ooo youre smaller now,you fit perfectly in my hand now...heh great."He bit

her his hardest and she dropped him."Ow you stupid pest..thats it i never liked

you in the first place."He took off running,she slammed her fist behind him and

he fell.She stood up,he glanced at her..she was like 3000 feet high to him.Her

foot raised to squish bim but as it was about to mush him she stopped."Hmm on

second thought ill just leave you can try and get help and for

yourself...ill come back for you later..hee hee hee."Joel was sad..he was going

to be alot smaller before she cambe back..his only hope was to get some help

beofre then.His cousin and her friend were only on the other side of the

deck,around the corner.If he could make it to them...He ran as fast as he could

as he turned around the corner,he shrunk again,only this time he was about 5 cm

tall.He yelled to them and his cousins friend glanced down at him,"yes she saw

me"he thought."Ewwwwww a bug...gross."Se tried to step on him...he just dodge

it,he began to run was getting away but he bumped into his "cousin,sara's toe.He

flew back and landed on his behind."dont kill the poor little bug"She plucked

him between her fingers and set himon her hand.She opened her hand only to

see... least thats what it appeared.All she was a tiny black dot..."hmmm i

guess it fell off my hand."but that wasnt the case..he got even smaller.He was

screaming for help but he fell off her hand and onto her friends shoe and was

knocked unconcious."you know whats funny"sara said"he looked like joel..and

sounded like him too for a sec think he found that

book??"Her friend replied"Naw that thing was totally hidden.""yea youre

right."They walked back into the house.When joel woke up again he found himself

on a rough coarse was the kitchn floor.He was even smaller...he must

have been about 1/4 of a mm high!He saw his cousin and his mom at the

table..their booming voices wear deafening but he could almost make out what

they were saying"

"He found the book...hes shrunken,or shrinking rather...your sister confessed it

to me.."

"all islost then,mom..unless he can gained our attention..."

"i hope so..we better not move from here..i dont want to step on him by


He was about a mile away from her foot.He ran it in a half an how.But he shrunk

even more...hes like a dust paticle now.He stared up at her mountainsized toe.he

had no problem climbing up her toe.Then straight up her leg.Finally after 15

minutes of climbing he wa son the what?He yelled and screamed..and

yelled some more.No luck...but by a fluke of fait sara saw him.

"Look its him!"

"Yea its me"he yelled but nobody heard.

"climb onto my hand!"He climbed up her finger and she gently set him in her

hand.It was bigger than his city ...he tried to see past her hand but he

couldnt.It was so large...he felt the now familiar feeling and shrunk even

more.He was invisable t the naked eye.

"Joel,Joel???Mom go get the book!"He covered his ears to try and drown out the

drilling sound.She stared at him,her heavy breathing pushing him down.The cracks

in her hand were like large canyons...his mom came back up the stairs.

"here goes..i hope this works.."he recites the spell and joel slowly grew back

to his normal size!He was happy and that night they burned the book,and all its



Giantess Stories: Joel was about 14 years old

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