Giantess Stories: Journal of a Shrinking man  by   Slipstream  Day 1

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Journal of a Shrinking man



Day 1: Monday

Today I'm going to do nothing but laze about I thought to myself. So after

having breakfast I put on a pair of shorts and went out into the back garden got

out the sun bed from the shed and longed out to get some rays. I plastered

myself in this new suntan lotion that I had purchased called Sunscreen 8000

{original I know}, apparently it stops your skin drying out. After about an hour

I began to drift off to sleep, when all of a sudden I felt rain drops landing on

me I couldn't believe my luck but when I opened my eyes I couldn't see any

clouds in the sky. Then I realised that it wasn't rain and that it was coming

over the fence from next door. I quickly got out off the way of the spray and

called out “Oi, do you mind your getting me all wet”. It quickly stopped and

Gina's face appeared over the fence.

“O' I'm so sorry Jon, I was just spraying this insecticide on my apple tree. I

hope I didn't get you to wet”.

“Oh that's ok Gina no harm done it was just the shock. Anyway what you doing

home today shouldn't you be at work”.

“Yea, but it's such a nice day I took a sicky. Please let me make it up to you

for getting you all wet, why don't you come round in about 10 minutes and I'll

make us some lunch”.

“Sure thing see you soon”.

Now I must tell you a little about Gina she is 21 years old, golden blonde hair,

bright blue eyes, 5' 9'' tall, good figure and nice firm breasts. Gina moved in

next door about 3 months ago, and we seem to get on pretty well. Now for a

little about me, I'm single, 34 years old, 5' 11'' tall, slim with maybe a

little beer belly. I work as a free lance photographer, of which I'm quite

successful at. Unfortunately the same can't be said of my love life, although I

have been engaged 3 times I never quite get to the alter maybe one day. Right

now back to the story.

As I got in from the garden I totally forgot about getting soaked with that

insecterside, So I quickly put on a shirt and went round to Gina's. The door was

open so in I went. Gina was in the kitchen, I couldn't help but stare she looked

lovely in her shorts and tight fitting top.

“Hi Jon, why don't you grab a couple of beer's from the fridge, I won't be long,

is a Ham sandwich ok.”

“Yea great”.

The afternoon passed by pleasantly enough we talked about what we like to do in

our spare time and we found that we had quite a lot in common. It was now just

gone 2 o'clock and I was feeling quite tired {sun and beer have that effect on

me}. So I thanked Gina for lunch and said “Next time you must come round to my

place as I do a mean beans on toast”.

She said “Ok I'll hold you to that, and once again I'm sorry to have gotten you

so wet”.

“Oh no problem I was getting rather hot anyway”.

I then left. Once I got home I noticed that my answer phone had a message on it

so I played it.

“Hi Jon it's Jenny from Hot Babes, I was wondering if you could help us out only

Pete our regular photographer has broken his hand and can't work for the next

month or so. If you're free could you fill in for him, I'll make it worth your

while, and don't worry about last time that's all in the past. If you can do

this please call me before 5, Thanks”.

Now this is the sort of job that normally I would jump at good money and taking

pictures of half-naked women is my idea of heaven. But the last time I worked

for them I started dating one of the models. Her name was Paula; you know the

type tall good looking also a fitness fanatic and black belt in kick boxing.

Anyway we only went out for a couple weeks but there was just something about

her, so I decided to break it off. She went absolutely mad and threatened to

smash my face in. Thank goodness it was only a threat, anyway the day after we

broke up I was called to Jenny's office. When I entered Paula was there, her

face all bruised, apparently she had told Jenny that I had hit her when she

broke up with me! I couldn't believe it; I would never hit a woman, especially

one that would probably beat the living daylights out of me. But that was over a

year ago and I had not seen her or heard from her in that time. I thought what

the hell I could do with some easy money. So I rang Jenny and told her that I

would take up the position if the money were good enough, she made me an offer

that I was more than happy with. The rest of the day passed by uneventful.

Day 2

I awoke with the sun shining through the window, I looked at the clock and it

read 8.30,time I was getting up, as I had to be at hot babe's studio at 10

o'clock. I got up and wondered into the bathroom, after showering, I felt fresh

and wide-awake, I then went to my closet to get my cloths to wear for the day. I

chose a pair of black jeans and polo shirt. When I pulled on my jeans I thought

these feel a bit loose but I just tightened the belt a bit, and put it down to

loss of weight.

After I'd had breakfast and got my gear together {cameras, tripods, etc} I put

on my shoes only to find that they felt a little loose again I thought this was

strange but just pulled the laces tighter. As I walked out the front door Gina

was walking up the drive.

“I'm glad I caught you, would you do me a favour and drop me at work only my car

won't start”.

I replied “Sure jump in”.

As we entered the car and I got settled I thought strange but the seat seems a

bit to far back, so I adjusted it and we went on our way.

After dropping Gina at her work I arrived at hot babes studio at around 9.40. As

I entered the building Jenny was in reception,

“Good morning Jon, nice to see you”.

“Hi Jenny”.

“Thanks for helping out at such short notice. Now would you go to studio 4 only

that is where the shoot is today, If you have any problems just give me a call


“Yea sure thing, catch you later”.

I couldn't believe it, as I entered studio 4, I thought I was in land of the

giants or something like that. There was a model city with roads, cars and even

little model people you had to see it to believe it. The tallest office block

was only as tall as I was, but it all looked so real. Lost in thought as I

walked around looking at this wonder I heard a familiar voice.

“Hi Jon, like what you see”.

I turned around to see Paula standing there, looking as good as ever, and

dressed in rags only just covering her huge assets.

“Err hi Paula” I said feeling slightly awkward.

“It's been a long time, I'm glad you remember me, because I certainly remember

you”. She said this moving closer to me.

Paula was about the same height as me but with her 3” heels on she was taller,

and she seemed to try and intimidate me by standing real close and looking

slightly down at me.

“Yea how could I forget you, look about last year can we just put it behind us”.

I said this backing away from her.

Then we heard the door open and in walked another tall beauty.

“Hi hope I'm not disturbing anything, only I thought this shoot started at 10


“Sorry yes, ER I mean no your not disturbing anything and yes the shoot starts

at 10, and please let me introduce myself, my name is Jon and I'm the

photographer for this shoot”. I said this feeling rather flushed.

“So your Jon, its nice to meet you at last, Paula's told me so much about you.

My names Kathleen but everyone calls me Kate”.

“Nice to meet you to Kate, right then shall we get on with the shoot”.

Hot babes wanted me to do a shoot of 2 giant scantily clad women fighting in the

streets of this model city .

I started the shoot and to my surprise I got no problems from Paula she followed

my lead to the letter and everything was going fine. By the time 1 o'clock came

I had taken some great shot's so now it was time to break for lunch, and did I

need something to eat.

“Ok lady's let's break for lunch”.

“Great idea, please won't you join us for lunch”. Kate said.

“No, no I'm fine, I'll see you both back here at 2 o'clock ok”.

“Oh come on Jon don't be shy we won't beat you, sorry I mean eat you, yet”.

Paula replied.

“Err ok then, but lunch is on me”.

“Great, let us quickly get changed into something a bit more respectable, see

you in a min”. Kate said.

Now I was feeling nervous about having lunch with these too as they seemed very

close, and I was wondering exactly what had Paula told Kate about me. But to my

surprise lunch went very well and the hour just flew by. Before we knew it, it

was time to get back to work.

The afternoon shoot started well and I thought we could use a few of the models

this time, so I asked them to step on some of the model people and cars. To see

some of these little things being crushed under the bare feet of these beauty's

was great and I found myself getting exited at the thought of being one of those

models and what it must be like to see such a towering beauty from that point of

view. Anyway I got well into this and took some close ups, I even asked if they

would insert them into there mouth and pretend that they were going to eat them.

It was fantastic the way they sexily lowered these models into there mouths was

great and to see them suck them in with there full red lips, just blew me away.

The time was just flying by, It was now 4.30 and I had taken enough pictures. I

thanked Paula and Kate for being so professional and making the shoot go so


Paula then said to me.

“I think you really enjoyed that, just imagine what we could with you if you

were as small as one of those models, I'd love to have you in the palm of my

hand, or better still stuffed down my panties. I bet you'd like that wouldn't


Then Kate continued,

“Yea having you that small would be great, we could do anything we wanted to you

and there would be nothing you could do about it, oh it makes me wet just

thinking about it”.

By this time I could feel myself getting all embarrassed and hot, I replied


“Don't talk silly, I was just doing my job so if you'll excuse me I have to get

this film to the lab.”

Then as I began to walk away Kate stuck out her leg and tripped me up.

“Opp's sorry, but you should look where you're going.”

They both started to laugh. I quickly got to my feet and made a speedy exit. I

could still here them laughing and whispering as I closed the door behind me.

Boy was I glad to get out of there. I waited for a moment to compose myself,

then took the film to the lab for processing before going home.

Day 3: Wednesday

I awoke at 09.00 and felt much the same as I do any morning. I rolled out of bed

and straight into the shower. Having showered and dried myself I went back to

the bedroom to put on some cloths, as I had no shoot today I just grabbed an old

pair of tracksuit bottoms and an old tee shirt. But when I pulled them up, I

couldn't believe it but they were far to long and even the waist didn't feel

right, Just then the phone rang.

“Hi Jon it's Jenny, I just wanted to say that the shoot yesterday was fantastic,

it is by far the best we've had in a long time. It was that good, I've decided

you should do a follow up, as this giantess lark is really catching on.”

“Oh I don't know, It was hard work and I don't think Paula and Kate would want

to do that again.”

“Now listen to me Jon, I'll double your money and no arguments. As for Paula and

Kate they work for me so they will do as they are told. Anyway as far as I can

make out they both really enjoyed it, and I was pleased that you and Paula got

on ok.”

“Well ok if you put it like that. When do you want the next shoot to be,

tomorrow or maybe Friday.”

“Well the girl's are out of town until Friday night on a calendar shoot so I

think Saturday will be good. I don't need you until then so I'll expect you

Saturday 10 o'clock sharp, ok.”

“Yea ok, Saturday it is then, see you, bye.”

Now back to the matter at hand, why are my cloth's suddenly feeling too big for

me. Even my tee shirt seemed a little big. It was no good I decided to make an

appointment at the doctors and have a check up. I phoned the doctors and I was

in luck, there was a cancellation for 11 o'clock today. So I made myself some

toast and had a cup of coffee. I must be going mad but even my breakfast bar

seems higher. After I had finished I went into the lounge to put on my trainers.

As I put them on I thought these can't be mine there far to big, so I looked

inside at the label and it read size 9, my size, my trainer, what the f##k is

going on. Anyway I put the trainer on and tied the laces as tight as they would

go, grabbed my keys and went out to my car. You guessed it I had to re-adjust

the seat again.

Once at the doctors I saw the receptionist and told her I was here.

“Hello Mr. Harris, please take a seat, Dr. Wilson will see you in a moment.”


I sat down and picked up a magazine that was about 3 months old {just the same

as any doctors or dentist, always out of date}, not really reading it, just

giving myself something to do.

After about 10 minutes {as usual the appointment time is 10 minutes late} the

receptionist called out.

“Mr. Harris, the doctor will see you now, please go to surgery 3.”

“Ok, thanks.”

I got up and walked down the corridor until I came to surgery 3. I stopped, took

a deep breath and knocked. From inside I heard the doctor say,

“Please come in.”

As I entered I was shocked to find that the doctor was a women.

“Please Mr. Harris, sit down. Now what can I do for you.” She said.

“I'm sorry Dr but where's Dr Wilson, I usually see him.”

“Oh sorry, you haven't been here in a long time have you, I am Dr Wilson. My

father retired about a year ago, leaving me to run the practice, but if you'd

rather see a male Dr, I can arrange it.”

“No, no it's ok I just wasn't expecting you, and please call me Jon.”

“Ok Jon, now what seems to be the problem.”

“Well Dr I don't now how to put this but I seem to be getting smaller. I know it

sound's mad but it's true, my cloths all seem larger on me than they were only 2

days ago. I was hoping that you could give me a complete examination.”

“First of all Mr. Harris, err I mean Jon, people just don't get smaller. I'm

sure there is another explanation for what you think is happening to you. So if

you would start by stripping down to your underwear, we'll get started.”

“Ok Do.”

After about an hour the complete examination was over and I was dressed and

sitting opposite the Do, watching her with baited breath as she went through the


“Well Jon everything seems to be in order, you must be one of the healthiest

people that I've ever seen in here.”

“Yea ok Doc, but what about my height. I mean how tall am I.”

“Well, slightly under 5' 8”.”

“No, that can't be possible, I've been 5' 11” for as long as I can remember. Are

you sure you didn't make a mistake.”

“Perfectly sure Jon, you are just under 5' 8”.”

“Well then Doc if that's true then I have shrunk by 3” in the last 2 days. Doc

please help me you must do something.”

“Calm down Jon. Like I said people just don't get smaller, you must have made a

mistake, but just to be sure would you come back and see me in a week's time. So

that we can make a comparison with today's results and the ones I'll make next


“Ok Doc, you know what's best, I hope.”

“Now don't worry Jon, and I'll see you next week ok.”

“Yea whatever, thanks I'll see you next week, bye.”

Driving home I kept thinking that maybe the Doc's right people just don't get


I found myself unable to settle when I got home. So I went to my bedroom and

tried on most of my cloths, the same result every time they were all too big.

At around 5 o'clock the doorbell rang. I went to the door and answered it. It

was Gina.

“Hi Jon, sorry to trouble you but I thought you might like to come round for

some dinner tonight. I'm making curry and there's always plenty.”

“Sure Gina, but only on one condition, I'll bring the wine.”

“Great, shall we say around 19.00hrs then.”

“Ok, see you then.”

This was just what I needed to take my mind off things. I quickly went upstairs

and got ready, before I knew it, it was 7 o'clock.

I arrived at Gina's just past 7 and rang the bell. She answered the door and

invited me in, as I entered she looked at me strangely. I said,

“Gina what's the matter, why are you looking at me like that?”

“Oh nothing, I just thought, no nothing.”

“You just thought what, come on tell me please.”

“Well if I didn't know any better I could have sworn you were taller than me,

but I must have been mistaken.”

“No Gina you weren't mistaken. As strange as this sounds I have shrunk by 3” in

the last 2 days. I used to be 5' 11” now I'm only 5' 8”, I know it sound's crazy

but it's true.”

“Rubbish, who ever heard of anyone shrinking. That sort of thing only happens in

the movies.”

“Gina, I'm telling you it's true, why would I lie about something like this.”

“Wow that's amazing, do you know why you're shrinking. But before you answer

that let's go into the front room and sit down.''

So we walked into her front room and made ourselves comfortable. Gina then said.

“Right Jon, come on tell me why you're shrinking.”

“Gina I only wish I knew, but I haven't got a clue, all I know is that I have

shrunk 3'' in the last 2 day's. I even went to the doctors today, but she

insisted that I was perfectly healthy and that people just don't shrink. Now

that you've noticed it at least I know I'm not going crazy and that it wasn't

just my imagination. But the thing what worries me is, what if I continue to

shrink, how small will I become, or will it stop at some point and will I return

to normal. All these question's just keep going round in my head.”

“Jon I'm sorry I know that your upset, but I think it's just amazing if it's

true. Look, I'll tell you what, how's about I come over every morning and we'll

start a chart against the wall to see if you really are shrinking or not. We

could even start tonight after dinner if you want, at least this way you will

know for sure and I would really like to help.”

“Oh I don't know.”

“Go on please!”

“Ok, but can we have dinner now, as I'm starving.”

“Yea sure, come on lets go eat then.”

I don't know if I'm imagining it or not but I get the strangest feeling that

Gina is actually exited by the thought of me shrinking. Anyway we had dinner

{lovely it was too} and a couple of glasses of wine. Then after we cleared away

we decided to go over to my house and start on the height chart. I got a

measuring tape from my toolbox, and we chose a wall in the hallway. We started

with a height of 6 feet, and marked out half-inch marks right down to the

skirting board.

“That should do just fine.” Gina said.

“Yea I would think so.”

“Well, what you waiting for, take off your sock's and shoe's and let's make the

first mark.”

“Ok, ok, don't rush me.”

“Oh sorry, I didn't mean to sound pushy.”

“No, no, I should be the one to apologise, I shouldn't have snapped at you like


“Ok, but come on let's get on with it.”

I removed my shoes and sock's, and stood with my back against the wall. Gina

then marked off on the chart and wrote the date and time next to it.

“There you go 5' 8'', exactly the same as you said you were when you visited the

doctors this morning. So if you are shrinking you haven't shrunk any more


Gina said this as though she was disappointed.

“Great, maybe it's stopped, and everything will be ok.”

“Yea, see I told you, it only happens in the movies. Look why don't you let me

have a spare key so that I can let myself in when I come over in the morning,

save you keep answering the door. Of course that is if you're ok with that.”

Gina said excitedly

“Ok, sure I don't have a problem with that. Shall we say 08.30, or is that to

early for you.”

“No, that's fine by me, 08.30 it is. Well I've had a great night but I think I

should head off now, you know beauty sleep and all that.”

“Sure, and thank you for a lovely dinner, let me just get that key for you.”

Well, Gina left and after watching the box for an hour I went to bed.

Day 4: Thursday

I didn't sleep well last night, I just seem to toss and turn all night long,

worrying if I would be the same height tomorrow or smaller. The alarm went off

at 08.00, and as usual I went straight into the shower, then I got dressed. Just

as I had finished dressing I heard the front door go and Gina calling.

“Jon, you ok it's only me, Gina, are you up yet.”

“Yea, I'll be down in a sec, why don't you make us some coffee.”

“Will do.”

I don't believe it, it's only 20 past 8. If I didn't know any better I would

think she was exited to see if I had shrunk any more. As I walked into the

kitchen, there was a sight for sore eyes; Gina looked fantastic in her 2-piece

business suit with 3'' high heels. The skirt came down just about to her knees;

boy did she look good.

“Morning Gina.”

“Good morning Jon, how do you feel this morning.”

“Ok, I guess.”

“Well shall we measure you then.”

“Yea ok.”

I stood with my back to the wall and Gina made the mark. As she marked it of I

could swear that I saw a little smirk on her face.

“Well come on what height doe's it read.”

“Look for yourself Jon.”

“O god no, 5' 6 and a half, that's a loss of another 1 and a half inch's.”

“Well Jon I hate to say it but it doe's look as though your shrinking, as

impossible as it sound's it look's to be true. I'm so sorry, but you don't need

to worry I'll be here for you whenever you need me ok.”

“Gina, that's so nice of you, but I couldn't expect that from you, after all we

hardly know each other.”

“Don't be silly Jon, I'll only be to pleased to help, besides I've got a key so

it's no trouble at all. Anyway I'm sorry to rush but I have to get to work, ok

to pop in later?”

“Off course, have a good day and I'll see you later.”

As Gina left, I thought about what I was going to do with myself today. I

thought about going out and getting some new cloths but would they fit me

tomorrow. Then I thought about the photo shoot on Saturday, I've got to get some

cloths to fit me for then as I might not be able to work much longer so I'm

going to need all the money I can get.

I worked it out that if I keep on shrinking at this rate I'll be 5' 3 ½â€ tall,

so at the very least I will need to get something for then. Also how am I going

to keep my height a secret from Paula and Kate, as there both around 5' 11” in

there stocking feet, they are going to tower over me, this is something I'm

going to have to think about in the next couple of days.

So I went shopping. All I wanted was a pair of slack's and a polo shirt for

Saturday. So I purchased a size small for the polo shirt, and a size 30 waist

and inside leg of 27 hoping this would be ok.

Gina came round at about 18.30, we talked for a while and watched a bit of Tele,

then we said our good nights and she went home and I went to bed {Good night}.

Day 5: Friday

Gina came over this morning at 08.15; I wasn't even dressed, she arrives earlier

and earlier. Not good news I'm afraid, I've shrunk by another 1 ½â€, that make's

me 5' 5” tall now, and I'm sure I saw an even bigger smirk on Gina's face. The

day passed by uneventful, Gina popped round for a chat in the evening as usual

but no more earth shattering news.

Day 6: Saturday

Got up nice and early this morning, showered and dressed by 08.00, and the

cloths that I purchased on Thursday fit quite well maybe just a little on the

big size but not that bad.

I was making coffee when Gina came in {08.10 earlier again},

“Morning Jon, you look good this morning”.

“Hi Gina, thanks, I feel quite good even though I have to work today.”

“That's a shame I thought we could spend the day together.”

“If you like I'll see you after work.”

“Sure that would be good. Shall we measure you then.”

“Yea, go on then.”

To my shock I had shrunk by 3” over night, that make's me 5' 2”.

“O' shit, I can't go on like this, what an I going to do.” I said panicking.

“Jon, I think it's time you went back to see the doctor.”

“I agree with you, but I must do this shoot today and the doctor's is closed on

Sunday, so I'll go Monday.”

“Jon, can I be honest with you.”

“Of course you can Gina.”

“Well I'm not sure how to put this but, I'm really fascinated by the fact your

shrinking, and the smaller you get the more I like it, I know it sound's crazy

but I really like small men. I'm sorry I know how difficult this must be for you

and I'm sorry if it sounds insensitive but that is how I feel. When I said to

you the other day about looking after you I really did mean it, and to be

brutally honest I'm looking forward to it, that is if you become to small to

look after yourself.”

I could not believe what I had just heard this bloody women whom I've only just

become friendly with is enjoying watching me shrink and is hoping that I get

smaller and smaller. I had to bite my lip as I have no family here, and maybe if

worst comes to worst I might need someone to take care of me.

“Well Gina, I can see how this is fascinating maybe to you but to me, It's

bloody frightening, not knowing if or when the shrinking will stop, or even how

small I may become. But the one thing I would like to say is, that if I do

become to small to look after myself I would be only to pleased for you to look

after me if that's ok.”

“Great Jon, now you stop worrying.”

“Ok, I'm sorry but you'll have to excuse me only I must get to work.”

“Are you sure that's a good idea, I mean won't people notice that you've


“Well I hope not, as I've only worked there for a day, and I have a plan to take

the shoot without any one noticing my difference in height, and besides it's a

good pay cheque. But if I'm going to put my plan into operation I need to go

now, and get there nice and early.”

“Ok then but can I give you a lift to work.”

“No thanks I'll be ok, I'll see you tonight.”

With that I left. Got into my car which felt quite large now, had to bring the

seat forward by quite a bit. I smiled to myself, just thinking of those short

people you see driving these large cars, and how all you see is there eyes over

the top of the steering wheel, and wondering how they see over the bonnet, well

I smiled because now I was now one of them!

I arrived at Hot Babe's studio at 09.10, nice and early. I drove down to the

underground parking lot, exited my car and made my way to the lift, there was no

one around, so far so good. I pushed the button and waited; typical the lift was

on the fourteenth floor. “Come on, come on.” I said to myself. The lift arrived,

still no one around, good. I entered the lift and pushed the button for floor 6,

which is where studio 3 is. Shit, as the door was closing a hand quickly came in Garmin 110 Forerunner.html

between the doors and stopped them from closing; I quickly shuffled back into

one of the corners and put my head down.

“Morning, that was lucky I nearly missed it.” Came a familiar voice.

“Umm Morning.” I replied huskily.

“Jon is that you.”

I looked up.

“O' yes, hi Jenny.”

“Jon are you ok, you sound like you've got a cold or something.”

“No, no I'm fine, just a little tired.”

“Good, have you got any new idea's for the shoot today or shouldn't I ask.”

“Yea, I have a few, that's why I'm in early.”

Jenny kept looking at me strangely, as though I came from another planet or

something. Then it happened she took a step closer to me. Now Jenny wasn't tall

but she wasn't small either, I would say that she was about 5' 5” in her

stocking feet.

“Jenny is something wrong.”

“Err, no Jon, well I didn't realise that these shoe's made me so much taller.”

When I looked at her feet she was wearing flat shoe's, I didn't know where to

put my face or what to say.

“You know what it's like Jenny I'm just having a short day.”

With that we both started laughing and the lift stopped at Jenny's floor.

“See you later Jon, come to my office once you have finished the shoot and I'll

give you your money ok.”

“Err well, I'm kind of busy today couldn't you just send it to me.”

“Sorry Jon, but I insist, I'll see you later.”

Nut's that's all I need, but at least that didn't go too bad.

The lift arrived at my floor and I stuck my head out, good no sign of Paula or

Kate, so I hastily made my way to studio 4. Once in I quickly put my plan into

action. My idea was to take the pictures from above the girl's that way they

wouldn't be able to see that I was now shorter than I was on Tuesday. So I

pushed into place a movable scaffold {the type that painter's and decorators

use}. It was ideal, as the platform was about 10 feet off the ground, so I

quickly got my cameras and other gear and climbed up. I had to be careful

because the bloody thing wasn't all that steady. Anyway I made myself as

comfortable as I could and just waited. After about 10 minutes or so I heard the

door open.

“Just great the little twat isn't here yet.”

“Sorry to disappoint you lady's but the little twat is up here.” I called down

to them.

“What you doing up there.” Called Paula.

“Well I thought we'd get a new angle on the shoot today, so if you lady's don't

mind the sooner we get started the sooner we finish, also if it's ok with you,

do you mind if we work though lunch so we can finish early.”

Both of them agreed to this, and so the shoot began.

Everything was going well until 12.30,and then Kate called up.

“Hey, how about we stop for a drink.”

“Yea, sounds good to me.” Paula said.

“Ok, can you get me a coffee please.” I replied.

“Sure, but you'll have to come down for it.” Kate shouted.

O' no, that's just what I needed. If I came down they would find out that I'm

much smaller than they are, and I didn't want that.

“How about if I lean over the edge and you climb up, and pass it to me, as I

struggled to get up here, and I don't really want to have to climb up

again.”{Quick thinking or what!}

“Ok no problem, back in a tick.”

Both Paula and Kate left, leaving me waiting up here. The shoot had gone better

than I could have hopped for this morning, and with any luck I'll be finished in

about another hour.

Kate and Paula came back in with the drinks and Kate called up to me.

“Ok Jon lean over, and I'll pass you up you're drink.”

I leaned over as far as I could {if I lean over any more I'll fall} and reached

my right arm down while holding on tightly with my left. Kate started to climb

up to me, as she got onto the middle bar she held the drink in her left hand

with her arm wrapped around the upright and quickly grabbed my wrist with her

right hand.

“Gotcha.” She called.

“Kate, let go, I'm unbalanced as it is without you pulling on me.”

“Ah, frightened you might fall, say please.”

“KATE, stop messing about, I don't like height's.”

Paula was finding this most amusing.

“Kate, make him beg.” Paula cried.

I was pulling as hard as I could be she had all the leverage, and if I tried any

harder I might end up pulling myself off the edge.

“Jon, I never realised that you had such small hands.”

“Well you learn something new everyday, now please let me go.”

“You heard Paula, now beg.”

“Kate, I'm begging you please let me go.”

“What, I didn't quite hear you, did you hear him Paula.”

“Nope, didn't hear a thing.”

“Please Kate, I'm begging you please let me go.”

“Ok, that wasn't so hard was it, now here's your coffee.”

“Keep it, I don't want it now.”

“Arr, have we upset you, maybe you should come down here and we'll make it all

better.” Paula said as Kate climbed down,

“No, no it's alright, can we just finish the shoot.”

“Ok, if your not coming down maybe we should come up.”

Shit that's all I need, them coming up here.

“Look, can we just get on with it, the sooner we start the sooner we'll finish.”

I said.

“Come on Paula, he's not worth the bother, let's just get this done ok.” Said


“Ok. Count your blessing's Jon that we're not coming up there.”

I breathed a huge sigh of relief, and then got on with the shoot. After about an

hour we were finished and I called down.

“Ok lady's it's a wrap.”

“Thank goodness for that, now come on Jon, you coming down.” Said Kate.

“Err, not yet, I've err still got a few thing's to do up here but you can go,


“No, it's ok we'll wait for you.”

Oh no, what have I got to do to get rid of them.

“Just go please, I've got nothing more to say to either of you, and to be

brutally honest I don't like either of you so please just go.”

“Well, well, now the truth is out, just remember Jon I said that I would get you

and that still stand's, maybe not today but I will have you. Come on Kate let's

go and leave this moron alone.”

They both left and I knew that I was going to have to give those two a wide

berth in the future.

After about 10 minutes I decided that it should be safe enough to climb down

now. Arr, it was nice to be back on solid ground, I slowly opened the door only

to see Paula and Kate both still outside chatting with another women. Luckily

they didn't notice the door so I slowly shut it and waited. I could still hear

them talking. Shit I thought what if they come back in; I had to find a place to

hide quickly. I ran onto the set, all the buildings looked great from the front

but at the back they were hollow, so I squeezed myself in one of the buildings

at the end of the street, It was a tight fit but a good place to hide. Lucky for

me that I had thought of this as no sooner had I hid the door opened and in

walked the women that Paula and Kate had been talking too.


I just kept very quite. She then called back to the door.


Then surprise, surprise in walked Kate and Paula.

“What do you mean there's no one here, he must be in here, we've been outside

the door all the time.”

“Look for yourself, there's no one here.”

“But that's impossible, he must be here, maybe he's hiding, come on help me look

for him.” Said Paula.

“Forget it we're just wasting our time why would he be hiding, he must have

sneaked out while we we're talking.” Replied Kate.

“You're probably right, but I have the strangest feeling that he's still here.”

“Come on let's go, and thanks Julie, but we'll get him next time.”

I watched as they left and the door shut behind them, I then relaxed but stayed

put for a few minutes. Now I know you might think I'm a coward or something, you

know frightened of a couple of girl's, well let me tell you at my normal height

I wouldn't tangle with those two, but being 9” shorter than them defiantly makes

it a no, no.

I left my hiding place and stuck my head out the door; good the coast was clear.

Now all I had to do was get to Jenny's office collect my money and never see

those two again. Well I arrived at Jenny's office without any further incident.

I knocked on the door and heard Jenny call out.


“Hi Jenny, I'm all done, the shoot went well, and I hope you'll be satisfied

with the result's, now can I have my money.”

“Woo, woo, slow down Jon where's the fire. Please take a seat I thought we could

have a drink before you go.”

“Arr, Jenny I'm really sorry but I have a lot to do, and as much as I would love

to stay, I'm afraid I must go, maybe next time.”

Yea, fat chance I thought.

“Oh ok, $6,000 as agreed, and I'll call you next week.”

“I'm sorry Jenny but you'll have to find someone else, as I have other


“O' ok. But call me if anything changes alright.”

“Yea sure, It's been a pleasure as always.”

I quickly put the cheque in my pocket and made a speedy exit from her office.

Going as fast as I could without running I got to the lift, lucky for me it was

on this floor, so I quickly entered and pushed the button for the car park. All

the way down without stopping “excellent I thought.” The door's parted and I

quickly made my way to the car. Good no one about, As I fumbled around in my

pocket for my key's I was startled to hear.

“Well, well what have we here, a small man.”

Shit I knew that voice; it was Paula's.

I turned to see her standing at the boot of my car. Then suddenly I felt someone

grab me from behind and put me in a full nelson {at least I think that's what

it's called}.

“Look at you, I knew there was something wrong, this is going to easier than I

could ever have imagined. Let him go Kate he's going nowhere.”

“What do you want.” I said.

“That's not very polite, now is it, should that not have been, what may I do for

you lady's. But anyway to answer your question, there is nothing you have that

we could possibly want. Well maybe you could answer us a question and maybe,

just maybe we'll let you go.”

“Ok, what's the question.”

“Well, it's obvious that you are smaller than you were on Tuesday, but just how

much smaller are you, and of course how have you become smaller.”

“What do you mean smaller, I've always been this height, It must be you, maybe

those shoes of yours make you taller than you thought.”

“Don't play games with us, you are definitely smaller than you were on Tuesday,

and besides the shoes we are wearing only have 3” heels, so don't waste our time

with bullshit, why are you smaller?"

“Ok, ok, but it's really embarrassing for me, you see I'm 5' 2”, and I've always

wanted to be taller so I normally wear specially made shoe's that give me an

extra few inch's. Unfortunately they are being repaired at the moment so that is

why I look smaller because I'm wearing normal shoes {fast on my feet uh!}.”

“I still find it hard to believe, but it makes sense I expect. What do you think


“Bullshit, no one wears platforms 9” high. I remember standing next to him on

Tuesday and he was only about 3” shorter than I was, and I was wearing 3” heels.

But on the other hand people don't shrink, it's impossible!” Replied Kate.

“Look I'm sorry to rush but I do have a lot to do today so if you don't mind

I'll be going now.”

“What do you think Kate, should we let him go.”

“Yea, he's not worth the effort.”

“Ok, Jon you can go, but rest assured we will meet again, and next time you

won't be so lucky. Go on hurry up before we change our mind's.” Paula said.

I quickly got into my car and made a hasty exit. As I drove off I could see them

in my mirror watching as I left. As much as I hate to admit it, I was really

frightened, and my heart was still racing as I got out of the parking lot. It's

just something about those two that give's me the Willie's.

I pulled up onto my drive and switched the engine off, and I then slumped over

the steering wheel and breathed a huge sigh of relief. After few minutes there

was a tap on the window, boy did it startle me, I looked around, and to my

relief it was Gina.

“Jon, are you ok, what's the matter?”

“O' hi Gina, I'm fine, no problem's.” I said as I opened the car door

“Good, I was worried when I saw you slumped over the wheel like that.”

“I was just calming myself down, you know what it's like on these busy roads.”

“Yea, full of bad women driver's.” She said smiling.

“Gina, would you like to come in for some coffee and maybe a bite to eat.”

“Sure, that would be nice.”

Gina spent the rest of the day at my place. It was now 18.30 and Gina asked if I

fancied watching a couple of video's tonight.

“Yea, good idea why not, what do you fancy watching.”

“How about something funny.”

“Sure, I could do with a laugh, how about There's something about Mary, I have

that on DVD and it's really funny.”

“Great, I've not seen that one.”

So we settled down and enjoyed the movie. After the movie had finished, we

talked for a while, then Gina left and I went to bed.

Day seven: Sunday

Not a lot to report today. Gina came round in the morning and marked me off on

the chart, I had shrunk by 2”, that makes me 5 foot even, still it wasn't as

much as the day before so that was a good sign.

Lazed about for the rest of the day. Then in the evening Gina asked if she could

come to the doctors with me tomorrow.

“Haven't you got work.”

“No, I'm off for the next 2 week's, so if you want some company I'll come with


“Ok then, but only if you're sure, only I wouldn't want you to waste your


“I've got nothing planned, just thought I needed some time off.”

At 22.00 Gina left. There was a good movie on the sci-fi channel tonight so I

thought I'd sit up and watch it, but first I needed something to eat. So I went

into my kitchen, “what shall I have? Arr, yes ham sandwich and pickled onion,

just the job.” I thought to myself. After making the sandwich, I had to think

where the onions were. Typical up in one of the top cupboard's, for the first

time it really struck home just how much smaller I was. You see I had put the

pickled onions on the top shelf when I had bought them, and now they were out of

my reach, I had to use a chair to enable me to reach them. I sat down in the

chair after retrieving the onions and felt very depressed, how much smaller was

I going to get. As it is now, some of the everyday tasks that we do without even

thinking about it, are now becoming more difficult. Also I've noticed that

everyday thing's are becoming heavier. So as every day passes, not only am I

becoming smaller but I'm also getting weaker, which if you think about it the

two do go hand in hand. After all a child is much weaker than an adult is. I

didn't feel like eating anymore or watching the film. So I just went to bed.

Day eight: Monday

Woke up with a start, where was I, this place was unfamiliar. I was lying on a

cold floor and I was completely naked. As I got to my feet and looked around me,

I realised that I was in my kitchen, only it was huge. By my estimation I

couldn't have been more than ¼â€ tall. This can't be happening, how did I get

here, how am I going to get help, all these thought's and more were buzzing

around in my head. I must get to the phone in the hallway and call for help, but

how could I lift the phone or even dial the numbers, but I had to try it was my

only hope. And so I began the long walk to the hallway, as I walked past the

counter where only last night I had made myself a sandwich, I came across some

crumbs half as big as I was. I broke off some small bits and began to eat them,

it was difficult but I had to eat something. Because of the fear I was feeling I

hadn't realised how cold I was, my next objective would have to be to find

myself something to keep me warm, also the sooner I got off this cold floor the


As I reached the entrance to the hallway, I looked, and thought how am I ever

going to get up to the phone, as it sat near the front door on a table. Arr well

where there's a will there's a way. I had just started climbing over the hallway

carpet, which I might add is very hard work as the carpet has a deep pile. This

is hard going and it's going to take me sometime. Just then I heard a key go

into the front door, and the door opened, it was Gina. “Thank god now I'll be

ok.” I thought to myself.

Gina was looking as hot as ever, she was wearing a short sleeved blouse with a

short skirt and open toed shoes, which showed off her lovely painted toenails.

“Hi Jon, it's only me, I'll make us some coffee ok.” She called out.

She then started to head towards me.

“GINA down here, Gina down here, please look down here it's me Jon.” I screamed

at the top of my voice.

It was no good, there was no way she was going to hear me. As she got closer and

closer, it suddenly dawned on me that I was right in the middle of her path and

if I didn't move quickly she might step on me. I moved to my right as fast as my

little legs would carry me, but it was no good she was upon me in seconds. Lucky

for me that her shoe landed just in front of me. As her foot hit the ground the

air that was forced out from underneath shot me up into the air, then before I

came back down to earth her foot moved away for another step causing me to get

caught in the back draft. When I finally came to rest on the floor she was long

gone into the kitchen. To my surprise no harm was done, and I felt fine. I

surmised that being so small the laws of gravity had changed for me, you know in

the way that if you drop a brick it crashes to the floor, but if you drop a

feather it floats slowly to the floor. So I guess now I'm the feather. Anyway

Gina made the coffee and sat down at the table, great now to try again.

Eventually I got to where she sat; I stood next to her chair and called out.

“Gina, down here, please look down here it's me Jon.”

But it was no use she would never hear me and I had made myself horse from

screaming. I decided to try another approach, so I made my way to her feet,

keeping a safe distance as she kept moving them. I waited until she stopped

moving them around then ran to the front of her right shoe, climbed up the small

lip and began hitting her toe with all my might. It must have got her attention

because she moved her foot back and I fell backwards onto the floor. As I raised

myself on to my elbows I saw Gina looking under the table at me.

“Thank god she's seen me.” I thought to myself.

“Err, horrible bug.” She said.

Then she raised her foot over me at lightening speed and bought it crashing


“Jon, Jon wake up, are you ok.”

“Get your bloody great foot off me.”

“What, what you talking about.”

“O' god Gina sorry, I must have been dreaming.”

“I'm sorry to have startled you but when you hadn't come down I thought I'd

better come and see if you are ok.”

“Sorry Gina, what time is it anyway.”

“08.40, I've made some coffee, do you want it now or when you come down.”

“Err thanks, I'll have it when I come down, if you'll excuse me I'll be down in

a min, just let me get washed and dressed.”

“Sure ok then, see you in a min.”

Once Gina had left I made my way to the bathroom, stepped into the shower and

turned it on. Looking up at the showerhead I thought to myself, God that's a

long way up now, in fact it was now out of my reach. Shit! How much had I shrunk

during the night?

Now to get dressed, this was becoming harder and harder every day as my cloths

got bigger and bigger. I managed to find an old pair of sweat pants and an old

sweatshirt, if I rolled up the legs and arms it didn't look too bad.

As I arrived at the kitchen Gina was sitting at the table. She quickly rose and


“Sit down Jon and I'll pour you your coffee.”

“That's ok Gina I'll get it myself.”

As I walked up to the counter Gina came and stood next to me, I turned my head

to her, looking straight I discovered that chest was now above my eye level, I

looked up to see Gina looking down at me with a huge smile on her face.

“Hope you enjoyed the view.” She said.

I could feel myself blush.

“O' err sorry Gina, I didn't mean.”

She put her hand over my mouth before I could finish and said.

“Hush, hush Jon it's ok, I know you didn't mean it, and let's be honest they do

stand taller than you now, but please don't feel embarrassed, I know you can't

help it. Now sit down and I'll bring you your coffee ok.”

“Err ok.”

After we had finished our coffee, Gina measured me, 4' 8” I had shrunk another

4” the most I had shrunk in one go so far.

We left for the doctors and I must say I'm glad Gina was coming with me as I

think I would have found it hard to drive at my current height. After we had

been driving for about 10 minutes Gina said to me.

“Jon, I've been meaning to ask you, what did you mean when you said to me this

morning “Get your foot off me.”

“O' that, I was just dreaming.”

“Yea I know, but what were you dreaming about.”

“Err, I can't really remember, you know how it is with dreams, after a while you

forget them.” I said hopping she would leave it at that.

“Was I in the dream?”

“Like I said I can't remember now.”

“Ok, if you can't remember, but I'm hopping I was.”

We had now arrived at the doctors. As we entered the waiting room {which was

quite full} everyone seemed to look at me, I'm sure they weren't but it sure

felt like it. Gina said to me.

“Jon, sit down and I'll speak to the receptionist.”

“Ok.” I replied.

“Good morning, would it be possible for Mr. Harris to see Dr. Wilson.” Gina


“Do you have an appointment.” Replied the receptionist.

“Err no.”

“Well I'm sorry miss but its appointment's only.”

“Please it's an emergency, I'm sure Dr. Wilson will want to see him.”

“Ok wait a minute and I'll call Dr. Wilson.”

The receptionist picks up the phone and calls Dr. Wilson.

“Hello Dr I have a Mr. Harris to see you, - no he hasn't got an appointment, but

he say's it's an emergency and that he must see you. Ok then I'll send him

through. Thanks bye. – Ok the Dr will see you, please go to surgery 3.”

“Thank you.”

Gina then came over to me and said.

“Ok Jon, the Dr will see you now, just go to surgery 3.”

“Gina, I don't suppose you'd come with me.”

“Sure, if you want me to.”

“Yes I do, and thanks.”

So we walked down the corridor until we arrived at Dr. Wilson's surgery. “Knock,


“Please come in.”

“Hi Doc, hope you don't mind only I asked my friend to come in with me.”

The Doctor just sat there with her mouth open looking at me in amazement.

“Hello Doc, hello it's me Jon, Jon Harris.”

“Err sorry Jon, it's just that.”

“It's ok Doc, it must be a shock for you and no you're not imagining things I

really have shrunk.”

“Please take a seat.”

“Thanks Doc, O this is Gina, Gina this is Dr. Wilson.”

“Hello Dr. Wilson pleased to meet you.” Gina said.

“Please call me Janet, now then Jon, when you came to see me last week you were,

now let me see, ah yes 5' 8” now I can see that you're no longer that tall, do

you know how tall you are.”

Before I had a chance to reply Gina jumped in.

“Yes Janet, we've been keeping a daily watch on his height and he now stand's at

4' 8” tall, he's been shrinking every day, some day's not as much as other


“Well I must say Gina, I've never heard of anything like this before, and to be

honest I don't know what we can do.”

“There must be something you can do for him, before he shrink's anymore.”

“Well, I'm going to have to keep a 24hr watch on him, so that I can perform some

tests and try and find out why he's shrinking. I run a private clinic not far

from here, so I think it would be best if he check's in there for a week or


“Ok, you're the Doc, if you feel that's best then ok, would I be able to visit


“No, I don't think that's a good idea, but I'll keep you posted on any


“Err excuse me but I am here you know, you don't mind if I have a say in this do

you, after all it's me with the problem.” I said.

“Sorry Jon, what do you think then.” Said the Dr.

“Well err, yea I'll check in for some test's if you feel it'll help, but I don't

like the idea of Gina not being able to visit me.”

“I know, I wish it could be different, but until we know why your shrinking I

feel it would be best if you were kept isolated.”

“Well ok, when do you want me to check in.”

“There's no time like the present, so if it's ok with you I'll take you there


“Ok, lets get started the sooner you fix me the better.”

“Jon, would you ring me and let me know how you're getting on as I'm going to be

worrying about you.” Gina said.

“Gina, of course I'll ring you, and when it's time for me to come home would you

come and collect me.”

“Of course silly, until then bye.”

Gina then grabbed me and gave me a huge hug lifting me of my feet and crushing

me close to her.

“Arrr, Gina I can't breath, you're smothering me.”

“Ops, sorry Jon.”

“No harm done. See you soon ok.”

“Sure bye, make sure you take good care of him Janet ok.”

“I'll do my best, nice to have met you, bye.”

Gina then left the room.

“Ok then Jon shall we go.”

“Yep, lead the way.”

As soon as we arrived the tests began. I had probes pushed up every orifice in

my body. There were all sorts of tests far to many to bore you with, but a lot

of them were very painful.

Day 14: Sunday

I know that I've not updated my journal for nearly a week, but what with all the

tests and probing, I haven't felt up to writing. But today I've had some good

news. It seems that on the Monday that I was sunbathing and Gina soaked me with

that darn bug killer is when it all started. When the bug killer and sunbathing

lotion came into contact with one another it started a chemical reaction, which

for some reason is making me shrink. I know that doesn't sound like great news,

but the Doc thinks that now she knows what's causing me to shrink she might be

able to find a way to stop it, or even reverse it. O' god I hope so.

Phoned Gina this morning to let her know the good news and she got quite upset

when I told her what had started it, after all it was her that soaked me with

that darn bug spray. But I told her not to blame herself as she wasn't to know,


Giantess Stories: Journal of a Shrinking man  by   Slipstream  Day 1

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